Here's Why The 2019 Toyota RAV4 Is the Best Compact SUV

Doug DeMuro
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8-Yan, 2019



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Om Talathi
Om Talathi 12 soat oldin
Honda cr v
Gregor Miller
Gregor Miller 14 soat oldin
YeahBut does it have a locking diff and can it be lifted:)...great post Mr Doug.
Dill 23 soat oldin
You forgot to mention the Automatic LED Highbeams that come standard as well
musicluv80 Kun oldin
does he have scripts that he memorizes from or just free style?
golfmaniac007 Kun oldin
$32000 plus tax $3200 for a total of $35k. i don't know if that is affordable.
golfmaniac007 Kun oldin
that brake hold feature is on my vw which is 2011 model
Andrew Semenov
Andrew Semenov Kun oldin
The car is ugly and I can't get rid of the thought that you got paid for this shit. And you just accidentally forgot to mention that. Which is really low, yoy know...
Charles Chris
Charles Chris Kun oldin
Honestly his score is ridiculous I just bought a brand new one and besides the seat which I did fix I am loving it and the quality of material is far better than my Ford Escape
Charles Chris
Charles Chris Kun oldin
Careful if you’re a bigger guy like 230 pounds the seat will kill your butt and legs
Kevin Farley
Kevin Farley Kun oldin
No backseat pocket on the drivers side because a DAD must have designed it. Nothing like a kid (or adult) messing with your seat while you're driving...
coulton bishop
coulton bishop 2 kun oldin
From the thumbnail i thought it was a jeep
Chelo Chelini
Chelo Chelini 2 kun oldin
Ugly car, is a Jeep Chrysler model under Toyota logo
QRS3C273 2 kun oldin
Toyota of El Cojón.
Darkv0id 2 kun oldin
oh yeah, more plastic is what we need on our cars... so they crap out sooner and we can get a new one! yay!
Niv Yatom
Niv Yatom 3 kun oldin
Nice review Doug
Dual Sport Numbskullz
I do like this car but it is an ergonomic nightmare. Buttons, switches, etc. are impossible to find without looking, and looking hard in alot of cases. Just try and turn on the map light at night!
Dan Mulvaney
Dan Mulvaney 3 kun oldin
Entune... deal breaker. Entune is the biggest piece of junk in the the ENTIRE auto industry. I don't care what "version" you talk about. I was looking at this vehicle for my wife, oh well. Toyota just lost a sale. I have a 4 Runner Limited which is an awesome vehicle mechanically, but the Entune system, and I am being gracious calling it a system, completely sucks. I have gone so far as to buy a Samsung Tab A with a data plan, and mount it on the dash, just to have decent "infotainment" functionality. Why Toyota insists on hitching good vehicles, stylish vehicles, to this crap is beyond me. The display on that dash is abhorrent. Looks like a 12" box with a cheap 6" 120p display surrounded by 1990's Chevy buttons spaced way to far apart, and THEN a full inch of useless piano black gloss framing around the whole thing. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING. Toyota owners have been screaming about how horrible this system is for YEARS, and to see them make this nice upgrade to the RAV4 and then double down with an Entune system is mind boggling. Personally, I'll take my chances with another manufacturer. If you are thinking about buying this vehicle really look long and hard that dash board. You may find the display looks ok for your own personal tastes, but you WILL come to HATE the electronics and functionality of the Entune system. Believe me.
steve alex
steve alex 4 kun oldin
Looks like a old isuzu suv
lilcarriepeng 6 kun oldin
Thanks for the review. If you are willing to review this car it must mean it’s worth it!
kingdarius5252 6 kun oldin
It looks like a turd! The last one might as well have been designed by Michelangelo.
fjorelo beqiri
fjorelo beqiri 6 kun oldin
looks ugly
Gabe Goglia
Gabe Goglia 6 kun oldin
Need more HP?
Edward Santos
Edward Santos 6 kun oldin
Doug, you’re an idiot lol
Jen Edgerton
Jen Edgerton 7 kun oldin
So much talking.
TBB 7 kun oldin
I like when you review more "normal folk" cars.
Gregor Miller
Gregor Miller 15 soat oldin
+Darkv0id..copy that!
Darkv0id 2 kun oldin
more people should like your comment, so we get more normal cars, honestly
Patriots Nation
Patriots Nation 7 kun oldin
Car Craze
Car Craze 7 kun oldin
They had those trunk lights in 2005 Lexus RX, so it took 14 years to trickle down that feature to RAV4
Farhan Kamdar
Farhan Kamdar 8 kun oldin
He called my RAV4 boring :(
radrcer 8 kun oldin
You need to add road noise as a score
Krazy Gangster
Krazy Gangster 8 kun oldin
luis  morocho luiua
luis morocho luiua 8 kun oldin
A.R. Walker
A.R. Walker 8 kun oldin
I think the new Hyundai Santa Fe is better.
Saud A. F.
Saud A. F. 9 kun oldin
It'd be great if the RAV4 could come with an optional 3.5 litre V6 variant.
Chris 7 kun oldin
Saud A. F. It’s called a highlander
Alex Vera
Alex Vera 9 kun oldin
one could only hope that Toyota will come out with a "sport mode" for there climate control as well.. 😐😐😐😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ismael Rodriguez
Ismael Rodriguez 9 kun oldin
I disagree! Honda CR-V is just as good and cheaper!
Sam Edmondson
Sam Edmondson 9 kun oldin
Do the 19 Mazda CX-5 signature
M. Harrison
M. Harrison 9 kun oldin
I have it and it's hands-down better than Rava4.
Hudson Atlantis
Hudson Atlantis 10 kun oldin
Doug is a simple man and he is easily impressed
zigzagbob99 10 kun oldin
It might be the same size 2.5l engine, but it's a whole new engine that makes more hp with better mpg.
Jeffy 10 kun oldin
I’m sorry u out a luxury category for a car that’s only meant to be reliable? And cool factor? U want that go get a Bentley.
EppingForest304 10 kun oldin
His voice is too irritating 😠
LangZhao 8 kun oldin
@EppingForest304 Your comment is too irritating.
iabeachlvr 10 kun oldin
The Pontiac Aztek comes to mind! lmao
Steven Homan
Steven Homan 11 kun oldin
For people with normal cars and incomes, it makes it either repairable, or affordable to repair. That is more significant.
Saud Mohammed
Saud Mohammed 11 kun oldin
Yo doug is it an off roader or not
Brold 11 kun oldin
Best compact suv? Forester is alive hello wtf
Ana Malagon
Ana Malagon 11 kun oldin
sport mode for the climate control llloooll
Viktor Lykhodii
Viktor Lykhodii 11 kun oldin
Honda CR-V Is the Best Compact SUV! RAV 4 not bad.
Colton Callahan
Colton Callahan 12 kun oldin
I Just Got A RAV4 Ad
Joel Merza
Joel Merza 12 kun oldin
I build the Rav the whole roof/side body.thing is just for show the side body is one complete part
David Elliott Claveau
Does she have a USB port for listening to music?
Adrian Lee
Adrian Lee 8 kun oldin
David Elliott Claveau yes
Solovino Juntoseva
Solovino Juntoseva 12 kun oldin
Damn.... your scores don't match up with your words. You were mostly gushing about this car with minor gripes.
BruceTheSillyGoose 13 kun oldin
the front of many 2019 Toyotas are IMHO nothing to write home to ma about
Tyler Henson
Tyler Henson 13 kun oldin
I have the 06 Rav4 with the V6 and it is funny to watch peoples reaction when you fly past them lmao
Sebastian Hudder
Sebastian Hudder 13 kun oldin
Doug is annoying to listen to...
Ammon Herrera
Ammon Herrera 14 kun oldin
Whooooo this is ugly and has a cvt. Gross
Samb wague
Samb wague 14 kun oldin
2018 RAV is way better looking car than this 2019 model. this is plain ugly and look cheap.
christian herlihy
christian herlihy 14 kun oldin
Original rav 4 was such a lame looking car
Vision33r 14 kun oldin
Now I can understand how the CRV beats the RAV4 on car magazine awards this year. This RAV4 looks absolutely hideous. When RAV4 1st came out it was this little curvy and bulby looking SUV it started losing it's curve slowly but this one is just absolutely ugly like other generic SUVs made by GM. That is why the CRV will outsell the RAV4 and it also performs and handles better.
Maybe you have to wash your eyes before saying that the crap-rv is better...
Jim White
Jim White 14 kun oldin
What’s your impression of the 8 speed trans.
Avaixus 14 kun oldin
I hate power tailgates, my moms got one.
AJtheory 15 kun oldin
From what I checked even quite a few years ago, the RAV4 had great if not the best combination of features, for a compact SUV, keyword being *compact*, i.e. if you want something with decent 'ATV' capabilities (not 'Landrover' capable) but also get good gas mileage during regular/road driving.
Haaky 16 kun oldin
Legend👍🏼.. I laughed at your comment about the sport mode for the climate control and then the pause.. lol nice work mate. Always worth watching and listening to your reviews. Cheers 👍🏼
Joe Villegas
Joe Villegas 16 kun oldin
The jeep is better by far
Joe Villegas
Joe Villegas 16 kun oldin
Jeep has all the detentions and luxury
Lami Kbj
Lami Kbj 16 kun oldin
Sony 6400
F-150 16 kun oldin
"Sport mode for climate control" - LOL!
San Htun
San Htun 16 kun oldin
not szme engine. New engine is direct injection . I am worried for reliability. it use both direct and port injection.
Evan Rogers
Evan Rogers 17 kun oldin
I cannot freaking wait for the 4Runner update.
Evan Rogers
Evan Rogers 16 kun oldin
San Htun every Car has a downside.
San Htun
San Htun 16 kun oldin
the most likely to roll over vehicle.
I think the "floating roof" line started with the BMW i8.
LangZhao 8 kun oldin
@mycrazyadventurescalledlife I think it might have started with the MINI Cooper 2001, but it also maybe could have started with the i8.
Boy Bili
Boy Bili 17 kun oldin
I love the new design, finally a csuv that really looks like an SUV. Only downside is no android auto.
stevendphoto 18 kun oldin
Sadly Motor Trend compared 7 or 8 2019 SUVs and the RAV came in 4th place! Do a search, on the internet, its not a video
Other TechLead
Other TechLead 18 kun oldin
it's as big as the original highlander
Showdown 18 kun oldin
Spare me!!!!
oof2879 18 kun oldin
hey doug demuro can you review the toyota mirai plz
morales891 18 kun oldin
Look like Jeep Cherokee lol
C Powell
C Powell 18 kun oldin
This guy gets way too excited about rear lights and rubber knobs , needs to find another job where it makes sense to be stupid silly!
LMP 19 kun oldin
Zeck 19 kun oldin
this rav4 call for 0W-16 oil
Zeck 19 kun oldin
Saw this today at Toyota. it looks way better in person.
Gregory Roush
Gregory Roush 19 kun oldin
No feature would improve safety on the road more than full time headlights. I'm so sick of invisible cars. Why is this not mandatory yet?
Regina Miller
Regina Miller 19 kun oldin
The option to turn off the tailgate light is perfect for city dwellers who don’t want to showcase their belongings for would-be thieves who may be casing your vehicle. I think it’s smart.
Calvin Wong
Calvin Wong 20 kun oldin
okay, wtf, why do people give a shit about the hold button for their cars? i'm looking at crosstrek right now and sales guy also mentions that feature. i seriously don't get why its so important. that isn't a feature thats going wow me. geez.
Calvin Wong
Calvin Wong 20 kun oldin
i still like the early 2000 rav4 look. it was never the same when they took the spare tire off for the next generation model. boy oh boy did i hate the previous generation rav4.
Yellow Rose
Yellow Rose 20 kun oldin
U related to Jay Leno?
TheMelamia 20 kun oldin
I rented this vehicle for a day. I wasn’t the least bit impressed. The interior felt really cheap. I felt like I was right on top of the dashboard, Evan after adjusting the seat. The transmission wasn’t smooth, it felt awful when it was shifting gears. Ended up buying a CR-V. Liked it MUCH better than the RAV-4.
bRANDON PARKER 20 kun oldin
Love when you review cars that people can afford
mlwebb79 20 kun oldin
This car is ugly! If you pay 30K for this car, then you are a fool.
raven scott
raven scott 20 kun oldin
really looks like jeep grand cherokee, japanese style .
Russell Lake
Russell Lake 21 kun oldin
The cat looks extremely ugly to me. My moms 2019 CR-V looks 10 times better than that thing
The crv Looks like a suppository ...
Ed Valvonis
Ed Valvonis 21 kun oldin
Doug is a type of a guy who reviews Toyota Aztec
Hope Mattice
Hope Mattice 21 kun oldin
It looks like a jeep grand cherokee
Wolf Cooper
Wolf Cooper 17 kun oldin
Yeah they look nothing alike. Buy a 4runner
rkeithegan 21 kun oldin
I’m surprised Doug didn’t say more about the engine. Toyota’s new Dynamic Force technology is significant and worth discussing. 30 more horsepower AND better gas mileage. Toyota managed to do better than many competitors have managed and they did it with technology alone instead of a turbocharger that adds a lot of cost and subtracts some dependability especially in the long term. The only other engine tech out there that’s comparably cool is Mazda’s Skyactiv-X and they aren’t shipping any cars with that yet. I would have liked to have heard Doug talk specifically about how Dynamic Force works a little rather than mentioning adaptive cruise control THREE times. Just sayin’.
termach 21 kun oldin
Dude you talk, and talk, and talk...please remember to breathe a little on the next presentation. Could help.
FF M 21 kun oldin
This car has been out for 3 months and no one is buying this overpriced ugly pile of crap.
Brand Ever
Brand Ever 22 kun oldin
I like the "normal car" reviews the best!
L O U I 22 kun oldin
You should really tell people your height. lol
melodyoflife 22 kun oldin
The front looks grumpy/angry. Anger is one of the three poisons( greed, anger, ignorance).
Lou Lopez
Lou Lopez 22 kun oldin
The Nissan Rogue is a lot better and nicer.
Erin K
Erin K 22 kun oldin
Please review the 4Runner!
Manrique Molina
Manrique Molina 22 kun oldin
This seems to be the basic trim and indeed looks awful. But look at the Auto Moto walk-around video. It actually looks awesome in higher trims.
J P 23 kun oldin
No V6 available sucks, I'd have to see if it rides better than my 2009 Limited which is the worst suspension imaginable along with several other pet peeves I have. Great reliability though so I kept buying them. No more though unless all of my issues have been addressed
Jon Smit
Jon Smit 23 kun oldin
That is one ugly sucker! Did they shape the design with an axe? No thank you, there are many better-looking SUVs out there.
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