How to Find Your Undertones!

Jackie Aina
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What are undertones and how can you find yours? This video will breakdown what undertones are and how you can pick makeup and clothing choices to suit your own! Leave a comment telling me if you found this video helpful!
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Fikrlar 723
FoXXy _75
FoXXy _75 6 kun oldin
....what Shana said...please and thank you!
Alundra Nelson
Alundra Nelson 14 kun oldin
Can we get an updated undertone video???
Blazing_Sprinkles 16 kun oldin
Unless that camera is really weird, that eva chick has gold all over her and she is definitely warm.
hihaters6438 Oy oldin
Love ur video. I learn alot about my undertone didn't even know nothing about undertone na I do since I seen ur video.💯So I am a warm skin tone. ❤️
famika34567 Oy oldin
I'm brown skin with a red undertone need more tutorials to help me with deciding how to apply make-up, I'm a beginner help?
Kisha Cameron
Kisha Cameron 2 oy oldin
I am still confused
Happy Wone
Happy Wone 2 oy oldin
Wow she looked so much better back a few years back, much more natural
Rae Gates
Rae Gates 2 oy oldin
Jackie hunty 😭😭😭 I’m here in 2019
Emma K
Emma K 2 oy oldin
This video helped me a ton! Thanks for making this
Azé Williams
Azé Williams 2 oy oldin
Thanks Jackie!!!
Terrise Patterson
Here in 2018
Dianna Hudson
Dianna Hudson 3 oy oldin
You’re so beautiful 💕🌻
Raven Vargas
Raven Vargas 4 oy oldin
Your gorgeous this helps a lot
Shana Tate
Shana Tate 4 oy oldin
123hgardner 5 oy oldin
Visuals. Always have an image. All teachers should know this.
aurora joel
aurora joel 5 oy oldin
Who's watching in 2018 bishhh
Wajeedah Hameed
Wajeedah Hameed 5 oy oldin
i do not know how you think you do not look black. be for real!! you are the type of BLACK woman that would pass if you could. cut it out!!
Jessika Nicole
Jessika Nicole 6 oy oldin
ugh ive been looking and looking for a video like this so bad. thank you so much if anything has change please do a update video please and thanks love ya love jess
Nikki Marie
Nikki Marie 6 oy oldin
I feel like her foundation does not match the undertone of her body.
Vivi Weed
Vivi Weed 6 oy oldin
Mine look green and purple to me so does anyone know what that is? Oh and I kinda have yellow but I wouldnt say im an olive skin because im kinda pale I have brown eyes and dirty blonde hair.
XOKree 6 oy oldin
I'm so fat I can't see any veins, damn and every single color clothing looks great on me 🤦
Amanda Glenn
Amanda Glenn 6 oy oldin
Kayla M
Kayla M 6 oy oldin
I like how she did her eyes but I just watched the makeup do/don't video and she was in a different place about the blue one color eyeshadow. Just thought it was funny
Laura Harter
Laura Harter 6 oy oldin
so if true white and silver makes me look like a ghost, am I warm toned?😂 Also my hair in winter is always a littlebit geryish but in summer shimmering so golden.....
Adanna Omeni
Adanna Omeni 6 oy oldin
I love you just how you just break down how to get the perfect beat for my brown skin
I have yellow skin undertones.
Melody Nunes
Melody Nunes 7 oy oldin
that blue eyeshadow is gorgeous!
Eli Croft
Eli Croft 7 oy oldin
I can’t tell if my veins are blue or green
Francine Harris
Francine Harris 7 oy oldin
does it really matter everyone where's black most of the time like their going to a funeral
Teisa Sterling
Teisa Sterling 7 oy oldin
Can we define “warm” colors vs. “cool” colors? Warm sounds like red, yellow, orange, and pink to me...
Pudah King
Pudah King 8 oy oldin
Thank you for this video. I've never really paid attention to my under tone or knew what my under tone was until now. I did all the test you've talked about and I'm warm but how do I know if I would be better off wearing an yellow concealer/foundation or an red concealer/foundation?
Aliah Borromeo
Aliah Borromeo 7 oy oldin
Pudah King for deeper skin, red would be cool toned while yellow is warm
Bagel 8 oy oldin
I have blue veins, blue eyes and light brown hair. Yellow looks awful on me and my foundation tends to be pale, but still not quite match. What do I do?
Tina Walker
Tina Walker 8 oy oldin
Yeah, I’m lost🤷🏽‍♀️
Kimberly Jones
Kimberly Jones 8 oy oldin
I dont know any black women that are strawberry blondes with blue eyes..do u?
Sara Chenier
Sara Chenier 8 oy oldin
I feel like I'm going back to lab anf mixing potions and chemicals
Sara Salinas
Sara Salinas 9 oy oldin
My kids are half afro Mexican I notice their undertones when they are sick. Carlitos will get pale and red cheeks (cool). Alex becomes pale in the t zone and greenish color (warm) at least that my theory.
Sara Salinas
Sara Salinas 9 oy oldin
Your so right about it being difficult. I'm a platinum (natural) blonde with freckles but I have a lot of yellow around my eyes. I'm half Cuban but my mom is fair. My veins look bluish green. MUAs have argued saying I'm warm or cool tones. But I met an MUA and then I'd say I'm neutral. But then I met an MUA that said my face is cool besides the skin around my eyes is warm. She said I should use warm shadows and concealer but cool face cosmetics and it seems to work.
Daijah Williams
Daijah Williams 9 oy oldin
What category does orange undertone fall? Someone at Mary Kay came up to me and told me that. Help please
Fatima Kabba
Fatima Kabba 9 oy oldin
Girl i swearr i LOVE you video. I can watch u the whole day without getting bored. U know how to explain things
Noora Nazzal
Noora Nazzal 9 oy oldin
This was very helpful, the most helpful one! Thank you👌💜
Latilda Longmire
Latilda Longmire 9 oy oldin
you're so cute ..
tammyton 9 oy oldin
I've never done makeup before and I'm finding everything so overwhelming. Loved this vid, you're hilarious and you explain things well!
Ugly Chynnadoll
Ugly Chynnadoll 10 oy oldin
This video totally helped me in trying to get better at my makeup n become a self taught pro
JENINENCE 10 oy oldin
it would have been great to see different black skin undertones as example...thanks 😀
Rayvin Silas-Chevalier
She looks so warm
Laura Humara
Laura Humara 11 oy oldin
When you are olive pale bish and everything looks pink on you....
Love T
Love T 11 oy oldin
I'm still lost....😣
Younique2011 11 oy oldin
Jackie jackie jackie
ye2low 11 oy oldin
I need an updated video Jackie! With all the new products thanks to you and muas on UZvid I want to throw money at new makeup but I haven't found anything better than mac for my skin
Sweet Marrie
Sweet Marrie 11 oy oldin
Finally finding a video to help has made me so happy! I always comment in videos but no one answers. I recently subscribed and I'm hooked! You're amazing and so beautiful. Also, thank you for your service and God bless ❤
Dajionna Young
Dajionna Young 11 oy oldin
Girl you look so different omg
Portia Anderson
Portia Anderson 11 oy oldin
What's lipstick are you wearing?
With Expectancy
With Expectancy Yil oldin
I'm a cool toned black girl. And your so right, I look wonderful in white. 🌟💋👏
Sky Quill
Sky Quill Yil oldin
the veins in my arms look both green and blue... well, shit
Verlena Sutton
Verlena Sutton Yil oldin
Jackie,! Eva’s hair looks totally red/gold to me.
Anitha Msangi
Anitha Msangi Yil oldin
Okay im warm, thanks aunt Jackie
Katie Darwak
Katie Darwak Yil oldin
Cobalt blue on your eyes...looks the most amazing ive ever seen..ever. beautifully done!!
Marie Lisa
Marie Lisa Yil oldin
Please bring this look back!!!
chelseaelaine Yil oldin
Just here to see Jackie’s growth 💁🏽‍♀️
Rainbow SnuggleFritz
This was really helpful
Stephany Robinson
I found this jem :))))
TheOliviab1 Yil oldin
L J Yil oldin
I know this vid is old but I'm colorblind. I've gotten all the suggested answers from several makeup ppl. I'm frustrated! My veins ate blue, I know that. My hair is brown I'm mixed black & white. I was told recently that I hv olive skin. Every time I do the gave pic in Sephora it gives me slightly different answers. HELP!!!
suyrriah xo
suyrriah xo Yil oldin
thank you for this video my skin tone is really hard to match for some reason ive always been told i have to mix foundations even in 2018 i was so sad none of the fenty foundations matched me neither
LaShae Davis
LaShae Davis Yil oldin
Can you do a updated one?
Tymera Marsh
Tymera Marsh Yil oldin
I’m a cool tone and I’m black😕
Dooby Rhome
Dooby Rhome Yil oldin
Thanx for the confirmation... ♥❤
AaLeah b
AaLeah b Yil oldin
Look at Baby Aunt Jackie.😆😆😆
Abisola O.
Abisola O. Yil oldin
Here in 2018 😊
Deja Packer
Deja Packer Yil oldin
My undertone is red/ orange
Khadija Iddrisu
Khadija Iddrisu Yil oldin
Tanx for sharing
Allyson Sixx Costello
Eva is not a cool undertone, she’s definitely falls into the neutral spectrum. Her skin is light but it’s still too yellow to be considered cool. I’m actually a true cool undertone. My skin is very pink with little to no yellow in it.
stella menz
stella menz Yil oldin
Watching in january 2018! You always slayed!
Asiaa Asia
Asiaa Asia Yil oldin
Please do an updated version 🙌🙌
Suzette Sergeant
Jackie Aina am here in 2018 😁
Karri Carter
Karri Carter Yil oldin
Ok. I have established that I am old. We were taught that if you hold gold or silver- whichever looks best against you- was how you determined if you were cool or warm undertoned. Anyone remember that? Stay beautiful,all. And now you are touching on that. Lol...❤💜😂😀
helloooo Yil oldin
Karri Carter I remember, lol.
TigerwithDiesel Yil oldin
that felt scripted
TigerwithDiesel Yil oldin
omfg this is so fucking infomational i love this so much. im so fucking high omfg i love this its not even borong i love you sos o so mucb you are my obsession how can you realte so well you are like combining white people and black people we are together i love kt i love the word!!!
Zenyatta Yil oldin
mix of middle eastern and scotish - talk about hard to read undertone.
cindy sans
cindy sans Yil oldin
You look too YELLOW to me, use a different foundation, btw eye shadow color doesn’t work
Erica JACKSON Yil oldin
👋🏾 can you please do an updated video of this ? With more examples like pictures of people or foundation colors please !!!
Jamie Mathis
Jamie Mathis Yil oldin
You're black? Omg! I could not tell until you said something! Lolol you're funny! My 1st time watching you and I'm loving you already 💖💖💖💖💖
Niya Clark
Niya Clark Yil oldin
This hair is very Olivia Pope, to me.
loe Yil oldin
lol i have very pink undertones with red copper hair and hazel eyes haha
Melindah Mkhwanazi
I wonder if this Jackie knew that 2017 Jackie would own a beast for an SUV, be happy, creating her own makeup products, taken very seriously in her industry and and and....
Tiphanie Bright
Tiphanie Bright Yil oldin
"Yes, I'm black." Me and Beyoncé.
Cinderella Musonda
I have discovered from Your video that I am a warm under gone, can you advise the best foundation for my skintone?
Yao_Dang Yil oldin
My vein colors are everywhere What I am I?
Carolyn Norton
Carolyn Norton Yil oldin
My God, what a gorgeous girl!
Melanie Hefner
Melanie Hefner Yil oldin
You are sooo pretty. Thank you for your service to our country.
Shonika Nazaire
Shonika Nazaire Yil oldin
I have a reddish undertone
veronica audain
veronica audain Yil oldin
I love your videos
Aaliyah Dancy
Aaliyah Dancy Yil oldin
whooooo the glo👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 im here for it♥️♥️♥️
tanisha renee
tanisha renee Yil oldin
We want a 2017 Jackie O undertones video!!!! Please JakieJackieJackieJackieJackieJackieJackieJackie!!!
victoriakapshaw Yil oldin
This video was all over the place and I ended up more confused than how I began...smh
ElleofTwoCities Yil oldin
I came back to this vid from the Rihanna for Vogue cover recreation video.... just to get a glimpse of the signature JackieO blue lid lol.
Brooke W. H. N
Brooke W. H. N Yil oldin
Ci Monique
Ci Monique Yil oldin
Auntie Jackie can we get a update of this video please.
inah Yil oldin
When I watched this , I was completely certain that I had a red undertone but a few days after watching I went to the makeup artist over the counter she said I was yellow/orange
Jennifer Lumbra
Jennifer Lumbra Yil oldin
In the light you are using Eva does not look like a "fair person". She looked warm and her hair looked nearly red.
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