How To Actually Save Money • Married Vs. Single

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“Can you make sure you save this under ‘The Way Kelsey Needs to Start Living’?”
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25-Iyn, 2016

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Nina Ylimaki
Nina Ylimaki 12 kun oldin
I thought that this video was going to give me great tips on how to save money but u know what...This is insane.. Like I get approximately 250 dollars a month and Kelsey spent 300 dollars on a dinner... Welcome to the student life folks
Snowy Owl 77
Snowy Owl 77 Oy oldin
Ned is my roll model
Niyati Shah
Niyati Shah Oy oldin
His Yale brain is shining though
Jane Baker
Jane Baker Oy oldin
You need to track your spending before you budget
Calle Cambiado
Calle Cambiado 2 oy oldin
3:01 Their faces are hilarious!
Ecka SmiLe
Ecka SmiLe 3 oy oldin
Ned was raised Good. Smart.
Mi Mi
Mi Mi 3 oy oldin
R these guys autistic. They spend double on alcohol than what they save for their future.
Majesty Prime
Majesty Prime 3 oy oldin
Ned’s not a DINC any more he has babyyyy wEs to care fot
Andrej Nikolov
Andrej Nikolov 3 oy oldin
And again, Ned mentioned his wife.
bailey bee
bailey bee 4 oy oldin
Honestly I don’t envy her at all. This is truly sad that she spends so frivolously without keeping herself accountable
KetoKatharsis 4 oy oldin
Damn this broad gets around lol
Insect Chart
Insect Chart 4 oy oldin
That girl is annoying with her fry voice
Cat Karpov-Kinrade
“Being a lady tax”
Brian Sunbury
Brian Sunbury 4 oy oldin
Ned loves his spreadsheets hahaha
Kitten Lover07
Kitten Lover07 4 oy oldin
Ya know its kelsey when she spends fuckin 200 on bars
RANDOM CAM 4 oy oldin
Talk about the therapist
Shay Walker
Shay Walker 4 oy oldin
My credit score went down watching this
natnat marie
natnat marie 4 oy oldin
666 dislikes 😰
Valerie D
Valerie D 4 oy oldin
Kelsey!! Saying "I'm not rich!" And then she can afford to drop $800 on a hotel room alone! $300 at dinner!!!! I'm in pain just thinking about it 😷
LoveMe,com 4 oy oldin
This is a very impressive video. There is a big difference between how a married and single person budget their money. I think being married makes a person more responsible and wise in budgeting. When a person is married they don’t look for what they want but they look at what they really need instead.
DEEPEST 4 oy oldin
Ned let's get some adulting tutorials, yeah? Please man.
Team Rocket Grunts
This needs a follow up video y'all
UNI ROLL 4 oy oldin
$500 to treat yourself!!!! That’s my yearly budget
Kemberleigh Purvis
I've learned more about being an adult from Ned than I did in school.
Paul Casil
Paul Casil 5 oy oldin
kelsey needs to save money and enjoy things at the same time so budgeting is a must for her..actually everyone needs to budget their money, so when you are really in need you have something to pull outta your pocket.
Be1smaht 5 oy oldin
This was great
Marlow Morbid
Marlow Morbid 5 oy oldin
ok soooooo can I work for BuzzFeed so I can afford to live like Kelsey
lol yeah take financial advice from a broke person.. retirement savings haahahhahahahahhahah funny how working class people think
Audrey Graham
Audrey Graham 5 oy oldin
Ned is surprisingly good at teaching others about adulting. That should totally be a series!
April Cheshire
April Cheshire 5 oy oldin
being a lady tax I find sexist. im a woman and I do not spend that much. I would call it being superficial tax
Milfuelle100 5 oy oldin
$700 a month at restaurants?!! I spend $60 a month at restaurants 😂
Senator 5 oy oldin
I spend 75€ on week to food. but when you are athlet you must eat
sam simon
sam simon 5 oy oldin
1700 a month not including rent are kidding me
TsLeng 5 oy oldin
Those who lived through will understand this. When you are poor or saving up for a big purchase (house deposit) you need a budget and keep looking out for best deals. When you finally has the income, no need for budget anymore but not for the reasons most think. No budget because the old habits are ingrained. However, one will stop caring about the little things like grocery prices. And no worries about money whatsoever.
Mimsi 5 oy oldin
Stopped watching when I heard that she spend 300 dollars on ONE FREAKING dinner. Them saving money will be a breeze.
Omg her expenses are like identical to mine o_o
Veng Yann
Veng Yann 6 oy oldin
theres a pic of ned and ariel in the background
Bob Jim
Bob Jim 6 oy oldin
Ned is her dad, its confirmed
Muhammad Umer Tariq
ned evil face
Malia's World
Malia's World 6 oy oldin
My monthly expenses is 2,300. Every month I look it like damm I need to get this down.
Tiffany Rojas
Tiffany Rojas 6 oy oldin
my family of 5 use about 160 a week on groceries
The Egyptian Conquer
This may be the most wasteful thing I've ever seen
Angela Qian
Angela Qian 6 oy oldin
Look at Kelsey's face at 3:00
Breanna ODell
Breanna ODell 6 oy oldin
I need the money they make😶
Borbála Dömölki
In Hungary, the minimum wage is $300/month. Not $300/night!
BP Animal
BP Animal 6 oy oldin
How’s she still single
Wendy Oliver
Wendy Oliver 6 oy oldin
Ned is so knowledgeable
I Dewa Adiya
I Dewa Adiya 6 oy oldin
how do you adult?
h a y l e y Hayley
You should do an update video on this!!!
alice cullen
alice cullen 7 oy oldin
and yet here i am surviving off barely £300 a month (excluding rent) jeeeeees
Jordan Rowland
Jordan Rowland 7 oy oldin
mmiikkeeb14 7 oy oldin
how much money do you muricans make????
Otilia 7 oy oldin
Cam Watson
Cam Watson 7 oy oldin
$700 a month on resturants? is she rich?
Slated 7 oy oldin
$100 on food a month?? No wonder she spends $300 a night at a restaurant.
Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez
I also spend like nearly 400 on groceries monthly
ironman20ful 7 oy oldin
Kelsey are you feeling better now ?
Peter Müller
Peter Müller 7 oy oldin
I feel sorry for Kelsey, she lacks basic life skills
Zoe Guelfand
Zoe Guelfand 8 oy oldin
I secretly think Ned is gay
ie p
ie p 8 oy oldin
3:56 music lmao
saifMSK 8 oy oldin
I think BuzzFeed employees get paid above average. I bet she easily makes more than 6k upto maybe 8k.
Madison Lewe
Madison Lewe 8 oy oldin
I put 50 dollars in savings everytime I get paid biweekly so if I were better at saving I should have 1200 in savings at the end of the year. Keyword: should
B Folds
B Folds 8 oy oldin
I get the feeling she doesn't clear her credit card balence every month....
C A 8 oy oldin
This video feels completely out of touch. The spending/budget is nowhere near how normal people live! They could at least not be visibly agonising about not being rich. Guys, you rich!
Christina Carlin
Christina Carlin 8 oy oldin
Kelsey doesn’t spend that much. They only showed the extreme prices.
KoKoEdited 8 oy oldin
You don’t need to buy make up or clothes every month....? I am so confused at rich people.
KoKoEdited 8 oy oldin
“I’m not rich” ... few mins later “I spent £300 the other night” .....?
k w
k w 8 oy oldin
This was terrible...she is wasting so much money. Her Buzzfeed career won't last forever, hope she has a good backup plan. Who knows, maybe she's incredibly smart and talented but plays a goof for the 'tube....
Kenneth Laino
Kenneth Laino 9 oy oldin
Just because you paid off your car, you should be “paying car payments” each month into a separate saving in case of emergency to your car, or help budget for a new one when in need. Also buy used cars, cars will always depreciate in value therefore not worth as a capital investment for resale in the future.
Réka Mercédesz Horváth
how can she earn approximately 15k pljs rent A MONTH
Alexis Carrington Colby
Ok, I am only an occasional drinker, and LA is an expensive city to live in, but $1100 per month just on restaurants and alcohol is an insane amount of money! Rent must be around $1500 if not more, so how big is her salary???
Cracking the Shell
How on earth does she spend 100 bucks a month on groceries? She'd be spending $1.19 per meal in FEBRUARY...
keeptheareaclear 9 oy oldin
I don't think this is married vs single, its Kelsey vs Ned, im single and don't spend money like that at all!
blubbmillysings 9 oy oldin
oh wow! I have about 200-300€ a month for everything except rent. for food, clothes, books etc :O If I had her income I'd be freaking rich with my spending habits!
LoveMe,com 9 oy oldin
I actually thought that she saves more money than the guy who is married because married people have lots of bills to pay.
babykknowles 13
babykknowles 13 9 oy oldin
$200 a month on just clothes and make up? Buzzfeed needs to do that “challenge” where they only get minimum wage and have to live off that for a month
Jonezx2020 9 oy oldin
Wow this chick is literally spoiled. I only have 2 dollars in my savings 😂
Darlene Lesmana
Darlene Lesmana 9 oy oldin
I'm 15 and i'm going to move out for a scholarship next year and i will have to manage my own money and i just help me pls
Kenji Gunawan
Kenji Gunawan 9 oy oldin
$300 on dinner? Like what do you eat? You can literally buy a phone for that!
Amir Rahman
Amir Rahman 10 oy oldin
The pink tax is not real.
Ren M.
Ren M. 10 oy oldin
I really want to know what her rent is because her expenses are already $1300
Deanna Hart
Deanna Hart 10 oy oldin
HOW do u spend $700 at restraunts?!!! Jesus, my family of 5's have never been more then $120ish!!
Conan Edogawa
Conan Edogawa 10 oy oldin
Seriously?? Is that such a problem? There is just one rule: Never spend more than you have. Not that complicated, right?!
Rayne Standard
Rayne Standard 10 oy oldin
Rune Odilia
Rune Odilia 10 oy oldin
Ned should do a "How to be an adult" series... please...
First Born Daughter
They spend SO much money
L Stew
L Stew 11 oy oldin
“where are you shopping?! tHe KiNGs PaLaCE?!”
Elisa Ajeti
Elisa Ajeti 11 oy oldin
Then there’s me: *buys a 5 dolar mc Donald meal* *feeling guilty because I could have spent the 5 Dollars somewhere else*
iamziano 11 oy oldin
Ned, go start your own series about these stuff. super cool! XD
miles alton
miles alton 11 oy oldin
Ned is the adult I need in my life
Reubenhater 11 oy oldin
was it bad that i was expecting a "No she didn't" added somewhere at the end?
Lex Grace
Lex Grace 11 oy oldin
I would like to see more of these types of videos with Ned!
shaylen sanders
shaylen sanders 11 oy oldin
Marriage is a cage
Sharon 11 oy oldin
Lol my monthly grocery bill for 3 people is $250 😂😂
Morgane Guillet
Morgane Guillet 11 oy oldin
My budget is simple. All of it goes to rent and bills and the rest I use for food. Oh and paying my credit card too
Jonah 11 oy oldin
It never fails to blow my mind how much people do not know about finances. I was lucky enough to be raised in a house where my dad took finance classes and taught my brothers and I the basics of retirement savings and budgeting.
daan stam
daan stam 11 oy oldin
700 dollar for restaurants a month. Damn. I can go a couple years on that
TheFeyRa 11 oy oldin
Is there a follow up video?
Lisa -
Lisa - Yil oldin
one thing we know for sure is that buzzed pays good haha budget or no budget that is a ridiculous amount of money on thing slick make up and alcohol
uglylife Yil oldin
"I'M NOT THAT RICH!!" (spends 500-700 on restaurants per month.)