How I Became The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air | STORYTIME

Will Smith
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The full story of how an ex-girlfriend, Arsenio Hall, Quincy Jones and flowing libations all led to the creation of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."
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10-May, 2018

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Ethan wilks
Ethan wilks Soat oldin
Track id - 4:19 ???
Why are the Paul brothers recommended when I subbed
Fox Productions Clash
will smith is better than most popular youtubers thats facts
Javier Guardado
Javier Guardado 3 soat oldin
I watcj this show every morning on BET☆
Big In The Burgh 1
Big In The Burgh 1 4 soat oldin
This is the story of how your life can change in the course of one night if you're ready to answer the door when opportunity knocks.
Wow I didnt know this!!! Opportunity was not knocking it was hitting you in the face. That's amazing
Ana Antunes
Ana Antunes 8 soat oldin
FIT@50 program...our next Project! #smileyheart😘
Marshall Kell
Marshall Kell 13 soat oldin
He's always been such a great storyteller
JGibbson Fortnite
JGibbson Fortnite 14 soat oldin
I love The Fresh Prince of Bel Air so much
J. Montrice
J. Montrice 18 soat oldin
I wonder if his girlfriend that encouraged him got any of that fresh prince money?
J. Montrice
J. Montrice 18 soat oldin
Imagine if he didn’t go to that party...
LaChele 21 soat oldin
You were a young bull/boy (however y'all say that out on the East Coast), Will, so of course you didn't manage yo' money perfectly. A lot of brothas beat themselves up over it. It's easy to look back and say what you should've done and yadda, yadda, yadda, but realistically, when you come up on money, you play it by ear. Ummm interesting... Benny Medina, Quincy Jones. You know what? Imma leave that alone. See, you're one of the smart ones. You did what you had to do and kept movin'. While some individuals in the _induskry_ are singin' like a bunch of canaries, you ain't said a word to first. Anyway, _The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air_ has defined my life like no other. That means from the first episode to the last episode, y'all were consistently good. Just through and through. A lot of sitcoms during the time had iffy seasons. Y'all were good consistently. There will never be another show like that.
Ezeikel Beckford
Ezeikel Beckford 21 soat oldin
Oh Hilary I love it when uncle phil throws jazz out the door
sneakuh ATX
sneakuh ATX 21 soat oldin
I love the morale of the story, and I respect the hell out of the honesty and the hustle.
kdyer marin
kdyer marin 23 soat oldin
Lit af
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Kun oldin
The way he tells the story makes it feel like you lived it
Mary Ane Robertson
Wow. That was so awesome to watch especially while watching reruns with my partner😍
Tonnan H
Tonnan H Kun oldin
He forgot to mention Quincy and Benny was both tapping that.
Awkward Silence
Awkward Silence Kun oldin
I should go out more
Pokoru Kun oldin
Love will smith
Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn Kun oldin
Happy early birthday btw
Jimmy Bright
Jimmy Bright Kun oldin
hey buddy I've been a fan of your since 1989 since you started Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and I've been following you and watching you subscribe to you and do your just like the bomb
Mschrome Kun oldin
I swear from 3:04 am literally dying am on the floor i watch this video 10x already Will is Lit!!
Mschrome Kun oldin
Double plastic??????? Am dying
Robbie Omahony
Robbie Omahony Kun oldin
Who doesn't love this man
progressive habits
Daniel Barrera
Daniel Barrera Kun oldin
Girlfriend: imma going to chop your dick off is that ok? You: Yes
thairinj fernandez
Wow!! I never knew that! Very cool to hear your story. The Show is legend just like you!
Queen Quan
Queen Quan 2 kun oldin
I hope you give her an allowance for giving you the idea like a finder's fee. Just saying. Get your lawyers to draw it up
Drizzlee 2 kun oldin
jeesz i fucking love the editing!
Drizzlee 2 kun oldin
double plastic LMFAO
RedGucciPumps 2 kun oldin
xXxA_Doge_LoverxXx 2 kun oldin
i guess your girlfriend really _turned your life upside down_
Mike Vega
Mike Vega 2 kun oldin
amazing bokeh, i wonder which lens where used in the interview.
Carlos Salcedo
Carlos Salcedo 2 kun oldin
Always say YES! and listen to your Momma xD
Doug 2 kun oldin
Wow inspiring! I grew up in the 90's in Africa and your show was the ish back then
2Raw Visions
2Raw Visions 2 kun oldin
Notable time
Notable time 2 kun oldin
Will Smith you are a beautifully inspiring human being.!! ✌❤
•No Name•
•No Name• 2 kun oldin
Answer I sold my soul
BIG MILLZ 2 kun oldin
Story of how u sold out lol How the hell u just standing around and somebody offer u a movie/show role and u said u werent a actor mmmm Very fishy
Esmeleder Arce
Esmeleder Arce 2 kun oldin
So inspired by your story !! Always say YESSS
Carla del Rosario
Carla del Rosario 2 kun oldin
"oh, damn, they need they money" I feel bad for laughing at that😅
Dana Elsayed
Dana Elsayed 2 kun oldin
My love for this man is unconditional
SevenXilents 2 kun oldin
What's that song at 3:12 called???
Noor Jenna
Noor Jenna 3 kun oldin
Do you wanna tell us what happened to aunt viv aswell
Fellipe Muniz
Fellipe Muniz 3 kun oldin
Thanks for the advice, but I don't have a girlfriend
Patches Michelle
Patches Michelle 3 kun oldin
"Quincy been drinking." I laughed hard.
charles loureiro
charles loureiro 3 kun oldin
Herb Gee
Herb Gee 3 kun oldin
Aww damn dey need dere money
16 Bars
16 Bars 3 kun oldin
LEGENDARY 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Bob Kong
Bob Kong 3 kun oldin
Fuck will Quincy a dirty nigga
Moral Kay
Moral Kay 3 kun oldin
Of course he made Thriller 🤣
Adina Yosoh
Adina Yosoh 3 kun oldin
ACHILLES !!! 3 kun oldin
Saludos will soy tu fan!!!!👍👍👍👍
Trevor van Vuuren
Trevor van Vuuren 3 kun oldin
Oh my goodness dude, you’re seriously hilarious. I am laughing here watching this video
bivens3ify 3 kun oldin
Man Will been through it....
my name is Jeff oke
In west Philadelphia born and raised on the playground spending most of my days chillin .......
Donavan Kelso
Donavan Kelso 3 kun oldin
Good story..
Divine Era
Divine Era 3 kun oldin
Just prove that women are angels in disguises! Every successful man was a bossy woman 😂❤️
SLICK KING 3 kun oldin
Yo, will is low key... the coolest dude ever.
Medina Yusazlan
Medina Yusazlan 3 kun oldin
My name is Medina :)
GTR 3 kun oldin
and the rest is history ^^
THUMPER LOUD 3 kun oldin
Amazing storyteller
Sarah Ribeiro
Sarah Ribeiro 3 kun oldin
wtf willll have a channel on youtube and I didnt knooooow?????? Aaaaaaa 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 3 kun oldin
Fuck taxes
kikie Dugbartey
kikie Dugbartey 3 kun oldin
Listen to your Girlfriend. Now that’s good advice
Fu Fu
Fu Fu 3 kun oldin
I tell ya story about how i became the Prince of Bel Air
ligam gamlin
ligam gamlin 3 kun oldin
Black don’t crack.
First world problems
Can you please tell us the real reason the original aunt Vivian left the show?
Cleo Higgins
Cleo Higgins 3 kun oldin
Angelina Salcido
Angelina Salcido 3 kun oldin
I wish the show can come back
Talking Thrones
Talking Thrones 3 kun oldin
Double Plastic...
KingDiego 2006
KingDiego 2006 3 kun oldin
Make a video how u started wearing the air Jordan 5
Andreas Bengter
Andreas Bengter 3 kun oldin
Go where it is happening is a good advice! :) Also do it now, don't postpone things to tomorrow where you can do it today - like his audition! The sooner the better he would find out if he is a good actor or not! Ok well sometimes you have to practice, but thats not the majority of times.. People postpone to ofthen important actions or decisions..
Andreas Bengter
Andreas Bengter 3 kun oldin
in sweden the employer most ofthen send the taxes directly to the swedish equivelent of IRS, but if you are selfemployed you have to pay the swedish tax agency yourself. I guess even if your not selfemplyed, you need to do the math to see if your aggregated revenue hit higher sums where rich people have to pay extra percents, we call it margin tax.
Jessi Quinlan
Jessi Quinlan 3 kun oldin
TBH I just want to be as likable as Will Smith
Jessi Quinlan
Jessi Quinlan 3 kun oldin
wait y is will smith becoming a youtuber hahahhaha
Issar Cerrato
Issar Cerrato 3 kun oldin
Bianca Di Florio
Bianca Di Florio 3 kun oldin
😂😂😂the conversation with his gf haha
vera blue
vera blue 3 kun oldin
Could you please make the french subtitlessssssssss... by the way great video
tamonk 3 kun oldin
if i had a lawyer he’d be paying me Lmaoooo
Shernah Ricketts
Shernah Ricketts 3 kun oldin
Will u owe that long time gf lol
Sam Streom
Sam Streom 3 kun oldin
3:54 Will asking do you like it just like Tyler asking asap do you drive
Raine Koh Creates
Raine Koh Creates 3 kun oldin
That is an amazing story!!!!!
muy thai
muy thai 3 kun oldin
so the moral of the story is....go to the arsenio hall show when youre broke and u owe the irs....and say yes to everything...got it
shaabo Squeezy
shaabo Squeezy 3 kun oldin
"This is a story, all about how my life got twisted upside, and i like to take a moment if you sit right there I'll tell you how i became the fresh prince of bel air. "😎
john doe
john doe 3 kun oldin
I have two questions. What do you do and How do you do it????
VLOGS with FITZ 3 kun oldin
I live on Belair, does that make the Fresh Prince of Belair too?
kldodo 4 kun oldin
Moral of the story: get Drunk like Quincy
TheFlexingzone SurFlexAlot
what if you say yes but you cant get a ride to your opening or opportunities uzvid.com/video/video-X_iSeMZKq1U.html
Planet Maddi
Planet Maddi 4 kun oldin
omg this is so humbling
JETT GOTSWAGG 4 kun oldin
Great story
stunt509 4 kun oldin
I told my little brother he rapped before. He didn't believe me lol
3rdEyePhocus 4 kun oldin
That's a mf pep talk! You got 10 mins and change your life right now.
Tea Wetyšková
Tea Wetyšková 4 kun oldin
Karla Alvarez
Karla Alvarez 4 kun oldin
Double plastic 😂
Louise Mwangiru
Louise Mwangiru 4 kun oldin
I swear will smith joining UZvid and instagram is the best thing to happen to social media since ... like ... ever.
Habib Çankaya
Habib Çankaya 4 kun oldin
Still watching it in Germany on Netflix. Watched it everyday in the 2000 years.
J H 4 kun oldin
Will is naturally funny
5 kun oldin