How I Learned to Hold My Breath for 4 Minutes

Mike Boyd
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My name is Mike Boyd and I make videos documenting my process of learning stuff as quickly as I can. This is my new series, Average Mike. In this episode, I work at learning to hold my breath for 4 minutes.
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27-Noy, 2018

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TierZoo Oy oldin
Congrats on reaching your 4 minute goal! You truly are a master of the [Diving Reflex] hidden ability. It was really fun working together on this video!
Ezeer /Hardware PC BUILD/
How much time you train in one day?
Cristian Tomi
Cristian Tomi 17 kun oldin
Sam Saber
Sam Saber 18 kun oldin
Hey I came here through a link in one of your videos
8ggt 18 kun oldin
Subscribed on both of you guys and love your content🤩
SUPER SUCHTI 19 kun oldin
+LEXagFC the pressure on your body is higher when fully submerged
Jear Soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
CUPCAKE CUPCAKE 2 soat oldin
I hold longer than you
Johny Carry1
Johny Carry1 8 soat oldin
Name of the app ?
ItsVoid 10 soat oldin
You should learn to type really fast
Lord_Screwed 12 soat oldin
Daddy Mike keeps breathing on me! MIKE STOP BREATHING FOR FOUR MINUTES. Good thing I did this.
Hawokki 16 soat oldin
I'm kinda proud that I have not held my breath properly since like 15 years ago, when I did some snorkling. But with couple "lung cycles" and then holding breath until it feels discomforting, I was still able to do 2 minutes 5 seconds.... Damn, I'm inspired now and I will start diving again maybe.
malac348 17 soat oldin
im 10 and can hold my breath for 1 minute 5 seconds and 21 milliseconds
沈娜珊 18 soat oldin
Thanks dude, I was rushed to the hospital
The_savage_sweat 18 soat oldin
He is breathing from his ears
Elizabeth Estrada
Elizabeth Estrada 19 soat oldin
I challenge my 1 minutes I almost died 🙀
Neonツ Kun oldin
Secret Ability : Fast Learning
T-series Big gai
My friend can hold his breath forever, he’s been under water for 12 days now
Uddhav Nanda
Uddhav Nanda Kun oldin
If someone held his breath for over 4 mins how do you know he’s not dead .
Tatin sin
Tatin sin Kun oldin
Branko Petrović🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly Kun oldin
Firstly great job on the time. Secondly please please add to your video “ don’t do this at home or alone unless you have skilled supervision by a competent freediver “. If you had a blackout would the person videoing you have known the proper technique for recovery? As a trained freediver that has trained with the best people in FREEDIVING and competed in pool competitions the very first rule we are taught is “ never ever dive alone without a competent dive buddy” . A underwater blackout without help is fatal. Please seek proper training and enjoy this sport to the full.
Asep sunjana13
Asep sunjana13 Kun oldin
William De la Cruz
William De la Cruz 2 kun oldin
This video boosted my anxiety
amoLo 2 kun oldin
*make pikachu Libre a female*
Ray Venner
Ray Venner 2 kun oldin
As a lifeguard, I find this very interesting!
tonygamer121 2 kun oldin
y u dont hold u nose
VOID AGAR 2 kun oldin
I got 1:06 seconds my first time I tried to do it on a stopwatch
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson 2 kun oldin
Which heart rate monitor is that?
AustriaFlow 2 kun oldin
OMG nobody told you that everything gets much more easy if you have something todo take your Rubik cube underwarter oder something else to play with :O :D try to to lean your thinking away from the feeling breathing, contractions and so on... Or just take a go pro and film yourself just do something it would have been much easier to get up to 4 minutes :)
Don't Subscribe!
Don't Subscribe! 2 kun oldin
There's a Playlist of him right?
SentinalSlice 3 kun oldin
I hate it when people tell me the time I’m at when I’m exercising or anything else.
null null
null null 3 kun oldin
4:30 Builds "" ahahahahha
Alice Alriksson
Alice Alriksson 3 kun oldin
Kude you try a vurtego pogo stick
samoot 3 kun oldin
i can do it for 20 sec
ignasi pujol
ignasi pujol 3 kun oldin
Learn to do rowing!
Richard Sec
Richard Sec 3 kun oldin
I just got 2:00:49 i only tried 4 times to get that. I have asthma and normally breath heavily anyway. am i take in more oxygen by default or something. I dont know how I did it but im impressed with my self.
isabell gates
isabell gates 7 soat oldin
congrats i want to get to 8min but so far im at 00.55.19
Dat Nerd Kid
Dat Nerd Kid 4 kun oldin
Free divers can hold there breath under water for 20 minutes
Shrekisdrek 2 kun oldin
They honestly cant but okay.
PoTaToPlaNt 4 kun oldin
My first time with no training was 2:00
TheSpore35 4 kun oldin
1:12 baby
Pardon me are you Aaron burr sir
You can watch a whole David dobrik video underwater now
Drew Pickering
Drew Pickering 4 kun oldin
Wow this is inspirational for me to find something to achieve
Master Twon
Master Twon 4 kun oldin
I’m a swimmer and I can hold my breath for about 10 seconds
Something Funny AF
Something Funny AF 4 kun oldin
i didn't learn how to hold my beath but i can do it for 2 minutes..
Assassin Donkey
Assassin Donkey 4 kun oldin
Don't move much it watses oxygen
hfanti 4 kun oldin
I've been doing this for years in pools. I love the peace. My timed record is 3:25.
Nate 4 kun oldin
Are you a runescape player?!?!?!
Conner Goldberg
Conner Goldberg 5 kun oldin
Lmfao that turtle totally pk'd that fish in 2 hits! Didn't even use a special attack!
*Lauren* 5 kun oldin
so i usually hold my breath for around 50 seconds, which to my family is a lot and most of them can’t hold their breath that long. i just took three try’s a few minutes ago where first i breathed in through my nose and out my mouth to the point where i was relaxed, took another deep breath and held it. while i was holding my breath i put my head down and tried to think about something besides the fact i was holding my breath. by probably the minute mark my brain started wondering why i wasn’t feeling the “second stage” and then i felt it. at that point my brain was also curious to what the time was and when I saw one minute i kinda when into a bit of shock? idk how to explain it. the second and third stages came very quickly and almost together and that’s the point when i panicked and let go of my breath. i was actually pretty shocked by the first and last time considering i’ve only ever made it to around 56 seconds the first time: 1:05.76 2nd: 1:09.07 3rd: 1:34.43 i know the exact times because i took screenshots and i’m proud, that was in like 10 mins y e e t everyone’s gonna think i’m faking
YeS SeNaPaI 5 kun oldin
He doesnt hold his breath
Gabriel Flores
Gabriel Flores 5 kun oldin
Learn how to play trumpet!!!
David Holloway
David Holloway 5 kun oldin
13:00 music?
CJH200iiWii 5 kun oldin
I always thought holding your breath for 5 minutes was like “ehh.. pathetic can’t you hold it for longer?” Yes I was ignorant but I just tried it and I averaged 18 seconds 😂😂, I learned my lesson and I hold lots of respect for ppl who can go longer than 2 minutes.
Robin Nolte
Robin Nolte 5 kun oldin
You can actually last a lot longer on land then underwater Without air
raju sherpa
raju sherpa 5 kun oldin
You were breathing tiny amount of air while practicing outside water.
Zdeněk Hansl
Zdeněk Hansl 5 kun oldin
Hey Mike, it sounds crazy, but can you learn to play bagpipes? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Zdeněk Hansl
Zdeněk Hansl 5 kun oldin
Please, I did 😝
Filips Andrejevs
Filips Andrejevs 5 kun oldin
I can do 2min just because of you
@8:45 that has to be the largest fiberglass molded hot tub I have ever seen in my life. If it's not a "hot tub" and just regular temp or warm water.... "gross, bath with friends"
Shayan Gupta
Shayan Gupta 5 kun oldin
Love that hoodie :)
Harley Wykes
Harley Wykes 5 kun oldin
This is literally more inspiring than the Olympics
Cahill Nguyen
Cahill Nguyen 5 kun oldin
It looks like you're drowning in the pool
Pho3nix _
Pho3nix _ 6 kun oldin
you held your breath for 1 min 12 seconds without training?! How? I can hold mine for like 2 seconds before breathing so hard my chest starts to hurt...
Agonized Cat
Agonized Cat 6 kun oldin
Your accent is so interesting but so soothing
nancy 6 kun oldin
one of your videos was played in my school assembly! you’re such an inspiration:))
Caphalor_k Koscharre
Is there any free app for this?
jayden james
jayden james 6 kun oldin
the way your always trying to improve yourself is actually really inspiring, even if its doing strange stuff like this. its actually really motivating. it makes wanna go do something new and cool, so thanks for being inspiring mike.
Scoobes 6 kun oldin
That’s nothin I can hold my breath for the rest of my life
Wyatt Morgan
Wyatt Morgan 6 kun oldin
You should learn to 🎿
omer03 6 kun oldin
Nibba just use water breathing potion lmao
Psycho 6 kun oldin
You can do 4 minutes, while i'm over here getting a minute xd
robo gorilla
robo gorilla 6 kun oldin
I can hold my breath for one min because of you
Normal. Nothing Special
I can hold my breath for 1:38 without training lol
Danny van schaik
Danny van schaik 6 kun oldin
In the start of the video u had 1.12 min so i looked for how long i could do it and i hold it for 2min and 10 sec
Josh Robinson
Josh Robinson 7 kun oldin
Love your videos! So inspirational!!
bill nye
bill nye 7 kun oldin
Leran to play a brass instumment
lars honeytoast
lars honeytoast 7 kun oldin
Stretch your lungs with practice breaths
Killiesnipes Gaming
I did some personal training like this when I wanted to be a SEAL. Unfortunately I don't meet the physical requirements because of a brain defect I was born with. But I learned something, it's easier to hold your breath on an empty stomach in unheated water and just setting your mind to a memory and trying to remember super specific random things so that you're not focused on your o2 and it's amazing the difference it makes. I had a best time of 6:32. DO NOT TRY THIS BY YOURSELF OR WITHOUT TRAINING, it took me almost 2 months to get that far and it took him weeks to get as far as he did, it's extremely dangerous and shouldn't be attemted.
darth tuber
darth tuber 7 kun oldin
I have trained for three days and I am at 2 54
Sebastian Thiel-Andersen
Not average mike anymore
Zobar Gilly
Zobar Gilly 7 kun oldin
how do you do almost everything you try first try its amazing!!!!!!!!!!
alan smithee
alan smithee 7 kun oldin
8:05. Some local 58 music playing here...
alan smithee
alan smithee 7 kun oldin
I think you were breathing in too much. I've found (not an expert) that taking a massive breath builds the pressure in your lungs making you want to breathe more. Take a large breath, not a huge one.
Ben 7 kun oldin
When is the liomit where maybe you die and you dont even ralize it?
Call Boy
Call Boy 7 kun oldin
Next whistle from fingers
Andy Wang
Andy Wang 8 kun oldin
I can’t even hold my breath for the time you fast forwarded😂
Super Shera
Super Shera 8 kun oldin
I’m gonna drown and die if I did that.
Johnson Barnaby
Johnson Barnaby 8 kun oldin
next he should learn how to play the bagpipes......... if he doesn't already know
Kapex K
Kapex K 8 kun oldin
The pic for the thumbnail looks like a photo you would take at a gokart place (no offense)
ENEA PLAYZ1 8 kun oldin
Learn how to rap try singing busta rhymes look at me now or busta rhymes 60 seconds assassin
Alex Park
Alex Park 8 kun oldin
Dive reflex does not work for me
RiverMan RC
RiverMan RC 8 kun oldin
A number of years ago I learned to hold my breath for 5 minutes plus. I did this by going to the pool and hanging my legs over the edge so I was hanging inverted. I got my heart rate down to the 30s and only needed one moderate breath once out of the water again. I found it much easier to do while inverted under water. I want to try that again 20 some years later.
foxydeliar 1978
foxydeliar 1978 9 kun oldin
learn the basics of parkour
Κωσταντίνος Δημητρίου
Level B Productions
make a body transformation
Nathan Kroeze
Nathan Kroeze 9 kun oldin
Hi Mike, nice video! I was super surprised when you were stressed out face down in the pool as I had assumed that everyone would feel super happy and stress free in that position! There is a back story on this for me though! As kids we used to do this all the time, pretending to have drowned in the pool to stress mum out, trouble is you had to do it for ages to make her worried.
Nathan Kroeze
Nathan Kroeze 9 kun oldin
Also, try exhaling first then going underwater without any air. See how long you can tolerate that for. This will be useful in the real apnea test if you can exhale and then go just that little bit longer.
Let It Ride DH
Let It Ride DH 9 kun oldin
music at 12:02 uzvid.com/video/video-66H8Ema71WE.html your welcom
Magicalaxis Surprem
Ure not average at all ure sooooo Talented
Frederik Wandall
Frederik Wandall 9 kun oldin
I Can hold my breath for 2 minuts and i was 11
Thomas Youtube
Thomas Youtube 9 kun oldin
hmm i cant hold my breath for 10 seconds
Craigslist Assassin
I yawned a lot during this video
Shuki Shan
Shuki Shan 10 kun oldin
learn how to lucid dream
milan fabian
milan fabian 10 kun oldin
but at some point you stop learning because if you have the key to the most greatest room in the world you will go there and feel the perfection in your mind, but after you came here again, the feel never be the same. its funny
milan fabian
milan fabian 10 kun oldin
Is there anybody who can do what he do ? In my live i did all things just like he but not guitar but piano, and after that now i see there is yt channel about learning :D its funny for me because i first learned everything what he did on this yt channel and then i find out there is yt channel about that :D
10,000 subscribers with no videos challenge
Nice minecraft music
itsjust josh
itsjust josh 10 kun oldin
Three two one Read more
Jax 10 kun oldin
pssh, I had NO suspicions of you cheating, I feel confident you'd never cheat yourself like that
The Ugliest Cat
21 kun oldin