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HI SISTERS! Happy almost Thanksgiving! Today I create this bronze cut crease makeup tutorial for you guys that will have all of your family at the dinner table SHOOK. I'm so thankful for all of you guys! What are you thankful for?! Enjoy the video and don't forget to give it a thumbs up!!
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21-Noy, 2017

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James Charles
James Charles Yil oldin
What are you sisters thankful for?
japanespitzpuppy thegamer
James Charles I’m thankful that u do ur makeup the best
putting you on the earth
Bella Annelle011
Bella Annelle011 2 oy oldin
Alyiah Cayless
Alyiah Cayless 3 oy oldin
Taylor Green
Taylor Green 2 soat oldin
L-Series 23 soat oldin
Is this what men are becoming now?? And why the fuck is he forcing himself to sound like a female.
Timothy Quinn
Timothy Quinn 2 kun oldin
Stop being like a girl !!! You are a man!!!
ESANG Francia
ESANG Francia 4 kun oldin
I thought you were that young boy who do make up tutorial as well like a pro that's why when i saw you vlog i subscribed to your channel but i found out the boy's name is reuben de maid..have you seen his tutorial video?
Raghيزيغزذثابغزad Nبذوظيمسهorah
غبي كلب😠😠😠😠😠👊👎👎👎👎👎👎🐕🐕🐕🐁🐁🐷🐷🐽🐽🔇♻
Ognjen Čerek
Ognjen Čerek 5 kun oldin
Crko dabogda
penny pie
penny pie 5 kun oldin
Whoooaaaa you talk reaaaalllllyyyyy fast I thot you were rapin for a sec😂😂
aktan akmatov
aktan akmatov 7 kun oldin
oh my gosh
xX-Gothic/Wired-42_ Xx
Yanelis Rivera
Yanelis Rivera 8 kun oldin
Omg james charles i love u so much and it is good what u do u show other guys and girls that u can be who u want to be and im sooo thankful for u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Shimmersummer World
Why does he wear makeup
0먀라 10 kun oldin
Fu*k you
KOD Agario
KOD Agario 11 kun oldin
Fuck u boy ghey what are u fucking ghey
Dakota Latz
Dakota Latz 11 kun oldin
Wow ur makeup is gayer than u r
The Alisa
The Alisa 12 kun oldin
Anyone else get asoue vibes when he said “aunt Josephine”??
Elizabeth Tyson
Elizabeth Tyson 12 kun oldin
Wow, my first Sister James Charles video and I am hooked. You are amazingly gorgeous!
Amelie Godfrey
Amelie Godfrey 12 kun oldin
anyone watching in 2019?
Alyssa Yablon
Alyssa Yablon 13 kun oldin
My family and friends, you i love you You are so nice
Penis Anus
Penis Anus 14 kun oldin
bro wtf, i have a penis, im not your sister. I would take you to subway, before demolishing that tiny puckered boy hole. Not sister, you can call me papa bro.
Penis Anus
Penis Anus 14 kun oldin
romana rahman
romana rahman 15 kun oldin
Remember you are a boy 😖😖😖😖🥳🥳😖🥳🥳
Angelo Delgado
Angelo Delgado 15 kun oldin
So I just got makeup and I’m trying to find a simple makeup tutorial, I’m here now, it’s been hard 😔
King Howard
King Howard 16 kun oldin
Ur so bad😍
April George
April George 16 kun oldin
i love it
Maya Anna
Maya Anna 16 kun oldin
Your make up is on fire
Malu Trevejo Edits
Malu Trevejo Edits 16 kun oldin
Would u ever adopt a child in the feature?
Dalia paola Alba
Dalia paola Alba 17 kun oldin
Makeup swap
Orlagh O'Dwyer
Orlagh O'Dwyer 17 kun oldin
ur so good at makeup
Jaqueline Rios
Jaqueline Rios 18 kun oldin
You should do a really smokey eye tutorial 😁😁
marvel fan
marvel fan 20 kun oldin
Gayus maximus
Bo0Bo0’s Dream
Bo0Bo0’s Dream 20 kun oldin
Love you and your make is BOMB...this gave me my next video idea🥰
Lily Harper
Lily Harper 20 kun oldin
"hi sisters
XxSpirit Wolf GamingxX
Sam M.
Sam M. 22 kun oldin
Eyyy i'm from albany!!!
Reyasat Mumtaz
Reyasat Mumtaz 23 kun oldin
Being my self
skystudioscreations Cromwell
Dam gurl\boy u look fabs
3434 668
3434 668 23 kun oldin
Ur the best
Sierra Massarelli
Sierra Massarelli 24 kun oldin
sister james, you are so talented !!
Mohsin Hussain
Mohsin Hussain 24 kun oldin
6:45 his jawline ❤️ I need one like his
Mia Jones
Mia Jones 24 kun oldin
i love you so so much sister James! i watch all of your videos and love your make-up videos! They inspire me to do make-up a lot more! Thank you for being such an amazing sister.
Raquel Ibarra
Raquel Ibarra 24 kun oldin
Tried this look last night and it didn’t come out as great but still was fun to do !! 🥳🤩😻
Karime López
Karime López 24 kun oldin
Come on! Don't speak too fast 😭💔
Sofia Piechocinski
Sofia Piechocinski 25 kun oldin
You just amazing at doing make up
Caitlyn Mallough
Caitlyn Mallough 25 kun oldin
i attempted this look but didn’t follow all your steps exactly and it honestly looks really good still. also i used your palette😊
Erin Den
Erin Den 25 kun oldin
oh! i dont mind if i got fitst
Aidan Green
Aidan Green 26 kun oldin
Straight As a round about
Adam Naseer
Adam Naseer 27 kun oldin
i just dont like him
VipOrMC 28 kun oldin
Sister Proud 💖
Meg X
Meg X 28 kun oldin
Aw this is a year old I love this x
my talking Angela
my talking Angela 28 kun oldin
Man is wearing makeup wtf. I don't like seeing this shit
Hemmo  1996
Hemmo 1996 22 kun oldin
my talking Angela You make talking Angela videos
ExplosiveGaming 29 kun oldin
Hell is Hot
HTX AJ Oy oldin
I just tried this look and....it went horribly wrong...I’m sister sorry
Princess Vicky
I absolutely LOVE this look..
Dogs rule
Dogs rule Oy oldin
i gain so much weight after thanksgiving xD
Sherry Xiong
Sherry Xiong Oy oldin
I see you 👀 on tiktok
BoTi Oy oldin
pinche puto
rburnswallace2226 rburnswallace2226
Very amazing video well done and I love listening to your videos as I am blind and I am a white cane long cane user
rainbowloco Oy oldin
Sooooooooooo cute I used it for my Christmas dance!!!!!
Jordan Hull
Jordan Hull Oy oldin
i have a question, what gender is this?
Hemmo  1996
Hemmo 1996 22 kun oldin
Jordan Hull Male
mahadi islam
mahadi islam Oy oldin
DREWAY Oy oldin
You are a naughty boy!
Grzegorz Figarski
Pedał xd
Cindy :P
Cindy :P Oy oldin
Your so beautiful!!
Habiba' s YT
Habiba' s YT Oy oldin
At first I thought he was a girl with the makeup
Adrie cranston
How long did it take you to do your palette intro ps idk how to write lol
Chase pinky
Chase pinky Oy oldin
Loved it !!!
Hi sisters
Sally Floyd
Sally Floyd Oy oldin
Some nasty comments 🤔.... wish i could do make uo half as good as u. U look fab but man h talk fast 😂, u do a fab job ignore the haters xx
Olivia Burk
Olivia Burk Oy oldin
Recreate with your sister palette 😍😍😍😍
Live Love learn
Zaida Medina
Zaida Medina Oy oldin
I love you so much and your makeup is good
Aeron Keane
Aeron Keane Oy oldin
keep up the good work xoxo
Chloe Short
Chloe Short Oy oldin
Love your makeup💖💖💖💖💖
Carolina CB
Carolina CB Oy oldin
hey what lipstick are u using? 😯😍😍
Juanita MG
Juanita MG Oy oldin
I love u😍❤
Martin Gantar
Martin Gantar Oy oldin
Would slash his throught if got a chance
Autumn Ingram
Autumn Ingram Oy oldin
Martin Gantar aaaaaaaaaaaand you just got reported for violent threats 😊🖕🏼
Caden Dean
Caden Dean Oy oldin
You are pretty I have a brother that loves makeup and he does his own
Tammy Wright
Tammy Wright Oy oldin
I swear James Charles is soooo good at makeup and I am so jealous Because I tried this tutorial and It FAILED
Cry Baby
Cry Baby Oy oldin
Omg this make up is flawless😍😃
TheSpectre Oy oldin
I’m confused is it a tutorial for girls or guys 🤔help ?
Autumn Ingram
Autumn Ingram Oy oldin
TheSpectre both! 😊
Iman Gilbert
Iman Gilbert Oy oldin
Batty boy!!!!! Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Antiman!!!!!!!!!!!!
_iTzGuille_PvPXd LOL
I don't like when boys use make up ( not hating ) But he looks great!!!!!
Tracy Evans
Tracy Evans Oy oldin
Nikki Lopez
Nikki Lopez Oy oldin
We love a Sister Slaying Queen
Sarah Spencer
Sarah Spencer Oy oldin
For everyone that’s hating on him, sorry sis it’s time to leave your opinion isn’t wanted here
action reaction
arrararaererereeree munnnnni maaaaregi tarrrrekoo!
Silverback Oy oldin
abby mack
abby mack Oy oldin
hi sisters
Samantha Metz
Samantha Metz Oy oldin
I love watching James’s old videos and thinking about how much he’s changed and accomplished since then. It’s amazing to watch this video and think about how a year later he would have his own pallet, where it sells out almost ever hour, how he just hit 10 million and many many other accomplishments that he would have never imagined happening a year ago. I’m so proud of you James!! And I’m so excited to see you grow even more and to see what happens in the future. Love you sister!! ❤️
DareMe Bro
DareMe Bro Oy oldin
Why do you act like a girl
نوتيله ضاغطتهم نوتيله ضاغطتهم
انته حته من تطلع تحط مكياج ولك اني بنيه و ما أحط طوخ وانته انوع المياج تحط بس مستخنث تره امداك يا بنيه يا عار
Isabella Ross
Isabella Ross Oy oldin
Isabella Ross
Isabella Ross Oy oldin
I am thankful for your channel
Richard Long
Richard Long Oy oldin
Soooooo cute
Aqmaral Collection
Түрің құрсын!!!
Brianna Mari
Brianna Mari Oy oldin
Love that look and I'm thankful for my family
Greg Dundee
Greg Dundee Oy oldin
I love your videos, as a newly out Male to female Trans (soon to be) Girl!! These are extremely helpful. Btw your nails are adorable
Lillyanna Rice
I so need to work on my eyebrows he has such.gourgues eyebrows👌
Marie Madhere
Marie Madhere Oy oldin
I’m thankful for you Sister James!!!!
Marie Madhere
Marie Madhere Oy oldin
I’m thankful for you Sister James!!!!