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Halsey - Without Me (Vertical Video)

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Music video by Halsey performing Without Me. © 2018 Capitol Records, LLC




9-Yan, 2019

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Kirk Miller
Kirk Miller 20 daqiqa oldin
Auto tuned, no good!!
Hrittika Jahan Anika
Yavuz 2 soat oldin
Oh my gosh, hard nipples! Ehehe
Brooke V
Brooke V 2 soat oldin
1:57 😖
ONYX 2 soat oldin
Very emotional shower ... I’ve had those
natasha syberia
natasha syberia 2 soat oldin
Well, that's a dscovery. This song's tricks are so genuine.
Ros_Tom9 2 soat oldin
u have boobs okey we get it.. next
Brooke V
Brooke V 2 soat oldin
every time i look at her i see her in the mall and I WISH I DIDNT BUT IM SCARED 😭
BLACK BIRD 2 soat oldin
I'd like to have couple cups of milk tea, please :)
HeyoItsLily 2 soat oldin
Can all the comments stop being about her boobs?
Adam de Raihan
Adam de Raihan 3 soat oldin
R I S E 3 soat oldin
After egg it's time for bra- without me
Love yourself
Love yourself 3 soat oldin
I am so in love with her expressions, her gestures and body language. It really emphasizes the meaning of the song and how her inner self is feeling while singing the song. Absolutely aesthetic and hypnotizing. 👏🏻🎶
Alicja Agnieszka
Alicja Agnieszka 3 soat oldin
Lol I love it!!!
F Dev
F Dev 4 soat oldin
2,000,000 of the views on this video are mine.
Indiah Carter
Indiah Carter 4 soat oldin
Black looks better on her Loves it
Arianna 4 soat oldin
She reminds me of Millie Bobby Brown.. As an adult.
Thanos 4 soat oldin
Looks abit nippy in there.
Carida Gomes
Carida Gomes 4 soat oldin
She even wearing a bra 😂
Sunny Arora
Sunny Arora 3 soat oldin
hey, tell me how u feel. I'm your fan.. baby. if u r a lady
Jazmin Cr
Jazmin Cr 5 soat oldin
Me encanta 😍
Anna Cherry
Anna Cherry 5 soat oldin
#Queen🖤 #Love #Beautiful #Woman 😍😍😍😍
Anna Cherry
Anna Cherry 5 soat oldin
Eu me apaixonei por essa mulher scr ♥️♥️
Rashid Mohammed
Rashid Mohammed 5 soat oldin
She just pulled a Billie Eilish on us
Brock Girard
Brock Girard 6 soat oldin
Halsey: "Oh wow, this haircut was a bad idea! What am I going to do? I'm shooting that new video tomorrow" Director: "I have an idea that will keep at least half your audience from looking at your hair."
Mayette Yamada
Mayette Yamada 6 soat oldin
It's art man, I like the melody of her song too...
LEGEND_ Mobile Games ita
See THIS at 1:42
Rexobaby720 8 soat oldin
PRetty XD
Opre Maya
Opre Maya 8 soat oldin
I love Halsey
Sunny Arora
Sunny Arora 3 soat oldin
I love opre maya
Muhammad Haickal
Muhammad Haickal 8 soat oldin
My dick confuse x_x
Sakeena Khan
Sakeena Khan 9 soat oldin
News Dz
News Dz 9 soat oldin
Never Give up
Yandere Chan
Yandere Chan 9 soat oldin
Acchio Fluratio
Acchio Fluratio 9 soat oldin
Its like her bra is the one sing the song saying without me lol
videos MTE
videos MTE 10 soat oldin
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mirana mae
mirana mae 10 soat oldin
Halsey forgot to wear a bra!? Or not.
Koko Keke
Koko Keke 11 soat oldin
My body is on 🔥
pps shhh
pps shhh 11 soat oldin
I love it to watch in landscape mode 😍😍
SoHiCoMi 11 soat oldin
it is so HARD to focus ON her lyrics
Shreya Raj
Shreya Raj 12 soat oldin
Love this vertical video ❤💟💓💞
김두한 12 soat oldin
is that bast point?
You Don't Know Me
You Don't Know Me 12 soat oldin
Comment section be like: 60% = full of lust 30% = G-Eazy regretting 10% = this song is lit🔥
You Don't Know Me
You Don't Know Me 12 soat oldin
G-Eazy masterbates watching this.
Aritra Sengupta
Aritra Sengupta 13 soat oldin
I love watching this song ..
Rajeev Kumar
Rajeev Kumar 15 soat oldin
Leonard Dobson
Leonard Dobson 16 soat oldin
I Love "you" Halsey it Looks like it's cold in that room you can were My Jacket. I'm Sorry its only Becouse I Love you. Your so Beautiful
Zul Isfamous
Zul Isfamous 16 soat oldin
Jonh Moutain
Jonh Moutain 16 soat oldin
no fap
Owen Loves sharks!
Owen Loves sharks! 17 soat oldin
Subhro Nathak
Subhro Nathak 17 soat oldin
Too much passion in the song. I would go back to her and love her to death!
Ruby Stones
Ruby Stones 18 soat oldin
I know you've been staring at her boobs... you pervs!
Chris Patcheak
Chris Patcheak 18 soat oldin
She so bad in every way amazing voice she kills it
malik quinn
malik quinn 19 soat oldin
Her nipples out, we all just gonna ignore that?
Ardhito N.
Ardhito N. 19 soat oldin
Smh it doesnt work on phones
Anna Henderson
Anna Henderson 20 soat oldin
Anyone else really want to see the original footage from this video? Her live singing must have been incredibly powerful..
Dexter Montgomery
Dexter Montgomery 20 soat oldin
I like this and i like her
Dexter Montgomery
Dexter Montgomery 20 soat oldin
Damn i like.this
올리버양 21 soat oldin
노브라 와우 ㄷㄷ
antoniodiaz77ad 22 soat oldin
beautiful girl.......cant wait to see her perform every time.......makes me feel young for some reason.
Abigail Taitano
Abigail Taitano 22 soat oldin
Did anyone see the xxx tattoo
HD TV 22 soat oldin
*Don't let this distract you from the fact that the Earth is flat.*
Marcos Bravo
Marcos Bravo 22 soat oldin
Love 😍😍😍😘😘😗😗
Chop Chop
Chop Chop 23 soat oldin
I’m seriously questioning my sexuality
Nitesh Kumar
Nitesh Kumar 23 soat oldin
i just want more songs like these.. without me with remix is best
Jeremiah Twigg
Jeremiah Twigg 23 soat oldin
Wow she is so beautiful
Kimberly Nuñuvero
Kimberly Nuñuvero 23 soat oldin
I love
Sara R.
Sara R. 23 soat oldin
You are so pretty and have a really precious voice. I think you are my girls crush 😳
Jessica Pereira
Jessica Pereira Kun oldin
don't we all love a vertical video that doesn't work vertically...
lola boba
lola boba Kun oldin
Don't Copy Eminem
Evan ღ
Evan ღ Kun oldin
anyone else smashing the replay button?
Anime Klaster
Anime Klaster Kun oldin
I really fuching love you From Morocco
Gardziel l
Gardziel l Kun oldin
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Dilyana Damyanova
she's brilliant...
J Mtr
J Mtr Kun oldin
Im so fucking gay..
Ionela-elena vlogs
Idk why i put my ex bff on top of the school when that hapend sche forgot me they all did and how sche is like " i made it here on my own" Really 😢im the one who put here up there
ManDude BroGuy
ManDude BroGuy Kun oldin
Bitch ugly as hell look like a little boy turning into a woman
pam hall
pam hall Soat oldin
Leave her alone and go play with yo dolls hoe
Jesus Callupe Quispe
Nikhil Kumar
Nikhil Kumar Kun oldin
Your editors messed up the upload 🤣
Devisxxx Kun oldin
not enoght hair? show some nipple and it's fine.
Escolástica Esperanza Oyakawa De Fung
Perfect voice, perfect song
MTC Kun oldin
I'm not a lesbian but I would so make love to her.
Mohamed Khyrat
Mohamed Khyrat Kun oldin
Why are you even wearing a T-shirt! !!?
Nikolas Martinson
Feels like shit honestly
clara pessoa
clara pessoa Kun oldin
Listening to this I can only think about Wrecking Ball, WHYYYY? """INSPIRED"""
Ruya Hemamase
Ruya Hemamase Kun oldin
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you sing so beautiful and pure OMG you are the best + keep doing so okay
roblox anti social gaming
Her not wearing a bra gave me ocd
Love the song,Lyrics and videos hot. Keep up the good work. you.tube/t8nVAPBIC6s
_David123_ plo
_David123_ plo Kun oldin
Me: people just truly don't understand true music. My mum: why? Me: they just look at the pointed things
Swing Fire
Swing Fire Kun oldin
Why female singers think it’s attractive to always show their tits?
Kim Darryl Ong
Kim Darryl Ong Kun oldin
Deishoncheto_ROBLOX Deishonche
Why I can see donething trough her shirt... My eyes burned... xD Like if yah see it too... AwKwArD and btw I dont want likes just saying... And write AwKwArD in the comments and ull get a subscribe from meh
gunnar björnsson
hello sexy women by relaxing don't no you song hef a power, hope you lucky
Kunal Ravindra Chaudhari
Can someone give her a soap and towel too.
Stephanie Cooper
Beautifully sexy love her 😍
M เพอ เพอ M
Cherokee Redman27
I bet she can really fuck and take it well too! She obviously loves showing those lil titties as well. Yummy!
Gigi Amorronso
Gigi Amorronso Kun oldin
her voice is so amazing
Prasad Lucky225
Prasad Lucky225 Kun oldin
tf it's rotating horizontally😴
Hope Singing Life
My gosh 🔥🔥
eza muhammad
eza muhammad Kun oldin
underrated. she deserves better for her amazing music.
che zen
che zen Kun oldin