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The infamous "Radio Demon" shows up at the Hotel, for what purpose? Wait and see.
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1-Noy, 2018



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TheGoldenDrakon Soat oldin
Like how he talks
Patricia Snow
Patricia Snow Soat oldin
If one of these days hell breaks open and I see this guy walk out I am creating a bunker #WarIsComingYetYourNerfGunsReady
snoot 3 soat oldin
am i the only one who thinks that at 1:10 when he goes from being super creepy back to normal and he just shakes his head a little is adorable??? i don’t know why but it’s really cute and you can hear his floofy hair moving like fur!!! nice detail
Thesunwolf 3 soat oldin
0:18 omg her face...”Whut?” xD
CountryHuman Human
CountryHuman Human 9 soat oldin
I know you're gey! Radio Demon Intensife screaming inside*
The Family Squad
The Family Squad 10 soat oldin
Alastor: *enters this world* Me: *heavy breathing*
robobro331 15 soat oldin
You need jesus
Marlo Silva
Marlo Silva 19 soat oldin
WAIT! (Analyze frame around 0:26) Is Angel holding what I think it is?
Hi Animator
Hi Animator 19 soat oldin
Alaster:like Angel:comment
TheGrimReaper f
TheGrimReaper f Kun oldin
This is my favorite clip other then the song
Lajeda Glaze
Lajeda Glaze Kun oldin
I’m just waiting on a release date for the first episode 🗣‼️😩👀
yo el desaparecido
0:53 cabrón hijo de perra XD
Kate Kun oldin
I just love the radio demon smile so bad 🖤
The Nathalos
The Nathalos Kun oldin
In love with the animation, characters, sound and voices. It’s all awesome 👏
skelly skeleton
skelly skeleton Kun oldin
This is so clean And amazing
Hunter Luce
Hunter Luce Kun oldin
Alaster is probably gonna be my favorite character I love his personality and voice ._.
DaWeirdOne Kun oldin
recommended for geeks who luv Undertale/animated demons/monsters... like me.
WRATH2501 Kun oldin
Does this guy remind anyone else of Bill Cipher?
Baby Boo
Baby Boo 2 kun oldin
Strawberry pimp
Jabby Mads
Jabby Mads 2 kun oldin
Wait Vaggie speak spanish :0?
efe soylu
efe soylu 2 kun oldin
Pls turkeeeeeeey 😢😢😢
Marlo Silva
Marlo Silva 2 kun oldin
A situation I imagined: Radio Demon (appears in front of my door): Hello! Me: Bye! (slams and locks door) Me (while getting crosses, a bible, and holy water): Nope! No no no! (Prays and hope to survive).
Anime Girl
Anime Girl 2 kun oldin
he look a strawberry pimp
Myra Nimbous
Myra Nimbous 2 kun oldin
Alistair is so cool!! So pretty! I want him to be like.. My really cool cousin.. Or something like that.. Or my friend even! Idk if he'll accept that offer, but eh.. I have an imagination
Xiomia Lee
Xiomia Lee 2 kun oldin
Wow there buddy 1:06
Sunset Shimmer Gaming
I think I have a favorite character now
Cm Cm
Cm Cm 3 kun oldin
Me: how am I triggered guys? Friends: shows video clip 1:02* Me: so? It was just one SCP breakout!
Zachary Croft
Zachary Croft 3 kun oldin
Did anyone notice the split second flash right at 1:08? Pretty darn freaky.
EdricLysharae 3 kun oldin
Well, I will never experience Loudmouth from The Brave Little Toaster or FDR quite the same way again.
Glets Gacha animations
These charectors seem so familiar
Graveyard Shift
Graveyard Shift 3 kun oldin
You can't spell help without hel
carlos gonzalez
carlos gonzalez 3 kun oldin
ok i just notice that vaggie said hijo de perra, is she latina? im forma mexico( is pretty easy to tell by my name) and i will be really happy if she is(i dont know but i possibili wrote somthing wrong so my apologies)
carlos gonzalez
carlos gonzalez 3 kun oldin
and "cabron"¡!, she needs to be mexican
Infectious Destruction
I know Alastor has a theme song but i feel like his theme song is The Saints Will Never Come except a bit deeper and satanic
All_Edits 4 kun oldin
Shhhh... can you hear that? It’s the fangirls...
Fabian Madera ;v
Fabian Madera ;v 4 kun oldin
jjajajajaj "cabron, hijo de perra" bien dicho like por el español
Leafy Kun
Leafy Kun 4 kun oldin
Oml I cant stop laughing at Alastor XD
mysteryion 7531
mysteryion 7531 4 kun oldin
0:53 TURN ON CC "cabron hijo de perra!"
Helly show
Helly show 4 kun oldin
Мне кажется Чарли и аластор будут парой
Rustymcnut 4 kun oldin
Ok Alastor has easily taken the favourite character spot. So many orphans. Haha dark comedy... Is nice
Chim Chim
Chim Chim 4 kun oldin
I love that "Cabron, hijo de perra" 😂
Phoenix B
Phoenix B 4 kun oldin
*"He looks like a strawberry pimp!"* W H E E Z E ! Angel's the best. 🤣❤
Sebastian Barreda Green
This is in the topic if anime xD
Courtney styles
Courtney styles 4 kun oldin
I just love the knock
Prop king Fang Gaming
Can i get a link for the whole thing?
Wrench 5 kun oldin
Vivziepop: wow.. what a nice piece of art! I’m sure the community will lov- Rule 34: Ooooh *BOI*
Spicekat 5 kun oldin
Oh no he hot
Heresh Neale
Heresh Neale 5 kun oldin
Ralix Tanner
Ralix Tanner 5 kun oldin
4 of my (currently) favorite characters in one place
TW videos
TW videos 5 kun oldin
Y'know. When someone says that if they wanted to hurt/harm/kill anybody they would have done it already, they are not kidding. They actually would have already done it. Edit: still, not gonna lie. I love it when someone says that. It just gives those chills on my back. The rush of fear, the sinistermess, I LOVE IT! That's my Asmr.
Michael Lara
Michael Lara 5 kun oldin
I love the radio demon, bro has a permanent smile 'n he has an intense presence!
eclipse dreams
eclipse dreams 5 kun oldin
Random person: *roasting Me with other people in awe* Me: *you cheesy pompous talk show shit lord*
Mario Mayorga
Mario Mayorga 5 kun oldin
Jajajaja cabron hijo de perra... :v
Star Searcher
Star Searcher 6 kun oldin
I just realized Alastor is doing the knock from Roger Rabbit which the bad guy (I cant remember the dudes name) but he says not toon can resist it which is called shave and a haircut, two bits. So I find this very ironic now.
Kevin Golinveaux
Kevin Golinveaux 6 kun oldin
i can't tell if the "dear" line not having static effect is intentional or an accident lol
God Chips
God Chips 6 kun oldin
S h I t l o r d
Waffles Waffles
Waffles Waffles 6 kun oldin
Vaggie or Veggie sounds very familiar
32201JA 6 kun oldin
I think I have discovered my favorite character.
Kat The furry
Kat The furry 6 kun oldin
This should be on del tv you will get pretty mucho money
Space Cat.
Space Cat. 6 kun oldin
S o S m o o t h
Citrus Wolf
Citrus Wolf 6 kun oldin
The way I ship Charli and Alaster
n 6 kun oldin
Oh boy, the fandom's gonna have a field day with this one. I'm starting to realize that I might not belong here. I will also say that this DEFINITELY does not belong on Adult Swim. Quick warning: A v o i d i t . I h a v e s e e n t h e h o r r o r s .
The Lone Zombie
The Lone Zombie 6 kun oldin
Why is it that I like the radio demon and his old style
Kaomi Deam ;3
Kaomi Deam ;3 6 kun oldin
0:12 Just wait.......that ONE clip......... It will become a meme soon
Toxic Anoxic
Toxic Anoxic 6 kun oldin
Reminds me of carnage
Malcolm Andrés Rojas Mora
0:54 cabron hijo de perra only the ones Who speak spanish
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez 7 kun oldin
0:53 o dios ame esa escena si soy mexicano 0:53 o god i love that part and yes a im mexican
Zora The Zoroak
Zora The Zoroak 7 kun oldin
Me encanta el como se convina el ingles y el español cuando Vaggie dice "cabrón hijo de perra" me encantaaaa
Zaktor Epic
Zaktor Epic 7 kun oldin
i love it
Milk Bread
Milk Bread 7 kun oldin
I like how everyone loves Alastor even when he’s the villain of this show xD
Delta Malekith
Delta Malekith 7 kun oldin
0:59 why is he so hot 😍😍
Robert Simon
Robert Simon 7 kun oldin
I seriously forgot he’s a deer demon.
Andy Mendez
Andy Mendez 7 kun oldin
This show sucks
Andy Mendez
Andy Mendez 5 kun oldin
+s i r i u s . a fucking will.
s i r i u s . a
s i r i u s . a 5 kun oldin
Ok, thanks for your opinion troll. Have a nice day playing one of the worst consoles ever!
Lauren Pellicciotti
Spider thing is the real bad ass there
sata vlis
sata vlis 7 kun oldin
i hear "i know your gay" at 0:54 XD
I am A leaf
I am A leaf 7 kun oldin
Alastor is my mood constantly
Ashton S.
Ashton S. 8 kun oldin
Rökko Black
Rökko Black 8 kun oldin
Alastor is definitely the best character You should make a spin-off about the Radio demon himself!!
Coco bean Taylor
Coco bean Taylor 8 kun oldin
#when your ex boyfriend comes to the door
mavelol 123
mavelol 123 8 kun oldin
1:02 my favorite line
Lynn Rose
Lynn Rose 8 kun oldin
"I'm with the Radio and I want to help"
Movieland Productions
Where do u watch this
Alonso Oso
Alonso Oso 8 kun oldin
This show is going to be so edgy *I'm interested*
Anonymous Mouse
Anonymous Mouse 9 kun oldin
Not a fan of gay spider
Darren 0613
Darren 0613 9 kun oldin
1:02 his voice was normal for a second
Shade Blackfield
Shade Blackfield 9 kun oldin
*1929 The Great Depression,good memories,this guy knows a lot of good history*
s i r i u s . a
s i r i u s . a 5 kun oldin
That’s because he lived during those times....
N J 8 kun oldin
He was there for it
ObiJuanKanobi 9 kun oldin
I will buy this movie
s i r i u s . a
s i r i u s . a 5 kun oldin
ObiJuanKanobi It’s a show that’s in production and most likely won’t come out until closer to the end of the year, not a movie....
Carl Vath
Carl Vath 9 kun oldin
MrXhacowfazbear 9 kun oldin
Radio demon is my fav character
WildWaffle 543
WildWaffle 543 9 kun oldin
Sin of wrath... If that wasnt obvious lol. I love this guy no joke.
Luna Browski
Luna Browski 9 kun oldin
Pause it a 0:25 you’ll get to see somebody’s family
Kianna Bearden
Kianna Bearden 9 kun oldin
I like how his voice gets more robotic when he goes full demon
El Chico Noob :v
El Chico Noob :v 9 kun oldin
solo soy un comentario en español que va pasando por aqui
vaporing ash
vaporing ash 10 kun oldin
I love it already
Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch 10 kun oldin
Hmm, Alastor is a former radio host from the south who enjoyed a sideline as a serial killer, reincarnated as a powerful deer demon? Yeah, he won’t be doing anything for the good of it. He likely wants to use Charlie to take over Lucifer’s position. That’s my theory!
Ciaran Ward
Ciaran Ward 10 kun oldin
I love him
DarkShine 10 kun oldin
Hazbel wants to solve overpopulation in hell. DOOM SLAYER: *HEAVY BREATHING*
yuan mccallum
yuan mccallum 10 kun oldin
0:39 the moment you realise you’ve some how failed
Bonnie gaming
Bonnie gaming 11 kun oldin
Hope Festinger Productions
"Excuse my sudden visit, but I saw your fiasco on the picture show!" Help I'm dying
Aleca Limbo
Aleca Limbo 11 kun oldin
I fuckin love him
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