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I have been going natural on and off for 10 years. But I've only been strictly using the Curly Girl Method for the past two years. Here are the six things I did in order to transition from fried, damaged hair to healthy, shiny curls.
1.) Color matched my roots and recolored my whole head to what my natural hair color is. And haven't touched color since!
2.) Stop straightening my hair. I don't use heat at all.
3.) Followed the CG Method
4.) Regularly oil my hair (pre-poo)
5.) Deep Conditioning

*disclaimer* These methods are what worked for me. I've NEVER had a successful color job. Some of my curl friends have mastered and perfected the art of hair dye/bleaching/highlights.
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12-Okt, 2017




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Ayesha Malik
Ayesha Malik Yil oldin
I posted my hair oil routine! Here it is: bit.ly/2EjCV56 Here is where you can find the products I use: www.amazon.com/shop/spisha
Stacey Gibbon
Stacey Gibbon 6 kun oldin
I love your hair 😍😍😍😫I regret flatironing my curls 💯💯😔
Melissa Pacheco
Melissa Pacheco 21 kun oldin
What are some deep conditioner that you use?
Kamila Krasucka
Kamila Krasucka 21 kun oldin
You are beautiful
Priscilla Murillo
Can you show how you prep your hair to sleep at night? Do you tie it up, or wrap it?
divya Maheshwari
divya Maheshwari 3 oy oldin
ur shampoo
Elizabeth Patterson
Elizabeth Patterson 58 daqiqa oldin
You are Beautiful!😊
Sarah Mora
Sarah Mora 15 soat oldin
can u do a makeup routine on this look?
tyblips 15 soat oldin
Just cus off most of my dead/bleached ends. My hair had been decent cobsidering what i put it through, until this cold front with 30 below weather. And i couldnt run my fingers through it at all. And got dreadlock like ends. So it sadly had to go. Cut like 3 inches off almost. Even tho some of the colour is still there it feels sooooo much better. Ive been using manic panic to dye it so no other damage past the bleach since, tbh manic panic is more a stain than hairdye lol. Ill enjoy it while i can until these ends need to be snipped off too
Angie C
Angie C 15 soat oldin
Wait, your hair must grow at the rate that a snail crawls, because there's no way your hair grew one inch per year. My hair was that length from Feb 2016 to Feb 2017.
Sarah A
Sarah A 23 soat oldin
How often should wash your hair?
Nikita Small
Nikita Small Kun oldin
She's so beautiful💖and her tips made sense😘😘
Lovely Ana
Lovely Ana 2 kun oldin
So will you not color when it's Gray? This is my struggle, that's why I dye it. Any suggestions?
Gigi Z
Gigi Z 2 kun oldin
Can you straighten your hair at least sometimes?
Amy H
Amy H 2 kun oldin
My gut reaction when she said,I think this my best physical attribute, was,"You have beautiful eyes!"
Lia Louise
Lia Louise 2 kun oldin
Your hair is beautiful, my hair kinda looks like your 2015 hair.
Radha Tripathi
Radha Tripathi 3 kun oldin
Tel lagao...tel lagao... hahahha
Madiha Makhdoom
Madiha Makhdoom 3 kun oldin
I love how your hair look in both 2015 and in 2017 . I coloured my hair a lot so now they are all damaged.
Someone Someone
Someone Someone 3 kun oldin
Most Stores there is like two aisles of hair products one is for straight hair and the other one is for curly hair but half of the curly hair aisle has sulfates silicone and etc.
Darian Stenson
Darian Stenson 4 kun oldin
Can someone help me out? I have wavy hair and the last couple nights I’ve tried to use a curly girl approved routine and not only is my hair flatter than normal, it’s still wet hours later. Idk what I’m doing wrong
Caitlin’s Real Live News!
I have to come back a watch this once a month just to help with my patience with my hair transition 😂
Анастасия Юшко
You look amazing! Real princess!
Giselle Juarez
Giselle Juarez 5 kun oldin
I love deva curl as well, but another brand that works just as well, and is a little bit cheaper is Shea Moisture! I recommend both!
Stacey Gibbon
Stacey Gibbon 6 kun oldin
My hair not curling the same again
O. M. A.
O. M. A. 9 kun oldin
What are the drying settings in a deva curl diffuser?
O. M. A.
O. M. A. 9 kun oldin
How often do you use the deep conditioner?
noOne noOne
noOne noOne 9 kun oldin
Hello Ayesha, I am new to the curl world, had the big chop in january/2018. And I have been using devacurl products for the last 3 months, and the results are amazing. CAn you answer this (or do you have a video about this)?: How do you keep your curls and shape in between washes? (the day I wash and difuse, the curls look awesome, but the next day I wake up looking like I just ran away from a mental asyllum). BTW loving your videos and subscribing.
Animal Lover
Animal Lover 9 kun oldin
I want straight hair soo much 😭😭😫
Alena Y
Alena Y 9 kun oldin
Deva Curl is awesome! I have yet to try the Curly Girl Method though.
Aj Panda
Aj Panda 9 kun oldin
this sounds disgusting but to make my hair softer i use mayo,sugar, apple cider vinegar and olive oil. DONT FORGET TO MIX IT this makes my hair very soft, but you have to get in the shower, pour it in your hair and then wait five minutes, after that five minutes pour rice water in your hair then wait another 2 minutes, after waiting wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner,i gurantee your hair will be softer, if this does not work for you I'm very sorry about that
Rabia fşn
Rabia fşn 9 kun oldin
How Do you cut your hair ?
Lydia Herrera
Lydia Herrera 10 kun oldin
Yes! DevaCurl. Love it. Dec 21 2018 I started my back to curly journey. My curls are back and getting better. I got a trim from the all the bleaching and .... I just love my hair. My hair looked worse than @6:50 min. If you use devacurl, please get informed on how to. The first time I used the shampoo a few months ago I didn’t see a difference, didn’t like it, but then I ran into some devacurl videos on how to’s and there is def a technique to follow. I am a former hairstylist and I did what I knew not to do with my hair....but now I do what I should’ve done....taken good care of my baby. :)
Lindsey Dunavan
Lindsey Dunavan 11 kun oldin
I don't understand this issue people have with parabens. Why is bad for curly hair? Why is bad for you period? I haven't seen any conclusive evidence proving that parabens are damaging.
It'sGeraldine 13 kun oldin
Tracey McKeever
Tracey McKeever 13 kun oldin
Thank u for the video. I got my hair permed back in September 2018 I've always loved having my hair curly/messy look, but I know my hair has become damaged over time. My hair goal is ur beautiful hair, I just love ur hair, and the length. I just haven't found the right products, plus, I live in Texas where the weather makes my hair so frizzy, any recommendations for constant frizzy hair??? Thanks again
Piinkstar17 14 kun oldin
ok so step 1 and 2 are non-negotiable for me haha. My hair is bleached but honestly is so hydrated and not damaged as much as others bc i hydrate and use masks on it and I only color it every 6 months. And if i dont blowdry at least my roots, my hair will dry soo frizzy and greasy and stringy >
Owen Honican
Owen Honican 14 kun oldin
Yeah u would have more subs if you just showed ur ass a lot
Maddie BAR
Maddie BAR 15 kun oldin
Well I haven't not colored my hair in 10 years lol I only use dark colors though. I never bleach
Bryana Cornelius
Bryana Cornelius 16 kun oldin
I looked on the Amazon store, and the reviews all say they are getting fake or diluted product.... Have you experienced this?
Vidya Jaggernauth
Vidya Jaggernauth 18 kun oldin
you are so right.... colour and heat is wat damage my hair
Sharon Thibault
Sharon Thibault 18 kun oldin
I really like Cantu products and love Urban Hydration products!!!
Sharon Thibault
Sharon Thibault 18 kun oldin
Great tips! I color my hair though and hope it’s not too damaging. I’m 38 and have some whites and since I have such dark hair it’s quite noticeable. I don’t lighten it.
Heather Dickens Vibing Life with Heather
What days do you normally wash and oil your hair?
Heather Dickens Vibing Life with Heather
Jackson With That Choker Tho
This lady has earned my trust in a 6:50 minute video... *SUBSCRIBED*
Herbert 20 kun oldin
Yuuuupp patience! 🙌🙌 I went CGM in June 2017. My last dead pieces of hair were chopped off Oct 2018. And even though it's been 3 months since that cut I can clearly see where my recovering waves end and healthy waves start. Patience. Oh and just you wait and see. I thought "oh my hair is so healthy my journey is over". I've been so used to damaged and high porosity hair idk how to be gentle to my new healthy low porosity hair. Patience. It doesn't just end with a big chop. Still my best hair yet 😎
Odélia Bellaiche
Odélia Bellaiche 21 kun oldin
You are beautiful!!!!
Jupau 07
Jupau 07 22 kun oldin
please we need more videos
AnanasxNassima 22 kun oldin
In morocco we oil our hair too😂💞
darkestfugue 24 kun oldin
it does help if you have naturally beautiful hair, which you do, you just seemed to do all you could to sabotage it over the years lol, as for your best attribute, well, thats hard, theres nothing not to like
darkestfugue 24 kun oldin
it does help if you have naturally beautiful hair, which you do, you just seemed to do all you could to sabotage it over the years lol, as for your best attribute, well, thats hard, theres nothing not to like
Isabella Rose
Isabella Rose 24 kun oldin
Your curls (and you) are GORGEOUS
Tristan h
Tristan h 25 kun oldin
You're so gorgeous!!! We have almost the EXACT same hair type and color. I really hope you make more videos in the future, because you have a very beautiful personality and the world of UZvid needs more curly girls like you!
Chabela González Roa
Please stop using google translator. It says that you use a pre-shit oil...
Geil Reyes
Geil Reyes 26 kun oldin
I love your videos. Thanks for Vlogging!
Knox Balbastro
Knox Balbastro 27 kun oldin
Hi Ayesha, your hair is just so bouncy and gorgeous. I'm starting out with CGM wondering if your tips will work on me so could you share your hair porosity?
Judy Oliveira
Judy Oliveira 28 kun oldin
I don't use heat. I don't use color on my hair.
Rachel Soaz
Rachel Soaz 28 kun oldin
Olaplex fixes hair overnight! You can only buy it thru Mitchell's salon or olaplex website....no need to wait three years to get healthy hair. 😉💗
Elena daenen
Elena daenen 29 kun oldin
I had straight hair or actually i taught. Since a half year ago i Discoverd i had wavy hair but these days i can see little spirals comming i have a feeling My hair is changing texture how is that possible?
Alicia Magleby
Alicia Magleby 29 kun oldin
Me: * is watching this video while brushing my curly tangled hair while it’s dry before I get in the shower * Spisha: “do not brush your hair while it’s dry” Me: 😳
Karen Alejandra
Karen Alejandra 29 kun oldin
Lmfao my mom always tell me not to put oil in my hair
shreshtha bansal
Please make a video of hair product in India
Itsgonnabe Mei
I have curly hair too but sooooo frizzy 😩
Kimiko Kasai
Kimiko Kasai Oy oldin
You have to be Indian 😂😂 didn't have to watch the video
Trains Oy oldin
I’m literally getting my hair dyed tomorrow ......
Toast !
Toast ! Oy oldin
Holy Snickerdoodles your hair is so nice!!! I want to use it as a painting reference 😂
Mari Gonçalves
I decided today to get my curls back, but I don't know if I will be able to commit
Solar Melon
Solar Melon Oy oldin
I hate when people tell me to never brush my hair wet because it damaged the hair, but then when I brush it dry it literally breaks it because they don’t understand the struggles!
Solar Melon
Solar Melon 10 kun oldin
goldie finally, so,embody who understands!
goldie 12 kun oldin
Me too!
Mar López
Mar López Oy oldin
something that help me a lot to get my curly hair again was going to rives or the sea.. like literally whenever i went my hair started to be more healthy and more curly.. it amazed me everytime. btw u have such a beautiful hairr!! i cant wait to see the results!!
Your best physical attribute is your personality! Those curls are a close second tho
Wenwen Oy oldin
hands down, you have the best curly hair ever!
Karine Hovhannisyan
So you said it takes years to recover damaged hair, buut thanks to your advice it did so in like 4-5 ^-^
Eva Broeksema
Eva Broeksema Oy oldin
Hi, I have a question. I use natural shampoo without parabens, sulphate, alcohol etc. It really works good on my hair. However, in the conditioner is still behenyl alcohol from coconut oil. Is that very bad for my hair because it's natural alcohol
Pamela Ubidia
Pamela Ubidia Kun oldin
Hi there! Relax, these are classified as fatty alcohols and cause no damage to your curls: Lauryl alcohol, Cetyl alcohol, Myristyl alcohol, Stearyl alcohol, Cetearyl alcohol and Behenyl alcohol. Beware of any others!
M A Oy oldin
Andrea Jimenez
Whats products ur use? ... or ur routine
khushi kapadia
Hi Spisha...please share your updated full hair routine including your wash method, products and oils ... I have bought all the products and have been using it for 6 weeks now but my hair still looks frizzy, infact more frizzy than before,wanting to figure out how do I improve! Please help.
Alicia Magleby
A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. And man have I been trying to redeem mines honor. I’m like the Zuko of the curly hair world. I must redeem my curly honor
Sandy_Carpets Oy oldin
It's funny, Because my hair curls more when my hair is dyed. My hair might be a bit too thick o curl, I'm not sure. 😂😭
seheru nisa
seheru nisa Oy oldin
plz guide me about coco & eve
Cool Pragyadipti
Where do you live?
Cool Pragyadipti
You look so better in this curls( in the video shown)
Yatana Santana
I have deva curl and it’s so good 👌🏻😩
JustAggie Oy oldin
Woah you have beautiful hair! i straighten my hair a lot and now my curls are disgusting ;( and your hair grows pretty slowww my hair grows about that much in a year...
Cailyn Lopez
Cailyn Lopez Oy oldin
I tried deva curl gel.... let’s just say I shouldn’t have let it down that day 😂
Leila Husain
Leila Husain Oy oldin
You should do makeup tutorials...what products do you use?
Alyssa Watson
Alyssa Watson Oy oldin
I wish I could fully embrace my wavy hair (2B), but the top part just is not flattering. Every time I see curly haired ladies with their pretty hair on top I am so baffled. Like my hair just looks like bed head if I don't straighten the top part. If I don't it doesn't look decent or put together. I would love to have my hair look nice just wavy.
Adrianne Larsen
Just wondering how you had coloured long hair to none colored hair that is still really long? how did you get the color out and keep your length?
Mariam Sherdy
Mariam Sherdy Oy oldin
I’m ok with the before!!!!!
Veronique Tobar
I agree with you. I wash my hair with cold water, i wash it once every 2 weeks (yeah I have too, I have psiorasis), I use only true natural shampoo, i put henna once every 2-3 months and it looks amazing. I have beautifull healthy hair 😊
Sushnata Panda
How to undo the damage to permanently straight hair? Please make a video on this
Borinquen Hernández
She's so beautiful😮❤
Marioema H
Marioema H Oy oldin
Hi Ayesha! I think your hair is absolutely beautiful! I was wondering how you cut your hair, how often and if you do a special cut for curly hair. Thanks!
Maria Camila
Maria Camila Oy oldin
My fav step is number 6... I feel you
CandyCandy Oy oldin
I hate white hairs and I am Getting full of them
Banisha Siangshai
You having awesome curly hair....even me I want to be curly...sis
Shannon Nybakken
I have a LOT of gray in my hair and it (seems) healthier if I color it. Please advise. Your video says to absolutely not color hair. Is there any hope for a gray grandma of 53? My future daughter in law started me on Diva Curl a week ago and so far.....I'm getting there. I know it's a process and am willing to wait it out if need be. Thanks for any advice you can offer.
Olivia Rodriguez
I cant wait to start my hair journey back in 2016 I went though that straight hair scene/emo stage now my hair is very damaged from dying the ends I just got a new cut now I need to perfect my curls I hope I can get to your point in which I was back then you have inspired me to start it I hate that I’m starting so late
Teresa Rockdriguez
Thanks to let me not that is not normal to become perfect hair in 3 weeks, sometime i see this girls that say its like week 6 an they allready have like perfect hair!!, now i am happy to know i just have to keep working on it.... and maybe someday its going to be better
Astrid M
Astrid M Oy oldin
I don't know what to do. My hair on the highest top of my haid is completly straight and the rest of my hair looks like hair from a poodle. I ask my self, if I use this much oil in my hair as you show, does it don't looks greasy? And does the shampoo you use really clean the hair? Because there is also so much oil in it. When I use Coconut oil in my hair, my shampoo does not clean my hair with one wash. Do I make mistakes? I am sorry for my english. I am German and do not speak or write very often in english.
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood Oy oldin
I’ve been following these tips for a year and they’re working. Can’t wait for my hair to go back to its natural state. 😊😊😊😊
giavannaa Oy oldin
it took me over two years just to get my hair healthy again and was so impatient
Rauri Jayne
Rauri Jayne Oy oldin
Ouidad is also fantastic!!!
dream day
dream day Oy oldin
Heya! My curls are not even but looks frizzy dry and unruly! Holy shit I feel like Goin bald.. I hope in future u talk hindi a lil more!
Subhashree Ghosh
I can relate to you so much you’ve no idea. I used to heat my hair get it straight every time which have caused so much damaged to my hair that now even oiling and using different products is not working out. I really don’t know what you do. Do you think I should start using Deva Curl products soon ?
Minakshi Blakev
tel lagao 😂😂
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