How to cook Beef - Gordon Ramsay Recipe -cookery show- easy to cook

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Watch Gordon Ramsay cook Beef.
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1-Apr, 2011

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Jupiter MacWillow
Filmed with an atomic microscope.
Count Wilhelm
Count Wilhelm 3 oy oldin
Whoever did the camera work on this should be shot.Or alternatively put in that processor with the mushrooms. Jesus...
Frank Soriano
Frank Soriano 7 oy oldin
Oh snap this shit looks good. So much things i dont have that he shows in video fn sucks lmao! I got the beef only a chunk too!. Oh well
DeathAngelHRA 8 oy oldin
Every time I expect Gordon to zig, he zags......and it looks amazing!
Antione Berry
Antione Berry 8 oy oldin
listen ladies master chef gordon ramsay proofed the gentlemen can prepare and cook food stuff 🍔🍟🍺.
John noneya
John noneya 9 oy oldin
Gordon gets me moister than that beef wellington ;)
A Person
A Person 9 oy oldin
way cool
Pterodactyl Tits
Pterodactyl Tits 10 oy oldin
Fuckk...... I gotta beat my cock now
datbiotch 0
datbiotch 0 11 oy oldin
Brian Finnegan
Brian Finnegan Yil oldin
he doesnt tell you any of the spices how long to cook, no temp...very bland directions...boo
Sarah Smyth
Sarah Smyth Yil oldin
4XeoN The oNe7
4XeoN The oNe7 Yil oldin
needs more lamb sauce
vaultboy1982 Yil oldin
Clean your finger nails man. Gross. uzvid.com/video/video-fN9rfRrYrCw.html?t=148
Nuwan Sanjeewa Chandrapala.
conishkee Yil oldin
Gosh, that looked so wonderful. I could taste it with my eyes!
Bob Thenob
Bob Thenob Yil oldin
need to get that camera CLOSER We can almost see what's going on and no one wants that
Patty Pretzel
Patty Pretzel Yil oldin
SpiritBear12 Yil oldin
That might be tasty, but that is too much work for me for one meal.
rubber duckie
rubber duckie Yil oldin
Aaron Mackay
Aaron Mackay 2 yil oldin
instructions unclear. beef is stuck in anus and the dog wont stop trying to eat my ass.
Big Tomo
Big Tomo 2 yil oldin
I'm thinking haggis instead of mushrooms would be lovely and ad some lovely flavour
Newtown Hopper
Newtown Hopper 2 yil oldin
eww... it's bleeding like it's on it's red week.
Jim Cowley
Jim Cowley 2 yil oldin
right so this here costs about 35 quid give or take.
ArcadianCY 2 yil oldin
Recipe looks fine but at the same time disgusting since the meat is still red, I just hate eating bloody meat. I'm a human not a cannibal.
JNike 6 oy oldin
Aerial if cooked meat tastes like shit to you then that is what it is.
William Stow
William Stow 11 oy oldin
Its supposed to be red dipshit
cody petersen
cody petersen Yil oldin
that is an improper way to make human meat where not animal ya know you have to be genital with human meat
Simon Peters
Simon Peters Yil oldin
This is not blood but myoglobin, which is what gives the meat the red color in the first place.
Sayuri 2 yil oldin
that's not blood mate. not everything red is blood.
A Tribe Called Quest
tells us how long to chill but not how long to bake ?
John Doe
John Doe 7 oy oldin
everyone seems like a prick to a benign comment. "watch video" ..... "wonder about baking time" .... "comment" ..... "receives hate" .... "done" ...
JR. Johnson
JR. Johnson Yil oldin
go and watch the show ( F- Word on the Food Network)
Steven McLoughlin
Until the pastry is golden brown like it was in the video ;)
A Tribe Called Quest
oh ok thanks i haven't been able to try it because i can't afford fillet steak lol
Like Wildflowers
Like Wildflowers 2 yil oldin
All that warm blood 😷
XtotheZ Xzibit
XtotheZ Xzibit 2 yil oldin
hungry. that was awesome.
LekkMi 2 yil oldin
reminds me of meat glue
sulaiman saleh
sulaiman saleh 2 yil oldin
i think it,s need more cooking RAW
potato head
potato head 2 yil oldin
homes24 2 yil oldin
I do not like this narration at all, its like for dumb people, one word a minute
Tom Fallon
Tom Fallon 11 oy oldin
i get a pretentious vibe from Gordon ramsay, he comes across as condescending
kmg501 2 yil oldin
That's exactly why I liked it, it's not full of unnecessary verbiage.
JDGWI 2 yil oldin
عابر سبيل
عابر سبيل 2 yil oldin
please find a book about ( الإسلام ) eslam. . . thank you .
Jacob011 2 yil oldin
What a dildo shot this? The close ups make me nauseous.
Hang Le
Hang Le 2 yil oldin
looks so freaking yummy. Hhumm i'm hungry
THE EARTH 3 yil oldin
not cooked wtf
Tranquil789 2 yil oldin
+Eli Israel You want the meat all grey looking and dry? Whatever floats your boat.
THE EARTH 3 yil oldin
+The Maybe N00b ok suuuuure I'll pass
Blue Guy
Blue Guy 3 yil oldin
It's called medium rare and it's plenty cooked to me
Greetings from Ukraine ! omg its awesome !
bluwave79 3 yil oldin
why don't you add a sauce to moisturize?
kevin O
kevin O 3 yil oldin
what is the white stuff at 1:18?
JDGWI 2 yil oldin
+kevin O sure tell yourself that
bordiguy 2 yil oldin
+toby anderson LOL
kevin O
kevin O 2 yil oldin
Jeez people, It was a just a joke! Guess it was funnier in my mind and the sarcasm was not conveyed right.
HIlfe Mich
HIlfe Mich 2 yil oldin
+kevin O do you mean the plate retard
Stoned Jesus
Stoned Jesus 2 yil oldin
+CrazyandLazy ahhahha
ϟϟ 3 yil oldin
Rolled piece of cheap picnic ham, canned button mushrooms, margerine, bread slices. Poor man's Wellington, Eaten
Kugathalord22 Yil oldin
WOW! Thanks a lot for this simplified version! Seriously thank you very much!!!
Benormous 3 yil oldin
Ramsey is the absolute bollocks
Tan YK
Tan YK 3 yil oldin
Champion cook
WeKnowTheTruth2012 3 yil oldin
And my mom cooks our meat in water and thats all how fucking lame
Gabriel M.
Gabriel M. 3 yil oldin
+Erreur “Wndrr” Dafool dirty ungrateful
Hanzu 3 yil oldin
+WeKnowTheTruth2012 if yo'ure not happy this way, why don't you cook it yourself ? sale ingrat.
Skeeky Online
Skeeky Online 3 yil oldin
This looks amazing. I have to try it. thanks Gor dawg
Abdul Wahedy
Abdul Wahedy 3 yil oldin
The beef not cooked proper, need more time.
burns83 3 yil oldin
The track with electric guitar makes it so hardcore i feel like im in prison. This is hard stuff
SwooshGangJoe 3 yil oldin
Good God
bpm1305 3 yil oldin
my mouth is watering that was so delicious !! >_
Stephanie Saso
Stephanie Saso 4 yil oldin
That was probably one of the most sexiest things I've ever seen
Haleem ul Hassan
Haleem ul Hassan 4 yil oldin
Thats RAWWW!
fahd s
fahd s 3 yil oldin
No. Rare. Some people like rare, medium-rare, medium and well done. Raw is not cooked at all. Rare is a couple of mins
Sonortubelug 4 yil oldin
There's a fucking burger van round the corner, go and eat there.(although technically speaking, I can't afford to eat at one of Ramsey's ponce holes). And therefore, I'm attacking myself in the long run. That is why I hate you and we must joust, you fucking clown shoe.
Raizada R
Raizada R 4 yil oldin
Or, you know... you could just make a burrito... Can I get my Michelin Star now?