Honor View 20 (Global Version) Unboxing + Hands-On: A Hole In The Screen

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4-Yan, 2019



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 798
How's the screen resolution???
ben's gadget reviews
It's 1080p which is fine.
FEREZE 12 kun oldin
hello you could send me the IMEI 1, IMEI 2 and serial number to get a skin for FORTNITE greetings
Instagram Momos
Instagram Momos 17 kun oldin
Hey man can you tell me the numbers that are in the box is because of a special skin of fortnite please I love your videos 🙏🙏🙏
Instagram Momos
Instagram Momos 17 kun oldin
You can sended to my. Email arpitabriones@gmail.com
Nightbot Nightbot
Nightbot Nightbot 21 kun oldin
Down of the box of honor have 3 codes you can't say me the codes?
Lex RA
Lex RA 25 kun oldin
Hello can you pm your imei and serial umber? I just want it for the fortnite skin
Art Dog
Art Dog Oy oldin
This phone is proving very hard to find. All I'm seeing is the Chinese version everywhere. The international or global version is proving to be nonexistent.
Toni Oy oldin
I accidentally bought the global version instead of the Europe version. What am I missing, other than the obvious back cover? Is it otherwise the same?
Art Dog
Art Dog Oy oldin
Where did you find the global version? I can't find it anywhere.
Is there any news on it coming to the US
Apex xD
Apex xD Oy oldin
What the serial no please give me because i can get a exclusive skin in fortnite
sexy korean girl
the hole is for spying
clayoftourist Oy oldin
there ain't no 48MP lens just a software interpolation instead why bother released and marketed it as 48MP
Army Man
Army Man Oy oldin
First review of global version,,,, thanks
lextheman14 Oy oldin
1:30 Arnie is unboxing😂
azurohh Oy oldin
whats the sn? pls
Sm Jowel
Sm Jowel Oy oldin
how much???
Shahid Rasool
Shahid Rasool Oy oldin
V20 not support memory card?
iSeeALegendaryAR ttv
I saw that theres no option for English (United States). Does that mean the phone will not sbe supported in the US? I did some research and the phone supports the bands my carrier uses and I really want this phone so if anyone knows please let me know
john doe
john doe Oy oldin
What's a San jen?
Hi Ben! Is it able to use 3rd party launcher?
MG Darkson
MG Darkson 2 oy oldin
Will,it be eventually available in Australia and how much does it cost aud or usd
TGE_D0G3Y 2 oy oldin
pls can you get me fortnite skin XD
kauany vitoria
kauany vitoria 2 oy oldin
Manda um pra mim
Essej Kun
Essej Kun 2 oy oldin
"Honor's Hole" LOL
phai thun
phai thun 2 oy oldin
Habambuhay Malungkot
*Honor Hole vs Glory Hole*
Neelam Mishra
Neelam Mishra 2 oy oldin
Sound loudspeakers and headphone quality?? Compare to note 5 pro and poco f1,?
Vishal Nenual
Vishal Nenual 2 oy oldin
Is there any Screen Protection Available on this device?? Gorilla glass ??
Vishal Nenual
Vishal Nenual 2 oy oldin
+ben's gadget reviews I was asking about Gorilla glass.
ben's gadget reviews
Yes it comes with one pre-applied
Megh Balika
Megh Balika 2 oy oldin
Price plz
First Name Last Name
Rohit Chauhan
Rohit Chauhan 2 oy oldin
Notch revolution
Moon Tae-il
Moon Tae-il 2 oy oldin
Kpop my man? 🙃
Vodka Whiskey
Vodka Whiskey 2 oy oldin
Sound test was 👉👌 ahh ahh
EvateMusic 2 oy oldin
looks great
Patrick Brady
Patrick Brady 2 oy oldin
Hi Ben, great review, I was just wondering did you notice any dark patches at the bottom of the screen and any light bleed as well.Was watching a video from Techtablets in which his V20 had this,yours seemed fine.Thanks.
Patrick Brady
Patrick Brady 2 oy oldin
+ben's gadget reviews That's what I thought looking at the two videos,it must vary from phone to phone,you obviously got a good one, great video, keep up the good work and thanks for the reply.
ben's gadget reviews
I didn't notice any from mines.
Sachin Wadeekar
Sachin Wadeekar 2 oy oldin
AJIT Gupta
AJIT Gupta 2 oy oldin
Please call me 9574613498
Vlad C
Vlad C 2 oy oldin
Phone companies gone crazy, srsly
Deepak Nayak
Deepak Nayak 2 oy oldin
Does it have a dedicated microsd slot
redstang70 2 oy oldin
I think this is worse than the inotch. Watching you tube seek that hole will drive me crazy..its so distracting. Looks like this is going to be a crap year for phones if this is going to be the new silly trend
FW Vlogs
FW Vlogs 2 oy oldin
To sum it all up honor heard of the Samsung leaks and teasers and now you have his honor slab of metal and glass
Vishal Raj
Vishal Raj 2 oy oldin
PEACE OUT 2 oy oldin
"Give it to me baby", really a video filled with double meaning things
Vivek Nanda
Vivek Nanda 2 oy oldin
Best unboxing
ben's gadget reviews
Thank you
Tech with Ishu
Tech with Ishu 2 oy oldin
I have also done v20 unboxing plz watch it guyz... N plz support..... uzvid.com/video/video-9pDwSCm3ny4.html
aliaz eid
aliaz eid 2 oy oldin
Shit phone No cemetery The bottom Basle is bigger than the top.
Tic Tech Toe
Tic Tech Toe 2 oy oldin
It is dual SIM right?
Tic Tech Toe
Tic Tech Toe 2 oy oldin
Great review by the way!!!
Tic Tech Toe
Tic Tech Toe 2 oy oldin
+ben's gadget reviews how does it work on T-Mobile in USA. By any chance if you have tried. Also wondering if you have access to Y9 phone and how good it is.
ben's gadget reviews
Yes it is
Tic Tech Toe
Tic Tech Toe 2 oy oldin
Does it have band 71 support. Does it work on T-Mobile in USA?
Bitter Topanga
Bitter Topanga 2 oy oldin
Wow just wow❗ I really wish i could use this in the USA😭
The Block Hell
The Block Hell 2 oy oldin
Damn that was fast. Props for beating Samsung
Karan Goradia
Karan Goradia 2 oy oldin
What's the price
Rudolph Peppers
Rudolph Peppers 2 oy oldin
Does the global version have LTE bands for US carriers?
mohit singh
mohit singh 2 oy oldin
De de 2 rupe me haha
Luis V Mendez
Luis V Mendez 2 oy oldin
Nice! But I'll wait for The Galaxy S10
Kamlesh kaur
Kamlesh kaur 2 oy oldin
Should this phone work in canada
SIVA PRASAD 2 oy oldin
How much price for Indian version ?
VIVEK KANNAN 2 oy oldin
Can you do a comparison between magic 2 and view 20. As both will launched almost the same time. It would make sense for people to choose the one that suits them better
Angus menegon
Angus menegon 2 oy oldin
That is not it chief.
Bryce Fountain
Bryce Fountain 2 oy oldin
Id rather have a tear drop like the 6t and not some shitty hole down the screen a bit.
Shivam 2 oy oldin
what's the price?
Arsalan Ahmad
Arsalan Ahmad 2 oy oldin
Did you get it free for review?
Javier Saavedra
Javier Saavedra 2 oy oldin
Link to buy?
mohamed sebeka
mohamed sebeka 2 oy oldin
the honor v20 is good phone wow!
Crazy Combo Tech
Crazy Combo Tech 2 oy oldin
I like video india
Joe Alex
Joe Alex 2 oy oldin
Me personally hates any kinda holes or notches or anything that disturbs the original rectangular aspect ratio... I prefer to have a narrow chin on top as well as bottom than having anything eating into the screen in a weird way... And I m pretty sure that I am not alone having this view... Right??
Joe Alex
Joe Alex 2 oy oldin
+Bilal Malik yeah well thats the only solution now, cos all the phones has one or the other
Bilal Malik
Bilal Malik 2 oy oldin
Just disable the notch or the punchhole feature then.
Dev Nath
Dev Nath 2 oy oldin
Makes an industrial disaster design Hides it with dark wallpapers
Ganesh Vadcar
Ganesh Vadcar 2 oy oldin
I didn't like the new "HONOR" font on the back of the phone
Vivek Rao
Vivek Rao 2 oy oldin
S10 ki gaand maar di honor ne hahaha
Alexander  Herrera Vega
Looks better than this stinky nocht. Greats from Colombia.
Zangetsu Black
Zangetsu Black 2 oy oldin
I hope Honor and app developers work together to optimize everything for the View 20 but I'd also like Honor to give people the choice of "turning off" the camera hole in certain apps, just like they gave the same option for the notch in their other phones
Martin Hernandez
Martin Hernandez 2 oy oldin
I miss Sistar 😍
InfernoCookiez 2 oy oldin
Samsung's new phone looks weird
TheMonkeyButte 2 oy oldin
Weirdly enough I find it more distracting than a notch (at least the one from one plus 6t). Maybe I'll get used to it.
John P
John P 2 oy oldin
Shame it's not a glory hole.
SUPER LABINE 2 oy oldin
I love single speakers! this way when I'm at wortk and accidentally open a video I can easely block the sound with one finger befote turning off the volume.
Moinak Ghosh
Moinak Ghosh 2 oy oldin
It Happened ...... :O
Suhel Pathan
Suhel Pathan 2 oy oldin
Honestly I like the way OnePlus did the notch with their 6T. That looks more fluid compared to this Hole in the wall LOL
Fredrik Bergfeldt
Finally a person who understands the importance of being fast with a upload no matter what, we want to see this insane phone! Thank you sir! Love your content, you've earned yourself a new subscriber 👍
ben's gadget reviews
Thank you!
Jayden Jackson
Jayden Jackson 2 oy oldin
Great phone and review,but honor was quick to take Samsung's in dislplay camera idea😂😂
Dika Kurniawan
Dika Kurniawan 2 oy oldin
I see KPOP
Perkaholic Gobblegum
I literally got this phone Ad which I clicked on the video... illuminati confirmed!
Sakibur Rahman
Sakibur Rahman 2 oy oldin
nova 4?
Danish Hussain
Danish Hussain 2 oy oldin
Jeez, Pun unintended.
Midhun Midhunm
Midhun Midhunm 2 oy oldin
Which price this phone
Moses Lalrinzuala
Patrick Delos Santos
there's a settings where you can change the app screen to full cause i encounter also the same problem on my notch phone
Lil Veggie
Lil Veggie 2 oy oldin
Big nigga
Big nigga 2 oy oldin
Lol retarded review please think logically ofcourse it wont full screen if ur using insta or watch movies. Other wise it would be annoying
ben's gadget reviews
You're dumb as hell.
AyushMedda 2 oy oldin
hole looks way less intrusive than notch imo
peng xu
peng xu 2 oy oldin
LCD OLED which better?
ben's gadget reviews
Kabayan Tech
Kabayan Tech 2 oy oldin
Why not make the front camera hole as a circle battery indicator, that would be cool. Right!
Sidharth Vengara
Sidharth Vengara 2 oy oldin
If u want those hole in every app...you can change in settings
Me 2 oy oldin
Samsung will invent this in their next phones. Fanboys will be Samsung innovate, best phones ever.
RoCk-N-PaRtY 2 oy oldin
And lets not forget about that CHIN down there
curt2g1998 2 oy oldin
Holes and notches will be such a short fad, that some apps may never even bother modifying their software, unless they are actually forced to do so, somehow.
Kevin CCIE
Kevin CCIE 2 oy oldin
THE BOX SHOULD NOT HIDE THE FRONT CAMERA HOLE - why are they trying to hide that front camera from the box for.
NTH THN 2 oy oldin
Amazing to see Samsung's stolen display technology spread so fast in China! :D
RedSushiii // OwO
Samsung: s10 cOmiNg oUt Fans: *posts leaks* Huawei: AHHH better make this phone quick so people wont think we're copying bcoz we made it first😚👌😉
Zangw pro
Zangw pro 2 oy oldin
Samsung display 👍
Akmal Hisyam
Akmal Hisyam 2 oy oldin
may i know how high the ppi screen????MTK?still sad
Shub 2 oy oldin
2020 will definitely only 100% screen
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