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❤ Sadia



11-Yan, 2019

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Pick Up Limes
Pick Up Limes 8 kun oldin
What’s your favourite plant? My current fave is the pothos: the one hanging along the back wall of the PUL kitchen 🌱 hope to turn it into a waterfall of vines one day!
D RL Kun oldin
I have a question..😊 It’s wintertime here... No Sun ☀️ for plants!🌱 Where can I put the plants in my house by the windows so that they will feel warmth & warm sun?☀️ How do you feel about putting plant lights over plants to warm ☀️them and give them warm☀️light in the winter ❄️. Thank you 😊 For your this 🌱 plant video!!! I look forward to your response.😊
Great Rupesh Zagade
You look beautiful sadia
Sunita K
Sunita K 3 kun oldin
Pick Up Limes hi
Pam C
Pam C 3 kun oldin
Lemon tree, fig tree and orchids
aheartfornature 3 kun oldin
Mine is a Zamioculcas. In Germany you call it a "Glücksfeder", a happiness feather!
Gigi Higgins
Gigi Higgins 2 soat oldin
So helpful ..thank you 😁
Veronica Pinto
Veronica Pinto 4 soat oldin
I really love the tall plant, against the back wall, behind the sofa. What is it? :o
Nina Tretiakova
Nina Tretiakova 6 soat oldin
Been waiting for this video since the beginning of the channel ♥️♥️♥️
Ark Vyas
Ark Vyas 16 soat oldin
Phil Lester really needs this
Faith 20 soat oldin
My tip is to join a Houseplants FB group or two! You'll be inspired by other people's plant pics and you can share your own pics of course. I even see people upload pics of their plants when there's something wrong like an unknown disease/pest problem, so it's a great platform to exchange some knowledge. xoxo
Khodijah M
Khodijah M 21 soat oldin
It's one of my 2019 goals to try to garden an plant a bit more. This video really encouraged me, and I'm ready to start now 😃
Curious Kun oldin
Hi, can you make a video for vegan yogurt?
Annette Rodriguez
I would love if you could include some eating disorder recovery tips for people & excess amounts of restriction. I am currently recovering anorexia & your healthy eating tips are really helping me get on the right track xoxo
David Carloz
David Carloz Kun oldin
Thanks 🙏🏼 🌱
Muriel Perez
Muriel Perez Kun oldin
I am so in love with planes. Your space looks so beautiful! Wow, I’m in love!!
Kinguins-Corner Kun oldin
How do you keep succulents alive? I had 4... 3 of them have died and I've no idea what I've done wrong
Byanka Holder
Byanka Holder Kun oldin
Can you please do more videos of plants? Different kinds you have and how to care for them?
Johana Hernandez
When I saw thé video about your home in Canada , I understood why you like so much plants. Is so Green over there ☺️👍😘
racing gurl
racing gurl Kun oldin
What hair color is that? Your hair looks gorgeous, beautiful! :)
Hurray for printable guides :) and an enjoyable video ☺️☺️
Merynea Kun oldin
Great explanation, thank you! 🌻 I wish we could have plants as the same way you have, but at the moment we have a really dark flat and two cats who eat and destroy any plants. 🐾 I´m looking forward to an own house maybe in a few years - than I will buy a loooooot of beautiful plants and a wonderful huge garden.
kirti sureka
kirti sureka Kun oldin
Loved this.Thanks❤❤❤
Samantha Nijmeijer
Totally in love with the greenery and the baskets! What store did you get those at?
Kiri Miri
Kiri Miri Kun oldin
My favourite house plants right now are my maidenhair fern and peace lily
Liz Clark
Liz Clark Kun oldin
Thank you for this video. Could you plan a video on care of hanging plants?
tarini chandok
tarini chandok Kun oldin
Ohh Sadia!! This is just what i was looking for. Absolutely love love this video on plants.
Kathleen Fleming
Kathleen Fleming 2 kun oldin
Is that a rhipsalis hanging behind you? I really would love to know what it is specifically. Thanks.
Daniela Fischerlehner
Wow - LOVE this video... So helpful tips. Thank you very much :)
j dawg
j dawg 2 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure you are winning at life! So calming.
Delylah Ransfield
Delylah Ransfield 2 kun oldin
Do you recommend starting with 1 plant at a time?
bharathi gandhi
bharathi gandhi 2 kun oldin
As usual rocking with valuable infos.. 🙏🏻
Suma Venkatappa
Suma Venkatappa 2 kun oldin
What's the plant hanging behind you..more like stick like appearance
Janine Xavier
Janine Xavier 2 kun oldin
I really needed this video! Thank you so much, ive been doing almost the opposite of everything you’ve suggested 😅 so now I feel better about caring for my plants 🌱
Demi Hamilton
Demi Hamilton 2 kun oldin
Sadia, you give me such positive vibes. I've had a bit of a rough time lately & watching your videos really lifts my spirits, you have such a warm & welcoming demeanor. I certainly need to surround myself with more people like yourself. Thank you for doing what you do 💚
Yulius Halim
Yulius Halim 2 kun oldin
Do you make a mess when you take care of your plants? Would appreciate some tips if you kmow how to minimize that.
Ash Mos
Ash Mos 2 kun oldin
Thank you
Arun G
Arun G 2 kun oldin
Will you marry me? 💕
Gabrielle 2 kun oldin
In the past 2 years I have become plant crazed and have learned so much by having them! Some of my favorites are anthuriums & peperomias ❤ You should definitely do a plant tour.
Sunny J
Sunny J 3 kun oldin
I got a small plant from target and its leaves are browning! Does it mean I'm not giving enough water or it's not getting enough sunlight? It's placed near the window. TIA :)
DarkRuins 3 kun oldin
im literally staring at my completely dried out majesty palm as i type this. i watered it i swear but it just kept turning brown. im cursed
Pam C
Pam C 3 kun oldin
With the pot, if you have a plant that loves water then that is a great pot if it doesn’t then don’t. Also a plant move will be less stressful if you move them 1 together and two from one spot to another spot that is extremely similar that’s what I do with my orchids. Orchids also like a partner so 2-3 plants together really do well. Also make sure to learn about your fertilizer as well. Nitrogen, phosphorus etc. different things for different needs, a great general plant book helps for more details. For me I let the plant tell me what spot (weird I know but it makes sense) plants will be happier in different spots and it may not be a spot you originally picked but the plant will thrive.
Crystal R. Castillo
I love this video 🌹
Sophie Burke
Sophie Burke 3 kun oldin
I am usually pretty bad at taking care of my house plants, so this was a much needed and appreciated video. Thanks for another amazing video! You do amazing things here on this channel and your blog !
Fiona M
Fiona M 3 kun oldin
Lovely video! And everyone remember, leaves dying is normal. Plants continue to grow new leaves so of course it’s normal for some to die as well, otherwise they would be huge! So if you have some dying leaves don’t worry it’s not you!
Aγlaia L.
Aγlaia L. 3 kun oldin
Can you do a video on being vegan/plant based and having IBS? Or on bloating and gas on a plant based diet?
ElizabethMancuso 3 kun oldin
This was great! Would you consider doing like a cookbook or favorite book review? of like cookbooks that you think helped evolve your vegan kitchen skills or just favorite books that you like to read?
Millie Berutti
Millie Berutti 3 kun oldin
Hi beautiful! Thanks for the video, can you advise a plant for the bedroom? Cheers
lina santos
lina santos 3 kun oldin
I also love plants however it’s not easy for me to keep them inside my home since am always away
My Nguyen
My Nguyen 3 kun oldin
What do you do about the little flies /gnats that find their way inside the dirt when you buy them? I let my soil completely dry (because I figured they were attracted to overwatering) and they still made a home inside the dirt. I also heard about egg shell tea but I’m not sure if that works. HELP!
Lettisha .LS.
Lettisha .LS. 3 kun oldin
This is such a peaceful video. Thank you.
ryouko misato
ryouko misato 3 kun oldin
Your place is AMAAAAAAZING 🤩😍
xFallenmoon 3 kun oldin
Oh my gosh! How is your pilea so big? Mine needs soooo much water, the soil is super dry within a few days and leaves are turning yellow faster than its growing new ones! I even have leaves that are twisted instead of nice and straight... help!
Gabrielle P.
Gabrielle P. 4 kun oldin
Hi! Could you make maybe a video with tips to improve the quality of sleep and how to find a good sleep schedule? Or how to find energy during the day even when our sleep is fucked up?
Jaymii Knierum
Jaymii Knierum 4 kun oldin
Another tip is to ensure you wipe dust from the leaves! The leaves are how the plants get energy from the sun so any build up on them prevents them from living their best life. I just give them a gentle wipe whenever I water them.
Jaymii Knierum
Jaymii Knierum 4 kun oldin
I also found it super helpful to start with less plants and gradually add more so it's not too overwhelming and to schedule time to check/water them in my bullet journal(you could also set a reminder on your phone)
Molly McGee
Molly McGee 4 kun oldin
Hi, I really enjoyed watching this video! Would you be able to put links to where you got your woven bags you placed your plants in?
vegan movie psychos
Your home is just goals! 😍 So beautifully put together! I‘m super interested in plants & interior. This video hits all my needs lol 🤓🌱
LaPrincipessina90 4 kun oldin
This was SOOOOO useful. Can you also do a video about succulents? 🌵
Marie Städler
Marie Städler 4 kun oldin
Can't you talk without that artificial smile all the time?
The quick brown fox
After a film project, my housemate and I were given a bunch of worms (long story) and we decided to start a worm farm. If sustainability and plastic free living is something you're interested in, I've found it's a great way to source general purpose fertiliser AND dispose of your veggie waste more ethically, as well as saving a lot on fertilisers in general since once you've set up the farm it's basically free to maintain.
Garima Dhingra
Garima Dhingra 4 kun oldin
Treat to watch so many greens, just sprouting and towering and falling from every corner of this beautiful space : )
Valerie March
Valerie March 4 kun oldin
You have such wholesome content. I'm watching my string of pearls die, I guess it wasn't meant for a parisian winter.
S Poswal
S Poswal 4 kun oldin
zoi mpas
zoi mpas 4 kun oldin
hello! as a nutriniost can you share your thoughts about bonny rebecas health issues problems regarding to her diet? Ofcourse i dont want to assault her, just to see her diet through an expert eye! thank you
Queens curry Kitchen
What a soothing space you have created with your plants im notorious for the black thumb but I have managed to keep some pothos alive! I think I smother them with overwatering -yes I have killed succulents too in my life!😞 but we live and learn and I thank you for your inspiring and informative video!
Vimlesh Sharma
Vimlesh Sharma 4 kun oldin
I love bougainvillea, green vines and succulents of course.......
Vimlesh Sharma
Vimlesh Sharma 4 kun oldin
Hey Sadia, your videos are amazing. I wanted to know where did you get those wooden chairs in your earlier videos??
KO Doom
KO Doom 4 kun oldin
I love plants so much. They're like the dogs of nature. That's a horrible comparison/description, but basically I feel like they're the best of the best and easy to love. Would love a subtle jungle-aesthetic living space, but I'm crazy negligent. Legit won't be surprised if my current lil fake plant is dying on me 😂
Mother knows best, God bless love from Canada.
Pochun Penaflor
Pochun Penaflor 4 kun oldin
U r so beautiful
Umair Ahmed
Umair Ahmed 4 kun oldin
I've been waiting for this video ever since I was born 😰😰🌱🌱🌱
Noemi Durżyńska
Noemi Durżyńska 4 kun oldin
I want to Ask about this circle leaf, have this Home: how often do u give water?
Sukhraj Kaur
Sukhraj Kaur 4 kun oldin
I had been waiting for this ♥
Shane Shadowcat
Shane Shadowcat 4 kun oldin
The Blessed Life
The Blessed Life 4 kun oldin
What is the name of the plant at 0:46?? I have it but I don’t know the name.
Elodie Dinkelberg
Elodie Dinkelberg 4 kun oldin
Bruh I just water my plant every once and a while and hope for the best 😂 So far it hasn’t died on me
Pooja Deshpande
Pooja Deshpande 4 kun oldin
Samantha Robles
Samantha Robles 4 kun oldin
Great tips! One I have is wait as long as you can to trim yellowing leaves off because most dying foliage does not suck nutrients in, the plant actually sucks them back IN and allocates them to new growth or anywhere it can be of use. Wait till it's fully dead to trim off old growth :)
Marie Lane
Marie Lane 4 kun oldin
You're awesome Thank you.
Denise Gonzalez
Denise Gonzalez 4 kun oldin
Love this! Does anyone else loosen the roots of their plant when repotting? Should I avoid doing that?
Rachel Sedgwick
Rachel Sedgwick 5 kun oldin
If only I was as type A as Sadia.
Paige Mac
Paige Mac 5 kun oldin
Hey there. Just wondering about humidity for houseplants? I've noticed a lot of my houseplants having a difficult time here in the winter due to the electric heating inside causing dry air. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated :)
Νεκταρία Πολυχρονάκη
"Pothos" in Greek means desire..
chorei 5 kun oldin
This video motivates me to take better care of my plant. I received a plant from my mom (it's been a year now) and I have no idea how to take care of it. I don't even know what it is because my mom only knows the plant's name in our native language which I easily forget and isn't as accessible to look up. Also, I'm really happy to see you made a pdf printable as a caretaking guide.
Marika Balgová
Marika Balgová 5 kun oldin
Hi :) I use coffee grounds as a fertilizer to my plants, most of them likes mildly acid soil, once or twice a year I mix the grounds to their soil, so they can use the nitrogen from it.
J Cripps
J Cripps 5 kun oldin
I don’t watch a lot of these types of videos but saw yours come up with LilyKoi Hawaii. You’re great on camera and the videos are really well edited and curated but still practical. 👏🙏🌱🇨🇦
Bella Oz
Bella Oz 5 kun oldin
I’d love to have my own vine leaves growing in my kitchen, especially since we cook with them where I’m from. I’m just worried about insects
Veronica Cardenas-Garcia
I was on vacayio in Netherlands 2 weeks ago. Beautiful place.
Channing Lomax
Channing Lomax 5 kun oldin
IF YOU HAVE PETS be sure you look up plants that are safe for them! A lot of trendy common house plants are toxic for cats, etc
Raji Srikanth
Raji Srikanth 5 kun oldin
Thanks a ton Sadia!!! I have started gardening recently and these tips are dfntly going to be handy . Love u , ur amazing
Pls do a tour of your studio, I wanna see how it is styled... the jungle look as a whole
Venetia Robinson
Venetia Robinson 5 kun oldin
Thank you for this clear brief and comprehensive starter guide
Luiza Kolowska
Luiza Kolowska 5 kun oldin
What a beautiful video, music and it’s just so much love in it ❤️
Kathy Reyes Hernandez
What is the name of the fertilizer that you use?
Khánh TV
Khánh TV 5 kun oldin
videos or support
Katja Chko
Katja Chko 5 kun oldin
your space looks amazing. I'm rooting for some inspiring interieur videos ;) hint hint
Meeri13 5 kun oldin
I love plant but unfortunaly one of my tomcats always wants to eat them =( Moreover my husband isn't a great plantlover becaue he dislikes it when there "standing in the way" ... And of course it's really annoying when you have to scare away your cat every ten minutes because the plants are so "tasty" (cat grass isn't really working either).
Maitree Poldiya
Maitree Poldiya 5 kun oldin
this video just made me so happy :)
Marielle 5 kun oldin
I love how the plant behind you at the end is shaped as the v for vegan symbols 😍🌱
Madara Liepina
Madara Liepina 5 kun oldin
Hey, found your channel right about new years eve and fell in love with it! Such a beautiful way of spreading positivity and a healthy lifestyle in many ways! But I have question - I'm kinda new on the Plant-based path and still stumbling mainly because I'm from a small city in a small country that has very limited "transition food options" and my main difficulty is mayonnaise - Can you please suggest some alternative option that I can maybe make my self(please not difficult -I'm not a good cook by any means). I think it's the thick creamy, salty taste that I'm craving! I have tried to shift my attention away from mayonnaise and restrict my self but as all restrictions that tend to come back uncontrollably and with not only mayonnaise on my plate but more things that I don't want or need and later regret my slip-ups - feeling my body struggle! Those things are in my refrigerator cuz I'm not living alone, but I'm the only one on the new path right now! Hope you can Help and share some easy effective Ideas! P.s. Anyhow, I'm in love with your personality and your channel, keep up the great work!
Raksha Pawar
Raksha Pawar 5 kun oldin
well thankyou so much sadia..love u n please do post atleast one video per week.i wish n wonder many a times is there any way of working out with u?would be really greatful if you can show out the way.
Nataliia Potapchuk
Nataliia Potapchuk 5 kun oldin
Great video! Thank you for the tips! I like your watering can. Where did you buy it? :-)
Dawn 5 kun oldin
Hi Sadia, I love your channel! You are such an inspiration!! I just want to add that some plants are poisonous to pets. It is important to check whether or not a plant is poisonous to your specific pet before you bring it home (Something that is poisonous to a cat might not affect a dog and vice versa). Thanks for taking the time to pass on your knowledge and in such a beautifully presented way too :)
LiveLoveLetters 5 kun oldin
Wow! I actually didn't know there was so much to learn about the basic care of plants! :O Again, a beautiful and super helpful video Sadia! X
Saraha99999 5 kun oldin
These are great tips. I always was a green thump person but I learn a few new things from this vid. Thank you for your great input and thank you for your radiant personality!!