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I have been going natural on and off for 10 years. But I've only been strictly using the Curly Girl Method for the past two years. Here are the six things I did in order to transition from fried, damaged hair to healthy, shiny curls.
1.) Color matched my roots and recolored my whole head to what my natural hair color is. And haven't touched color since!
2.) Stop straightening my hair. I don't use heat at all.
3.) Followed the CG Method
4.) Regularly oil my hair (pre-poo)
5.) Deep Conditioning

*disclaimer* These methods are what worked for me. I've NEVER had a successful color job. Some of my curl friends have mastered and perfected the art of hair dye/bleaching/highlights.
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12-Okt, 2017




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Ayesha Malik
Ayesha Malik 10 oy oldin
I posted my hair oil routine! Here it is: bit.ly/2EjCV56 Here is where you can find the products I use: www.amazon.com/shop/spisha
Priscilla Murillo
Priscilla Murillo 13 kun oldin
Can you show how you prep your hair to sleep at night? Do you tie it up, or wrap it?
divya Maheshwari
divya Maheshwari 21 kun oldin
ur shampoo
Stephanie Ossman
I was wondering if you could do a video of drug store products shea moisture ☺ your curls are so beautiful but deva is pretty expensive
Adrian Magana
Adrian Magana 3 soat oldin
U r pretty love your hair.
Sidneysolove Kun oldin
I've been straightening my hair AND then curling it for 6 YEARS, but I've finally decided to embrace my natural hair!! I'm transitioning rn and it doesn't look as good as it used to when I was little but im really trying here haha.
Ana Nana
Ana Nana Kun oldin
Your hair looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
JoyfulSelah Kun oldin
You’re hair is hair goals! 🥰😍
Bethany Klein
Bethany Klein Kun oldin
I've been oiling my hair with olive oil if I'm short on cash, and Alikay Naturals Hot oil treatment when I'm doing well, once a week, I wash twice a week, my hair is even humidity proof (well, snowstorms will kill anyone's hair, but I didn't have trouble the rest of the year...but snowstorms...)
Queen Savanna
Queen Savanna 2 kun oldin
Are u Zein Malik’s sister
Ashley Ransom
Ashley Ransom 2 kun oldin
I need that top!! Who made it ?
Tamarah Niels
Tamarah Niels 3 kun oldin
How did you het rid of the blond color? Did you color it dark first, Or just cut it? Thank youuuu!!
swati mantri
swati mantri 4 kun oldin
Please do a video on deep conditioning methods as well. I usually make a mess out of it, especially during winters.
Aiša Černe
Aiša Černe 5 kun oldin
Same name same hair hahahah😂❤❤
María Fernanda Zamudio Bermejo
90 degrees curl. OMG, she's describing my hair
Nikita Nikita
Nikita Nikita 6 kun oldin
tel lagao...tel lagalo😁😁😂😂
MustReadTheForever 7 kun oldin
Hair tutorial on this look plz 😍
Perlita Vargas
Perlita Vargas 7 kun oldin
Hi Ayesha! You have a beautiful hair! I have curly hair but it is a disaster. I’m 44 and it’s the worst I ever have it 😱😒 my hair is curlier and more frizzy than yours , what can I use specially in my roots? That’s where my freeze stars!
dulce yiyita
dulce yiyita 7 kun oldin
Thanks for the video ! we must wait a lot ♥
kiera lambert
kiera lambert 8 kun oldin
You have my skin colour
Catalina Rodriguez
Catalina Rodriguez 8 kun oldin
... What if you wash your hair in hot water? I mean not boiling water hot, or hot enough to burn but... Just hot.... Is that bad for your curly hair?
Sara Choto
Sara Choto 8 kun oldin
I have lots of gray hair what do i do than!
Priscila Toso
Priscila Toso 8 kun oldin
Congratulations, your hair is soooo beautiful.and healthy
Eileen Thach
Eileen Thach 9 kun oldin
My hair was 3c when I was in kindergarten and then I was insecure about my hair so I literally put it into a bun till like 6th grade so it basically straightens out my hair and my asian parents told me to shower everyday and I used the wrong products like Pantene and I shampooed everyday with Pantene which damaged even more. I went from 3c to a 3a/2c and I am so sad I want my curls back. I miss them so much and I am currently 12 years old in the seventh grade
dyiela Hanan
dyiela Hanan 10 kun oldin
Hi,my hair is curly but its get really flat,coarse and hard because im wearing a hijab,i want to get my curl back as im trying to embrace my real hair,please help
LoonyBetch 10 kun oldin
I've always hated my natural curls growing up, since it was so hard to maintain! But seeing these types of videos and learning new ways to help maintain my curls, made me start to accept and love my hair. Thank you Ayesha for helping us curly girls!
Easy Lazy Glamorous
Easy Lazy Glamorous 10 kun oldin
Curly hair styles!!! Please make a video cause it’s nice to switch it up and also to the gym
*Abdulrahman* ,
*Abdulrahman* , 11 kun oldin
can i use deep condition as a cream after showerinng
S.C. T-Biscuit
S.C. T-Biscuit 11 kun oldin
Off this one video I love you lol
RoOp ReYna
RoOp ReYna 11 kun oldin
Please do make up tutorial....😍😍😍😍
Katherine Tate
Katherine Tate 11 kun oldin
I would love any advice on caring for my 3yr olds curly hair! Mine is super straight, so I've got no clue whatsoever.
maryam mathers everywhere nigga
Am i the only one who see that in 2015 she has a beautiful healthy hair too?
Y K 12 kun oldin
This is so true I lost half my hair due to colouring and straightening them, then using heat, it became so damaged, I've cut it so many times but it hasn't gone back to what it was. I don't use heat, color or any chemical now. But it's difficult to get rid completely of sulphates so can't seem to find a good shampoo without these chemicals.
Manoj Joseph
Manoj Joseph 12 kun oldin
Tel lagao , Tel lagao😂😂😂🤣
Erica Williams
Erica Williams 12 kun oldin
I can’t use devacurl because it’s too expensive
Pinn Rose
Pinn Rose 13 kun oldin
When her before are your goals... *cries*
Desarae Brymer
Desarae Brymer 13 kun oldin
Some DevaCurl products have Alcohol in them which is fine cause not all alcohols are bad. However, if you are wanting to do the true CG method make sure to read the ingredient list on the bottle first.
Rebecca Kost
Rebecca Kost 13 kun oldin
The Curly Girl Method changed my life. My curls are now so beautiful and healthy. I would have never made it this far if not for my dad always encouraging me to love and cherish my curls. He is my hero and my greatest idol.
You Tuber
You Tuber 14 kun oldin
not sure how tall you are but if u are tall enough, u should be a model :)
Vale Manriquez
Vale Manriquez 14 kun oldin
First step don’t color your hair Me: just came home with blue hair
Judith Lee
Judith Lee 14 kun oldin
Do you use a sleeping cap at night? If you do, any recommendations? Thanks! I found your video to be very informative!
TheChillPixel 969
TheChillPixel 969 14 kun oldin
But the 2015 curly hair looks sooo much better then my curly now
Nermin Masarlieva
Nermin Masarlieva 15 kun oldin
Love you Aisha
Aunty HT
Aunty HT 15 kun oldin
my friends straight hair were growing so fast eventhough they cut in short often.....Me:it looks the same as always😭
Joanne Dean-Waters
Joanne Dean-Waters 15 kun oldin
Beautiful curls ❤️
Learn Languages With Yogee
Beautiful girl! Gorgeous hair! Love your teeth.. skin... features... everything..!
ItsJordanaaa 15 kun oldin
Step one: don't dye your hair. Well that's not gonna work. I have a ton of gray hair at 34, started at 22. It's hereditary, but I am not ready to be gray in my 30s.
Tori Smith
Tori Smith 15 kun oldin
I just found your videos last night! They are very informative and entertaining! Yet here I am with thin straight blonde hair... I usually curl my hair about two times a week and the curls may last two days.... I wish my hair was naturally curly! It’s so pretty!
Condensje 16 kun oldin
I just bought a €120 straightener...
Keisha Huet
Keisha Huet 16 kun oldin
I for some reason ♡ watching curly hair routines even tho I have natural 1c hair
Cheyenne Rooker
Cheyenne Rooker 16 kun oldin
I hope you see this but I just recently dyed my hair purple. So should I just wait till the purple fades and then dye it back to brown? Do you have any recommendations for hair dyes for natural hair? ):
jenna 6h
jenna 6h 16 kun oldin
Lord you're my curl crush, i wish i had curls like yours. My curls are all over the place, one side of my head is curlier than the other, the hair at the nape of my neck is such a loose wave that any pressure can straighten it, and then i have tight ringlets peppered in the middle of my head and around my ears. It's so annoying that they're not all the same 😂. You're hair is so bloody beautiful 😋.
Rana48250 16 kun oldin
The thing is , neither my country nor the routine can work , since mainly i cant really use oil on my hair because it is really oily ? And it even starts getting oily at the roots in the same day that i shower , especially that i dont even have the budget to get the products internationally ........ "sigh" ....
Rana48250 8 kun oldin
+Ava Pilsen twice a week actually , so its not too much
Ava Pilsen
Ava Pilsen 8 kun oldin
Rana48250 how often do you wash your hair? Washing your hair more than you need to can actually cause it to be oily.
lovey hernandez
lovey hernandez 16 kun oldin
How often to get it cut and what kind of cut do you get ?
Chocolate Fudge
Chocolate Fudge 17 kun oldin
Hi, thanks for the video. Could you please do a video on your eye makeup.
Pamela Joie Labiano
Pamela Joie Labiano 17 kun oldin
Thank you for supporting topics on using natural products. I recently subscribed to your channel because ive been having problems with my hair. Ive been straightening, coloring my hair simultaneously and it reAlly did a lot of damage to my hair. I got to the point where i told myself, ‘’f*ck it, i dont want this anymore” and started being natural. And now my hair is doing good. The lesser the better.
Rajeshwi Pradhan
Rajeshwi Pradhan 17 kun oldin
Omg you're truly amazing❤❤ Go Curls❤
Nimmy Thomas
Nimmy Thomas 17 kun oldin
Can we try Ayurveda??
Elizabeth Duran
Elizabeth Duran 17 kun oldin
I love how you keep it real. Wow.. your hair!!!
Mila 17 kun oldin
Believe it or not, my star product is Stricly Curls Cream by Marc Anthony. I prefer it ten times over Deva Curl and it has done wonders for my hair. Who would have thought?
You Did
You Did 17 kun oldin
Can I ask you where and how you get your hair cut? Or do you do it yourself? I live in Berlin and it's basically impossible here to find a hair stylist that can cut curly hair or is even open to cutting hair dry... I'm considering cutting it myself now as I want to start the CG method and to finally get healthy curls again.. but first the ends need to go and I've had too many really bad haircuts before🙈
Lauren Foley
Lauren Foley 17 kun oldin
Do you have a preference between the Devacurl No Poo and the pimento oil shampoo?
Evie 18 kun oldin
Your curls were stunning before and after 😘
Teresa 18 kun oldin
What about ouidad? They are kind of like devacurl. Have you tried them? Would you think they are good? Or just stick to devacurl??
Sunshine Moon
Sunshine Moon 18 kun oldin
Dear Ayesha Bless You are unique and beautiful. Glad you chose the original way. Can you Make a video or share here how often you cut your hair? Also when ever you get a hair cut what do you tell your hairstylist to get the cut you have? How many layers? Thank you
Ocampo Olshoppe
Ocampo Olshoppe 19 kun oldin
I love youre curls. And i love this vidoe.. Im from philipines...
Calypso Calypso
Calypso Calypso 20 kun oldin
I have locs but I just watched and subscribed lol, great healthy hair tips all around . I’m off to oil my scalp now
young shawty
young shawty 20 kun oldin
I’m sorry umi MY WHOLE LIFEEE
Shari C
Shari C 20 kun oldin
Ayesha, how is deep conditioning different than your twice a week oil routine? I would think the oil routine is a deep conditioner...
Black pearl Amili
Black pearl Amili 20 kun oldin
Tel lagao Shampoo karo amla or reetha or sarso ke chilke se... Condition karo narial ke dudh se....
divya Maheshwari
divya Maheshwari 21 kun oldin
which shampoo
Farah Mughal
Farah Mughal 21 kun oldin
Hi there! Could you tell me what you use for white hair if you don’t colour? Thank you 😊
Saray Giraldo Raya
Saray Giraldo Raya 21 kun oldin
Why is the title written in spanish?
LandofJadeNRocco Journals and Planners
My hair is naturally frizzy, dry, and it won’t curl pretty unless I add some curl defining cream. Thanks for the video. I used to use yellow products but they changed their cream and I dont like the new one. Right now in limbo, using noodle head and it works pretty good. And my hair is pretty soft and healthy. I stopped dying for 6 to 10 years and my hair is really healthy now. But I went back to dying the hair and I do want to keep it hydrated. I never use oil, but will definitely start now, and will also try the curl products. Hope they work for my hair. Thanks for the video.
Carolina !!!
Carolina !!! 22 kun oldin
These videos motivate tf outta meeee CURLY HAIR IS EVERYTHAAAAAAANG!💕
Sneha Biswas
Sneha Biswas 22 kun oldin
That moment of "tel lagao, tel lagao" 😂😂
Nicolette Lopez
Nicolette Lopez 22 kun oldin
Your curls are so amazing
Lamma Al-B.
Lamma Al-B. 22 kun oldin
I have white hair I need to colour it
Romeii _
Romeii _ 22 kun oldin
How about a face care routine ? Your skin is flaawless 😍
areej anwar
areej anwar 23 kun oldin
hi Ayesha..."hugs"...im from Paksitan and finding you in the cg world brings me so much comfort.. tell me when you come to Pakistan.. would love to meet you
I Dino
I Dino 23 kun oldin
What can i do? I have to wash my hair monday to saturday, cause i play and train in the beach
Malka Amar Reich
Malka Amar Reich 23 kun oldin
I FINALLY found someone with such similar hair to mine. I love your vids but can you PLEASE make a video for hair growth? My curly hair used to be much longer but niw it wont grow. I guess its cause i used to straighten my hair everyday for almost a year. But its been abt 1yr and ahalf i stopped doing that. Maybe it wont grow cause its still damaged? Idk i need helppppp. Thanks love
Paola Soto
Paola Soto 23 kun oldin
This happened to me this week I straightened my hair and then I wash it and it isn’t curling the way it used to and I’m really sad bc my hair was so nice I was finally happy with my hair 😭
Adna Ahmed
Adna Ahmed 23 kun oldin
My mom tells me to oil my hair too but I just ignore her maybe I should start listening 😂😂😂
Rauha Vawda
Rauha Vawda 24 kun oldin
What about my greys. I have many greys on my hair line (increasing day by day) and I am 29
Haley Patillo
Haley Patillo 24 kun oldin
Thank you! Can you explain what kind of cut/layering you get?
John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy 24 kun oldin
Me: I hope this video can help me. "Do not color your hair." Me, a person who recently colored their hair: Oh.
Daniella Wolmarans
Daniella Wolmarans 24 kun oldin
I found that using a curly hair shampoo and then a straight hair conditioner for some reason that works really well. I also don’t brush my hair like ever but yet I still have 2 brushes 😂. If I do have to brush my hair I use a tangle teeter which is made for curly hair. Sooo there you go.
emmA loan
emmA loan 24 kun oldin
Dr Organic shampoo for us UK girls.
Goncalves sisters
Goncalves sisters 25 kun oldin
for 4 years I kept straightening my hair. but my natural hair is kinda curly but because of the heat damage the curls dont go spirally infact some are 90 degrees and then some are curly. I try oiling my hair a lot but can anyone suggest advice to heal it quickly
Natasha Roberts
Natasha Roberts 25 kun oldin
You look like princess Jasmine from Aladin Movie. You are so Beautiful :-)
anjalina mich
anjalina mich 25 kun oldin
amazing video
Cadet Grey
Cadet Grey 26 kun oldin
everything about you is your best physical attribute, but of course, the hair is amazing
Fre sha Va ca do
Fre sha Va ca do 26 kun oldin
If you wanna straighten ur hair and ur Curly use a steam curler
Fre sha Va ca do
Fre sha Va ca do 26 kun oldin
I’m mixed thank u for this
KateCutsBack 27 kun oldin
What if I dye it darker with henna?
Viola Eats Veggies
Viola Eats Veggies 27 kun oldin
Could you tell us how you manage your curls in between wash days?
Linda Ch
Linda Ch 27 kun oldin
i hope this really works. my hair is really thick and wavey buuuuuuuuuuut it's really damaged from heat
MsErdbeerpflaume 29 kun oldin
gosh u are just stunningly beautiful
Julie Gurley
Julie Gurley 29 kun oldin
I'm so so sick of my broken hair. I've been coloring it for years. I'm kinda afraid of what people will think when my hair shows up so grayed out. I've been off of coloring for 3 months now and I got my first haircut yesterday. It will take years I'm sure but the broken hairs that come out in the shower are less and less every day. I really wish I could find products for my hair - gray, curly, starting over shortness, healthy for my scalp....
Basiel Kiwi
Basiel Kiwi 29 kun oldin
She’s soo pretty
none of your business
I enjoyed the whole bts commercial lol, i watched the whole 4 minutes lol , thanks❤ anyways I'm sending this vid to my cousin because that bitch got curly hair but doesn't take care of It! I get mad because when we were toddlers we would pull each other's hair a lot so my grandma decided to cut my hair , I got picked and I've never really been able to get curly hair again it's just wavy now, and so this girl had her curls but doesn't even take care of them , which sucks cuz I love curly hair sooo...😥😑
Seema Banu
Seema Banu 29 kun oldin
Hey Ayesha! Just a query.... I have a lot of grey hair.... So coloring my hair has ideally become a routine.... Any suggestions for a better alternative