House Organization Before and After! OMG!

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Huge thanks to Jen and her team for all their amazing work helping me organize! instagram.com/lifeinjeneral
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1-Okt, 2018

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iJustine 19 kun oldin
Walter White
Walter White 17 soat oldin
no one
Carson Amann
Carson Amann 2 kun oldin
Addy Kelly
Addy Kelly 6 kun oldin
I did
ThisIsMyLife 10
ThisIsMyLife 10 7 kun oldin
I live in australia so no
malik Aas mohd
malik Aas mohd 7 kun oldin
Nice your face and lips and you frend
ameerah1717 2 soat oldin
The baking stuff is Ro’s fault!😄
Sydni Gundersen
Sydni Gundersen 12 soat oldin
This house looks better than mine! I need her to organize my house 😂😂
Walter White
Walter White 17 soat oldin
so this is it huh?... pls destroy this planet
Tara’s World
Tara’s World Kun oldin
Please do a house 🏠 tour
PRO osomeloso
PRO osomeloso Kun oldin
HeyImSkylen Kun oldin
Can you organize my bedroom?? 😂😂😂
Thilakamuni Subasinghe
I’m gonna follow her right now!
Kayla O'Connor
Kayla O'Connor 2 kun oldin
You have a lot of clothes
Shelby Critchley
Shelby Critchley 2 kun oldin
Meeeee I did just luv it I’ll watch it again
Evelyn Raz Evelyn Raz
devonly2 2 kun oldin
omfg, kids will take damage watching this. Is this what you want kids to aquire?
Karim Benzin
Karim Benzin 3 kun oldin
Appreciate video content! Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you thought about - Mahorrla Control Clutter Method (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is an awesome exclusive product for decluttering your home minus the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my mate after many years got cool success with it.
MrsPazStyle 3 kun oldin
MrsPazStyle 3 kun oldin
Great video! I just made a pantry organization video also! Let’s support each other🙏🏻 Check it out & SUBSCRIBE! Thank you😘
Emily Gamer channel
Abbey Abbey
Abbey Abbey 4 kun oldin
Love it my room is like a ugly jungle
ugp 4 kun oldin
We need a follow up video a few months from now. Organization is great. But it also has to be maintained which can is a chore in itself as well.
Cooldogy Croatia
Cooldogy Croatia 4 kun oldin
Fhrist day: beautiful clean 2 mounts later: its ok 1 year: what a mess 🤣
Robin Cain
Robin Cain 5 kun oldin
Max Ericastilla
Max Ericastilla 5 kun oldin
What’s the name of the first song in the intro please !
Hafizah BT7
Hafizah BT7 5 kun oldin
Justine doesn't bake much like Ro but she has alot of baking stuff😂😂
carla so
carla so 6 kun oldin
Oh wow, that's a lot of stuff for just one person
Kaylee Bartsch
Kaylee Bartsch 6 kun oldin
This video makes me feel poor
Parenthetically 6 kun oldin
I'd love to see one of these organisation overhaul videos where they do it all with, like, fabric or recyclable dividers instead of acrylic everything
Nitanshu Sharma
Nitanshu Sharma 6 kun oldin
OMG i missed
hop Scotch
hop Scotch 6 kun oldin
another idiot with a thumbnail picture with their mouth wife open mouth breathers 😆
Kaelyn Read
Kaelyn Read 7 kun oldin
Your closet is HUGE!!!!
Anil Kumar Chahar
Anil Kumar Chahar 7 kun oldin
Hey.... Justine whatzzup!
maud 7 kun oldin
justine honey you have a hoarding problem
Marsyafira Parjaman
jen looks like kate middleton
TheEverythingBros 1
I have never used that many cosmetics (beauty) in my life!
José Ka
José Ka 7 kun oldin
Jordan 😍😍😍
Robin Thompson
Robin Thompson 7 kun oldin
Love the video but did you just make your house a mess and then let her do it bc to me your house is always clean when you film?
RAVI SINGH 7 kun oldin
FunStuff 7 kun oldin
It must be nice to be rich
Sarah Bear
Sarah Bear 8 kun oldin
bruh can i buy your shoe closet?!
Nicola Van Heerden
Nicola Van Heerden 8 kun oldin
I have like 8 pairs of jeans and Justine has like 1000
Janey bear
Janey bear 8 kun oldin
How much is it to get this done
Sheyla Rodriguez
Sheyla Rodriguez 8 kun oldin
Can u clean my house
Ashley Moseley
Ashley Moseley 8 kun oldin
Time for a house tour????
Olivia Grace
Olivia Grace 8 kun oldin
This looks amazing you should do a house tour like if you agree
Cocoa shine
Cocoa shine 8 kun oldin
Lolll she's so rich to have all this stuff
Cocoa shine
Cocoa shine 8 kun oldin
How do u have so much of everything?
Shawn S
Shawn S 8 kun oldin
I spotted those Sarris bars!! Pittsburgh/Canonsburg life!
Danieliz Torres
Danieliz Torres 8 kun oldin
Jalie And Megan’s Life
Hi Justine
Natalia Barajas
Natalia Barajas 8 kun oldin
Super Zelda Fan
Super Zelda Fan 9 kun oldin
Matty is so cute
LucyPlays !
LucyPlays ! 9 kun oldin
but the real question is how much o you really pay?
Paige Athersmith
Paige Athersmith 9 kun oldin
I would like to throw the fact out there that there were boxers in one pf the draws 🤫🤯
Georgia Rose Nortier
Wow your house looks like mine but not to be mean but your house is more messy than mine. I need help cleaning because we live in a house of 5 so it is always mess even if we clean it. Your house is awesome
Celestin 9 kun oldin
to not be able to keep your house in order is just sad, not something to be proud of ...
Coralee Mitchell
Coralee Mitchell 10 kun oldin
This is sad. Like most of the organization videos, step one is to have a lot of money to buy everything needed . How about organizing without spending thousands of dollars. Noe that would be helpful.
Jack Mitton
Jack Mitton 10 kun oldin
Jesus Christ??!!!! Just organise it it isn’t hard
JetSlinger7654 10 kun oldin
You put the juggling balls with the jugs XD
Zoe Kosch
Zoe Kosch 10 kun oldin
I want some people like this in Germany😕
Slicklickz 11 kun oldin
This channel is a microcosm of the decay of western civilization.
Raul Madrigal
Raul Madrigal 11 kun oldin
Apple products are the best products in the world❤❤❤
Raul Madrigal
Raul Madrigal 11 kun oldin
Apple products are the products in the world ❤❤❤
Lovejoyandcandy 11 kun oldin
What is a tict??
bawitdaba1337 11 kun oldin
No links to buy stuff? You’re leaving affiliate money on the ground I would buy several of those tea organizers!
Mahit Choubey
Mahit Choubey 11 kun oldin
Someone neeeds to organise my drawer ( me )
clicking on rocks
clicking on rocks 11 kun oldin
Get this shit off my godamn homepage
Ellie Olivos
Ellie Olivos 11 kun oldin
Organized hoarder
João Marcos
João Marcos 11 kun oldin
Have you ever thought about starting a more sustainable lifestyle? you know, one that if everyone had wouldn't destroy our ecosystem?
黒宮石英 11 kun oldin
Rob Bago
Rob Bago 12 kun oldin
Hi justine curious i love to matty cake i like the dog i have a bishon also is your last name german
Savannah 12 kun oldin
OMG Justine did you just fingerspell "J"? Too cute! Do you sign?
Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen 12 kun oldin
Just her material items alone not even including the organsied boxes etc they're in is worth more than everything I own and the money I have. Like wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more.
Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen 12 kun oldin
Having so many of the same foods....dont they expire ?
Lathe Cobb
Lathe Cobb 12 kun oldin
1:47 haha
Evie Sylvester
Evie Sylvester 12 kun oldin
So proud of u!
Lauren Masley
Lauren Masley 12 kun oldin
Am I the only one who had to look up what tieks are?
Christopher Loh
Christopher Loh 12 kun oldin
Hey Justine, where can I get that Star Wars shirt you're wearing? Look so good on you!
Kevin Tan
Kevin Tan 13 kun oldin
My dog stretches just like that😂
Shrek Gang
Shrek Gang 13 kun oldin
Your inspiring me to clean my room!!😂😀🤣
Kendall K
Kendall K 13 kun oldin
I'm honestly scared there's like barely decor ! I'm sure you could do some cool shiz
Jaiden Hindman
Jaiden Hindman 13 kun oldin
How much did it cost??
Sarah Gravely
Sarah Gravely 13 kun oldin
I am so jealous! I love your house and all of the organization! Gorgeous!
Where S Waldo
Where S Waldo 13 kun oldin
If you don't know where to put all the things, you might be a Red-Neck~!!!
unlimited0219 13 kun oldin
Yes!! I’ve been waiting for this video.
melyolalde 13 kun oldin
Gabriel Gonçalves
Gabriel Gonçalves 13 kun oldin
Eu não português ou inglês
Gabriel Gonçalves
Gabriel Gonçalves 13 kun oldin
T 13 kun oldin
rich people problem, living in a big house and can fit all my stuff inside, lol
Rit Jhunjhunwala
Rit Jhunjhunwala 13 kun oldin
How do you even afford all this
Rit Jhunjhunwala
Rit Jhunjhunwala 13 kun oldin
Two apple watchs and hundreds of apple bands. Lol
Rit Jhunjhunwala
Rit Jhunjhunwala 13 kun oldin
Why do you have so much food colouring
Rit Jhunjhunwala
Rit Jhunjhunwala 13 kun oldin
Why do you have food colouring and square tons of the same size and chocolate moulds and what on earth do you have two stand mixers
Skyler Stewart
Skyler Stewart 13 kun oldin
Can someone please explain to me what are tieks?
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 13 kun oldin
it looks so good
Gina VDB
Gina VDB 13 kun oldin
Do you share a home with row
Impo Ozzy
Impo Ozzy 13 kun oldin
How olddddd is she??
Selina M
Selina M 14 kun oldin
5:37 my dad is a bartender at “Barcardi”😊
Emily Van Zee
Emily Van Zee 14 kun oldin
Can they come and clean my house and make it look that good
Vivian White
Vivian White 14 kun oldin
The baking stuff was my favorite part
Chuleta Moreira
Chuleta Moreira 14 kun oldin
H I 14 kun oldin
this makes me wanna clean up my closet 😂
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