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How's Hannah now?
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Teenage Feet in Morgue with Copy Space
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29-Noy, 2018

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Ingy Esmat
Ingy Esmat 2 kun oldin
Shane is just like high 24/7
xxLivieBeanxx 2 kun oldin
Has no one noticed Shane saying “stock those stuffings”????????
:s o u r o m i:
:s o u r o m i: 3 kun oldin
1:21 what car is that, mercedes?
Lizzy Pandora
Lizzy Pandora 3 kun oldin
"he's a big cronenberg fan" looll
Reina Mike
Reina Mike 4 kun oldin
Please try the Clark Airbase Hospital here in the Philippines *-*)9 ;-;)
Claire Wilson
Claire Wilson 4 kun oldin
When psychics name names they tend to use very common names, letters, and syllables and leave the details for the subject to fill in. E.g when he said Don, that happens to be the name you of my grandfather as well. And as Shane said, they deal in vagueness, once again letting the subject fill in. As for the conversation he had with Ryan , I can’t really say anything as I don’t know the specifics (nor should I as that’s quite personal and I don’t want to pry) but if he’s often hired by people experiencing loss he probably is quite familiar with the types of things people say when grieving.
LaValery Arellano
LaValery Arellano 5 kun oldin
I hear sooooo many noises from the attic every single night, I thought they were rats because they sound like scratching and little footsteps. I asked my parents and my mom said she hears them too, my dad said its just the ventilation and water system on the roof so like idk? I never thought of them being ghosts though? Hanna seems to have a bunch of tubes on the attic so maybe that's what happened with that. Then again I am very inclined to believe kids because they have no reason to lie but they also have a vivid imagination so I don't think know. Also we never saw any of the other witnesses giving their side of the story. Playing the devil's advocate over here.
Aidan O6Tm3i3r
Aidan O6Tm3i3r 5 kun oldin
You made me subscribe Shane!
Firoth 5 kun oldin
I think you were combining the terms "Pull the saddle out from under you" and "Pull the wool over your eyes." The former meaning to surprise you and the latter meaning to fool you.
crychan 6 kun oldin
my name is crystal........... this is weird.....
claire hall
claire hall 6 kun oldin
those are not eyes there nostrils
gabriela felix
gabriela felix 6 kun oldin
honestly i hadn't subscribed yet, i am now though.
CherryHeartKisses Donally
I love to see you work with Ghost Adventures. I would just be afraid for anything to follow you home. They are fearless against ghost and entities.
John Leo Fajardo
John Leo Fajardo 8 kun oldin
slothy 8 kun oldin
Go to the devil's tree in NJ
Molly Smith
Molly Smith 8 kun oldin
Lol I subscribed when I was told to ❤️
Sirenita 35
Sirenita 35 10 kun oldin
The "eyes" to me looks like a metal hanger but yeah I don't know lol
Kaylee Ann
Kaylee Ann 10 kun oldin
What if it's just AntMan hiding out in the attic?
Kaylee Ann
Kaylee Ann 10 kun oldin
AJ is Sherlock Holmes. That's how he does it.
Patrick Greene
Patrick Greene 11 kun oldin
Shane looks like inflated John Lennon
Haley Holland
Haley Holland 11 kun oldin
Bro. Where’s the Hotdogga
Emi Unicorn
Emi Unicorn 12 kun oldin
I sell and collect crystals. They do not have any paranormal associations silly billy. Though I am also a witch so I guess those demons and ghouls better watch themselves
Midoriya Izuku
Midoriya Izuku 12 kun oldin
In my country, that said every house / every room will always have spirits, whether it is good one or bad one.
horohorosrin 12 kun oldin
Dude, when Hannah started crying, I noticed Shane was really quiet. It was obvious why. Also, kind of seemed like, as a lot of people are, he was probably a little at a loss for what to do, because a lot of people are just NOT great when it comes to other people crying. Also, Shane, just FYI, as a Shaniac, I have tons of crystals. Amethyst is my favorite. I just love collecting natural, beautiful minerals. It's fascinating how they form.
Natalie Rodriguez
Natalie Rodriguez 12 kun oldin
This was the one that made me subscribe
Em 12 kun oldin
You guys should visit Galena, Illinois. It is known to be a very haunted town, especially the hotel. It would be really cool!
i_stan_ Bigbang-2ne1-EXO-RV
who the hell doubted you? :/ lemme fight tgem
your pet chameleon
your pet chameleon 14 kun oldin
maybe it’s a really fat rat that has a trampoline and jumps on it for fun :D
Kalie Michelle
Kalie Michelle 14 kun oldin
Where's the hot dog. I demand more hot daga
Kyle Rose
Kyle Rose 14 kun oldin
Unless the crystals are linked to negative energy or were used for dark magick, many crystals actually have protection properties against things like this so no, the crystals cant really be the cause for having demons and/or spirits.
XxXDarkFelicianoXxX 16 kun oldin
ngl i would love to live in a haunted house cuz i wanna be a believer but im also skeptic af 😂 and im so desensitized so i fig i would be gucci.
Toni Valentin
Toni Valentin 16 kun oldin
jesus shane is so in denial he must be pretending either for the show and they know he's pretending or he is really that delusional
Kat Lee
Kat Lee 17 kun oldin
You guys should introduce the cameraman at some point in a video
Jason Phillips
Jason Phillips 5 kun oldin
watch a video called Almost 70th episode - they introduce some of the crew and the cameraman is on it
Kyle Willis
Kyle Willis 17 kun oldin
This was the one callout. I gotta admit.
Confused Teen
Confused Teen 17 kun oldin
Hey Shane did you know that the poltergeist movie set used actual human skeletons as props because they were cheaper than plastic ones.
Confused Teen
Confused Teen 17 kun oldin
6:14 YaSsSsZ
Confused Teen
Confused Teen 17 kun oldin
We stan
Hannah Fuhlhage
Hannah Fuhlhage 18 kun oldin
10:55 I like that we’re still keeping the treasure thing going
Cody zz
Cody zz 18 kun oldin
When does the next season start?
Sibs restaurant
Sibs restaurant 18 kun oldin
Shaniac and a Boogara. Howdie.
Amanda Stamey
Amanda Stamey 18 kun oldin
Smudge Demon! LOL
Sherissa Minshall
Sherissa Minshall 19 kun oldin
Just some info on the crystals topic! Everything gives off vibrations, that's a scientific fact, and it's been observed that some vibrations make you feel a certain way. Different crystals have different vibrations (energies), which in turn effect your mood. It just kinda bugged me a bit that Hannah was kinda written off as a crazy person for believing in the energies that crystals put off, and so I wanted to spread a little knowledge :)
Mermaid MerSea
Mermaid MerSea 19 kun oldin
AJ is awesome...just sayin' !
Katherine Githens
Katherine Githens 20 kun oldin
I wached IT when i was 9 and i didnt sleep for a week
Jason Phillips
Jason Phillips 5 kun oldin
that was how I reacted to Salem's Lot at about the same age
Shanella Akhtar
Shanella Akhtar 20 kun oldin
Portable Shoebox
Portable Shoebox 20 kun oldin
by far unsolved is the only buzzfeed show i can stand to watch since its the most interesting, thank you for making this series
thenumber 21 kun oldin
I wanna smoke a bowl with shane.
AlexEats FlexTape
AlexEats FlexTape 21 kun oldin
I want a “(wheeze)” mug
Jason Phillips
Jason Phillips 5 kun oldin
I believe one is available on Amazon.
Anri Rawrs
Anri Rawrs 21 kun oldin
Those arent eyes they are clotheshangers it just looks like eyes from the viewers perspective *i dont know how hangers are spelled*
amelia haszard
amelia haszard 22 kun oldin
"we got a smudge demon"
lyn nguyen
lyn nguyen 22 kun oldin
when ryan pronounces "nguyen" as "nu-yen"😔😔
Emily Hillyard
Emily Hillyard 22 kun oldin
My sister was showing me this channel and I pettily subscribe on this episode
•.Officially Unofficial.•
Shane’s mug is my aesthetic
Mom 2SuperHeroes
Mom 2SuperHeroes 22 kun oldin
....... subscribed 😂
Danger Close
Danger Close 23 kun oldin
Wait,Shane is an addict?
CoUrAgE Me
CoUrAgE Me 23 kun oldin
Shane talks a lot of nonsense. Ugh..
Cailey Reid
Cailey Reid 23 kun oldin
Person: Flat earth? Shane: No! Ryan: Moving on. 😂😂😂 Also the burn zone needs to come back😂
Gurnoor Dhami
Gurnoor Dhami 24 kun oldin
I just saw ur video...and these Q&A...ik it's late but ..I wanted to ask if anyone could tell that, How's Hannah, really!? I hope she and her family are okay and feeling gud n safe...💕
Hello There
Hello There 24 kun oldin
Even though these guys are each others opposites, I kind of wish I could date them both, is that wierd? 😂
Gianna Hayes
Gianna Hayes 24 kun oldin
Chinmayee Surve
Chinmayee Surve 25 kun oldin
Please do True Crime now❤️
nina j.
nina j. 25 kun oldin
Hey, Ryan, did you get a chance to see the key? It is the only physical evidence that could be a good proof of paranormal.
SharkyLunasaurus 26 kun oldin
hot water pipes can make those kinds of noises when the metal is expanding and contracting.
Austin Murphy
Austin Murphy 26 kun oldin
Please do a follow up episode
Isabel Rose Vargas
Isabel Rose Vargas 26 kun oldin
We love aj and house calls
Biocarnage 27 kun oldin
just a thought but maybe a spirit or something came back with you guys from one of your explorations of a different haunted place then you guys transferred that spirit to Hannah
Jae eun Lee
Jae eun Lee 27 kun oldin
I subscribed watching this
Ellie Phantomhive
Ellie Phantomhive 27 kun oldin
They should get a reading by AJ or some sort of psychic. I want to see them get tarot card readings too lol
Basterhedde 27 kun oldin
The 'light beams eyes' is the metal top of a clothes hanger, probably reflecting a little light in just the right angle
Tiara Mustafa
Tiara Mustafa 28 kun oldin
I noticed the "eyes" too . when you guys switched frames and then went back to the angle the "eyes" were gone.
E1755 DP
E1755 DP 29 kun oldin
Shane's cup tho.... (Shane wheeze)
Harry Everett
Harry Everett 29 kun oldin
the guys in the white i imagined were people delivering Hannahs future baby daughter, maybe passes away
Sarah Person
Sarah Person 29 kun oldin
Elenh Xatzikosta
Elenh Xatzikosta 29 kun oldin
Amanda Argente
Amanda Argente 29 kun oldin
i subscribed after shane asked me what am I doing with my life now
Lindsay Nelson
Is Shane wearing a Gene who is French Fries pin on his jacket?? I need me one of those
Kingredrex Oy oldin
Once true crime comes back, do a case on the disappearance of Kyron Horman.
Breana Fraielli
I loved this type of episode, please continue to do house calls and AJ is definitely a fun presence who should make more appearances!
Lew Dawson
Lew Dawson Oy oldin
Shipfantastic Oy oldin
Love them!
Sakuni Mahendran
You said that the area used to be a plantation, dont plantation workers in history wear white? Its an interesting detail.
hair frizzle
hair frizzle Oy oldin
flat earth
Letícia Evelyn
As a skeptic myself, I love crystals because they’re *pretty*
Lava Oy oldin
Nick Pare
Nick Pare Oy oldin
Ive watched this through a few times now and I just noticed the Forrest Fenn Treasure reference
Rolando Leyva
Rolando Leyva Oy oldin
That outro tho.. is outro a word?
Mackenzie Wolfe
I think you should have AJ in on all your episodes
orbit tory
orbit tory Oy oldin
Please bring AJ back!!
Kaelyn Edwards
I subscribed because Shane told me to.
gothmedli Oy oldin
sardine in the attic
Sadie O'Keefe
Sadie O'Keefe Oy oldin
I NEED that (wheeze) mug
Jason Phillips
Jason Phillips 5 kun oldin
Amazon sells them
Hershey Kiss
Hershey Kiss Oy oldin
*sees Shane's coffee cup* Me: *wheeze*
Sapphire STARR
Lol I love the [Weeze] mug
I have seen a bunch of your episodes, but didn't realize that I was not subscribed.... I subscribed. This video did it :-p
AlfredAskew Oy oldin
Now that I've gotten to the closing remarks, I'm going to say it again. Please, please DON'T bring AJ back on the show. It hurts me to watch him manipulate Ryan. He's such an easy mark, it's not even funny. No offence, man, but you wear your emotions on your sleeve, and it makes you insanely easy to pull information from.
Morgana Ballinger
Hannah, you need to smudge your house, wether you belive it or not it doesn't hurt.
Ali Madi
Ali Madi Oy oldin
*Shane Has Entered The Chat.* *Demon Has Left The Chat.*
Cattrix999 Oy oldin
Um Some people like and collect crystals not for any supposed metaphysical properties but maybe because, they like crystals. I studied gemology and pretty much all gemstones are made from crystals. There are exceptions, like Amber, pearl , opals and jet. Just because you have, collect and like crystals doesn't mean you think they are connected to the "woo".
Finestle Oy oldin
when will the hotdaga come back
Foax Productions
It's a metal hook for the clothes in the closet hanging at 6:23
Emily Boyd
Emily Boyd Oy oldin
Are you guys doing anymore True Crime seasons or Supernatural seasons? Please do I look forward to it all the time. Please do.
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