How James Harden Is Exploiting The NBA Part 1

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There are very few players as polarizing as James Harden, primarily the way he draws fouls. Coach Nick breaks down his tremendous skill, and is then joined by Ronnie Nunn (NBA referee for 19 years, Head Of Officials for 5 years, and Director Of Development for 3 more) to discuss how he draws fouls going to the basket and how far he's pushing the boundaries of the rules.
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10-Yan, 2019



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Homeless to Greatness
When he got elbowed by Metta World War, while he was knocked out,he had a dream about how to do all of these.
Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse 3 kun oldin
People need to forget about other players passing MJ, he was the most clutch in sports history. He's the best mainstream sports athlete, ever. I saw him do this like Harden or better, 150+ times. Jordan had a nice streak, 6 championships against multiple future HOF defensive players back then so, nobody is playing defense or barely now. You cant compare the defense in the league in the 1990's to the 2010's. I can play better D than Durant if I was about 6 inches taller lol, his defensive fundamentals are pretty bad.
Joshua Morton
Joshua Morton 4 kun oldin
Using the rules to your advantage isn't a bad thing, it's a genius thing. It's a rule of war. You must take every advantage that you can get to achieve victory, and to be honest it doesn't change the fact that Harden is one of the best ball players in the world. He is on a team full of so so players and needs an advantage to win games. Case in point, king James is one of the best players of all time, but the Lakers are ass this year.
Joshua Morton
Joshua Morton 4 kun oldin
Don't hate the player homie
13adam 5 kun oldin
when harden wins mvp and his first ring along with fmvp casual nba fans tears will be my main source of hydration
Voice of REASON
Voice of REASON 8 kun oldin
He is VERY overrated.... won't even make it out of the 1st round :D JUST scoring doesnt = amazing. He should take some defense lessons with Beverly!! Then would be the GOAT!!
Justin Liu
Justin Liu 6 kun oldin
He’s very overrated lol you’re high
IDK IJS 18 kun oldin
Crazy part... He didn't even touch Kuzmas knee AND he pushed Kuzma. Just because he's a ref... Doesn't mean he's right... How can I say this? Cause refs get calls wrong and delegate what they decide to call...
IDK IJS 18 kun oldin
So James Harden is good... But he's also exploits the rules so it makes him look great... But he's not great... All that has to happen is they start calling travels and stop calling fouls and his point production goes down 15 ppg
Kristian Vandehei
Kristian Vandehei 18 kun oldin
All I am hearing is some dude trying to articulate how clean plays are fouls for Harden.
James Harden
James Harden 19 kun oldin
Listen,Wilt Chamberlain had 32 FTA in his 100 point game while making 28, let that sink in. Harden’s career high is 19 FTA. And everyone else’s that has had this streak had MORE FTA and FGA than harden did. The man is doing what he has got to do.
TheAstrius 19 kun oldin
Well what is he supposed to do pretend the no touch league rules are sound and just play as normal, no hes gonna tear into that pussy ass shit and turn the game into a joke, if they want it to not be a joke bring back 90s era like rules and we can have basketball again.
King Slayer
King Slayer 21 kun oldin
He’s becoming tfue
Rachel Williamson
Rachel Williamson 22 kun oldin
There are floppers, and there is Harden lol
Don Lee
Don Lee 26 kun oldin
while watching the 9:24 video, HARDEN MADE 35 FT already..
Luke Longly
Luke Longly Oy oldin
Nick no doublt he's the best offensive player in the game but the defensive effort is atrocious there's no way he's even a top 5 player right now
The Saurus
The Saurus Oy oldin
The most accurate assessment of James "FOULstian Deal" Harden is: "If you hand James Harden a sketchbook, he can draw you a foul." The thing that I find most egregious about the way Harden is manipulating the system is that he's talented enough that he doesn't need to rely on the dirty tricks.
Kwan89 Johnson
Harden has a punchable face
Feature DaGreat
He just a sneaky cheater
Sory Chang
Sory Chang Oy oldin
Can't wait to see another vid justifying kd's out-of-bounds save Vs rockets with a former ref
Sory Chang
Sory Chang Oy oldin
It can't be more delusional to say we should admire the foul drawing of Harden, it's borderline revolting to Watch You basically suggesting NBA should evolve to free throw shootout and that's fun to watch (maybe if we watch Lonzo Vs Simmons)
Disagree with the third play; harden runs into the leg of kuzma. He is not obligated to move. He’s certainly not obligated to move out of the way for Harden as Ronnie suggests. If Kuzma falls/flops like Harden you will see Harden get a lot more offensive push off fouls.
sebin kang
sebin kang Oy oldin
flop artist
lachistera1 Oy oldin
I would like to know about Lebron's use of elbows: are they legal? He uses a lot of hands and elbows when he is playing, and many times I have wondered if that is right with nowadays rules. Thanks!
Benjamin Oy oldin
Slow down 0:53 to .25 speed an tell me that's not a travel before he dribbles the ball! Why do NBA players get away with lifting there pivot foot. As if being 6'4+ and a couple hundred pounds isn't enough of an advantage for them.
J V Oy oldin
Not the NBA anymore. It’s the National Tricking Referees Association. Trash
El tiny mexican drug lord
"Houston might not make the playoffs if they struggle" uhh... no shit 🤔
John Wick
John Wick Oy oldin
NBA= a league of floppers, drawing-a-foul-players and an 82 game (+playoffs) shooting contest. No wonder people stop caring about it.
The NBA is turning into soccer... this shit is so sad...
Steel Pulse
Steel Pulse Oy oldin
All the Harden haters mad because a top ref explains that he IS GETTING FOULED! Lol
Stan Mann
Stan Mann Oy oldin
It`s easy, he travels and pushes defenders away from him.
Edge Oy oldin
let the defenders drop kidney punches on the offence especially on james carries the ball like a plate of drinks for 5 steps harden
Damareyon Taylor
Harden is gonna be MVP but really he plays like a bitch anyone can score 40 a night if they had iso every play then acts like he got fouled every single time he shoots then he gets soft fouls and shoot 20 FTs a game
Fidel Mercado
Fidel Mercado Oy oldin
He is traveling man
jim hughes
jim hughes Oy oldin
It’s simple. Don’t hand check him, don’t step in his landing zone. What’s fun to watch is, he draws defenders so close, even though they know not to. They can’t help themselves. It’s impressive. The spurs guard him, hands above shoulders so they don’t foul. The hand checking is illegal, refs just don’t call it unless it’s highlighted by contact, which harden does. Don’t blame him. Don’t hand check, don’t do it.
jim hughes
jim hughes Oy oldin
Jordan did it with the push off.
Edward Paterson
I think it detracts from the game when the rules do not allow the defender to be in front of the ball. I know the league wants to promote scoring, but it penalizes a defender who has position. The rules should not reward an offensive player when they initiate the contact. TOO MANY FOUL CALLS. it slows down the game, and too much time with players standing around.
Aaron Young
Aaron Young Oy oldin
All you harden haters would throw a party if he went to your squad. Stfu!
Ben Dagostino
Ben Dagostino Oy oldin
Lets be honest here, he takes like 40 shots a game, shoots about 20 free throws a game, most of which are gifted to him by the referees. He constantly gets away with travels. He shoots like 20 3s a game, usually only hitting like 5 of them. He plays zero defence. Doesn't perform in the playoffs when refs start letting more aggressive defence go. The rockets are shit to watch. 3 after 3 after 3, foul after foul.
Spider Sense
Spider Sense Oy oldin
40.3 points 7.1 rebounds 9.4 assists 1.9 steals 40% 3pts And 25 uncalled traveling violations and 20 phantom foul calls a game He's the mopoat
Chong Yen
Chong Yen Oy oldin
This ain't the nba I knew.. 90s is a man's sport.. Today's NBA is for kids I guess.. Lol
It's not his job to ENFORCE the rules, it's the ref's ca
The fact that he even discovered this facet of the game is brilliant!!! Give that man his credit.
Dready Kobain
Dready Kobain Oy oldin
Curry’s shot Jordan’s killer will and Hardin’s stepback= best created player ever lmao
Dakota Miller
Dakota Miller Oy oldin
James Harden is the G.O.A.T
jamie lanister
Remember when blasted harden with that elbow when. He was on the lakers lol... that's how you guard him
Bestofthebest entertainmentgroup
milwaukee interviews
JustMe Oy oldin
Harden or when the letter of the law becomes more important than the spirit. He's like a lawyer playing basketball.
Flaming Charcoal
2:05 you realize this would hardly ever happen a seven game series between teams on opposite conferences
Listen, I dont care how you chop it up. This is given the game a black eye. Instead of playing basketball, you are playing the refs. Its a whole generation growing up watching this fake hooper who is a average shooter look like the greatest scorer. Im done
Tray Ezim
Tray Ezim Oy oldin
I don't give a fuk about this referee's opinion I don't give a fuck how long he's been refereeing. Too many ghost fouls are called for this man not denying his talent at all whatsoever but please don't take away the hard work from honest Defenders who put in that work to position themselves to not even touch this man and yet he still gets a call too much excuses for ghost fouls for this man once again Harden is a helluva player but he's only one-sided it would never seem even because he never plays defense at the magnitude of how Defenders defend him.
Tim Destasio
Tim Destasio Oy oldin
All I see is a bunch of flopping and these 2 honkies are ignoring it.
D-Boy Booking
D-Boy Booking Oy oldin
I think this video explains it perfectly. Put your hand on him he's gonna flail up as soon as he feels your arm there. That's a contact foul. Stay too close to him he's gonna run into your leg or body and flop. Another foul. Any amount of contact on this guy is gonna be a foul but what this video also shows me is that Harden is extremely inefficient while being forced to his right. My key to defending him would be to always always send him right and hope he drives the lane where they clearly said they call fouls differently. Defense isn't always about touching the guy or putting a body on him. Bait him inside to the right, put your hands straight up and shuffle your feet the bucks did that perfectly as shown in this video.
Childish FroBino
You can't be mad, he's been using the rules to his advantage forever. I like how he taps the breaks on the trailing defender to keep them on his hip and out of the play. Genius
tom11zz884 Oy oldin
This is the NEW NBA...deal with it WIMPS.
Friday’s are cool
Secret. Take 45 shots a game. Have the media only cover your missed baskets and forget about all the misses. Become a legend
ah_priori Oy oldin
This old guy is a moron
bill seaberry
bill seaberry Oy oldin
Seriously? You didnt show any of the hooking with his off hand on drives, his falling on threes, and when driving straight at a player initiating all the contact. Stockton was a master illusionist and now virtually every scorer attempts these kind of tricks. Kicking the legs, holding the follow through but moving it in or out as a defensive player attempt to jump past the shooter. Hardin is too good to be helped
Rick C-137
Rick C-137 Oy oldin
Its getting even crazier now
Randall Martin
Nunn defending Harden is pathetic. Harden travels almost every time and initiates contact to get foul calls.
Jake Oliveros
Jake Oliveros Oy oldin
man looks like elon musk
Alexander Gonzalez
That last one isn’t a foul. Kuzma’s leg didn’t touch harden but it may have looked like it to the ref since he was looking from behind.
Andrew Blank
Andrew Blank Oy oldin
Looks like they need to revamp the D
Infamous J-H00ĶŻ
Hi im Ish
Hi im Ish Oy oldin
Its ironic we have some of the most beautiful technique from Curry, Iriving, LeBron, etc, then we have Harden. I sure as hell hope next gen follows those 3 lmao
123six Oy oldin
Yada yada yada blah blah blah NBA is SOFT charming SOFT!
Zane Beckett
Zane Beckett Oy oldin
He's good but he's one of the dirtiest players.
Winston Behle
Winston Behle Oy oldin
Changed my like to a dislike when you said, "He is an artist out there, and we are all better off by being entertained by what he is doing out there." Sorry, what he's doing is not entertaining and we are not better off for it. James Harden is a cancer and I really hope that he doesn't infect the rest of the league with his uninteresting brand of ref ball.
Roberto Tapia
Roberto Tapia Oy oldin
He is so fast and a lefty... the nba aint ready. So its easier to call him a cheater and to call the nba out for favoritism. Haters gonna hate..
revo1974 Oy oldin
OKC had Harden, Westbrook and Durant too.
Benjamin Clark
Dumbest thing I've ever heard defense you have to be wide or else you'll trip and fall or just get plain knocked over. That is defense fundamentals
Benjamin Clark
Bruh playoffs
Deridia Oy oldin
Stop giving excuses about why it's ok, Harden is a scumy cheater.
socalsp3 Oy oldin
Harden is flopping harder than ever before
Joaquin Rodriguez
This is all Bull, trying to justify bad calls still are bad calls. 5 years ago any of this plays are not fouls. I go further this "fouls" are only call to super stars!! They are not call for regulars players.
ucheucheuche Oy oldin
This guy is a winner, because winners know others are limited by rules, winners use that to their advantage
rrbarcarse 2 oy oldin
Harden is soooo good!!.......in the regular season
Zach Noname
Zach Noname 2 oy oldin
In part two they better be talking about his double step back
Davivd2 2 oy oldin
The NBA does James Harden and his fans a great disservice by not officiating him equally with the rest of the league. He's a great player, one that I used to love to watch when he was in OKC. Now when I watch a Rockets game I just get angry. I see him get away with so much. I see the refs call fouls on defenders not just for ticky tack fouls, but for not even touching him at times. I watch defenders put their hands behind their back and just basically let him shoot. This is horrible for the game. I want to be a James Harden fan because his legit game is undeniable. I want to be a Rockets fan, because they could be fun to watch if they were being officiated on a level playing field with the rest of the league, but I just can't bring myself to enjoy either Harden or the Rockets because the game itself is being trivialized in the process. Chris Paul grabs men's genitals to get by them on dribble drives. You can see footage of him doing this all the way back in college. I've NEVER seen a ref call a foul against him for this. Not only is this a foul but it's dirty, and practically rape. James Harden uses his off arm wrapped around a defenders thigh to push himself past them. Harden straight arm pushes people in the chest. Harden blatantly travels multiple times a game and the refs (Surely under direction from the commissioner) allow it to happen. It's such a shame. I really want to enjoy the sport that I love, and I thought that once Stern was out of the picture that we would finally get to just see the game unfold on a level playing field. Sadly Adam Silver is just as corrupt as Stern is when it comes to trying to create an experience through the game as opposed to letting the game itself unfold into an experience for the fans.
Daniel Beales
Daniel Beales 2 oy oldin
What the Bucks did is what Scottie Pippen said every team should be doing when defending him.
Scott Sophia
Scott Sophia 2 oy oldin
The *NBA OFFICIALS* have created a *MONSTER.*. Watching this makes my blood boil. I have *NEVER* seen another player that looks to draw a *FOUL* as a *PRIMARY* way of *SCORING.*
Scott Sophia
Scott Sophia 2 oy oldin
If *Harden* grabbed my arm like that, I would *HIT HIM* with my other arm.
Scott Sophia
Scott Sophia 2 oy oldin
Teams need to start hard fouling him and touching him up at the rim. If they are gonna call everything a foul, and only for Harden, then show them what a foul really is. If Harden is gonna flop, then give him a reason to go down.
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams 2 oy oldin
Just stop fucking reaching on him. I get that guys want to stick their hands out, but the majority of the calls he gets are him taking advantage of that. Keep your hands up and move with him and I guarantee he’ll still get some calls, but nowhere near the amount he gets now. It blows my mind that professional basketball players stick their hands out into Harden’s space and then act like they don’t know what’s about to happen.
Wally Smitty
Wally Smitty 2 oy oldin
it shouldn't be happening....but he gets away slick walking, holding movement....
MuMu124 2 oy oldin
It's the beard...it mezermises the refs
Tony Rivers
Tony Rivers 2 oy oldin
I have an idea...Call it the Harden flop. These calls are rotting away the NBA and foulcalling. It shouldn't be condone, but condemn. Idea, call it the Harden foul, a flagrant flop. Never have I seen a player gets away with so much in terms of foul calling and travel passes. Imo, he's a great player but not one of the greatest.
GrapevineEnt 2 oy oldin
James Harden is great but he is allowed to travel. Impossible to guard a person that can do that foot shuffling The defenders are conditioned to focus on contesting the shot when he picks up the dribble but he is allowed to travel backwards another foot. He gets space or draws a foul. He is also allowed to push off. If you resist too hard...foul!
Tony Rivers
Tony Rivers 2 oy oldin
Those shuffles man. NBA referees are shite nowadays.
gutenbird 2 oy oldin
Love watching him play defense too. Wish Harden still still has something left for postseason.
Basketball Hoopers
You either hate him or love him. Either way I admire his ability to initiate contact and basically make the refs call the foul. That's something young players should learn!
Pussy exterminator33
Harden still not better than Wade
Sean Klein
Sean Klein 2 oy oldin
Ronnie Nunn stans so hard for the refs. The refs could have said it’s nighttime while the sun is still shining and Ronnie would explain to us why that was the correct call.
joephel cabradilla
they won cuz ref help then did u see wht lebron trying to defend rockets hahahahahaha
williehead01 2 oy oldin
#4 Danuel House Jr. 🏀🏀🏀🏀
Carey Robinson
Carey Robinson 2 oy oldin
I put the video in slow mo Every time he did a step back n he literally traveled eveytime lol
Debonair Jay
Debonair Jay 2 oy oldin
James Harden is the epitome of the current era of basketball
Kevin 2 oy oldin
I'm so torn on Harden. He's the most exciting, unwatchable player I've ever seen.
Richard Anter
Richard Anter 2 oy oldin
Impactful is not a word.
Rodolfo Hernandez
NBA used to be spectacular. But now day days the competition is in to see who gets to the free trow line the most. Not good And they keep adding more and more fouls. Let them play please. we pay to much to just see fee trows
Stew W
Stew W 2 oy oldin
Harden hooks and pushes off on nearly every play. Why arent those being called?
Ben Lopez
Ben Lopez 2 oy oldin
Give all these people some haterade lol
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