How NOT To Care For Curly Hair

Penny Tovar
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Today I commit every curly hair sin imaginable. These are the biggest curly hair mistakes! They create frizz, breakage, will destroy your curl definition, and make your hair unhealthy.
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21-Okt, 2017

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Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 7 oy oldin
do you commit any of these curly hair sins? hMmMm check out my amazon shop with all my fav products :D bit.ly/cp-Amazon
Bianca Salinas
Bianca Salinas 6 kun oldin
when I was little I had super defined curls but then I don't know what happened and actually it's very different my hair now it went from a time that it was curly then it went to totally straight and now it's wavy hair and now it's transforming to curls but I really don't understand... So now I watch so much videos of how to take of *curly* hair not wavy but I guess is the same, because everyone in my family that have wavy hair straightened their hair so I don't know anything of curly hair, well know I'm learning
Angel sotelo
Angel sotelo 7 kun oldin
Gigi same
Leire Legarra
Leire Legarra 24 kun oldin
+Abigail Cruz omg i feel you sis, i just about now learnt about the damage of sulfates because my hair was so freezy and dry and my curls only looked nice when i went to the salon and they used very moisturizing products, also had very irritated scalp no matter what shampoo i used. My mom never new how to care for my hair since hers is straight as can be, thank god for the interwebs lol.
packleader87 25 kun oldin
First time seeing you. I thought you were alessia cara
Arian Gouri Ajay
This helped me understand that everything I had been doing is entirely fucked up
Illyana Morales Cook
i subscribed!
Kill Me Now, Please, I’m Begging You
I have wavy hair so is it okay to have those type of things in my shampoo, because they are in my shampoo but I don’t think it’s causing any damage.
kelsey •.•_•.•,
thank you so much! i’ve been brushing my hair dry for ever and it’s a constant mess of frizz never knew that wasn’t the way lmao💗
Kaitlyn Colon
Kaitlyn Colon Kun oldin
Literally me
sean langley
sean langley Kun oldin
My hair is frizzy curly wavy and straight all in one. Like the frick
reneedooma Kun oldin
So funny chica XD Where did you get that crystal earrings?
Téa M
Téa M 2 kun oldin
Microfibre is your curly hairs best friend!! 🤙❤️😁
musiclover me
musiclover me 2 kun oldin
Ur hair in the thumbnail is my constant look
wassup waddup
wassup waddup 2 kun oldin
I had curly hair and i didnt know how to treat them right and style them so i just straighted my hair to the point where it was so damaged that i lost most of my curls :,) I'm trying to get them back by taking care of my hair a lot n stuff! thanks for the video
Stuff U Love
Stuff U Love 2 kun oldin
i'v same hair type.. ur videos are very helpful.. & let me add i love ur way of talking.. u r amazing! love from India 🇮🇳 ❤️ 💖😊
Natalia Odriozola
Natalia Odriozola 2 kun oldin
This hurted
farah bosi
farah bosi 2 kun oldin
Where can I get your necklace from?
Hope Vidrio
Hope Vidrio 2 kun oldin
Where did you get your earring?
Savanna Rayburn
Savanna Rayburn 2 kun oldin
My hair is wavy and I used to use sulfate and silicon FULL brands (I didn’t know what that stuff was) and I NEVER put any stylers, or leave in conditioners in but now, I check my ingredients and use better products for my hair type ☺️
Cassie Lynn
Cassie Lynn 3 kun oldin
Thank you for your service
AAY I Gacha
AAY I Gacha 3 kun oldin
Thank you so much I this helped a lot because I remember using a leave in conditioner and some shampoos would instantly tangle my hair so I stop shampooing with the shampoo my mom brought and used the leave in conditioner and my hair looked healthier and overall better and I wondered why
Hải Bùi
Hải Bùi 4 kun oldin
my hair is so damn straight but I still watched the whole video 😂😂
I am pround to have 11 subscribers
I have wavy hair and a little bit of curly, it's always a struggle to untangle my hair 😭😭😭 every minute or so it gets tangle
Laila Okasha
Laila Okasha 5 kun oldin
When your curly hair dries before you can brush it.. Help me plz
Laila Okasha
Laila Okasha 2 kun oldin
It usually helps
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 kun oldin
maybe it needs more moisture?
snit shikor
snit shikor 5 kun oldin
Your voice😭❤️
Marta Gonzalez
Marta Gonzalez 7 kun oldin
me siento muy identificada con tus vídeos eres todo lo que me gusta en un youtuber y una amiga
Mariah Smith
Mariah Smith 7 kun oldin
You look like Alesia cara!
Lauren Brown
Lauren Brown 8 kun oldin
Noooo its curlicide
Dat Boi
Dat Boi 8 kun oldin
There was this fancy brush going around that had magnetic science magic in it and it smoothed your hair when you brushed it (so when you wake up in the morning you don’t have to take a shower. But everyone in the comments was offended because it didn’t “work on curly hair” I was facepalming because anyone who cares for their curly hair knows you don’t wake up with dry hair and brush it... lol
Itz Hannah
Itz Hannah 9 kun oldin
She’s soo pretty.✨😭💛
Qestra Trueheart
Qestra Trueheart 9 kun oldin
this is what my hair looked like before i cut it all off
Tiya Rag
Tiya Rag 11 kun oldin
Imma send this to everyone who tells me to brush my hair
Samantha Rivera
Samantha Rivera 4 kun oldin
EVERYONE TELLS ME and it’s people with straight hair LIKE NO you don’t know the struggle so don’t say anything
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 11 kun oldin
Heres a quick tip, don't take advice from people who don't have healthy curly hair because they obviously don't know how to lol
Mrs Tubee
Mrs Tubee 12 kun oldin
So i have a question :i have like curly and strayd hair at the same time but i am german/turkish . My hair is frizzy and i cinda learnd something but i dont know what to do ? As i sad my hair is in like REALY BAD condishon and i need your help 😔 let me explain my hair : my hair is long, dark blond, frizzy, dry, and it is damaged from wrong shampoo ... i tried to find a good shampoo or even a conditioner (i dont use conditioner cause it does't help at all) i live in germany and you can't and won't find any good things for you hair (in my situation)here EVERYONES hair is strayd and smooth and perfect soo yeah ...
A random person on the internet
Your hair turned out like my everyday hair
It's BELLA biatch
It's BELLA biatch 13 kun oldin
I wash my hair, brush it, then don't touch it for 2-4 days
xxxmariafreal garcia13
The after hair is my hair every day
Mandy Candy
Mandy Candy 13 kun oldin
I am the only curly haired person in my family so when she said "Every curly haired person knows do avoid sulfates..." I felt so bad XD
Liberty Kelly
Liberty Kelly 15 kun oldin
Yeah your hair looks very frizzy but your hair is beautiful. I have wavy hair and when I try to use silicone and sulphate free shampoo it just doesn’t wash my hair properly xx
jee lains
jee lains 15 kun oldin
Learned a lot with this video. Thanks 🙏🏻
♡BUNNY♡ 15 kun oldin
I've been looking at curly hair videos all day, & you're the best I've seen- you made me laugh, & cry (thinking of all those times I brushed my hair straight so kids wouldn't say I have "witch hair" when I wore it natural). It was really inspiring hearing you say you're proud of your hair, as you should be- it's gorgeous!
Chileshe Zulu
Chileshe Zulu 15 kun oldin
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Chileshe Zulu
Chileshe Zulu 15 kun oldin
Don't isolate yourself. There are people who have been through what you might be facing right now and they overcame it. Don't push people away, surround yourself with people who are spiritually mature and get the help that you need. Isolation when you are in pain and don't know if there's a way out is dangerous and that's why we have suicide cases. Listen, there's nothing that you can be facing that God is not able to solve for with God nothing is impossible. Hold on. Jesus loves you.
Kristin L
Kristin L 15 kun oldin
I feel like there are a lot of misconceptions with silicones. Most low poo shampoos, for example Not Your Mothers Naturals, are strong enough to remove most silicones. I feel like silicons build up is more of a concern if you strictly use conditioner to wash. I believe silicones can actually help some people. Also, why would anyone use just hairspray on wet hair? Lol before I went CGM I would use sulfate and silicone filled shampoos and conditioners but at least used actual styling products. If a curly girl/guy gets great results using non CGM ingredients, I see no reason in trashing products. I truly feel like a majority of hair is damaged due to heat. I’d like to see someone use “forbidden” products and ingredients yet get rid of heat and see if they see the same results that you would using CGM approved products.
elizabeth greene
elizabeth greene 16 kun oldin
I remember when I got in trouble at school and my punishment was blow drying my hair 😂
Sinjin VanQueef
Sinjin VanQueef 16 kun oldin
My hair isn’t nearly as curly as hers is... the bottom layer is almost identical to hers but the top has very loose curls and waves, would a diffuser still be better for me???
Summer loves Jin
Summer loves Jin 16 kun oldin
1) im questioning my sexuality 2) I think I might have curly hair but I don’t really know. It gets really frizzy so I get really embarrassed as I straighten it. When I was younger I had wavy hair and then curly underneath it. I don’t understand what to do. I’ve been thinking about trying out curly routines but I doubt it’ll work. I really need help lol. But then again, I bleached my hair not too long ago. I’ve recently died it back to black. After a shower it gets curly but then when it (air) dries it gets frizzy. Help??
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 kun oldin
Usually curly hair when damaged looks very frizzy (tons of times frizzier than Penny in this video, her hair is already very healthy to begin with so it didn't turn out THAT bad). If you try to follow the curly route it'll start slowly getting more and much curlier. Just do what is best for your hair. Remember that everyone has different hair. So some tips might need some tweaking or may not work for you at all. Give it a try at least. As for your sexuality.. Don't try to force yourself to fit under a certain label. It's okay to not know your sexuality.
Mikayla Fong
Mikayla Fong 16 kun oldin
Yo I need to comb my hair after I shower ... or else the comb won't go through my hair
7.756.935 7 kun oldin
I use my fingers when my hair is still wet. I threw the comb out years ago. I'm white and I have thick, curly/wavy hair. Try it! Sometimes i rub a few drops of coconut oil between my palms before "combing" my hair. 😉
Mikayla Fong
Mikayla Fong 16 kun oldin
Oh ma gawd that intro ... I've subscribed... CUrlY HaIr atHIest
Emma Carlsson
Emma Carlsson 16 kun oldin
The healing process for those ears… She probably slept sitting up
Penny Tovar
Penny Tovar 16 kun oldin
The healing process took about a year xP it SUCKED lol
BOOM SHAKALAKA 16 kun oldin
Alessia Cara?
Angelica Romero
Angelica Romero 16 kun oldin
Ik a lot of girls with hair like the beginning when she brushed her hair dry and now i know why their hair is like that
Alma Beauty
Alma Beauty 16 kun oldin
I do ALL these things!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHGIWGCBDCLBRIYGFBCMZNCOUEYR9QEWHBcjmw bcmz!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder my hair is so frizzy nd bushy ewbchwndcblhbclaeq THANK YOU PENNY!
spicy chicken nugget
Okayyy this video came for my life because i use those shampoos and conditioners fml i gotta do better smh
Ibland Hillevi
Ibland Hillevi 17 kun oldin
”It is not straight it has special needs” that is me 100%