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Written By: David Alvarez




7-Noy, 2017

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Hannah Seneres
Hannah Seneres 16 soat oldin
its gooo gorl
Mishtu Ghose
Mishtu Ghose 16 soat oldin
This is the first video i have seen guys .... Love you
Rebecca Schulman
Rebecca Schulman 18 soat oldin
G a c h a R o s e
How was every single word you said named??
Kayla Casas
Kayla Casas Kun oldin
Snap chat
Juan David Londoño Rojas
My name is Jeff hahahha
Anam Playz
Anam Playz 2 kun oldin
Can you guys please make a part 2 of *How Things Were Named* Plz
kristien kim 19
kristien kim 19 2 kun oldin
god named the fingers
Mia Marais Baketic
Mia Marais Baketic 2 kun oldin
I love you rony and nessa
Brynnley Franks
Brynnley Franks 3 kun oldin
i do
Abby Haffke
Abby Haffke 3 kun oldin
Please show us more!
The lyrics
The lyrics 3 kun oldin
I always think about that 😂
iiGucci_Gang iiAmasssniperwolfan
Are these the twins from jane the virgin?
Yara Ayala
Yara Ayala 6 kun oldin
Irisplayer 2233
Irisplayer 2233 6 kun oldin
Not to be rude merrel twins but, cardi b was named cardi b because they call her Bacardi
MLP love rarity TM
MLP love rarity TM 6 kun oldin
Vanessa: Grandma is calling. Grandma: I just said a word in my office. WORD OFFICE!
Kelly Grace Co
Kelly Grace Co 7 kun oldin
2019 Anyone??
ISB Family
ISB Family 7 kun oldin
If you guys created that then you guys are creative
Benett Sanchez-Serrano
YoU tWiT
mariam abdelhamid
mariam abdelhamid 9 kun oldin
V Ve Ver Vero Veron Veroni Veronic Veronica A N D Va Van vane vanes vaness vanessa
Tadashi Slade
Tadashi Slade 10 kun oldin
Brooke Robinson
Brooke Robinson 10 kun oldin
_Cool_Kid_ 101
_Cool_Kid_ 101 11 kun oldin
How the weekend was name : Merrell twins so your a singer Weekend yea Merrell twins quick question do we have work tommrow Weekend now tommrow is the weekend WEEKEND
Dr. Slimez
Dr. Slimez 11 kun oldin
2023 anyone?
sara almalki
sara almalki 12 kun oldin
u guys should. do a part 2 that includes TikTok I know im a little late and you'll never see. this....but it's worth a shot
EuniceDivine Reyes
EuniceDivine Reyes 12 kun oldin
Can i request can u do part two pleaseee notice meeee im your big fan
Raven Is gaming!
Raven Is gaming! 12 kun oldin
My fav part of the vid was when ronni got so mad she pushed the paper of the table
All So Random
All So Random 13 kun oldin
I love the twins too!
DollHouse 13 kun oldin
Ahliya Alviar
Ahliya Alviar 13 kun oldin
i like the part with cardi b
Virginia Njue
Virginia Njue 13 kun oldin
Mariam Akhtar
Mariam Akhtar 14 kun oldin
what about snapchat btw add me my name is mariamakhtar7
bbyvaressa 14 kun oldin
Oh my gosh when Vanessa was play as 'Cardi b' I straight away knew it was Cardi even when she didn't say anything😂 Cardi b Is my girllllll!!!!❤
Jade Young
Jade Young 15 kun oldin
5:30. I love you guys so much I just wanted to point out, it's The Weeknd.
Elena. Chekerovska
Elena. Chekerovska 15 kun oldin
Please make a part two i really love this video
MrsCarol Yuen
MrsCarol Yuen 15 kun oldin
Facebook: Somebody’s face landed on a book. You say “Why do you keep on landing your face ( on a) book? *gasps* Facebook!
Fawzia Osman
Fawzia Osman 15 kun oldin
Anybody 2019?
parmar parmar
parmar parmar 15 kun oldin
I love your vid's so much!
Nithusha A
Nithusha A 16 kun oldin
You should do a Do's , Dont's, and Please Dont's: New Years!
Hunter Conner
Hunter Conner 16 kun oldin
Who else is trying to guess the apps and names
nia camargo
nia camargo 16 kun oldin
you should say how Snapchat was made
nia camargo
nia camargo 16 kun oldin
do snapchat
Katreena Ayson
Katreena Ayson 16 kun oldin
How was the name “named” named?!! Thats confusing right?
itsjust kaye
itsjust kaye 16 kun oldin
No ine can mess with me sjjsjwjaua
Zero Kadahashi
Zero Kadahashi 16 kun oldin
3:40-3:46 its title of songs
cooky coo
cooky coo 17 kun oldin
Michael jackson is actualy filipino
Rylee Vogel
Rylee Vogel 17 kun oldin
this was my first video that i watched of you guys and now its been a year and i am obsessed
Kherrigvlogs 17 kun oldin
I wanna see how some foods were named and animals and other social medias like Snapchat and Facebook
Sawbuzz 17 kun oldin
U guys r the best
Lorena Garcia
Lorena Garcia 17 kun oldin
ZeenaRules :D
ZeenaRules :D 17 kun oldin
Namer: name this after we find my keys Namer 2: Nooooo not this again I hate finding your keys I'm bored Namers: KEYBOARD
Talha MUHAMMAD 17 kun oldin
Your not fun your really really fun
Noah Torres
Noah Torres 17 kun oldin
You make a bad Cardi B
Kurt the Crafter
Kurt the Crafter 17 kun oldin
Correction.. I think Bruno Mars is from tge philippines😂😂 2:19
Super Sophiee
Super Sophiee 17 kun oldin
No UZvid was named *UZvid* because: It’s a *tub* full of, all of *You.* And just so it doesn’t look thicc, add an *e* to the end. *UZvid.*
asfa 18 kun oldin
this is so cringey i cant
jenna Marie
jenna Marie 18 kun oldin
Isn't Pinterest called Pinterest cause you pin your interest?
honey syrup
honey syrup 18 kun oldin
*me trying to be shane dawson*
Mulki Abdulkadir
Mulki Abdulkadir 18 kun oldin
V Va Van Vane Vanes Vaness Vanessa Vanessa& Vanessa&V Vanessa&Ve Vanessa&Ver Vanessa&Vero Vanessa&Veron Vanessa&Veroni Vanessa&Veronic Vanessa&Veronica Vanessa&Veronic Vanessa&Veroni Vanessa&Veron Vanessa&Vero Vanessa&Ver Vanessa&Ve Vanessa&V Vanessa& Vanessa Vaness Vanes Vane Van Va V
RY Melody
RY Melody 19 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
K S 19 kun oldin
Rabia Bashir
Rabia Bashir 19 kun oldin
Nessa: Can I have some tea? Tristan: There is no tea. Roni: Where is my mobile? Both: :O Both: T Mobile *T MOBILE* Pls like
Melisa Zyko
Melisa Zyko 19 kun oldin
I thought Adele was Taylor Swift
Raspberry Tv
Raspberry Tv 19 kun oldin
I've actually always wondered how things were named! 😂
Leonardo Lin
Leonardo Lin 19 kun oldin
I feel like Veronica is older
Shahzaib Zahidi
Shahzaib Zahidi 19 kun oldin
6:31 it reminded me of sssniperwolf
Yusra Aroob
Yusra Aroob 19 kun oldin
As soon as I saw Cardi B I knew it was he like that was such a good like copy of her
Parbattee Ramsamooj
Parbattee Ramsamooj 19 kun oldin
XxAriena KimXx
XxAriena KimXx 19 kun oldin
I was thinking that from 2017....
Sophie and Amelie
Sophie and Amelie 19 kun oldin
Oh its probably a joke. I don't think Bruno Mars was named like that... at least that's what my dad told me. xD
Sienna Bowden
Sienna Bowden 19 kun oldin
Imagine they grow up, get married, and get pregnant at the same time. Then at the same time they both give birth to a girl and Vanessa names hers Valerie and Veronica names hers Victoria 😂 keep them V’s goin y’all
Lana's World
Lana's World 20 kun oldin
lol you guys are so funny
Jess Oviedo
Jess Oviedo 20 kun oldin
Part 2 part two!!!!!!!
Kayley Owasuah
Kayley Owasuah 20 kun oldin
I am a twin and me and my sis love to watch ur vids
Banana DIY
Banana DIY 20 kun oldin
Ummm Bruno Mars didn’t sing billionaire that was Justin Bieber
Cheayoung Kim
Cheayoung Kim 20 kun oldin
You guys are so CREATIVE !!! I dont know how you guys came up with all of this! ❤❤❤
Jonathan Reta
Jonathan Reta 20 kun oldin
they got named by god
Natasha Royx Gonzalez
Fatma Fun Vlogs
Fatma Fun Vlogs 20 kun oldin
I love you Merrelltwins but you wrong god named everything
Aleximpi lg
Aleximpi lg 20 kun oldin
Who loves the merral twins
Sophie Marie Garsuta
Oh i have one: Roni telling trist.:Tristan,What's your favorite color Tristan:Blue Roni:Oh i like blue too ''Bluetooth''
Natalie Diaz
Natalie Diaz 21 kun oldin
Kitty101_ m
Kitty101_ m 21 kun oldin
Sun and moon
archerwalsh335 21 kun oldin
my teacher is reabeca howard as my 3ed grade teacher
Aaliyah Kola
Aaliyah Kola 21 kun oldin
At 1:50 I thought veronica spilt something on her shirt ❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜
Nonhle Mashinini
Nonhle Mashinini 21 kun oldin
it is soo funny
December Wang
December Wang 21 kun oldin
I will send you the money for the car and I will be there at noon and then we can go to get the kids to get the kids and I will be in the office today but will be there in a few days and I will be there for the meeting on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday and I will be there at noon and then we can get the car and the other one is my favorite color is blue and I will be there at noon and then we can talk about it when you get the chance can you send me the phone number for the car and I will be there at noon and cream cheese and a half hours to get to get the kids together and I will be there at noon and then we can go from there at noon so I can go from there to the phone store and I will be there in a few minutes and I'll let you know when I get home and let you know if I will be able to make it to work today and tomorrow and I will be there at noon and then we can go from there to the car and get back to you as soon as I get home I'll send you the address and I will send you can go from there to the bank
LEO 21 kun oldin
Am I the only one feel that Roni looks like Gal Gadot in this video? start from 1:48
Han Lollypop
Han Lollypop 21 kun oldin
tatoosha khalifa
tatoosha khalifa 21 kun oldin
so how is this vid was named
Alannah Chiodi
Alannah Chiodi 21 kun oldin
I guess this is how TikTok was named What should the new name of Musically should be? Hmmmmm waiting Tik Tok Tik Tok ⌚️⌚️⌚️⌚️ Perfect let’s name it tiktok
Fraya Nadindra Aiesha Rudiana
You guys are so creative!
Mikayla Chu
Mikayla Chu 22 kun oldin
Yasss love it 😍
Playlist Master
Playlist Master 22 kun oldin
It's the Weeknd lol
Lps And more
Lps And more 22 kun oldin
This was so good
Rusul Aldemain
Rusul Aldemain 22 kun oldin
How is pizza named pizza
Brenna Berk
Brenna Berk 22 kun oldin
Make a part 2
Jaeonna Jordan
Jaeonna Jordan 23 kun oldin
Cardi b