How James Harden Is Exploiting The NBA Part 1

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There are very few players as polarizing as James Harden, primarily the way he draws fouls. Coach Nick breaks down his tremendous skill, and is then joined by Ronnie Nunn (NBA referee for 19 years, Head Of Officials for 5 years, and Director Of Development for 3 more) to discuss how he draws fouls going to the basket and how far he's pushing the boundaries of the rules.
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10-Yan, 2019

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Debonair Jay
Debonair Jay 33 daqiqa oldin
James Harden is the epitome of the current era of basketball
Kevin 3 soat oldin
I'm so torn on Harden. He's the most exciting, unwatchable player I've ever seen.
Richard Anter
Richard Anter 9 soat oldin
Impactful is not a word.
Rodolfo Hernandez
Rodolfo Hernandez 9 soat oldin
NBA used to be spectacular. But now day days the competition is in to see who gets to the free trow line the most. Not good And they keep adding more and more fouls. Let them play please. we pay to much to just see fee trows
Stew W
Stew W 11 soat oldin
Harden hooks and pushes off on nearly every play. Why arent those being called?
Ben Lopez
Ben Lopez 13 soat oldin
Give all these people some haterade lol
Ivan Young
Ivan Young 16 soat oldin
Is there people actually like harden besides rockets fan? Loll
Raptors Nation
Raptors Nation 17 soat oldin
Harden is a fucking basketball genius 💯
M Johannesen
M Johannesen 20 soat oldin
can you imagine Jordan with the rules and easy drives these days? 40-50 ppg.
Cubo de Sangre
Cubo de Sangre 21 soat oldin
The problem is there's always contact and the whistles are notoriously biased.
ty tyy
ty tyy Kun oldin
i honestly love harden (no homo) he is the G.O.A.T🐐
Jason Kassa
Jason Kassa Kun oldin
Nunn ain't GOD baby boi... We need to be competent, so we can make our own rational judgement, independent of an authority figure(such as Nunn and/or the host), or the herd(fans, layman, social proof)... Nunn is a man. You feel me?
Jason Kassa
Jason Kassa Kun oldin
That's exactly how Harden be thinking. And the NBA who wants to open up the action and the global markets... I could come out with a defense that would get me banned to ALASKA...
Joe Brooks
Joe Brooks Kun oldin
curry’s better , by far rockets probably be doing better if chris paul led the team lebrons also still better harden just hella inefficient
matthew Kun oldin
People hate on greatness, just enjoy harden he won't be a player forever
Kirk Calma
Kirk Calma Kun oldin
Any time someone rises above all others, as Harden has done, especially recently, some will try to bring him down. Exploiting is not cheating, and if the refs don't call it, it's legal, in the context of court play.
Joshua Phelps
Joshua Phelps Kun oldin
I ain’t know professor x was a basketball fan
ThePearguru98 Kun oldin
If the offensive player initiates the contact it shouldn't be a foul
Poizin Rath
Poizin Rath Kun oldin
That’s what the rules are there for. He’s using them to his advantage. Just because he’s the best at it doesn’t make it cheap.
Gabriel Cancio
Gabriel Cancio Kun oldin
he's great, hes the the only 1 who can do that, and others cant, thats why there is an issue..
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen Kun oldin
Harden gets more free throws per game than some players do their whole career.
niri hanigo
niri hanigo 2 kun oldin
Well every star in NBA have some different and unique style for instance curry with 3, remember Lebron James aggressive approach toward rim during with Heat, KD and Klay jump shot and Wall quickness, not to forget James is best when it comes to dribble remember ankle brakes or make it dance, last year they almost beat the Warriors but Chris Paul have to bench, they may or may not get a chance to win this time or Magically coach need to bring 3 points shooter or someone like Ariza But whatever i would say James Harden is one of the best and Fun to watch, forget about the haters.
Kc Raw
Kc Raw 2 kun oldin
Fuck is this nigga talking bout hes seen it done by "forwards" at the Rucker
82jake steed
82jake steed 2 kun oldin
Mane fuck James harden! You can't play no hard defense on him or they'll give him a foul. Plus that step back at times is a big fucking travel that officials ignore. And the guy plays zero defense!!!🖕🏿
js59695 2 kun oldin
Jesus do all these fucking videos have ads? I’m done with youtube.
Galai Ceesay
Galai Ceesay 2 kun oldin
cheap plays like this is what makes the NBA a side show circus.
Wreqt 2 kun oldin
This is the stuff that makes basketball unwatchable. It may be legal, but it isn't good for the game or viewers.
Glen Stevens
Glen Stevens 2 kun oldin
More career points from the line, then from the field... yeah... so special. LoLoLoLoLoL
Kc Raw
Kc Raw 2 kun oldin
So the first play they discusd he hooks the defender & of course draws a foul 😂😂
dr theos
dr theos 2 kun oldin
It's the year 2020...people no longer go to watch NBA games because its become a circus
MrCallipygous 2 kun oldin
Harden hate is like Trump love. You can't logically explain it. He was clearly fouled on every play they showed. There were no "flops" or "steps" that the haters post endlessly about on every Rocket video. What this video proves is that James Harden can react extremely quickly to a defender's move and he calculates his countermove so fast that the defense is in trouble and fouls him.
112coachatc 2 kun oldin
Nunn always sides with the officials, I have never seen him go against a refs controversial calls.
MrFuchew 2 kun oldin
its not about rules and technicalities it's a question of morality. Only god can decide on hardens day of reckoning if these are basketball plays or not.
SPAGGHETT 2 kun oldin
If he wants to, he can't do a quadruple step back and it would still be legal But he still has to dribble 2/1 times
King 2 kun oldin
FOULS ARE APART OF THE GAME TOO. Stop whining about him going to the line. It’s just not interesting but who cares he wants to win games not impressed y’all bottom line. He could shoot the ball better then most players in the NBA. He moves the ball fulling the role of the PG as a SG. OH BUT HE DONT PLAY DEFENSE? Nah he’s top 4 in steals this season. Oh he Travels A lot? That’s the officials fault . That’s their job to call it
King 2 kun oldin
I’ll admit his Turnovers are terrible tho but because he has the ball in his hands so much . I think hes lead the league in Usage and possession
Teo Gárate
Teo Gárate 2 kun oldin
Travel, traveling every tiiiiimeeee!!!!
King 2 kun oldin
HARDEN HATERS has enter the chat.
Sir Smoovington
Sir Smoovington 2 kun oldin
Great strategy on James Harden part. It makes him virtually impossible to guard. All defenders use their hands while paying defense especially on the hip during a drive. Harden has mastered the ability to gather his shot as soon as he feels hand on his hip. It's in genius and puts the advantage back on offensive side . Defenders have to practice playing defense with their hands behind there back and only using hands to contest shots.
NappyBoy CAB
NappyBoy CAB 2 kun oldin
Harden figured out how to make it difficult to guard him wit the help of the rules change u can't be mad at him boyz just need to find a better way to guard him 🤷🏾‍♂️
mfpv_detroit 2 kun oldin
He travels more then anyone in the league with that double step back
Mission Greats
Mission Greats 2 kun oldin
Is it me or did a basketball just go through CP3’s fuken leg 0:01
mi2ka mi2ka
mi2ka mi2ka 2 kun oldin
and thats why i dont watch Houston Rocketss games
Raonak Naicker
Raonak Naicker 2 kun oldin
Hate his exploitative style of play, but it's the only way he can win with the team injuries
Jason Jia
Jason Jia 2 kun oldin
It's super simple- Harden is breaking the unwritten rules of basketball. You don't go looking for fouls, plain and simple. You might drive the lane knowing that you'll get contact, but you're not actively making moves for the purpose of getting a call. Watch that clip against the Lakers. He literally drives purposely into Kuzma's knee. The unwritten rule is that you go around even if it slows you down a bit to turn that corner...but not Harden. He sees Kuzma is a bit too extended and he drives right into his knee on purpose. No written rules broken, but a whole lot of honor lost.
noahZOMG 2 kun oldin
you call it exploits but anyone who aint a sook calls it superior knowledge of the rules and understand another players body language. legit, kid go and educate yourself. please.
Gabriel El Leon
Gabriel El Leon 2 kun oldin
Haters! He would be just as good. He can score and finish regardless
ddhardial 2 kun oldin
What's the point of this video? I don't get it. I'm more confused.
The One and Only
The One and Only 2 kun oldin
They don't call weak fouls in the playoffs. Dude will never win a chip.
Heyward9 2 kun oldin
Is it safe to say that anyone who’s watched this channel by now knows who Ronnie nunn is?
Take the Red Pill
Take the Red Pill 2 kun oldin
This old news...he was doing this when he was the only all star..much like Steph was already doing it before KD.
Huriana Taylor
Huriana Taylor 2 kun oldin
Rafael Duran
Rafael Duran 2 kun oldin
I feel the Laker one looked like a foul but wasnt, harden falls down because kuzma is not there and got his leg out the way. Like a perimeter Barkley play, instead of resisting you just let him pass because hes out of control. The Bulls play is the perpendicular rule that I hate but it exist. The first ones were definately fouls.
Jeison Perdomo
Jeison Perdomo 3 kun oldin
lmao dick riding 101
Leroy Watson
Leroy Watson 3 kun oldin
Frank Shorter
Frank Shorter 3 kun oldin
Skye Walker
Skye Walker 3 kun oldin
Sure he's great but he gets at least 10 points per game off travels, false calls and offensive fouls.
D D 3 kun oldin
This sport has become a joke.
Billy Figueroa
Billy Figueroa 3 kun oldin
Kevin Durant was doing something similar with the rip through move and the league changed the rules to remove it from being FTs. It is still a foul, but not shooting foul. The league needs to change this rule. The worst part about all of this is HOW SKILLED Harden is. Harden is extremely hard to guard with hand checking and physical play to begin with, now you remove the option to touch the guy or have a hand on him and this is how he scores 40ppg during this stretch Old school scorers took pride in scoring on you when you played tough defense. It's like an AND1...nothing feels better than a guy playing you physical and then you go score on him with the foul. Harden needs to develop some offensive pride. Real scorers want to shoot it in your face not get it on the line. They would score ON YOU The second part of this is I can't wait for the playoffs were the refs usually do not give him these calls and where he has "chocked" multiple years because he has relied so much on this flopping. When these calls are not given to him, it changes his entire game and then he is "guardable"
Tijan 3 kun oldin
Coach Ronnie on point
David Evans
David Evans 3 kun oldin
Somebody needs to provide some game video to an AI for ML to evaluate James basketball play.
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 3 kun oldin
It needs to get to the point where the refs stop calling fouls for harden period. Then he'll stop cheating the league and the fans.
Manuel Encalada
Manuel Encalada 3 kun oldin
Harden has legitimate talent obviously, but I have a problem with the fact that he doesn't just initiate contact, he is basically committing an offensive foul on a lot of posessions and expecting the refs to bail that out. It's not necessary, but it's also a large part of how he does things.
Greg Poppa Bitch
Greg Poppa Bitch 3 kun oldin
Appreciate that Coach these harden haters don't get basketball
keith wisdom
keith wisdom 3 kun oldin
it's basketball not chemistry no need for a professional ref to explain guys shooting and bouncing a ball.
So @ 0:53 seconds isn’t a travel?
IWantMyVisionBack 3 kun oldin
How much is the NBA paying y'all? LOL
jom_ aca
jom_ aca 3 kun oldin
My first 5.. harden doncic antetokoumpo Leonard novitski
Onboarddatracks 3 kun oldin
He’s a flopped straight up
Onboarddatracks 3 kun oldin
Travel at 4:45 and ref looking right at him
Tommy Goldsmith
Tommy Goldsmith 3 kun oldin
What james harden is doing rn is legendary. These calls are not biased, and if the other players were smart enough to use the rules of the game like he does, then they would get the calls. He has mastered using the rules of bball to his advantage.
Z T 3 kun oldin
It is what it is. It's smart and respectable but not admirable. You don't want to be known as someone who's scored 50% your points from FREEthrows from its name, these points were given for FREE.
Gregory Everson
Gregory Everson 4 kun oldin
hand on the waist is like a 20yr old rule, these guys know not to do that
IbTusPeter 4 kun oldin
God I hate watching the Rockets play. D'antoni literally isolates Harden every time down the floor. No off-ball movement, no setting screens for flares, no floppy sets for their shooters, no nothing. Their playbook is literally pick n'roll until a PF/C is switched onto Harden, then he does a step-back or dribble drive. It's basketball at its ugliest form. How could any basketball purist enjoy this? Even if you're a Rockets fan, how could you condone one player dribbling while 4 other players just sit and watch? It's disgusting.
Sinister Mephisto
Sinister Mephisto 4 kun oldin
I hope he gets injured
Illi 4 kun oldin
enjoynet 4 kun oldin
it is easy to find excuses for Harden. but why others get no calls? When u do the same thing to other players, it is good defense, but to Harden, it is a foul.
enjoynet 4 kun oldin
This flopper being the face of NBA is a disaster to NBA
Manuel Filimon
Manuel Filimon 4 kun oldin
Reffs should use their heads. 90% of the foul shots he gets from three are not typical shots he would take. Most of them should be no calls. Why did u not add the pigy back fouls.
Ryan La Viña
Ryan La Viña 5 kun oldin
Hey coach how about a breakdown on K Leonard? Media coverage in TO has made quite a bit about the lack of calls in his favor. Maybe you and Ronnie Nunn can take a closer look and explain if the Raps have a legit reason to complain
Omi. Mi
Omi. Mi 5 kun oldin
one of the Oscar nominees
Emzkee 5 kun oldin
coach, how about the double step-back against utah? Isn't it traveling?
BIG FACTS 5 kun oldin
The man broke it down for the not so smart and some you still disagree off emotions and hate instead of understanding the rules of the game.
Mahesvara [][][][]
Mahesvara [][][][] 5 kun oldin
The ref are just dumb...........
TheFnames 5 kun oldin
I should start pushing off and traveling on my step backs , might help with my MVP contention
xxrwillzxx 5 kun oldin
" Exploiting The NBA" Had to click lmao
Scott Carroll
Scott Carroll 5 kun oldin
The guy is on fire. Everyone trying to make excuses instead of paying him his dues.
Cow Crow
Cow Crow 5 kun oldin
I love your posts. These breakdowns are informative.
SwaggerLikeUz 5 kun oldin
Prime Jordan averaged 37pts in the 80's despite hand checking, physical defensive, trash talking, hard fouls (The Jordan Rules), & no defensive 3 sec rule in the paint. Wizards (OLD JORDAN) exposed the modern NBA in 2001 scoring 51pts (No 3's) and 45pts back to back. Prime Jordan averages 50 today under modern NBA rules, period! Harden's scoring proficiency is Jordan esque.
SwaggerLikeUz 4 kun oldin
Sankalp Kota I know 2001 was the year new NBA rules changed to increase scoring. I believe so, definitely defensive 3 seconds was implemented I know.
Sankalp Kota
Sankalp Kota 4 kun oldin
Hand-checking was still a thing till 03-04 season, no?
Jack Kim
Jack Kim 6 kun oldin
Ronnie Nunn is a harden Homer
Rodney Hidalgo
Rodney Hidalgo 6 kun oldin
Harden is an eye sore in basketball
Mr. Miles
Mr. Miles 6 kun oldin
Fans watch basketball to see people genuinely try to make shots... they don't come to watch somebody try to intentionally draw files. I've never heard anybody say... WOW did you see that awesome foul Harden drew last night?!! Jordan was great for many reasons... Michael "Air" Jordan... Does Harden really want his legacy to be defined by the ability to draw a foul. James "Foul" Harden.
xcaluhbration 6 kun oldin
Can't exploit them playoffs doe.
darealliljable 6 kun oldin
Haters can keep it coming. This guy is going to keep Roasting you all until you learn your lessons. You all are successfully pissing him off.
Woahtherebuddy 6 kun oldin
Great video subbed. Harden is this years MvP hands down.
shake_tube 6 kun oldin
we want athletes so succeed based on talent, skill or determination, not by rule exploitation. at some point guys have to take cheap shots against harden. if he hooked my arm i might collapse to the ground and try to dislocate his shoulder. all sports are really soft now. its why offensive players can get away with anything. you cannot brush back hitters who lean over the plate. you cannot hit WR who go high for catches. etc etc
Corinthian Harris
Corinthian Harris 6 kun oldin
James Harden on the 13th Dimension a basketball mentellect!
Calvin Wong
Calvin Wong 6 kun oldin
Then explain to me how the refs can blocking foul like that, but can't see out of bounce Kevin Durant? Also I'm still waiting for the NBA to answer my question about ejecting two players and a coach for no reason last year. Then the refs need to be escorted off the court by security? Come on NBA what are you so afraid of? People jumping your refs for rigging games? Baffles me when people says Adam Silvers is players commissioner. If he is, then tell him to step out of the light and announced the players are allowed to criticize the refs in the media. Otherwise it's a crooked ass league
Joshua Wang
Joshua Wang 6 kun oldin
nice analysis
Argo Mium
Argo Mium 6 kun oldin
Make a video on why Klay Thompson has been shooting worse this year.
david z
david z 6 kun oldin
you should do a video on the spurs thunder overtime game and analyze the refs calls during the course of the game to see if the game had the right calls or not
eiji81 6 kun oldin
He's not the first one or the only one to do that. Hes the worst one though. Steph Curry, Paul Pierce, Jordan, etc all draw those same fouls and moves he does. Harden is just dramatic about it and does it all tne time. Maybe because he doesnt have a Ring? Lol. Poor guy Someone please teach him some defense.