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Headie One - 18HUNNA (ft. Dave)

Headie One
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Headie One - 18HUNNA (ft. Dave)
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Produced by 169
Video Directed by Nathan James Tettey
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3-Yan, 2019

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NA597 45 daqiqa oldin
Is it just me, I need to listen extra hard to understand Headie One and these drill rapper
Govind Batchu
Govind Batchu Soat oldin
Cold world better
Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell Soat oldin
You got the Golden Buzzer from me
Govind Batchu
Govind Batchu Soat oldin
Vaida Jakstiene
Vaida Jakstiene 7 soat oldin
Anyone knows where to get that jacket? Its dope!
Gilgamesh EX
Gilgamesh EX 10 soat oldin
pick your pants up and speak the queens english
Olumide Sobodu
Olumide Sobodu Soat oldin
Lol at no point in the video is anyone saggin
FaZe Prone
FaZe Prone 13 soat oldin
Jeeeeez shoutout Leicester🔥🔥🔥
rory mchugh
rory mchugh 14 soat oldin
Banging tune boys
Ishy Huss
Ishy Huss 15 soat oldin
Fredo X Heddie one
hamda and eve
hamda and eve 16 soat oldin
mi sayyyy big chuuunnneeee *jamaican bacon accent*
Tibi _Forta
Tibi _Forta 16 soat oldin
English stuff
A H 19 soat oldin
rtm00s 19 soat oldin
Dave talking smoke talk...same guy wanted stop and searches.....this fowerboy needs to low it
Jimal Vernon674
Jimal Vernon674 21 soat oldin
Dave moving a bit demonic on 1min 48 secs
Not Bot
Not Bot 22 soat oldin
Bangin. Think he's trying to get a collab with paddywall too 🔥🔥🔥
Karl Doyle
Karl Doyle Kun oldin
Indomie ya nah!
George STM
George STM Kun oldin
Car Music Bmw
Car Music Bmw Kun oldin
subcribe me plese
Jameslee Danton
Jameslee Danton Kun oldin
His flow has no end... Legit
Hayley Harfield
Hayley Harfield Kun oldin
k SSassd£ hoc. CNN’s .. ?b, bmNo“‘ ?,u
Diovan Chambers
Diovan Chambers Kun oldin
everyone add my snap @Dio1up 16+
The Real Shrek
The Real Shrek Kun oldin
On mums I will like this comment Do it then
News Hunte
News Hunte Kun oldin
Wow awesome videography keep it up..💋💋💋
Brian Tierney
Brian Tierney Kun oldin
This isn't music.
S 4L
S 4L Kun oldin
Somalis I roll with !!!
TN Phulchere
TN Phulchere Kun oldin
Its Anthony
Its Anthony Kun oldin
Mums he's too wavey
WeTalkSound Kun oldin
Profit oso lovely
V W Kun oldin
This song makes me want to give my teacher a detention
Celine Remice
Celine Remice Kun oldin
Sooo talented 👌🏾👌🏾❤️
C DarKy Beats
C DarKy Beats Kun oldin
C DarKy Beats will offer a variety of new fresh beats/tracks for singers /rappers that want good quality beats and for free! Every new subscriber will not regret it! 💯
ayo2loosee Kun oldin
dave and headieee onee are no.1 favs mostly dave
Liam Smith
Liam Smith Kun oldin
Dave went mad on this one
Hxv Dev
Hxv Dev Kun oldin
The drake of Uk
aaron peg
aaron peg Kun oldin
I swear headie one has no emotion in his face like ever
sande1212 Kun oldin
Nice !!
Mitchell Hebden
Mitchell Hebden Kun oldin
Is it fake money
Punch Lines
Punch Lines Kun oldin
There's some maaad bars in this song that bet most guys missed! I've made a video breaking down the lyrics and explaining the bars, punchlines & wordplay if you're interested 🔥
Razor Music
Razor Music 2 kun oldin
follow back
Mike Andre Augustin
Dave absolutely destroyed that track 🔥🔥
Skilloviy Kolyan
Skilloviy Kolyan 2 kun oldin
Кто от Маркула? :)
Aaron Weekes
Aaron Weekes 2 kun oldin
Stormzy rip-off
Pill Report
Pill Report 2 kun oldin
who the fuck pays 1800£ for a rusty gun. hes fake doesn't know about the roads. you can pick up a rusty for 3- 5 bills max :L
SonnyJords 2 kun oldin
indio-mies noodles are banging!! £6 for a whole box LOL
jim bob
jim bob 2 kun oldin
Can you talk about anything else than ops and guns big man ?
Mulla Savo
Mulla Savo 2 kun oldin
The lyrics are soo easy to understand this time who agrees
SetTrender 2 kun oldin
I need to hear Dave on a drill tune 🤮🤮
yo JM
yo JM 2 kun oldin
When your haters be your motivators 0:04
OFUNNE AZINGE 2 kun oldin
Yeah I'm officially a Headie One fan now. visuals.
whodontlikechicken 2 kun oldin
Losing weight all last year and I ent never been on no diet 😼
simplyreema 2 kun oldin
Paul Whale
Paul Whale 2 kun oldin
This is shit
Andriy Yarmalenko
Andriy Yarmalenko 2 kun oldin
2:16 - My Somali called Abdi
Yusuf Mohamed
Yusuf Mohamed 2 kun oldin
KingKong Booiii
KingKong Booiii 2 kun oldin
connor mcentee
connor mcentee 2 kun oldin
this is so dead don't know why man are gassin it up
CMLY 2 kun oldin
Here before 2mil views If so turn that like button blue
tialouise morton
tialouise morton 2 kun oldin
1:49 is eyesss who caught dat x
Dom Gerencser
Dom Gerencser 2 kun oldin
Standard drill song + Dave lol
Dom Gerencser
Dom Gerencser Kun oldin
+Trap Giddy either way bro this headie don is dead still just a standard musician Dave is the only good part about this tune and that's just facts
Trap Giddy
Trap Giddy Kun oldin
Lamin Manneh Do you even know what “drilling” is? & this is what typical modern rap/trap shit sounds like it’s just you kids under 16 who don’t know what you’re listening to smh
Lamin Manneh
Lamin Manneh 2 kun oldin
Trap Giddy if Headie ain’t drilling then what’s he doing?
Trap Giddy
Trap Giddy 2 kun oldin
This isnt drill
NOKTURNAL 2 kun oldin
hold up he just said his bro shitted out a pack and flushed it, ha gayyyyyyyy
LB 2 kun oldin
Am i the only one who think daves trash?
weeddegree 2 kun oldin
LB depends if you have listened to what he has previously released.. hes bar heavy.. soft on this because its chart related
Deluxe 2 kun oldin
LB not trash just boring
Princess katy8
Princess katy8 2 kun oldin
0:00-0:12 when you're dad returns on the scene unexpectedly..
Damian James
Damian James 2 kun oldin
Sic tune fam
Max Jackson
Max Jackson 3 kun oldin
Dear Dave, You could of done better Kind regards, The entire music industry.
Tyson Fisher Fitness
cold vid
luke skinner
luke skinner 3 kun oldin
team baked asf
Uniq DZY
Uniq DZY 3 kun oldin
That’s where you’ve been Dave. Producinnnn😱
T Niz
T Niz 3 kun oldin
Feds the dj....🤨on some deep shit
Mars rover
Mars rover 3 kun oldin
This makes me wanna jump in a whip and bun a zoog
Irakuga 3 kun oldin
Fire on booth shots been fired this is 🔥
Joe Nilsen
Joe Nilsen 3 kun oldin
soundcloud.com/nilsflow link up
Karo 3 kun oldin
Feels like a kitchen of music ,n oting speacial seen on jay z, notorious b i g . On Kaney and maybe you will do same thing in years.But thanks for new effects i haven't seen it .Only 12% new stuff. 88% other stuff everthings similar from old skool rappers.
weeddegree 3 kun oldin
see after dave turns smoke hes transparent infront of the car but headie isnt... muad
taylor g
taylor g 3 kun oldin
if you like this check out SAR open.spotify.com/track/4asB6gjjR9Sr4QZqVDpXuM?si=CjD8F6vaRCiPvqgiv1zFzg
Hassan 3 kun oldin
U can't lie dave got flows
K Y 3 kun oldin
the beat by 169 is not getting enough mentions, what a banger
H Κ 3 kun oldin
here w8ing for mumble rappers to steal this DOPE hit!THIS IS DOPE AS hell
Naomi H.
Naomi H. 3 kun oldin
Oh no, who lied, you idiots stop making stupid songs like this go viral. Sounded like a 9-year-old boy wrote it. Pure wack! Bad look for 2019!
Skye_is_da_ limit
Skye_is_da_ limit 3 kun oldin
Nice 😵😝🤟🏻
AllMediaBroadcast 3 kun oldin
Headie Got It Now!!
Desmond Danielle Sims
Oh my gosh
julius hagan
julius hagan 3 kun oldin
0:00 to 0:12 is when u get sent out the class before u even sat down
Zani mations
Zani mations 3 kun oldin
When your walking down a corridor and you see your enemy walking right beside you 0:00
YoungAugustus 3 kun oldin
Alfie Donnelly
Alfie Donnelly 3 kun oldin
Moto roller bar wa dead
A1 Sam
A1 Sam 3 kun oldin
Listen to my playlist on my channel please 🙏
Rikki Panero
Rikki Panero 3 kun oldin
rah lukaku ya na
Adroid Help
Adroid Help 3 kun oldin
Nice #atozviralmoja
Blackninja 3 kun oldin
Daves head back was actually dusty
Ryan Hedley
Ryan Hedley 3 kun oldin
Dave the best uk artist rn
Gurleen Kaur
Gurleen Kaur 3 kun oldin
This is gonna be a loop track for the next 3 months😂🌊🌊
How you coming Fast
I’m not hating I think dave is certi like I listen to anything he brings out he don’t disappoint but people do overate him like he’s not top 5 I’ll back it up my top 5 being 1.nines 2.fredo 3.mitch 4.headie 5.potter
Lamin Manneh
Lamin Manneh 2 kun oldin
Deadness right there oops 🙊
Lamin Manneh
Lamin Manneh 2 kun oldin
How you coming Fast rahhh you got such a dead list
Thomas Holland
Thomas Holland 3 kun oldin
Who else thinks ZIAS should react to this...
boi 19 soat oldin
no life shaq is better than zias
•Itz YM•
•Itz YM• 3 kun oldin
Nah fam they only listened to the Uk ting for views and subs they hopped off it real quick. The only one i rate is No Life Shaq he a real one
Choco Waffles
Choco Waffles 3 kun oldin
LDS HD 3 kun oldin
50p coin headshape lmao
Losmi LP
Losmi LP 3 kun oldin
Saidur Rahman
Saidur Rahman 3 kun oldin
Skepta - Nasty
3 yil oldin