Hiking Interactions

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YES I posted this to twitter AND instagram but here it is again and I will not apologize !!!
(p.s. scarecrow guy?? exact re-enactment of the best hiking interaction of my life)




11-Mar, 2019



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Psychedelic Love
Psychedelic Love 8 daqiqa oldin
So happy I found this
Blue Pencil
Blue Pencil 16 daqiqa oldin
*Leaps bellow* "Hello there" :D
StatenIsland Guy10314
Why is it always the same person? I don't get it.
Matthew Ziegler
Matthew Ziegler 9 soat oldin
Save My Life watching this
king bibibear
king bibibear 11 soat oldin
Haha, in love this!
Internet 411
Internet 411 14 soat oldin
Whys ur name in spanish. Culture stealer
itsJacob Isaac
itsJacob Isaac 15 soat oldin
Toothbrush Kun oldin
this shit is so good
Chillyist 917
Chillyist 917 Kun oldin
I don’t get it
James Bond
James Bond Kun oldin
lol awesome
TBTB 5050
TBTB 5050 Kun oldin
hahaha omg you are so funny !
suil tasnana
suil tasnana Kun oldin
Lake of Fire
Lake of Fire Kun oldin
Myplay Phone
Myplay Phone 2 kun oldin
Grungey Chris
Grungey Chris 2 kun oldin
Hemorrhoid advertisements? Anyone?
matt rettew
matt rettew 2 kun oldin
I dont get it
Nada 2 kun oldin
Don’t go to Morocco.
BeastAmongst Humansheep666
People don’t mess with me when I’m hiking. I look like a crazy bastard though. And I growl at people when they get close.
Wallabee Beatles
Wallabee Beatles 2 kun oldin
Marry her.
Zetan 2 kun oldin
Why did the scarecrow get a promotion? *Because she was outstanding in her field* took my longer to type this than it did to watch the replay.
Rydell Jr
Rydell Jr 2 kun oldin
Wow lol, never been hiking... But in two months I'll be working in and visiting a national park for the first time and now I can't wait to experience this first hand and laugh hysterically in private. Thanks!
Drizno 2 kun oldin
"Hi" "okeh"
John Allen Lauridsen Jr.
Someone buy that broad a change of clothes
Ninooo Skates
Ninooo Skates 2 kun oldin
Hahahaha so true 😂
T V 2 kun oldin
Wilburbean games
Wilburbean games 2 kun oldin
sounds about right
T R U T H 2 kun oldin
This is 100% accurate.
Wyatt Nolen
Wyatt Nolen 2 kun oldin
I had a lady take a swig of water and spit on my dog... I didn't see that one represented. Good Vid though!
Rashid Ahmed
Rashid Ahmed 2 kun oldin
kate mckinnon wannabe lol I’m jk I love you miel you’re really cute
LibertyOrBust 2 kun oldin
"Is it worth it?"
TheChach 2 kun oldin
I got an ad for some hemorrhoid medication on this. Wtf youtube.
welfare police
welfare police 2 kun oldin
No bra......luv it
Emily Medina
Emily Medina 2 kun oldin
Omg, I missed you so much!!!!!
Robert feost
Robert feost 2 kun oldin
Herman Edmond
Herman Edmond 3 kun oldin
This is absolutely dumb, who cares and actually who's thinking or caring about a reaction of someone else?
LibertyOrBust 2 kun oldin
OG Zephyr
OG Zephyr 3 kun oldin
As an trailblazer in Arizona, I can confirm... especially with the snowbirds
cyphre 3 kun oldin
This trail looks really familiar...
Young Goodman Brown
Tom Wolf
Tom Wolf 3 kun oldin
Im confused on the meaning of this..???
Joah Archuleta
Joah Archuleta 3 kun oldin
I wish I went outside more often so I could relate
yucky butt
yucky butt 3 kun oldin
i wear a red plaid flannel so you notice I'm outdoorsy yet hip
Gregory Jackson
Gregory Jackson 3 kun oldin
Ne er been hiking in my life but I can tell this was super fucking accurate. This was funny ASF💀💀💀💀💀💀
Quintus Aurelius
Quintus Aurelius 3 kun oldin
manic mechanic
manic mechanic 3 kun oldin
I want my 39 seconds back.
Edward M. Oliver Jr.
Excalibur624 3 kun oldin
Mark Black
Mark Black 3 kun oldin
Is this all it takes to entertain you people ?
NerdStorm A
NerdStorm A 3 kun oldin
femalehero420 3 kun oldin
I just nod and say ma’am, with an uptick like I’m asking question or making a statement it usually keeps people at arms length
femalehero420 3 kun oldin
I just nod and say ma’am, with an uptick like I’m asking question or making a statement it usually keeps people at arms length
RainbowCanyons 3 kun oldin
This is REAL
C Petrol
C Petrol 3 kun oldin
Yup pretty much all of them 😂
The wise old man
The wise old man 3 kun oldin
Is that near colorado Springs?
captain AMERICA
captain AMERICA 3 kun oldin
So she got high AF and thought Humm im gonna get my camera and make some videos about me 😆
Nayops 18
Nayops 18 3 kun oldin
10 months of disappearing off the grid and this pops up.....sounds about right.
Walle C
Walle C 3 kun oldin
On point!
Keith Goodman
Keith Goodman 3 kun oldin
Nailed it! No all of those peeps on the trails,..
Sharp35 3 kun oldin
All these women must shop at the same store! 😬
Slick Rock
Slick Rock 3 kun oldin
Albert Davidov
Albert Davidov 3 kun oldin
This so true it is scary great video
Wyatt H.
Wyatt H. 3 kun oldin
dennis bryan
dennis bryan 3 kun oldin
You didn't show the one that ended with people making out
Saul F
Saul F 3 kun oldin
Wtf why is this so tru😂😂😂
MO23 3 kun oldin
Tim Moran
Tim Moran 4 kun oldin
and thats why people. should say no to drugs
Severus Snape
Severus Snape 4 kun oldin
This hurt but also healed me on a physical and emotional level.
Obsidian spider
Obsidian spider 4 kun oldin
When you don’t record a video vertically
Monstress Monsters
Monstress Monsters 4 kun oldin
I hate talking to people on hikes. I go to get away from people.
C-kaka 98
C-kaka 98 4 kun oldin
Hiking is for losers
Ms. Und3rst00d
Ms. Und3rst00d 4 kun oldin
This is the stupidest shit ever!
Marissa Hicks
Marissa Hicks 4 kun oldin
Its been so long since ive seen my queen 😭❤
Hayley H
Hayley H 4 kun oldin
peep the intro to my favorite murder lolol
D_Girl 4 kun oldin
That was good. I am pleased.
ramyani saha
ramyani saha 4 kun oldin
So, did Anthony say hi back all those times?
D M 4 kun oldin
I dont get it. I dont live around mountains.
bob robbins
bob robbins 4 kun oldin
What the fuck is this
Andrew A
Andrew A 4 kun oldin
Post more vidyas
Jen Nida
Jen Nida 4 kun oldin
This is one of the most accurate things ever.
lifeofnate 4 kun oldin
those people that say "excuse me" when there is plenty of room to get by
Ashaf. 4 kun oldin
Hai how are you miel monster? Please answer me, thank you.
Js23187 4 kun oldin
Someone is in love
Allons-y Moose
Allons-y Moose 4 kun oldin
won ton min
won ton min 4 kun oldin
Well hello there
VeryGay T
VeryGay T 4 kun oldin
Dave A
Dave A 4 kun oldin
Butternut Bitches
Butternut Bitches 4 kun oldin
My fat ass: *nothing but heavy breathing, and when I glance at someone it's almost a cry for them to call 911* people: "are you okay?" And I am, normally, it just looks bad. I usually wait until I'm alone to pull out the inhaler tho...
Kenny C
Kenny C 4 kun oldin
I love it
Justin Riley
Justin Riley 4 kun oldin
IdahoRodgers USMC
IdahoRodgers USMC 4 kun oldin
You forgot. "Move dammit"
duane smith
duane smith 4 kun oldin
"I dont even feel it yet" lol
Terd Nugget
Terd Nugget 4 kun oldin
You never know when to keep your head down and no eye contact or day hi
Zachary Maneja
Zachary Maneja 4 kun oldin
In cross country we always say your almost there. During a junior high meet I said.your almost there, only a few .more miles. And he responded with yeah that's what the guy 10 minutes ago told me
Andre Abreu
Andre Abreu 4 kun oldin
So sick of people stopping me to take a selfie
GhostenGamer 4 kun oldin
I ship it
Caleb Christiansen
Caleb Christiansen 4 kun oldin
This is why you hike in Northern California, we just step to the side and silently nod
Thomas Wery
Thomas Wery 4 kun oldin
The One
The One 4 kun oldin
😂😂 love it
SKELETOR 4 kun oldin
one of the best videos of all time
Debris Boy
Debris Boy 5 kun oldin
ah the anxiety
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