How To Cook The Perfect Pasta - Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay
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Top tips on how to how to cook angel hair pasta - with principles that you can apply to cooking any shape. If you have any others, let us know - always keen to learn.
Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: amzn.to/2FznHtk
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9-Yan, 2014



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Joey Mabano
Joey Mabano 22 soat oldin
Why you always dance Gordon ?
Mark Liu
Mark Liu 2 kun oldin
Catsincages 2 kun oldin
He forgot the soap!
Francesco di Bernardo
Ma che è sto schifo?
Norbert Mersich
Norbert Mersich 3 kun oldin
Home alone and I’m about to boil this shit UPPPP. Aldenetè *in Gordon Ramsey’s voice*
ALBERTO MELONI 4 kun oldin
Ma che è sta cafonata porcoddio, ma chi cazzo è che mette l Olio nell acqua
LUXIO T.M 4 kun oldin
Check out our pasta recipe! From ITALY! Enjoy it! uzvid.com/video/video-df0I8UIsnxM.html
Zonzi Rule
Zonzi Rule 4 kun oldin
People in the comments make me believe in Crazy Italians killing people for not cooking pasta right hhh 😂
Abbey!! 6 kun oldin
Somebody better find his lamb sauce for his spagget or he gonna get MAD 😑👌😂
Junior Mafia
Junior Mafia 6 kun oldin
Fucking olive oil
Jonathan KANANGIRE 6 kun oldin
Whaaaaaaaaaat? I've been doing it the wrong way my entire life! Great short video, makes cooking look so simple!
jo storti
jo storti 6 kun oldin
Gordon.. CHE CAZZO FAI!!!!! Steps to cook pasta: 1 - Calling an Italian ..
Joe Spinosa
Joe Spinosa 6 kun oldin
You don’t put oil in boiling water
sudesika harshani
sudesika harshani 6 kun oldin
Hi friends ,.I found good video about making white source pasta.You can watch it here. wishes2.com/aEdc3
Sonny B
Sonny B 7 kun oldin
Did he season it? Salt and pepper every three to four minutes. Set a timer. Aldente!
iwtommo 8 kun oldin
Palms are sweaty, knees week...
SensationGamer 8 kun oldin
really good recipe for pasta, gonna try it!
Night Fury
Night Fury 8 kun oldin
Alias 9 kun oldin
Moms spaghetti.
Onofrio Del Grillo
Onofrio Del Grillo 9 kun oldin
Ma come cazzo cuoci la pasta, ogni volta che fai ció un vero cuoco italiano muore! Mi stanno sanguinando gli occhi. Porcoddio!
Eminem #Stan
Eminem #Stan 9 kun oldin
Mom's spaghetti
Vladyslav Raggi
Vladyslav Raggi 9 kun oldin
convinto eh
Chef Dario
Chef Dario 9 kun oldin
Olive oil in?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Seriously????? Hahahahahahahhahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahhaahahhahabahabahahahnajajajahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
ControLFreaKKK 11 kun oldin
As much as i don't like your character, that much i like your cooking skills..
TheDelacruzjosa 11 kun oldin
Do u wash the pasta after boiling it? Somebody please reply
Kamikazeesouled 10 kun oldin
Raul Del Rey
Raul Del Rey 11 kun oldin
Gordon can cook THIS PASTA 😩😘😂
Barry Smith
Barry Smith 12 kun oldin
Gordon’s kids “dad, can we make a sandwich?” Gordon “right, first thing, put some oil in a pan!”
Luigi Giordano
Luigi Giordano 12 kun oldin
ahahahhahah l'olio di oliva nell'acqua della pasta!!!!!!! Bestie Inglesi-Americane manco un piatto di pasta sapete fare!!!!
Lity In The City
Lity In The City 12 kun oldin
Does he need to piss or something??
Emily Hance
Emily Hance 5 kun oldin
Lity In The City 😂😂
Kewl Beans
Kewl Beans 13 kun oldin
is it just me or does he seem a lil too jumpy to be sober? lol
mattia mauro
mattia mauro 13 kun oldin
Il sale si mette quando l'acqua bolle. E poi l'olio non si mette. Che schifo. É un insulto all'italia
hey hey
hey hey 13 kun oldin
thank you
ToySero 14 kun oldin
Mariel Galvan
Mariel Galvan 15 kun oldin
How long do you guys boil it for?
Lord Skull
Lord Skull 16 kun oldin
Thank you Gordon Ramsay always had trouble with that particular aspect of pasta making now I will be a master pasta maker :-)
Mister Winkybluff
Mister Winkybluff 16 kun oldin
Who the fuck is filming this? Why you so fuck close to him jumping around??
chelly 16 kun oldin
Scelo Nyawo
Scelo Nyawo 17 kun oldin
cook pasta with Gordon Ramsay. watch it here wishes2.com/OeBiP
thegreatmiranda 18 kun oldin
Jackie Hall
Jackie Hall 19 kun oldin
I put oil in the water and usually oil after and my sauce ALWAYS sticks to the pasta, as pasta is pretty absorbent. I prefer a little more than al dente. I of course taste, but I have cooked it so many times I pull a noodle apart and if it is a springy pull apart, it is perfect for me. 40+ years cook. Learned from the best, my mom who learned from the best, her mom and so on.
LoreSka 4 kun oldin
Well, I'm Italian. My mom's Italian. My wife's Italian. I live in fucking Italy and WE DON'T PUT OIL IN THE WATER. Now, please, tell me how your "I have an italian ancestor" pasta is better than our "I live in fucking Italy" pasta. :D
Jackie Hall
Jackie Hall 19 kun oldin
Sometimes I use butter after depending on how I am going to eat it. My best way is butter and a little parmigiano reggiano, grape tomatoes in half and salt and pepper.
Luuk 19 kun oldin
OIL?!?!?! What the fuck is wrong with you?
Dominik Dorosulic
Dominik Dorosulic 22 kun oldin
Al dentey
Pelpaul Ocena
Pelpaul Ocena 22 kun oldin
wow! im hungry now watching the sphagetti pasta cook by Ramsy Gordon i can feel the sweetness of the pasta..you can watch this video. wishes2.com/v1j
Joe 23 kun oldin
I’m Italian and this is not pasta
AS ZM 24 kun oldin
Hey there , I fund a good video about making pasta, it's from gorden ramsey, it's by far the best video I have it watched about cooking a nice spaghetti you can watch here : wishes2.com/qnf5
{GalaxyGirl :3}
{GalaxyGirl :3} 24 kun oldin
That was so fast O-O
Itachi gotskills777
Itachi gotskills777 25 kun oldin
My nigga
Baggy Gaby
Baggy Gaby 25 kun oldin
He looks so anxious lol
Roberto Bassani
Roberto Bassani 25 kun oldin
Questo non capisce niente. Lasciasse perdere...
reinard fermin
reinard fermin 25 kun oldin
Whats the seasoning he put in water?
K KDD 25 kun oldin
The cameraman is making me dizzy.
Don’t read this Drinking a glass of water
Gordon why are you dancing so much do you need the toilet
SolidShot96 26 kun oldin
Porko dio, facking english and you rubbish culture of food
Calvin Nye
Calvin Nye 27 kun oldin
dont put oil in pasta, it does nothing
The moustache Mafia
The moustache Mafia 27 kun oldin
You waste so much of olive oil !
Michael Castellano
Michael Castellano 27 kun oldin
Do you think Ramsey would kick Bobby Flay's ass in his show beat bobby flay??
Lyric Q
Lyric Q 28 kun oldin
I’m taking it that jumping while talking is his way of getting rid of the calories he gets while tasting his food
Austrian Bish
Austrian Bish 28 kun oldin
I want him as my father. My father split the stove in half by making spaghetti...
Gamer Police
Gamer Police 28 kun oldin
Cook it the way you like it, there is no right way. Just don't put it in the oven raw like someone I know did.
ACER SONDHEIM 29 kun oldin
As a very calm, non angry Italian, LoL! i respect Mr Ramsey's highly accomplished culinary skills, but, it has to be said, my late mamma e papa, never used oil, in the cooking water and nor have i and neither do i salt, or season the spaghetti, because the salza or your preferred sauce, is going to be sufficiently seasoned. It's all about bringing the water to the boil, then placing the spaghetti into the water as Mr Ramsey suggested, then bringing it back to the boil and finally, turning the heat down and simmering it, regularly stirring the spaghetti. The cooking times on the packaging are just guide lines, so you basically cook the spaghetti, to your own preference. Some prefer it very well done, whereas i prefer mine to be slightly al dente. All said and done though, it really is entirely up to the individual, as to how they prefer to cook their spaghetti, so Good Luck, folks! . xx
ThePelikan93 Oy oldin
Oil in water is just a waste of oil 🤭
Cody Mott
Cody Mott Oy oldin
As soon as pasta arrives everyone turns itlalian and does the hand thing when they talk with the accent.
Drishti Sanger
I was convinced he had said at some point to not put oil in the water...
Ricki ricki
Ricki ricki Oy oldin
I'm Italian and I know that you mustn't put the oil in the water
ThatFunnyGuy 27 kun oldin
who gives a shit
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown Oy oldin
1:17 smells like the creepy pastas ready
Viv Wallace
Viv Wallace Oy oldin
And there I was hearing from all these super chefs "Don't put oil into the water, it does nothing at all, a waste of oil." But honestly I think it does work a little bit. My noodles don't stick together as bad and the sauce still sticks to them. Edit: Really. For me it works. I know that the oil only swims on the water surface, but the water is boiling and moving the oil. Maybe not enough to soak into the noodles, but I am not trying to soak them in oil, I am just trying to keep them from sticking to each other. I think it works because when you take out the noodles from the water, then the oil settles on the noodles and a fine film is on each noodle. Of course it should logically work better if you put the oil on them now after draining the noodles, but I actually found that that just destroys the noodles if you don't mix that carefully and in the end there is gonna be much more oil on them than if you had just put it into the water. I find that the fine oil film from the water is enough to keep the noodles from sticking while you eat and sometimes even longer than that. Putting on more oil after draining to me is too much oil.
Stevenson T
Stevenson T Oy oldin
Cmon Gordon, putting oil on pasta will make the sauce not stick to it!
Child Star
Child Star Oy oldin
italians suck.... go and make your own video about pasta and fucking own your own restaurant..... pussies
Giacomo Negro
Giacomo Negro Oy oldin
Come cuocere la pasta -far bollire l'acqua -aggiungere il sale -riportare ad ebollizione -inserire la pasta nella pentola -attendere che la pasta sia cotta -scolare e condire E' una cosa che una qualsiasi casalinga anche non di voghera sa fare PD
von florence Colitoy
hey guys i search in the internet and i found this Jollibee-Style SPAGHETTI: very Delicious here is the link wishes2.com/34yMI thanks you ...
Carlos Valverde
My spaghetti Spaghetti, meat and tomato Hello to all Italian folks trying to kill me
Ramon Dizzy Maybell
Ramsay the 🐐🐐🐐
rayen dalhoumi
almeno ha fatto bollire la l'acqua
stlj Oy oldin
Lately when I cook tagliatelle pasta, some of it gets too hard. I want it to be as soft as possible. Solutions? What am I doing wrong?
Luc Seth
Luc Seth Oy oldin
I'm italian and i don't fucking care, this is the first video i saw an american that know how to cook pasta, the oil in the water? I don't care
Gianluca Gaiba
Rinuncia a fare cibo italiano
Nike Head
Nike Head Oy oldin
Guys he probably wasn’t going to use the pasta for spaghetti
Verify Controversy
Ralph from the Sopranos season 3 has a much better demonstration to cook pasta than Ramsay. lol. This was frankly very amateur.
L H Oy oldin
Thanks this helped 😃😃😃😃🍝🍝🍝🍝
kizdude_ Oy oldin
Mortaccituame fai incazza
Bokkie Sokkie
Bokkie Sokkie Oy oldin
What an EPIC FAIL! Oil in the water is useless. Oil afterwards is no good either. Finish the pasta IN THE SAUCE.
JimmyNyan123 Oy oldin
Why you put the oil in the hot water?!?!!?? (I'm Italian)
pravesh Adhikari
Lamb sauce?
Josh Trif
Josh Trif Oy oldin
What in the hell is pesta? It's pasta.
Карстен Сталь
My Italian girlfriend is screaming at me in pain, as we watched this Video.
Afro Samuri
Afro Samuri Oy oldin
Afro Samuri
Afro Samuri Oy oldin
Don't add oil to the water when cooking pasta Gordon. Listen to your buddy Jame: uzvid.com/video/video-slLGniM_mJA.html
Tom tonka
Tom tonka Oy oldin
Now this idiot thinks he is an authority on Italian cuisine. Stick to your beef wellington that literally anyone can make you Scottish pig.
404Found Oy oldin
This is the only comment you will see not about the oil and water oh wait...
Zozo Oy oldin
I'm pleased that my method to cooking pasta is basically just a mirror of what was done here. I didn't grow up in a home that ate much Italian food so I had to learn to cook pasta through trial and error. Never rinse your noodles. The only thing I question is the use of olive oil. Doesn't that make the sauce just slip right off the noodles? I get that it keeps the pasta from sticking but it seems that it would sabotage a good adherence. What has worked for me personally is simmering the freshly strained noodles and the sauce together so that the pasta and the starches have a chance to absorb that sauce so you aren't left with a big runny mess on your plate. Thoughts? Or better yet...tips! I'm always eager to learn new tricks in the kitchen.
Ilaria amatori
My eyes are bleeding, what the fuck is that.
Mariah Delissa
I put olive oil and a sizeable amount of chicken boulion in my water before I put the pasta in. I reduce the pasta water into a sauce afterwards. Occasionally I will add some heavy cream to it but it is delicious without it. I dare you to try it and tell me it isn't amazing. Without the olive oil the sauce is lame af but add the oil to the water and BAM, perfection. Idc what country you come from, it is damn good my way. Also, adding the oil after the pasta is cooked doesn't work the same, it has to be before.
Max.64 Oy oldin
Dear Gordon will be a super chef awarded but any Italian child on how to cook the pasta you outsmart. Watch and learn how to Cook . uzvid.com/video/video-2HDLGCl5vV0.html
lino provo
lino provo Oy oldin
Face Fish
Face Fish Oy oldin
L'olio nell'acqua non serve
Waelotheboss wael
The way he says pasta
donini alessandro
I'm italian, i think put oil in the water before is the worst thing you have ever done
Adriana Paez
Adriana Paez Oy oldin
mario wants to know your location
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