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Emily from Michael's Salon and Spa, located in Dayton, Ohio, demonstrates the Deva Curl 3 Step. The Deva 3 step is a cleansing, hydrating and styling treatment designed specifically for the curly haired client. Deva Curl products contain only the healthiest oils and botanical extracts leaving you with frizz free manageable curls. Watch this video to learn how to embrace your natural curls with Deva Curl! For other great quick how to videos and beauty tips visit our Website, Facebook page, follow us on twitter, Instagram, visit/subscribe to our UZvid channel, and check out our beauty blog!!
Deva Curl 3 step: www.mydevacurl.com/3_step
Deva Curl towel: www.mydevacurl.com/products/curly_tools/curly_tools_devatowel
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19-Iyn, 2012



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Gabrielle Budd
Gabrielle Budd 9 kun oldin
I have hair just like hers this demonstration is helping me and how to keep my curls evenly loose and natural by the way this young lady who's here demonstrator is very lovely beautiful eyes and she has beautiful hair thank you you're a good teacher as well and also pretty as well
Great resource to give new shapes and textures to the hair ... because the good thing is to be able to change when you want !!
Laura Adcock
Laura Adcock Oy oldin
GREAT Tutorial 🤩
atl cleee
atl cleee 2 oy oldin
Omg y’all annoyed moms need to get out of the comments and so do the ppl on Sarah Lee’s curls😭
cutzia '
cutzia ' 2 oy oldin
All I see is ppl saying that her hair is curly, but I don’t see *any* comment saying it isn’t *wtf*
Sylvia Quinones
Sylvia Quinones 2 oy oldin
DSMintcheff 2 oy oldin
This is, by far, the clearest and easiest-to-follow video on how to style using DevaCurl products. Thank you so much.
sarahburdify 2 oy oldin
Excellent description of the process. Thank you so much. End result is gorgeous.
SerLadyJenn 2 oy oldin
K Jaimes
K Jaimes 3 oy oldin
K Jaimes
K Jaimes 3 oy oldin
K Jaimes
K Jaimes 3 oy oldin
King Kilg
King Kilg 3 oy oldin
Is this for man 2?
ocandro 6 kun oldin
No, there have been cases of balls receding back, when men took care or their appearance.
Sharanya G
Sharanya G 3 oy oldin
I really liked it! ✌🏻
sue black
sue black 3 oy oldin
A good Squish to Condish tutorial!! Wish more hairdressers would upload these types of videos for wavies & curlies.
Cindy S
Cindy S 3 oy oldin
Beautiful job, Emily. And I learned something even though I've been using this method for awhile. Ignore all these racists commenting. And Her color is lovely, too!
Cindy S
Cindy S 3 oy oldin
Oh surprise. The intolerance of the social justice warriors of the hair world, directly corresponds to the more extreme level of curl they have..
Old Lady
Old Lady 5 oy oldin
Does this work on long hair too?
Maybe ?
Maybe ? 5 oy oldin
Try to find a comment without the word curl lol ....
Jessie Blue
Jessie Blue 6 oy oldin
Very interesting.
Lara Lori
Lara Lori 6 oy oldin
Can we just take a second to talk about how much she was beautiful when she smiled a the end?
carolyn bohannon
carolyn bohannon 6 oy oldin
this is really time consuming
Iris's Subiminals Resuts
Curls are from 2a to 4c, it doesn't matter if one type is looser/stronger than the other
Flávia Rocha
Flávia Rocha 6 oy oldin
Look GORGEOUS 💃🏽👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Noa Mergi
Noa Mergi 7 oy oldin
What should you do if you wash your hair at night and have to deal with it when it is dry in the morning?
CrNessata 7 oy oldin
Uh....those are literally 2c/3a *CURLS*.
Rifa Tamanna
Rifa Tamanna 7 oy oldin
The woman looked so scared😵😵😵
Gg Gg
Gg Gg 8 oy oldin
Excellent tutorial. Thank you.
Asphyxia612 8 oy oldin
How long does this take to do? It seems like a lot of work, but granted my hair is stick straight & an inch long at the longest point (I have a pixie - I'm really low-maintenance). I just heard about this from my coworker, & her friend has had great results but says the amount of products can get really expensive. This woman's hair looks nice though!
Monica Perry
Monica Perry 8 oy oldin
Thank you.
Cher65p4 K
Cher65p4 K 8 oy oldin
this is the 5th video I've watched and finally somebody showed the back of the hair...thank you!!
Robin Barr
Robin Barr 8 oy oldin
Her hair looks beautiful, curls so soft looking, no frizz, touchable. Thanks so much for demonstrating this.
Sarah MacDuff
Sarah MacDuff 8 oy oldin
My hair looks so much like her hair! Thank you diva curl for teaching me how to do my own hair 😂 Now my curls look so pretty and are super soft.
Joanna Meyers
Joanna Meyers 8 oy oldin
This is a really good tutorial. I've been using this method for a few years, and this is how my stylist does mine.
Flavel Queng
Flavel Queng 8 oy oldin
What kind of gel do you apply?
kakiexo14 8 oy oldin
Lol if these ain't curls pls enlighten us all wtf is. Just bc this white chick dont got the "kinkiness" yall define as curls dont mean it ain't curls.
willowraine725 8 oy oldin
Beautiful hair. I only wish I had her hair.
jklfds85 8 oy oldin
so are you not allowed to brush your hair after it dries?
Alexis L
Alexis L 8 oy oldin
Let her air dry at the salon? ... I would have had to sit there for nine hours to let it air dry lol
gare9485 8 oy oldin
Her hair is not curly, is wavy,
Alyssa Marescalco
I’m dying at all these girls sayin she doesn’t have curly hair honey I hAve wavy to straight hair ain’t no way gel could make my hair that curly 😂 she has curly hair
Note 9 oy oldin
Kylie doesn't seem to trust the styler
Nora Clements
Nora Clements 9 oy oldin
Loved the end result !!!
Nora Clements
Nora Clements 9 oy oldin
All curls are different, I can’t mess with my hair that much I’d get frizzy....
MsLilyFay 9 oy oldin
Who the hell has that kind of time 🤣
Blank L
Blank L 20 kun oldin
MsLilyFay this literally takes 20 times ._.
Ruqayyah Kibriah
Ruqayyah Kibriah 10 oy oldin
That looks sooo good. I need to start this with my hair. 😭
Azucena 10 oy oldin
When everyone in my family is curly I’m wavy hair 😭😭 even my niece son is curly.
Al Wa
Al Wa 10 oy oldin
it went from woman of color and woman with different hait texture than straight getting relaxers, chemical straightening, to woman with more straight hair wanting curly hair. thats impact. thats change.
Cindy S
Cindy S 3 oy oldin
Another dumb comment. They want THEIR NATURAL HAIR but not frizzy and it gets frizzy unless you do THIS METHOD. Jeeze society is screwed up with you people and the racism.
Al Wa
Al Wa 10 oy oldin
for those speaking harhly about her curly hair. well if you havent been wih her since birth then you shouldnt her curly hair. my friend had such long curly hair and she has ruined her natural curl pattern with heat and dye. therefore stop judging so much. I think its great other less/more curly hair types are wanting to embrace curls. it shows that the curly hair communcity is making a impact
Anacelys vives
Anacelys vives 10 oy oldin
She's loving that massage
First Last
First Last 10 oy oldin
do you know of an easy way I can make sure I get the back of my head with the gel? it’s always so hard and I never get it and it’ll end up frizzy and poofy.. I have really long curly hair it’s about 30 inches long in the back
fabbyk31 10 oy oldin
Thank you. Her hair looks great! My Deva stylist told me that I am between wavy and curly. I have better defined curls now. Weird thing growing up my hair was straight/wavy. After I had my son and got older my hair went from curly.
Vicki Vela
Vicki Vela 10 oy oldin
I have a lot of thick kinky hair and I'm Latina!
pamela brown
pamela brown 10 oy oldin
Very nice soft curls beautiful color 👍🏼
Gbate Dating
Gbate Dating 11 oy oldin
Taylor Burgos
Taylor Burgos 11 oy oldin
This vid was so awkward
Me Irene
Me Irene Yil oldin
RAKE!?!? YIKES. The only place that EVER mentioned raking was the Ouidad crap. No WAY would I pull on the curl to elongate it. No Deva stylist ever raked at any time (squish to condish!!!). No stylist ever put my hair in place while still in the bowl (even a level 3 certified), LOL. Yes, we scrunch product in upside down (never had a timer going for it, though). Clips are AWESOME to use. Almost had a heart attack w/ the second raking, though. I shake a bit underneath.... Her hair turned out well!
Alex Anthony
Alex Anthony 2 oy oldin
Also raking is used to detangle the hair because brushes are a huge no no. Many of us Curley's only detangle in the shower with conditioner lathered in our hair
Gun on my Hip
Gun on my Hip 3 oy oldin
Me Irene raking is a good way to ensure the product is pushed into the hair cuticle, a method used by many curly girls.
editingwithivy Yil oldin
I agree it is more curly than wavy I just think the devacurl isn’t for her type of hair that’s why it didn’t work I could be wrong don’t come at me plz
Eneisha Saez
Eneisha Saez Yil oldin
How is her hair not curly? Curly hair can look many different ways, from super kinky curls to smooth soft curls. Loved her hair, looked great!
Mari8BZF Yil oldin
if the curl......goes around.......it's curly. When it's waves...it's wavy. It has nothing to do with the size, simple as that, you can see her strands go around and not just down into waves, that's all it takes for the hair to be curly.
sunshine611100 Yil oldin
I just received threw the mail my diva curl products ! Also I just watched video again on how to for my natural curly long hair , going to let air dry than complete the process finished look 💞💞very excited to have hydrated curls again stronger and better hair💞 my hair length is long to my waiste💞💞💞💞happy happy💞💞💞💞💞will post end results💞
Hannah Laurenzano
So pretty! :)
S. C.
S. C. Yil oldin
What type of gel to use
Sharanjot Soora
Sharanjot Soora Yil oldin
Such a helpful video, i have one question doesnt this gel makes hair crunchy and is it good to use on every hair shower day?
Sue h
Sue h Yil oldin
Why would anyone say her hair isn’t curly??????
reagan L.
reagan L. 22 kun oldin
Sue h probably because they only consider their type hair curly. Idk though, they might just be mental.
Sue h
Sue h Yil oldin
I wonder what she was cracking up about... holding it in but on the verge a couple times..
Billy Bill
Billy Bill Yil oldin
Kylie could either be 20 or 40, we’ll never know.
Kate Muccino Gandhi
Wonderful. The hint on clipping & raking the front were really helpful. Thanks!
Judi Park
Judi Park Yil oldin
What should I choose if i have a curly wavy hair?
If that’s not curly hair than wtf is it LOL
Gun on my Hip
Gun on my Hip 2 oy oldin
wavy... hair...?
LadyNightOwl63 Yil oldin
Ok, I'm sold! Love the curls. Just wish the products were not so expensive. I would like to try a sample before I purchase the whole line.
Mariellen Anderson
saying her curls are not real curls is like saying black skin has o be certain shade to qualify as black or white skin has to be just so light to qualify as white.....ridiculous.
Sophia Salam
Sophia Salam 8 kun oldin
Mariellen Anderson yah thats right she hasnt really curly hair bit dont compare that with her skin colour,
BiTcH iM sCrEaMiNg
BiTcH iM sCrEaMiNg 28 kun oldin
You are right do not compare skin to hair and hair to skin
LaliGirl Yil oldin
You people are crazy if you think she doesn't have curly hair? Its not straight, lol. Her curls are loose
Carol Barlow
Carol Barlow Yil oldin
Great video. I have curls like this and when I research curly hair tutorials more often than not I only find very tight course curls....Thank you :)
Melek Seyam
Melek Seyam Yil oldin
Are yall blind?? Her end result was ABSOLUTELY curly, its like youve never seen wavy hair before; completely different
Julianna Lou
Julianna Lou Yil oldin
why doesn’t she wash out the conditioner? won’t it damage the hair on the long term?
k w
k w Yil oldin
I'd like to see the person do it themselves. She's making it look like a lot of work.
Tiana Richardson
1:38 I thought she had switched her out for one of those beauty dolls!!
Stef _
Stef _ Yil oldin
You’re hair is considered curly only if your curls are spiral !
Caribbean Sunset
Maybe it's just me, but I think the person doing this tutorial should have had curly hair. This was like watching a vegetarian promoting beef and pork.
Cindy S
Cindy S 3 oy oldin
Yes it's just you since you're ignorant in very social justice warrior type of way. I guess surgeons can't operate on anybody unless they had that specific condition in their lives, too.
Gun on my Hip
Gun on my Hip 3 oy oldin
are you dumb?
jesnflex 8 oy oldin
Totally bad analogy. She’s a hair stylist. I’m sure she is qualified enough to give instruction on doing hair. That’s like saying Paul Mitchell should have women’s hair in order to have the one of the best line of hair products on the market. Besides she may have curly hair and flat ironed it.
alexsa marie
alexsa marie 8 oy oldin
She clearly has curls lmao what are you talking about It probably looks like that because of heat damage
Iris M
Iris M 9 oy oldin
She clearly has 2c-3a curl type...
Felicia Kara
Felicia Kara Yil oldin
it is way too long
Nancy Pullen
Nancy Pullen Yil oldin
Ohmygosh, where have you been all my life? I've spent a lifetime fighting against my waves/curls instead of working with them. When I call salons and ask, "Do you have anyone who is especially good with curly hair?" I get the standard reply that all of their stylists cut/style curly hair. - - NO, THEY DON'T.- - The end results in this video are gorgeous and I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Thank you! Off to buy DevaCurl!
Simrin Vijayakar
One of the few video I found that shows the process without any Fastforward’s. Thank you so much for this ! I. Like how simple it is just three products n that’s it. Not even a diffuser. Can def try this as my regular routine
Roseangelie Figueroa
wavy spirally coily/kinky all of them from the *curly* hair fam so all of them are *REAL CURLS*
Katie Powell
Katie Powell Yil oldin
I resently got a deva curl kit in miniatures but it doesn't do wot they say it's meant to do for my hair wen dry it looks and feels no different 🙁 !
Makeup Mom
Makeup Mom Yil oldin
I would never put conditioner right on my roots..thats just calling for oily hair faster. Should only be applying conditioner to the ends
Stephano Oy oldin
Depends on your hair type
Gun on my Hip
Gun on my Hip 2 oy oldin
she rinsed the excess conditioner off of the scalp
Cindy S
Cindy S 3 oy oldin
Yeah I'm quite sure you know more than a Deva trained professional.
Olya Morozova
Olya Morozova 5 oy oldin
Very often, hair gets too oily because it needs moisture and is trying to compensate for it with oil. My hair is so much less oily now that I take proper care of it then it was before. But each hair/skin type behaves differently, of course
Xaimand 11 oy oldin
Curly hair is usually in need of more moisture
Britt Yil oldin
Love her wave/curl pattern. Great styling!
Maritza Van Rooi
amazing results and yes her hair is curly, there is different type of curls. Why does everyone hate, just because her curls are not super tight, there is many different type of curls.
sue black
sue black 3 oy oldin
Know it all syndrome. I find the one below saying because she has curly hair she knows everything about it the most annoying. They are what I refer to as... as-hats.
Rob Roy
Rob Roy 10 oy oldin
Maritza Van Rooi I
Sandrea White
Sandrea White Yil oldin
Just beautiful. Is this for naturally curly hair? What about permed hair? Will these techniques and Products work?
retrobanana6 Yil oldin
There are all types of curls my hair was way curlier as a kid and I did some keratin treatments and now it lost a lot of curls and would be wavy or frizzy
retrobanana6 Yil oldin
Yeah his routine is quite strange lol
retrobanana6 Yil oldin
Now watching it I see how thin her hair is my hair is ten times thicker
Isamar Muniz
Isamar Muniz Yil oldin
Her hair is curly. Since when does hair have to be tight curls to be called curly? My hair looks kind of like hers when its short but when its long it looks way more curly and tight.
Gynger Biist
Gynger Biist Yil oldin
I just love the look on the models face during the drying/styling part, she looked so done😂😂
sue cathcart
sue cathcart Yil oldin
I tried this technique without the products (oops sorry) ... but I am 55 and today I actually had curly / non frizzy hair for the first time - so thank you so much
Kumiko Sachs
Kumiko Sachs Yil oldin
The hair came out nice. I see people here criticizing that the hair is not actually curly, but they missed the whole point - all they're trying to show you is how to take frizzy, lifeless hair and get it to form defined waves/curls. The process would probably be similar for waves and curls ranging from type 2a/b to 3b/3c in my humble opinion. Also there are plenty of videos featuring women with tighter curl patterns, so you can just watch those if the model's hair isn't curly in your opinion. I have to say, the model could probably have achieved that result with a little less work... I love my DevaCurl light defining gel, and I definitely don't spend very much time on my hair. All I do is run it through my hair after I dry it with a T shirt. Then scrunch a little and let it dry naturally. And my 2b/2c hair comes out looking great.
kt1pl2 Yil oldin
I'm amazed at how curly it was at the end.
StrangeDuckling Yil oldin
Yes, this woman has curly hair. Albeit, loose curls, but curls all the same. She has different curl types and patterns all over her head, and the curliest place is on the back of her head, where she has full curl "loops" and even ringlets. Also, to you ladies saying that she doesn't have curly hair, consider this: she hasn't been taking proper care of her hair and her curls. Her curls are damaged, and a single good wash isn't going to fix that damage. If she were to keep up this routine and start and continue to take proper care of her hair, I _guarantee_ that her hair would be 10× more curlier at the end of just a couple of weeks. As someone who's helped others learn to take care of their curls (irl), this happens a lot. Again, after consistent and proper care and maintainence, I would almost bet money that her hair would be much, much curlier and more "acceptably" curly.
Miss S
Miss S Yil oldin
Thanks a lot! This video was very informative and helpful.
micah jordan
micah jordan Yil oldin
Am I trippin.. like I don't see not one curl😂
StrangeDuckling Yil oldin
You have to remember that she hasn't been taking proper care of her hair and that her hair is damaged. A single good wash simply isn't going to fix it. If she continues to properly care and maintain her hair, I would almost bet money that her hair would be 10× curlier in just a couple of weeks. Plus, her hair has different curl types/patterns all around her head, with the curliest part being on the back of her head. If you watch in a good quality of video, you'll see that she has curl "loops," as well as some ringlets as well.
Ruby Shah
Ruby Shah Yil oldin
This was amazing. I just had a deva cut at my Salon which specializes in black hair and this is the exact technique they used. I have 3A 3B type hair. Thank you for recording this.
Sandy Moyer
Sandy Moyer Yil oldin
I really enjoyed this video! Thank you for taking your time to make it.
Blonde Con
Blonde Con Yil oldin
idky but i bet her scalp felt good like a scalp massage
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