How Humans Broke the Game

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14-Apr, 2019



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TierZoo 8 kun oldin
rgelmers97 19 soat oldin
Top 5 troll builds? 😁
Alan Pelo
Alan Pelo Kun oldin
you shoul do a Are penguins op vid
Ian Vickers
Ian Vickers Kun oldin
+White Eagle Hear hear! Our ancestors' survival is the reason we are here today. May we give such a gift to future generations...
Ian Vickers
Ian Vickers Kun oldin
+Kick Loch He's got another human video that explains the difference. It's the fur, if I recall correctly. Check out his video library, you won't regret it!!
cassius 2 kun oldin
great videos man, btw its pronounced "uh-FORE-mentioned" not "AH-for-mentioned"
Kommissar Antilus
Kommissar Antilus 15 daqiqa oldin
their disadvantages were their biggest strength, because hardship makes for stronger men that learn how to succeed in failure, the problem now is that our life is so easy that creates many weak men, and weakness manifests in violence, most of the times against the weakest, the classic example is the stereotypical husband that beats his wife because he had a bad day at work
BrianVoid 24 daqiqa oldin
first humans in europe werent sub saharan afrikans I'm sure
Supreet Sahu
Supreet Sahu 49 daqiqa oldin
Still waiting for virus tier list.
Tina Fawson
Tina Fawson Soat oldin
If Homo sapiens is level 99 what level is Master Chief then?
you know, its funny that evey single person watching is a human main. imo Overrated AF.
Alabar3000 3 soat oldin
that active players chart lmao
NinjaMamut 5 soat oldin
The like counter of this comment is the amount of people who would subscribe to Curiositystream if they fund and broadcast a TierZoo show.
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee 7 soat oldin
Humans are op, the high intelligence plus the opposable thumbs perk is a force to be reckoned with. This why you always put points into intelligence with ape builds.
Bill Chaos
Bill Chaos 7 soat oldin
Can you also make a video explaining the history and evolution of the world from this part until today again like a online game ??
Templarfreak 10 soat oldin
One of the recent leading theories is that Neanderthals didn't actually just disappear as much as we thought and bred in with us a lot more than previously expected.
JokerCrowe 12 soat oldin
I don't know if you take suggestions for topics to cover, but I'd like to see which builds have reached the MAX in a stat. For example, you've shown that Blue Whales have the MAX in HP, and that octopi have the MAX in Stealth, and Humans have MAX in Intelligence. But what about Power, Mobility and Defense?
Maciej Staszko
Maciej Staszko 13 soat oldin
what means stl?
Zel 14 soat oldin
I can only imagine how many evolutionary biologists and other experts not familiar with MMOs have stumbled onto this video and thought, "WTF is going on?"
ice checksolvea
ice checksolvea 14 soat oldin
hyenas don't attack creatures taller than them. weird fact but worth mentioning.
David Barocio
David Barocio 15 soat oldin
Make a video where you compare the greatest apex predators. Like how successful is the killer whale vs the polar bear vs the human vs the like hippo vs the tiger or something
Keanu R
Keanu R 18 soat oldin
I love pvp but human meta is too casul. That's why i went with the Phage build, highest kill count in game.
Ferdinand Lagu
Ferdinand Lagu 18 soat oldin
I love how your treating this as a game. The next thing you know we humans are going to get a hax ability like telekineses.
Jacob M.
Jacob M. 18 soat oldin
Seabirds tier list?
Kid Plus
Kid Plus 19 soat oldin
Humans aren’t overpowered. They just aren’t. They have losing matchups. Notably, the mosquito. Not only this, but a singular human is hardly a threat unless that human is from Texas or is serves in a military.
Kid Plus
Kid Plus 16 soat oldin
Gabriel Abdelnoor humans are only overpowered on a theoretical level. In reality, they have many exploitable weaknesses. For example, they are extremely susceptible to stealth (not that it’s easy to fool a human, but that if you do fool a human, they will be significantly weaker). Humans are also facing a dramatic rise in the loneliness defect, which weakens one of the main gimmicks of the build. If you take into consideration that without prep time, and other humans they would be a low tier, that you can exploit their weaknesses, and that they are losing some of their strengths, humans don’t seem overpowered
Gabriel Abdelnoor
Gabriel Abdelnoor 17 soat oldin
Humans are overpowered in the same way that fire ants are. Squish one and it's easy enough until they swarm you with the power of the colony. The only difference is that with humans they do some weird vibrations in the air, neat.
Comedic Noob
Comedic Noob 20 soat oldin
"Infighting is their biggest weakness right now"' Well no shit, we've had two world wars and many wars in Europe and the United States has been in so much wars I think that we're the biggest threat to world peace right now
Ghost 676
Ghost 676 20 soat oldin
I like the runescape feel of these vids, you should use sea shanty 2 as a theme for future vids
Riley Thorn
Riley Thorn 20 soat oldin
Whoa mean switch factions we pretty much mean make technically kind of a new species in a survey by mixing giving a small a few buffs to homo Sapien
Ceul Gai
Ceul Gai 20 soat oldin
>Makes a video on humans >Makes 0 MTG references Ok
Stephen Whitford
Stephen Whitford 21 soat oldin
Hey, Tierzoo, I've been trying to get an apex mammal predator main off the ground in the Komodo Island server, but the lizard mains keep shutting me down before I can get anywhere. How is it that this is the only server where they are the sole apex predator? Please, help me?
Ace Wyrick
Ace Wyrick 21 soat oldin
why are level 1 humans so weak compared to other level 1 classes
Mr Reality
Mr Reality 23 soat oldin
Can we have a nerf on the Archer fish please. It's water bolt keeps incapasitating my wasp main when i'm flying over water. My character will just fall into the water and that stupid Archer fish will one shot me. Either remove this fkn water bolt talent or atleast decrease it's accuracy by 35%
Gabriel Abdelnoor
Gabriel Abdelnoor 17 soat oldin
git gud m8
Lego6lego 23 soat oldin
Humans:Gets smart to make guns. Humans again: uses precious metals to make special gun Humans again again: nobody uses that gun It's called the Mozambique
Gabriel Abdelnoor
Gabriel Abdelnoor 17 soat oldin
Humans:Gets smart to make guns. Humans again: uses precious metals to make special gun Humans again again: holy shit this gun is rly good Humans again again again: lets make it worse That gun is the Wingman.
Mel Kun oldin
So Childish gambino was unlockable since the ice age
ToodyProCafé Kun oldin
Humans are getting nerfed with the anti vax
Asian Man
Asian Man Kun oldin
During my human play through I was attacked by a level 1 boss at the beginning and lost the only tool I had... My foreskin.
louisiana fast
louisiana fast Kun oldin
Didn’t know that Neanderthals where that tough... damn
There's too many human NPCs. When's the WW3 nerf coming?
Bobo Lobo
Bobo Lobo Kun oldin
well thats just how humanity works
Richard Kochnev
Richard Kochnev Kun oldin
this is how you get kids to learn history.
Jaden Cox
Jaden Cox Kun oldin
Can we get one on metamorphosis animals/insects
Lisa/Andrew Koch
Did you know that every 1000 years the Developers give every animal and bug an Evolution point!
Mr Smiley
Mr Smiley Kun oldin
Can you do raven please.. they are very intelligent 😊😊😀😀
EvenSlash Kun oldin
Yeah human is op, but what they can do about mosquitos? Actually i want you to explain me about mosquitos
Gabriel Abdelnoor
Gabriel Abdelnoor 17 soat oldin
They have to use high level gear to avoid getting eliminated by the mosquito's ult "Swarm". If they don't have the gear, they risk getting the "Malaria" parisite debuff.
Hans Brackhaus
Hans Brackhaus Kun oldin
I dunno about this video...
Tom Peled
Tom Peled Kun oldin
I'm a human main who tried playing as an orangutan. As soon as my game started, mom accidentally went to a human palm tree farm. Mom was killed and I was caught. I'll be taken care of by humans until I reach level 9. Why are humans forcing me to unlock language?
Marz Kun oldin
Hello, Why are you saying Humans sweating ability is unique ? Other animals do sweat :o
Gfk Owns
Gfk Owns Kun oldin
I'd sub if you linked OSRS in your video descriptions.
This is so well made
charmander the pokeman
I know its not really a meta but could you perhaps talk about carebears in the meta?
alex derpy racc
alex derpy racc Kun oldin
Lol nice explaining history to us generation z 😂
someonenamedroy Kun oldin
Can you make an episode about the desert server?
Kaede Akamatsu
Kaede Akamatsu Kun oldin
Still annoyed by the dev's useless sexism, racism, homophobia, and transphobia debuffs. Like, seriously; women, POC, queer, and trans builds are not harmful at all to the human's meta stance, but anyone who plays with these traits usually winds up with severe debuffs and early Game Overs... I hope they eventually get patched out and replaced with something that's a little more balanced. Oh, don't get me started on the classism debuff that seems to only be getting worse, and the devs are just ignoring it, even as it slowly destroys the servers.
Gabriel Abdelnoor
Gabriel Abdelnoor 17 soat oldin
Personally, I think this debuff is linked to the "Tribalism" class trait that human classes have, making them ostracize those who are different. Though I'm no dataminer, so please do your own research before listening to me.
Mees Hermans
Mees Hermans Kun oldin
Tierzoo: ''Spears were the best two-handed weapon until the invention of gunpowder'' Me, A history student, Shadiversity viewer and general Medieval enthusiast: *Draws Poleaxe*
Matthew Earlson
Matthew Earlson Kun oldin
I’m so impressed with the level of depth this guy goes into... Spears, totally the best weapon and most common/favorite till guns. And Neanderthals did mate with Sapiens and that’s where some of the European features came from. I didn’t expect him to hit those points but was excited he knew them
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Kun oldin
Well I’ve watched all the tier zoo videos and now have a INT boost
Joshua Bignell
Joshua Bignell Kun oldin
I’m sooo confused is this a real game
Joshua Bignell
Joshua Bignell 7 soat oldin
I’m not over 30 and I have played mmo games
Zel 13 soat oldin
Joshua you are either over 30 or have never played MMOs/video games?
Wingo Lizard
Wingo Lizard Kun oldin
Nobody even noticed humans hacked the servers...
epic dabs mlg
epic dabs mlg Kun oldin
Humans actually were not originally in africal
Gabriel Abdelnoor
Gabriel Abdelnoor 17 soat oldin
+acex222 pssh naw they came from my mums womb dummy
acex222 Kun oldin
Yes, they were. It's the scientific consensus.
Hyper Mist
Hyper Mist Kun oldin
Is a Jojo Reference?
Emperor Botz
Emperor Botz Kun oldin
Does this mean I can say the n word
screen bean
screen bean Kun oldin
Yo when they dropping universe 2
Gabriel Abdelnoor
Gabriel Abdelnoor 17 soat oldin
Probably after the server time runs out on this one, fuckin' lazy ass devs won't even touch the one they gave us.
SodyxGr8Oc Kun oldin
wait sum black people went somewhere and got white
acex222 Kun oldin
Yes, over 100,000 years ago
Somnus Kun oldin
Yo any human mains here?
Jonathan Katz
Jonathan Katz Kun oldin
When playing Runescape serves you well...
Lo Gan
Lo Gan Kun oldin
You forgot tp mention that homo sapiens made big wordsy sounds with each other while neaderthals lacked vocal communication skills, which also led to their demise, unless im just retarded and he did mention it, im too high
Karmelo Jones
Karmelo Jones Kun oldin
I know this channel mainly focuses on the animal kingdom, but i think you could do something really interesting with fungus, esp. mycorrhizal fungus and some insect-pathogenising fungus.
Harry Kellett
Harry Kellett Kun oldin
Look for evidence yourself, we did not evolve
Phoenix Griffin
Phoenix Griffin Kun oldin
Hello Tierzoo I noticed that you regularly mention that Eusocial (I don't know how to spell it) insects as S-tier, care to elaborate?
F.B. I
F.B. I Kun oldin
Can you do the iguana tier lists
austin brand
austin brand Kun oldin
i hope you're gonna do an insect tier list at some point, i wanna know which eusocial insect builds reign supreme in their own servers and meta games since you've talked about the eusocial trait being pretty busted in some videos already.
gabriel anderson
Walking with beasts theme kicks in *cries in four year old*
JECCiLO The Bird
JECCiLO The Bird 2 kun oldin
Everyone likes a good underdog rising to to the top story
V4N6U4RD 2 kun oldin
So where is the explanation of why the Tortoise class always beats the Hare class in land race?
offline kev
offline kev 2 kun oldin
I haven't seen a video like this in years it's so refreshing
Zak Stewart
Zak Stewart 2 kun oldin
fuckin awesome man, well done, admire your creativity
Bob Bobbertson
Bob Bobbertson 2 kun oldin
Spear is the best two handed weapon until gunpowder? Longbow, crossbow, poleaxe, and rapier all would hugely disagree. Keep it to the non-sapient animals. The memes don't work for humans with your limited historical education.
Great Teacher
Great Teacher 16 soat oldin
+Gabriel Abdelnoor ​ "...until gunpowder" Try paying attention next time moron.
Gabriel Abdelnoor
Gabriel Abdelnoor 17 soat oldin
+Great Teacher yeah but then why tf we using guns stupid
Great Teacher
Great Teacher 2 kun oldin
Longbow and crossbow = you are fucked if they get too close Poleaxe and rapier = you are fucked if they are faraway Spear = no problem Even when those weapons are used, spear are still used in high quantities and even now it has been upgraded into the bayonet while those weapons are obsolete. Your historical education needs a lot of work.
Daniel K
Daniel K 2 kun oldin
Justin Lee Miller
Justin Lee Miller 2 kun oldin
This video has a bias toward narrative history, men, and hunting. Cooperation, cooking, gathering (including insects), and transmitting knowledge through language played a huge role.
Mondaay 2 kun oldin
Did tierzoo ever acknowledge that the game was called “outside” other than this video?
Hotpies 2 kun oldin
I watched Out of the Cradle but the animations end after the latter half of the documentary
Zorc 2 kun oldin
I have literally watched the entire catalog. When is the next?
Gabriel Abdelnoor
Gabriel Abdelnoor 17 soat oldin
holy shit he gave you a heart
Hades the ultimate Destroyer
Nah bobbit worms are still the best in the game reply if otherwise
emilio arce
emilio arce 2 kun oldin
Humans:smart enough to rule over all animals in the world. Also humans:ThE Eart Iz flaT.
Croissants for thought
That's how humanity works
Ethan Niles
Ethan Niles 2 kun oldin
Jonathan Leung
Jonathan Leung 2 kun oldin
You should do an recently extinct animal tier list
Däñk Błæžęr
Däñk Błæžęr 2 kun oldin
So were they smarter than us or the same?
Fortnite Gaulord68786
Luca Jenkins-Pugh
Luca Jenkins-Pugh 2 kun oldin
*I know full well that I fucked up my human build?and now im stuck with it for the next 85-95 years...* *how I messed it up? Well I:* *★gave them a high ice resistance* *★have strength, energy and speed boosts when enraged but have no control of what happens while that happens* *★gained an energy deficiency (only works while not enraged)* *★gained a huge weakness to heat meaning heat wave events fuck me over* *★have a shit health total (652 hp max)* *★made it so they have a stupidly strong throw but shitty accuracy* *★intelligence stat only at 75 and not maxed out* *★made them slow as shit (1 metre per hour)*
Billy Waffles
Billy Waffles 2 kun oldin
Dogs are s-their heck yea boiiiiiiii
Billy Waffles
Billy Waffles 2 kun oldin
1:46-1:47 xd He picks up a pistol and immediately drops it
The On3_
The On3_ 2 kun oldin
I’d like to see a Cambrian Explosion tier list
Keagon Smith
Keagon Smith 2 kun oldin
@1:46 "Mozambique here"
Bobby Ye
Bobby Ye 2 kun oldin
Is life a game?
your boy remme
your boy remme 2 kun oldin
Dude I love that music at the end it brings so much nostalgia when I watched walking with beasts ( I don't remember prehistoric in the title) and I would watch it on vhs tapes.
Isaac Clodfelter
Isaac Clodfelter 2 kun oldin
That RS3 player extinction event joke was too soon. Don't think I didn't see it.
CanIGetGood 2 kun oldin
Wait, so you are saying that history has proven that DEX is the superior build.
Michael McCabe
Michael McCabe 2 kun oldin
Could you do a video on best builds or teams to deal with swarms? It seems that swarms are OP.
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson 2 kun oldin
I like the hooman videos. Keep telling me how great I am.
Jackson Stein
Jackson Stein 3 kun oldin
Humans got so op they got bored so they create their own problems..... Then they solve them.... ... oh, look, now their on the moon
Sjoerd M
Sjoerd M 2 kun oldin
Moon server is such a useless server to play on. Barely any good xp. It just helps the earth server run better, because it keeps the earth server stable so players don't have to switch builds too often.
Liam Micheline
Liam Micheline 3 kun oldin
Are raccons op?
Vincent Wu
Vincent Wu 3 kun oldin
Wow I used to play this game so much a year ago, but it just got so easy to survive as one human. When the game first came out it was so much harder.
Finn Mccaughtry
Finn Mccaughtry 3 kun oldin
U have to make a video game
LORD SHAGGY 3 kun oldin
Im just glad God Studios didnt nerf humans after they added in the nuke weapon
Sjoerd M
Sjoerd M 2 kun oldin
Are Dolphins OP? | The Whale Tier List
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