House Organization Before and After! OMG!

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Huge thanks to Jen and her team for all their amazing work helping me organize! instagram.com/lifeinjeneral
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1-Okt, 2018

ijustinehouse organizingorganizationhow to organizehouse tour



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iJustine 4 oy oldin
Lexie Akins- Laird
iJustine can you please do a full house tour? Now that everything is organized. Please. I love you ❤️💕
eppiloes apples
eppiloes apples 2 oy oldin
Element Films
Element Films 2 oy oldin
i did i'm watching this again
Bubble Teaდ
Bubble Teaდ 2 oy oldin
Tell me Justine looks like Emma from Once Apon A Time??? Am I the only one?
Gabriele Delfino
Gabriele Delfino 3 oy oldin
iJustine me!!!!
mondieu 2 kun oldin
Damn it, Justine! How long before u messed ur rich ass home up again?
Israe channel
Israe channel 5 kun oldin
That is so organized
Marcus Jolo
Marcus Jolo 6 kun oldin
Michele Liza Romero
I wish I could have this team do my home! 🙌
You don’t know Annyeonghaseyo?? ??
I wish I was Justine’s friend she seems like such a cool person 😔
Dark On Twitch
Dark On Twitch 15 kun oldin
Can I have one of ur phantom 4s?
Keb Lee
Keb Lee 16 kun oldin
holy crap... who the hell just has THAT much funfetti in their pantry??
The Brick /thestopmotionguy
It looks good now
Ben Jones
Ben Jones 17 kun oldin
Ketchup belongs in the fridge
Derek Fletcher
Derek Fletcher 19 kun oldin
hahahaha firewire bin
uituituituituituit 23 kun oldin
jesus being 40 years old and still not able to normally organize your own house..
egg that broke records fan
Is she a Baker or something
Just Soaps
Just Soaps 26 kun oldin
That lady looks a lot like princess Catherine prince William wife x
Pamela LeMaster
Pamela LeMaster 28 kun oldin
well, its really nice, just wish she could or someone could help those of us in our later years, and on disability. Which wouldn't include this nice closet type thing.
Seth Butler
Seth Butler Oy oldin
I love that you just have a imac sitting around
Koo Lover
Koo Lover Oy oldin
I wish they could come to my house
Daniele Calderoni
I can feel the IKEA smell from here, love it!
t0xic w
t0xic w Oy oldin
curioshittii Oy oldin
Lily Peach
Lily Peach Oy oldin
What could you use instead of plastic boxes?
sarah cisco
sarah cisco Oy oldin
Did you see all of those tEIKS THO ?!?!? Those cost like 100+ each and she has hOW MANY ?!??? 🤯🤯🤯
William Comartin
Where is all the wrapping paper?
tadie1235 Oy oldin
Those poor people organizing your house
McKenna Lawton
wow is all i have to say
Addison Ellis
Addison Ellis Oy oldin
O my goodness!!! I loved ur mini backpacks!!
Taylor Strutton
I have one major issue with organization videos...all of those drawer organizers and baskets cost a fortune
Sunny Liles
Sunny Liles Oy oldin
I would have got rid of 90% of what was still there lol But its sooo nice!
Engorgio Armani
So Jen is basically the American Marie Kondo?
Star wars jersey!!?!?!? 😱
sweta mokashi
sweta mokashi Oy oldin
Nice team work
Rabbit Shane
Rabbit Shane Oy oldin
The tea organiser?!? Omg.
izza atif
izza atif Oy oldin
Too much stuff
Wendy P
Wendy P Oy oldin
Gorgeous results.
Emily Crank
Emily Crank Oy oldin
Okay i’m new to your channel why on earth do you have so many legos
Amani Chanel
Amani Chanel Oy oldin
I just watch alot of minimlest videos and then this 👸🏻😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kelsey Phillips
Glad I am not the only that thinks this is a lot of stuff
Krystle Turner
Thank you for this. You are such a gem.
Ommmg that was amazing
Amy Sahabdool
Amy Sahabdool 2 oy oldin
WOW!!!!! 😍
Amira Almhdawi
Amira Almhdawi 2 oy oldin
Jane resembles Kate Medilton
Jea Hana
Jea Hana 2 oy oldin
I wonder if she'd consider selling these stuffs. I dunno if she did, I'm only 1 minute into the video. But my broke ass will buy it!
Queen BFF10
Queen BFF10 2 oy oldin
That’s a lot of clothes for one person and that means you have a shopping problem
theloniousMac 2 oy oldin
My solution to this was to become a minimalist. I don't acquire the shit so I don't have to deal with it. I reject the acquisition of unnecessary material items. It works wonders. In my loft I have a bed, a desk4 MacBook Pros, and one RazerBlade Pro. I have an LG 5K2K monitor (wide screen), and from that desk I do all of my work which is primarily network and computer support. I'm still looking for the ultimate comfy chair for reading. I do not have anything else. I have an iPhone, and an iPad. I've converted my entire library to Kindle so it is available on any of my computers and iOS devices. Other than that I have a few drawers with tools and various other small items. YET SOMEHOW I'VE LOST MY DAMN WALLET IN HERE AND I NEED IT!!!!!!!
Anthony Johnston
Anthony Johnston 2 oy oldin
Nice! You can send me one of the iMacs that was casually sitting on the floor. Pease and thank you
Nice Outfit
Nice Outfit 2 oy oldin
I aspire to one day have two baskets full of Tieks in my closet
Nice Outfit
Nice Outfit 2 oy oldin
(not snark, I really do want all those shoes!!)
Jason Howell
Jason Howell 2 oy oldin
Linus didn’t partake in this?
Charles Parker
Charles Parker 2 oy oldin
JUSTINE, you do sign language? I started doing sign language! 🤟🏻 Your Videos Are Awesome!!
Eirl Nunez
Eirl Nunez 2 oy oldin
Hi mommy ilove all your videos specially thw unbox vids😍😘😘
Apoorv Surana
Apoorv Surana 2 oy oldin
Life of that dog is lit
Apoorv Surana
Apoorv Surana 2 oy oldin
This is the result of dumbness+money
Chris on Cars
Chris on Cars 2 oy oldin
Hate on her all you want people, she makes interesting videos . . .and lets emphasize the SHE . . .she writes and edits and has for years!
S R 2 oy oldin
Very nice house too!
eppiloes apples
eppiloes apples 2 oy oldin
sage dombrowski
sage dombrowski 2 oy oldin
I need to have someone do that but I am afraid that they would find something they weren't meant to see
Jett Allyson
Jett Allyson 2 oy oldin
I so needed this! Heading over to Jen's Instagram now...
REBECCA JACOB 2 oy oldin
If only they could do this with my room
Blaze fortnite clan
Your house i a big difference OMG!
Eliranpaul musick
gremlinsbreath 3 oy oldin
General rule . . . if there is a open space most people will fill it with crap.
yogi prabha
yogi prabha 3 oy oldin
Ur videos are helpful and nice keep up🙋
P. Wingert
P. Wingert 3 oy oldin
She has like 100 iPhone Covers for each and eery model of iPhone that has ever existed.
PRVG 3 oy oldin
I wish the organiser was my mum. (My mum is beautiful ok don’t judge lmao)
mtk 43
mtk 43 3 oy oldin
Legit one day only thing.
Xen Martyrzade
Xen Martyrzade 3 oy oldin
This happened like last year. I think they got mad that Linus and others made fun of it and wanted to come back and get more good reactions.
0chiii 3 oy oldin
oh wow, threadbanger merch! future collab? lol
Sabin Gurung
Sabin Gurung 3 oy oldin
We have same scissors ✂️ lol😂😆
Marissa mcfarland
Her closet is like as big as my kitchen
Rie Jacobi
Rie Jacobi 3 oy oldin
🐶 🍦 🍿 🍮 🍙.
Jasmine Walker
Jasmine Walker 3 oy oldin
Pick me for the MacBook Air Please❤️❤️💙
Frankie Visual
Frankie Visual 3 oy oldin
Anybody else see the guitar
Jae-lee Stapp
Jae-lee Stapp 3 oy oldin
I love u guys thanks for inspiring me day after day and making me smile every day I love u
Mia Lund Jørgensen 7y
I'm still obsessing over the vast amount of clothes you have... haha
Millie Nash
Millie Nash 3 oy oldin
Love the pitchers and juggling. It works for people like me in the Uk as we call pitchers jugs anyway. So it’s like jugs and juggling 😂
Trusteft 3 oy oldin
I am a mess too. I will probably move to a new place sooner than later, a much smaller place and I need to find a way to organize myself. Good video to get some ideas. Though with the whole apartment of mine being about the size of her garage...yeah. Still, nice to see that it can be done.
Lee Van
Lee Van 3 oy oldin
I believe she has my dream house. Love it all and the LEGO closet is on my bucket list
Ραφαήλ Μητόπουλος
Before organization: OCD goes crazy... 🤔😫 After organization: OCD finally can rest happy! 😌😎😀
Matthew Clark
Matthew Clark 3 oy oldin
Sylvanna Mitrevska
This is random but I don't know if it's just me who thinks that Justine looks like she had a face lift? I know she hasn't had one cause she's obviously young but she's just got that look to her idk it's hard to explain lol. I don't watch her but every time I see her she gives me creepy vibes.
Liam Dawes
Liam Dawes 3 oy oldin
This satisfies me so much 🤩
Feyzan Naeem
Feyzan Naeem 3 oy oldin
Organizing isn't the problem. Keep it is. Lol Those cables inside the boxes I mean who seriously got the time to roll them up so perfectly and put them in the box again after using?
Rayhan 3 oy oldin
who leaves a hole computer on the floor
Squishy Dino
Squishy Dino 3 oy oldin
*six months later* food goes expired “House Reorganization?!!11!
Corina Stadler
Corina Stadler 3 oy oldin
I mean, I knew she would be rich, she's a successful UZvidr, but DAMN. The amount of stuff she has?! :O
Liam Jeater
Liam Jeater 3 oy oldin
Hi Justine can we email plz and tell do the something thing and give me your two emails
Sonia Aroo
Sonia Aroo 3 oy oldin
I want them to help me organize my house omg hahahaha
Emilie skinner
Emilie skinner 3 oy oldin
zorgo diffuse 3:24
Natty Falk
Natty Falk 3 oy oldin
No offence but looks like you have a lil problem with hoarding ;-)
Sydney Scott
Sydney Scott 3 oy oldin
Can they come redo my house?
Kirsty 3 oy oldin
Jen you remind me of Kate Middleton.
Can you give out an iPhone X or any iPhone that I can have I love every iPhone so please give me any iphone
Immanuel Mansour
Immanuel Mansour 3 oy oldin
Why is ijustine wearing an Apple watch series 3 on October 2018
Her Money Her Purpose
Very nice but do you actually use all those things? It seems borderline organised hoarding?
Karen A. Cruz
Karen A. Cruz 3 oy oldin
The amount of stuff Justine has gave me anxiety lmaoooooo all I was thinking was goddamn please put it away 😂😂😂
Saleita Smith
Saleita Smith 3 oy oldin
I love the way you editor your video on UZvid and You make an amazing video on UZvid and I love watching your video on UZvid
Nicola Mizu
Nicola Mizu 3 oy oldin
Omyy! So satisfying 😍
Zuhrain Abbas
Zuhrain Abbas 3 oy oldin
Love you I just subscribed tonight
mrs. Hammertime
mrs. Hammertime 3 oy oldin
I cannot get over all the excess! There is no way she can use all of this stuff in her life time! So unnecessary.
Lia B.
Lia B. 3 oy oldin
Hopefully your house stays this way >< I've watched this for like....trice? Btw, I'm entering your XR giveaway and hopefully I can win it cause my 5 seriously need an upgrade TT
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