Hot Snack Attack Showdown

Good Mythical Morning
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Which snack on the shelves is the spiciest of them all? GMM #1169!
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31-Avg, 2017



Yuklab olish:


Saqlab olish:

Mening pleylistlarim
Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 15 154
Haryll Yil oldin
*should've took the spice pill xD*
Bryan Bogert
Bryan Bogert 23 kun oldin
You can’t burn your stomach linings with capsaicin, capsaicin only makes it feel like it’s burning
Johnny Marchefka
Um I don't care what you said you have 20 k likes!
Ramya Nambi
Ramya Nambi Oy oldin
Haryll t
Nam 2 oy oldin
Jack Nation woooooooosh
Joaquin Motilla
Joaquin Motilla 2 oy oldin
I don’t get it?? Can someone tell me
Andy B
Andy B 21 daqiqa oldin
Apparently dont take Symtuza. An 8 minute ad basically saying all your organs will fail and you will miscarriage. Essenctially never take it. Ps.... It never said what this drug is used for
Surya Surapaneni (Student)
mikesells good n hot is spicy af and taste sooo good and the OG
Rachel Maxwell
Rachel Maxwell 7 soat oldin
Xxxflaming Cheetos are tough
Lego guy TRUCKS
Lego guy TRUCKS 22 soat oldin
2019 anyone?
kmonman Kun oldin
Link: *randomly pulls out an eaten banana at the end of the video*
Toxic_games Kun oldin
Toxic_games Kun oldin
Goldilocks Gamer
13:37 you can't hide it Link
Pat Uoi
Pat Uoi Kun oldin
Eat hot Chex Mix
Teresa Vallejo
Teresa Vallejo Kun oldin
They should have got Doritos jacked those are spicy😱😱🌶🌶
Teresa Vallejo
Teresa Vallejo Kun oldin
At 4:45 link has a voice crack
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah 2 kun oldin
7:00 you sure it's not a he?
Silent Ink
Silent Ink 2 kun oldin
7:14 *oh that's hot.... That's hot*
Ceramic Client
Ceramic Client 2 kun oldin
For some reason I was hoping they would eat one of everything at the same time
Juan Diaz
Juan Diaz 4 kun oldin
I ate so many Hot Chito‘s I got acid reflex but I did not give a damn
Fairy Quest
Fairy Quest 5 kun oldin
Now Doritos has flaming hot nacho cheese
Keagan Lawson
Keagan Lawson 5 kun oldin
I live in Florida and Takis are famous they are my favourite chip
A Google User
A Google User 6 kun oldin
It's not a potato chip!
kalizcool !
kalizcool ! 6 kun oldin
beef stick tackles takis ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Joshua Girgis
Joshua Girgis 7 kun oldin
Ahh that’s hot that’s hot
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson 7 kun oldin
Im missing a stomach lining
DoubleCrownDavid 7 kun oldin
Andy caps are SOOOOOO good
AJ Ten
AJ Ten 8 kun oldin
-hi I can do this-
super Saiyan films
super Saiyan films 8 kun oldin
You forgot one the Doritos and Takis combined those are spicy
Sam Moto Taylor
Sam Moto Taylor 8 kun oldin
I dare y’all to try the paqui Carolina reaper one chip challenge.
No One
No One 10 kun oldin
The hottest snack on the shelf is yo mama
Adrian Recinos
Adrian Recinos 10 kun oldin
Next one try Doritos Blaze and Barcel Kettle chips
SpotTugBoat7057 Eck
SpotTugBoat7057 Eck 10 kun oldin
☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎ Hidden emoji
mexican kicks s
mexican kicks s 10 kun oldin
I live in CA and i dont know where to buy the spicy beef sticks
Ronit Kumar
Ronit Kumar 10 kun oldin
An Indian snack called the halthiraam spicy nuts will immediately destroy everything in this video.
Heyheymadibellehere 10 kun oldin
The lime Takis are more sour than hot. I think my taste buds are just weird🤔
Emily Tucker
Emily Tucker 10 kun oldin
Little history lesson for you six flags is named after the six flags Texas was under before it became a state and the first one was located in southern Texas.
Shorty Amber
Shorty Amber 11 kun oldin
My stomach is hurting for y’all
ChillTheKillsHD 12 kun oldin
Flaming Hot Doritos Are The Best!
Lillth 12 kun oldin
Takis are my favorite!
1d10t1c 3x93rt
1d10t1c 3x93rt 12 kun oldin
You guys are noobs!!
Amber Katelyn
Amber Katelyn 13 kun oldin
I remember kids use to sell takis in high school because everyone was obsessed with them. One day I decided to try them because I wanted to be a cool kid too, but I had horrible acid reflux so after trying them I told everyone how much I loved and craved them constantly, but in reality, I had one bag at home that I would eat one chip a day out of because my stomach couldn’t handle even that much.😂 they ended up going stale before I ever finished the bag.🤣😅
Nina Elmoyan
Nina Elmoyan 13 kun oldin
asmr anyone?
maddie ray
maddie ray 13 kun oldin
Lmao they r such violent chewers
Bros angles
Bros angles 13 kun oldin
They both look as red as a tomato
Uknown Entxty
Uknown Entxty 14 kun oldin
I've eaten a whole family bag of takis, super yummy
Becki Shetterly
Becki Shetterly 14 kun oldin
The Takis are one of my absolute favorites
NitroEagle 15 kun oldin
ahh that’s hot, that’s hot
Levi Bernier
Levi Bernier 15 kun oldin
D Jones
D Jones 16 kun oldin
It's taki not takee
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie 16 kun oldin
the moment we begin considering a meat stick a snack, you know we've failed as a society.
Fortnite gaming
Fortnite gaming 16 kun oldin
If you told me that a beef stick and a Hawaiian chip I would be like why you always lying why the f you lying
Cade78 16 kun oldin
7:16 Hit this button two times in a row
Knathan Knathan
Knathan Knathan 17 kun oldin
With Andy Capp’s you have to eat more to feel the hotness. My mouth is on fire after I finish the bag
Raidz_Con 17 kun oldin
You never had a whole fiesta bag of takis
Brian Navarrete
Brian Navarrete 17 kun oldin
David 1298
David 1298 17 kun oldin
I can’t respect Links palette when it comes to spicy things if he thinks the hot fries are actually hot
CanadianMoose 17 kun oldin
"imma' tell you right now, these are some spicy nuts" 7:31 Link O' Neal -2017
Piper uwu
Piper uwu 17 kun oldin
You know you have an addiction when just watching people eat Takis makes your mouth water
TheOrangeCreeper 17 kun oldin
7:16 Rewind 2018 PREDICTED
Maxlin 18 kun oldin
Any spicy food can erode your stomach lining. That’s why at BDUBS you have to be 18 to order the three hottest sauces. Otherwise you could die. It’s not just the snacks you guys
Aahmaad Williams
Aahmaad Williams 18 kun oldin
They are some weak people
Z G H 18 kun oldin
i hope y’all downed some pepto
Carly Van der Kooy
Carly Van der Kooy 18 kun oldin
Takes are hot for my dad and he is the spsey king
kcooga 19 kun oldin
12:01 hololla
Nilly Phily
Nilly Phily 19 kun oldin
flamin cheeto puffs
Ethan Manis
Ethan Manis 19 kun oldin
I once ate an entire bag of flaming hot Cheetos in one sitting and I threw up red
kekes land sunny
kekes land sunny 20 kun oldin
Eating hot puffs
Twila Slease
Twila Slease 20 kun oldin
Eating Andy capp's hot fries while watching this
w9sh cl0thes
w9sh cl0thes 20 kun oldin
*eats takis slowly*
Exp lit
Exp lit 20 kun oldin
Takis are not that spicy.. try TNT Dynamite
TheDeadCobra 20 kun oldin
The beginning was so gay
Chello Chamber
Chello Chamber 20 kun oldin
Takis: “Am I a joke to you?”
A. Jebes
A. Jebes 20 kun oldin
The andy capps hot fries are sooo goood!
katrina moctezuma
katrina moctezuma 21 kun oldin
I’m hungry
katrina moctezuma
katrina moctezuma 21 kun oldin
My favorite is the talkies hot Chito’s and Doritos flames
M T 21 kun oldin
Doritos flamas are very hot when you eat a lot trust is soooooo hot
JacobBeau99 22 kun oldin
hot fries are by far my favorite hot snack, unfortunately, they stood no chance in the tournament since they arent that hot.
Matas Kart
Matas Kart 22 kun oldin
12:06, I thought that mic was real xD
cheeto 22 kun oldin
Should’ve done Dynamite
The unknown
The unknown 22 kun oldin
Takis aren't spicy at all
Bryan Bogert
Bryan Bogert 23 kun oldin
When you realize you cannot burn your stomach linings with capsaicin because capsaicin is literally a mind trick to your body
Zeus_tripple6 23 kun oldin
Rematch? With Blaze doritos?
Michelle Ellington
Michelle Ellington 23 kun oldin
You barely gave Takis a chance! Yall just had 2, you have never tried half a bag or a whole bag. Yall were right about how it builds up. Cause yes, it really does the more Takis you have. Your mouth and tongue will be on fire if you at least have half the bag. Two Takis is nothing guys. This spicy snack is like a drug to me. I have to have it at least once a month. Please give Takis another chance.
NUJAC1000 23 kun oldin
Should have tried the paqui haunted ghost pepper chips...good chips ut they r by far the hottest ones ive had
I NEED MONEY 23 kun oldin
Should’ve got flaming hot funions and the hot lays instead of the last two
Aaron Anderson
Aaron Anderson 23 kun oldin
For Doritos there was way hotter ones
Jacob Pratt
Jacob Pratt 23 kun oldin
Ahhhahaha, now that's hot, thats hot
Jordan Madeline
Jordan Madeline 24 kun oldin
Music Times
Music Times 24 kun oldin
My friend eats takis as tortilla chips
Fierce Recognition
Fierce Recognition 24 kun oldin
The time of this episode is LEET
Aces And Faces
Aces And Faces 24 kun oldin
to quote will smith about 80,000 times
Pansexual Snake
Pansexual Snake 24 kun oldin
Andys hot fries are soooo good. They arent the hottest but they are addictive
Low Battery
Low Battery 24 kun oldin
Bruh those snacks aren’t even hat
galaxyleaderxd123 24 kun oldin
Pringles don't have much flavor
Spood Beest
Spood Beest 24 kun oldin
Probably the one I can see beating those is Blair's Death Rain Habanero chips.
Alidia Cupcake
Alidia Cupcake 25 kun oldin
U should try XXX hot Cheetos with lime juice! Soooooo Gggoooooodddd!!!!❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
joseph lucia
joseph lucia 25 kun oldin
Part 2 ! Way more hotter stuff out
Kipdynamite 25 kun oldin
ah thats hot, thats hot
Kipdynamite 25 kun oldin
Sam Bradley
Sam Bradley 26 kun oldin
Personally I recommend Paqui Haunted Ghost Pepper chips. They're good and hot, but not uncomfortably hot.
Captain Hindsight
Captain Hindsight 26 kun oldin
the best hot snack was doritos second degree
Austin Swan
Austin Swan 27 kun oldin
You didn’t even do the pretzels smh or the famous popcorn
Andrea Duarte
Andrea Duarte 27 kun oldin
I’m eating Hot Fries while watching this... I am Satisfied by what I’m eating😀😀
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