Hilarious Times Parents Forgot That Their Kids Are Adult

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Hilarious Times Parents Forgot That Their Kids Are Adult
Entertaining and educational from Funny Life
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24-Dek, 2018



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wyvern713 2 kun oldin
These are all awesome!
cindyrussell22 4 kun oldin
I loved these site makes me miss my mom
Carlysle Comfort
Carlysle Comfort 6 kun oldin
2:49 Good ol' mom and dad had some fun while while you were in Paris! Some of these things may be somewhat of an annoyance to young adults (who are still small children in their parents eyes ;) ), but will be absolutely treasured memories as those young ones age and the moments can no longer happen. Enjoy all the goofy moments with your parents!
Lotus Jewell
Lotus Jewell 16 kun oldin
It's worse when your parents expect you to do everything around the house while they sit on their asses all day watching TV; and then complain about how you're a lazy-bum after you've spent nearly the entire day cleaning house, doing dishes, taking out trash, washing laundry or having come back inside from working on the yard or outside of the house when it needs repairs or maintenance. Then they bitch at you for wanting to go out and actually enjoy yourself with a social life - That's how it is for me sad to say..... (What's worse, is after I usually have taken care of something, my mother goes around telling everyone that she did it. No appreciation, what-so-ever......)
Corinna Carlson
My mother forgets im an adult when she "reminds" me to do certian things.
Daniel Wright
Daniel Wright Oy oldin
This video is so adorable
Tiger 844
Tiger 844 Oy oldin
Just because you're an adult, doesn't mean you have to constantly act like one :)
George Harry
George Harry Oy oldin
1:14 that’s alcohol free
Tt Miller
Tt Miller Oy oldin
At 4:00...so THATS what Wednesday looks like in real life ok...cute! :O ;) :* :)
big spoon
big spoon Oy oldin
Parents are parents until the end. I remember my Mom and Dad making me and Easter basket, each season, well into my 20's. And as the years passed; along with the gesture; the chocolates became that much sweeter. Sadly, there is no one who makes me a basket today. I dearly, miss them both. To all the grown children out there - enjoy those funny and awkward little things while you still can. Because, one day...
Kelvin Carr
Kelvin Carr Oy oldin
moms a thief stoner
Fulckan Unturned
The guy with the 20 in the coffee thing has been drinking Trace amounts of fecal matter all sorts of drugs bodily fluids and about everything you can think of in the world
Angelica Zapata
I will be 30 next week... wish i still had my parents. My dad passed when i was 17 and my mom when i was 24. 😢
Asked my mom if I could have sum ice cream and she said not until U have finished ALL of ur dinner.. I'm 41... I finished my dinner.
Bloody Zebol
Bloody Zebol Oy oldin
Well they still love u
Marianne Wade
Marianne Wade Oy oldin
Well into my 40s, my mom sent me a tin of her loose change. One of those metal tins from the international instant coffees. She'd stuff some cash in there, too. I looked forward to that container every year!
Ben Finny
Ben Finny Oy oldin
The "dope pipe" cracked me up so bad😂😂😂😂
Heaven on the Horizon
I wish I had parents still. :( Lost my mom in 2012 when she was 58 and my dad in 1997 when he was 47...
sid g
sid g Oy oldin
you are all very lucky if you grew up in a such a loving home..i did not and often wonder how i would be had i been...//also i cant even imagine a mother who would make me anything let alone micky mouse pancakes...if you come from such a home be very very grateful and pass it on
Dedrick Bonilla
who else watched this video with sound off...? get rid of the annoying background music
Sorry Americans, but it's "Lego" not "Legos", and it's definitely NOT "Lego's"!
CodenameVex Oy oldin
Must be nice to have parents like this I haven't heard happy birthday or received a present since I was 13 I'm 21 now 😂
Quenteq Mampff
6:20, She couldn't have put the bigger boxes together, or book-end them.
Bill Olsen
Bill Olsen Oy oldin
1:49 Tell Dad I said your shorts are just fine.
GERALT Oy oldin
Heee this is amazing!!! :D :D
Matt Mac
Matt Mac Oy oldin
28 and still at home bahahahaha best shit i heard all day
jelloegg Oy oldin
1:25 - Isn't that a pressure gauge though?
Disco Stu
Disco Stu Oy oldin
The muslim girl was drinking non alcoholic cider, AKA fruit juice. Very halal
xXTkillXx Oy oldin
Hilarious times titles forgot to use grammar
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass Oy oldin
0:55 IT IS CALLED KRAFT DINNER! America is the dumbest place on Earth!
Banana Oy oldin
1:46 Drill a hole in the bottom of the cup, and hold the cup over your mouth and have a friend pour in the alcohol through the hole.
Some of these are actually really sweet. Penguin pj’s? UM YES?!
Ramya N
Ramya N Oy oldin
Kid is always a kid even 1 year or 40 years old for parents :)
1:19 His face though, lmao!
Jon Mckeown
Jon Mckeown Oy oldin
Noone else end as soon as the music started?
Dan Collins
Dan Collins Oy oldin
1 min 20, girl drinking that cider... it’s non-alcoholic... it’s just fizzy juice basically 😂
Peggy Seabrun
Peggy Seabrun Oy oldin
The Hello Kitty onesie lol
A.K.A.JustDreamCatcher ツ
At 4:11 momma loves ya
kevin yahtsey
kevin yahtsey Oy oldin
Whoever got Hobbes is the luckiest fucker ever
bright.pitbvllx -727gang-
My mom still calls me baby or sweet boy or something stupid like that all the time and I’m almost 13...
mina bleak
mina bleak Oy oldin
Lol. First time my mom saw me smoking when I was 22, her face looked like she wanted to spank me but then remembered that I'm 22😂😂
Robo_soldier Oy oldin
why is donatello grey though?
Daniel Johnson
1:38 (JonTron and Phil swift bursts through the door) HEY YOU HAVE A LEAKING CUP!?! HAVE SOME FLEX SEAL!!!
Alo Sol
Alo Sol Oy oldin
Lol such coot
Rosario Valladares
Must be nice to have parents
The Gay Nomad GoldenGirlsFan
I just wish my parents didn't hate me, I'm homeless because I came out to them.
The plural of Lego is Lego
Enjoy your parents' silly gifts and lunches! (Especially you kids in your 20's and 30's) One day, your parents will pass and these will be the memories that will make you laugh and cry!
Smokey McJoint
90% of these, if not more are fake as fuck.
Recon WB
Recon WB Oy oldin
some of these aren't "parents forgetting you are adults" and are "your parents know you so well"
Ryan Cairns
Ryan Cairns Oy oldin
What’s up with 4 ads for 10 minutes
Andini Wirawan
**Me using short shorts at 18** Aunt : what are you wearing? You should be embarrassed! Thats not what you're wearing to go out Mom : dont listen to her, wear what you want **her daughter wear mini dress at 18** Aunt : look at how gorgeous she is! Mom : you allow your kids to dress like that but not my daughter? Aunt : my daugter IQ is not as big yours, so she should have known better Me : WHAT MY IQ HAVE TO DO WITH HOW I DRESS WTF
Imran Khan
Imran Khan Oy oldin
1:16 nothing to do with Halal, they're Sikh not Muslims.
Knux Kitsune
Knux Kitsune Oy oldin
I couldn't watch more than 2 minutes of this. I'm 34 and these are simply parents being parents. You think turning 18 means you're too old for soup and sandwiches? Maybe your parents don't want you getting drunk and having sex in college, because they're paying for it and don't want you to fail or have to drop out because you got a girl pregnant? Maybe?
Silver Dash
Silver Dash Oy oldin
That Hobbes plushie was awesome
Stripez The Wolf
0:09 music
GruntWork Oy oldin
1:15 ya iys funny until he drags you into the street anf honor kills you. When the weekend comes the neighborhood throws him a party for ridding the world of your filth. Cant see why people dont hate on this shit more. Like its super toxic to send your gay kid to a church camp to get "fixed".
Wanupgurl Oy oldin
I think that everyone should appreciate these annoying and sweet things their parents do because one day they won't be around and they'll miss those little things.
Mykka Ayumi
Mykka Ayumi Oy oldin
more like "Not so hilarious times 'adults' forgot how loved they are and that theyll always be their parents child no matter how much time passes."
Mint Cookies
Mint Cookies Oy oldin
1:17 umm this ain't it sis
Max Schager
Max Schager Oy oldin
that rocket league cake was really cool tho
Johan Fouche
Johan Fouche Oy oldin
You are literally dumbing down the planet guys. Forcing the general mentality more immature every fucking day. You have to think to yourself, HOW OLD IS MY CHILD NOW!!! Fuckers probably still celebrate christmas too. Oooh...lets swing a stick in a circle & celebrate every time the stick passes a certain point....WHOOOOooooooooo............
Ace Trainer Jessie
I know these are embarrassing. But honestly I would be thrilled to see something like it in real life.
Aneres Moonieon
I'm 33, my parents still ask if I need anything, buy me food, mom buy me meds when I'm sick. Moms will be moms lol
Sally Chipman
Sally Chipman Oy oldin
Out of everything shown the one thing you get out of it is , That they are truly loved by their parents. Embarrassing or not.
Who needs ramen when you have easy mac😍😍😍
Travos Ymir
Travos Ymir Oy oldin
1:15 is not Muslim their Punjabi, I can tell living in a mixed neighborhood with both communities.
Lord Darklight
6:40 Be careful. 1 extra second and those hot pockets become lava encased in bread.
Violet Pup
Violet Pup Oy oldin
Where do I sign up to be adopted by the dad that leaves cash around the house🙋‍♀️
Saskia Gaede
Saskia Gaede Oy oldin
Hey - kids are everytime our Kids!
Blessed all those kids who NEVER get love from their parents .
Lucifer's Devilish details
Yea 1:14 not as halal um yea but that an non alcoholic drink as it the alcohol free version of cider the blue letter and outter rim tell you that. But if I’m wrong that even non alcoholic is hamra then please correct me.
PotatoAddict Oy oldin
Nonalchol is fine
3:57 THat hits home, I will never be ungrateful to receive legos for christmas, no matter how old I am 8:09 too
ThatOnePerson Oy oldin
Wish I knew what it was like to have parents who want you to stay their little kid forever instead of grow up the moment they hit first grade. Also would've been nice if they took any interest at all into what I find fun instead of hammering their opinions and expectations and disappointments into me. I know that I really shouldn't be saying any of this, but it's gotten to a point where I actually have a simmering anger of jealousy when I see people who are happy with their families. I'm working on it.
Bill Nye the Russian spy
When you realize your parents don't fu**ing love you
O so phine
O so phine Oy oldin
5:33 That's like deadass my parents right there
Octasional Oy oldin
5:53 that is the greatest cake I have ever seen. I loved rocket league before but now I love it even more
the_ alan_
the_ alan_ Oy oldin
You guys are just trying to copy Scoop annoying
GoldBronze Oy oldin
Voltaic Fire
Voltaic Fire Oy oldin
At least their parents care for them and have a sense of humour :)
Presley Anne Holman
2:32 bish you look like ur 40
Grace Day
Grace Day Oy oldin
I will always be this kind of Mom. I only have one child so I plan on milking parenthood for all it's worth.
Axrty Oy oldin
5:34 When you think you won the lottery.
Smol Average Guinea Pig
My dad would prob kill my bf if I ever get one hes pretty stern
Smol Average Guinea Pig
U know what they say, ur never to old to feel young
jordyn montpellier
4:02, Wednesday Adams
Unrelatable Oy oldin
These ppl are lucky , some of them are 40-30 and still have parents , I’m 13 and my mom is 54 years old, I always think that she might not be with me long time, that she May Day when I’m 16-18
Gamingsusl0l Oy oldin
ummm they are luky.....
Most of these are still kids
Rubin Smallwood
Wish my mom sent me literally anything since I moved out.
Rubin Smallwood
It's been 4 years mom, drive up here, send a package, a letter, anything.
Jodie Sky
Jodie Sky Oy oldin
I asked beer for my 16th bday (is legal where I live) and my parents bought 16 bottles of my favorite beer. Since then they buy alcohol I like for my bday.
adam coleiro
adam coleiro Oy oldin
that was non alcoholic cider 🤦‍♂️
Bella Rayne
Bella Rayne Oy oldin
Those are loving and charming parents. :D cherish them.
Alex Harper
Alex Harper Oy oldin
I love all these parents.
Michael Lord
Michael Lord Oy oldin
what are these things you call parents...I had drunks around the house but certainly not any of these parents you speak of.
Forever Loving
The reason your mom still buy you things that you liked from when you were 5 is because she doesn’t know what you like anymore since you grew up and don’t communicate as much
Forever Loving
FurnitureFan you are her life
FurnitureFan Oy oldin
Or she's losing it, and seriously needs a life.
bbyhobi _
bbyhobi _ Oy oldin
8:51 is the best
Susie Dupuy
Susie Dupuy Oy oldin
Hobbs! I still miss Calvin and Hobbs
Neutrosium Is my name
Haha Ridiculous times parents forgot about their children...... I’m still hiding When will you find me...
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