Here's Why I LIED About Not Buying Another Car in 2019 (Thanks to Jay Leno)

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13-Mar, 2019



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Dion Phagoof
Dion Phagoof 4 soat oldin
Watching this has made me want to go by Motorcars of Georgia again.
Germanico Sorgi
Germanico Sorgi 5 soat oldin
now you and doug got to do Tim Alens garage
Steve Chung
Steve Chung 6 soat oldin
lifeinhd 6 soat oldin
13:39 huh, that's a modified Ekornes Stressless recliner; I have one just like it in my living room. Guess I'm qualified to host the Pope for an afternoon.
Michael Timmermeyer
Michael Timmermeyer 10 soat oldin
clearly you picked the correct car for a youtube video
Hugh golo
Hugh golo 10 soat oldin
So let me see if I got this right. Valentino Balboni materialises to help fix the car (at the start, I thought that was just a joke btw), it catches fire and he leans over the engine and BLOWS IT OUT? If you wrote that, no one would believe it possible.
Bert Hubbard
Bert Hubbard 12 soat oldin
Your life truly does not suck at all.
MJM’s Workshop
MJM’s Workshop 13 soat oldin
Don’t feel bad, I’m sure Jay has broken the same resolution many times.
Albano Piacquadio
Albano Piacquadio 14 soat oldin
$30k! and Kimi got locked up! No justice
Pat rick
Pat rick 14 soat oldin
Bro, love you but you're becoming click bait with your headlines!
Kenny Coulter
Kenny Coulter 15 soat oldin
Why isn't there a kit car company who recreates the Tucker? A Cobra is SOOOOoooooooo reproduced, but it doesn't kill out the value of the originals.
A. Z.
A. Z. 16 soat oldin
Clearly one of your best videos yet!
Bella Winslow
Bella Winslow 16 soat oldin
Doug really wore a white under shirt under his button up
Gaspar Oliva
Gaspar Oliva 16 soat oldin
please make a podcast with Doug DeMuro!
Itsalgud1 16 soat oldin
Quite the hysterical, historical moment! The Lamborghini Miura you’re about to give an award to, catches fire, and Valentine Balboni is blowing on it to put it out! If you wrote this scene in a movie, everyone would say it’s impossible. Only you can make these things happen, Hoovie. 🙄
Pickle MeTimbers
Pickle MeTimbers 18 soat oldin
So basically on this channel you buy cars then sell them to Tavarish?
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 21 soat oldin
If he doesn't buy cars this year, there would be other cheapest cars waiting for so long
Spencer G
Spencer G Kun oldin
Tavarish's eyes lit up when the Muira caught fire. Balboni dashed his dreams, however.
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson Kun oldin
Where do you find these cars? autotrader? Hertz?
Akkbar Kun oldin
clearly jay leno reached out to all the top youtube car guys around the same time.
joel badoni
joel badoni Kun oldin
Sorry but I don`t whant you near my Smart Roadster. Unless you sign it.
Andres Vasquez
Andres Vasquez Kun oldin
What happened to your show
Rijul Ranjan
Rijul Ranjan Kun oldin
I didn't even think Doug owned a suit
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker Kun oldin
Not watching this whole thing but did Jay really sell his F1 to this dude??
ehum 18 soat oldin
Thank God he didn't
Bebe Reyes
Bebe Reyes Kun oldin
Does this mean Freddie's gonnabe buying a miura?
Ashley Avenue Music
click baiting asshole
M Starr
M Starr 2 kun oldin
Jay Leno looks like a little old lady Transgender
Danny Hill
Danny Hill 2 kun oldin
I literally can’t understand why top gear doesent contact you three it would be amazing and I think the only trio that could work after clarkson, Hammond and may
Gears and Gaming
Gears and Gaming 2 kun oldin
The chair in the pope mobile appears to be a modified Ekornes Stressless recliner! Awesome! Great chairs btw.
King Zizou
King Zizou 2 kun oldin
Damn i was subscriber of yours when you were at less than 100K and now you're meeting Jay Leno... keep it up
Mike T.
Mike T. 2 kun oldin
This was like one of those 90s sitcom cross over episodes, you should of got Rich Rebuilds and that other guy he had with him on this one. great content as usual!
Frank Castle
Frank Castle 2 kun oldin
Doug and Jay wow
Joel Day
Joel Day 2 kun oldin
5:07 is that Tavarish's big dome I spy???
servicarrider 2 kun oldin
Why are you on UZvid? This is really, really the wrong place for you. Run down to your nearest McDonalds and beg the man for a job.
Justas Mackevicius
Justas Mackevicius 2 kun oldin
Jay hates when people start flexing next to him.
cobrasvt347 2 kun oldin
Catalyst related codes are the only codes that can turn the check engine light on and if the issue clears up turn it back off. McLaren is bad about having emission related codes if they sit a while or have been baby'd around. Fortunately to clear it up ya use your right foot to solve the issue
XDangerDaveX 2 kun oldin
90 years same as cash would still be like $12,000 per month.
Jessa Phillips
Jessa Phillips 2 kun oldin
how ironic that a fire might have made that miura worth even more money "worked on by Valentino Balboni"
William Larkin
William Larkin 2 kun oldin
Hoovie, you need to check out Steve Lehto’s channel. He’s literally written the book on Tuckers.
zeus01504 2 kun oldin
Is the Mclaren on display at the car show with a Five Guys soda in the cup holder (18.17)? Very Hoovie.
Eric 3 kun oldin
Tucker torpedo on of my all time dream cars.. I’ve been following this build for quite sometime. Engine was from the Franklin automotive company located where I live in Syracuse, NY. Hope I have the opportunity to see one someday
Speed Racer
Speed Racer 3 kun oldin
"U made it too good" Martin Landau - the big 3 just helped win WW II. They had the power to squash the Tucker. Very unfortunate
James Brown Jr
James Brown Jr 3 kun oldin
Hoovie catches cars on fire only so Tavarish can buy them on the cheap.
IvyLeagueCars 3 kun oldin
Plot twist: I bought a Mcalren f1!!
TK 3 kun oldin
What a legend. Blows out a fire on a million dollar car.
Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor 3 kun oldin
You kept it for almost a month. You best out 99% of them.
Matt Mccabe
Matt Mccabe 3 kun oldin
"Alright, give it the beans!!!" merch line?
Maria patenza
Maria patenza 3 kun oldin
I see Sam's crack :)xx
Dafoodmaster 3 kun oldin
When Valentino fucking Balboni comes to help you work on your miura that's better than any award.
All Things Cars
All Things Cars 3 kun oldin
I had no idea there were unibody cars in the 1940s. Personally I thought body on frame was tougher but this car is still around...
Infinite Velocity
Infinite Velocity 3 kun oldin
you too could own this piece of shit for $2Million
Samira Peri
Samira Peri 3 kun oldin
You made it longer than expected.
RichieT5 3 kun oldin
This is the best video yet. Amazing, big names, stunning cars... I adore the Tucker! Also seeing Jay, Doug, Freddie and Wayne. What more can you ask for?!
Nick Kim
Nick Kim 3 kun oldin
I wonder how much time he's spent just registering the cars he's bought?
MetalTrabant 3 kun oldin
I was waiting for this... Hoovies Garage is not the same without buying new broken down cars to fix. Yeah, it's always the same story, he ends up selling them after he had spent a few thousand dollars on them, but still, it's entertaining. And I guess UZvid pays enough for these 'mistakes'...
Dana Jorgensen
Dana Jorgensen 3 kun oldin
Ah, LEDs, so many people think they're better than incandescent without realizing all the extra failure points that exist due to all the additional components. But that is what happens when you attach a roughly 3 volt LED to a 12 volt electrical system. It could be anything from burned out capacitors, rectifiers or resistors required to smooth the flow or reduce the voltage to your alternator or generator simply not making sufficient electrical juice anymore (or creating too much noise in the signal). And it isn't just LEDs in your vehicle you need to worry about. The electrical power coming into my house is so "dirty" LED bulbs burn out faster than incandescents because the same resistor gets fried.
Dana Jorgensen
Dana Jorgensen 3 kun oldin
+Fixy Clary If it were as easy as you believe, I wouldn't be complaining about mass produced bulbs with the supposedly correct ingredients burning out regularly, would I?
Fixy Clary
Fixy Clary 3 kun oldin
WIth DC it's easier; all you have to do is add the LEDs together in series for the most part. Even with AC you just add more LEDs together (the new COB LEDS can be *tiny*), then it mainly becomes a matter of rectification).
Max Rivera
Max Rivera 3 kun oldin
Hoovies Garage should be on carcain rehab.
Richard Fernandez
Richard Fernandez 3 kun oldin
Did Miguel have to leave the country because of Trump?
adrian gx
adrian gx 3 kun oldin
its the best broken promise ever, keep buyin those hoopties..!
J4M35C13 3 kun oldin
New vid: I bought Jeremy clarksons personal golf
Sky Dance
Sky Dance 3 kun oldin
Great Video! Looks like good days ahead.
Robin Erhard
Robin Erhard 3 kun oldin
The Citroen DS also had this kind of moving lights
Self-verification -
Damn you about to make me cry over here lol. Your story is dope!
Hector Salguero
Hector Salguero 4 kun oldin
Why does your mp4 stool look like a hoopty?
Fahad Said
Fahad Said 4 kun oldin
Because clickbait.
FormerHumanX 4 kun oldin
I thought Jay Leno was taller
Random Person
Random Person 4 kun oldin
3:28 Aging Wheels ftw :D
varulalin 4 kun oldin
Miguel got deported???
djclown7pb 4 kun oldin
❤❤❤❤❤ 😍😍😍😍 best video of the year so far!
PJ Saki
PJ Saki 4 kun oldin
Dude you need to change that 80s intro music or grow a mullet
Carlos G.
Carlos G. 4 kun oldin
My friend, I LOVE your vids. But DAMN, you desperately need a camera upgrade. Your videos look 10 years old at least. So sad.
HTCJ13 4 kun oldin
If Jay allows it, I'll allow it.
Travis Gamble
Travis Gamble 4 kun oldin
This was allllll awesome...nobody likes a "quitter"...I hope Tyler went back and bought that poor Jag from a few episodes ago....
Sonicsneverdie 4 kun oldin
Birdbox for cars. LoL
Ted Sealey
Ted Sealey 4 kun oldin
I'm feeling good, if a team of mechanics can't keep 3 million dollar cars going at the most important times what hope do us mortals have.
Daratracer1994 4 kun oldin
@ 12:54 A Holy Trinity in their respective rights
Pam Simonson
Pam Simonson 4 kun oldin
I like to everyone all day it's my way to not have small talk
duncanmil1 4 kun oldin
You're a mess pal, but that's why I just subscribed. ( I don't subscribe to much :))
lobsterbox20 4 kun oldin
Props for making a video with a slightly less clickbait title than "Lamborghini Miura catches on FIRE (4K)."
Sakumi 4 kun oldin
In this episode, Hoovie becomes even more unrelatable. :(
CivicChina 4 kun oldin
I think Tavarish hired Valentino Balboni to burn the Miura, so it could really become the protagonist of a youtube series on his channel but the things didn't go as planned and the fire was extinguished too early because Valentino thought it was his birthday cake. Great video!!!
ram64man 4 kun oldin
Stick to cars that have a good crash rating please for us mere mortals
cheryl davison
cheryl davison 4 kun oldin
Clarckson is a real fucking tool,i worked ar BBC for 16 years,he crashed a jag on top gear and because he was told not to drive it in the wet but did,then tried to say it was another guy working on the show,what a fucking dick,he got fired from top gear because he hit a runner on the show because there was not dinner for him at the hotel.Trust me he is a fucking dickhead
Julian 7160
Julian 7160 5 kun oldin
The Tucker is a cool car the third light is cool
Shoren Ryu Alfaro
Shoren Ryu Alfaro 5 kun oldin
14:24 W I N K W I N K
BAD GAMER of CoD 5 kun oldin
I don’t know why people like Jay Leno If anybody has seen his videos he interrupts every single guest he has and always makes it about himself
M W S 5 kun oldin
Did he win the Tucker? Those cars only belong in this country. Although I'm sure some have left but the Tucker Torpedo or Tucker 48 is an awesome car. How someone could mistake that for a Studebaker they don't know their cars. If I have my history right the Coffin nose cars had a similar transmission it's kind of a semiautomatic transmission.
802 Garage
802 Garage 5 kun oldin
Kind of hilarious that the car they voted most likely to go viral was a mid engined car that caught on fire... Like literally the best way for a car to go viral.
M W S 5 kun oldin
If you do a burnout in that talker there will be a line of Car Guys there to take turns slapping you on the back of the head. You lucky **** you got to go to the Big Dog Garage.
Paulo Marques
Paulo Marques 5 kun oldin
This is like the Pauli effect but for cars - The Hoovie effect. It's official. Hoovie is the Wolfgang Pauli of cars.
Mitchell Gonzales
Mitchell Gonzales 5 kun oldin
Come to Ypsilanti Mi and see the Tucker Motor company car museum, It's defiantly a sight to see. You can even "Doug score" my old 94 ranger haha
Sony Kroket
Sony Kroket 5 kun oldin
I bought the cheapest 1986 space shuttle with boosterrockets etc. and heres what's wrong with the O-rings....
Andy Kim
Andy Kim 3 kun oldin
James Manning
James Manning 5 kun oldin
That’s ASF on 2006+ Lexus... turning lights
MrJ Jones
MrJ Jones 5 kun oldin
Tucker was so far ahead of its time, it had blank switches back in 1948.
John Dayton
John Dayton 5 kun oldin
lol motor journalists. Love me some Dougie
Chappers 5 kun oldin
"Very Unique..." 🙄
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance 5 kun oldin
Hello, Humans. Can you see the sun, while it shines in your eyes? The sun is powerful. It has claimed the lives of countless beings throughout the universe. The sun is alive. It knows what it knows and it feels what it feels. It only knows heat and rage. One day, the sun will explode and all life will stop. Sometimes in life.......🌞 TERRANCE OUT
Christopher James Wall
No more videos like this. I don't follow Doug demuro, Jay leno or any of these other uppity douchebags because I do not want to see overpriced, unreliable crap that no one can afford. Very un-Hoovie, this video
Mrchevy baja
Mrchevy baja 5 kun oldin
is the Amelia island Reatta video still online?
East Coast Cars
East Coast Cars 5 kun oldin
This should have been split into 2 video hoovie, I am not complaining, but it would be to your benefit.
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