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❤ Sadia



11-Yan, 2019



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Pick Up Limes
Pick Up Limes 2 oy oldin
What’s your favourite plant? My current fave is the pothos: the one hanging along the back wall of the PUL kitchen 🌱 hope to turn it into a waterfall of vines one day!
Tiny Acorn
Tiny Acorn Soat oldin
Pick Up Limes Pothos are my favorite too! They are just so easy to take care of and grow so fast! Not to mention propagating is super easy!
Dner 6 kun oldin
Hamilton Clan
Hamilton Clan 17 kun oldin
Pick Up Limes I truly enjoyed your space! And thanks for history tips from you Mom! Be well.
lupusprobitas 28 kun oldin
I like Mother-in-law's tongue; The name makes me smile, it looks pleasant and doesn't take up much width, and according to a NASA study it's one of the best plants for filtering the air. Most importantly it's very hardy, I'm just terrible at remembering to water my plants, but it survives and even thrives anyway :-)
eshank gupta
eshank gupta 29 kun oldin
inspiring journey of yours
Tiny Acorn
Tiny Acorn Soat oldin
Beautiful video with tons of good info! Thank you!
Bonnie Rabbit
Bonnie Rabbit 10 soat oldin
Please do a plant tour!! I especially love the hanging spaghetti looking vines behind you at 0:17 ! They’re so cute!
Elizabeth Miller
Elizabeth Miller 11 soat oldin
New subscriber here!!! Your positivity, energy, calming voice did it for me!! Can’t wait to watch more of your videos. I love plants but kill them by doing too much I guess, can’t wait to learn more from you...
Carolella Much
Carolella Much Kun oldin
Do you talk to your plants?
cookiecarooi Kun oldin
more plant videos please !:)))
Nichole vanessa Canlas
I really enjoying following all your videos😍😀learning so much of everything. Even my daughter-in-laws in Singapore and in Chicago they told me to watch your videos. Thank you so much! Love from Virginia Beach
Kelly-sophie Mekel
i love the PDF sheet, ive made my own sort of Plantbook, where i made a picture of every plant, and wrote down when it needs watering, how it needs watering, and specifics wich i later plastified into little cards that i keep with my little plant part in the house
Jas Nepomuceno
Jas Nepomuceno 2 kun oldin
Hi! Big fan of this channel. What can you suggest to someone who wants to take care of a plant but is afraid of earthworms? 😅
ahmed hafez
ahmed hafez 2 kun oldin
Thank you you have been very supportive to me here in Cair, Egypt . Do u have an email ?
Happy Little Ghost
Happy Little Ghost 2 kun oldin
You have no business being as wonderful as you are lol. I love your videos
MsMigliukas 2 kun oldin
Loved this video. Super informative, yet simple and made beautifuly! Thank you.
Andrea Steingraeber
Is it necessary to re-pot all plants right after buying them, or can I leave my new plant in the container I bought it in? I don't want to disrupt its growth or anything but I also want to make sure I'm letting it thrive. I just purchased a beautiful bird of paradise plant as well as a majesty palm..can I leave those plants in the pots they came in? And if so, when do they need to be re-potted?
Natural Vegan Mom
Natural Vegan Mom 4 kun oldin
Also I have hard water and it's actually really tough on plants! White residue, minerals, around the rim of my pots. Not good. Going to try to keep some water room temperature, I heard minerals settle after 24 hours. We'll see.
Natural Vegan Mom
Natural Vegan Mom 4 kun oldin
Actually just went on a plant splurge. Also split up some plants I inherited from my grandma. 💕
Riviera Gorkhali
Riviera Gorkhali 4 kun oldin
Would love an APARTMENT TOUR with all those plants!!! And how do you decorate your apartment with plants?
Bailey Holder
Bailey Holder 4 kun oldin
This was a great video! Thank you:)
yadagiri neeli
yadagiri neeli 4 kun oldin
nice video... i found tiny white mites all around my plants and in the soil and more over they crawlling all over my house. how to get rid of them...?please let me know.....
Angi 4 kun oldin
I love your channel. It is such a good vibe generator. Thanks for your work and for providing these free PDFs. They are of great help.
Sneha Jagadeesh
Sneha Jagadeesh 5 kun oldin
I'm a beginner, um actually yet to begin. I wonder about the drainage, how can I water and see that my house isn't flooded. 😮. I can of course keep a plate below. But won't the plants be heavy and messy to keep throwing off the drained water. Help me please.
Misbee Parra D.
Misbee Parra D. 6 kun oldin
Thanks for your savvy informatiion. I will have a new area for my plants. You are also a beautiful lady.I see how sweet and happy person you are. Congratulations!, I enjoy my plants and my beautiful byrds.
Denise G.
Denise G. 6 kun oldin
Your voice and smile is so soothing. Thank you for the tips. I’m a beginner 😬
Angie Kalas-Caldwell
Hello! Great video! Thanks for the info. I was wondering what kind of plant you have in the background? The stringy kind of plant that is hanging down?
Jeff P
Jeff P 4 kun oldin
Brett Gomez
Brett Gomez 7 kun oldin
I've read that a lot of store bought soil and fertilizer has animal products in. Just wondering what you recommend doing, I'm planning on making my own soil, but I'm not sure what to do about fertilizer.
Samantha Elizabeth
Samantha Elizabeth 9 kun oldin
you're incredible. so glad i stumbled upon your channel! thank you for the pdf!!
Mr. or Ms Gaming 今日 Today 游戲 PG
1 +8 2019-03-15 0002 2 months
Aethetikos 9 kun oldin
My Irises jumped ship and started making their way across the sidewalk. Need to thin them lol But I took the escapees into a pot and I'm going to see how indoor irises fair.
dragomxsoldier 10 kun oldin
I screw up with my first house plant please help it was a gift. It had direct sun like for a couple of hours and now half of the leave are yellow, is it going to die?
Swish Celadon
Swish Celadon 10 kun oldin
I just fall in love with you 💑
Esther Lives
Esther Lives 10 kun oldin
such lovely video. I am new to plant care but I learn to love it more each day.
Van-Anh Vu
Van-Anh Vu 11 kun oldin
what’s that hanging plant in the beginning of your video at the top right ?
Stephanie Rivera
Stephanie Rivera 11 kun oldin
Hi Sadia, I have an indoor dwarf neanthe Bella Palm that appears to have mites? The leaves have white spots. I looked online for help and found a diy insecticide using Castile soap/ivory dish soap, canola oil and water. What are your thoughts ? I want to save this baby and nurse it back to health. Please help ☹️🌱💚
rymonator 11 kun oldin
Is she stoned?
The Family Garden Stormy Reyes
Thoughts on using rainwater on indoor plants?
Sara Hadi
Sara Hadi 13 kun oldin
Hey Nur it's my 2nd attempt to planting from seedlings,2 years back I did it N failed till germination it works later nothing happens so i gave up then since 2 years watching gardening video N finally wanted to give a 2nd try along with my kids they're superb excited I already started seedlings as we live in Chicago so indoor I want to start faster basically I sow all fruits and vegetables now the germination is over now is the challenging part to transfer and not sure to transfer in pots or direct in ground as temperature is not ideal outside but if I transfer in pots and later again transfer outside will it still make it or our attempt will fail.please let me know as this time I really want to succeed as my kids are watching germination and are so excited to see the final results
dddfreestyle 13 kun oldin
Oh my god, you are beautiful. Your smile... produces oxygen in my brain.
Anita Lovato
Anita Lovato 15 kun oldin
Esta en español el subtítulo y ella habla inglés 🤔 pecado que no sea traducido
Jeb Smith
Jeb Smith 16 kun oldin
Thank you for the PDF.... Think i'll use it for my outside garden also!
Lea Graf
Lea Graf 16 kun oldin
Great Tipps, Thank you so much! Greetings from Berlin, Germany 🥰
Jesus & Itzi
Jesus & Itzi 17 kun oldin
I loved this video ❤️ I’ve started my own little plant collection, I hope one day i can decorate my whole house with them.
Grayson Greer
Grayson Greer 17 kun oldin
I am new to planting and gardening and have become OBSESSED!!! I too said I wanted my apartment to become a jungle. Thanks so much for all these tips.
Daniel Hew
Daniel Hew 17 kun oldin
Plants are a solution to cleaning up our environment.
Valery Fenskaya
Valery Fenskaya 17 kun oldin
You are sooooo very much inspiring!!! I've just watched this video and I felt how I want to go back home and look at my flowers! My dream is to have my own urban jungle, so I'll follow your tips :)
Althea Bruggink
Althea Bruggink 18 kun oldin
One of my favorite plants (currently) is crassula ovata.
Rayanne Vieira
Rayanne Vieira 18 kun oldin
Love this vídeo! I have plenty of healthy houseplants, but I have so much trouble with herbs. I've tried multiple types, read abou how to care for them, but I always end up killing them. Do you have any tips for a herb garden?
Long Le
Long Le 18 kun oldin
Will plants be okay with windows that has UV film? I have a hobby of collecting figurines but I don't want my figurines color to faded because of direct sun lights and so I put film on the windows. But I don't want plants to die either because I'm wanting to get some pothos and some other plants to make my room a small jungle
Charlotte Ai
Charlotte Ai 14 kun oldin
Pothos dont like direct sun or tons of light so a UV filter is great for them!
Little Hausfrau
Little Hausfrau 18 kun oldin
This was so helpful and exactly what I needed. You’re like the mom I never had!
Katie Sanvick
Katie Sanvick 19 kun oldin
why does everyone say pothos are so easy??? i've tried them twice now and they died pretty quickly :( all the leaves start turning yellow and wilting away seem to be very fussy to me..
Charlotte Ai
Charlotte Ai 14 kun oldin
They like to dry out quite a lot. The leaves go yellow when they get too much water usually. Depends on climate how much to use but I do mine every 10 days to 2 weeks. They're really hardy when you neglect them a bit!
Deliberate Daydreamers
When it comes to plants and learning to care for them, I think we will always be beginners as each green baby is unique. Great video - thanks for sharing!
Jessica Bonnar
Jessica Bonnar 20 kun oldin
Your videos are so soothing and lovely
Deepika Naik
Deepika Naik 20 kun oldin
Thank you 😘 great tips.. I love plants so much.. My tiny balconies are mini jungles. I somehow struggled to get rid of those white cotton covered bugs .. Thnx again!!
cheryenglish 21 kun oldin
Can I ask what color grey you chose for the kitchen? It’s fabulous with the plants!
wesplan bdg
wesplan bdg 22 kun oldin
wow...nice video
Tsunshine gal
Tsunshine gal 22 kun oldin
Wow 😲 Beautiful house plants 🌱 🌿 🌸👍
Gerard's Horticulture Culture
Very impressive video. Very good presentation. Glad to be a new subscriber🌱🌳
Alicia Danowski
Alicia Danowski 23 kun oldin
You seem to be a very caring person (a mom) about your plants.That is very nice to hear. Thank you.
Sunny.bias 23 kun oldin
I love plants but my apartment gets basically no sun, I only got 1 tiny window that gets sun through - so sadly many plants have died or stopped growing due to lack of sun 😩😓 IT SUCKS!!
Jany Gonzalez
Jany Gonzalez 23 kun oldin
Hi. I have plants at home since January I am very new to this and I love them but I have an annoying plague and I do not know how to end them. live in the land of my plants are fungus gnats. I already had to move two of my plants to the marquee. My idea was to improve the oxygen in my home since I am chronic asthma but now. I will appreciate any tip.
Becca L
Becca L 23 kun oldin
I bought a condo last year, and I bought many plants too, but many of them died! :( putting raw eggshells in the plant pots are very helpful, it saved all my plants :)
ashley 23 kun oldin
thank u so much 4 this !!!!
tracey o'neill
tracey o'neill 24 kun oldin
I am not the best at keeping plants alive but I am trying. I currently have a beautiful orchard which is still alive, a mini hydrangea which i potted and grew myself , the flowers have died but the leaves have shot up so I'm hopeful it'll flower again. I also have another plant which I don't know the name of but a few of the leaves are dying so your video came at the right time
Cindy O
Cindy O 24 kun oldin
Great tips. I think a lot of stores set you up for failure because their plants are often way over watered.
Mr. Bill
Mr. Bill 24 kun oldin
Growing up my mom loved houseplants and we always had a beautiful garden outside to play in. Now that I live on my own I don’t know why I don’t have any houseplants in my apartment but you’ve inspired me to have some! Thanks!
June Addis
June Addis 24 kun oldin
Greetings from Ethiopia. I have 3 beautiful house plants at my work place where I spent most of the hours alone. They are the only living things I talk to when no one is there. Whenever they flower I feel like they are responding to me. They are my friends. I love them & very grateful to have them. Sadia I'll tag u on my Instagram so u can check them out.
Makhanani Sithole
Makhanani Sithole 26 kun oldin
Great video. Do you perhaps know how to take care of chrysanthemums?
2018na.d D
2018na.d D 27 kun oldin
She is rich I think..good interiors
Marta Chorbajian
Marta Chorbajian 27 kun oldin
Sadia, your smile at the beginning and end of each video is very encouraging for us to watch more of your videos. without knowing you I can tell you are a very humble and simple person. You're videos have changed my way of thinking about food and I am always passionate to watch and learn more. I always check your channel for new videos. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put for all of us.
Lieke 28 kun oldin
I use the app "plantsome" for a few weeks now and my plants are so happy because of it 😁 the app tells me when which plant likes some water 💦🌱 I think it's only available in Dutch though 😕
Jessica Patino
Jessica Patino 28 kun oldin
Thank you for plant care pdf!
Desiria Wright
Desiria Wright 29 kun oldin
I live in Washington St and we don't have a lot of daylights. What kind of houseplant can you recommend?
Cindy Lemus
Cindy Lemus 29 kun oldin
I loved your tips. I am going to subscribe.
Swati Sinha
Swati Sinha 29 kun oldin
I aspire to have a life like that.🙂 So peaceful calm and sorted
Art world
Art world 29 kun oldin
متأكده أن ما فيك عرق عربي؟؟🧐don’t you have Arab assets?
Priyanka Saraf
Your voice is so soothing. I can listen to you speak all day long!
You can do it Rose
Wonderful tips..by the way you sound just like Blake Lively :)
Julie Tsang
Julie Tsang Oy oldin
Can you do a house tour? Your home looks beautiful!
Naomi !
Naomi ! Oy oldin
I use coffee as fertilizer, is that fine?
Shop Reggie Ru
Thank you for beautiful and informative vlogs. I'm really enjoying your channel! Do you have suggestions for dealing with indoor gnats? I've sprayed homemade insecticidal soap on the soil of my plants, but the gnats still hang around and seem to get worse after I water.
So S
So S Oy oldin
Very helpful. I've just started getting plants only 8months go. I specifically go for low maintenance plants. 3died so far- 2dried up n 3rd had some white ant/insect on it. Looking forward to learning more
Nadia Al
Nadia Al Oy oldin
Sadiya you're just amazing 💓💓
Mei Surmata
Mei Surmata Oy oldin
Ooooh the pilea at 4:40 duuuude
Dylan Gregory
Dylan Gregory Oy oldin
My favorite plant is any of the plants NASA selected for their clean air study. keepairpure.com/the-nasa-guide-to-air-filtering-houseplants/ ntrs.nasa.gov/search.jsp?R=19930073077
Afsdsh Oy oldin
Can someone help me identify the plant shown at 6:18? Thank you so much in advance.
Karmec Oy oldin
intresting ideas and the Video is realy well made.
Wilonda Previlon
This was super informative and helpful! I started my indoor jungle Oct. 2018 and 2 of my Majestic Palms are starting to look really sick. I will try your tips to nurse them back to life! in the meantime, I am heading to my local nursery to but more plants. Lol. I'm obsessed now.
starsystems Oy oldin
Haha, I keep killing my succulents, though. 😅
Kjersten Johnson
What are your thoughts on cutting up the dead plant leaves and putting them back into the same plant's soil for "compost"?
Reema كانت هُنا
شكرا للمترجمة 💜
Eve Lynn Westbrooks
Hello I am having problems with my catalilly. It died then produced a stem then the thin stem broke and it died. An how do I report asparagus fern?
Benny De Guzman
Thanks for Sharing some tips:) and for the PDF:) God Bless
eshank gupta
eshank gupta Oy oldin
Are you vegetarian?
Célia-Nour Mahrour Venturelli
More video ´s about plant!! I love it! Mix with herbes and recepies!
Ingrid Holmes
Ingrid Holmes Oy oldin
Inspiring amazing thank you
A Meyer
A Meyer Oy oldin
Please do a home and/or a plant tour.
zenia san
zenia san Oy oldin
A lot of information. Never knew the points of care. Will Try again. Thanks for bring it up.
Syed Ghouse
Syed Ghouse Oy oldin
I'm not a beginner but I'm thinking to start house planting. nice video #Love Thanks for sharing those tip,
juist Oy oldin
You have beautifull flower and tree.
.m. Oy oldin
you're very pleasant to watch and listen to
Angela Marie
Angela Marie Oy oldin
Your a plant lover my favorite plant is jade plant
Disha Saxena
Disha Saxena Oy oldin
Requesting a plant tour video please....
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