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The infamous "Radio Demon" shows up at the Hotel, for what purpose? Wait and see.
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1-Noy, 2018




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Asahi Rojas
Asahi Rojas 2 soat oldin
Vaggie says "Cabron hijo de perra"????? Because im mexican and me dejó muy intrigado al escucharlo Owo
CyberFox Gaming
CyberFox Gaming 3 soat oldin
"HEL-" **slams door...two seconds later, opens it up** "-LO!" **slams again**
hayden philyaw
hayden philyaw 3 soat oldin
That face the radio demon made was no one else freaked out about that
Gedärme -Serie- OFICIAL
0:53 "hijo de perra" ("son of bicht" at spanish) I had to listen to this 5 times until I realized
Tobias Andersson
Tobias Andersson 4 soat oldin
may i ask, what did she say at 0:53?
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
"Son of a bitch"
SniperKnighter 4 soat oldin
I love the voice and the design of the radio demon. I'd say were have some similar tastes.
Purple Foxgirl
Purple Foxgirl 5 soat oldin
can you make some more werewolf girl video's :)
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
She won't have time for that. This is her main focus right now. She might do a few speed draws someday but other than that she got her hands full with this animation
Bella R
Bella R 5 soat oldin
Angel Dust pops up in the back ground. I LOVVVVEE HIMMM
Arek Kocot
Arek Kocot 5 soat oldin
Love your content
Tails :3
Tails :3 5 soat oldin
1:08 omgg his face 😶
Michael from creepy cute Studios
I really like Alistair and angel dust, they're my two favorite characters so far. ^^
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
Arek Kocot
Arek Kocot 6 soat oldin
Holy fuck your chanell is so good
Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo 6 soat oldin
What was alastor going to say befor vagie interrupted him about the stock market crash I want to know.
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
"So many orphans"
Azania Williams
Azania Williams 6 soat oldin
I love your animations and I bet it's hard to do them
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
All animations are hard, especially with one person doing them, but for this project she has her team helping her. If anything most of her characters would be hard to animate anyway.
Star Children
Star Children 7 soat oldin
I love alster's (am I spelling that right 😂) voice, it suits his character very well
Gashapon Greg
Gashapon Greg 7 soat oldin
I absolutely love the Radio Demon. Holy shit.
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
He's Alastor
SNEGOVIK moll 7 soat oldin
С нетерпением жду мультфильма
Thamily The Runner
Thamily The Runner 7 soat oldin
Alastor the sexy demon :3
Tavish DeGroot
Tavish DeGroot 7 soat oldin
Now that I've thought about it, What if the DoomSlayer was in this show.
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
Hmm doubt it
BlondeBoiWeeb 8 soat oldin
I’m getting stoked! Last 2 months before 2019!
Juliana Moy
Juliana Moy 8 soat oldin
I just met him and already love him so much!
raphaelle vasse
raphaelle vasse 8 soat oldin
Can we talk about his little laugh 1:00 😍😍
nervous walrus
nervous walrus 8 soat oldin
What veggie says in spanish translates to "son of a bitch" i don't know what i should have expected
Noah Wilson
Noah Wilson 8 soat oldin
Lets see, a demon, named Alister, who was named after one of the most evil humans in existence, who is a radio talkshow host, who was entertained by the Great Depression, and just smiled at Vaggie who pointed a spear at him with a look on his face that says "I'm going to enjoy torturing you the most". Yeah, if that doesn't say "main antagonist" I don't know what does.
Noah Wilson
Noah Wilson 3 soat oldin
+Sweet Pebbles Oh, so he's NOT the main antagonist? He certainly acts the part.
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
Alastor is one of the main characters for the hotel. He's not the real problem in hell.
Fennec Fluffy
Fennec Fluffy 8 soat oldin
0:58 jeez that smile
Wirebles 9 soat oldin
leiko mori
leiko mori 10 soat oldin
1:28 ._.
leiko mori
leiko mori 9 soat oldin
Que miedo xd
Tatiana Itara
Tatiana Itara 11 soat oldin
Omg who is the amazing person behind all of these amazing art form of a god! Please tell meh I WANNA KNOW!
Sunsetlover 11 soat oldin
The ships has started
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
Which one
OLD TIGER 12 soat oldin
I hope they will be good happiness ending..
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
Not everything has one but we'll have to wait and see.
MJ Forester
MJ Forester 12 soat oldin
0:33 whenever someone asks me what I was saying after they cut me off
D ONE Limitz
D ONE Limitz 13 soat oldin
I like how Vaggie is the shortest and angriest among them,so cute
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
Good thing she isn't the shortest among the rest of the misfits
custome dolzz
custome dolzz 13 soat oldin
Veggie was speaking a different language at one point listen closely
Joey Osborn
Joey Osborn 13 soat oldin
Can I point out that Alastor just walks in as if he already lives there, man such a true demon and we all love him.
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
And he's gonna stay there too.
cody popejoy
cody popejoy 18 soat oldin
I'm actually upset I've not seen this animation channel yet, the art and movement so clean I need more.
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
HH been around for a few years now and has quite a lot of old and new art from it. It was a Anne's project to make a online animation series of the characters.
jack broad
jack broad 22 soat oldin
Kikithe Child
Kikithe Child 23 soat oldin
OOOOOH I CANT WAIT FOR THE WHOLE SHOW! I’ve been subbed to you for so long, I’ve said this before but you are the reason why I’ve started drawing, I admit I’m not as good as you, but I’m practicing and like what 3 or so years later? I’m still here! Ready as I’ll ever be!
Kikithe Child
Kikithe Child 23 soat oldin
Can I be the “Radio Demons” child please lol
Red Rover
Red Rover Kun oldin
Seriously who made the background music?
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
Did you see the credits?
Volkenhammer Kun oldin
BlueRainPheonix Kun oldin
The animation and overall art style is absolutely amazing! I really enjoy watching these! The whole story and little skits are very entertaining(and that song was absolutely awesome!)
Levi Thomas
Levi Thomas Kun oldin
Doomguy open up
brailin Emilio
brailin Emilio Kun oldin
Solo estoy esperado la otra parte
SonicLover3593 Kun oldin
The potential love child of Grell and Black Hat,with just a dash of the Warden from Superjail,and a pinch of Mettaton.....love it!!!Can't wait to see what gets done with this character.
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
Alastor is one of the powerful demons. People seem to fall for his "charms." He's very manipulative and clever. He will trick you and it'll be too late to realize it. He's a deer, shapeshifter, cannibal, asexual, fears dogs(if that is still canon to his character) wouldn't hesitate to kill anyone if they stand in his way. He can be hard to read when it comes to his crept smile since he doesn't frown.
DammitAll 123
DammitAll 123 Kun oldin
Cabron hijo de perra >:v
SonicLover3593 Kun oldin
She asked "should she let him in?".Was I the only one who gets the nagging suspicion that he would have got in there with or without her letting him in or her permission?...
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
He can do that.
SonicLover3593 Kun oldin
One of my favorite color palette's,love the voice(it fits so we'll),sharp teeth,interesting design,and tall lanky build....I'm I the only one who feels a potential crush developing....
Elea Mad
Elea Mad Kun oldin
And just like that I'm in love.
Tobyn Charlton GM 2020
What kind of talk show would this guy even have? I don't want to find out.
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
Everyday life in hell, politics, death, anything that seems interesting to him
ThīñkSpęåk Kun oldin
Maga SonicScout
Maga SonicScout Kun oldin
That red dude was like the joker And pennywise.
Maga SonicScout
Maga SonicScout 2 soat oldin
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
His name's Alastor
Chungo Blip
Chungo Blip Kun oldin
Sounds surprisingly close to the headcanon voice in my opinion.
Professor Zoom
Professor Zoom Kun oldin
I love Charlie's face when she closes the door the first time, just pure disbelief!
Tobyn Charlton GM 2020
So is Alastor related to Bill Cipher or something along those lines, because this show seems like it's gonna be like gravity falls.
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
Nope nothing like that.
chocolayuu Kun oldin
some 100 miles for hour
Jakepetro21 Kun oldin
I know it was a while ago but I wish that you’d make another music video with your awesome animation style. The die young music video is just perfect. I discovered it a couple days ago and I have listened to it so much that it’s unbelievable. It was awesome.
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
In the future she will get to do one since there is a sequel to the die young video. But she can't worry about that now cuz she won't have any time for that when she has this to focus on.
Why am i aroused???
Iron Imagination
Let me know if you need voices I have a few people who will do it for free
Kage342 Kun oldin
I have no idea why, but I really like Alastor for some reason. I cannot explain why, but that part where he starts in with that real creepy look when talking about if he had wanted to hurt someone it would have already happened I could watch over and over.
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
And he would too. Alaator isn't someone to take lightly. He's done some shot in the past and no doubt done some now
AJ Shilt
AJ Shilt Kun oldin
Well well well look what we have here another crazy demon just the way I like it but whoever you are radio demon I like you a lot ha ha ha
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
He's alastor. He ain't new or anything
Smol Yet Smart Peridot
pause in between 1:08 and 1:09 when alastor starts glitching to see some really scary shit
the Paula night
the Paula night Kun oldin
Hi have you Do instergram??
Nirto Rider6
Nirto Rider6 Kun oldin
Can headless horseman be in this or did I not see him
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
She makes this of her own characters but if anything that will be in the background somewhere.
OLD TIGER Kun oldin
You turn to me, with a kiss in your eyes And my heart feels a thrill beyond compare. Then your lips cling to mine, it's wonderful, wonderful Oh, so wonderful, my love. And I say to myself "It's wonderful, wonderful Oh, so wonderful, my love...
Forget Everything
During 0:45 To 0:58 alastor lost is monocle but 0:58 he just got back Am truly the only one who see it ? xd
Patootsierolls Kun oldin
Im honestly inlove with Vaggie and Angel dust lmao and now this radio demon!?
커맨드악성 Kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-iyYohyciNlo.html Is this video copyrighted?
Chat Blanc
Chat Blanc Kun oldin
Hey, I'd like to know what program do you use to animate, I'm planning on making an animatic, or maybe improve my animating skills, would you please tell me?
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
She usually uses tv paint
Tyrone James
Tyrone James Kun oldin
He's both entertaining and threatening! I like him! :)
ninetailed ninja
You cheesy pompis talkshow shitlord: killed me and if you watch the trailer alistor is at the end of it
Star Burst
Star Burst Kun oldin
i love your animation
Kromatic Kun oldin
*S T A Y T U N E D F O L K S*
Kindall Lowder
Kindall Lowder Kun oldin
Did anybody else notice the spider demon was sucking a dildo?
Art Serg
Art Serg Kun oldin
This was popsickle
TV499channel 2 kun oldin
Already my favorite character
XBLspartanx170 2 kun oldin
as for the video, spoiler alert, MTV killed him. LOL
Shaina Rhoades
Shaina Rhoades 2 kun oldin
What language is Dagger speaking??
Art Serg
Art Serg Kun oldin
Spanish, maybe
Mideriko's Wasing Time
I need a life size talking statue of Alastor ... for ... reasons ..
Marion Franzese - Allan Drive MS (1468)
OMG i love his voice it sounds so cool (new favourite character)
Daniel Harasym
Daniel Harasym 2 kun oldin
Don’t let him in [Fucking lets him in]
SmallMuffin 265
SmallMuffin 265 2 kun oldin
0:44 or 0:45 "Well i haven't been that entertained since the Stock Market Crash of 1929!" One of the best part in this animation!
Art Serg
Art Serg Kun oldin
He lost his monocle
Stryker Thewolf
Stryker Thewolf 2 kun oldin
i cant wait for hazbin hotel
Jazmine Garcia
Jazmine Garcia 2 kun oldin
So does the Radio Demon have a crush on Angle Dust or why is he looking at him that way? 1:18
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
There is nothing going on between the two of them. Alaator is asexual and has no interest in other in that sense, especially one when it comes to angel's case
Homestuck TV
Homestuck TV 2 kun oldin
Alastor is officially my favorite character!
Homestuck TV
Homestuck TV Kun oldin
God forbid that autocorrect turned it to 2 Ls.
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles Kun oldin
It's Alastor.
Mar 9445
Mar 9445 2 kun oldin
Cabron hijo de perra XD
Leslie Mitchem
Leslie Mitchem 2 kun oldin
when is the real thing coming out
Meep Moop
Meep Moop 2 kun oldin
Lucas Granville
Lucas Granville 2 kun oldin
Sqole 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂polees
Valeria Pabon
Valeria Pabon 2 kun oldin
I really love Alastor's voice, also, I didn't know Vaggie spoked Spanish!!! :O
jvh03 2 kun oldin
I really can't wait to watch Hazbin Hotel. It's going to be great.
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
True same. I've loved it since way before it was getting its own series. For a couple of years
NixonDraws 2 kun oldin
MegaFan 2 kun oldin
I think I’m really gonna like this guy. I gotta ask, how did you pull off that old radio voice of his?
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
Ask her team members. One of them did it
Random Boy 3 m
Random Boy 3 m 2 kun oldin
im really excited for this show. but i couldnt help noticing all the changing proportions.at the start, the radio demon is really tall. at the end he's a little taller than charlie
ArtistLovesTo Fangirl
well well well well well well well well well well well Bill Cipher my old pal!!!! (Alastor is probably gone a be so confused by the phrase "The video killed the radio star")
Sptth 2 kun oldin
Stop getting wet over alastor he sounds like Funtime foxy from five nights at Freddy’s
Sweet Pebbles
Sweet Pebbles 3 soat oldin
Lilith Martinez
Lilith Martinez 2 kun oldin
Esperen...soy yo o la tipa peliblanca insulto en español? Diganme que no me lo imagine * u *
Bipper Likesforks
Bipper Likesforks 2 kun oldin
What was angel sucking on lmao
Art Serg
Art Serg Kun oldin
+Bipper Likesforks XD
Bipper Likesforks
Oh I was thinking something else, lmao I have a dirty mind 😂
Art Serg
Art Serg Kun oldin
Popsickle (i hope i write this correctly)
Audrey Getten
Audrey Getten 2 kun oldin
I love the radiodemon!
juliana martins
juliana martins 2 kun oldin
please alguém poderia fazer uma legenda português pq eu não tenho ideia do que eles estão falando direito
Deucez2599 2 kun oldin
Speed at .25 at 1:09 for some creepy ass shit
Art Serg
Art Serg Kun oldin
This creepy ass shit is on my account avatar (i hope i write this correctly)
Кирилл Коваленко
Классно рисуеш надеюсь твой проект произведёт фурор:):):)
7 kun oldin