House Organization Before and After! OMG!

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Huge thanks to Jen and her team for all their amazing work helping me organize! instagram.com/lifeinjeneral
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1-Okt, 2018

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iJustine 2 oy oldin
eppiloes apples
eppiloes apples Kun oldin
Element Films
Element Films 9 kun oldin
i did i'm watching this again
Bubble Teaდ
Bubble Teaდ 14 kun oldin
Tell me Justine looks like Emma from Once Apon A Time??? Am I the only one?
Gabriele Delfino
Gabriele Delfino 16 kun oldin
iJustine me!!!!
Emily Knox
Emily Knox Oy oldin
I didn't cus I'm from the UK ☹️I love Renee organisation xx
Scott Richards
Scott Richards Kun oldin
Very nice house too!
eppiloes apples
eppiloes apples Kun oldin
sage dombrowski
sage dombrowski 2 kun oldin
I need to have someone do that but I am afraid that they would find something they weren't meant to see
Jett Allyson
Jett Allyson 6 kun oldin
I so needed this! Heading over to Jen's Instagram now...
REBECCA JACOB 8 kun oldin
If only they could do this with my room
Irene Heneghan
Irene Heneghan 14 kun oldin
Your house i a big difference OMG!
Eliranpaul King
Eliranpaul King 15 kun oldin
gremlinsbreath 16 kun oldin
General rule . . . if there is a open space most people will fill it with crap.
yogi prabha
yogi prabha 17 kun oldin
Ur videos are helpful and nice keep up🙋
P. Wingert
P. Wingert 18 kun oldin
She has like 100 iPhone Covers for each and eery model of iPhone that has ever existed.
PRVG 18 kun oldin
I wish the organiser was my mum. (My mum is beautiful ok don’t judge lmao)
mtk 43
mtk 43 19 kun oldin
Legit one day only thing.
Xen Martyrzade
Xen Martyrzade 19 kun oldin
This happened like last year. I think they got mad that Linus and others made fun of it and wanted to come back and get more good reactions.
0chiii 19 kun oldin
oh wow, threadbanger merch! future collab? lol
Sabin Gurung
Sabin Gurung 19 kun oldin
We have same scissors ✂️ lol😂😆
Marissa mcfarland
Marissa mcfarland 20 kun oldin
Her closet is like as big as my kitchen
Small Happy Otter
Small Happy Otter 21 kun oldin
Rie Jacobi
Rie Jacobi 22 kun oldin
🐶 🍦 🍿 🍮 🍙.
Jasmine Walker
Jasmine Walker 22 kun oldin
Pick me for the MacBook Air Please❤️❤️💙
Frankie Effects
Frankie Effects 22 kun oldin
Anybody else see the guitar
Jae-lee Stapp
Jae-lee Stapp 23 kun oldin
I love u guys thanks for inspiring me day after day and making me smile every day I love u
Mia Lund Jørgensen y7
I'm still obsessing over the vast amount of clothes you have... haha
Millie Nash
Millie Nash 25 kun oldin
Love the pitchers and juggling. It works for people like me in the Uk as we call pitchers jugs anyway. So it’s like jugs and juggling 😂
Trusteft 25 kun oldin
I am a mess too. I will probably move to a new place sooner than later, a much smaller place and I need to find a way to organize myself. Good video to get some ideas. Though with the whole apartment of mine being about the size of her garage...yeah. Still, nice to see that it can be done.
Lee Van
Lee Van 25 kun oldin
I believe she has my dream house. Love it all and the LEGO closet is on my bucket list
Ραφαήλ Μητόπουλος
Before organization: OCD goes crazy... 🤔😫 After organization: OCD finally can rest happy! 😌😎😀
Matthew Clark
Matthew Clark 26 kun oldin
Sylvanna Mitrevska
Sylvanna Mitrevska 26 kun oldin
This is random but I don't know if it's just me who thinks that Justine looks like she had a face lift? I know she hasn't had one cause she's obviously young but she's just got that look to her idk it's hard to explain lol. I don't watch her but every time I see her she gives me creepy vibes.
Liam Dawes
Liam Dawes 27 kun oldin
This satisfies me so much 🤩
Feyzan Naeem
Feyzan Naeem 27 kun oldin
Organizing isn't the problem. Keep it is. Lol Those cables inside the boxes I mean who seriously got the time to roll them up so perfectly and put them in the box again after using?
Rayhan 29 kun oldin
who leaves a hole computer on the floor
Squishy Dino
Squishy Dino 29 kun oldin
*six months later* food goes expired “House Reorganization?!!11!
Corina Stadler
Corina Stadler 29 kun oldin
I mean, I knew she would be rich, she's a successful UZvidr, but DAMN. The amount of stuff she has?! :O
Liam Jeater
Liam Jeater Oy oldin
Hi Justine can we email plz and tell do the something thing and give me your two emails
Sonia Aroo
Sonia Aroo Oy oldin
I want them to help me organize my house omg hahahaha
Emilie skinner
zorgo diffuse 3:24
Natty Falk
Natty Falk Oy oldin
No offence but looks like you have a lil problem with hoarding ;-)
Sydney Scott
Sydney Scott Oy oldin
Can they come redo my house?
Kirsty Oy oldin
Jen you remind me of Kate Middleton.
Can you give out an iPhone X or any iPhone that I can have I love every iPhone so please give me any iphone
Immanuel Mansour
Why is ijustine wearing an Apple watch series 3 on October 2018
Her Money Her Purpose
Very nice but do you actually use all those things? It seems borderline organised hoarding?
Karen A. Cruz
Karen A. Cruz Oy oldin
The amount of stuff Justine has gave me anxiety lmaoooooo all I was thinking was goddamn please put it away 😂😂😂
Saleita Smith
Saleita Smith Oy oldin
I love the way you editor your video on UZvid and You make an amazing video on UZvid and I love watching your video on UZvid
Nicola Mizu
Nicola Mizu Oy oldin
Omyy! So satisfying 😍
Zuhrain Abbas
Zuhrain Abbas Oy oldin
Love you I just subscribed tonight
mrs. Hammertime
I cannot get over all the excess! There is no way she can use all of this stuff in her life time! So unnecessary.
Lia B.
Lia B. Oy oldin
Hopefully your house stays this way >< I've watched this for like....trice? Btw, I'm entering your XR giveaway and hopefully I can win it cause my 5 seriously need an upgrade TT
Marleigh Nothnagel
Hi Justine love your videos
Mira Buza
Mira Buza Oy oldin
yung deng
yung deng Oy oldin
Do a Q&A
Jey Mari
Jey Mari Oy oldin
The before and after was sick this was so helpful. I took the advice with the sentence everything has a home
H Fathimay
H Fathimay Oy oldin
I love how you keep lego
Perspective Portions
I now want to organize all of my things.
Samantha Alizabeth
This video makes me happy
the complexion
The dog wants his toys organized
Bambam Oy oldin
girl you been living like this?
Dana Hilary
Dana Hilary Oy oldin
Yikes! Way TOO much stuff ! An awesome part 2 would be a de clutter. I've never seen a home with that much Stuff
chelsey garrett
Better watch out now we know the layout of the house and where you keep the alcohol and snacks!!
Anna Ledain
Anna Ledain Oy oldin
Jen looks like the Duchess of Cambridge ❤
Image if and intruder comes into her house...
Zivile Juk
Zivile Juk Oy oldin
9:02 whaitt.. How many pair of jeans does she have? Meanwhile when I have like 3 pairs😂
Kailey Hall
Kailey Hall Oy oldin
I need someone to do that to my house
San Diego Barbie
Kailey Hall lol 😂 too my house 2
Robin  Brown
Robin Brown Oy oldin
Who needs that much stuff?? How many boxes of cake mix and baking products can you use before it goes bad. The American way....shop, shop , shop....even people who can’t afford it do it too....People equate stuff with a measure of success and importance. Better to spend money on experiences, instead of things.
Hannah DeNeale
So satisfying!
simon eric
simon eric Oy oldin
Love your videos
Lina Mehdi
Lina Mehdi Oy oldin
Can i have your kitchen all the baking stuff makes me want to organize my kitchen to buy more baking things
مستوره الناصر
I love the video 😍♥️♥️
Emily Nielsen
Emily Nielsen Oy oldin
How many shoes does one person need?!😂😂😂 I mean i only have 2 pair og shoes xD
Sienna Delsi
Sienna Delsi Oy oldin
Omg my house really needs cleaning 😂
Kallisto Indrani
Orginazating your stuff goes a lot better if you don't have that much stuff.
Taylor Oy oldin
Kallisto Indrani No duh, Sherlock, lol
superyouth Oy oldin
Mike Shinoda,Kate Middleton,Idina Menzel
M E Oy oldin
Gold Xs max 👍
Spookster Gaming
when was this done lmao in jennas making the best butterfinger pie, all the cupboards look sorted like they do here go to 3:18
whats the tea sis
coffee cupboard, now that’s the tea ☕️☕️
Rob Bago
Rob Bago Oy oldin
hey justine is your last name german
Nidhi Maisuria
Wow just loved your before and after organizing
Anna Martin
Anna Martin Oy oldin
This was my neyses birthday
Apple swag Msp
I love you
Hong Tse
Hong Tse Oy oldin
So much stuff.
Lucy Sugden
Lucy Sugden Oy oldin
Nina Phillips
Nina Phillips Oy oldin
This is so satisfying..... I think I need to reorganize my house!
Andrew Yates
Andrew Yates Oy oldin
The guy who joined the video half way through.. anyone else can see mike shinoda? Of linkin park? Even his voice :) could be his younger brother
Katyes ilikefood
Lollipop_man STAR
I can’t wait to read all comments here..😅😅
Michael Jara R
So stupid
Drew Dude
Drew Dude Oy oldin
Next video: I had a professional organizer organize my phone
P. Wingert
P. Wingert Oy oldin
I want to make that a career choice: Professional Phone Organiser!
jehn glynn
jehn glynn Oy oldin
Drew Dude haha that would be amazing
Larissa Frey
Larissa Frey Oy oldin
Rosanna Possino could bake in your kitchen for HOURS!!!!
sher yin ong
sher yin ong Oy oldin
Omg shes rich!!!! Like how many pairs of shoes does she hav!!!?????i 💖💖💖u btw
AmeerahR Oy oldin
The baking stuff is Ro’s fault!😄
Sydni Gundersen
This house looks better than mine! I need her to organize my house 😂😂
Walter White
Walter White Oy oldin
so this is it huh?... pls destroy this planet
Tara’s World
Please do a house 🏠 tour
PRO osomeloso
PRO osomeloso Oy oldin
HeyImSkylen Oy oldin
Can you organize my bedroom?? 😂😂😂
Thilakamuni Subasinghe
I’m gonna follow her right now!
Kayla O'Connor
You have a lot of clothes
Shelby Critchley
Meeeee I did just luv it I’ll watch it again
$300 Apple Book
2 yil oldin
Office Tour!
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