Homeless Guy Becomes a Successful Businessman - Hobo Tough Life Update

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Homeless Guy Becomes a Successful Businessman - Hobo Tough Life Update
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Well...maybe the only thing better than stealing from people is stealing from them, and then selling their stolen stuff.
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ABOUT: Hobo: Tough Life
Hobo: Tough Life is a city survival RPG. You play as a homeless person and your main goal is to survive. To do this you will have to deal with hunger, hostile environment, human unconcern and with forthcoming winter. Play with friends or with other players online and do whatever it takes to survive.
Fight for your life on the merciless street. Search bins for food and booze. Beg, resort to pickpocketing, do literally anything to make it through another day. Get something to burn to keep yourself warm, for the weather is about to get worse. Freezing winter nights may be your biggest enemy, but not the only one, so be aware of unpleasant surprises lurking in the dark corners of the city.
Explore the hidden nooks of the city and look for useful items to help you survive and discover various attractive locations.
End Card By Exandria: uzvid.com/u-sora12428719
Hello everybody, I'm Gray! I love doing let's plays and tutorials of games, such as Happy Room, Conan Exiles, Raft, My Summer Car, Hello Neighbor, Brick Rigs, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, and BeamNG.Drive. I've got at least two new videos coming out every day focusing on gameplay, tutorials, tips and tricks, and bonus videos coming out of the newest Indie games as well. Thanks for checking me out!
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9-Yan, 2019

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The Real Rinkashime
The Real Rinkashime 3 soat oldin
"Hello Trump, I am the president" *Dead silence* "You've always been the president Mr. Hobo sir!"
Supa_ Sosage
Supa_ Sosage 4 soat oldin
Sentence of the day *this weather sucks thick Weiner*
macmurfy2jka 11 soat oldin
This game looks like fun
astromancer 20 soat oldin
FYI the bar at 2:00 - "Pivnice u Fandy" - used to be a real place. Built into the foundations of a bridge. Every time I passed by I was wondering what it must be like inside and what kind of people gather in that place. I never got the courage to look inside though.
it's moonpie
it's moonpie Kun oldin
That thumbnail
mira175 Kun oldin
Hello from Czech Gray XD
some Guy
some Guy Kun oldin
"I actually thought he was going to buy my dead cat". This game makes you into a real hobo
Crono Grama
Crono Grama 2 kun oldin
gray do you still play?
DRUnK CHaRDOM 2 kun oldin
I think that the way homelessness feels sad is when hobos sit on street corners with a sign. To be an active hobo like in this game adds a certain adventurous charm.
The Spark
The Spark 2 kun oldin
I live in Denmark, never seen a homeless person before, I wonder if the government hides them, I know they exist.
Tomáš Bastl
Tomáš Bastl 2 kun oldin
Wait....PIVNICE U FANDY? This is Czech game?? The bar even looks like the real one!
Jakub Řáha
Jakub Řáha 3 soat oldin
Jo, je. Hru vyvíjí studio Perun Creative, který sídlí v Ostravě. Yes, the game is developed by Perun Creative studio which is Located in Ostrava, CZ.
antichrist SUPERSTAR
When he said " what is Delicious?... no one really knows" i laughed so hard my headphones fell off
ulises gonzalez
ulises gonzalez 2 kun oldin
Awesome, max out every perk
Big Chugs
Big Chugs 2 kun oldin
How mafia works
kotoko556 2 kun oldin
LMAO, WTF pc still makes the funniest games ever😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣
El Barto
El Barto 2 kun oldin
So used to looking at playgirl that it’s the first name that pops into your head when thinking of a nudie mag, huh Gray!?!? That’s the one for women to look at me , playboy is for men to ogle women.
Dankeset memer
Dankeset memer 2 kun oldin
What this game is placed in my country i never knew that
Vermbraunt 2 kun oldin
This is such a great game to watch
Sole Survivor
Sole Survivor 2 kun oldin
Would be great if there was an optional ending depending on your actions, where you can rise up out of homelessness and become successful
JBlackCZ 2 kun oldin
I see that we (Czechs) have a great representation of our nation here :P
Aiden Habeš
Aiden Habeš 2 kun oldin
Phoenixm00n 3 kun oldin
Todd Howard Simulator 2020
Matthew Baker
Matthew Baker 3 kun oldin
Superb Trilogy
Superb Trilogy 3 kun oldin
Thats how homelessness wirks
candygreen666 R
candygreen666 R 3 kun oldin
He had 555 coins at start. At the end he had 554 coins so he lost 1 coin
Stan Lee
Stan Lee 3 kun oldin
What editor do you use
Swithin Games
Swithin Games 3 kun oldin
Lvl 1 crook. Lvl 99 boss
Despacito thekrab
Despacito thekrab 3 kun oldin
Imagine if a hobo just walked up to you and flashed money in your face
Ziyad Ousmand
Ziyad Ousmand 4 kun oldin
Lvl 1 Hobo - Lvl 35 Businessman
WarMitten 4 kun oldin
Anthony 4 kun oldin
Should someone tell gray that playgirl is full of naked dudes ....
Fredrickson the 96th
Feeling bad about stealing antidepressants, huh? Well, you at least know what to use'm for now. :D
Savage Cabbage
Savage Cabbage 4 kun oldin
Thumbnail: *thats how mafia works*
Mare Vare
Mare Vare 4 kun oldin
Its Czech language in that game. Cool.
Demonic Dog
Demonic Dog 4 kun oldin
So you made me depressed with the dead cat
Jonas Becker
Jonas Becker 4 kun oldin
Jaysiah 360
Jaysiah 360 4 kun oldin
Hey found you, seems legit and funny, you just got a sub
Furious Thunder
Furious Thunder 4 kun oldin
TheLegendaryLoaf 4 kun oldin
You stole his anti-depressants... I HOPE YOu"RE HAPPY NOW
matox01tekk 4 kun oldin
The currency is Koruna Česká - Czech Crown you can say we got some crowns instead of coins :D
Cole South
Cole South 5 kun oldin
here in Prague hobos really do try to be charismatic, I can confirm
Josiah Trelawny
Josiah Trelawny 5 kun oldin
That’s how mafia works
Kaiden the Lombax
Kaiden the Lombax 5 kun oldin
Just an information: the curency in the game is ,,koruna,, in english its crown and 25 crowns is one dollar and as far as my knowledge goes only czech republic uses crowns
K 5 kun oldin
why doesnt your playlist have all the videos you made?
Gaming is served
Gaming is served 5 kun oldin
Lol, the thumbnail looks like something else is about to happen.
Gore Obsessed
Gore Obsessed 5 kun oldin
yeah its below freezing your poor hobo
bestgaming90 savage
Lord Excellent
Lord Excellent 5 kun oldin
The game is set in Prague (Czech Republic), I come from Prague and believe me, it´s not as disgusting as the game portrays it. Thank you for the video and have a nice day
Juandre Rautenbach
Juandre Rautenbach 5 kun oldin
This is different from Bum Simulator 2018?
Grand Admiral thrawn
Yep world of Warcraft
MilenierGames 5 kun oldin
i have wierd suspicion it's taking place where i live... i think im pretty sure *cough*
barbod Adineh
barbod Adineh 5 kun oldin
Umm gray are you gong to do a face reveal at 1 million subs??????????? Edit:Whoops I mean going not gong
Spooky Scary Skeleton
That's how Mafia work
lary 1854
lary 1854 5 kun oldin
Hry grayy apríla PlayStation am from the czech
Steve Work
Steve Work 5 kun oldin
Lvl 1 crook to mafia booosss
Radek Malý
Radek Malý 5 kun oldin
The money in the thumbnail are czech crowns
Anubis God Of Death
That thumbnail looks familiar or something(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Confused Ralsei
Confused Ralsei 6 kun oldin
im a tree
im a tree 4 kun oldin
Confused Ralsei WELL OK THEN.
Confused Ralsei
Confused Ralsei 4 kun oldin
+im a tree becaUSE I CAN
im a tree
im a tree 4 kun oldin
Confused Ralsei why all caps?
v Osai music
v Osai music 6 kun oldin
Love the *FAKE PUBLIC AGENT* thumbnail.
E A 6 kun oldin
Not enough willpower 24:49:60 Until 1 willpower Or $99.99 for 1 willpower
Jake Steampson
Jake Steampson 6 kun oldin
*looks at thumbnail* *notices 500 CZK* *reads title* "Successful businessman!? Dude, you are giving him only like $23!"
Garfieldscq 6 kun oldin
does anyone think this guy's voice is pretty similar to pewdiepie?
Dilandau Albatou
Dilandau Albatou 6 kun oldin
i really like this game i hope you keep playing this one.
Carlerheim 6 kun oldin
By the end of the video you had lost one coin since the beginning. Truly inspiring.
Steve from Walmart
Steve from Walmart 6 kun oldin
But is he still *HOMELESS*
McShadowGaming 6 kun oldin
If you feel bat for taking his anti depressants then you should take them so you wont feel bad.
Boring Videos
Boring Videos 6 kun oldin
That’s how mafia work
Water Melons
Water Melons 6 kun oldin
I thought this was a mafia city ad. It wasn't... I guess its just... *how the mafia works.*
Toodd speks
Toodd speks 6 kun oldin
Mafia city nice
Random Me
Random Me 6 kun oldin
MKO Giants
MKO Giants 6 kun oldin
Love it.
DeadRatStew 6 kun oldin
Level 1 crook to level 50 boss
The Racoon
The Racoon 6 kun oldin
gray im in ur discord can u please make a open. chat to everyone
liveorigin 01
liveorigin 01 6 kun oldin
Level 1 crook becomes level 999 boss
ygolohcysp 6 kun oldin
Lvl 1 crook by day, level 10 thief by night That’s how mafia works
FlashXcz 6 kun oldin
I would like to know how long would it take you to get like 800Crowns. Cause it is what you get for working for 8 hours in a worse paid job. 😀 around 36$
Prepper Jack
Prepper Jack 6 kun oldin
In this game, it depends on your skill level - both of the character and how well you can master the mini-game. My own hobo has a bit over 12k crowns, and can usually pick up anywhere from 1k-2k crowns per day. Think my best daily run was about 4k. Begging isn't the best way to make money - just dumpster diving. Can sell off all the clothes and furniture you find to Shrug and Drax, and repair any electronics to sell on the street. In the first season (seasons last 30 game days), it's pretty difficult to garner that kind of cash.
Aran Ryan
Aran Ryan 6 kun oldin
From lvl 0 hobo to lvl 35 boss
FlashXcz 6 kun oldin
Watching foreign homeless person in my country is actually pretty funny. And he's doing very well. 😀
DFDempire 6 kun oldin
yo gray you voice is echoing
Chicken vids Vloger
That’s how Mafia works👍🏻
chop chop
chop chop 6 kun oldin
the locpicking is just like in skyrim! cool!
Isaac Santana
Isaac Santana 6 kun oldin
Bottles up 🍾
Pru0xly 6 kun oldin
When you live in czech republic so you know where all the places are Thats how mafia works
Teddy Slone
Teddy Slone 6 kun oldin
I bet you that guy he stole anti deppressents from went to twitter and wrote a guy stole my anti-deppressents i hope he is happy
Samuel Funket
Samuel Funket 6 kun oldin
You hawe like 20 euros eich is somwher around 25 to 30 dolars
Dylan Howard
Dylan Howard 6 kun oldin
Hey dude how long are they going to update the game
The Theeser
The Theeser 6 kun oldin
Absolutely love this gameplay of yours. For me being Czech it's even funnier as I recognize many of the places you walk through. Keep it up!
Elite Ghost
Elite Ghost 6 kun oldin
To get rich is find Mr.Beast
SoulGladiator 6 kun oldin
More plz
TheDeadCobra 6 kun oldin
Success is not fair the green is so small
GG Compilations
GG Compilations 6 kun oldin
That's How Mafia Works.
Ewan Roubos
Ewan Roubos 6 kun oldin
At that time where Gray sayd PlayGilrl instead of PlayGuy TWO TIMES
Boomer N
Boomer N 6 kun oldin
You just stole his antidepressants are you sure You feel bad
Sarcastic slob
Sarcastic slob 4 kun oldin
No, he is pretty happy about it
Idk_WhyRecord 6 kun oldin
OHHHHH you know czech republic
Ralsei 6 kun oldin
He holds like less than 20$ in the thumbnail
Uncle Röadkill
Uncle Röadkill 6 kun oldin
Out of Bounds Secrets
Will this work for me - I have zero cash. Hobo 'ism isn't easy, except in this game .
AdubedYT 6 kun oldin
All the people who say "first" are just looking for attention
yuri couwenberg
yuri couwenberg 6 kun oldin
Tohave Ramey
Tohave Ramey 6 kun oldin
Love the video can you do a face reveal soon plz
Shadowmax_52 6 kun oldin
Hunter Seck
Hunter Seck 7 kun oldin
Gray kinda sounds like Church from Red vs Blue.