How SHANE DAWSON Reinvented Collabs (And Paid The Price For It)

Andrei Terbea
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Shane Dawson's series on "The Mind of Jake Paul" has been the talk of the town since the first episode came out. People have come out to criticize him, Logan Paul being one of them, Keemstar, True Geordie and many other commentators have also pointed out flaws in the series. However, I'm here to take a closer look beyond that, not only at what Shane has done wrong, but how this docuseries impacts the entire platform and how his content is game changing.
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6-Okt, 2018

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I would want to make UZvid friends with someone because I like them I don’t care how many subs views or likes they have
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I think that's just classic frieship with someone who happens to have a youtube channel :)
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I personally loved the old collabs people did.. The beanboozled, the tickle challenge.. The what's in my hand challenge.. All complete laughter gold
the way u drew shane is so cute x)
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That little girl from the start is from monster inc
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i love this channel and i am a subscriber but as soon as i saw the epic games and fortnite advertisement i disliked instantly. sorry... i just... had to
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1:12 communism intesifiys
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Andrei sorry to burst your bubble but ur at the top content creator because of ur channel's name since it starts with an A your at the top that is why Casey neistat is after u and shane dawson and safiyaa nygaard are all the way at the bottom.Good job anyways and keeping making awesome content !
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Your UZvid Channel is soooooooo good i freaking love it. By the way i am from Portugal
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1:34 had me crying lol
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When I Saw Shane I Was Like 'No Way Anyone Is Gonna Beat Him!'. No Offence Though, Your Cool XD
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Good he should quit
You fr made Nick Crompton look better in animation ..... *animation is your biitch* 😂😂
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Wow good Video DUD3
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shane dawson in the animation looks more like tobuscus
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Collab war1
Quahntasy - Animating Universe
Shane sent me here and this video is awesome.
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Sorry mate, but h3h3 deserved the criticism he got. Everyone is subject to criticism and he has done some slimy things. Just because he has a likeable personality (or he used to) doesn't mean people can't criticize or make fun of shitty behaviour, and it IS shitty behaviour. I saw that sneaky animation you did there. Its bullshit.
TheSleepySnorlax 18 kun oldin
I have no issues generally with shakes series, the only thing I disagree with what he did was being in a psychologist who doesn't specialise in what shane was discussing. That and she wasn't professional in the video. Not only that a psychologist doesnt have the power to diagnose but a psychiatrist can. If they were at least specialised in the correct area it would of been significantly more appropriate. But other than that I find his docu-series quite interesting
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Shane Won’t win but Dolan twins will
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LOL and yet Shane won 3 awards than them
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Who wants my fortnite account?
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You will win
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Damn dude you got the accent on point. I wish I had that accent, but romanian is still the base of my vocabulary. So thankful that a romanian like me has so many subscribers and that you work so hard to make interesting videos for others. I'm dreaming of doing what you do. Keep going man. You're awesome
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Yeah Andrei I love how you be honest and Explain UZvid in a little more understanding prospective And I love your vids Andrei And also I subscribed
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I knew Shane would have to take a serious break after this series.
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use to (before this video) i didn't get why people disliked "collab" videos with popular youtubers because every time i think of "collab" video, i think of a video that smosh made with shane dawson called "bigfoot is gay" and there is nothing wrong with the video it just a skit. There is nothing tainted or cynical really. shane is not their for views he is just an actor. but thanks to this video i now understand the conflict of "collab" videos. Mainly concerning how some people will "collab" to gain more popularity and call it a video without putting creativity and passion into it
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WOW! I used to watch you before 100k and already new you’ll be going big places! I logged out of this account and forgot, but now a few months later your at 1.2 MILLION!
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