How To Cook The Perfect Pasta - Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay
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Top tips on how to how to cook angel hair pasta - with principles that you can apply to cooking any shape. If you have any others, let us know - always keen to learn.
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9-Yan, 2014

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Crazycatlady 7
Crazycatlady 7 32 daqiqa oldin
He’s so jumpy 😁
ala ayaad
ala ayaad 42 daqiqa oldin
These European is totally nuts, no wonder world wars happened there, OMG is fuckin noodles
darthbriboy 3 soat oldin
I use this method to cook ramen. 😃
jaymorpheus11 5 soat oldin
I'm surprised by the weak azz comments by people that want to feel special... and i'm betting oil doesn't have to penetrate pasta in order to coat it and make it less sticky.
Protherium Kun oldin
Cooking is all about personal taste, .... and I happen to favour *Gennaro Contaldo's* methods and choice of pasta.
sanjana lingampalli
This comment section is on fire🤣
Straight Purpp Vlogs
Air-chan 2 kun oldin
Your not suppose to oil the pasta water, if you do it will make the cause slip away from the noodles
BoardshortandT 2 kun oldin
I’ve been making my pasta just like this, I guess I’m just as good as chef Ramsey, lol
Mellow Zap
Mellow Zap 3 kun oldin
How fast he does it tho...
Matilde Bergano
Matilde Bergano 3 kun oldin
jesus christ that's like 90% oil
MakeoutHill •
MakeoutHill • 4 kun oldin
All these “ DONT TOUCH MY SPAGHET” comments got me dying 😂😂😂😂😂 every last one
Sydney Robinson
Sydney Robinson 4 kun oldin
Why are italians so annoying when it comes to cooking?
Wormhole Hogart
Wormhole Hogart 5 kun oldin
GORDON WHAT A FUCK...NO.. Don't touch italian pasta
A Sandwich
A Sandwich 5 kun oldin
I always just put spaghetti in the water and take it out without draining.
Frank chervoni
Frank chervoni 5 kun oldin
Pasta doesn't melt!
Dried Memes
Dried Memes 5 kun oldin
Have you ever did the wall test or you can use a ceiling it's fun but messy....
Jacob A
Jacob A 6 kun oldin
I just searched “how make pasta” and this popped up
AlviTVBD 6 kun oldin
Heard that Gordon seasons his olive oil with olive oil.
FATU TERREMOTO 6 kun oldin
This video was so intense
wala lihowa
wala lihowa 6 kun oldin
That's not how cook pasta specially adding oil in the mix how about rinsed with cold after it's cooked to stop farther cooking
Olmo Ciarlo
Olmo Ciarlo 6 kun oldin
What the fuck? Olive oil in the water? What the fuck? Also:putting the salt soe early will bring the boiling point up
Mrjaylin Baptiste
Mrjaylin Baptiste 7 kun oldin
What happen to the garlic
John Juanda
John Juanda 7 kun oldin
1:14 - 1:18 MOMS SPAGHETTI!
Thành nguyễn Đức
oiling the pasta prevents sauce from sticking to it, dont do that
DORIAN GREY 8 kun oldin
Gordon, go to clean toilettes , is better
Papyrus 8 kun oldin
Cryzotik 9 kun oldin
Vhan Guards
Vhan Guards 10 kun oldin
He bounces frequently 🤣
Wataterp 10 kun oldin
Just a touch......
JamesVids 10 kun oldin
I don’t think Justin Y watches Gordon Ramsay
francesco grutta
francesco grutta 11 kun oldin
Get out of this body😱
Saliba T
Saliba T 11 kun oldin
he cooked this in under 1:23 mins
Muky Makazuki
Muky Makazuki 12 kun oldin
Oil in Pasta? Really? Wtf?
Yeet yeet potato skeet
I fucking love spaghetti
incativated 12 kun oldin
HEY! I use a tiny bit of oil when i boil pasta because it covers up the top of the pot and it works as an extra cap that makes it boil faster. Can you please enlighten me how exactly is this wrong, dear mediterraneans?
John 22
John 22 13 kun oldin
I'm not Italian I put oil in my pasta I don't like u Italian u dont knw how to cook pasta
Akhalia Roberts
Akhalia Roberts 13 kun oldin
Jesus fuck. Nobody cares if you're Italian and how your mother made it. I'm trusting the professional chef
Julii Ism.
Julii Ism. 14 kun oldin
Here goes to the man that never ages.
salvatore licciardola
Please chef!! I am italian and we use oil only for handmade pasta. Not for industrial one
incativated 12 kun oldin
i use a tiny bit of oil when i boil it cuz its flows on the top and it works as an extra cap and it boils it faster
Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos ?
The Thumbnail looks like that Gordon has Pasta Money
who got cheese
who got cheese 15 kun oldin
This is the dumbest way to make pasta
miepchen HD
miepchen HD 15 kun oldin
The oil doesn't touch the pasta it just swimms on top oft the water🙅(i am not english sorry for my Bad writing)
Sergeant Papi
Sergeant Papi 15 kun oldin
If someone were to cook it the sane this nigga would be mad af
Rafiki 15 kun oldin
I came here for the Italian comments 😋🍝
jamila milano
jamila milano 16 kun oldin
why does it look like he has to pee
Hashirama Senju
Hashirama Senju 15 kun oldin
:v lol 😂😂😂😂😂
Tiffany Loccisano
Tiffany Loccisano 17 kun oldin
I like how he says pasta
PUASami 18 kun oldin
idk why people hating, this came out pretty good loool XD
Dominic Roseland
Dominic Roseland 18 kun oldin
The result people want is non starch squish spaghetti. This comes from the pasta being cooked to within a minute of being done in a production kitchen. Then cooked when ordered for one minute... the by product of the fast production technique is a second washing of starch from the pasta.
Jose Robles
Jose Robles 18 kun oldin
well done thank you air high five!!!!
Dan M
Dan M 19 kun oldin
Nunzio Nardò
Nunzio Nardò 19 kun oldin
Olive oil in the water...
T Sparks
T Sparks 19 kun oldin
Americans, apparently Italians hate this... Therefore we must do it💀🤷🏽‍♂️🇺🇸
Matt Sanders
Matt Sanders 19 kun oldin
Sal Paradise
Sal Paradise 20 kun oldin
the porno like close-ups and constant editing makes it hard watch...... geez.... slow it down for fucks sake!
SYOTOS 88 20 kun oldin
Whoa slow down Gordon. I slept with an Italian and I can surely tell you that your method is wrong.
Viva Freedom
Viva Freedom 21 kun oldin
A mad Brit who teaches how to make Italian Pasta!! You better teach how to make a chocolate cake with a ton of cream on it.
Waved 22 kun oldin
Life made you bitter I can make you tender
G 24 kun oldin
I'm Italian, born and raised, and every fucking time I watch a cooking video showing italian food, the comment section is big huge FACEPALM for me. What a joke we are, we get fucked everyday by our own politicians, by european politicians and beaurocrats, our future as a people and as a nation is literaly fucked, and all we care and what makes us angry is when and where you have to put salt in the pasta. And make it some sort for national pride. A RIDICOLI!!
BadUsername 24 kun oldin
Man, Papyrus should've gotten lessons from Gordon.
Nate J
Nate J 24 kun oldin
I'm surprised by the amount of people that are questioning Gordon Ramsey himself. The audacity O.o
Arihant Jain
Arihant Jain 24 kun oldin
Somebody toucha my S p A G h E t
Don't disturb The cringe
0:14 he drink a cappuccino after this it was 12:00 pm
mina kar
mina kar 26 kun oldin
My problem is always either over seasoning or under seasoning
chris McCarthy
chris McCarthy 27 kun oldin
Where is the sauce?
GatorGamer101 27 kun oldin
Needs more olive oil
Edoardo Improta
Edoardo Improta 27 kun oldin
L' olio nell' acqua però non ci va
Lavinia Credi
Lavinia Credi 28 kun oldin
Ok, it's not exactly bad, but Italians do not put the oil and salt before, we put the oil in cooked pasta and pulled it out of the water, salt when cooking pasta☺️
NΞVΞR 28 kun oldin
Me, an italian will teach you how to cook pasta, be an italian or go in italy at least one time in your life😂 Italian advice. Please don't stick pasta in the wall i hate to clean everything
Shelly Thukral
Shelly Thukral 28 kun oldin
oliv oil doest help
Chigozie Truth
Chigozie Truth 29 kun oldin
Is he eating the dry pasta in the thumbnail?
Sohit Khalifa
Sohit Khalifa 29 kun oldin
Which pasta it is chef??
Claret Mug
Claret Mug Oy oldin
"I Just want to Cook Pasta that doesnt Stick together !"
Animegal6 Oy oldin
he can put olive oil in this because he doesn't add the sauce. this is to make pasta taste great on its own.
AYL Yi-Huh
AYL Yi-Huh Oy oldin
it could actually taste like shit but i believe gordon
Pizzathehut El
That pasta looks amazing.............ly disgusting. It looks like a homeless man found it in a dumpster and shat on it.
Benjamin Liang
Why do you even add olive oil I’m not even Italian and the olive oil makes the pasta unable to adhere to the sauce
Dee Manantan
Dee Manantan Oy oldin
Can I just use vegetable oil or any oil and not olive oil?
Neko Chan
Neko Chan Oy oldin
Retard italians
granula Oy oldin
Oh no gordon what is you doin
sadman sakib
sadman sakib Oy oldin
Its frozen!!!!! The restaurant doesnt make fresh pasta everyday??! What a shame..no wonder it tastes like wet diaper!
Oil and water don’t mix u idiot. Ramsey i love u but putting oil in water is like putting fire on fire
Bikal Kunwar
Bikal Kunwar Oy oldin
Use of oil is to prevent pasta from sticking.
Chris Segura
Chris Segura Oy oldin
Are you talking about when he put olive oil in the water boiling the pasta noodles? I was taught this as well and it's how I cook my pasta and it comes out fine
ANDREA Oy oldin
Voi americani fate proprio schifo. La pasta non si fa così e non si condisce la pasta nello scolapasta. 😑😑
Hermann Fegelein
This video felt like Gordon Ramsay was speedrunning.
Playlist Channel
Wheres the lamb sauce?😂
Astrodome 1995
He gives me anxiety from moving too much
Janna Pelisco
Janna Pelisco Oy oldin
So this video is uploaded in 2014 but the rage of comments raised just within the year, 2018! So if I upload a video, it will be viral 4 years from now??? Ugh! #UZvidLife
Katelyn Paulson
You should not put oil into the water because it stops the sauce from sticking to the pasta.
Katelyn Paulson
Puri Tech
Puri Tech Oy oldin
Except in this case he didn't make a sauce. But I suppose that would be correct if you wantes to mix the pasta with some sauce.
MarineBis Oy oldin
always moving like having to pee.... it's important for the receipe
Rubenc44 Oy oldin
Take 2 slice of bread.. Put one on ur right ear.. Put the other on ur left ear.. what are you? A stupid sandwich.. For those that didnt get it.. he actually did that on his show.. haha.. 🤣
Rithrius Oy oldin
Literally every other chef in the world says not to add oil to the pasta... And he's just like _"Fuck you, I'm Gordon Fucking Ramsay!"_
Franz arimbuyutan
Thank you
You ain't right if you don't eat one of the sticks of raw dry pasta before cooking it
Indie Fury
Indie Fury Oy oldin
Just want an anwser how long to cook. Dont want to hear an essay
JediConscious Oy oldin
Forgot the oil...called myself a “fuckkking cuntt”
Hon Paul
Hon Paul Oy oldin
Oil in water is a no go 😂
Juandre L
Juandre L Oy oldin
Great job GR. Always a pleasure.
BLUEBUG Oy oldin
Glitch Oy oldin