How My Makeup Looks Under a Microscope

Tina Yong
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In this video, I look at my makeup under a microscope VS my skin without makeup. #TINASCOPE
Time Stamps:
1:49 What my skin looks like without makeup under the microscope
6:40 What my makeup looks like under the microscope
Link to Microscope - amzn.to/2u7rRTR (this one is the latest model with wifi and better resolution)
Link to Makeup I used:
Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation in Fiji shopstyle.it/l/LF1H
Too Faced Born This Way Radiant Concealer in Light shopstyle.it/l/LF0O
Laneige Two Tone Contour Bar in Caco amzn.to/2sGwRyi
Glossier Wowder Powder go.magik.ly/ml/9hy1/
By Terry Sun Designer Palette #6 Happy Sun shopstyle.it/l/LF04
Urban Decay Jean Michel Basquiat Palette
Too Cool for School Artclass Shading amzn.to/2M0I05S
Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick Cliffhanger Matte shopstyle.it/l/LF24
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Soft Box: Aputure Light Dome amzn.to/2ED9gT2
Camera: Canon 80D amzn.to/2GQuHWK
Canon G97X Mark II amzn.to/2fV1drX
Canon 24-70mm Lens 2.8 amzn.to/2b9lqcD
Editing Program: Adobe Premier Pro CC
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7-Iyn, 2018

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Tina Yong
Tina Yong 7 oy oldin
Thanks for checking out my video! Let me know what you want to see next under the Tinascope!
khae Cy
khae Cy 22 kun oldin
Wheres the link to know whats the name of your microscope?
Urban Layer
Urban Layer Oy oldin
Wow! Amazing. We really love your videos. We ‘Urban Layer’ are 'No.1 Color lens Manufacturer' in Korea producing Color lens, Crazy lens, 22mm,17mm Sclera lens. If you don't mind, we'll give you new lenses each time we release. And if you have any designs of lenses to want to make, feel free to let us know! We can make them for you. Wish we could work together.♡
yann yan
yann yan 6 oy oldin
Tina Yong a mole
Tayla Bovey
Tayla Bovey 6 oy oldin
It would also be great to see skin before and after using blotting paper.
Tayla Bovey
Tayla Bovey 6 oy oldin
Would like to see a before and after curling lashes (without mascara) to see the microscopic damage
M iG At
M iG At 5 kun oldin
I so love your lab gown with those cute eyes! ;)
chandinibr 6 kun oldin
Woah... You were really bold to show off those flaws. I did this on my scalp at a beautiful salon.
Easha Saroya Easha Saroya
The pimple part almost made me puke
Andrea Enriquez
Andrea Enriquez 12 kun oldin
Imagine all that in our faces all the night. That is the reason all we have to wash our faces before sleep.
Indiana wiffen
Indiana wiffen 12 kun oldin
Do your lips
MG 18 kun oldin
The fickle looks like a melanoma maybe 😯
Jessica Oy oldin
Imagine Jeffree Star highlighter under that microscope. *BLINDING*
Renuka Gupta
Renuka Gupta 2 oy oldin
Why you are pink 😄😄😄😄😄😄😂😂
super secrets beauty & style
You have to try with this trick with face washes , which face wash is doing what job? And which is nice...👍
Mr gm
Mr gm 2 oy oldin
5:09 thank me later.
wenityyy 2 oy oldin
I don't know how people can unlike this video. it's so interesting and fascinating to see all these under microscope!!! I was actually waiting to see what lips look like though XD XD
Amanda Chio
Amanda Chio 2 oy oldin
My freckles has freckles
Chip The hammy
Chip The hammy 2 oy oldin
I have pimples all over my face and now I’m disgusted
Iris Taylor
Iris Taylor 2 oy oldin
Irisrosaleetaylor 1001w gonzalesrd120 Oxnard California930363032
Nasir Bishop
Nasir Bishop 2 oy oldin
I'm new btw you look amazing!!
Devin Terrazas
Devin Terrazas 2 oy oldin
LMAO I'm glad I don't wear makeup everyday and when I do u don't cake it on. And my skin and my eyelashes are sooo much more healthier now. It's worth not wearing a lot of makeup
Devin Terrazas
Devin Terrazas 2 oy oldin
TINA!!!! U are SO body positive and I love it. U have GREAT confidence and NOT a lot of people could do videos like this. It's So interesting and funny and I love it!! Great job 😃👍
Skylar Willow
Skylar Willow 3 oy oldin
So cool
Lexa Fajardo
Lexa Fajardo 3 oy oldin
5:58 Title pleaseee
Morry Bee
Morry Bee 3 oy oldin
"My freckle has freckles" 😂 this line tho
Top 5 Musers '
Top 5 Musers ' 3 oy oldin
WaffleMaster X
WaffleMaster X 2 oy oldin
Everyone is pink
WillEatTacosFor Free
Shah Ridzuan
Shah Ridzuan 3 oy oldin
Olly9l9🎈 Happy Birthday! 🔥 🔥 🔥 📍 📍 📍 📍 📍 📍 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 🎂🍓🎂🍓🎂🍓🎂🍓 🍓🎂🍓🎂🍓🎂🍓🎂 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎅🎅 👕👙👔👗🎽 Santa is coming!
Archita Deshpande
What's the thing on your chin? Does it have a solution? Because even I have that☹️
Esujin Kuular
Esujin Kuular 4 oy oldin
You have a good facial bone structure. You're making me horny :)
naturally brey
naturally brey 4 oy oldin
I couldn’t watch
Anushka Patil
Anushka Patil 4 oy oldin
Can u show ur hair scalp with microscope
olivia carr
olivia carr 4 oy oldin
DumplinSqueezyChacha MoonChild
Where can I get that tool To see mine
Sweet Cristea
Sweet Cristea 4 oy oldin
I just wanna wipe off all the black dots or whatever from the eyelashes
Art Hoe
Art Hoe 4 oy oldin
Manny copied this and didn’t give you credit. :/
Chenoa Langwe
Chenoa Langwe 3 oy oldin
Jennifer R
Jennifer R 4 oy oldin
blender and brush before and after washing. also lips.
Nirmala Kapoor
Nirmala Kapoor 4 oy oldin
Dis Appointed
Dis Appointed 4 oy oldin
Do not kiss nor touch anyone especially wearing make up Saved post
How 4 oy oldin
Queen Tina started a trend Edit : SHE LIKED SKSKKSJSKS I LOVE YOU
Tishlacombe 364
Tishlacombe 364 4 oy oldin
Why does it look like a forest burned down, and my lashes were all that was left! Lol funny
ItsJustTomboy 4 oy oldin
ItsJustTomboy 4 oy oldin
Ana Sofía
Ana Sofía 4 oy oldin
I´m here because of Safiya´s shout out :)
ღ ναlєитιиє кιиz ღ
yep... im not wearing makeup anymore XD
Maya FRIK 4 oy oldin
I thought she said o my gald Lmao
deesoprettyy 4 oy oldin
Where could you buy this at
Miya Blake
Miya Blake 4 oy oldin
Saf sent me here
Yvonne Mariane
Yvonne Mariane 4 oy oldin
Hair has purpose. It may seem out of place at times, but it has function beyond what is known off-hand ... (e.g., electrical) not even kidding
Valerie Garcia
Valerie Garcia 4 oy oldin
You’ve created a trend!!!!!
Hannah Jaffe
Hannah Jaffe 4 oy oldin
I took off my makeup after watching this 😂
Peachy Trash
Peachy Trash 4 oy oldin
She’s the one who started this an OG queen!
Sahsha 4 oy oldin
It’s ok I am fine if it’s yucky
Mariam Alansari
Mariam Alansari 4 oy oldin
SenriSlimecrafts 4 oy oldin
I was eating red jello 😂
Jodi Hamilton
Jodi Hamilton 4 oy oldin
Y e l l o w T r e e
congratulations Tina, you started a trend...
Mayathestylist Maya Riley
microscope $45+ not no dam $10/20 lol
Sed 5 oy oldin
You didn't do your lips... that would have been interesting to see.
Bushy brows
Bushy brows 5 oy oldin
Nyma brought me here, lol.
chubby chim
chubby chim 5 oy oldin
4:23 LOL😂🤣 my freckles has freckles tina your the best
Mo0n Rose
Mo0n Rose 5 oy oldin
love that
Alexa De Santiago
I was my brushes everyday lol 😂. Loved your video! I just subscribed!
Rhyll 5 oy oldin
Tina Yong is so underrated. She should have more subscribers.
kyeo pta pyt
kyeo pta pyt 5 oy oldin
Y is her skin so pink
kyeo pta pyt
kyeo pta pyt 5 oy oldin
I wonder if a korean with great skin do this idk im curious
baozi cbx
baozi cbx 5 oy oldin
Alfred bought it for her...marry him girl
ItsRume 5 oy oldin
If I had that item, my insecurities would have insecurities.
Andrea Martinez
Andrea Martinez 5 oy oldin
My freckles have freckles lmaooo
Tilley Guiblin
Tilley Guiblin 5 oy oldin
I have that flamingo light in he back 😂😂😂
Mataya Crooks
Mataya Crooks 5 oy oldin
Tina: a big graphic Ad: THIS IS THE FACE OF FEARLESS
PastelProductions XOXO
This is the woman who started this trend.
Wiam Bellafdile
Wiam Bellafdile 5 oy oldin
if u think thattna k cute without makeup.līkə
Daphne Cruz
Daphne Cruz 5 oy oldin
so no wonder i dont like wearing mascara
Lu Hu
Lu Hu 5 oy oldin
Your skin actually looks pretty good under the microscope. You are soooo lucky! 😫
Mike Parker
Mike Parker 5 oy oldin
Your just like me
Kaitlyn R Parker
Kaitlyn R Parker 5 oy oldin
here because of Manny❤❤
Maynara Fullton
Maynara Fullton 5 oy oldin
have you heard of waxing?
Jennifer Austin
Jennifer Austin 5 oy oldin
Your skin is beautiful! Also that pimple even looks amazing! It's healing beautifully. All that red = blood flow, circulation and healthy healing!
M.W 5 oy oldin
What foundation is that ?
Afza Anjum
Afza Anjum 5 oy oldin
#Lesley Foreves#
#Lesley Foreves# 5 oy oldin
well ι donт wanna ѕee мy pιмple υp тнaт cloѕely ....ι тнιnĸ ι мιgнт dιe wнen ι do ѕoo 😵😵💀💀💀💀
Makyia Maiden
Makyia Maiden 5 oy oldin
Ewwwwww omg
Poppy Plant
Poppy Plant 5 oy oldin
Who else was too lazy to actually buy a microscope and just tried to download a magnifying app on ur phone ? XD
Abby Dolinger
Abby Dolinger 5 oy oldin
I'm never wearing makeup again....
Miss_purple 5 oy oldin
Kathy & Kaylina vlogs
I need that
blanca canales vilorio
Do leg hairs to see what’s kind of hair are in your legs
#tinascope shout-out plzzzzz
Derpy Watermelon
Derpy Watermelon 5 oy oldin
Wait what why does her skin look pink on the microscope..?
Marriane joy Viguilla
Its been 1 month :( I miss you na :(
Amelia Glover
Amelia Glover 5 oy oldin
Mrs J
Mrs J 5 oy oldin
What is your face cleaning routine?
tord guns
tord guns 5 oy oldin
*gets makeup add*
MommyLife & Beauty
I loved this video idea!! You inspired me to order a microscope now haha ! I’m scared to look at my skin 😳
JUNGKOOK'S SOUL 5 oy oldin
Now I’m scared
Betiel Amanuel
Betiel Amanuel 5 oy oldin
2:43 it kinda looks like jello
Gatasauria :3
Gatasauria :3 5 oy oldin
I would LOVE to see the change of the skin after every single one if the products of a full skin care routin. Like the change after cleanser, then after mosturizer, etc. Don't know about u guys but i think It would be super interesting.
john tsan
john tsan 5 oy oldin
The spiders on your eye are your eye termite
Mariyam K
Mariyam K 5 oy oldin
The eyelashes looked kinda creepy
Amber Salaiz
Amber Salaiz 5 oy oldin
You should show us your bare face under the microscope then get a facial professionally done and show us your face after
Ivy Nguyen
Ivy Nguyen 5 oy oldin
I lost it when she said my freckles have freckles
Meshell Peiris
Meshell Peiris 6 oy oldin
Microscope a mosquito bite!!
4 kun oldin