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Hoverboard Football Challenge!!

Team Edge
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17-Iyl, 2017

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Team Edge
Team Edge Yil oldin
Hey guys! Did you see that awesome touchdown I made? If you haven't seen our other sporty challenges, go check out our Drone Baseball Challenge!! uzvid.com/video/video-p8ccq9UddkM.html
MS Stenskog
MS Stenskog Oy oldin
Team Edge p
Jake and Christian
Team Edge 1k like!
Alfred Moore
Alfred Moore 2 oy oldin
Jordan Reed was ndbcgcbcfnklhkhljkk’’uúppp9ynv , Eagle
Keegan Armstrong
Keegan Armstrong 2 oy oldin
Team Edge is the best
Levi Gold
Levi Gold 2 oy oldin
Team Edge levi
J Baseball
J Baseball 20 soat oldin
13:35 the ball did pass
hunter todd
hunter todd Kun oldin
Domonique Brady
Domonique Brady 3 kun oldin
I love y'all I'm in midland
Peyton Markowsky
Peyton Markowsky 3 kun oldin
That false start
Lisa Cantu
Lisa Cantu 3 kun oldin
Read the rule book
rmendoza1004 4 kun oldin
Conner sucks
Yolkyjoker 622
Yolkyjoker 622 6 kun oldin
Did anyone see joeys face when he got the pick six
Eli Ortiz
Eli Ortiz 7 kun oldin
You dont play flag football like that j-fred you had to move forward
Jeanie Ewing
Jeanie Ewing 8 kun oldin
Always crying why you always crying a a stop drop enroll
JakeWeaverSays Jacob Weaver
How tall is J-Fred
Aaron Chevez
Aaron Chevez 9 kun oldin
Connor cheated
deadmax Deluxe
deadmax Deluxe 10 kun oldin
Brian Just Seemed so salty this whole time what a prick
penguin 4205
penguin 4205 13 kun oldin
This was the first team edge episode I ever watched.
TEAM WALLPAPER 19 kun oldin
Do you know what I find funny at 6:33 when they called off sides it would actually be false start
Chase McConnell
Chase McConnell 19 kun oldin
Bobby counted way to fast
I thought they well bryan said the loser of football game gets punished
Anthony Miller
Anthony Miller 20 kun oldin
Touchdowns are six points
Horror 23
Horror 23 20 kun oldin
U guys should do hoverboard volleyball
Joe Torres
Joe Torres 20 kun oldin
Oh dang
Drew Bark
Drew Bark 24 kun oldin
Connor is dum
Devin Cupit
Devin Cupit 24 kun oldin
bobby cheated so bad he didnt even count to 3 Mississippi he just goes 123 mississipi
Ethan Cartagena
Ethan Cartagena 24 kun oldin
I’m watching this while riding a hover board
Lovey Dub
Lovey Dub 24 kun oldin
3:50 Turn on captions. 😂😅 What great translation.
Skittle boy plays rolblox
whers that other guy
501hitman Seal team
# Conner is trash
Ajay Amundson
Ajay Amundson Oy oldin
9:14 did Bobby swear?
3-KAMs Oy oldin
Wait what the blue team won but they did the punishment? And that’s a fun punishment
James the dabber charles
Your not holding the ball right
hafiz husna
hafiz husna Oy oldin
Connor sucks
toxicmoon42 Oy oldin
When the beat drops
Aidan Kellogg
Aidan Kellogg Oy oldin
Do this but on giant stuff like football's and helmets
Wynn Skidmore
Wynn Skidmore Oy oldin
Does Bobby have a brother named Danny
Skylar Gardiner
Bobby: Ah papaya hike
Catherine pender
That is good
Yolanda Campos
A td is not 7 points its 6 but great video
Yolanda Campos
Just relized someone already sead that
LoathVision gamer
Football in 2020 but with hovercraft
Brainstorm Bricks
That's fine
Cash Frederick
Bobby is so funny I love j Fred
Joshua Pyle
Joshua Pyle Oy oldin
BOBBY COUNTS WAYYY TOO FAST. It’s not “1Missippi2Missippi3”. It’s “one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi.”
Zac Pedrajas
Zac Pedrajas Oy oldin
bryan is stupid
Kelly Brady
Kelly Brady Oy oldin
My ad scared me for life 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😑😬😬😬😬😬😬😬🙄🙄🙄😧😦😯
Aniya Quinn
Aniya Quinn Oy oldin
that ref is dome
Everything mini Clipped
Connor is actually trash😂
Jeremy Karakusis
i say that it is still 14 14
Jeremy Karakusis
that is dumb i say it does not count
Connor sucks
Calder Dupont
Calder Dupont 2 oy oldin
can i have 100 likes cose it is my birthday
Joe Koffler
Joe Koffler 2 oy oldin
I love team edge
KGMEJEL 2 oy oldin