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Sports are even better at high speed!
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10-Sen, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 27 280
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 5 oy oldin
NEXT VIDEO: Archery Trick Shots 2 🏹🔥
Miranda Hutto
Miranda Hutto 2 soat oldin
Ok sounds like a good idea for the next vid.
samson prabhu
samson prabhu 6 kun oldin
National Rail Productions
Hi there. At 8:12. Did everyone notice at this point of the video, that Tyler’s full name is revealed. Tyler Nathan Tony. Kind of cool that they did mention that in the video.
Sky12967 12 kun oldin
To be exact, 4 months.
Sky12967 12 kun oldin
+Christy Flora That has been out for months lmao.
Adrian Cano
Adrian Cano 2 soat oldin
coby i am mad
Steven Allen
Steven Allen 4 soat oldin
Team coby
Peter Fuentes forwood
Peter Fuentes forwood
Peter Fuentes forwood
Oliver Lin
Oliver Lin 9 soat oldin
I actually had a feeling that Coby was going to win😢
Ollie Cox
Ollie Cox 17 soat oldin
Ty let someone else win ffs
Deacon Osman
Deacon Osman 17 soat oldin
Team coby forever
Luke Drougas
Luke Drougas 23 soat oldin
R.I.P for the box
shadow andrews
shadow andrews Kun oldin
King Coby will always win
Paul Abdelmessih
Paul Abdelmessih
go coby
Evan Barker
Evan Barker Kun oldin
God ty is rude
Garry Brown
Garry Brown Kun oldin
I hate Tyler
Little Weapon X
Little Weapon X Kun oldin
pedro borrero
pedro borrero Kun oldin
Team ty for life
Paxtonis Gaming
Paxtonis Gaming Kun oldin
Tyler 😡😡😡😡😡
YoutuberboyYT /alex
Im going to stop watching these battles because ty keeps on winnin
Kun oldin
Like for lord COBY
Chad Hosoda
Chad Hosoda Kun oldin
John carter Crawson
I'm in team ty 4 life baby
Tyler Reed
Tyler Reed 2 kun oldin
Team Tyler
Aden Manuel
Aden Manuel 2 kun oldin
I don't like Cody because he makes fun of coby
Webb Constable
Webb Constable 2 kun oldin
I've been pleased with my performances of late. I've had a lot of second places. - Coby Cotton
angel vlogs
angel vlogs 2 kun oldin
Nooooooo coby did not win why ty
Sebastian Wysocki
Sebastian Wysocki 2 kun oldin
squirrel girl
squirrel girl 2 kun oldin
wah coby needs to win sometime
Øčťø [TSP]
Øčťø [TSP] 2 kun oldin
The actual gamer
The actual gamer 2 kun oldin
I wanted coby to win so bad
Nathan Bailey
Nathan Bailey 2 kun oldin
how dare you ty i cant believe you stole his win
Ashley Wills
Ashley Wills 3 kun oldin
Dang it Ty
Shirley Morgan
Shirley Morgan 3 kun oldin
MekGiffin 3 kun oldin
Je suis un français
MekGiffin 3 kun oldin
Je suis un français
Warren Tompkins
Warren Tompkins 3 kun oldin
Jordan Ferrara
Jordan Ferrara 3 kun oldin
I'm on team th all the way
sharifa abdelmaksoud
im seriously sick and tired of ty winning. TEAM COBY!!
Shaun McElroy
Shaun McElroy 3 kun oldin
Tired of ty winning
Guilherme Raveli
Guilherme Raveli 3 kun oldin
This looks insanely fun.
Jake Phillips
Jake Phillips 3 kun oldin
I wanted Cory to win
Jassprit Singh Kalsi
I love 💖 you
Dabby duck
Dabby duck 3 kun oldin
I liked the video before I watched it. If I could like twice I would. TEAM COBYYYYYY!!!!!!!!
Rocking Boy6
Rocking Boy6 3 kun oldin
Call me will win the battle soon
Warren Lie
Warren Lie 3 kun oldin
I'm team Ty and I've always been
Zoheb Akhtar
Zoheb Akhtar 3 kun oldin
Stop winning Ty!! Jeez
pro gaming
pro gaming 4 kun oldin
i hate you tyler
Miranda Honeycutt
Miranda Honeycutt 4 kun oldin
King Cody or whatever your name is
kristin pieper
kristin pieper 4 kun oldin
Like for coby
Ezdra Perez
Ezdra Perez 4 kun oldin
I like the video for you TY
Braeden Smith
Braeden Smith 4 kun oldin
team coby letss goooooooooo
Daniel Barnhouse
Daniel Barnhouse 4 kun oldin
Chase Rikard
Chase Rikard 4 kun oldin
Team tyler
tucks world 146y
tucks world 146y 5 kun oldin
I have been watching dude perfect since years I hate when Cory does not win.I will stop watching dude perfect if Colby does not wi
A.R.K Series
A.R.K Series 5 kun oldin
Teacher:Cody What is the FedEx logo is it blue to red or red to blue Cody:just look out the window Coby:HES CHEATING Teacher:Principal Office now no shouting COBY Cody:Hehehehehehhe
DJ Squad
DJ Squad 5 kun oldin
The 1in the blue is my favorite woohoo
Hyrum McConkie
Hyrum McConkie 5 kun oldin
You should shout out people and pin garret is my favorite I am very sorry
Oliver Mirkes
Oliver Mirkes 5 kun oldin
a like for Coby I hope it works
Sreehari -N.V
Sreehari -N.V 5 kun oldin
Who else loved the green car......😍
chris marti
chris marti 5 kun oldin
bru i hate it when ty win's because he always wins
Torrie Deville
Torrie Deville 6 kun oldin
go team ty
AJ Ruwet
AJ Ruwet 6 kun oldin
Lacrosse stereotype
AJ Ruwet
AJ Ruwet 6 kun oldin
Taylor Parks
Taylor Parks 6 kun oldin
Poor coby
Josh Hallmark
Josh Hallmark 6 kun oldin
Ty wins shocker
Thule Jessen
Thule Jessen 6 kun oldin
I have subscribed
Thule Jessen
Thule Jessen 6 kun oldin
I are the Best youtube OFF the World.please like
Dan Burtscher
Dan Burtscher 6 kun oldin
You guys are awesome
ethan faulkner
ethan faulkner 6 kun oldin
Like for coby all day
ethan faulkner
ethan faulkner 6 kun oldin
Coby should have won that his ball hit the pin and ty got a lucky bounce and coby got an unlucky bounce
Danielle J
Danielle J 2 kun oldin
sup ethan
ethan faulkner
ethan faulkner 6 kun oldin
Like this
Loan Doan
Loan Doan 6 kun oldin
kms from home
kms from home 6 kun oldin
Team Coby all the way
Sofiana Masiran
Sofiana Masiran 6 kun oldin
Coby. Like
skt1 fenix the legend kid
Bs La
Bs La 7 kun oldin
Why is ty always winning
Ashley Kirby
Ashley Kirby 7 kun oldin
Team tyler like if agree
Imran Ali Subhani
Imran Ali Subhani 7 kun oldin
I hate tyler
Wheat Bread
Wheat Bread 7 kun oldin
hate you ty
Melissa Butler
Melissa Butler 7 kun oldin
Melissa Butler
Melissa Butler 7 kun oldin
Tyler is the worst
Richimilan Liputra
Richimilan Liputra 7 kun oldin
Like for tyler
flip master
flip master 8 kun oldin
Team tye
Amit Singh
Amit Singh 8 kun oldin
will coby ever win
Giga Turtle
Giga Turtle 8 kun oldin
The guy driving the car is PANDA
Tristan Kelsey
Tristan Kelsey 9 kun oldin
From the bottom of my heart I hate ty
Jim Mcnally
Jim Mcnally 9 kun oldin
Arc 5555
Arc 5555 9 kun oldin
Yall are the best
Wyatt Moberly
Wyatt Moberly 9 kun oldin
GG COBY !!!!!
Wyatt Moberly
Wyatt Moberly 9 kun oldin
Andrew Zombek Jr.
Andrew Zombek Jr. 9 kun oldin
like for coby
Aaron McDaniel
Aaron McDaniel 9 kun oldin
I bet the guy in the driver seat of the green car is panda
anonymous 9 kun oldin
Team Ty... more like team tryhard
chubby wubby
chubby wubby 9 kun oldin
when coby gonna win again?????????????????????
Tomás Chacón
Tomás Chacón 10 kun oldin
omg ty is an animal LOL
Destroyer8053 Gaming
Ty quite literally evened the score
Toxiic dog 123
Toxiic dog 123 10 kun oldin
Cory only didn't get in the finale because his ball jumped up
Jonathan Tate
Jonathan Tate 10 kun oldin
Did they hit cobys but
XC MTB 10 kun oldin
Ty always wins it's just getting boring
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