How Kristin And Fred Got Their Jobs At BuzzFeed • Ladylike

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"I was actually pretty annoying."
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Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/59185
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28-Iyl, 2018

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너처Nachal 4 kun oldin
I saw a bts quiz 😂
Destiny Carter
Destiny Carter 9 kun oldin
Y'all literally make me wanna work at buzzfeed honestly bc y'all have these beautiful unique personalities along with a beautiful unique work place
szorohov85 12 kun oldin
plz make this about all your famous reporters ....in all of your buzzfeed channels
Hermoine Snape
Hermoine Snape 15 kun oldin
I am a culinary master + supreme foodie and love my job! Woot!
Dilshani Weragama
Dilshani Weragama 17 kun oldin
I could give you a million reasons why i would *loooove* to work at buzzfeed. #1, the people. Highkey i'm hoping to work with them one day. Is that crazy or what ?
aubree keller
aubree keller 18 kun oldin
How did Jen get her job
Kelly Chan
Kelly Chan 21 kun oldin
Ned has a good eye, there are so many good producers were hired by ned
Life with BrittanyMichelle
I want to work there!!!!!!!
Maricruz Herrera
I want to hear Jen’s story !!!!
Christye Lynn
Christye Lynn Oy oldin
I think that they should have adjusted Kristen’s dress or put her in something else because I can see her bra.
Aisha Oy oldin
Thinking about moving to LA in search of creative/media centered jobs. Right now I’m in the process of finding out which neighborhoods to possibly move to. Could you do a video on apartment prices/areas that are good to look into too? Anyone and everyone, please feel free to message me with any tips/suggestions! Please and thank you. 😊
Winona Daphne
Winona Daphne Oy oldin
"If you're not prepared for that luck, it doesn't matter." holy fuck i need to print that out and put it in my bedroom
Winona Daphne
Winona Daphne Oy oldin
1:09 "we'll tell you which bts member you are" LMFAO
missannieb Oy oldin
They got really arrogant at the end.
Plebchok Oy oldin
Did they steal them from an Australian?
Kiana parvizi
Kiana parvizi 2 oy oldin
Shyanne 2 oy oldin
Niina Karppinen
Niina Karppinen 3 oy oldin
This is a great video for all those wanting to be in similar jobs. And thank you Kristin for remembering the luck part. That's important to understand in this business, sometimes plain hard work doesn't pay off, you need a little bit of luck in there as well.
Mary M
Mary M 3 oy oldin
Bottom line is that *ned has a wife*
Elizabeth Gutierez
I have a job (1st grade teacher) and love it but this is really great advice for anyone!
Tiffany 3 oy oldin
Ned is pretty awesome 👌🏼
Alisa Spear
Alisa Spear 3 oy oldin
Kristin with her hair up is 😚👌😍🔥
xydoit 3 oy oldin
The try guy brought Jen and Fred to Buzzfeed.
brandon german
brandon german 3 oy oldin
Ladylike but not quite
Ellen Gervin
Ellen Gervin 3 oy oldin
Who else wants to work at BuzzFeed
S. Lawrence
S. Lawrence 3 oy oldin
And then there’s me who after applying for over 140 jobs in 6months (I’m in government payments to keep me afloat whilst I try to find work) not even subway or target ect will hire me 😞 And then there’s Freddie able to find work in ONE WEEK
Dakisanji 3 oy oldin
Interviewer:"Are you a radical leftist feminist?" Those women:"Ye-" Interviewer:"Hired!"
lavenderm 3 oy oldin
is this a recruitment video
aclamoring 3 oy oldin
I thought it said fired 🕴then actually read the title...
Layne Rogers
Layne Rogers 4 oy oldin
You ladies always always make me smile 😊
Daniela Jaurez
Daniela Jaurez 4 oy oldin
They should make a calab with Safiea
Claire McAlister
Claire McAlister 4 oy oldin
would love another video like this!!!!
Rajrupa Paul
Rajrupa Paul 4 oy oldin
Why the annoying background music?
viewer 1
viewer 1 4 oy oldin
Kristine kind of looks like christine they r like twins
Car Ric
Car Ric 4 oy oldin
I want Kristin to be my best friend.
MultiNadiam 4 oy oldin
This was actually helpful advice, especially at the end about bring properly prepared before sending emails, LOL. I'm currently on my grind (not for a media job) and trying not to be annoying to people in my industry, so I appreciate it. TY
CatherineJ 4 oy oldin
They sold their soul to the devil, that’s how
Gloria Alicia
Gloria Alicia 4 oy oldin
ive alwaysss wanted to work at buzzfeed
Magen Golden
Magen Golden 4 oy oldin
Getting a good job does require some luck, and I wish more people knew this. I had just gotten fired, just broke up with my partner, and needed to find money to move. I was lucky enough to ask about work in a forum and had someone reach out to me and help me get my dream job. I was prepared for the job, but I really don’t think I would have found it without her help. It’s all about putting yourself out there and taking the risk.
Betty amundsen
Betty amundsen 4 oy oldin
So no one was going to tell her that her bra is hanging out
Alice Tran
Alice Tran 4 oy oldin
I would like to hear more about how people got hired! Kristen gives me hope that I’ll find a writing job one day
Katherine McDonnell
Omg Kristen your wearing pants!!!!!!!!❤️😘😎
L. L. Bean
L. L. Bean 4 oy oldin
I want to work at Buzzfeed so badly oh my goodness...
darcy styles
darcy styles 4 oy oldin
Yes please do more of these
Ruby Marshall
Ruby Marshall 4 oy oldin
What do you do apart from make videos at buzzfeed and ladylike
Emma Brandon
Emma Brandon 4 oy oldin
Daaaaaang work that jumpsuit, Kristin
Megan Macomber
Megan Macomber 4 oy oldin
Devins story please!!
Emily B
Emily B 4 oy oldin
tayietu g
tayietu g 4 oy oldin
i thought it said getting high and got way too excited
JPH Solutions
JPH Solutions 4 oy oldin
LADY-LIKE (please do a video- We got High) What it’s like to get high!
Cassandra Teal
Cassandra Teal 4 oy oldin
So you have to know somebody, just like any job. Glad it worked out for you ladies
Cassandra Teal
Cassandra Teal 4 oy oldin
Kristin looks cute :)
Juan garcia
Juan garcia 4 oy oldin
Wait but how long has freedie been at buzzfeed?
Melanie Hall
Melanie Hall 4 oy oldin
I would love to hear more about everyone’s college experience to compare how different they were, especially with Fred going to a HBCU. I think that would be a great video!
egypt love
egypt love 4 oy oldin
I thought it said fired 😂
Haggis McHaggis
Haggis McHaggis 4 oy oldin
Scarlet Ash
Scarlet Ash 4 oy oldin
I would love to hear Devin's and Jen's story. I know Devin was huge in theater at the University down the street from me so I'd love to hear her's the most.
Blue Joonie
Blue Joonie 4 oy oldin
1:09 for all the ARMYS
Monica Robinson
Monica Robinson 4 oy oldin
What are your guys college majors?
Azabien 4 oy oldin
By being lesbians and feminazis
Raven ikon
Raven ikon 4 oy oldin
gonna spam the community board with puppy articles and hopefully they call me hire me and have me do dog videos for the rest of my days hehe
Reetika Pandey
Reetika Pandey 4 oy oldin
Jen.......whr r u??
Mariah Gleason
Mariah Gleason 4 oy oldin
I want to know how Devin started working at buzzfeed! I remember being a teenager and seeing her in a Very Potter Musical alongside other Team Starkid productions, so I'd love to know how she transitioned from that point to buzzfeed.
Swimmer Boi
Swimmer Boi 4 oy oldin
What questions did you ask when applying?
Brownsugar M
Brownsugar M 4 oy oldin
Good job girls! Ladies Rock!
LindsRenee 4 oy oldin
Would you guys be able to make a video about what led you to work at buzzfeed? What college and majors did you do and what degree do you have to have? It’s been my dream to work at buzzfeed since I first saw a video a few years ago. I’m a journalism major at Kent state but I’m thinking about changing my major to help me get my dream job. If you see this please help me out!
Katie T
Katie T 4 oy oldin
I mean.........I mostly wanna know if anyone came from a low-income background to Buzzfeed. More than anything else, that interests me, because coming from low (and even just low-middle class) can really make things like these kinds of journeys not an option. You don't always have savings, or anything, and have to learn everything on your own. And it's not that it's not do-able, I just really want to hear more of those stories so that people in similar situations can get an idea for what they might be facing so they can come at it and be prepared.
Joanna Abel
Joanna Abel 4 oy oldin
I wanna know Chantel's storyyy
Lesli Fetch
Lesli Fetch 4 oy oldin
1:10 I saw BTS...
Diamond Murillo
Diamond Murillo 4 oy oldin
So much work to get hired for a 'news' website that posts articles like "build your house and we'll tell you what kind of garlic bread you are" lol
N 4 oy oldin
Did they put this out because they need a bunch of new employees soon?🤔
Lucy Reilly
Lucy Reilly 4 oy oldin
Omg does anyone else love Kirsten's outfit and that cherry necklace...........SHOOK
Ashlie Weleschuk
Ashlie Weleschuk 4 oy oldin
Love Kristen's outfit
Vienna Does Contortion
I’m so glad u guys r working at buzz feed
Megan Peterson
Megan Peterson 4 oy oldin
What about jen
D Amore
D Amore 4 oy oldin
Thank you for pointing out you HAVE TO WORK HARD TO GET A JOB
Madison Walker
Madison Walker 4 oy oldin
Kristin that doesn't sound like luck that sounds like hard work!
Galligator: Her Royal Randomness
Jen. I wanna know how Jen got on to Buzzfeed mainly because she and I have similar kinds of laid back and sometimes awkward personalities :P
Xx_BANANA5169_x X
Then lets see how they lose it Their thumbnail: I left buzzfeed *emotional*
Amanda Mitchell
Amanda Mitchell 4 oy oldin
Your bra is hanging out 😂
Megan Levis
Megan Levis 4 oy oldin
Based on this and buzzfeed’s insta stories, I feel like they’re really trying to get some new employees 🤔
McKenzie Payne
McKenzie Payne 4 oy oldin
Please post the other stories of how the other ladies got their jobs at buzfeed!
Dez R
Dez R 4 oy oldin
McKenzie Payne no for the love of God don't.
Texaslife43 4 oy oldin
the brassier in the back though.....
sushislayer 4 oy oldin
*Will be waiting on the follow up video. "Why We Left Buzzfeed"*
Risa L
Risa L 4 oy oldin
Wow! I wanna hear more
Gemmie Shavelle
Gemmie Shavelle 4 oy oldin
I'm sorry as much as I would like to take in the information about them being hired, I just can't help but stare at that headless bra statue thing in the background .-.
EmilyGrace 72107
EmilyGrace 72107 4 oy oldin
Former Try Guy
Summer Rollins
Summer Rollins 4 oy oldin
Kristin looks amazing in that outfit 🤧😍😍
Malgorzata Toczkiewicz
I want to work at Buzz feed when I'm older
Emily Granados
Emily Granados 4 oy oldin
Who else notice kristins bra?
Playlists for an Insomniac
DEFINITELY want to know how the rest of Ladylike and Try Guys got their jobs at BuzzFeed!
Playlists for an Insomniac
Yeah, would still like to know, though :)
Fuzzy The duck
Fuzzy The duck 4 oy oldin
The try guys left
Hannah Dycus
Hannah Dycus 4 oy oldin
Yes! I would love to hear how you ALL got your jobs. I look up to you women so much and any advice any of you can give would mean so much to me!
Christina S.
Christina S. 4 oy oldin
Omg Kristin looks great in that outfit!!
Ducky Dinosaur
Ducky Dinosaur 4 oy oldin
How does one apply to intern at buzzfeed
Serenity Scratch
Serenity Scratch 4 oy oldin
Ducky Dinosaur you don't, they're a cancerous company that take credit for all the work and you get paid crap
Db 4 oy oldin
Kristen says don't just randomly text someone via LinkedIn .....well then how else is someone supposed to connect ? The best way to know about a job is by talking to someone already employed there, right ? And btw Kristen had a friend who told her what to do it seems....like that community thing ! But I don't think everyone would have a connect like that....so random texting is the only option it seems!
Alyssa Martinez
Alyssa Martinez 4 oy oldin
Haha this would be my dream job but I have none of the experience needed for an application. Even an internship is out of my reach 😂 I’m so sad
Brendan Richter
Brendan Richter 4 oy oldin
Is this in response to the loads of why I left BuzzFeed videos
RandomGuyOn Youtube
They should do a video on how the try guys left, like if agree
Liv Deitz
Liv Deitz 4 oy oldin
How did Jen get hired??
Ariana Archer
Ariana Archer 4 oy oldin
Video Request: Ladylike re-creates vines!!
dog massage
4 oy oldin