How Big Meat Made Bacon a Meme

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9-Yan, 2019

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Spiro Gamer
Spiro Gamer 15 daqiqa oldin
Please tell me if the Reuben sandwich is bad for you
DragonJo 46 daqiqa oldin
i mean, having too much of anything is bad for you. but if its bad for you and you have it as a treat (i.e. not multiple times a week) it doesn't effect your overall health.
Gavmaster Deluxe
Gavmaster Deluxe 57 daqiqa oldin
It's dumb cuz I loved bacon before then... But like okay Adam lol
Astrid derks
Astrid derks Soat oldin
Good thing I HATE bacon
Rafa Gómez
Rafa Gómez 2 soat oldin
Beware Adam: certain things are sacred
Tony Flores
Tony Flores 2 soat oldin
Ok cute and all but if it didn’t taste good people wouldn’t eat it. Yeah it was marketed harder but if it was shit no one would have eaten it. Yes fattier foods pose more health risks but if you buy homemade or make your own “bacon” it’s nothing more than smoked or cured meat the same as any other. You know that awful meat pancetta that most professional chefs use? That is pork belly as well it’s bacon.
Gene Crawford
Gene Crawford 3 soat oldin
Jay Byrd
Jay Byrd 3 soat oldin
Exchange bacon for any other thing you think you like or believe.
Agent J
Agent J 3 soat oldin
Whoa. Slow down there, bub. I was with you right up 'til the end. Vegetables? Let's not go overboard, my guy.
C00LX100 4 soat oldin
Muricans... in my country, we eat bacon raw
Bacon Cat
Bacon Cat 4 soat oldin
Y O U C A N N E V E R R U I N B A C O N ! ! !™ ©2019 Bacon Cat, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Guy The GalaXII
Guy The GalaXII 5 soat oldin
Ugh this show is so liberal now
Lex Tan
Lex Tan 5 soat oldin
Wow. The pork guy is mental... Joe Mentalino from Dumb and Dumber!
Sam Mason
Sam Mason 6 soat oldin
This video says it’s sponsored, but I didn’t see any clear advert, I wonder who sponsored it ?
Guy The GalaXII
Guy The GalaXII 5 soat oldin
Jimmie Quick
Jimmie Quick 6 soat oldin
Or maybe bacon truly is that awesome. Maybe that.
Operator BG
Operator BG 6 soat oldin
Believe me if I was born in the 80s the scent of bacon attracts me like sharks go on a frenzy when they smell blood
Operator BG
Operator BG 6 soat oldin
Sam Leonard
Sam Leonard 7 soat oldin
I have been paying less attention to weight lately and more attention to just my physique itself. In fact i havent had a scale for years so i never get to see the actual number of my weight, but i stopped eating dairy and i think i sort of became much skinnier in appearnce- i dont think my weight as as effected as we might think though. I think dairy has an effect of making us kindve thicker. Sounds weird i know. People also told me eating more dairy caused their mucus to become more intense and stopping dairy made it less. I dont know if its true, but ive basically stopped with dairy and thats my reccomendation for everyone pretty much. But i will admit, dairy is very good, of course.I dont have a perfect answer.
BullseyeBulldog. 8 soat oldin
Wow I never knew eating meat could lead to obesity... that’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day
War N/A
War N/A 8 soat oldin
3:21 Whoever is eating 1 hot dog a day, you would think would be more likely to get cancer? yea? Or is that just me that knew about this before this video?
GatorGamer101 8 soat oldin
So bacon bad because big company has it
Christoph13131 8 soat oldin
to be fair, there have been much marketing campaigns that didn't take off. It helps that bacon is super tasty. But I mean, what's not to like about fatty meat strips?
Deadprez101 8 soat oldin
I will stab you in the throat Adam I love my bacon.
Raxius 8 soat oldin
Everything causes cancer, and it tastes good. Yawn
paksta 9 soat oldin
Is $16 million on lobbying a lot? I’m just hearing it in a Dr Evil voice.
paksta 9 soat oldin
Kevin Bacon was also invented by the pork board.
kakarotgaming52 _77_
Bacon is always the answer don't ruin it
darkflamestudios 9 soat oldin
3.6k dislikes because they love bacon
fintan hird
fintan hird 10 soat oldin
I recognise that butcher from somewhere what films he off Please help
Domenico Piermarini
Domenico Piermarini 11 soat oldin
Also forgot to mention how bacon was a peasant food, hence "bring home the bacon". Services were sometimes paid in pork belly. And people didn't always have meat, so the worst cuts were the only things people could get. We always had bacon. People just thought low of it.
Jose Barrales
Jose Barrales 11 soat oldin
Im glad i never liked bacon
Tommy Is God
Tommy Is God 11 soat oldin
Guess I'll die then
Magnus Truesdale
Magnus Truesdale 12 soat oldin
antoniogomavrick 12 soat oldin
So ya, after watching this video, bacon is still amazing.
Joey Ryan
Joey Ryan 13 soat oldin
I have always known bacon was bad for you, but to have that stupid clip at the end saying we should just eat vegetables is stupid. We are an omnivore. It is not like one day people just started to try and sell us meat, we have been doing it since the beginning of our existence. Moderation of meat intake, not elimination.
dallas copp
dallas copp 13 soat oldin
Marketing and collaborating with other companies equals giant capitalist conspiracy theory
zenketski 13 soat oldin
What does he mean that big meat is fighting so that we don't hear about it? I've been hearing about processed meat causing cancer and all sorts of Health shit since I was a little kid. This is common knowledge like smoking is bad people just don't care
hadi F.
hadi F. 13 soat oldin
i will always remember this actor whose name i dont know from the movie i watched like 20 times, the one and only dumb and dumber
Liselot Ramirez
Liselot Ramirez 13 soat oldin
Either I’ll die of alcohol or bacon... I prefer bacon
RYAN LAABS 14 soat oldin
Adam is an idiot.
Andrew 14 soat oldin
Me: *ok* *I'm still eating bacon*
KloudKnight 15 soat oldin
Please note that the risk only climbs significantly if you eat the processed meats every day. Also everything causes cancer, so shut up with cancer scares. The effectiveness of cancer risks as an argument is becoming less and less effective
Seth Zweig
Seth Zweig 15 soat oldin
"Because of a silly capitalist conspiracy" um, no hun
drewhenderson13 15 soat oldin
I don’t believe a marketing campaign influenced me to like bacon. I live in Kentucky. We have always blatantly disregarded health advice in regards to food. We didn’t need an ad campaign to trick us, we never cared in the first place.
Geddiz 15 soat oldin
Basic bros in the 00s really were just absolutely ruining bacon as an abstract concept for everyone.
- Pluto -
- Pluto - 16 soat oldin
“Bacon can cause cancer” So can literally EVERYTHING ELSE! 😂 Some people are so ignorant. Also, did no one else hear him say “eating these things everyday”? It wasn’t even every once in a while in which these meat products caused cancer. This is just another campaign against Big Meats to turn people vegan/vegetarian. Nice try. I’ve been eating meat, especially hotdogs, ground beef, etc. since I was able to chew my own food, and I haven’t gotten cancer, still don’t have diabetes, and am 5’4 1/2, 112 pounds. Sorry, Adam, the only thing you ruined today was your logic. 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
dark damn
dark damn 16 soat oldin
Next episode : Adam ruins porn.
hvuu1628 16 soat oldin
But asian love pork belly before this. From roast pork to dong po/ thit kho.
Roblox Suck
Roblox Suck 16 soat oldin
nice meme review
Jonathan Fps
Jonathan Fps 17 soat oldin
I bet Adam can't ruin thanos
Q 17 soat oldin
'20% increased risk of cancer', is that from 1 % to 1.2%? It might be really bad, but using statistics this way is misleading. Adam, if you honestly want to persuade people show the real numbers. Not just repeat what media does. By the same reasoning you should always buy a second lottery ticket since it increases your chance of winning by 100%!
Pezzer 17 soat oldin
20% increase in cancer risk? What's the baseline figure.... I think 20% increase means my risk is still less than 1%....
Half Seen
Half Seen 18 soat oldin
Everything causes cancer!!! 😑
WowzaLad 18 soat oldin
I always loved bread soaked with bacon grease.
Faith Allen Murie
Faith Allen Murie 18 soat oldin
When u eat bacon 🥓 and watch this
EL FAFA 500 19 soat oldin
Of adam stoped being a sensationalist prick he could do research and inform people of actual serious threats on peoples lifestyles but I guess that doesn't get as many clics. He's just a money hungry MF
Cassette Bat
Cassette Bat 19 soat oldin
The problem with all this is that bacon actually tastes really good. It's not like people ONLY love bacon because we were told to.
EL FAFA 500 19 soat oldin
So it increases the chance of someone getting rectal or colon cancer before the age of 50 from 0.3% to 0.36% oOOoOooOoO super scary, i can balance the other risks with a balanced diet and excercice. This video is just inflated facts that sound scary to people with low IQ
obed hernandez
obed hernandez 19 soat oldin
Doesn’t change the fact that it taste good
Avionax 19 soat oldin
I'm here for a good time not a long time. 🥓🥓🥓
Tanco plays
Tanco plays 20 soat oldin
I've never cared about my helth
general sllick
general sllick 21 soat oldin
If bacon gives me cancer im making it a daily part of my life
CptnZigouille 21 soat oldin
Living will cause you to die
Plate 21 soat oldin
"big meat" im pissing
Leevi Lappalainen
Leevi Lappalainen 22 soat oldin
What doesn't cause cancer these days?
Lord Gorshack
Lord Gorshack 23 soat oldin
So I stopped eating processed meat because a poof with a douchebag haircut told me to. Now I drink soy and lactate, Thanks Adam!
Jake Ryan
Jake Ryan 23 soat oldin
Nice video.. but I'm gonna go make some beacon.
Honorable Dragons
Honorable Dragons 23 soat oldin
Oh no another thing causes cancer who woulda guessed
Effy Lerner
Effy Lerner 23 soat oldin
Fluff you adam but thank you adam. Case I eat a package of chicken hotdogs once a week
Kai Koslov
Kai Koslov Kun oldin
big meat was my nickname in highschool
eviljac Kun oldin
The Great Hawk
The Great Hawk Kun oldin
.........there's kids named Bacon?
Neilis Kun oldin
Meh - I know what tastes good without anyone telling me. Bacon tastes great. Granted, I don't put it in my ice cream or anything, but with breakfast or on a sandwich it's superb, and it's not as if "back is unhealthy" is some big truth bomb to be dropping.
Texashighflyer Kun oldin
I'm here for a good time, not a long time
Dave Da gamer
Dave Da gamer Kun oldin
I like the guy who told Adam no one cared
Liam Kun oldin
It also tastes amazing
Brandon Glander
Brandon Glander Kun oldin
This video was honestly very boring to watch. I'm not just saying that because I like bacon. I'm saying it because it was exhausting getting through all 5 and a half minutes of it
Air Conditioning
I leave in the greatest country in the world and if I wanna eat Bacon I'll eat bacon
Revan Kun oldin
You invented bacon ? WTF .. You Americans have 300 years of history and you dare say you invented bacon that was eaten in Europe for thousands of years.Only idiots can say stuff like this
The1RedBandit Kun oldin
I tried bacon soda and it tastes like drinking liquid smoke
Tyman Kun oldin
Laughs in Muslim
Dillon Caldwell
Dillon Caldwell Kun oldin
Anyone else eating bacon while watching this
June Potter
June Potter Kun oldin
Glad I keep kosher
Alex S.
Alex S. Kun oldin
"Like so many american mistakes-" That's the best sentence ever.
pheonix jeff
pheonix jeff Kun oldin
There's also bacon candy now
Andrew Black
Andrew Black Kun oldin
Lucari0 ssj
Lucari0 ssj Kun oldin
What doesn't give you cancer just breathing gives you cancer
The Plague Lord
The Plague Lord Kun oldin
Keagan Wiskus
Keagan Wiskus Kun oldin
Welcome back to behind the meme, today we will talk about "bacon".
Vidbro YT
Vidbro YT Kun oldin
Mig Beat
Alfie Keet
Alfie Keet Kun oldin
*bacon bacon*
Kerfuful Kertuful
I eat turkey and beef bacon.
Emily Brown
Emily Brown Kun oldin
Whoa whoa whoa. Bacon lube........
lucio Correia dos Santos
i eat a frisco every day and i still will
I'll give your mom the big meat
English_w/o_GMO Kun oldin
Я былбы рад сказать, что я подписан только из-за адама, но даже он не в состоянии спасти этот титаник.
Bex Yaw
Bex Yaw Kun oldin
The most disturbing fact from this video is that there is bacon lube.
Jenee Elise
Jenee Elise Kun oldin
I like that they put lobbying money in the sausage casing. Cause that's truly "how the sausage gets made" you know?
Minh đỗ
Minh đỗ Kun oldin
Na I don’t fear dead, still consume it anyway
Minh đỗ
Minh đỗ Kun oldin
There is also a porn artist name bacon
The Tetris God
9 yil oldin