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16-Fev, 2018

too facedtoo life is a festivallife's a festivaltoo faced unicorn collectionunicorn makeupunicorn makeup dark skin



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Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina 11 oy oldin
Shout out to everybody who left these book recommendations! 🙌🏾
Jocelyn Armstrong
I'm not sure if its on audible but the book "Crash The Chatterbox" its good
Jessica F
Jessica F 9 oy oldin
Jackie Aina please keep zooming in when you do your eyes
Carolina Klein
Carolina Klein 10 oy oldin
“IT” is one of the best narrated books I’ve listened to in Audible 😊 but it’s definitely a commitment since it’s a long book
Brittney Marie
Brittney Marie 10 oy oldin
Jackie Aina I absolutely love you...
Briana Kelley
Briana Kelley 3 kun oldin
Very pretty and fun! I get the youthful, festival vibe, just a lil toooooo youthful for me.
Liv Simmons
Liv Simmons 10 kun oldin
"Or dont take this american express"- hilarious
Alivia Hamel
Alivia Hamel 19 kun oldin
Rocky Road
Rocky Road Oy oldin
She’s so fucking beautiful I wishhhh 😭❤️
Anti Fluffs
Anti Fluffs Oy oldin
I for one, adoooore lookin this extra on a daily basis xD Heard this palette had a lot of fallout, the colors are too damn pastel and chalky lookin to me. Sigh. Gorgeous and hilarious as always, Jackie
•niyah wilson•
Jodi Kodak
Jodi Kodak Oy oldin
Cormoran Strike Series authored by pseudonym for JK Rowling....Robert Galbraith. It’s a serious omg what’s happening next!!!!
the kawaii girls
the kawaii girls 2 oy oldin
You are the best
Review the tudy fruity collection from too faced
Lauren Levy
Lauren Levy 2 oy oldin
haha love it when you start singing loooooool
She really sung “ nookie”😂
brbr s
brbr s 3 oy oldin
Who's Jared?
Queenie xox
Queenie xox 3 oy oldin
Gerald is one of owners of 2face
Kay Thompson
Kay Thompson 4 oy oldin
This video is old but her hair is so cute when it's up and the blonde and pink together ISSA LOOK
Nathalie Chaaban
Nathalie Chaaban 4 oy oldin
I stg everything matches Jackie’s nails
Alba Sanchez
Alba Sanchez 4 oy oldin
LMFAOOOO 7:27 jackie so funny i was not expecting that😂😂😂💙
Simplyxlelani 08
Simplyxlelani 08 4 oy oldin
Ok can we take like 10 seconds to look at her hair and makeup like WHAT!!!!
Nicole Regis-Roberts
I swear u are my spirit animal....random outbursts
Katherine 5 oy oldin
You look gorgeous. I adore this palette - I’ve been wearing it almost daily. I’m going to try your look next and will have to give the lipsticks a try. Thanks
Jayda manning
Jayda manning 5 oy oldin
yo the book advertisement whatever it was. Was mad annoying
M Singleton
M Singleton 5 oy oldin
Hears "All YA LADIES POP YOU PURPLE LIKE THIS" twerks aggressively
Bathesheba Beautiful
Jackie please read, "Hinds Feet in High Places". It's an inspirational story about a girl named "MuchAfraid". All of the characters are named after emotions. Hope you get the opportunity and like it. I've actually read it twice and plan on reading it a third time. Let me know what you think!🤔🙏💋
Leigh B
Leigh B 5 oy oldin
please zoom in when u do your eye shadow next time
C K 6 oy oldin
You have the beautiful eyelashes 😍
Rebel Rose13
Rebel Rose13 6 oy oldin
I am OBSESSED with the festival spray. I'm hoping they made it permanent, as it was still on their site last time I looked. I'm down to 1/4 of my bottle, maybe a little less. I really need to stock up on it!
Child OfGod
Child OfGod 6 oy oldin
I had to subscribe!! You are so cute and entertaining!! 😂😂🌹
chiseaki 6 oy oldin
Jacky Ina
Myles Fe
Myles Fe 6 oy oldin
I’m wearing all of this to pride next year
brianna murphy
brianna murphy 6 oy oldin
Wow this eye look is gorgeous! Love it!
Kourtney Chism
Kourtney Chism 6 oy oldin
🤣🤣🤣 that shoulder intro tho
Bailey Ford
Bailey Ford 7 oy oldin
oh just binging Jackie videos today YYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH
Maura Hartfeldt
Maura Hartfeldt 7 oy oldin
"I was ready to roast but..." LMAO
Miscellaneous Stuff
nice colors
Super Unicorn
Super Unicorn 7 oy oldin
Read the red queen!
Lalala 7 oy oldin
"Ready to roast" lmfao!
ayanaJACOLE 7 oy oldin
But these camera details tho
Preety Bajwa
Preety Bajwa 7 oy oldin
You look so beautiful :)
Pastel Kitten
Pastel Kitten 8 oy oldin
You should listen to Leslie Odom Jr's "Failing Up" I'm reading the hardcover. But its so good.
Lilja F
Lilja F 8 oy oldin
Omg i’m dying watch the jackie, jackie song with no audio😂
Curtin-Adelman Lily
That Cher impression was so fabulous 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Jessy K
Jessy K 8 oy oldin
Bro your retarded LMFAOO I love you
Kelsey Wenrich
Kelsey Wenrich 8 oy oldin
Can you put a link to a playlist of yours in a description box? Because as a newish member of the fam, I’ve been binge watching and all the songs you reference are ones that I NEED in my life, but I can’t name them to look them up. I know there are copyright issues but it’s fire. Love ya girl.
all you ladies pop your purple like this! ha ha dead!
N None
N None 8 oy oldin
K but like WHAT is that pink fluffy brush I keep seeing her using????
Marina Elisabeth
Marina Elisabeth 8 oy oldin
GLOZELLE lmaooooo
TTT 8 oy oldin
Jackie - hi you might never see this and I’m new to your channel as of now (yes girl I subscribed) but you remind me so much of my best friend she is a little deeper than you but she is in the army and watching you is how we stay connected we watch your videos all the time while she is gone in her training and I hope you see this message because you have made me laugh and continue to be able to relate with my best friend!! Thank you jackie
Isabel van Elven
Isabel van Elven 8 oy oldin
Het intro is just ; Da Bomb 😂😂❤
Darylanne Stadler
Honestly suprised u didn't mention how pale this palette is. Definitely not for everyone. But hey-- I know u gotta pick ur battles.
Ester Nicolini
Ester Nicolini 9 oy oldin
omg I am always laughing soooo much with ur videos xD
Katie Fredricks
Katie Fredricks 9 oy oldin
“Take me as I am or don’t take this American Express”😂🙌🏼