How to cook Beef - Gordon Ramsay Recipe -cookery show- easy to cook

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Watch Gordon Ramsay cook Beef.
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1-Apr, 2011



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David Evans
David Evans 3 oy oldin
Filmed with an atomic microscope.
Kenyon Jew
Kenyon Jew 5 oy oldin
Whoever did the camera work on this should be shot.Or alternatively put in that processor with the mushrooms. Jesus...
Frank Soriano
Frank Soriano 9 oy oldin
Oh snap this shit looks good. So much things i dont have that he shows in video fn sucks lmao! I got the beef only a chunk too!. Oh well
DeathAngelHRA 10 oy oldin
Every time I expect Gordon to zig, he zags......and it looks amazing!
Antione Berry
Antione Berry 10 oy oldin
listen ladies master chef gordon ramsay proofed the gentlemen can prepare and cook food stuff 🍔🍟🍺.
John noneya
John noneya 11 oy oldin
Gordon gets me moister than that beef wellington ;)
A Person
A Person 11 oy oldin
way cool
Pterodactyl Tits
Fuckk...... I gotta beat my cock now
datbiotch 0
datbiotch 0 Yil oldin
Brian Finnegan
Brian Finnegan Yil oldin
he doesnt tell you any of the spices how long to cook, no temp...very bland directions...boo
Sarah Smyth
Sarah Smyth Yil oldin
4XeoN The oNe7
4XeoN The oNe7 Yil oldin
needs more lamb sauce
vaultboy1982 Yil oldin
Clean your finger nails man. Gross. uzvid.com/video/video-fN9rfRrYrCw.html
Nuwan Sanjeewa Chandrapala.
conishkee Yil oldin
Gosh, that looked so wonderful. I could taste it with my eyes!
Bob Thenob
Bob Thenob Yil oldin
need to get that camera CLOSER We can almost see what's going on and no one wants that
Patty Pretzel
Patty Pretzel Yil oldin
SpiritBear12 2 yil oldin
That might be tasty, but that is too much work for me for one meal.
rubber duckie
rubber duckie 2 yil oldin
Aaron Mackay
Aaron Mackay 2 yil oldin
instructions unclear. beef is stuck in anus and the dog wont stop trying to eat my ass.
Big Tomo
Big Tomo 2 yil oldin
I'm thinking haggis instead of mushrooms would be lovely and ad some lovely flavour
Newtown Hopper
Newtown Hopper 2 yil oldin
eww... it's bleeding like it's on it's red week.
Jim Cowley
Jim Cowley 2 yil oldin
right so this here costs about 35 quid give or take.
ArcadianCY 2 yil oldin
Recipe looks fine but at the same time disgusting since the meat is still red, I just hate eating bloody meat. I'm a human not a cannibal.
JNike 8 oy oldin
Aerial if cooked meat tastes like shit to you then that is what it is.
William Stow
William Stow Yil oldin
Its supposed to be red dipshit
cody petersen
cody petersen Yil oldin
that is an improper way to make human meat where not animal ya know you have to be genital with human meat
Simon Peters
Simon Peters Yil oldin
This is not blood but myoglobin, which is what gives the meat the red color in the first place.
Sayuri 2 yil oldin
that's not blood mate. not everything red is blood.
A Tribe Called Quest
tells us how long to chill but not how long to bake ?
John Doe
John Doe 9 oy oldin
everyone seems like a prick to a benign comment. "watch video" ..... "wonder about baking time" .... "comment" ..... "receives hate" .... "done" ...
JR. Johnson
JR. Johnson Yil oldin
go and watch the show ( F- Word on the Food Network)
Steven McLoughlin
Until the pastry is golden brown like it was in the video ;)
A Tribe Called Quest
oh ok thanks i haven't been able to try it because i can't afford fillet steak lol
Like Wildflowers
Like Wildflowers 2 yil oldin
All that warm blood 😷
XtotheZ Xzibit
XtotheZ Xzibit 2 yil oldin
hungry. that was awesome.
LekkMi 2 yil oldin
reminds me of meat glue
sulaiman saleh
sulaiman saleh 2 yil oldin
i think it,s need more cooking RAW
potato head
potato head 2 yil oldin
homes24 2 yil oldin
I do not like this narration at all, its like for dumb people, one word a minute
Tom Fallon
Tom Fallon Yil oldin
i get a pretentious vibe from Gordon ramsay, he comes across as condescending
kmg501 2 yil oldin
That's exactly why I liked it, it's not full of unnecessary verbiage.
JDGWI 2 yil oldin
عابر سبيل
عابر سبيل 3 yil oldin
please find a book about ( الإسلام ) eslam. . . thank you .
Jacob011 3 yil oldin
What a dildo shot this? The close ups make me nauseous.
Hang Le
Hang Le 3 yil oldin
looks so freaking yummy. Hhumm i'm hungry
THE EARTH 3 yil oldin
not cooked wtf
Tranquil789 3 yil oldin
+Eli Israel You want the meat all grey looking and dry? Whatever floats your boat.
THE EARTH 3 yil oldin
+The Maybe N00b ok suuuuure I'll pass
Blue Guy
Blue Guy 3 yil oldin
It's called medium rare and it's plenty cooked to me
Greetings from Ukraine ! omg its awesome !
bluwave79 3 yil oldin
why don't you add a sauce to moisturize?
kevin O
kevin O 3 yil oldin
what is the white stuff at 1:18?
JDGWI 2 yil oldin
+kevin O sure tell yourself that
bordiguy 2 yil oldin
+toby anderson LOL
kevin O
kevin O 3 yil oldin
Jeez people, It was a just a joke! Guess it was funnier in my mind and the sarcasm was not conveyed right.
HIlfe Mich
HIlfe Mich 3 yil oldin
+kevin O do you mean the plate retard
Stoned Jesus
Stoned Jesus 3 yil oldin
+CrazyandLazy ahhahha
ϟϟ 3 yil oldin
Rolled piece of cheap picnic ham, canned button mushrooms, margerine, bread slices. Poor man's Wellington, Eaten
Colin Oy oldin
Yum yum YUM!
Kugathalord22 Yil oldin
WOW! Thanks a lot for this simplified version! Seriously thank you very much!!!
Benormous 3 yil oldin
Ramsey is the absolute bollocks
Tan YK
Tan YK 3 yil oldin
Champion cook
WeKnowTheTruth2012 3 yil oldin
And my mom cooks our meat in water and thats all how fucking lame
Gabriel M.
Gabriel M. 3 yil oldin
+Erreur “Wndrr” Dafool dirty ungrateful
Hanzu 3 yil oldin
+WeKnowTheTruth2012 if yo'ure not happy this way, why don't you cook it yourself ? sale ingrat.
Skeeky Online
Skeeky Online 3 yil oldin
This looks amazing. I have to try it. thanks Gor dawg
Abdul Wahedy
Abdul Wahedy 3 yil oldin
The beef not cooked proper, need more time.
burns83 3 yil oldin
The track with electric guitar makes it so hardcore i feel like im in prison. This is hard stuff
SwooshGangJoe 3 yil oldin
Good God
Kocak 4 yil oldin
my mouth is watering that was so delicious !! >_
Stephanie Saso
Stephanie Saso 4 yil oldin
That was probably one of the most sexiest things I've ever seen
Haleem ul Hassan
Haleem ul Hassan 4 yil oldin
Thats RAWWW!
fahd s
fahd s 4 yil oldin
No. Rare. Some people like rare, medium-rare, medium and well done. Raw is not cooked at all. Rare is a couple of mins
Sonortubelug 4 yil oldin
There's a fucking burger van round the corner, go and eat there.(although technically speaking, I can't afford to eat at one of Ramsey's ponce holes). And therefore, I'm attacking myself in the long run. That is why I hate you and we must joust, you fucking clown shoe.
Raizada R
Raizada R 4 yil oldin
Or, you know... you could just make a burrito... Can I get my Michelin Star now?
D A 4 yil oldin
All of the dumb faggots complaining about blood. Meat is drained of blood before it is sold. Enjoy your overcooked steak. Try a high quality medium or medium rare for once. See if you can taste the difference.
TheSupradvr 2 yil oldin
drew avery life is taking chance my friend , if you live a cushy life with no pain and no chances , did you really live? I believe not
D A 2 yil oldin
+Mwdub02 To enjoy incredible flavor. The stuff you're talking about also doesnt tend to happen with high quality meat
Mwdub02 2 yil oldin
drew avery Your point is valid, but why take a chance.
D A 2 yil oldin
+Mwdub02 The chances of that are miniscule
Mwdub02 2 yil oldin
drew avery And enjoy the micoplazma with other pathogens with a nice glass of wine. Then a costly trip to the E.R ( $5000) if you don't have insurance. And God knows how many days off work with no pay so you can enjoy your meat medium rare lol.
TheCoolProfessor 4 yil oldin
This beef Wellington may melt in your mouth but it'll certainly melt your wallet!
Don Ivo
Don Ivo 3 yil oldin
+Faiz Samion or he can wrap some chicken nuggets in croissant dough works great with all holidays.
Mr. K
Mr. K 3 yil oldin
Haha agreed
Faiz Samion
Faiz Samion 3 yil oldin
+TheCoolProfessor You can tone down the quality of ingredients to have this more often. Cheaper cuts, cheaper mushrooms. Just don't skimp too much on the puff pastry. the butter ones taste absolutely better. Or go the extra mile and slave away making your own puff pastry (haha). At the end of the day, like everything else, you get what you pay for.
Don Ivo
Don Ivo 4 yil oldin
I'm over this debate on who's the biggest girl. Time to move on in life Graham.
Dominic Graham
Dominic Graham 4 yil oldin
+TheCoolProfessor now he comes back with weak comebacks
trog lodyte
trog lodyte 4 yil oldin
John Carney
John Carney 4 yil oldin
Make it with Pate du Fois Gras and it is even better. This is weird that he does not give you the temp of the oven or time of cooking,that is the tricky part of this most difficult but delicious dish. The truffle gravy was left out as well...its the most expensive dish on a menu when made properly in France. Love his restaurants like Maze in NYC, he is cool.
OneBagTravel 4 yil oldin
Lila Alex Inglis
Lila Alex Inglis 4 yil oldin
Seriously talented!
mirawenya 4 yil oldin
I thought olive oil on high heat was toxic? Confused.
southern04man 3 yil oldin
+mirawenya if you burn it.
MillenniumReactor 4 yil oldin
To add a point: olive oil on relatively high temperature "denatures" and become as good/bad as other oils.
Scott Brown
Scott Brown 4 yil oldin
authoritynutrition.com/is-olive-oil-good-for-cooking/ In short: The risk of carcinogenic fumes or molecules in heated olive oil is fairly minimal. Remember that the human body is extremely resilient to carcinogens, and basically has to be worn down over a period of several decades to start feeling the effects.
Alex Val
Alex Val 4 yil oldin
I never get it....whats the matter with people eating the meat RAW?? If we talk about vegetables its ok to keep them as much uncoocked as possible,to keep all the vitamins. But blood coming out of the meat the moment you are going to eat it....? who thought first this was a good idea... First of all its dangerous for infections and secondly raw meat isnt suppose to taste good...for humans at least.
Anthony Hernandez
Raw meat is god!
Selva DG
Selva DG 4 yil oldin
this is just a tutorial. understand that?
André Garcia
André Garcia 4 yil oldin
you won't get an infection, first of all as many pointed out above, it is NOT blood, secondly bacteria in meat develops on the surface of the meat, which he properly cooked it first killing any bacteria that could be there, the inside of the meat is safe from harmful bacteria and this was cooked medium rare, not rare, perfectly safe and delicious to eat, anymore and you would be overcooking your fillet and getting rid of all the good beef taste.
Scott Brown
Scott Brown 4 yil oldin
Blood carries diseases much more readily than myoglobin, and I assume that most people don't like eating blood because of the vampire connotations moreso than the actual taste, most people just seem to find the idea disgusting.
trog lodyte
trog lodyte 4 yil oldin
+Scott Brown So it looks like blood, tastes like blood and has the same properties as blood but isn't blood? ahahaha
xValsion 4 yil oldin
and there are blood coming out from the beef..
New Noise
New Noise Yil oldin
xValsion 4 yil oldin
+Kevin Phung and you are the fucking retard english teacher on internet..
Kevin Phung
Kevin Phung 4 yil oldin
There is*. And you're part of the ignorant mass. Congratulations.
Scott Brown
Scott Brown 4 yil oldin
It's not blood, I mean it totally looks like blood, but that's just because it's myoglobin from the muscle tissue in the beef. There shouldn't actually be any running blood in the beef you buy if it was hung properly.
floopstuh 4 yil oldin
How do you SEAL beef ?
floopstuh 4 yil oldin
+cosmo olversatil wow u didnt get it lol..
cosmo olversatil
cosmo olversatil 4 yil oldin
you just cook the outside for a little bit. like searing it. containing all those juices....mhhhhhhmmhh
Al Ruslan
Al Ruslan 4 yil oldin
assassin8or 4 yil oldin
cindy zhan
cindy zhan 5 yil oldin
well... British food...
The YouTube Algorithm
+VattenFlaskaCola123 I found this hilarious for some reason and spat water onto the screen involuntarily good job
Zabbat 4 yil oldin
You don't got beef where you live?
TheEugeep 5 yil oldin
fucking show off tosser
Holistic-Healing UK
And how long are we cooking it for chef? 10 mins? 20 mins? 4 hours? 3 weeks?
Jovia Kirabo
Jovia Kirabo 6 oy oldin
Holistic-Healing UK three weeks🤣
Holistic-Healing UK
Ah, thank you :-)
Speakingofyou 5 yil oldin
When you put your oven on 200 degrees, the meat will be medium when the pastery is nice and brown. We're talking about 10-12 minutes;)
Zoanox iTyranid
Zoanox iTyranid 5 yil oldin
Worst camera man ever.
Valerio Bettini
Valerio Bettini 5 yil oldin
beef wellington.....................DONE
MEGAMODELNYC 5 yil oldin
It worked perfectly! Thank you Chef
Unrequited 5 yil oldin
His success speaks for itself. He has a lot of successful restaurants, TV shows and is known around the world. Who are you? Oh yeah, Kaju Ku, some jackass posting on UZvid.
Emile Roemer
Emile Roemer 5 yil oldin
1:06 look like shit.
The Survivor
The Survivor 5 yil oldin
medium rare is how you eat a proper steak!
romeoneverdies 5 yil oldin
people thend to think that the juice meats give off is blood but its not its actually a mix of water and fat the leaner the meat the less you need to cook it to leave it juicy . beef has the same bacterial and viruses than humans hence you only need to cook the outer of the meat. now for sake of healt its better not to eat it raw because of poor handling and stuff but if you cook meat to a pink (not blue) there is notting to worry about but things are diffrent for birds that need more cooking
AmericanPatriot 5 yil oldin
Its 2 am. I'm drunk. And I'm fucking hungry now
novasquad2 5 yil oldin
I need list of ingredients and time to cook everything! it looks delicious ;p
Ryan Reed
Ryan Reed 5 yil oldin
Hold on he made a mistake, he forgot to marinate the beef with Knorr Stockpot cubes LOL!!!!
Migzly17 5 yil oldin
Here on planet Earth we call that a juicy looking piece of deliciousness, I'm not sure what planet you're from but it's not Earth
Adidas Love
Adidas Love 5 yil oldin
Bennie Bd
Bennie Bd 5 yil oldin
Hollyshit ... Look so freakin yummy >
De_lorean 5 yil oldin
Still it's no Dijon.
De_lorean 5 yil oldin
It's still sodium chloride with no additives. That has to be 10-15 grams of salt in that Wellington. Bye bye kidneys, welcome high blood pressure.
De_lorean 5 yil oldin
Amen to that.
LD Henderson
LD Henderson 5 yil oldin
It's fine because he was using Kosher salt. It doesn't absorb the way table salt does. Now if it was table salt that would be inedible.
LD Henderson
LD Henderson 5 yil oldin
It's not blood! It is myoglobin, a protein that carries oxygen from the blood to the meat fibers.If it was blood, it would turn black and coagulate on your plate! You've seen this occasionally when a bit of blood left in the marrow of a bone leaks out when you cook. It gets hard and black. But the bright red liquid in your plate is thin, fluid, and flavorful. That's because it is myoglobin, not blood. Myoglobin is a relatively small oxygen-binding protein of muscle cells.
Arrynek01 5 yil oldin
How dumb are you? :D That is not blood, never was. It is just bloody myth. All you see there is water colored by the meat. There is not a smidgen of blood in there. Not to mention beef done medium or rare (this is rare) is just the best. You cook it to well done? Fine, but don't bother buying fillet of beef, you can do that with scraps and get the same taste result.
drgonzo212 5 yil oldin
You are clueless.
De_lorean 5 yil oldin
Looks delicious but man, that's a hell of a lot of salt. He seasoned it 3 times at different stages.
esprit15d 5 yil oldin
Back to my original question: how in the world does "cooking" something take the blood out of it? According to your generous science lesson (thanks for that by the way) you will end up with dried out, tough blood. Google "blood cuisine" and you will find out that cooked blood is a whole in and of itself.
jschram84 5 yil oldin
That's not blood it's Myoglobin, not to be confused with Hemoglobin which is found in blood. Myoglobin is rich in iron and oxygen which is why it has the same red color as blood but it is NOT blood so don't be so afraid to eat some nice beef medium/medium-rare it's delicious.
dbzandrs2 5 yil oldin
And if you ever took science class in middle school, you would know that different liquids have different evaporating temperatures,
Rick 5 yil oldin
If you ever took science class in grade school, you should know that moisture evaporates as temperature goes up, hence why overcooked food is dried out and tough, and undercooked food is wet/moist/runny.
ㅡAngel 5 yil oldin
this looks pretty hard but i guess with practice it'll get easier...
Mike Soertsz
Mike Soertsz 5 yil oldin
The meat looks to be cooked to a perfect medium, as it should be. People who ask for 'well done' in a restaurant are basically demonstrating that they have no taste for meat. You should only order a medium (or med-rare, med-well) temp-ed beef if its a decent restaurant with a decent chef.
Minh Bùi Quang
Minh Bùi Quang 5 yil oldin
yeah, go fuck yourself bitch
Risobtero 5 yil oldin
I'm pretty sure everyone can do it,but who the fuck is going to choose that over shoving something into the microwave?
Marquitos TV
Marquitos TV 5 yil oldin
Wtf lmfao
kasHkan 5 yil oldin
i love his cooking , but can,t eat meat that raw or medium , for me should be brown inside , i know all the taste and juice is gone , i wish i could master that kind of filet
Cherish Nguyen
Cherish Nguyen 5 yil oldin
stunning dish ever and ever!
Stephanie Wilson
Stephanie Wilson 5 yil oldin
Looks great never had it before but would like to try it.
gamrage 5 yil oldin
Easy to cook? holy crap... I can't do all that..
spunky 5 yil oldin
he makes it look so easy, i think i can do it. but i'd seriously have no chance whatsoever
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