Hot Snack Attack Showdown

Good Mythical Morning
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Which snack on the shelves is the spiciest of them all? GMM #1169!
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31-Avg, 2017

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Mening pleylistlarim
Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 14 679
Haryll Yil oldin
*should've took the spice pill xD*
Joaquin Motilla
Joaquin Motilla 4 soat oldin
I don’t get it?? Can someone tell me
Ginny Potter
Ginny Potter 11 kun oldin
NOPEMAN56 best name
NOPEMAN56 best name 15 kun oldin
+Kazoo gvhy,c gc f
m8slayer 101
m8slayer 101 16 kun oldin
hearty :
hearty : Oy oldin
Thomas Bob should’ve took**
big chungest Flower
big chungest Flower 2 soat oldin
None off this are even close of Bering spicy
xydoit 10 soat oldin
"It sounds more an adult movie than a snack. But ... i'll taste it.
xydoit 10 soat oldin
If Link is not hiccup is not hot.
xydoit 10 soat oldin
I prefer that show. So educational. We never stop learning. Even after 35 also. Rhett you all the time talk the same. You friends for so long.
Steven 5000 Slater
Steven 5000 Slater 11 soat oldin
I accept this Taki challenge*Does goes to the E. R*
Samantha Gill
Samantha Gill Kun oldin
Trader Joe's ghost pepper chip for the win
Angelina Sanchez
The Xtra Flamin Hot ain't that hot though
Darryn Heisser
Darryn Heisser 2 kun oldin
Try Doritos spicy sweet chili! You may or may not regret it(;
Terra Undertale
Terra Undertale 2 kun oldin
I’m eleven and I can eat a whole bag of takis without my mouth burning so...
Jacob Tobias
Jacob Tobias 2 kun oldin
Nice back of the throat dance
Jacob Tobias
Jacob Tobias 2 kun oldin
Sounds like an adult movie, but i'll taste it
DinoHD 2 kun oldin
1:56 I though he said handicap
BSB Greene
BSB Greene 3 kun oldin
andy cappas hot fries r so freaking good
turtle gamer 715
turtle gamer 715 4 kun oldin
Its a tortilla chip not a potato chip rhett
I'ts me
I'ts me 4 kun oldin
This is asmr
Gary Clevenger
Gary Clevenger 4 kun oldin
You forgot the Doritos salsa verda
Bryce Armstrong
Bryce Armstrong 5 kun oldin
How are the Andy Capp’s Hot Fries really spicy?!?!
THE OFFICIAL DOM 5 kun oldin
are you stupid they are tortilla chips not potato
the fishing channel
Takis aren't a potato chip. Takis are made out of mini tortilla's
LOL robloxandminecraft4life lollol
My brother is ten he tried the Fuego takis and he didn't even turn red
little Matt
little Matt 6 kun oldin
Takis are not spicy whatsoever to me. they just taste like lime...
GamerPsycho 6 kun oldin
How about the Carolina reaper chip? Or is it T O O spicy for you guys XD
eyeseeeu2 6 kun oldin
so they bought two bags of each kind to keep one closed during presentation. also they filled the cup even though they only had one or two chips.
CT-1999 6 kun oldin
Andy Capp’s are my personal favorite, but Takis is much hotter in my opinion.
That betch
That betch 7 kun oldin
he said the packaging is pushing it hard 😂 I love flamas
martha atakora
martha atakora 7 kun oldin
Hot fries r not hot 🙄 but still love u guys. Feel better
Bowie Baker
Bowie Baker 7 kun oldin
They say taki like my dad tbh
Snack savvy
Snack savvy 7 kun oldin
you haven't tried masala flavor of lays from Pakistan or India those are killer
Travis K.
Travis K. 8 kun oldin
fart on napkins on empty tables at restaurants, before they are filled with new customers. Then watch people use them to wipe their face(s), only to see the awkward confusion of "why does this smell like ass?" Gives me a stiffy just thinking about it.
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose 8 kun oldin
Is it just me or have Takis gotten a lot less spicy
LlamaDeGaming _
LlamaDeGaming _ 8 kun oldin
You should have got the habanaroo takis
Coconut #Swagg
Coconut #Swagg 8 kun oldin
Orectical 8 kun oldin
2019 ??
figure 2206
figure 2206 8 kun oldin
I will love if someone made a Will Smith "Oh that's hot! That's hot" on the Hawaiian lady line
Corgіツ 9 kun oldin
lmao you're weak
Vladimir Avila
Vladimir Avila 9 kun oldin
Did anyone notice that almost all the names are in Spanish?
Thane Walton
Thane Walton 9 kun oldin
Try Paqui Ghost Pepper chips
Nicholas Czerwinski
Doritos blaze is probably the hottest regular chip you can get at the grocery store
Verif Ied
Verif Ied 10 kun oldin
I expected 'Super Snack Match: Hot As A Match'
Christian Cadena
Christian Cadena 10 kun oldin
Taki challenge is so so so so so week
Madisson Malott
Madisson Malott 10 kun oldin
Non of them are spicy
Andrew_ Piccoli23
Andrew_ Piccoli23 10 kun oldin
Who else got an ad for spicy food before the video?
aspect 10 kun oldin
This was under Guitar - Topic... Eh. Let’s watch it anyways.
mariana hernandez
mariana hernandez 10 kun oldin
hot chetos And talkis are notihing bou gohst peper 😝
Gabriel Varney
Gabriel Varney 11 kun oldin
Andy Capps Hot Fries are my jam
Meg Sway
Meg Sway 11 kun oldin
I’m obsessed with spicy food XD
ChowYunChubby 11 kun oldin
The paqui ghost pepper chips would crush any of them hands down. Theyre pretty widely available right? Are they available all over or only in certain states?
Ginny Potter
Ginny Potter 11 kun oldin
Connie Hazelrigs
Connie Hazelrigs 11 kun oldin
Merxy 89
Merxy 89 11 kun oldin
Tanner Pierce
Tanner Pierce 12 kun oldin
The only dislikes are the losers
Child III
Child III 12 kun oldin
I hear that Mexico Takis are so much better than the ones in the states. I love Takis when I get a good bag. A bag that has extra powder not like the bags that have little to no powder
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 12 kun oldin
Takis is not a patato chip is a tortilla chip i know beacuse im mexican
Sania Amirbaaz
Sania Amirbaaz 12 kun oldin
Try Doritos blaze
Christian Jayne
Christian Jayne 12 kun oldin
7:25 pinpoint a nut to many
lavish sand319
lavish sand319 12 kun oldin
Rhett: Were not little kids *Bangs on the table*. Me: Or are you!?
Xander Ward
Xander Ward 13 kun oldin
If I could I'd eat the hot fries all day cause it's my favorite hot sneak IN THE WORLD
Xander Ward
Xander Ward 13 kun oldin
Snack * also I'm 11
A fellow Comrade
A fellow Comrade 13 kun oldin
i eat the habenero mango ships everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PhantomKid143 - Gaming and Films
Takis or Dorito Dynamite are the best chip.
FrostbiteXD Gaming
FrostbiteXD Gaming 14 kun oldin
5:31 sounded like a kitkat commercial😂
Zombie Games
Zombie Games 14 kun oldin
You should’ve eaten Habanero lays chips
Elli Nolan
Elli Nolan 14 kun oldin
While me and my cousin where watching this he tried the mango habanero chips and thought they weren’t spicy intel the spice kicked in
Random Gamer
Random Gamer 14 kun oldin
Oh no he said jinx.Link Link Link!
MrDan Dog
MrDan Dog 15 kun oldin
Ok looks like I'm gonna need those kettle chips
Shadow 15 kun oldin
There are these spicier pringles called pringles extra hot
Lexie Smith
Lexie Smith 15 kun oldin
Once she arrives, she's all there is. -Link 2017
jayio Gamez
jayio Gamez 15 kun oldin
Exoduss 1228
Exoduss 1228 15 kun oldin
I’ve always loved your videos guys I will always be a lifelong subscriber and fan. Keep up the good work.you guys never seise to amaze me
Nick MCPro
Nick MCPro 15 kun oldin
will smith watchin this: 'ah thats hot, thaats hot'
Radiation Gaming
Radiation Gaming 15 kun oldin
One chip challenge?!!!
Radiation Gaming
Radiation Gaming 15 kun oldin
Its tortilla not potatoe six flags named it after a tortilla chip
ajacob 0710
ajacob 0710 16 kun oldin
4:16 thats what daequan said
Bilal Warsi
Bilal Warsi 16 kun oldin
Syleak Z
Syleak Z 17 kun oldin
I’m hungry now
CoolCat Garcia
CoolCat Garcia 17 kun oldin
Andrea Stephens
Andrea Stephens 17 kun oldin
Here in Olney Texas were I live 4 year olds eat the extra extra flaming hot chettos and me and all of my friends that are girls eat hot lime takis
Nroke1 17 kun oldin
7:15, Rhett predicting memes.
Chiston Razo
Chiston Razo 17 kun oldin
Aksyfy 18 kun oldin
Talks are kinda sweet to me it’s nice and weird
XxRrayne dejonghxX
XxRrayne dejonghxX 18 kun oldin
Um don’t know what’s up with me but I had the hot Takis is 4th grade. I have always had an EXTREME spice tolerance. I continued eating more takis flavours and people I were eating them with were coughing and nearly crying. My friends lips were numb in French class
Evan Ramirez
Evan Ramirez 18 kun oldin
t-a-kees foo-wey-go
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
So a hot lady and a beef stick. 🍆 💦
Jack Paul
Jack Paul 18 kun oldin
I love takis
Brent Batch
Brent Batch 18 kun oldin
There are some ghost pepper chips, shoulda given them a spot
Gage Kulland
Gage Kulland 19 kun oldin
Rhett needs a smaller shirt
Noah Reyes
Noah Reyes 19 kun oldin
*S E C O N D T A K I*
CTP_GANG 19 kun oldin
Eating takis right now 😋
StayFresh115 19 kun oldin
Ohhhhh dats hot dats hot
Cruz O
Cruz O 20 kun oldin
I have eaten a little chub
Justin Hernandez
Justin Hernandez 20 kun oldin
I like pickles
Willie Deval Parker
Willie Deval Parker 20 kun oldin
I bet link and Rhett will never eat anything spicy 🌶 again
Gercey 20 kun oldin
beefstick won mainly cuz they were gonna give it but then were like we cant cuz whatever total disqualification
Stumpy Datto
Stumpy Datto 21 kun oldin
“It’s almost purple it’s so red”-Link 2017
taylors repp
taylors repp 21 kun oldin
I like how as a ten year old child I thought they were just joking now I understand all the dirty jokes 😂
Ken Wojnarowski
Ken Wojnarowski 21 kun oldin
Aloha~~! She keeps shaking it!
M. NeedNone
M. NeedNone 21 kun oldin
10:22 watch the aura around link xD
Fish Chicken
Fish Chicken 21 kun oldin
In the uk there were special jalapeños Doritos
Mana Abdikadir
Mana Abdikadir 21 kun oldin
I’m just waiting for the takis
koya koala
koya koala 21 kun oldin
I like pickles