Hot Knife Sandwich Challenge

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9-Mar, 2017

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RainbowDash {MLP}
RainbowDash {MLP} 10 soat oldin
Angry Grandpa did the same
Nick W.
Nick W. 4 kun oldin
You guys should see your faces when you try some of the foods. They really relay how bad or good they taste or weird.
Godith Shadowind
Godith Shadowind 11 kun oldin
why does the link for the main video just link back to here? where's the good mythical less?
Grey Nowak
Grey Nowak 12 kun oldin
Around 12:30 they sound like idiots who want a deep voice
Tabish Tariq
Tabish Tariq 12 kun oldin
Jen has been lifting. Booyyyy she bufff
Christopher Floran
Christopher Floran 13 kun oldin
Link is casually reading mail as Rhett is heating up a knife with a blow torch😂😂😂
cy bay
cy bay 15 kun oldin
Jen looks so confused
Luis Ramos-Tejada
Luis Ramos-Tejada 15 kun oldin
It's official I love jen
Willi3 Wonky
Willi3 Wonky 17 kun oldin
"This is a tough onion" thats a dull knife
ImGoin HAM!!
ImGoin HAM!! 18 kun oldin
Who was the girl and why wasn't she making noise
Grundle Taint
Grundle Taint 19 kun oldin
I'd let Jen peg me so good and I'd blast her crawtch as well as I possibly could
Joey Teter
Joey Teter 22 kun oldin
I would do anything for a chance at Jen 😍😍😍
John Evans
John Evans 24 kun oldin
Jen looks like one of those cute cats with the smooshed in faces.
Joe Moening
Joe Moening 28 kun oldin
I wonder why the show after the show (good mythical more) Is usually more interesting than the main show. It's kinda bass ackwards.
Hannah Yep
Hannah Yep 28 kun oldin
Y'all being clumsy around that knife had me so nervous haha.
sukekiyo6 29 kun oldin
that is one clunky sammich
Joseph Pellerito
8:40 link kind of sounds like a prick. “I said tomato”. Said it all snarky and rude. Better be nice to Jen!
OwO Oy oldin
Mark Schuppener
I just replayed the first 4 seconds like 100 times
Let’s Be Honest.
“That’s a thick turkey” haha I love her. ❤️💯🔥
Bryana Perry
Bryana Perry Oy oldin
Omfg... I think I know the person who wrote the letter in this episode.
rockymentis Oy oldin
that's my kind of sandwich
NB Abot
NB Abot Oy oldin
*letter references Billy Joel* *Rhett using blowtorch* We DIDN'T start the fire? Yeah right.
Mikey B
Mikey B Oy oldin
That onion is HUGE
Stirling H
Stirling H Oy oldin
7:30 Rhett's eyes lol
Al XE Oy oldin
I feel like Link's weirdness is the one thing that got these guys so far. Keep being weird, man!
Jade S
Jade S 2 oy oldin
"His name is Craig" And that impression reminds me of Craig from Parks and Rec
foxfff123123 2 oy oldin
Nobody mentioned how many times they said ‘cut the cheese’? The flatulence and the fumes from burning must have really scrambled their heads 😂😂😂
Jake Hammaker
Jake Hammaker 2 oy oldin
Jen has this perpetually confused look that confuses me.
Alphonse 2 oy oldin
When Rhett is busy with the knife but then heard a food 6:52
Faizan Dar
Faizan Dar 2 oy oldin
You should make a video of Jens workout routine!!!!!!
Lauren Strayer
Lauren Strayer 2 oy oldin
As a viola player I feel a little hurt and betrayed there.😪💔😖 R.I.P
Anderson Hardin
Anderson Hardin 3 oy oldin
10:47 Link sounds like his dad
Jimmy James
Jimmy James 3 oy oldin
And he is so consintrated
Velocity Rogue
Velocity Rogue 3 oy oldin
3:10 what the heck is she looking at.
Noelle Buitron
Noelle Buitron 3 oy oldin
Jen makes the sourest faces sometimes during mail
Aaron Meighoo
Aaron Meighoo 3 oy oldin
Missed opportunity at 4:52 😥 _Cut you off..._
Fails and Skills
Fails and Skills 3 oy oldin
Go to the beginning and hit the left hand side of the screen over and over and over...
Yoshilover321 3 oy oldin
10:43 reminded me of mater
William Irwin
William Irwin 3 oy oldin
...and Thursday means Jeeeeeeeen! She's the best
Ozbuddy & cookie doughnut
Jen u beast !
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly 4 oy oldin
Okay who gave rett the blow torch!
Ese Foo
Ese Foo 4 oy oldin
Anyone notice that girl swole
natasha derrick
natasha derrick 4 oy oldin
Your guys impression of some one telling another person sounds like chad from that movie Storks
Phoenix Marzrover
Come on everyone ...we doing hot knife's 💨💨💨
DubClub TV
DubClub TV 4 oy oldin
I hate that chick, she's always got a weird look on her face
JokesInBase13 4 oy oldin
I know I'm over a year late on this advice, but the blade gets more and more dull every time you heat it, so you gotta start with the denser things, like the onion, first. Either that, or switch out for a new knife each time.
Joey Collins
Joey Collins 4 oy oldin
I'm here for the toast.
zax forever
zax forever 4 oy oldin
Dear Jen you’re amazing 🖤🖤
Anna Banana
Anna Banana 4 oy oldin
Rhet: he cuts the cheese with a hot knife
jayboy422 4 oy oldin
She’s hot to me
Alexander Hradecky
5:56 That´s what she said
Joe berdanke
Joe berdanke 4 oy oldin
Wow she has muscle! Those arms are huge, she looks fantastic
CallOfPundy1192 4 oy oldin
"only kids dont like tomatoes" please i loved them then, i love them now
fadl masri
fadl masri 4 oy oldin
That must have been *rhett* hot
Ocko Ho
Ocko Ho 5 oy oldin
No hate here but why is Jen always looking like something is beeing sticked up her ass ?
FlameMonarch 5 oy oldin
Main channel video link doesn't work. Anyone know the name of the main episode?
pebbles0200 4 oy oldin
I think it's something like 1500 degree ice skates vs ice block
amberly baby
amberly baby 5 oy oldin
not saying i’d let jen choke me but i’d let jen choke me. someone give me her socials
amberly baby
amberly baby 5 oy oldin
“yeeeah! totally!” SHES SO CUTE LMAO
Braden 5 oy oldin
Ah back in the day when Link didn't look at Jen with suspicion at what she will throw at him next ha ha
Triston Wren
Triston Wren 5 oy oldin
Notice how rehit never coughed while cutting the bread..... he gets high lol
GardenHoe 5 oy oldin
" that's a THICC turkey"
Flightless Bird
Flightless Bird 5 oy oldin
that’s a *T* *H* *I* *C* *C* turkey
zax forever
zax forever 5 oy oldin
Jen you are so fine!!!
Chris Gibbons
Chris Gibbons 5 oy oldin
The link to the main episode links to this video...
mary monroe
mary monroe 5 oy oldin
Crawfordville my home town 😂😂🙌🙌
Megan Wazowski
Megan Wazowski 5 oy oldin
jens so pretty 💗
- Platypus -
- Platypus - 5 oy oldin
I might’ve commented about this before, but Jen seems like she’d be such a good role model for young girls.
drphil thechildphilestor
Sally Otley
Sally Otley 5 oy oldin
Love Link's impression of Louis Armstrong.
Felix Devine
Felix Devine 6 oy oldin
you could say that it was a knife sandwich
Stephanie Vandurme
“that’s a *thicc* turkey.
Ben Simpson
Ben Simpson 6 oy oldin
Why does Jen always look so angry?
Lebis150 6 oy oldin
Oddly enough I’m watching this one on a Thursday. A year after it was uploaded
Sullivan Marcoe
Sullivan Marcoe 6 oy oldin
I wonder how many times you been told to shut up
Alexander Trampedach Siemonsen
Jen is bulky
gg gg
gg gg 6 oy oldin
Why does jen look perpetually confused and likes shes seriously mad about it!? 😂 😂
Arjun Rao
Arjun Rao 6 oy oldin
That girl does'nt have boobs she has pecs....
meliosexe Animations
You guys have pretty low standards if you think Jen is “unbelievably hot”
Justin Lopez
Justin Lopez 6 oy oldin
why are her biceps the size of gods
McKenna Lily
McKenna Lily 7 oy oldin
grow up man
Silver Pie
Silver Pie 7 oy oldin
I said tomato yeah but he said on-nion 😂
Mine Blox03
Mine Blox03 7 oy oldin
Lol Indiana I’m in Indiana
Baby J.
Baby J. 7 oy oldin
Wait what turtle were they talking about?
School Network w/ Eden and Natalie
its a ( vee-o-la). I know that because i play one.
Jaf IO Tutorials
Jaf IO Tutorials 7 oy oldin
Rhett's face is indescribable.
trevor aldrich
trevor aldrich 7 oy oldin
Go back and forward on your browser, youre welcome :D YES YES
Ki Lo Ren
Ki Lo Ren 7 oy oldin
You should have spread mayo on the bread with a hot butter knife
umbaupause 7 oy oldin
....Sometimes I wonder if we devolve as a species by now.
Grass Turtle
Grass Turtle 7 oy oldin
they look so young
Literal Garbage
Literal Garbage 7 oy oldin
When Link said “Onions is fireproof” he sounded exactly like his dad in the cookie video 😂😂
Acey Wacey
Acey Wacey 7 oy oldin
I used the link, but it took me back to the same video
Happymonday 2015
Happymonday 2015 7 oy oldin
Jen's face when Rhett started heating the knife, priceless
Edwin Lee
Edwin Lee 7 oy oldin
Rhett has no knife skills
Edwin Lee
Edwin Lee 7 oy oldin
Kiss kill marry jen?
Megan Covert
Megan Covert 7 oy oldin
Im from zionsville indiana. About 50 minutes from Praise! So cool to see a fellow Hoosier!
Smokin with Davey
Jen brings life to this show!!!
lindsey nobody
lindsey nobody 7 oy oldin
I totally missed what that letter said because I was so busy wondering why she just sat there making that strange face that looks like a combination of anger, confusion and fear.....
James Blonde
James Blonde 7 oy oldin
Abhishek Vijay
Abhishek Vijay 7 oy oldin
Jen is so cute though
Jason Chappel
Jason Chappel 7 oy oldin
Jen. 😍
Dog Mad Libs
11 oy oldin
Snack Jack Black
2 yil oldin