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Shawn Mendes and The Roots help Jimmy sing his favorite tweets with the hashtag #FallSongs.
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Hashtags: #FallSongs with Shawn Mendes




23-Sen, 2016

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Fikrlar 6 156
freddy quintero
freddy quintero 2 kun oldin
I love Shawn 😍😍😘😘
Sofi D
Sofi D 2 kun oldin
Fruity puffs
Fruity puffs 3 kun oldin
I like the part 2:03-2:06
Grace Terry
Grace Terry 4 kun oldin
Hi Shawn And Jack see you guys next summer school
kathryn Canty
kathryn Canty 4 kun oldin
literally every video i watch with shawn mendes there are about 1000 comments about how cute he is and i don't have a problem with that because i 100% agree
Arifa Shah
Arifa Shah 5 kun oldin
I love Shawn mendes who else hit like please😍😍😘
Deanny Lyn Policarpio
My love!!!! Cuteeeee😻✨
G R A C E 6 kun oldin
Shawn calling jimmy old for 6 mins
lucy jade
lucy jade 6 kun oldin
Sarah Leone
Sarah Leone 6 kun oldin
Shawn can sing anything he’s amazing
ItSeRiKa RaMiReZ
ItSeRiKa RaMiReZ 6 kun oldin
Shawn look like johnny orlando 😍😍
Ugnė Margarian
Ugnė Margarian 7 kun oldin
Diamond Queen
Diamond Queen 7 kun oldin
Shawn looks so cool and hot!! And he is😅
H S 7 kun oldin
Mendesarmy in 2019??❤😎
Sarah Hamdan
Sarah Hamdan 8 kun oldin
samaira shawnarmy
samaira shawnarmy 8 kun oldin
Shawn is the angle of heaven his sound is the best ,any one from mendesarmy
Jessi Mendes
Jessi Mendes 9 kun oldin
2019? Anyone?
kayla m
kayla m 10 kun oldin
Tawonga Lulu
Tawonga Lulu 10 kun oldin
His so shy in the beginning so cute
Juliana Aki Nakano Yamane
Maria Clara
Maria Clara 11 kun oldin
I love you Shawn 😍😍😘😘
BabyMike -
BabyMike - 12 kun oldin
2019 January
Павленко Лида
Есть кто русский? 😂
Павленко Лида
Sensagita trisna putri
Even his talk back not making jimmy mad...and really cute..
Adnan Bhatti
Adnan Bhatti 14 kun oldin
2019 and stil watching this #MENDESARMY🥰
Katie Catley
Katie Catley 14 kun oldin
5:45 *in head sings with a Scottish accent*
Sounds 14 kun oldin
What is the song at 2:13 ?
Soheyl Moheb
Soheyl Moheb 14 kun oldin
And that's why they never saw Shawn Mendes again on Tonight Show ... xD
* AineLeniA *
* AineLeniA * 15 kun oldin
Hello Starbucks my old friend 😔 I've come to eat with you again.♥
Zahra Naveed
Zahra Naveed 15 kun oldin
2019 ?
Stephanie Yang
Stephanie Yang 15 kun oldin
YOU'RE NOT OLD im just very ... young...
Toy vs target Tv
Toy vs target Tv 15 kun oldin
He’s still good without auto tune
Helmi Tuominen
Helmi Tuominen 16 kun oldin
2019? anyone?
L'abbé Sabrina
L'abbé Sabrina 17 kun oldin
O M G ! Shawn Mendes is really cute! And you’re voice😍 indescrable
sarah 17 kun oldin
4:10 what song is it?
sarah 17 kun oldin
ok alright thanks
ok alright
ok alright 17 kun oldin
I took a pill in ibiza
Brigi 17 kun oldin
2019??? Someone?? /yes, I known, only 30.12.2018😉/
Stuthi Simon
Stuthi Simon 18 kun oldin
Love his smile😍😍
Shawn B Mendes
Shawn B Mendes 18 kun oldin
Any Mendes army in 2019 ♥
XjacobaaX 18 kun oldin
Shawn mendes need to do a cover of 500 miles 😍
Engi Hausum
Engi Hausum 19 kun oldin
His voice was exactly same with hrvy
Adah Michels
Adah Michels 19 kun oldin
So funny! Shawn is so adorbs and he makes me laugh! Love you Shawn!!
Noellis Tavarez
Noellis Tavarez 19 kun oldin
Disrespect much... 😳😳😳
Ebru 19 kun oldin
December 28 ?
Aya Haimed
Aya Haimed 20 kun oldin
His smile is so precious 😭♥️
Aya Haimed
Aya Haimed 20 kun oldin
He is sooo freaking cute ♥️♥️!!
ian werner
ian werner 20 kun oldin
You are so good at singing
Mhanugrahitha manu
Mhanugrahitha manu 22 kun oldin
Crystal Gem
Crystal Gem 22 kun oldin
"I'm just very young" -Shawn Mendes, 2016
Casey McLain
Casey McLain 23 kun oldin
He’s so shy it’s so cute
Roro Malik
Roro Malik 23 kun oldin
Shawn says sorry after every word 😂♥️ love him so much
SAVAGE 15 24 kun oldin
He is so cuteee and hot at the same time 😂😍😍😍
SofiaTheMendesFan 24 kun oldin
Lmao I can't count how many times he called Jimmy old 😂
Sareeha 2020
Sareeha 2020 24 kun oldin
I love this Canadian so so much
hello_ alwt
hello_ alwt 24 kun oldin
hello_ alwt
hello_ alwt 24 kun oldin
amal karim
amal karim 25 kun oldin
so nice by the way ❤❤ . love you Shawn
Irene Pulido
Irene Pulido 25 kun oldin
Someone 2018??
Wendy Azure
Wendy Azure 26 kun oldin
hello,its trees..omigod i died at that part..haha
Maryam Ahmed
Maryam Ahmed 26 kun oldin
2:52 shawns so glad jimmy didnt hear that lol
Maryam Ahmed
Maryam Ahmed 26 kun oldin
Imagine your name being.........jimmy
Sabiha Ahmad
Sabiha Ahmad 27 kun oldin
Who’s watched the 5 seconds of summer fall songs
0:53 me and my friends love that song its so funny but so cute on shawn
Chiara Casiraghi
Chiara Casiraghi 28 kun oldin
Love you Shawn 😍😍❤️💞
Muhammad Anwer
#shawn mendes is the best
Amelie Giebens
He said sorry for like 7 times !
Denrie Ocampo
Denrie Ocampo Oy oldin
Cant stop watching this again and again. Coming back from year 2016 tho!
Haniya Nadeem
Haniya Nadeem Oy oldin
Really cute Shawn
Alicat dewar
Alicat dewar Oy oldin
Plz make him sing the abc with marshmallow in his mouth
Alicat dewar
Alicat dewar Oy oldin
He's so good 👍
Noorul Thaslima
Can shawn pls sing sorry ? You know , bcoz always saying sorry hahah
July World
July World Oy oldin
Yeah fall songs for real cause you fall in love with Shawn even more.
Luna Who Loves Blue Things
Where the hell is the 'Badak dan Ikan' memes?
Adela Barcenas
Angelin Angelin
what is the first song?
Karina Mathur
Karina Mathur Oy oldin
3:33 ROFL
Raymond Allan
Raymond Allan Oy oldin
What did Bieber ever do
Apoorv chaudhary
God damn! What a personality...
mae omalley
mae omalley Oy oldin
Shawn Mendes I love you with my whole entire heart
Marie Mac
Marie Mac Oy oldin
his smile is so precious
Marie Mac
Marie Mac Oy oldin
he’s always roasting older people😂💀
Marie Mac
Marie Mac Oy oldin
that little oh in the beginning
Kayla Sangster
Jill Barclay
Jill Barclay Oy oldin
Camelle Potot
Camelle Potot Oy oldin
6 minutes straigh of cutenesssss ❤
Judea Marie Olaguer Vilan
Shawn is so cool...... ily
Akshay Saraf
Akshay Saraf Oy oldin
Mazaa nhi aaya sorry bhai Shawn
Angie V
Angie V Oy oldin
Oh they’ve been falling/I love it when they change color/ They take my breath away always/Baby these leaves are entrancing me so!# fall songs
SayfRG2874 Oy oldin
When Shawns up there, it ain't ''ladies and gentlemen", it's ''ladies and ladies''.
Danny Cost
Danny Cost Oy oldin
Shawn I wish I can sing for you
destiney joseph
him every second your no i am just young but your old
Mendes Army
Mendes Army Oy oldin
U r Soo cute!!! ❤️❤️love u Shawn!
Mad&Lil Down
Mad&Lil Down Oy oldin
0:57 his Voice is so beatiful, so is he
Preesae Waseem
I forgot the actual name of the 2nd one he sang, can somebody plz tell me ?
every happy
every happy Oy oldin
Why shawn said sorry so much ? I think he has so much pressure on his image .. it's sad and I hope shawn get less pressure and comportable ..
Cherry M
Cherry M Oy oldin
What did he say in 1:30?
Madyson Tubbman
He was like 1i or 17 and he got a tattoo. I love Canadians
Omor Farukatif
He's kinda cute
Tracie Tanui
Tracie Tanui Oy oldin
I love shawn........he has a cute voice and he is handsome😍😍😘😘💙💖
David Palmer
David Palmer Oy oldin
I'm such a fan I love you shawn