Here's Why The 2019 Toyota RAV4 Is the Best Compact SUV

Doug DeMuro
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8-Yan, 2019

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zak stour
zak stour 5 daqiqa oldin
Shits goofy looking
zak stour
zak stour 10 daqiqa oldin
Richard Hobo
Richard Hobo 47 daqiqa oldin
Here in New Zealand, original Toyota RAV4s lives out their days as farm hacks; dented, covered in mud and full of animals and children. Totally awesome.
vasile F S
vasile F S 49 daqiqa oldin
This Vehicle can get the first place in ugliness contest.
Richard Hobo
Richard Hobo 59 daqiqa oldin
Looks like a Lada Samara/Kia Rio mash-up.
Richard Hobo
Richard Hobo Soat oldin
My 2004 Mazda Demio has similar open storage areas in the dash and I can put anything in them, including CDs and lip balm rolls and... they don't fly out under acceleration. It's weird.
Mukarram Shahzad
Mukarram Shahzad Soat oldin
Rims are too small make the whole car look off. Also, Pontiac Aztek was ahead of its time LMAO. This looks so much like it
Joshua Turcotte
Joshua Turcotte Soat oldin
My 2009 Ford Escape had a rear cargo light you could turn off.
Joshua Turcotte
Joshua Turcotte Soat oldin
It looks a lot like an Aztec.
Rob wor
Rob wor 2 soat oldin
Will still sell twice the number of CX-5 and what not... cause at the end of the day most people want reliable point a to point b vehicle that is cheap to fix and runs for ever ... cant beat Toyota at that!
Keith Newton
Keith Newton 3 soat oldin
We are current shopping for a compact SUV and haven't tried the Toyota yet but you mentioned not having driven a fun vehicle in this category. Try the new Mazda CX-5 it has that old school zoom-zoom. Their GVC Plus really does make it handle surprisingly well. Hope you do a review. Thanks.
JIF 3 soat oldin
I’ve watched a number of your reviews. Gotta say I very much do enjoy your method. It’s informative and humorous to some degree as well. Great personality! 😊👍🏼👍🏼
Vishal Patel
Vishal Patel 3 soat oldin
Rav4 just got the safety technology in their lower trims just for 2019. Honda CRV has all those features from 2017. Standard on all trims.
socarboy 3 soat oldin
I enjoy your videos Doug if I were in the market for a compact crossover the RAV4 would be at the top of the list. It looks great but that's NOT the reason why I would buy it...the reason WHY I would buy it is that Toyota is the one make that has NEVER let me down something I can't say about several other popular makes that I've had through the years
Omar0224 3 soat oldin
I don't like this new generation of the RAV because it resembles a new Jeep more than it does a new RAV4. I think I'll just stick to my low mileage 13 Rav.
Fields Carlisle
Fields Carlisle 4 soat oldin
A $24k Honda Accord LX comes with ACC, Auto hold, lane keep assist, etc.
mrpmj00 5 soat oldin
STOP IT BROWN NOSER to the automakers. Rav4 is slow as hell, for the same price the Highlander is way faster.
Vincent Yu
Vincent Yu 5 soat oldin
I swear he got paid to make this video
Webba 5 soat oldin
I have to say the paint on this Toyota is absolutely stunning. Gorgeous colour and the sparkle in it just looks amazing
Mathew Stephenson
Mathew Stephenson 5 soat oldin
I’m thinking Nissan started the “floating roof” trend
Zacksproductions1 5 soat oldin
You can turn off the cargo light in the Nissan Cube too!
Chuck Taylor
Chuck Taylor 6 soat oldin
Why isn't the 'Hold" button on the steering wheel?
d cp
d cp 6 soat oldin
That thing is just plain fugly
Guobin sun
Guobin sun 9 soat oldin
My $20,000 17corolla has all those tech. Toyota is very good value
Brett Baker
Brett Baker 9 soat oldin
Why would it be strange to be able to turn off the light in the cargo area? Plenty of people might have the tailgate open for an extended period while say camping, picnicking or um tailgating and wouldn't want the light on. I swear Doug goes out of his way sometimes to find "quirks" that aren't actual quirks.
Oxidizer -
Oxidizer - 9 soat oldin
Cars in the US are so ridiculously cheap compared to the wealthy western EU countries.
Z-Bo 11 soat oldin
Stupid scoring, millennial nonsense, unsubscribed.
Z-Bo 11 soat oldin
The lack of a storage pouch on the back of the driver's seat is so the driver isn't disturbed.. Think a little and stop being a millennial smart ass.
Z-Bo 11 soat oldin
I remember millennials saying the same thing about last gen rav4... Yet it sold a half a million a year... You guys are always wrong.
Z-Bo 11 soat oldin
"Oh my God what was Toyota thinking!!! ".... The line of Toyota haters for decades, yet Toyota continues to dominate , the most valuable car maker in the world.
Z-Bo 11 soat oldin
Looks like a downsized Highlander, you Toyota haters are always the same, wrong.
Sheep 13 soat oldin
The Honda CR-V would like to have a word with you.
kiko1605 14 soat oldin
WAIT A MINUTE! NO views from the front!?
E Arthur
E Arthur 14 soat oldin
Honeslty, you were ridiculously happy about everything in this car...
Shashi Jodagee
Shashi Jodagee 14 soat oldin
this car really feels cheap compared to Mazda CX 5
Ocean Medical Clinic
Ocean Medical Clinic 15 soat oldin
I always look for safety tech, especially fully loaded safety tech. Also, there are 3 versions that have leather seats.
Diva Verdiar
Diva Verdiar 17 soat oldin
thththIS... is the new 2019 toyota rav4
Dale Kanis
Dale Kanis 17 soat oldin
With the servicing that I do it is no different reliabilty wise then anything else I have driven so far. I have had it a year in April and have 60,000 on it now boss give it up with 12,000 km because he hated driving it and I got stuck with it.. Service cost are higher and I did replace the windsheild which because of lane departure, active cruise control cost over $900 cdn dollars to replace instead of $300 and she does need rear brakes soon. I put 300,000 km on my cars. The best over the years was a 2011 Hyundai Elantra touring put 320,000 on it and only replaced wheel bearing and serviced. The worst was a 2006 subaru Impreza 2.5 sport wagon. When I got rid of that at 4 years old was the only car I replaced a motor, the electronics lit the dash up like a christmas tree and shorted out headlights. Plus replaces seat bolsters 3 times from getting in and out which I never done on a car before and roof was rusty when I replaced and paint peeling everwhere. Some good cars I have had which I put that sort of km, Chev Cruize, another Elantra, and for bad ones a Sebring, CRV which I had to get rid of a 90km with blowen AC , rear hatch painted for rust, contaminated rear diff fluid from the factory so she was having issues early.. I have been doing my job for 22 years and I can estimate that at around 160,000 this Rav that I have will start to wear pretty bad based on build quality. Weak brakes, to small of motor and fragile feel. But service costs are higher then anything I have driven before.
Ian Hayward
Ian Hayward 19 soat oldin
Already looks dated horrible looking
thetruefinale 20 soat oldin
My 2014 RAV4 looks more modern than this. Eww
Freedo Cheung
Freedo Cheung 20 soat oldin
😂😂😂sport mode for climate control 👍make my jaw dropped 😂😂😂love u so much👍👍👍
RevAlSharptonz 21 soat oldin
I'd rather drink a gallon of ball sweat than get behind the wheel of this soulless RAV4. Toyota SUVs just aren't fun or engaging to drive.
Michael Jesso
Michael Jesso 21 soat oldin
It bugs me that you're suppose to be a car reviewer and you don't know simple things like the new roof designs are called "floating roofs" or that you don't have sense enough to know that "Eco" on the Ac system just turns off the ac compressor. Also you were in the wrong settings to enter the dealer info. Its not just with this car, its with a lot of cars that you just don't take the extra minute to be able to relay proper information. It boggles my mind that you miss so much.
M&N Distribution
M&N Distribution 21 soat oldin
RAV4 came out in 1994! Get it right!
Racso88e 22 soat oldin
Well it’s ugly. Then again a that’s just my opinion.
Alexandar Hull-Richter
The Honda Fit has the fuel door and hood releases next to each other too. It gets annoying.
Alexandar Hull-Richter
That cargo area right isn't new. Not only does it work like the one in my 1981 Celica, it looks like it too.
Ron Ulysses Swanson
Ron Ulysses Swanson 22 soat oldin
Bought mine at the El Cajon dealership and test drove the one in the video
Chin D
Chin D Kun oldin
at 2:30 hahahahahahahah LOOOLLL
Steve Woods
Steve Woods Kun oldin
7:23 PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!
Dan R
Dan R Kun oldin
A little too condescending of a tone. You're not a car enthusiast. You're a car snob..
Phil6066 Kun oldin
rode in an older one with lyft, really uncomfortable seats and a bumpy ride...
Borris Müller
Borris Müller Kun oldin
Wait. People don’t like this car ? I think I would lease this 🤔
2B1 Kun oldin
Thhhhhhhis is the .............👍
flightjam Kun oldin
Ugly ass car
randomrazr Kun oldin
i liek this reivew cause its a car i can have a chance of affording LOL
coinsagE46m3 Kun oldin
People who either own or are interested in owning a RAV4 don't like cars and consequently don't watch your content; why again are you reviewing it?
Fairies Flame
Fairies Flame Kun oldin
I actually prefer the Mazda CX-5 more. The Toyota doesn't feel any special.
D Bent
D Bent Kun oldin
The exterior styling is a big fail. Very unattractive
Lazz the Wolf
Lazz the Wolf Kun oldin
I'm surrounded by hundreds of trombone players as I'm gnawing at my face when all of a sudden Doug's joke is done and POOF, I'm right back on my computer chair.
Nathan Drake
Nathan Drake Kun oldin
The rav 4 isnt classified or even considered an SUV. It's a CUV.
Hortencia Moreno
Where did that oil stain on the ground come from? Is this "hecho en Mexico"? The color is beautiful.
Scott D. Thompson
That's like saying>>"The Salteen is the best cracker/cookie over all sold today!" pshshshshhshsh
Bassam Nawaz
Bassam Nawaz Kun oldin
Old school rims....
Adam Klukowski
Adam Klukowski Kun oldin
Na zewnątrz jeszcze może być, Ale środek? No niestety nie podoba mi się zupełnie.
Sir, Kun oldin
Bad Doug, No Cookie !
S.Andrei:ASL Kun oldin
Hello You can help me grow my little channel : D Thank you: D
Random One
Random One Kun oldin
OK, that's a little on the fugly side.
Janne Väätäinen
Peugeot 3008 is cooler than RAV4, as it looks 100 times better and more exciting. Both are common in Europe.
New age Justice
New age Justice Kun oldin
Lets hope the frame doesn't fail anymore.
New age Justice
New age Justice Kun oldin
Lol 11:40 already leaking great oil
Christian Garcia
I see the whole video and in the doug score part he shows definitly its not get pay by toyota .Jajajajajajaj check the acceleration dougscore.😂🤣
MrPink Kun oldin
Toyota and design don't mix
Victor Galdamez
Victor Galdamez Kun oldin
Why some people focus more on good looking screens than safety features?
EC Finland
EC Finland Kun oldin
New supra?
Denver Cruzata
Denver Cruzata Kun oldin
Please do ferreri f50
It’s to small have has a part time 4x4 system with a 4 cylinder engine = baby car
Catasstrophy Kun oldin
There is a certain difference between the reviews of cars that Doug rents or is offered to review by random individuals, and between these reviews where he states that it's a dealership thing.
I'd like to see the review of a weird car like Excalibur, Clénet, Cumberford Martinique, Sherwood Egbert, Stutz Blackhawk or Zimmer
Bisterk Ding
Bisterk Ding Kun oldin
That plastic looks terrible, and those tail lights look worse lol
Stewy gb
Stewy gb Kun oldin
Flicker455 Kun oldin
Adaptive cruisecontrol as standard is really nice. Such a nice feature to have.
Mike S
Mike S Kun oldin
The new Rav4 is a compact??!?!? Umm, okay.
Ford2219 Kun oldin
I’m starting to believe Toyota does the most ugliest designs ever on purpose. God. Do they do it at night with no light?
Frank Nevado
Frank Nevado Kun oldin
My Toyota Rav4 2014 is way better than this.
11jt2007 Kun oldin
At least Toyota finally incorporated Apple CarPlay.
Cornfed E85
Cornfed E85 Kun oldin
You can blame GM for all those button placement and design lol
busywl69 Kun oldin
thought this was a scotty link. stuck around anyway. good vid. CRV is supposed to be the real deal too.
Ardhana Hariwidagdo
I'd rather buy a CRV or a CX5 for sure. I prefer the last gen RAV4 but Toyota of Indonesia (my home country) doesn't sell it in their dealers for years (primarily from public import dealers) to go head to head against Nissan X Trail or Honda CRV which is shame just to not to ruin the sales of the Fortuner (a midsized SUV based on the Hilux truck and Innova minivan) that costs around $33k....PS I also liked the CHR but it costs around $35k (which costs way more than a 1.8 HRV or Trax turbo that costs around $25k in Indonesia new)
Reasonable Colts’ Fan
Philip Rivers taking a visit to San Diego and driving a RAV4.
Robert Fahey
Robert Fahey Kun oldin
The last generation RAV had the same tailgate behavior (finishes for you)
. Scout
. Scout Kun oldin
Looks like a re done Aztec. Garbage ass suv
Rumzi Husein
Rumzi Husein Kun oldin
Doug can you Review gmc envoy xuv?
Bernard Szeto
Bernard Szeto 2 kun oldin
No V6 (like two generations before) is a turn off!
Abdulrahman Ateya
Abdulrahman Ateya 2 kun oldin
This car is garbage. Go get yourself a used Mazda CX-5 touring with less than 10k miles and do the carplay upgrade (if desired) and Bam you have a way better more fun car
DatAviation 340
DatAviation 340 2 kun oldin
Looks like a Rav5
Dee Duncker
Dee Duncker 2 kun oldin
2:55 My 2007 rav4 literally has the same exact light. This is the equivalent of car dealerships saying their car power windows and climate control; like it's 2019, cars better have power windows and climate control.
gabriel siria levario
La mejor suv no creo , haz un versus rav4 vs kia sportage 2019
Blitz6804 2 kun oldin
My 2002 Focus had only one rear storage pouch... you'd think it'd be actually cheaper to include two, since you could use the same physical seat on both sides of the car.
Scott R
Scott R 2 kun oldin
“Here’s why the 2019 RAV4 is the best compact SUV.... because they paid me to say so”