How NOT To Care For Curly Hair

Penny Tovar
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Today I commit every curly hair sin imaginable. These are the biggest curly hair mistakes! They create frizz, breakage, will destroy your curl definition, and make your hair unhealthy.
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21-Okt, 2017



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Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 9 oy oldin
do you commit any of these curly hair sins? hMmMm check out my amazon shop with all my fav products :D bit.ly/cp-Amazon
SDiana Rios
SDiana Rios 14 kun oldin
This used to be what I used to do before I went natural. I even used products from Garnier as well. Cringe.
Larissa Oliveira
Larissa Oliveira 29 kun oldin
Can you help me !!? Please, i beg for your help. My hair is just like yours, is long and thick. I'm having trouble getting a good defination and to find a shampoo and conditioner that works. I'm also latina and back my country my hair was beautiful, but now here(usa) the last 2 years my hair just got worse. My life change alot when i moved 2 years ago, its to cool and my hair miss the sun and I'm a swimmer, I speend almost 5h, 6times a week swimming. I don't know what to do!!!
Bianca Salinas
Bianca Salinas 2 oy oldin
when I was little I had super defined curls but then I don't know what happened and actually it's very different my hair now it went from a time that it was curly then it went to totally straight and now it's wavy hair and now it's transforming to curls but I really don't understand... So now I watch so much videos of how to take of *curly* hair not wavy but I guess is the same, because everyone in my family that have wavy hair straightened their hair so I don't know anything of curly hair, well know I'm learning
Angel sotelo
Angel sotelo 2 oy oldin
Gigi same
Leire Legarra
Leire Legarra 2 oy oldin
+Abigail Cruz omg i feel you sis, i just about now learnt about the damage of sulfates because my hair was so freezy and dry and my curls only looked nice when i went to the salon and they used very moisturizing products, also had very irritated scalp no matter what shampoo i used. My mom never new how to care for my hair since hers is straight as can be, thank god for the interwebs lol.
charlie xoxo
charlie xoxo 21 soat oldin
My friends with thin hair are like to me “OMG YOU HAVE NEVER BRUSHES YOUR HAIR!” But literally DO NOT brush your hair curly when it’s dry. My stupid nan use to brush my hair dry😐
Anna the Artist
Anna the Artist 2 kun oldin
I just bought that shampoo you're using in this....
Lilly Bobo
Lilly Bobo 2 kun oldin
How’s my hair routine? I use the curly wurly by LUSH shampoo and shea moisture’s Hibiscus condition as my basic do to shampoo and condition. About 3 times a week. Then I use HASK’s hair mask to condition the ends of my hair on the days that I don’t use shampoo. And to style I use a few curl creams. Curl enhancing smoothie by Shea moisture, Curl corps defining cream by amika:
Victoria Bonafield
Victoria Bonafield 2 kun oldin
I gasped when you took off the diffuser.
Bear Girl
Bear Girl 2 kun oldin
hey penny, is sodium laureth sulfosuccinate a sulfate?
Angelique Maylani
Angelique Maylani 2 kun oldin
I always brushed my hair and it was always frizzy and wavy and I’m the only one in my family with curly hair or maybe who knows but now I know why and I use bad shampoo and the towel 😭 + heat tools and dyed it once, never wanted to cut it, omg I need to stop and restore my poor hair ! My Curly hair making a comeback 2019 💕
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth 3 kun oldin
The reason girls with naturally curly hair either straighten or recurl it...
Lilli Waifu
Lilli Waifu 4 kun oldin
Bro I have committed every curly hair sin lmao. Once I found you I realized my hair was not okay lmao.
QX PO 5 kun oldin
I hate it when my mom keeps telling me to brush my curly hair like, Oh lucky you, yall have straight ass hair except my dad but he dont need to worry abt that bs. And worse, rarely anyone has curly hair in my country so every hair product caters for straight hair smh...
chloe xo
chloe xo 8 kun oldin
i do nearly all these things and my hair turns out like yours when you did these things i’m so dumb😳
zamzamdaily 9 kun oldin
My straight hair mother yelled at me for not brushing my hair and why it takes me so long to get ready
Soundous Soundous
Soundous Soundous 10 kun oldin
Looks like liza koshy sounds like cardi b 😅
Tan Aiko
Tan Aiko 10 kun oldin
why is my hair straight but still as frizzy as curly hair?
hay it's Kay
hay it's Kay 12 kun oldin
Aka how I used to "care" for my hair
Jenesys Wells
Jenesys Wells 13 kun oldin
can you do your normal routine please !!
Luis Angel Enriquez
Luis Angel Enriquez 15 kun oldin
I also hate when people ask me how I get it this way, like idk pendeja... water?
kaylee hall
kaylee hall 15 kun oldin
So most of my life I’ve had short hair and I’ve always assumed it’s straight. Except the side burns would sometimes go in ringlets if long enough and if I was in humid places it would automatically try to curl but I committed all of these sins all the time because I thought I had straight hair. I started to think maybe I just had wavy hair but since switching to a shampoo and conditioner made for curly hair and trying to actually take care of my hair I’m starting to think it might actually be curly? Idk what’s going on with it but it helped me know what not to do regardless haha.
Allegra Banks
Allegra Banks 15 kun oldin
Bruh. Your “bad hair” is what my good hair days look like. Halp. I do the curly girl method to a tee
Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette 15 kun oldin
This is what I do everyday 😔 except for blowdrying. My hair are so dry they don't even need it lol
lovely ADA
lovely ADA 16 kun oldin
LMAO this so helped me I always did all of that lmao 😂 no wonder my hair is so dry and bad looking lol oh lord
Isabella x
Isabella x 17 kun oldin
*This* is literally my hair routine. I’ll stop
Gina Molina
Gina Molina 17 kun oldin
Wish I saw this in middle school
Reagan Luker
Reagan Luker 17 kun oldin
Is Head and Shoulders ok? Shampoo.
Well i've done everything wrong!!
h2ovanoss yourself
h2ovanoss yourself 18 kun oldin
You rock both styles
The Titanic
The Titanic 18 kun oldin
I brushed my hair with a brush 😭😭😭 now my hair is poofy and not that curly anymore what should I do HELP ME
s y m p h o n y
s y m p h o n y 19 kun oldin
Not even going to lie, this was the very video that made me realize everything that I was doing wrong and basically giving me a basis of how I should start taking care of it so...props to this video
s y m p h o n y
s y m p h o n y 19 kun oldin
+Penny Tovar so yeah, thanks for saving me from doing these hair sins any further!
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 19 kun oldin
Hoshi ; Star gazer
Hoshi ; Star gazer 20 kun oldin
5:14 omg that's my hair. Welp Looks like I'm going to curly hair hell
Natalia Elizabeth
Natalia Elizabeth 21 kun oldin
Oml we have the same last name🤩🤩
agb17 21 kun oldin
okay but how she put her hair in a bun like that it looks so pretty
Jazz Cat
Jazz Cat 21 kun oldin
Wet brush 🙌🏼🙌🏼💁🏻‍♀️
bianca g
bianca g 22 kun oldin
I assume this applies to those with wavy hair 😂 I’m still learning how to take care of my hair :(
ellie harder
ellie harder 22 kun oldin
*realizes she’s using all the products you normally use*
She_Wolf 22 kun oldin
Tbh, I just learned you are not supposed to brush your hair, so for 10+ years I have been dry brushing my hair everyday :|
Elle F
Elle F 24 kun oldin
I literally saw the thumbnail and was like... “me.” Used to think I had poofy, frizzy hair and was SO wrong until a few months ago. The hairbrush is gone now thank god. Drybrushing is by FAR the worst thing you can do for curly hair.
Diana Calvillo
Diana Calvillo 25 kun oldin
Wow, my whole curly hair routine is messed up 😫😫 but this video is super helpful
Joons Crabs
Joons Crabs 27 kun oldin
I-I brush my hair😔
move im gay
move im gay 27 kun oldin
thanks for this video penny u are a life saver
Amazing Angel
Amazing Angel 29 kun oldin
The thumbnail looks like my hair 😂😭
none none
none none Oy oldin
she sound like carbi b im dead
J4CX Oy oldin
super helpful! Thank you!
Emily Rivera
Emily Rivera Oy oldin
Thank you so much this really helped me and others with curly hair my hair is always frizzy and now that I’m following the real steps my hair gotten more curly 😊
Stranger In Moscow
b-but that's my hair when I use absolutely no silicones or sulfates and uses gel and cream *cries in frizz*
FŁex Gasm
FŁex Gasm 4 kun oldin
I just went natural well... after realizing I got the wrong products. Some were curly hair approved but the Cantu leave in I got was silicone and sulfate infested; (side note) which idk how they fit them both in there? 🤔🤷 Along with my dandruff shampoo and conditioner. However, they worked wonders with mine and stayed pretty good. The conditioner was the same one she used but different ingredients Orange yellowish bottle: curl activated, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, and coconut. Leave in was Argan oil, so you'd think all of this is good for your hair. As for going natural, my hair turned out like you said a bit this way without some of them. None the less, it's getting better as you train it so there may be hope for those who do use them and want to go natural. Idk, everyone's hair is different but it's not impossible!
ohgoshnaliya !
Mother gothel ??
SunFlowur Oy oldin
I lost my wide tooth comb for a few days.. my hair is still recovering
Shawnee Johnston
I use an approved drug store conditioner I can't stop using shampoo though I just can't I don't have a co-wash either though part of me wanna go curly girl method and the other half of me just want's to take whats helpful and ccontiue using what ever cause I find finding approved products stressful lol
tilly Oy oldin
Ok plz help a girl out i have naturally wavy /curly hair but ill get random peices that are straight so my hairs all wanky when its down and idk what to do
ronnie. og
ronnie. og Oy oldin
this was my whole routine except I used pantene or tresseme, and I used the Olive Oil hair spray
Shelli boo
Shelli boo Oy oldin
Mine is curly at the ends
Chandler Jones
This is scary! Literally everything I am doing to my hair and then I wonder why I get those exact same end results. I'm always hesitant to listen to youtubers' advice because of people who have sold out to different companies but this video was extremely convincing. Definitely, will be making a change! Thank you sooo much!
JAZZ J Oy oldin
Great video. I learned so much! And simple and to the point!
Radwa Radwan
Radwa Radwan Oy oldin
Sonia x
Sonia x Oy oldin
Wow, no wonder. My hair looks liek yurs the way youve done it. And I want that pic yu inserted. Ahhhdhdnsnsklaowkssmmdnfnf wheres yur vid yur normal routine
Leyla Solis
Leyla Solis Oy oldin
If you are a curly hair atheist that means you have straight hair 😂
Lucy _trezz
Lucy _trezz Oy oldin
I jst washed my hair with shower gel.hope it doesn't removes my hair moisture when it dries
Kuhoo Not Kuhu
Arnt u supposed to use shampoo in the shower?
Alissa Torres
Alissa Torres Oy oldin
I use that shampoo...I was thinking of changing them to try diffrent stuff but my mom know I use it and she bought me the HUGE ones so I don't wanna waste her money 😅
clip gang
clip gang Oy oldin
i use herbal essence is that bad (i have curly hair)
Caviepigs101 Oy oldin
use a wooden brush use natural hair shampoo like calia use all natural products and NEVER EVER USE A IRON
Buzz Music
Buzz Music Oy oldin
my hair is mixed with straight and wavy..... identity crisis at its finest😭😭😭😭
Ash Ley
Ash Ley Oy oldin
.... I don’t even have curly hair
LoversLane Hawj
Im totally sadden to realize all the sins I’ve caused upon my one and only daughter’s hair. I don’t have curly hair in my family so I never thought my daughter has curly hair. Its not straw straight but just puffy. I’ve been buying wrong products and treat it like straight hair. She always put it up in a messy buns. She never wants it down. I’ve tired straightening it with flat iron (ceramics/thumb down, she needed titanium for thick hair). She comes home from school with frizzy hair/puffy. One day she wanted a different hair style like Asymmetrical hair cut. I wouldn’t recommend going from long hair to boy cut/short hair style. I took her to a stylist for hair consultation. We found out she has lose curly hair. She needs hair products for curly hair. She had make over, walked out the salon with shoulder length hair cut & layer. For the first time her curls were define, healthy and soft. I felt so bad her hair been through shock. It’s so weird I didn’t think my husband side of the family has curly hair either. But he finally told me when his hair gets long on the top, it curls or formed some wave. He always had short hair cut so i couldn’t tell. Btw thanks for your info and the video.
X3 Sabrina
X3 Sabrina Oy oldin
I watched this after spraying a hairspray in my hair that has alcohol as the main ingredient :,) but honestly tysm
Brittany L
Brittany L Oy oldin
Penny do you have any tips for my 7 year old who is supposed to have curly hair, but hates any type of routine?
Ava McCallum
Ava McCallum Oy oldin
You look like Selena ( Quintanilla-Pérez)
Mallorie Leeper
the shampoo and conditioner that you used is exactly the kind i use lol oops
Slayden Ader
Slayden Ader Oy oldin
urghh my hair is like damaged from dying it before really poofy and curly at the same time im the only one in my family with curly hair and no one understands lmao my family buys all these sulfates with alcohal shampoo and conditioners meanwhile im getting natrual ingredents shampoos and conditioners and it ends up dissapearing hence because my family will use it too lmao anyways i just found out one of the conditioners i own contain silicon thanks to you i learn to always check the back of the bottles lol
Abigail Parry
Abigail Parry Oy oldin
This was painful to watch.
Naomi Jimenez
Naomi Jimenez Oy oldin
This helps me soooooo much and explains a lot
Dream Team
Dream Team Oy oldin
I have curly hair and uuuhhhhhhh. . . . I broke all of these. I literally own that hairspray!!!!
Cute Cookie monster
I sometimes brush my best friends curly hair..... 😏
H H Oy oldin
Dandy Man
Dandy Man Oy oldin
This was tough to sit through. You brave soul. Bless you.
cami idalia
cami idalia Oy oldin
alize0623 Oy oldin
You literally showed my middle school Shampoo/Conditioner of choice. I looked like shit. Ever seen a poodle with one of those boujee cuts? It also turned out I was extremely allergic to it. Now I’m an adult who makes that money and buys the good shit. Yeah, $25 for shampoo is a lot but I’ve EARNED it.
Is a bell
Is a bell Oy oldin
No wonder why my hair looks like shit
Taylor Wittman
I’ve started watching your videos so I help my boyfriend have the best curly hair he can
díαвєtєs вísh
" thick towels" oh shoot... I uh need to uh use my cotton sherts i totally did not do anything u said and my hair did not become very dry
Amber Benson
Amber Benson Oy oldin
oh my god ive been doing my hair routine wrong this whole time no wonder its a frizzy mess all the time
u snatched my wig hoe x
Watching this hurt-
Marie love gaby 7 Marie
This hurts my whole family's feelings we all have 4C
darth vader
darth vader Oy oldin
I have wavy hair
Amie Bryson
Amie Bryson Oy oldin
You're hair actually doesn't look that bad after the wash. :)
Caroline 4004
Caroline 4004 Oy oldin
I've been doing this crap for YEARS!! I even used to flatiron it every other day for a year. I'm so glad I'm learning more about how to care for my hair
ashmb1979 Oy oldin
When I was growing up hairspray is all I used to keep my hair from frizzing mainly bc we didn’t have the large array of products back then like we do now. I’m really showing my age here lol
Lily Meates
Lily Meates Oy oldin
Even though she did all these bad things to her hair the results are still better then me trying all these good things and nothing working 🙄x
The Singing Bear
The Singing Bear 2 oy oldin
When you started brushing you hair I was cringing so bad
Masey Rodriguez
Masey Rodriguez 2 oy oldin
Ohhh my god I didn’t know that that shampoo and conditioner had sulfates alcohol AND silicones
Gaby Arredondo
Gaby Arredondo 2 oy oldin
How often do you wash your hair?
Lyra S
Lyra S 2 oy oldin
before I knew how ti care for my curly hair, I would di EVERY SINGLE ONE of these things. Growing up with curly hair, you really have to learn through trial and error what works for your specific hair type, and none of those things helped me whatsoever.
Sarah Weiler
Sarah Weiler 2 oy oldin
One thing I didn't know about when going sulfate+silicone free was how bad your hair feels when it's adjusting. When you finally stop using products with bad ingredients in them you can see just how damaged and unhealthy they made your hair and it can be super tempting to go back. Stick with it, use a good hair oil on your ends and your hair will feel so much better after a couple of weeks.
Illyana Morales Cook
i subscribed!
Kill Me Now, Or Don’t I’m just Gay
I have wavy hair so is it okay to have those type of things in my shampoo, because they are in my shampoo but I don’t think it’s causing any damage.
kelsey 2 oy oldin
thank you so much! i’ve been brushing my hair dry for ever and it’s a constant mess of frizz never knew that wasn’t the way lmao💗
Kaitlyn Colon
Kaitlyn Colon 2 oy oldin
Literally me
sean langley
sean langley 2 oy oldin
My hair is frizzy curly wavy and straight all in one. Like the frick
reneedooma 2 oy oldin
So funny chica XD Where did you get that crystal earrings?
Téa M
Téa M 2 oy oldin
Microfibre is your curly hairs best friend!! 🤙❤️😁
musiclover me
musiclover me 2 oy oldin
Ur hair in the thumbnail is my constant look
wassup waddup
wassup waddup 2 oy oldin
I had curly hair and i didnt know how to treat them right and style them so i just straighted my hair to the point where it was so damaged that i lost most of my curls :,) I'm trying to get them back by taking care of my hair a lot n stuff! thanks for the video
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