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11-Yan, 2019

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Quang Tran
Quang Tran 7 kun oldin
I just want to point this out. This has nothing to do with Texas. The reason why I called this a TEXAS STEAK CHEESE is because I used Texas cut thick toast. I just want you guys to hear it here first before someone expose me on this.. Thank you for understanding! QUANG YOU LAZY ASS COOK US _________________________ TOMORROW!
pistol pete
pistol pete 3 kun oldin
Bro, if ure gonna use fake cheese, at least make sure it's melted
William Files
William Files 4 kun oldin
New York pastrami!!!! I bet you can’t make that like NY. But can you come close???!
M.D.P Sleepy
M.D.P Sleepy 4 kun oldin
Well change the name. Weirdo
Joseph Gibbs
Joseph Gibbs 4 kun oldin
Can you make an Italian sub never seen that from you
Naomi Cordova
Naomi Cordova 4 kun oldin
Leave him alone!!! He is doing the best he can he has a life you know. Quant you are an amazing cook I look forward to all your delicious recipes. My family really enjoys all the recipes I cook for them because of your utube channel I have become a better cook. So thank you😊
VLgaming Boii
VLgaming Boii 2 soat oldin
I love the videos he makes but not the parts where he eats it’s so loud I want to shoot my self with a rubber band
Danirlle Herrera
Danirlle Herrera 6 soat oldin
I love watching you...you are such good cook...
giovanni nicasio
giovanni nicasio 9 soat oldin
Disgustang jk
Gabe Gutierrez
Gabe Gutierrez 14 soat oldin
I stopped watching his videos because he chews like a fucking goat and now we're here and I've heard it again my name is John wick and I will find you rip out your tongue stuff it down your throat pull it out your ass put it back in pull it back out put it back in and leave it there and burn it out you stomach from the front put it back in burn it out the back staple it to your forehead take a selfie send it to your mom raid your fridge take your car run over your dogs and live my life finally perfect
Mar Mar
Mar Mar 14 soat oldin
Why do you eat so loudly? Its kinda annoying.
Carlito Rado
Carlito Rado Kun oldin
You eat like 4 to 5 slice of the steak
Lokeni Siuta
Lokeni Siuta Kun oldin
Bro cheez wiz is where the money's at
Katie Rodriguez
Katie Rodriguez Kun oldin
Quang, PLEASE up your cheese game!! You can use better cheese than the crap fake Kraft singles cheese. Bring us some good sharp cheddar, smoked gruyere, provolone, pepper jack, Cobot, etc. I cringe that a good cook is using THAT cheese 😘
No Kun oldin
What was that?? 4:18
Solorio, Melanie
Not gonna lie this looks good
Mohamad Azarchehr
good choice of meat poor choice of bread
Dave Joyce
Dave Joyce Kun oldin
Much love QUang, but you have to up your American Cheese game. Those individually wrapped ones are the worst. Buy the American cheese that's more "deluxe" or isn't individually wrapped and you'll be good.
Đạt Lee Văn
Đạt Lee Văn Kun oldin
- chào
lemonmoned Kun oldin
Gordon Ramsay has left the chat
S K R A P 2 kun oldin
How am i hearing u chew with such clarity?? Like wtf is the secret? A mic by your neck, do u just somehow chew and do everything from your throat and mouth loud? Even so how is that possible?
Dr. Flyromanpanda
Dr. Flyromanpanda 2 kun oldin
This is torture !! Watching him eat so close to the camera late at night.
somebody13324 2 kun oldin
Stop slaping your mouth like that before a bite you fucking idiot
Danny Reyes
Danny Reyes 2 kun oldin
Close your eyes at 4:17
Banella G.
Banella G. 3 kun oldin
The meat is raw inside I can see red blood 🤢
Big Gazeebo
Big Gazeebo 2 kun oldin
Banella G. You stupid aren’t you
Nafisa Anwar
Nafisa Anwar 3 kun oldin
Quang I love your videos and your energy!! You are awesome! Thank you 🙂❤️
Legend-_- SnPzz
Legend-_- SnPzz 3 kun oldin
I’m sorry quang but I hate meat that isn’t well done🤢 it’s disgusting
Crazy Family
Crazy Family 3 kun oldin
Close your mouth dude💩👎
Lâm Sơn
Lâm Sơn 3 kun oldin
Renzo Roxas
Renzo Roxas 3 kun oldin
How is he buff?
Haruka Deimos
Haruka Deimos 3 kun oldin
Texas approves 👍👍 looks awesome. Now I want one. All the way from San Antonio
Joe Martinez
Joe Martinez 3 kun oldin
My new favorite cook to watch! Awesome man!
นาทิมานะ โอมามูระ
dude i cant control my saliva. xD
Bonus Meme
Bonus Meme 3 kun oldin
This made my mouth droole
Dirty-D JDM
Dirty-D JDM 3 kun oldin
LOL why did you buy the fat bootle of Hennessy.
lil sausage
lil sausage 4 kun oldin
"Is LIT" Read more
oswaldo padilla
oswaldo padilla 4 kun oldin
QT I’ve been nauseous for the past two days with not much appetite but this sandwich looks so good it makes me hungry hahah good job
Fabian Zidane
Fabian Zidane 4 kun oldin
You cook that ? i just command /give texas_chiken9999👌
Biglouie33 4 kun oldin
*Harvey J has entered the chat*
NorrixxTV 4 kun oldin
i'd keep the fat on those steak slices, but thats just me. I love the fat on meat.
Phoenix Legion
Phoenix Legion 4 kun oldin
Try a provolone cheese next time ❤️☃️
Devin Flores
Devin Flores 4 kun oldin
Btw your chopping skills A1
Devin Flores
Devin Flores 4 kun oldin
Last video really disliked you but I gave it a chance and seen your other videos fuckin love this channel now subbed
STOMF3 4 kun oldin
Quick time TUMTUM , I’m pumped for this
Manuel A.S
Manuel A.S 4 kun oldin
You should open your own restaurant
jerry huerta
jerry huerta 4 kun oldin
This nigga laugh make me wanna punch him in the throat
elia sokhn
elia sokhn 4 kun oldin
Stop fcking shewing like that u are discusting
LFGVIPERZ 4 kun oldin
what the hell do you do with all the left overs
Nek1 D
Nek1 D 4 kun oldin
I like this channel but the lip smacking, "quick time", "nice", "i'm pumped for this", all before you eat is annoying as hell. 😩 but your meals usually be on point. So kudos to your cooking skills.
Lil Zay
Lil Zay 4 kun oldin
When he whipped out the Hennessy I was like “oh so u sippin sippin”
Lưu Kiệt
Lưu Kiệt 4 kun oldin
đi thi masterchef đi quang, please!!
Harriett Stepney
Harriett Stepney 4 kun oldin
Looks great to me!!
GraySpace Over
GraySpace Over 4 kun oldin
Кончелыга хабловый
Savage and depressed Spongebob
Bruh yo noise while chewin be like a hundred goddamn decibels tho
Christian Guimalan
Christian Guimalan 4 kun oldin
me and my girfriend in bed,,quick time nice!"im pumped for this".
Bettye's Cooking Channel
Looks like a great recipe.
Ed Cenatus
Ed Cenatus 4 kun oldin
1:27 we litttttttt You know what I mean if you don't look it up and try to find it Hennessey j
Tùng Phạm
Tùng Phạm 4 kun oldin
I think it too raw to eat :)
Goh Cheng Yang
Goh Cheng Yang 4 kun oldin
What did it cost?
flame phoenix
flame phoenix 4 kun oldin
i still see blood ewwww
Naomi Cordova
Naomi Cordova 4 kun oldin
Sorry I meant to put Quang🤦🏻‍♀️😊
Naomi Cordova
Naomi Cordova 4 kun oldin
Quant thank you so much for all your hard work in the kitchen cooking up all these delicious recipes you are an amazing cook. You definitely are not lazy!!! I wanted to thank you for all your wonderful recipes I have cooked them for my family and they love them especially the fried fish. You deserve a break once in a while so please feel free don’t listen to some of the negative comments you just keep cooking brother.👍🏼😊
Dylan Byrne
Dylan Byrne 5 kun oldin
You’re a pig cunt
lulush ssjm
lulush ssjm 5 kun oldin
Why do I like to watch this guy cook an eat?! It's a mystery, but I like it!!
Martin Martian
Martin Martian 5 kun oldin
Who else noticed his food breakdown on 4:24?💀
J. C.
J. C. 5 kun oldin
Man i wanted a piece of that steak when he was cutting it.
xXHY3RRZx X 5 kun oldin
more meat then bread
gatekeeper king
gatekeeper king 5 kun oldin
You know how to cook real gooood
Schlegel Pierre
Schlegel Pierre 5 kun oldin
C'mon Quang where's the Haitian feast, let us see your twist on it.
Enigma 11
Enigma 11 5 kun oldin
How's your teeth?
Archerbaca 5 kun oldin
*How to Make Money.* Fatten yourself up and stretch videos to 10 minutes
Nathan Agamemnonos
Nathan Agamemnonos 5 kun oldin
Shut the fuck up with your loud chewing cunt. I love your videos but fuck you're loud, especially when I have you playing in the background as I sleep
Cesar Hernandez
Cesar Hernandez 5 kun oldin
Go after arbees
XxNARUTOxX 255 5 kun oldin
Is ur finger okay??? It had a booboo😭
Isis Mitchell
Isis Mitchell 5 kun oldin
It was pink and it was bleeding still you should have kept it on.....he eating it like he know it not rare just don't get sick
G - idle x TWICE
G - idle x TWICE 5 kun oldin
4:15 close your eyes. Sounds like something from the other website.
LennyGod 5 kun oldin
Can you make a bento box
Majestic Banana
Majestic Banana 5 kun oldin
Emphesis Origins
Emphesis Origins 5 kun oldin
Fam im just over here eatin peanut butter sandwiches XD
xbox king1012
xbox king1012 5 kun oldin
Make a video where u chew with mouth closed
TheSinnohTrio 5 kun oldin
My OCD almost killed through this entire video.
Snobby 5 kun oldin
You should go to bad reataurants buy stuff and than give them recommendations on what they should do!
Big thic Boi
Big thic Boi 5 kun oldin
Looked good until you cut it into mf rectangles and not the obviously superior triangles
Danny Roberts
Danny Roberts 5 kun oldin
"Quick time! NICE!"
Lucas Nupponen
Lucas Nupponen 5 kun oldin
Quang "mmmhmm" Tran!
Gideon Joseph
Gideon Joseph 5 kun oldin
You need to learn how to eat without making noise with your mouth
Tamera 5 kun oldin
The sandwich look so good
Fuito _
Fuito _ 5 kun oldin
Why you always pumped?
Ultra Legacy
Ultra Legacy 5 kun oldin
Is Texas steak cheese sandwich for kids? Because you added Hennessy🥃 Which is not for kids
Alshaun Rodgers
Alshaun Rodgers 5 kun oldin
I highly reccomend muenester cheese it melts great and the flavor is crazy. And so the bread wont get so soggy try making your toast a little more crispy. Trust your gonna be !PUMPED!
Andy Valencia
Andy Valencia 5 kun oldin
Don't know why I'm watching this as soon as a woke up.
Zululu134 5 kun oldin
you really outdid yourself, this just looks unbelievably amazing. I´m drooling over here ^^
Liam Stephens
Liam Stephens 5 kun oldin
Can’t tell if this is asmr or a diy
Artur 5 kun oldin
Man love your recipes, shout out to your cooking skills, but I absolutely HATE the chewing sound you make on the videos.
XxShadowBulletx X
XxShadowBulletx X 5 kun oldin
10:23 quang moaning 😂
Ahmad Kakeh
Ahmad Kakeh 5 kun oldin
Can you cook middle east feast ?
CorCor TM
CorCor TM 5 kun oldin
It’s too pink for my liking but it still looks amazingly good 😩🙌🏾
Roxanne Dannan
Roxanne Dannan 5 kun oldin
Bro that shit look like it's smacks
V36 Toby
V36 Toby 5 kun oldin
the best food is the messiest
Photographer 5 kun oldin
_ACEcraft_ MGL gamer Mongol Minecraft Pe
Next time u need to do tsuivan
_ACEcraft_ MGL gamer Mongol Minecraft Pe
U need to open u'r restraunt
daddy waddykins
daddy waddykins 5 kun oldin
The chewing noises is killing me... ahhhhhhhh. Wtf Edit: but I really want one of them now tho
Alexaanne Isaacs
Alexaanne Isaacs 5 kun oldin
Cutco knife come thruuuuuuu lol!!!
Omar ibarra
Omar ibarra 5 kun oldin
Don't put adds