Hilarious Times Parents Forgot That Their Kids Are Adult

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Hilarious Times Parents Forgot That Their Kids Are Adult
Entertaining and educational from Funny Life
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24-Dek, 2018

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Nikola Clayton
Nikola Clayton 39 daqiqa oldin
I miss my mum so much. She use to buy me little goofy things for Christmas that made me chuckle 😂
the 1 Stooge
the 1 Stooge 5 soat oldin
8:30 number 10 says, "whatever you do to her, I will do to you"
Zim Vader0017
Zim Vader0017 7 soat oldin
My dad still calls me "baby girl" even though I'm 24 now. My sister's 30 and my mom still tells her to sit on her lap sometimes.
erin gallagher
erin gallagher 8 soat oldin
1:40 just put it inside another cup.....
pati 17
pati 17 12 soat oldin
1:14 nice try the one she has its alcohol free...quit ur bs
demonqueen26 12 soat oldin
I am envious of all of these people.
Deanna Goodfellow
Deanna Goodfellow 13 soat oldin
1:14 is alcohol free 😂
Ocean alpha Wolf
Ocean alpha Wolf 13 soat oldin
Amanda Suda
Amanda Suda 15 soat oldin
It's show's just how much parents love there kids no matter how old they get your still there little baby..am 30yrs old and my mother still checks on me and i love here for that. No matter what anyone says she gave me life....❤👍✌☺
dorylis56 15 soat oldin
Cutest video !
Marjan393 17 soat oldin
Change the title how do parents embarress their kids
Robespierrey Kun oldin
6:04 Such a great idea! I am definitely going to fix every hole in my clothings like this!
Zama -L
Zama -L Kun oldin
I know these photos is for fun.. but to every person that turn 20s and think their parents are overprotective or boring.. just remember people who can't have these type of relationship with their parents
Lauren OldAcct
Lauren OldAcct Kun oldin
My nan sent me a paw patrol themed birthday card recently for my 23rd birthday
StrayKid 2 kun oldin
1:16 .....Uh........you're not supposed to be drinking that, sis😂
Ziah N
Ziah N 7 kun oldin
3:54 Same...
Frisk Maddelyn
Frisk Maddelyn 8 kun oldin
This is p soft
Dayanera Fleets
Dayanera Fleets 9 kun oldin
First of all..... i paid for that weed. I'd like it back.
Lon Hixson
Lon Hixson 9 kun oldin
The people who are living at home after 25 are either sociopaths, SJW's or registered sex offenders because no normal person would still be living at home with mommy and daddy.
Rose Hannah
Rose Hannah 9 kun oldin
when you've already seen these on places like bored panda
thereggub 9 kun oldin
We need a compilation of "Whatever you do to her [the daughter], I will do to you."
Paroxysm 10 kun oldin
3:32 im 19 and my mom still makes me easter baskets and Christmas stockings. Not to mention she still buys me headbands with kitty ears. Bless her kind soul. 💖
Gabriel von Wolfhausen
My mom still tries to lecture me on cleaning up my "room"....my apartment that I share with my wife of 4 years I'm 32
kateofthecity 10 kun oldin
The picture at 4:00 is actually really funny. That is me, 110%.
D Pagne
D Pagne 10 kun oldin
Aawwee bless all the parebts that do extra for their kids even as adults
Potato Galore
Potato Galore 10 kun oldin
2:39 all I can look at is the cat
Ira Eisenhour
Ira Eisenhour 10 kun oldin
5:53 props to that mom I love rocket league I wish my mom would do that!
Marianne Macharia
Marianne Macharia 10 kun oldin
0:33 and 2:38 are honestly adorable
Anon Anonymous
Anon Anonymous 10 kun oldin
Sound so irritating irritating irritating 👎
Prema N
Prema N 10 kun oldin
For Mom's we always look like kids even we have kids then also they treat us as kids
Advice YourHeartOut
Advice YourHeartOut 10 kun oldin
4:11 lol omg
Veronika I
Veronika I 10 kun oldin
The older kids get the more creative you become. My kid is 18 and in the Army, Christmas was harder this year for sure....still my hunnybun
Heather Johnson
Heather Johnson 10 kun oldin
Mom’s are the best ❤️
Heather Johnson
Heather Johnson 10 kun oldin
1:26 I call bullshit on that story.
POVadventure 10 kun oldin
My mom gave me a dragon you hatch from an egg you put in water this christmas. Im almost 40 years old.
Godsgirlie J
Godsgirlie J 10 kun oldin
I will take these parents anytime lol and the last Lego or 2nd the cat photo bombed lol
Bilaal Ahmed
Bilaal Ahmed 10 kun oldin
1:25 is not a Muslim family. Cringe.
Ramune Raven
Ramune Raven 10 kun oldin
Trinity Turner
Trinity Turner 10 kun oldin
Hahaha my mom has the same hello kitty onesie she got it from here mom on christmas.she is 35😂
Jane Queti
Jane Queti 10 kun oldin
I'm fucking crying, parents are so cute and innocent.
Rose Schoneberg
Rose Schoneberg 10 kun oldin
So many sweet parents
Megan Zagurskas
Megan Zagurskas 10 kun oldin
You know, I don't think the parents forgot, my family does this to me just for shits and giggles. If I'm being honest it's the distant relatives that genuinely forget that you're an adult XD
Despacito Oofington
Despacito Oofington 10 kun oldin
1:47 That looks like Queen Morges
Noor Diamond
Noor Diamond 11 kun oldin
And we'll gonna miss that ridiculous moment, miss our parent... someday we'll 😢 Thank you mom n dad ❤
Makiaa 11 kun oldin
if parents is still alive, then you are child, no matter what your age is. be happy
Melannie Mejia
Melannie Mejia 11 kun oldin
I wish my dad would sneaky sneak money for me
Tae's loud a** sneeze and YOONMIN!
While I guess that yes it might be annoying and embarrassing at times but it's also really cute and partly reassuring to know that they still love you as dearly as before.
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy 11 kun oldin
Please understand when I say that "they do this because they love you. They regardless of o and are living. Here as a candid interview in which he speaks
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy 11 kun oldin
3:07 That's awesome! I have a Nintendo gift story as well. My father is a retired career Navy officer, who would be gone on long tours when he used to be "stationed" on the CVN-65 "Enterprise" and would have to go on a WESTPAC deployment. One time that he was being deployed, knowing that when I come back from a day in middle school, that he would not be home on my birthday, but even worse, he would have left for Alameda where the Enterprise was docked, I had a weird psychic/instinctual feeling to look for the current Naval Exchange ad and I tore the page that had the ad for the Brand New NES DELUXE SET w/ R.O.B. and the two separate DUCK HUNT and GYROMITE cartridges. I don't remember how much it cost, only that It was on a small piece of paper, not unlike the consoles of the ps4/xbox 1. This was back in the days when schools weren't broke and kids still rode buses. Anyway, on impulse, I walked into my parent's room and laid the piece of the ad with the NES ROB set on top of the blanket that was covering him and left for school, knowing he'd be gone when I come home. By the time I came back, I had already forgotten what I had done, but when I walked into the living room, the NES DELUXE SET was sitting there on the carpet in front of the TV. Being an old fart, and all the times i;ve been a complete asshole to my parents. I can always remember that one bday when something I didn't even care about getting was there as a surprise. And I still have ROB in "excellent" condition along with all the gyromite parts. I never really played with ROB after Gyromite and actually had more fun standing my Go-bots up as bowling pins at one end of our hallway, revving up the tops, and letting the tops travel down the hallway like a wheel.
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy 11 kun oldin
2:48 How much weed was in your coat pocket was it $, $$, or $$$$?
Ralf T.
Ralf T. 11 kun oldin
All I see is really caring parents, be glad! You are fortunate! There are a lot of people who don’t have their parents anymore or never had loving parents.
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman 11 kun oldin
I usually get a silly birthday card every year from my dad. My step mom took over. Now I get beef cake cards lol. Yep step mom gets a woman. To my dad I'm still his little girl he always says. And even though they are low income I always get 10 bucks in them now. Love your parents for soon they will be gone. Unfortunately they lose their parents, your grandparents too fast it seems
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman 11 kun oldin
Omg most of these are awesome. Who wouldn't want such awesome loving parents?
Caridad Alvarado
Caridad Alvarado 12 kun oldin
Ours kids will always be our babies no matter how old they are.
pingpongpung 12 kun oldin
Disliked for stretching the video to just over 10 minutes so you can put in extra ads.
Bloody Rose
Bloody Rose 12 kun oldin
I almost get the feeling that some people think you have to stop to love and care when your children become adults xD
Luminoose 14 kun oldin
1:14 He's, err, has a Sikh turban. Halal is Islamic, and muslims don't wear turbans. ... "I'm Sikh of your shit"
Shiny Fairy
Shiny Fairy 14 kun oldin
My parents still won't teach me to drive, I'm almost 19
Sergio Correa
Sergio Correa 14 kun oldin
So what? Enjoy til last, Once they gone, you Guys will miss this Little things, In our parents Eyes we never will grow up, and when WE become parents, We will treat our Kids the Same way, those things are his way to tell you How much they LOVE and CARE for You.
oakpope 14 kun oldin
Thank you to all those moms and dads.
k beast022711
k beast022711 14 kun oldin
I was raised by a single airborne ranger dad and he literally never babied me lol it's funny to see tho
cat sniffer
cat sniffer 14 kun oldin
I'd rather have parents like this than my mother. I was told frequently I'd grow up to be a nothing, and will end up with nobody! I wish I wasn't adopted.
Gypsy_ Heart
Gypsy_ Heart 14 kun oldin
These are great except the graduation check. That's just a slap in the face
DA B 14 kun oldin
My mother refereed to me as her baby until she passed when I was 40 years old. I am the youngest of 8 children.
Sarah  Price
Sarah Price 16 kun oldin
The person near the 2:40 mark... why the hell do you not love penguins anymore?! Penguins are awesome!
BlueberryRod 16 kun oldin
I got a carton of smokes for Christmas, from Me to Me.. I'm the middle child so it's expected
Diamond Kookie
Diamond Kookie 16 kun oldin
3:36 wow that’s my birthday (2/4/17)
Cėcė Mv
Cėcė Mv 16 kun oldin
That s funy. Yes they "dont think " that they are not more kids but i think that is cute. They put there best intentions 😊
Lily Roden
Lily Roden 16 kun oldin
A lot of them weren't even cringy
jack shorrock
jack shorrock 16 kun oldin
1:18 says not very halal but that's alcohol free XD
Similarly 16 kun oldin
WoW forgot when towels where used for T.V. censorship those where the DAYS! Brings back memories of being a kid😅😄
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson 16 kun oldin
I kind of like being babied by my parents
Camille DePoyster
Camille DePoyster 16 kun oldin
I wish I had parents like this
Z Raven
Z Raven 16 kun oldin
1:18 I think they are singh
TURDY_ WATER 16 kun oldin
2:32 she looks like spiderus. Also, how do you not like penguins?!
Jason 17 kun oldin
6:42 I’ll gladly take the hot pockets
reese west
reese west 17 kun oldin
7:57 that wrapping paper is fye tho
Anastasia Beaverhausen
I lost my mom to cancer in 2015 (she was 62, I was 31). Even as an adult she would come by my house and leave me dinner with cute little notes like “don’t forget to lock your doors!” I still have my dad and he is awesome but there is nothing like the love of a mother. I had my first son in 2016 and my last in 2018. I hope each day I make them feel as special and as loved as some of these parents. ❤️❤️❤️
Gaara: Sand
Gaara: Sand 17 kun oldin
An advertisement came up for tiktok and it shoes the app has half a star rating lol.
Athena Tsui
Athena Tsui 17 kun oldin
2:42 that cat in the background looks like it would murder for pizza.
Celestial 17 kun oldin
1:17 ... it’s alcohol free.
Torv anna123
Torv anna123 17 kun oldin
Lucky we have a caring parents rather than ignoring their kids.
Louis Read
Louis Read 17 kun oldin
What parent gets mad if you drink non alcoholic kopparberg
Jasmeet Singh
Jasmeet Singh 17 kun oldin
1:13 its another culture
Booyakasha 17 kun oldin
What shitty music is that?
Hayden Vlogs
Hayden Vlogs 17 kun oldin
Logos can be for adults to
Sharp Pie858
Sharp Pie858 17 kun oldin
bish who
bish who 17 kun oldin
So funny😬
DANIEL KINARD 17 kun oldin
“When parents forgot that their kids are adult”
IKRAM LAZAAR 17 kun oldin
The birth controlling blanket 👍😂😂
Sheri Racine
Sheri Racine 17 kun oldin
My parents were like big kids too...miss them both...now though I have a SO that knows me very well and is just a big kid like me
Natalie L
Natalie L 17 kun oldin
4:40 why does Donatello look like he has a skin disease 😂
Alis Prospero
Alis Prospero 17 kun oldin
Who eats marshmallows as a snack 😑
icewallowcman 17 kun oldin
My dad still touches my 37 year old brother
Darth Llama the Sith
3:54 That's how you adult properly
Flash Drive
Flash Drive 17 kun oldin
In the thumbnail it's alcohol-free cider
Cody Wolf
Cody Wolf 17 kun oldin
2:32 queen of cool more like queen of ghoul
Amanda Bickel
Amanda Bickel 17 kun oldin
Lol i am an adult and my father still makes me change out of my bikini and to put a one piece on.
Amanda Bickel
Amanda Bickel 11 kun oldin
And I am 29
Hiba Ahmed
Hiba Ahmed 17 kun oldin
I had to go on an international flight all by myself when I was 16... my parents were so worried about me going alone and I was just chill about it... they even advised me to not take any candy from strangers 😂😂