Honest Trailers - Avengers: Infinity War

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This Marvel movie has the most Marvel movie of any Marvel movie - it's Honest Trailers for Avengers: Infinity War
Don't forget to check out the Honest Trailers Commentary with the three writers of Honest Trailers to see more of their thoughts on the movies!
Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, and Lon Harris
Produced by Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, and Max Dionne
Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand
Honest Trailers - Avengers: Infinity War
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14-Avg, 2018

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Screen Junkies
Screen Junkies 3 oy oldin
Pitch us some Honest Names for the heroes we didn't fit into the starring section! One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: “Be nice.” - Dalton from Roadhouse
Sarah Franzblau
Sarah Franzblau 9 kun oldin
Screen Junkies I am so so very thankful that you put the Bucky and Rocket bit it. Bucky is my favorite and is never truly recognized and always the butt of jokes. Thank you for showcasing him💙
Raymond Wiggins
5:12 now your thinking with portals
Dolph Ennoizez
The legion of bearded chrisis...
Dolph Ennoizez
The of bearded fellows...
Pup314 2 oy oldin
Um, I am sure this has been mentioned already, but Ant-Man and the Wasp?
Douglas Taylor
Douglas Taylor 16 soat oldin
It's kind of funny how they ragged on Venom considering it actually turned out to be a pretty good movie.
Wai Chan
Wai Chan 20 soat oldin
I’ll have it
David White
David White Kun oldin
Brilliant. I love the reference to Jurassic World as in the actor who played skylord. Wait was that raptor towards the end Blue?
jonathan bennett
Do Venom
Calvin Seeram
Calvin Seeram Kun oldin
Do venom plz 😌
Calvin Seeram
Calvin Seeram Kun oldin
When y’all gonna do venom
SheepDog Kun oldin
also Im stupid for not realizing red skull was in infinity war.
SheepDog Kun oldin
The aiming for the head comment was just too good.
Elle Daniel
Elle Daniel Kun oldin
Haaaaaaaaaa Game of stones
super cool wolf
super cool wolf Kun oldin
my down for some comic
Gabriel Valentine
Venom honest trailer next
Could be the best movie Marvel has ever made? IT IS YOU IDIOTS!
maxTank Guardian
It should have been called The Quest for the Infinity Stones not Infinity War
Paul Brennan
Paul Brennan Kun oldin
Anyone else notice the Velociraptor at 4:38??
Leonardo Fuentes
Leonardo Fuentes 2 kun oldin
3:25 Nedry?
The Beast
The Beast 2 kun oldin
4:42 - Yes, I noticed the velociraptor!
Ian Rivera
Ian Rivera 2 kun oldin
I like Venom
Callum Dee
Callum Dee 2 kun oldin
Filimon Galogavros
Filimon Galogavros 3 kun oldin
Avengers : Infinity War is the movie with the most complex narrative , many heroes and multilayered characters .
Анатолий Шпалин
not gonna mention how Strange could just cut off Thanos' hand with his portal? ok.
Mike Konicek
Mike Konicek 3 kun oldin
Black panther sucked.
Souvik Sen
Souvik Sen 3 kun oldin
this is 100x better than the original movie
The Ashen Nathan Croft
Starlord, whose first movie was undone by Thanos and the third by Disney
Pedantic Pete
Pedantic Pete 3 kun oldin
Shorty LaForge. Awesome
ZerFrost 4 kun oldin
lol red dead redemption and game of stones.
Stinky Whizzletooth
I was so glad when this Honest Trailer came out because it finally put a stop to all the fucking nerds saying "Do Infinity War!" in every other comment in the comments section of every other Honest Trailer video. Fuck
Matte M. Finnish
Matte M. Finnish 4 kun oldin
sampal andrew
sampal andrew 4 kun oldin
If only starlord kept his shit together
Ivan Angeli
Ivan Angeli 4 kun oldin
hahaha dodododo dodododo my Gamora :) Fantastic :) Game of Stones :) crazy :)
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones 4 kun oldin
Where’s doctor strange
Bárbara Gomes
Bárbara Gomes 4 kun oldin
the Chris Hemsworth voice had me shook.
Ali Hamed
Ali Hamed 4 kun oldin
5:02 made me cryyy😂😂
Heinrich Dinkelmann
RIP Stan lee...
Rasul Sulaiman
Rasul Sulaiman 4 kun oldin
Do do do do do do do
Rasul Sulaiman
Rasul Sulaiman 4 kun oldin
4:38 is that blue the raptor?
N 4 kun oldin
Where was red skull in the movieee
G.R.S Rental Company Ltd
Bruce Banner is me all through collage
Chem Hung
Chem Hung 4 kun oldin
RIP Stan Lee
Liam Nimmo
Liam Nimmo 4 kun oldin
why is there a dinosaur in 4:38
Diverse Theories
Diverse Theories 4 kun oldin
Say “ my pain is far greater than yours”
Tia Delimuerta
Tia Delimuerta 4 kun oldin
Straying further from the comics. Damn, really wanted to see Silver Surfer.
azrael_ xvii
azrael_ xvii 4 kun oldin
You killed me at Dustice League!!
azrael_ xvii
azrael_ xvii 4 kun oldin
,Also please say "meme review" *clap clap* in one of your next videos,
FishStix-ish 4 kun oldin
What happens if you turn down a sponsorship from the U.S. army? Do they send the entire army to the house. Honey... why is there a tank in my garden?
Abhimanyu Agarwal
Abhimanyu Agarwal 4 kun oldin
Rip Stan Lee
Richard Huff
Richard Huff 4 kun oldin
The action was good um I'm just gonna be nice
The Profesionalist
The Profesionalist 4 kun oldin
Wow, I totally forgot that this movie makes guardians vol. 1 totally irrelevant. I was more distracted by the more obvious fact that it made Thor Raganarok completely irrelevant. That being said I still can't say weather or not it was good. For now I'm just going to give it a 5/10 because its only half of a perfect movie and because I hate unnecessary cinematic cliff hangers.
Eric BarryOfficial
Eric BarryOfficial 5 kun oldin
Avenger 4: The last Avenger you wanted to know, now you know😁
Kratos Spartan
Kratos Spartan 5 kun oldin
Who is here after Stan's death
David Drygas
David Drygas 5 kun oldin
Do the nun
Jared Scirocco
Jared Scirocco 5 kun oldin
I thought this was one of the worst Marvel movies with the worst logic. They rushed Thanos. He's not MAD, he's a fucking annoying RETARD that I would eat alive whenever he started talking. Being poisoned by the CIA makes you hungry enough to eat planets, Titans... Less than 20 minutes after bragging about saving Gamora in her childhood he kills her. Love the character consistency writing when it comes to the computer generated giant purple deluded sociopath. By the way, sacrifice a soul you care about for the Soul Stone? Invalid Request, much? Uh, the definition of love and caring is that you know you have no right to sacrifice another soul that you claim to care about. They just wanted to get Hugo Weaving another paycheck and put Red Skull in for the comic nerds - but the story and logic are so completely full of holes. This isn't the Bible with Abraham. Children are not property and no parent, adopted or otherwise, has any RIGHT to sacrifice their child. Feminist Emma Goldman was the first to point this out.
Jared Scirocco
Jared Scirocco 5 kun oldin
It's hard to enjoy a movie so unbelievable when it's made that all you can do is keep screaming "BULLSHIT!" at it cause it's not realistic. Even for a fantasy adventure movie. Some story writing is just too dumb to make the special effects believable. I don't know what Thanos was like in the comics, but in the movies he was little more than Dionysus's little BITCH. Dionysus did the whole eating your own children thing and being a God long before Thanos, much better.
Jared Scirocco
Jared Scirocco 5 kun oldin
I thought this was one of the worst Marvel movies with the worst logic. They rushed Thanos. He's not MAD, he's a fucking annoying RETARD that I would eat alive whenever he started talking. Being poisoned by the CIA makes you hungry enough to eat planets, Titans... Less than 20 minutes after bragging about saving Gamora in her childhood he kills her. Love the character consistency writing when it comes to the computer generated giant purple deluded sociopath.
TharpinUp 5 kun oldin
Surprised you didnt mention that Marvel couldn't help but drop a Sherlock reference between Tony and Strange.
Narcissis 5 kun oldin
starring the old man virgin (cap) sherlock holmes (tony) jesus (bucky) spiderboy (peter parker) transparent panther (bp) assholes (starlord) why gamora? (gamora) invicible man (drax) g.o.a.t (thor) rabbit (rocket) pussy green guy (hulk) sherlock holmes? (dr) starbucks (okoye) still waiting for her own movie (bw) motherfuc.... (nf) flying sidekick (falcon and wm) bad father (thanos) daddy issue (nebula) dead? (loki) red dead redemption (rs) ching chang chong (wong) where dafuq gang (valkerie , captain marvel and hawkeye) weakass (vision) hot witch (wanda) i am groot (groot) legend (stan lee)
Tony 5 kun oldin
The raptor at 6:10! Subtle screen junkies!
Antony Marshall
Antony Marshall 5 kun oldin
Will Stan Lee get revived in avengers 4?
FlickTalk 5 kun oldin
Holy shit I JUST got the "it was the one-armed Stan" nickname lol after all this time... it's a reference to Curb Your Enthusiasm when Larry keeps seeing a one armed man.... Screen Junkies am I right???
Nelly Angelantonio 1995 Flores
RIP Stan Lee.
Donnie Yeager
Donnie Yeager 5 kun oldin
Dude, that impression of Chris Hemsworth was spot on
Derp Serious
Derp Serious 5 kun oldin
Please say: “Excelsior !!!” In honor of the great Stan Lee...R.I.P.
JDMJoey 6 kun oldin
*rest in peace stan lee😢*
101011101010111 292922292929222
RIP Stan Lee 🙏🏼
Shadow man
Shadow man 6 kun oldin
R.I.P Stan lee, forever in our hearts
Heather Blah
Heather Blah 6 kun oldin
Yeeeeah very glad I didn't go to see this movie. I'll wait 'til it comes out on Netflix.
Anna 6 kun oldin
Please don't ever change the epic voice guy! that dude is gold!!
Gillian Robinson
Gillian Robinson 6 kun oldin
Boy, you know there really is too much movie to talk about when arguably the most important two characters, Vision and Dr Strange got left out of Starring! Lemme fix that for ya: Starring: Strange-Threepio - "The odds of success are approximately fourteen million six hundred and five to one!!" and : Necessary plot re-VISION (time rewound to repair the mind stone)
BubuSnow93 7 kun oldin
Didn't like how they modelled Thanos in this movie, he looked much more alien in the other ones, now he just looks like Bruce WIllis with a huge chin
Maria Pires
Maria Pires 7 kun oldin
Loki, slightly more dead than the last two times. I'm dead.
The Nishant
The Nishant 7 kun oldin
honest review should have containted:- 1. iron man and team reached titan in no time, guardians of galaxy reached nowhere in no time, then in titan in no time, and so on. than what is space stone for?? 2. loki gave up space stone for 1 life. witch gave mind stone for 1 life, dr gave time stone for 1 life. are they all idiots?
Kimbap Kidding
Kimbap Kidding 8 kun oldin
hopefully one day ill be just as humorous as the people in the comment section
BD Walker
BD Walker 8 kun oldin
Maggie Davis
Maggie Davis 8 kun oldin
"like a turd, in the wind$
Jordan Vlogs
Jordan Vlogs 8 kun oldin
Loki: slightly more dead then the last two times
Izzo Be
Izzo Be 8 kun oldin
"The Dustice League" :D it killed me LOL
Cap Man THE GREAT! 8 kun oldin
Say: I’m stuck in the cheese!
fox b5
fox b5 8 kun oldin
The movie that'll make you wanna cry
warthog3592 9 kun oldin
Who else is kinda sad rocket didn't try to steal Bucky's arm?
Martin Marhul
Martin Marhul 9 kun oldin
,,look at all that movie" is my most favorite part of the video 😀😀😀😀
Ronaldo0710 9 kun oldin
Chayenne Oosterveld
Lol, most of the characters are definitely gonna come back. Because this way, Marvel lost most of their characters XD
VOLD GAMER 9 kun oldin
best marvel movie ever
Dr Dizzy Saivate
Dr Dizzy Saivate 9 kun oldin
A guy who knows a guy 🤣🤣
shafiq shahari
shafiq shahari 9 kun oldin
3:40 LMAO Honest Trailer predicting Iron Fist's cancellation
Timewarps 1
Timewarps 1 9 kun oldin
Say "George Clooney has bat nipples!"
Sinivas Pavan
Sinivas Pavan 9 kun oldin
Sinivas Pavan
Sinivas Pavan 9 kun oldin
"Loki more dead than last time ...." Man f@¢& you for saying that Buuuuut ......it was on point So well done
Diamonds Finest
Diamonds Finest 10 kun oldin
"who throws a moon?" *Goku raises hands* "SPIRIT BOMB AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"
Nadia Rey
Nadia Rey 10 kun oldin
This is the first time I got absolutely NO Reference from the honest names >_< I fail at pop culture
Nadia Rey
Nadia Rey 10 kun oldin
"Spiderman: the boy who'd rather be shot into space that be part of Venom" XDDD
LMMeowMeowz 10 kun oldin
Dustice League
Emissary of the cows
1:13 Did you forget that Thor was a thing?
gretchen ortner
gretchen ortner 10 kun oldin
4:39 random... dinosaur??
Quack Silver
Quack Silver 10 kun oldin
Shrek died in infinity war.
jcb3393 10 kun oldin
4:40 - "Alan..."
claudio leon
claudio leon 10 kun oldin
These movies look stupid, but then again ive never watched them and i doubt i ever will.
Lisa Wyatt
Lisa Wyatt 10 kun oldin
The Dustice League, hahaha
MrSeals1000 10 kun oldin
Zachary Leighton
Zachary Leighton 10 kun oldin
Where did the velociraptor come from?????
Simranjeet singh matharoo
Hit like if you are waiting for eww infinity war
anionhero 11 kun oldin
The Dustice League! That is too funny!