How My Makeup Looks Under a Microscope

Tina Yong
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In this video, I look at my makeup under a microscope VS my skin without makeup.
Time Stamps:
1:49 What my skin looks like without makeup under the microscope
6:40 What my makeup looks like under the microscope
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By Terry Sun Designer Palette #6 Happy Sun shopstyle.it/l/LF04
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7-Iyn, 2018

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Tina Yong
Tina Yong 9 kun oldin
Thanks for checking out my video! Let me know what you want to see next under the Tinascope!
• rosie •
• rosie • Kun oldin
Before and after you wash you hair
Lee Go
Lee Go Kun oldin
Tina Yong hai my name yun
David Swanson
David Swanson 2 kun oldin
Tina Yong l
Glitter Cupcakes
Glitter Cupcakes 2 kun oldin
Tina Yong this Video was made on my birthday!!! 😁 hi! I'm new here btw!
minouto himouto
minouto himouto 6 soat oldin
Stranger things upside down in there. HOLD ON.
Paloderosa 7 soat oldin
tayla myra
tayla myra 7 soat oldin
I love your vids there amazing
ItzNaeNae 8 soat oldin
imagine having a huge cut and using that thing!
Nicole M. Jimenez Rosario
I don't want to wear foundation ever again
YoSweetKC 10 soat oldin
Subscribed ✔😊
pencilkaise 10 soat oldin
did she just say that her eyeshadow is holographic? it's not. holosexuals would know.
Charlene Smith
Charlene Smith 11 soat oldin
Well your lovely with or without makeup 😊 n we are all lucky we can't really see 😂😮 that close all the time lol 😌
Sav 11 soat oldin
Hey Tina! Where is the lab coat from? As a future optometrist I would love to get one☺️❤️
aubade sprinkle
aubade sprinkle 13 soat oldin
damn it gave me so much anxiety i don't even know why
oumayma oueslati
oumayma oueslati 13 soat oldin
I washed my face twice after watching this video 😂
M.F 15 soat oldin
This made scared of my own face
FroggyB 15 soat oldin
5:17 who else saw the mites? Look it up if you have no idea what that is
Unicorn wawa
Unicorn wawa 16 soat oldin
This is The best Thing ever !!!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Osaro Eguamwense
Osaro Eguamwense 16 soat oldin
Did anyone laugh when she said she's got little spiders for eyelashes
Alisha Mannan
Alisha Mannan 16 soat oldin
Idk why but this is absolute gruesome to me
shoshi junaid
shoshi junaid 16 soat oldin
this is the first video i`ve ever been excited for watching
Sulbha Sinha
Sulbha Sinha 17 soat oldin
can u do a similar video with lipstick and without lipstick???well this was awesome👍👍
Thomas Rohde
Thomas Rohde 17 soat oldin
TBH, to me makeup looks gross also from normal distance :-D
KittyThaKiller 17 soat oldin
I mean nobody asked but
Memetan Boys
Memetan Boys 18 soat oldin
I feel like I have to go wash my face with hot water even though I never put makeup on 😰
Slime ASMR
Slime ASMR 18 soat oldin
Are You a chinese People? Ni hào
Pixel World
Pixel World 19 soat oldin
D a n d e l i o n
D a n d e l i o n 19 soat oldin
Tip for seeing things up close without a microscope: Go to camera on your phone. Turn on the flashlight. Go near any object (maybe stand about 1 inch or 2 inches from it) and focus the camera on the object. Zoom in as close as you can go. Take a picture. Hope this worked!
Eika Pumpkin
Eika Pumpkin 19 soat oldin
Anything under a microscope looks weird. lol
Maja Møldrup Hansen
Maja Møldrup Hansen 20 soat oldin
Try with you mouth
Gbenro Joy
Gbenro Joy 21 soat oldin
"my freckle has freckles"😂😂😂
Shimu Dovash
Shimu Dovash 22 soat oldin
I don't know what I have in my face😂
Youss Kh
Youss Kh 22 soat oldin
Nice video ❤️
lxxia beauty
lxxia beauty 22 soat oldin
The microscope made evrything look bad lol
Nimsay Dream
Nimsay Dream 23 soat oldin
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Nafilah Fila
Nafilah Fila Kun oldin
This so interesting 💃🏻
fatima abdiraxman
[no hating] but its Cross and I would never try that thing in my life 😀😀
Queen julie
Queen julie Kun oldin
My freckle has freckles 😂
Alannah Grande
Alannah Grande Kun oldin
IM SO GLAD I MET YOU IN MELBOURNE!! you are so sweet and gorgeous. ilysm and thanks for meeting us
Valerie WT
Valerie WT Kun oldin
Try scanning the tongue/mouth :P
vivian gutz
vivian gutz Kun oldin
This was SO COOL TINA!!
Pay Love
Pay Love Kun oldin
Do this again but compare natural makeup to normal
Shister snapped
Shister snapped Kun oldin
This made my skin crawl 🕷
Your lips
Devany Manion
Devany Manion Kun oldin
A Forest burnt down in your eyelashes 😂😂😂
Marybeth Tikik
Marybeth Tikik Kun oldin
you are pretty just the you are even without makeup
Marybeth Tikik
Marybeth Tikik Kun oldin
you are pretty just the you are even without makeup
Marybeth Tikik
Marybeth Tikik Kun oldin
you are pretty just the you are even without makeup
Tatiana Kun oldin
OMG I want to learn english and I find you
Dinaisme7726 Kun oldin
She had amazing skin, imagine my face under the scope 😦
cherry del rey
cherry del rey Kun oldin
where is the lips
queenz z
queenz z Kun oldin
Damn our eyelashes are scary asf😦
Rainyc Hi
Rainyc Hi Kun oldin
I want to see what my moles look like
Icarus Souza
Icarus Souza Kun oldin
@JamesChales should do this
MSasy Hero
MSasy Hero Kun oldin
You made me scare from mascara 😂😂
Claw Whitethorn
Claw Whitethorn Kun oldin
I wouldn't like to see my face like that. I mean, your skin is really nice, but mine is just pimple, next to it another, then some black dots...
Claw Whitethorn
Claw Whitethorn Kun oldin
I wouldn't like to see my face like that. I mean, your skin is really nice, but mine is just pimple, next to it another, then some black dots...
Ethan The Octoling
9:35 in case youre wondering if this is clickbait or not yw
AllNonchalant Kun oldin
Huh... We spend all of our time discovering what's above when in actuality a whole new universe exists on the subatomic level... Its pretty gross though. But you-you're beautiful.
Loulaki Awa
Loulaki Awa Kun oldin
if youre gonna put something on yo face, it better be a highlighter shistar
Barrel Queen
Barrel Queen Kun oldin
I wanted to see her lips I wonder what they look like.
Saviour Kun oldin
*my freckles have freckles* 😂😂😂
sumeja abukar
sumeja abukar Kun oldin
Make up exposed!
Keisha Almanova
Keisha Almanova Kun oldin
Aye Thiri Tun Tun
This is so cool! But makes me not wanna wear any kind of makeup and I really want to take care of my skin by cleansing it thoroughly
Pictures 1234
Pictures 1234 Kun oldin
The eyeshadow is NOT H💿L💿...
Jeon Eunji
Jeon Eunji Kun oldin
Sao toi cam thay chi ay giong nguoi viet nam the nhi?😶
Sydney A.
Sydney A. Kun oldin
"my freckles... had freckles" 🤣
tryyyyin Kun oldin
That was really interesting!!
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Aisu kun
Aisu kun 2 kun oldin
Rhianna Angeleah
Rhianna Angeleah 2 kun oldin
"My freckles have freckles" 😂😂😂
K S 2 kun oldin
how about one comparing the skin after using makeup remover? / cleanser / moisturiser?
Mai Le
Mai Le 2 kun oldin
Now I can't look at Jello the same way again...
jumana alazmy
jumana alazmy 2 kun oldin
Subscribing right now before even watching the video. Wow Tina you just seem so cool
Ayocuan Pacheco
Ayocuan Pacheco 2 kun oldin
Holographic? No, that’s not holo, chill
ArianaGrande fanpage
ChickenMugg 2 kun oldin
We were just using a similar microscope at school and then this came up in my recommendations. Really interesting to see the difference!
Manal 2 kun oldin
6:22 song please:(
F2SLJ 2 kun oldin
I wanted to count how many times Tina gasped in this video, but started gasping with her instead. This microscope really shows u the good stuff 😂
Charlene Dote
Charlene Dote 2 kun oldin
Imagine if you dont wash your face before bedtimeee :/
Amina Newson
Amina Newson 2 kun oldin
9:33 "ohh myy loaad! ohh my loaad!!"
Joycee Rivera
Joycee Rivera 2 kun oldin
"My freckles has so many freckles ..." 😂
Aaron Bear
Aaron Bear 2 kun oldin
The chin pores triggered my trypophobia.🤢🤢🤢
KatAttack164 2 kun oldin
You should have gone over your lips that would've been weird 😂
aDeerInHeadlights 2 kun oldin
i dreaded watching this video so much that i put it off for almost a week and when i finally watched i was even more horrified than i thought i would be XD for me the foundation was the grossest part and i got really bad trypophobia from it. but in general, it really motivated me to take better care of my skin, so... thanks, i guess...?
Sugar The. Hamster
Sugar The. Hamster 2 kun oldin
Omggg the brows and lashes give me the chillsssss
Shanyia Braithwaite
You should do your teeth yeah you should microprocessor your teeth that would be cool
maryam queen
maryam queen 2 kun oldin
a solution for oily skin please❤
Selam Ben kimim
Selam Ben kimim 2 kun oldin
Hay amk
Paige Klein
Paige Klein 2 kun oldin
i need to buy this
Deandra Unicorn Rose
The white dots at the pimples is germs if I'm not mistaken
Temmie Chan
Temmie Chan 2 kun oldin
I just got annoyed when she said her eyeshadow was holographic. CHRISTINE WHERE ARE YOU
Trinity Maneafaiga
Trinity Maneafaiga 2 kun oldin
It looked scary
Gina Arch
Gina Arch 2 kun oldin
after make-up... looks like dirty under microscope...
Miss_003 2 kun oldin
Love the reactions 😂
Cha Dck
Cha Dck 2 kun oldin
The song at 6:10 please ???
Eloïse 2 kun oldin
Hi from France 🇫🇷 I love your channel
Alice BrookeMusic
Alice BrookeMusic 2 kun oldin
This was amazing! I just wished u showed the lips
Kali Maytum
Kali Maytum 2 kun oldin
One that could be cool is a scar under the microscope
Nayang Motsete
Nayang Motsete 2 kun oldin
Her makeup is so good 😊
That one commenter
That one commenter 2 kun oldin
My freckles have freckles oml 😂😂😂
Vasudevan J
Vasudevan J 2 kun oldin
Who keeps seeing make up of others under microscope, that's perverts, refer them to behaviour modification. If not those a absurd will call you mad. High time we label perverts perverts, normal need life.
Amy Whiffin
Amy Whiffin 2 kun oldin
This video was so fascinating 😂