How I style my curls - Mousse + Gel

Holy Curly
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Heyaaa Curly,
You asked for it so here it finally is: a videos about how I style my hair using a mousse and a gel!
Products used for styling:
1) Cantu - Wave Whipe curling mousse
2) Eco Styler - Curl and Wave gel
3) Cantu - Thermal Shield
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I truly hope you find this method helpful!
Don't forget to share your love & thoughts on it!
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Thank you so very much!!



12-Yan, 2018




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Adriana Silva
Adriana Silva 14 kun oldin
Thank you for sharing! Gorgeous results!!!
Tinicia Young
Tinicia Young 16 kun oldin
That homemade diffuser was just genius!!
Tinicia Young
Tinicia Young 16 kun oldin
how long do you go after this styling process before washing and redoing it again?
Julie Kozlowski
Julie Kozlowski 17 kun oldin
WOW your curls are beautiful. I just started this journey, I had no idea I had curly hair as I got older it got frizzy. I saw a youtuber show how she realized she had natural curl and the method she used to get the curls to come out. I started it and its been crazy. It takes allot of work and time but since my boys are older I have the time now to spend on me. I wish my curls looked like yours. Every time my hair looks different so I'm trying all different kinds of products to see what works for me.
Angeles Montoya Estrada
El cabello rizado da mucho trabajo, pero al final lo vale :)
Maren Neram
Maren Neram 19 kun oldin
Nice music
Paula Toth Perez
Paula Toth Perez 24 kun oldin
Tried this styling method today and I loved it!! Super fluffy and well-defined curls. Quite possibly my best hair day ever :)
TheMrVolvex 25 kun oldin
Top, quem me dera ter um cabelo assim, gostei muito do videozinho
Kainaz K M
Kainaz K M 28 kun oldin
I just followed your way of styling. Let's hope it turns out to be awesome❤❤❤
Kainaz K M
Kainaz K M 28 kun oldin
You have patience. Your technique is unique and tedious. But I'll surely try my best. This is best cgm video I have seen till date
Janice Bennett
Too much product
jessica db
jessica db Oy oldin
Mega longggg
Pınar Öksüz
What s your real hair straight or curly?
Marloes Leeuwen
Marloes Leeuwen 18 kun oldin
Obviously curly, doing this to straight hair won't do anything
Insatiate Hope
This is legit curly girl hair porn. 😂 Seriously, gorgeous results! 🙌✨💯
Ann4U2000 Oy oldin
The strainer was a new concept for me...brilliant actually! Gorgeous hair!
Brenna Alholm
Brenna Alholm Oy oldin
Is there any sort of technique you are using for the clips? How do you decide where the clips go?
sjc04d Oy oldin
The eco gel she's using is a lighter hold and that mouse doesn't have a hard hold, its really moisturizing.
sjc04d Oy oldin
Also...for everyone saying that it takes too long...she most likely does this process a lot faster but she's showing us the steps on camera.
M W Oy oldin
The music scares the shit out of me.
Sitara Saleem
Sitara Saleem 2 oy oldin
Hollycat50 2 oy oldin
What type of hair would you say you have? 2C? Or?
indeedness indeed
I believe it's a mix of 3a/3b. Yup these are definitely NOT waves honey!
fatima zohra
fatima zohra 2 oy oldin
We r nt undrstndn wt products u r using🤔🤔
Arya Manikandan
Arya Manikandan 2 oy oldin
Wats ur hair porosity??
Rose Renee
Rose Renee 2 oy oldin
As long as you're not having pasta that night, or anything else that's needs the strainer.
Linet Quiñonez
Linet Quiñonez 2 oy oldin
Beautiful! ❤
Jazzie Red
Jazzie Red 2 oy oldin
Yeah, this video just wasn't for me, I don't like that no talking just horrible Muzak playing. Out at 1 minute and amazed that I lasted that long.
jay hulrs
jay hulrs 2 oy oldin
Wow great idea with the strainer!
bellyisis 2 oy oldin
The whole point of doing my hair curly is to same time. The amount of time she took to do curly 12 minutes more I’d have my think, longer hair would be blown out
Sangeeta Srivastav
Sweet Sofy
Sweet Sofy 2 oy oldin
Love your hair girl💕💕
Ellen Lopes
Ellen Lopes 2 oy oldin
Good ideia!! 😉😙
Faith Walker
Faith Walker 2 oy oldin
omg! those are the prettiest curls!
Maria R
Maria R 2 oy oldin
😐خوب عزیزم از همون اول موس میزدی بعد با الک فلزیه سشوار میکردی وخلاص این همە وختم نمیبرد ،
Sofia Tube
Sofia Tube 2 oy oldin
Omygoooooooodddddd I love how it looks in the end 😲💓💓💓💓💓💓
I Am Happiness
I Am Happiness 2 oy oldin
What is her hair type?
indeedness indeed
Probably 3a/3b
Anna Davidson
Anna Davidson 2 oy oldin
I love this. I’ve watched so many curly videos... but there’s something about this one that makes it feel like I’m witnessing a Shakti priestess. I know that probably sounds weird, but there you are, I’ve said it!
srp 27 kun oldin
What is a Shakti priestess?
Arya Arora
Arya Arora 2 oy oldin
Very long time I don’t like this pachi hair
Sarah Forster
Sarah Forster 2 oy oldin
I just washed my hair this and holy cow it is volumized👀👀👀. Thank you for this tip.
Sarah Forster
Sarah Forster 2 oy oldin
Wow! Beautiful❤️. Thanks for the tip on using sifter as a diffuser!
Mariposa_ 05
Mariposa_ 05 2 oy oldin
Do you diffuse in cold setting or hot?
Samantha 2 oy oldin
Where can you buy it?
Candy Kinsey
Candy Kinsey 3 oy oldin
The strainer idea was interesting! I’m going to try it! Beautiful results
Sarah Benz
Sarah Benz 3 oy oldin
Lol all of these people talking about all the work and product, you do this once every few days!!! Stop being lazy! Lol for me I wash my hair once a week on Saturday morning .. so yes.. I spend an hour on my hair... But break that up by a week.. & it's so fun!! Lol curly hair needs a lot of product... Your hair rocks!!
S Franco
S Franco 3 oy oldin
I’m interested in using a mousse-gel combo myself but was unsure of how much product I should be using as well as application. We have similar curl types but if you don’t mind I’m curious what’s your porosity and do you have any trouble with frizz in high humidity?
unknown 5
unknown 5 3 oy oldin
Pa Nou
Pa Nou 3 oy oldin
The question is what shampoo and conditioner you used Cuase your hair was super gorgeous even before you started styling I love to know.
moulissa poole
moulissa poole 3 oy oldin
Buyers Beware!! Just purchased products from Raw Hair Organics. Changed my mind about the CG Method and so want to return the unopened, unused products. According to Ken, at RHO: "Due to the natural & organic nature of our products, All sales are final." Of course, no where on the website is that stated! I'm very unhappy. I spent $79 on cleanser, conditioner and gel and now I can't return it! Terrible customer service for a product line that customers seem to be pleased with. What are they hiding?? Reply
Brandi 3 oy oldin
I wonder how your curls would come out if you didn’t break it up by combing it & disturbing the natural curl pattern🤔 It prob would be much curlier!
Marc Possoff
Marc Possoff 22 kun oldin
Brandi by combing it it create clumps.
Brandi Oy oldin
sjc04d With tighter curls it’s not a problem, she has a looser curl pattern hence by my reason for stating it would be curlier if she left it alone.
sjc04d Oy oldin
+Brandi combing through your curls like that clumps them together
Brandi 2 oy oldin
Trex Its not combing while “wet” that’s the problem, it’s continuously combing the curls throughout the process. Not allowing them to naturally form & clump.
Trex 2 oy oldin
Combing while the hair is wet doesn’t necessarily break the curl pattern, brushing does.
vanecaptures 3 oy oldin
Looks amazing. Do you have a regular diffuser (or even a really good one like the black orchid xtava) and choose to use this kitchen tool because it gives you better results?
Viktorija Vorobjova
Best curly hair styling video in days!!!
Puneet Kaur
Puneet Kaur 4 oy oldin
Very helpful
C Bell
C Bell 4 oy oldin
Omg!!!! Way to much product 😳 that is a mission just to do your hair. Way to long. Nice curls though.
Wotcher 4 oy oldin
You look a lot like teenaged Britney Spears from her Disney days.
Lucia Lopez
Lucia Lopez 4 oy oldin
Ahhhh you and your hair are so beautiful! I'm gonna try this routine today! Also, my hair is wavy/curly, but I have a lot if frizz and the bottom/underneath won't curl. Do you have any tips?❤😘😁
JustKell 20 kun oldin
Lucia Lopez this could mean you have some dead ends. At least this is when I know I need a cut if my hair gets more frizzy. So I would suggest to see a hairdresser.
kara Houston
kara Houston 2 oy oldin
Lol same mines curly as hell top half but bottom s pretty flat no matter what I do. Any advice would be Fantastic
Sweety Chandra
Sweety Chandra 4 oy oldin
Wow Fuckin-hot I will try this thank uh so much
Annette Hamann
Annette Hamann 4 oy oldin
Way too much product and way too long. I would have to get up at 2am to be ready by 6am. Nice curls though 😊
Trex 2 oy oldin
You can do it at night and plop your hair so the curls don’t loose shape. Plus you don’t have to do this every day, only when you wash your hair and the following days add the product you need to refresh your curls.
Cozette Torres
Cozette Torres 5 oy oldin
What is your porosity
Lucia Lopez
Lucia Lopez 5 oy oldin
Wow! You are so beautiful and your hair is gorgeous! I also lovveeeee using mousse in my curly hair!😘❤
Tiana Joy
Tiana Joy 5 oy oldin
Your curls are gorgeous!!!!
Kathy Gallegos
Kathy Gallegos 2 kun oldin
Sadaf Khan
Sadaf Khan 5 oy oldin
Just wow result.... amazing it's really helpful video
Lisa Grillo Murray
This is one of my favorite curl styling videos... just goes to show you that we can be creative and have BOMB results..
Sarah Willis
Sarah Willis 5 oy oldin
Hi, May I ask the specific brand of your comb and where I may find it please? TFS :)
Jackie R
Jackie R 6 oy oldin
Good end result but for me its too much product and it takes too long :(
Rachael Burbine
Rachael Burbine 6 oy oldin
Omg! I’m having a curl crush!
Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca Johnson 6 oy oldin
Gorgeous curls!!!
So Flo
So Flo 6 oy oldin
Aaaafuckingmazzing!!!! Ur hair is badass!!! I am trying your method on my daughters long curly hair.
Reham Mansour
Reham Mansour 6 oy oldin
How many bottle of mousse do we need weekly??
Judy Kenny
Judy Kenny 6 oy oldin
Can ecostyler olive oil gel be used instead?
Erika Araiza
Erika Araiza 7 oy oldin
Too much product!
Stephanie Weeks
Stephanie Weeks 7 oy oldin
Holy crap you use so much of that Cantu mousse! i feel like my hair would freak out with that much product
Deepthi Reddy
Deepthi Reddy 7 oy oldin
can i know your hair color name?
Zoella Caylen
Zoella Caylen 6 oy oldin
Deepthi Reddy dark brown
sancia fernandes
sancia fernandes 7 oy oldin
sravanthi maruti
sravanthi maruti 7 oy oldin
Whoa that's quite a bit of hard-work but results are amazing love..!!
Rheanne Ber
Rheanne Ber 7 oy oldin
Have you ever tried the devacurl mousse that looks very similar, if so how do the two compare? Also, where do you get the cantu gel from? Being in the UK we've got massively limited access to most curly products!😢
Flora Ghorbani
Flora Ghorbani 6 oy oldin
Seaweede Starfish
Oh good Lord those clumps!!!
Jayden leah Rosario
Is the Eco your favorite gel?
Holy Curly
Holy Curly 8 oy oldin
Yeaah! Now I’ve been loving the argan oil one but the link one is really good as well!
jay hulrs
jay hulrs 8 oy oldin
Omg your curls are gorgeous!!!!
Holy Curly
Holy Curly 8 oy oldin
Awww thank you so much beautiful!!
Kelly Mulherron
Kelly Mulherron 8 oy oldin
I am trying to perfect your technique but I find that once I am done being upside down, no matter how slow my action is in getting my hair back to it's upright position, I loose most of my clumps, even if I've diffused upside down for 20-30 minutes. In fact, no matter what method I use (or how much product), I end up losing my curl clumps and introducing frizz no matter what. What am I doing wrong? Thoughts?
Ksenia Galina
Ksenia Galina 2 oy oldin
Kelly Mulherron you need to scrunch more from all sides of the head not just upside down. i use deva curl extra hold gel it has protein in it and helps to seal the hair.if your hair is high porosity they will tangle a lot more and wont stay as clumped as the girl’s here.
Aditi Mukhopadhyay
I had the same problem when I've short hair. As the length increased, the hair rejuvenates it's pattern because of it's weight. I don't know your hair length but this is from my personal experience
Jt F
Jt F 5 oy oldin
Have you done the hair porosity test yet? So, take a strand of hair and put it in a cup of water for about 30 minutes. If it sinks, you're high porosity and you probably need protein. If it floats, you're low porosity and you need moisture. That aside, it can be that your hair is weighed down by silicones or product build-up. Have you clarified your hair yet? Try doing that first and if your hair still won't hold the curls, then try playing around with the amounts of products. Sometimes diffusing doesn't work for some people, so air drying or plopping + air drying can be an alternative. Frizz is often an indicator of damaged or dehydrated hair, so make sure to deep condition every month, or two weeks if it's really damaged.
Kelly Mulherron
Kelly Mulherron 8 oy oldin
Holy Curly I guess I need to take a dive into the rice water treatment. Last time I did a protein treatment in Feb, I fried my hair when leaving it in too long. Freaked to try any, but I think you might be right (as you so often are!).
Holy Curly
Holy Curly 8 oy oldin
Hey honey!! Hum can your hair be lacking protein? One product that actually helps my curls to hold is Cantu’s Thermal Shield but if protein is the problem this product won’t help :/ What do you think?
emiliebova 8 oy oldin
Holy Curly
Holy Curly 8 oy oldin
Tasneem Roux
Tasneem Roux 8 oy oldin
Love it!!!
Holy Curly
Holy Curly 8 oy oldin
Thanks love! 😘
Roxanne Sanchez
Roxanne Sanchez 9 oy oldin
Holy Curly
Holy Curly 9 oy oldin
M/Cast Peach
M/Cast Peach 10 oy oldin
What a unique technique!! Thank you for sharing. Your hair is gorgeous I can’t get over it!!!!!
Holy Curly
Holy Curly 10 oy oldin
Thank so very much!! Hope I was able to help! ☺️