How NOT To Care For Curly Hair

Penny Tovar
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Today I commit every curly hair sin imaginable. These are the biggest curly hair mistakes! They create frizz, breakage, will destroy your curl definition, and make your hair unhealthy.
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21-Okt, 2017

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Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 4 oy oldin
do you commit any of these curly hair sins? hMmMm check out my amazon shop with all my fav products :D bit.ly/cp-Amazon
Goodygoody15 Devils daughter
My stepmom tells me if I trained my hair to get used to being brush dry and to use a straighter to help with the frizz it won't be so frizzy. She says the same thing about the hair dryer and how she has naturally curly hair and she has trained her curly hair to not be frizzy by doing those things. Can you do that? Can I train curly hair to not be like that? Because I've brushed my hair dry for years and all it did was made me look like I just rolled out of bed, I've used a hair dryer in the morning after a shower so my hair wasn't wet when I went to school and I looked like I had an afro. I didn't want kids teasing me so I tried to straighten it to get rid of the frizz then resorted to putting baby oil in my hair because it was still frizzy. I'm so confused! No one else in my house has naturally curly hair so they don't understand how to deal with it besides straighten it to get rid of the curls but you know how that ends.....
Xnhl 13 kun oldin
Veeery late. However I feel, like your tips might help my dry, thin straight hair as well. I have to blow dry my hair and use a thick round as else it will turn any where but inward. Much more like Ms.Brady which was comical even back then. So I'm looking for tips on how to counteract that. ;)
Orange Slices
Orange Slices 14 kun oldin
kiss4strawberry just use a styling product when ur hair is wet after you wash it
Cadyn O
Cadyn O Oy oldin
+Jazmin Gonzalez me too
alexa jimenez
alexa jimenez Oy oldin
i did the worst one today cuz i ran out of detangler and conditioner
Gisselle Garcia
Gisselle Garcia 10 soat oldin
I’ve been doing everything wrong 😭😭
John Laurens
John Laurens 18 soat oldin
Don’t do it, it’s not worth it... nooOooooOOOOOOO
xItzHarleyx MSP
xItzHarleyx MSP Kun oldin
Her voice is cute
reddie to die
reddie to die Kun oldin
i dig both the 'good' way she does her hair & the 'wrong' way
zamzamdaily 2 kun oldin
Your curls looks beautiful compared to my 3b-c hair
Samantha Hale
Samantha Hale 2 kun oldin
Oh SH!T I have that conditioner
Tara Blankenship
Tara Blankenship 2 kun oldin
So uh. I didnt even know my hair was curly until I started cosmetology school and stopped using sulfate and silicone based shampoos and conditioner all the time, now that I use them less often. I have some curls but mostly waves.. I'm trying to find products that will hopefully let my curls come out lol
Jasmine Moss
Jasmine Moss 3 kun oldin
is her gay cuz im gay for her
like Idk
like Idk 4 kun oldin
-sitting with a towel around my head and sees its bad to do that- well damn
Kirambulance 5 kun oldin
I was literraly doing everything wrong
ᴍᴏᴄʜᴀ ʙᴀʀʙɪᴇ ೃೕೂ
Are you an island girl? There's this other island girl UZvidr who sounds exactly like you.
ᴍᴏᴄʜᴀ ʙᴀʀʙɪᴇ ೃೕೂ
+Penny Tovar Ohhh
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 5 kun oldin
I'm Mexican :3
AntonetteC1 5 kun oldin
Can you please do a video of hair products we can buy at Walmart, Target etc. for curly hair? Because, this girl *points at self* don't like buying stuff online cz im lazy.
Susie ?
Susie ? 5 kun oldin
I just realized that the towel turban was bad.... whoops
True Otaku
True Otaku 6 kun oldin
Love the shirt👌
Denise Medina
Denise Medina 6 kun oldin
That was me before I watched your videos
Cynthia Vasquez
Cynthia Vasquez 6 kun oldin
how does my hair look like that when I use actual good products ;-;
Keeping Up With Imari
ok first of all :0 I USE FRUTIS omg and i did not know about that inside it well damn and i brush my hair dry :////
Mr Adam
Mr Adam 6 kun oldin
Should you use cold warm or hot water to wash your hair?
Rita Hernandez
Rita Hernandez 7 kun oldin
I have straight hair but i have frizzy straight hair (its cuz mi ama has curly hair y mii apa has straight)even when i go to styling places they caint do nun bout it. 🙅
Valeria Jimenex
Valeria Jimenex 7 kun oldin
Ese acentazo mija ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I'm just a potato chill
When you blow dried your hair I cried
I'm just a potato chill
I have a problem. So of course I want straight hair. When I don't add products to it it's almost straight? Just really puffy/frizzy/voluminous, but when I do I get really curly hair. Very defined curls. But I don't want my hair like that... what to do?
Danielle Summerfeldt
Question: brushing your hair dry.... so between washes I have been using a Boar Bristle Brush to detangle then wet refresh after.... I’m guessing that’s not ok? I used to brush after the shower every time and that’s why I thought my wavy hair was straight!
T F 10 kun oldin
My hair is a mix of wavy and curly and I don't know how to take care of it 😭
Snow Angel
Snow Angel 11 kun oldin
I commit every single one of these sins and hate the way my hair looks sometimes.... I will definitely check for those products on my shampoo and conditioner!!!!! Thank you!!!!!
Miscia Aishi D. Tarlit
I'm watching this without curly hair. 😂 Edit: But it looks good with a ponytail.
Maria Graves
Maria Graves 12 kun oldin
I have curly hair and I died watching this lol
Christine butterick
Christine butterick 12 kun oldin
*gasp* just used that exact shampoo and conditioner
Carmela Sampiano
Carmela Sampiano 13 kun oldin
I will not give up curly hair for the world
Jenesys Wells
Jenesys Wells 13 kun oldin
can you do a deva curl review please :)
bigheart 14 kun oldin
meu cabelo é igualzinho dela nesse vídeo. foda. preciso mudar
Liss C
Liss C 14 kun oldin
You poor thing, you put your gorgeous hair through hell just for us. Thank you for doing this you’re awesome ❤️
hope & honey // naopin
I don't have curly hair , pero like , me gustas
Daneos 14 kun oldin
I feel your pain in this video because I have committed every single sin here. Just a guy with curly hair when it gets long and no fricken clue what to do when he tried growing out his hair for a while. Nobody taught me anything and I was just so clueless :'( Maybe one day I'll grow it out again and take better care of it
Hephany S
Hephany S 14 kun oldin
I used to brush my hair dry for a while, after I was done brushing I was left wondering why I always looked like I got electrocuted or something but I left that habit about 3 years ago . But either way hair is still extremely frizzy so any tips? ❤
Kristina T.
Kristina T. 14 kun oldin
Why am I watching this when I have completely straight hair😐😂
Samantha Carbonell
Samantha Carbonell 16 kun oldin
Weird Wonders
Weird Wonders 16 kun oldin
Her next video: The Big Chop
Aaliyah Wakefield
Aaliyah Wakefield 16 kun oldin
okay but i love her 😂❤️
Jessica Farmer
Jessica Farmer 17 kun oldin
I was always told not to brush my hair when it’s wet because it’s more fragile??? I only brush mine before the shower, and I use a detangler and then I use a boar bristle brush to get the oils to the end
Emily Sanchez
Emily Sanchez 19 kun oldin
The thing is the "all natural" shampoos and conditioners are so expensive and they don't even give you that much product to use, no hate but I can't afford it!
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 19 kun oldin
Try Not Your Mother's naturals, very good and $8.99 each!
Alessio Ćâřņeţţà
U look like alessia cara Lol and also how did u have to recover from all this
GrouchyBambino 21 kun oldin
u got wavy hair doe
Wendyxll 21 kun oldin
I legit didn't know any of these steps
Astrid Estrada
Astrid Estrada 22 kun oldin
You went from a head of badasserrrry to just bad! Thank you for your sacrifice. 🙌🏽
Olga Blep
Olga Blep 23 kun oldin
My hair is curly and forms perfect ringlets in the back and it feels silky. My hair went through a lot because I went through chemotherapy (google it) for a month and my hair would fall out, had no texture, was really weak and was dead straight. Now almost two years after I cut it short and it formed beautiful curls! I wouldn't give my hair up for the world! I mostly use lush hair products whilst I'm in the bath. I also use sea water and water mixed with conditioner in the morning when my hair is dry, it really defines my curls!
Hanady Gassan
Hanady Gassan 23 kun oldin
I'm feeling your pain here
Lexis L
Lexis L 23 kun oldin
I look super white and not mixed at all when I don’t tan and I didn’t know anything about my heritage untill recently and I’m so pissed that it’s taken me 17 years to figure out that my hair is naturally 3a and I’ve been doing literally EVERYTHING in this video my whole life and my hair is so damaged now :(
Sofia Duran
Sofia Duran 24 kun oldin
When me and my sister were littler our mom would always use hair spray to tame our curly hair.:|
X O 24 kun oldin
My hair is deadass straight but when she brushed it, damn *I felt that*
Sarahlyn Cervantes
Sarahlyn Cervantes 24 kun oldin
Girl I have a combination of wavy and curly hair. My hair is dry as a result to that, but my scalp gets oily because I’m an oily person (if that makes sense) what should I do?!
ashley requeno
ashley requeno 25 kun oldin
omg i’m going to hell
Moonlight Sun
Moonlight Sun 25 kun oldin
Why isn’t anyone talking about how much she sounds like Carbi B 😂😂
Nat Attack
Nat Attack 25 kun oldin
The different hair types people say about (mine is wavy) Strait hair: everyone cares about Wavy hair: that’s not a hair type Curly: what the hell do I do???
Deborah Nwosu
Deborah Nwosu 25 kun oldin
This is my normal hair routine.......don't judge me I keep my hair in for months so I have to use sulfates to cleanse my hair...... I'm sorrryyyy 😥 I feel so bad and guilty rn
Laila Lovess
Laila Lovess 25 kun oldin
This is the only video that answered all of my questions and thoughts, showing us the dos and donts especially the message about our society praising straight hair. THANK YOU SIS
Amy 26 kun oldin
Bryanna Nelson
Bryanna Nelson 26 kun oldin
You taught me a lot of stuff
Cara Lewis-Rimes
Cara Lewis-Rimes 26 kun oldin
should everyone avoid those ingredients also I have wavy hair until you brush it which makes it frizzy but not to the degree of your hair would avoid brushing dry help my hair also or not as it isn’t curly nut wavy, then all frizz
SpongeBoob 27 kun oldin
wizardscenes 28 kun oldin
I swear my hair looks like your hair after doing everything wrong everyday even though I don’t use silicones or anything, don’t use heat, don’t brush it dry, and always use a cotton t-shirt. I don’t know what i’m doing wrong!!
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 28 kun oldin
If you really are doing all the right things it could honestly just be your haircut or hair damage. It takes many years for hair to heal from damage, took me 5 years! Also, too many curly girls neglect deep conditioning and it is so important. I highly recommend deep conditioning at least once a week
Andreea DIY
Andreea DIY 28 kun oldin
I commit one of 'em because where i live there is no real shampoo or conditioner without one of these sin products, even the products for curly hair has sulfate
Summertimepanda 28 kun oldin
clicked on the video because my hair looks like the thumbnail.
Ayah and Skyler
Ayah and Skyler 29 kun oldin
I showed my grandma this video and after she gave a whole noble on why NOT to do these and I was shooook (also like I already know...)
Michael Mell
Michael Mell 29 kun oldin
its kinda sad my hair looks like the sinful result hahAh...
Astrid Estrada
Astrid Estrada 29 kun oldin
* cries in Spanish *
Cano 29 kun oldin
we got some african type of hair i think. the thickness is real with our hair
Patri Munguia
Patri Munguia 29 kun oldin
Good job penny!! Thanks for this video
someone camacho
I just found out the conditinior iv been using is a crime
casey bailey
casey bailey Oy oldin
my aunt once asked me if i ever brush my curls out to get loose waves and I almost died from loss of breath due to laughing.
tiredproductivity 15 soat oldin
My hair turns to frizzball and my pattern goes away almost completely when I brush it out.
candykizz3z68 Oy oldin
I been messing up my daughters hair for the past 5 years 😭😭🤦🏻‍♀️
Sonia Oy oldin
Original idea ! You made me laugh ! Thank you for the tips
Leslie Fischer
Great video!
Shirley Navarro
Hey ppl, just wanted to say...i had curly hair and for a long time I had been applying A LOT of heat to it, now it's broken and i have at least the half of what i used to before i started used straighteners and hair driers. I regret that so much (ik I'm going to hell for my sins) but now I'm trying to get it back and I'll do as much as possible for that 💙
Pinkie Macaron
Can u do a video on using hair mousse
Ariana Kalaj
Ariana Kalaj Oy oldin
I have hair just like yours, but my mom was the one that used to do my hair when I was little. So my hair has been beaten up and fallen out and I looked like a burnt chicken nugget (she grew up with straight hair, so...). I would love to thank you for teaching me this beautiful curly hair religion, I will forever praise you, the curly hair gawd.
Shivanie Ally
Shivanie Ally Oy oldin
I️ do everything wrong basically
Queen of dad jokes
Okay so my curls are kinda gone (my hair is more wavy now, I have parts of hair that you would call straight but it used to be like yours when I was like 12 and now I'm 14), as ive gotten older my hair has gotten straighter AND I TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY HAIR so it has nothing to do with bad hair care. Anyway I usually use silicone free and sulfate free shampoo but I did accidentally get shampoo that has sulfate in it (no silicone). If I own alot of oil stuff for my hair, I shampoo once a week, and my hair is naturally good at producing oil should it be okay (btw I air dry my hair after I shampoo and condition and then I add olive and coconut oil to it)?
abi montero
abi montero Oy oldin
I have a question
Poppy Carter
Poppy Carter Oy oldin
Ive always hated my curls. And i still do, i always have my hair straightened and because of that I'm losing my curl. No one in my family knows how to care for curly hair because im the only one with curls, so all the bad stuff has always been done to my hair.
Faqe Paqe
Faqe Paqe Oy oldin
I wonder if my hair is curly? I do all she does in this video. I don’t get oil at all in my hair. I can go a week without showering and my hair will not have a lot natural oils in it. It is very dry and if I don’t straighten it it will be very poofy and wide.
Ella Caterini
Ella Caterini Oy oldin
omg i am pretty sure i have curly hair but didn't realize it until yesterday.... and my hair is a wavy frizzy mess probably because i do literally every single thing wrong to it eek!
Cadyn O
Cadyn O Oy oldin
I had the exact shampoo and conditioner you used and am so glad I don't use it anymore.
Sanches Oy oldin
You sound like Liza Koshy... I like you
Audrey Adkins
Audrey Adkins Oy oldin
no waaay you sound like alaida from orange is the new black 😍
Caroline Isabella
1:43 i can literally feel that
ABC EFG Oy oldin
Now I know why my curly hair is always frizzy coz I have been doing all wrong like this video showed. Thank you girl 😍😍
huntersmoon Oy oldin
i couldnt be more proud to have curly hair. i used to want straight hair so badly but now im older im so grateful for it. much loves from a curly haired sister! 💜
I use conditioners and deep conditioners with that drying alcohol, and it doesn't dry out my hair at all. However, I really hate that it's still an ingredient. It shouldn't be in any hair products at all. :(
Nunyo Bidnit -Cardboard Triangle
I'm supposed to have wavy/curly hair but it's always frizzy and I never new why. Thank you so much I'll try this
Amy M
Amy M Oy oldin
Does the Argan oil of Morocco by OGX have any bad ingredients??
T Bradley
T Bradley Oy oldin
Your definition of “dry and tangled” 😒
Lily's Games and Stuff
How did ur hair still come out decent???😭❤
Ericka Mangabang
Aye Carajo!😵 this video gave me serious anxiety lol😖
Marcus Nez
Marcus Nez Oy oldin
Hair looks fried..In dire need of some Coconut oil or something..Good1.👍
Jennifer Parker
I have curly hair too!!! but the top of my head is usually staight unless i scunch it up to my scalp and hen the rerst i let dry natural lol
Sky Sin
Sky Sin Oy oldin
stop immediately unless you want to go to curly hair hell laughing my butt off
Squiggle Oy oldin
i’ve been doing half these things, no wonder i look like i have a family of small rodents nesting in my hair
Litiana S
Litiana S Oy oldin
Curly hair hell🤣🤣😙