HAZBIN HOTEL -"Morning Report" -(CLIP)-

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Meet Katie and Tom; 666 News’ top anchors. Despite being the “go-to” station for all of Hell’s going-ons, they still can't seem to find an engineer who can use a green screen correctly. Or at least one who actually wants to make them look good.
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4-Dek, 2018




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STITCHEs scream
STITCHEs scream Soat oldin
Am I the only one reading the scrolling words at the bottom 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅
Gogreendreamer 123
I just realized Tom Trench’s name With his gas mask “Trench warfare”
Cody Taylor
Cody Taylor Kun oldin
That women has an ego size as a watermelon.
슈프림빵 Kun oldin
한국어 Thanks
la unicornian :3
noticias no aburridas xp
ShutInKestrel Kun oldin
Excuse me but was that art at 0:12 drawn by Krooked Glasses? That really looks like her style!
VMI films
VMI films Kun oldin
Poor Tom
Omg that guy has a foot fetish (I read the text)
obuddyboi Kun oldin
Is anyone reading the yellow bar?
Spaghettios ohno
Spaghettios ohno 2 kun oldin
"Or should I say, *no dick?* " "Not again..." wait, so this is a common occurance?
XxEclipseForceAce xX
Called morning report Katie says good afternoon...
Khalid Faisal
Khalid Faisal 2 kun oldin
0:09 Kingpins sir pentious: How do you do fellow sinners?
Wake me up Inside
Wake me up Inside 2 kun oldin
her waist is smaller than my future
Max Lai
Max Lai 2 kun oldin
Did you notice he said not again
Ya Crap
Ya Crap 2 kun oldin
Me: Oh no! I dropped my chicken nugget! My sister: 0:48
Skelemoon 2 kun oldin
The only news channels you can trust is Hazbin Hotel news and Villager news.
Artflex Animates
Artflex Animates 3 kun oldin
*read the news caption*
Sprinkle Cake
Sprinkle Cake 3 kun oldin
*walks up to a tombstone* "Rest in Peace... Tom Trench's penis"
Coco Panda
Coco Panda 3 kun oldin
How come no ones talking about the headlines at the bottom?
Безбашенный Лис
Where did Tom Trench get his hair cut? At the hairdresser’s called “Pretty Pashendale”? Open 19:17?
i m a f r e a k s o w h a t
"the point Is that my wife was a fucking bitch" well shit
i m a f r e a k s o w h a t
" i wrote it because it seemed like the Natural kind of pun to make for this Situation, but now that i see ot in text i feel like it was a mistake " alright m8
Rubik Ingot
Rubik Ingot 3 kun oldin
Pyro can speak? OMG
Idiot Waluigi
Idiot Waluigi 3 kun oldin
Did he say “not again” *Tom are you okay??*
SuperSuck64 3 kun oldin
I'm honestly laughing harder at the ticker text than the actual scene.
Jiromi Corona
Jiromi Corona 3 kun oldin
0:28 - 0:37 and 0:49 - 0:50 was when it got good! 😂
The Gaming Kirby
The Gaming Kirby 4 kun oldin
Did it just click to me that Tom Trench is a reference to World War I
Gia Princess
Gia Princess 4 kun oldin
0:48 me when my friend gets hurt
DragonStarPlanet 4 kun oldin
That was a good burn on Tom XD
CyanideSpider 4 kun oldin
i feel bad for tom-
the voyager
the voyager 4 kun oldin
And im tom tucker
niggette 4 kun oldin
0:12 that has to be made by Krooked Glasses....
Vodka 210
Vodka 210 4 kun oldin
Is Tom Trench a reference to WW1?
Leo Chen
Leo Chen 4 kun oldin
This is some rivalry with pew news
William Nagore
William Nagore 4 kun oldin
I’m guessing there’s not devil in this hell?
sprouts 4 kun oldin
I guess Martha took the kids.
Milly KawaiiKitty
Milly KawaiiKitty 4 kun oldin
I wrote the whole small news text from the bottom--v Traffic is Hella backed up.Get it? ''Hell" But with an "A" at the end? That's a word younger seem to enjoy using. I don't really like it though. I wrote it because it seemed like the natural kind of pun to make for this situation, but now that I see it in text, I feel like it was a mistake. A mistake that I can't take back... like cheating on my wife. I'm so sorry Martha. I shouldn't have done it, But now you did gain a lot of weight after the baby and I really needed some space. You know what? NO, that was a good call. I banged the cleaning lady, and that was a pretty nice time. Even though she laughed at me when I told her I couldn't get off unless she licked my foot first. I don't see how that's a weird request. Maybe if i'd just gotten a hooker she would have been more agreeable. The point is my wife was a fucking bitch. One time we went to the zoo and I got really mad because I thought the orangutan was making fun of me. He kept doing that stupid duck lip face? The one where their lips get all puckered? Then it started screaming, and that really pissed me off. My wife told me it was just a monkey and to "calm down". So I went to g-
Milly KawaiiKitty
Milly KawaiiKitty 4 kun oldin
So I pretty much wrote the guy's whole breakdown
Little ol' me
Little ol' me 4 kun oldin
What happened to that orangutan? I DEMAND TO KNOW.
Bbtheboss 13
Bbtheboss 13 5 kun oldin
I am fucking trench
David Cappadoccia
David Cappadoccia 5 kun oldin
Figures. Only news channel in hell is CNN.
Squad Plays
Squad Plays 5 kun oldin
0:48 oh damn boi get recked
Javi :3
Javi :3 5 kun oldin
Como lo puedes aser me encanta 😍
Kassandra Dominguez
Katie...killjoy..? *MCR flashbacks*
Hope Can't Draw
Hope Can't Draw 5 kun oldin
Am I the only one who just read the little text on the bottom instead of watching the actual animation? 😂
Mally Berry
Mally Berry 5 kun oldin
The writing on tho bottom tho 😂😂😂😂
Zoey Stardust
Zoey Stardust 5 kun oldin
Anyone else read the bottom caption thing? I did. And it was funny as hell. (heh)
Super egg Tarter sauce
I thought it said 666JEWS
Sam Nick
Sam Nick 6 kun oldin
Pitch it on Netflix
FoxyLetsPlay !
FoxyLetsPlay ! 6 kun oldin
Omg this cracked me up so bad XD
Nightmare Fuel
Nightmare Fuel 6 kun oldin
Who says suck it up ya lil bish
XXウォルフトムXX UwU
*sUcK iT uP yOu lItTlE bItCh*
Shakil McDonald (Student)
0:48 this is what I say when someone is hurt
Jervis Tetch
Jervis Tetch 7 kun oldin
1 like equals one prayer for Tom
Egg Of Wah
Egg Of Wah 8 kun oldin
Man the pyro from tf2 looks good
killer Memestar
killer Memestar 8 kun oldin
Hazbin Hotel is for autistic people
DrEpr3ssinv0 3mo
DrEpr3ssinv0 3mo 8 kun oldin
Kkkkk Reali good
Tsunderaptor 8 kun oldin
I love the text on the bottom XD
Nuura Abdulkadir
Nuura Abdulkadir 8 kun oldin
Why Katie killjoy dump hot coffee on Tom
Nuura Abdulkadir
Nuura Abdulkadir 8 kun oldin
Why Katie killjoy dump hot coffee on Tom
Platinumaid 8 kun oldin
As a Pyro main in TF2, I disapprove of this.
Jarod Farrant
Jarod Farrant 8 kun oldin
I want to make a fanfic of this of this where the devils quits and Charlie and company have to get him back.
Wiggedchip 26
Wiggedchip 26 9 kun oldin
Skully D. ÆDD
Skully D. ÆDD 9 kun oldin
You suck it bitch
Turtleneck Turtle
Turtleneck Turtle 9 kun oldin
The bottom texts XD
recorder troll
recorder troll 9 kun oldin
I wanna watch 666news
Shadowstalker55 10 kun oldin
Wow! Almost everybody in Hell is an asshole.
Lonny Yummy0w0
Lonny Yummy0w0 11 kun oldin
Um,i hope that the guy who writes the news down is feeling better,with heart
Kudriashki Show
Kudriashki Show 11 kun oldin
Кто русский? Hello America 👋😃
flower merica
flower merica 12 kun oldin
Lainy Brown
Lainy Brown 9 kun oldin
That part for me😅
Storm Ferguson
Storm Ferguson 12 kun oldin
Kill joy makes me think of mom from futurerama
Nicholas Waldrop
Nicholas Waldrop 13 kun oldin
Panzer Commander
Panzer Commander 13 kun oldin
Oh sh*t it’s 666=Adolf Hitler!? Hang on.......STALIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES LET STALIN GUIDE MY SHELLS TO THE ENEMY SO THEY WILL GO TO GULAG URAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
TOMMY KNOCKER 13 kun oldin
Tom Trench looks like he's done with his co-workers shit
hydrator the almighty
Wonder why russian won't show up on the menu. It's been months.
got tazed in the balls
"im so sorry Martha" some where in the distance WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME!!!!????
Nerdicaful 13 kun oldin
The guy that wrote the ticker's got some issues. But then again...he's in hell. Everyone's got issues.
Nerdicaful 13 kun oldin
"Or should I say...no dick." Literal burn, right there, there's hot coffee all over his pants.
Nerdicaful 13 kun oldin
PFFFTTT! "You are a limp dick jackass, Tom~"
cold bath water
cold bath water 14 kun oldin
katie *killjoy* tom *trench* gee, those are some pretty emo named you got there
Strawberry Whale
Strawberry Whale 14 kun oldin
M O R N I N G R E P O R T “Good afternoon!”
ChaoticRaze 14 kun oldin
Lives up to her name with pouring that coffee, huh.
Avery Larson
Avery Larson 14 kun oldin
The literature nerd in me is kind of annoyed with them calling it “pentagram city” when 500ish years ago Dante’s inferno already mentioned a named city in hell called “Dis”
Lulu was Here
Lulu was Here 15 kun oldin
Hmm. A s t h e t I c
Lankie 0034
Lankie 0034 15 kun oldin
Pay attention to the text at the bottom it’s pretty funny
Brian-With-A-Na DinoJinn
Eevee Starburst
Eevee Starburst 15 kun oldin
Oh boy the text at the bottom
Astrithor 15 kun oldin
The poor male newscaster just wants to know... "Are you my mommy?"
Anarchy Spice
Anarchy Spice 15 kun oldin
I loved reading the text Bellow xD
Yanderegirl 1225
Yanderegirl 1225 15 kun oldin
Basicly its hell in a nutshell
Connor RK800
Connor RK800 15 kun oldin
I loved the scrolling text
Malichai Husky
Malichai Husky 16 kun oldin
cog wheel
cog wheel 16 kun oldin
i love the bottom scrawl, please keep up the good work
Pathfinder •Apex Legends•
Tom wants to nail her hotspot
Sassy The Turtle
Sassy The Turtle 16 kun oldin
Die blaue Rudelführerin
title: „morning report“ katy killjoy: „good afternoon“ me: „wut?“
Cool Dude
Cool Dude 16 kun oldin
This clip is called *morning report* but they are doing it *afternoon*
MaXplosion1 17 kun oldin
can we get an F for our fallen brother Tom RIP
Sweet n' Salty
Sweet n' Salty 17 kun oldin
the scrolling text lmao
raggstuff 17 kun oldin
at 0:35 when katie pours coffee on toms dick, you can faintly hear him say "not again"
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