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Halsey - Without Me (Vertical Video)

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Music video by Halsey performing Without Me. © 2018 Capitol Records, LLC




9-Yan, 2019



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Ertan Vargun
Ertan Vargun 14 daqiqa oldin
Ismael Guia
Ismael Guia 2 soat oldin
Que música linda ❤min conecto com ela de uma forma
Bruna ,
Bruna , 2 soat oldin
, rainha ne mores
Aj Santos
Aj Santos 3 soat oldin
Thinking . maybe this is a good wallpaper
Dboy D
Dboy D 5 soat oldin
Dam tht bitch bad sexy ass he'll!!!
luis garcia
luis garcia 5 soat oldin
MeDo 2
MeDo 2 8 soat oldin
That boobs😂😭💔.
Elica Ilieva
Elica Ilieva 9 soat oldin
Martin s
Martin s 10 soat oldin
I bet that shower was cold Depending on how her nipples poke out of her top
Drewtocrew offense
Drewtocrew offense 11 soat oldin
I have fallen in love with her ....
StuyvieBoy SA
StuyvieBoy SA 12 soat oldin
U just so amazing!
Rafael Jack
Rafael Jack 13 soat oldin
"Without me" (nipple edition) ꙨꙨ ツ
Shantel Mpofu
Shantel Mpofu 14 soat oldin
I wish i could roam around freely without a bra too but then...
Diana Español
Diana Español 15 soat oldin
I'm addicted to her vocals😍
Cyril Gomez
Cyril Gomez 16 soat oldin
i can't concentrate on the lyrics at all !!!
get the crow
get the crow 16 soat oldin
this song is so cool,(liveeeeeeeeee liveeeee without me)this verse make the song epic💪💪💪
P Gloosh
P Gloosh 17 soat oldin
Beautiful 🤘
Jon Carey
Jon Carey 19 soat oldin
My 10 year old son likes this song. But he's not watching this video. Beautiful song and artist just couldn't help but stare at nipples entire video.
Tolah Maringka
Tolah Maringka 21 soat oldin
Thinking u could liiiiveee without the bra...
Angel dondon
Angel dondon Kun oldin
The f
Hi Halsey, may I know how did you upload this vertical video on youtube showed as 1080P or 720P? My uploaded clips (original as 720*1280p 60fps) on youtube always shows as 480p, don't know why.
Cj Live
Cj Live Kun oldin
Maryam Zizi
Maryam Zizi Kun oldin
I love you so much Halsey❤️❤️
Mrs. Lisa Williams
Halsey?! Mom jeans?!
petzluvr95 Kun oldin
I cry listening to this song. Beautiful job Halsey, very heartfelt. I can see the heartbreak and anger in this video
Jackiebam Manalac
I love you 💙💙❤️❤️❤️everything you do it amazing
Tarzan Armada
Tarzan Armada Kun oldin
Adean Adean
Adean Adean Kun oldin
صوته حلو بس الي لبسته كلش مو حلو انتو عرفتو اقصد يا مكان😅
Jonathan Scrutchens
They’re prettu
Abdu Çakir
Abdu Çakir Kun oldin
Jia Weii
Jia Weii Kun oldin
Omfg she is fking sexy
Rawan Alshukaili
امووووت على الصوووت ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rawan Alshukaili
امووووت على الصوووت ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
玉锋 郭
玉锋 郭 Kun oldin
Dzung Ha
Dzung Ha Kun oldin
got distracted too much :)))
Katie M.
Katie M. 2 kun oldin
I can kinda see her nipples lol
Kai Newbee
Kai Newbee 2 kun oldin
Love you Halsey ) you best girl top one song )
Rika Shika
Rika Shika 2 kun oldin
You Cuteeeeee🌸😍❤️❤️ Nice Song
Brian F
Brian F 2 kun oldin
Her vocals are so amazing. No video needed. She could stare at a wall still be amazing.
Jes Chirico
Jes Chirico 2 kun oldin
Shes so hot
Admin 2 kun oldin
Next Video Should Be Named Halsey Without Me,Censored Version
CO0KIE _839
CO0KIE _839 2 kun oldin
2:11 no bra😏😏
CO0KIE _839
CO0KIE _839 2 kun oldin
nhi nguyen
nhi nguyen 2 kun oldin
I love Helsy😍 and this video
Foxx 2 kun oldin
was this shot on an iphone?
Nguyen Linh
Nguyen Linh 2 kun oldin
I cant concentrate on the song cause two nipples hit my 👀
Rich Kidz
Rich Kidz 2 kun oldin
Pierce nipples would be so hot on her
Monika Paczkowska
Monika Paczkowska 2 kun oldin
Love you
shumei 2 kun oldin
when you taking a shower but you're halsey
Brandon Ferguson
Brandon Ferguson 2 kun oldin
Young Gerald is balls deep inside of Halsey..
Julian Lucio
Julian Lucio 2 kun oldin
Life with out your girl friend
max man
max man 2 kun oldin
Kv Nguyen
Kv Nguyen 3 kun oldin
Halsey‘s bra has left the chat😉
Pichriz Kun oldin
copy paste the top comment?
Richard Ruins
Richard Ruins 3 kun oldin
Happy Birthday, Valerie EM,'"..:%:€p£)
muchris rosyta
muchris rosyta 3 kun oldin
Art that will make All guys out there attract to that point right? Salivating
Patricia p sousa
Patricia p sousa 3 kun oldin
Apaixonada por essa música 😍
אחמד סעד
אחמד סעד 3 kun oldin
Like she’s bobs
Aleercid :p
Aleercid :p 3 kun oldin
~~~WoW nipples we have not seen one before :0;0~~~~. Everyone have seen one, talk about this beautiful song and her talent and not about why she doesnt use braa. 😖
Nikki Burris
Nikki Burris 3 kun oldin
⛔ Must Read ⛔ 🎶Music Insiders report Halsey has a fan searching for her ...Insiders report Phenom Producer Rapper "Ski Mask" (Some report as Trin2Hyype) Lucid Dreams/Bhad Bhabie producer is Searching for the SuperStar. Following there last collaboration .... (Victoria Secret Fashion Show)
Kindly Killer
Kindly Killer 3 kun oldin
Y’all are childish it’s just nipples we all have them..
Çiğdem Eroğlu
Çiğdem Eroğlu 3 kun oldin
*Bra has left the chat. Nippel has entered the chat.*
agra mahira
agra mahira 3 kun oldin
Why is she always bra less?
5336 6335
5336 6335 3 kun oldin
I hope this song doesn’t leave without me 😊
Philip Marchant
Philip Marchant 3 kun oldin
Reminds me of my ex.. 😭.. Those nipples help me feel better tho. 😩😅
neeshizzle sizzle
neeshizzle sizzle 3 kun oldin
I didn't know i needed a vertical video until she dropped it
Shovan Roy
Shovan Roy 3 kun oldin
Put on your bra 😂😂
Bdour M
Bdour M 3 kun oldin
This is so real❤️
krebberz's channel
krebberz's channel 4 kun oldin
the world is better without you hals
Eu Vicktor
Eu Vicktor 4 kun oldin
Bicha a senhora é muito talentosa. Te Amo
Sam 4 kun oldin
Bobiwine2 people power onelove
michael M
michael M 4 kun oldin
Excellent lyrics, meaningful song, lovely sound👍💪🎧🔝💯
KONG 4 kun oldin
Song was sexy voice was sexy. But nipples not ! Little bit disappointed..that’s why ppl hated miley cyrus
Mimi Mi
Mimi Mi 4 kun oldin
waaaaaw nice songe
Janaina Guajardo
Janaina Guajardo 4 kun oldin
Millie Bobby Brown is the same Halsey. OMG, but version adult. 😁🇧🇷🇪🇸🇺🇸
الزعيم 4 kun oldin
I love you
Diego Bezerra
Diego Bezerra 4 kun oldin
2FrigginBlazed 4 kun oldin
She tries way too hard express emotion in her videos. Shits cringey af.
Maira Erfan
Maira Erfan 4 kun oldin
bae so gorgeous 😍😍😍😍😍
Hussein Zedan
Hussein Zedan 4 kun oldin
اروح فدوة للقميص المبلل وما تحته 😂😂💗❤️
ملاك آل خشيمان
+Hussein Zedan خرب😂😂😂 اوك ازحفو بس مو لهالزي💔 😂😂
Hussein Zedan
Hussein Zedan 2 kun oldin
ملاك آل خشيمان لسنا الوحيدون ولكننا الافضل🤣🤣🤣🔥
ملاك آل خشيمان
العراقيين حتى اهنا يزحفون😂😂😂😂👏
Диас И
Диас И 4 kun oldin
Honnnyy Bogemic Voice!
Carmela Carmela
Carmela Carmela 4 kun oldin
She has such a perfect body😍
Hưng Nguyễn
Hưng Nguyễn 4 kun oldin
Someone couldn't take a look on her vid and just listen to her song🤣🤣
Akshay kv
Akshay kv 4 kun oldin
Vertical coz why not!
Evan Nainggolan
Evan Nainggolan 4 kun oldin
0:52 kempinsky
Matheus Domingues
Matheus Domingues 4 kun oldin
Jaclyn Gray
Jaclyn Gray 4 kun oldin
Sexy mouth...sexy EVERYTHING mmm
Hashim Reda
Hashim Reda 4 kun oldin
I like you
Hendra Putra
Hendra Putra 5 kun oldin
Close you’re eyes, and you will hear ellie goulding 😅
Romhel Francis
Romhel Francis 5 kun oldin
This version is literally showcasing the nips #freethenipples
Whystop 5 kun oldin
more like a nippie peek video.
T. Falcon
T. Falcon 5 kun oldin
Love it.
破碎 5 kun oldin
Baraker Zeonlist
Baraker Zeonlist 5 kun oldin
I love your voice really this sound well
alriyami al
alriyami al 5 kun oldin
😂 Is this a song video or porn
Maryann N
Maryann N 5 kun oldin
I love this song! 😍
Andrzej Wiczk
Andrzej Wiczk 5 kun oldin
I love this song
Laodisha Laodisha
Laodisha Laodisha 5 kun oldin
Is she gay? Asking for a friend...
Snenhlanhla Lucia
Snenhlanhla Lucia 5 kun oldin
I think her boobs don't need a bra 😏❤️she's drop dead gorgeous
1glock55 5 kun oldin
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