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How To Fake Naturally Curly Hair!
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14-Dek, 2017

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Kendral Hunt
Kendral Hunt 16 kun oldin
I love Mexican women.They're my favorite raced women.
Lights, Camera, Fashion!
I'm so happy I found this video because I have an event tomorrow and with my outfit I wanted to make my hair look naturally curly and I had no idea on this earth how I would do that so thank you so much !!!!
aliyah beaudry
I can’t stand being hungry
Carrie T
Carrie T Oy oldin
Just stunning! What lip color are you wearing?
Lizzy _24155
Lizzy _24155 Oy oldin
for me I to get my actual curls back is that I have to scrunch my hair when it’s wet and it doesn’t even matter if it’s not even curled it needs to be wavy and then it tightens and it stays for the whole day 💗
Cutie O Brian
Cutie O Brian Oy oldin
Where's the wand She is using from?:)
Esme Tejada
Esme Tejada Oy oldin
Can you do this on your short hair 😭
Taylor Bollwinkel
freaking love it. can’t wait to try
Kennedy Volkart
Kennedy Volkart 2 oy oldin
I love love love this!
Oriana Shamoun
Oriana Shamoun 3 oy oldin
Your face looks really wet. Love the hair by the way 🙃
Rachel Carrasquillo
Ananya Mishra
Ananya Mishra 4 oy oldin
This is so interesting and beautiful, I'm loving it
Rii Scholtens
Rii Scholtens 4 oy oldin
Glow glam Queen 👸.
Jessica Ariel
Jessica Ariel 5 oy oldin
Oh my god, this was giving me Pretty Woman vibes 😍😍😍
Gabrielle Simard-Nadeau
I fucking love this !! Natural look with the red lips 👌👌👌😍😍😍
Sandra Hernandez
Sandra Hernandez 5 oy oldin
She looks like Mariah Carey when she first came out 😩😍😍😍😍😍
Sandra Hernandez
Sandra Hernandez 5 oy oldin
She looks like Mariah Carey when she first came out 😩😍😍😍😍😍
koi herron
koi herron 5 oy oldin
Help me please
koi herron
koi herron 5 oy oldin
I need a tutorial on this makeup look
Monica Ailyn
Monica Ailyn 5 oy oldin
I’m getting Emmy Rossum hair vibes😍😍😍😍
Angee Contreras
Angee Contreras 6 oy oldin
My hair used to be damaged and I lost my curls but I haven’t dyed my hair in so long and my curls are back! I don’t even wanna touch my hair anymore.
Clare 6 oy oldin
Oh my gosh!! Mariah Carey who?!! ❤️❤️❤️
Jennifer Cunningham
First thought, Mariah circa 91, absolutely love it!
Spicy Mafia
Spicy Mafia 6 oy oldin
She reminds me of Jennifer lopez
DIANA MIRANDA 6 oy oldin
Hair goals 😍
Vanessa Cruz
Vanessa Cruz 7 oy oldin
That's so pretty. I have naturally curly hair but I'm like you with the bleach.
nichick39 7 oy oldin
*rubs eyes* I thought you was Mariah Carey back from her Vision Of Love days in the 90's lol
missyme1995 7 oy oldin
Can you make a makeup tutorial on this look?
Jules Wick
Jules Wick 7 oy oldin
Omg I’m having major flash backs!! This looks so hot!! I have the same texture of hair as you!! And I have lost my curls as the years have gone by!!! But I used to scrunch my hair too! My cousins actually gave me a curly hair intervention when I was in like 7th grade because I didn’t know wtf to do with my hair texture! Haha! They saved me! All about that Gel! I love this look and it’s takin me back to how I wore my hair to prom! PS-we are at that level where you can just leave out the back! Lol! Try less!
Jules Wick
Jules Wick 7 oy oldin
Omg I’m having major flash backs!! This looks so hot!! I have the same texture of hair as you!! And I have lost my curls as the years have gone by!!! But I used to scrunch my hair too! My cousins actually gave me a curly hair intervention when I was in like 7th grade because I didn’t know wtf to do with my hair texture! Haha! They saved me! Moose+Gel! I love this look and it’s takin me back to how I wore my hair to prom! PS-we are at that level where you can just leave out the back! Lol! Try less!
Claudia Jones
Claudia Jones 7 oy oldin
Desi u are gorgeous!
Dolly D
Dolly D 7 oy oldin
WHAT. IS. THAT. HiGhLiGhTeR 0.o it looks gorgeoussssss
Yaren Top
Yaren Top 7 oy oldin
Looking like Jennifer Lopez 👌
Layla Coates
Layla Coates 7 oy oldin
Can you PLEASE give a tutorial on your makeup?
Grace Huffman
Grace Huffman 8 oy oldin
Wearing this for my church’s youth conference!!! Love it
jenni nicole
jenni nicole 8 oy oldin
binge watching your videos ❤️ i love you and i can so relate to you with the tub of blue gel 😂
Paris Love
Paris Love 8 oy oldin
Welcome back to the 1980s
Karen perez
Karen perez 8 oy oldin
If you keep heat styling your curls are never going to come back healthy , stop heat styling and bleaching and they will come back 100%
Mila Marjanovic
Mila Marjanovic 8 oy oldin
that's not how it works, if the ends of your hair are severly damaged and dead, they won't recover, the only thing you could do is to cut off the dead ends.
jonathan farias
jonathan farias 8 oy oldin
Omg you are giving me hard Selena vibes right now... if your hair was darker you'd be her twin! Looks stunning on you, I'd love to see this hair more. Plus the heat kills me too. I've legit had mini melt downs while blow drying my long hair when I was younger. It was too much hair, heat, stickiness.. ehh I get it girl. Lol 🤣🤣😍😘 Just had to edit this because I just realized I'm using my hubbys phone to comment. 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣
Giselle Haltom
Giselle Haltom 8 oy oldin
This was so helpful! Looks gorgeous!
cera j
cera j 8 oy oldin
"I like to spritz it with a little..." in my head I totally thought you were about to say fix plus 😂😂 I've been watching too many make-up tutes lol
Maggie's Mama
Maggie's Mama 8 oy oldin
I love these thick, voluptuous curls! Thankyou for showing how to do the extensions. 😘
Rebecca Exum
Rebecca Exum 8 oy oldin
I put kenra hairspray #25 in my hair immediately out of the shower and then I defuse it. The trick for me is defusing while it’s really really wet. Never towel dry curly hair.....
Alexandra Marguerite
reminds me of 90s mariah carey😍
Lizette Salazar
Lizette Salazar 8 oy oldin
Love these ideas Desi, thanks for sharing 😚
Sara Vtt
Sara Vtt 8 oy oldin
I’m the same way. I haaaate the heat
ritas619 8 oy oldin
That’s where we’re at girl. Life motto do less. 😂🤪💕
HaileyRose- 8 oy oldin
This is what my hair looks naturally! This looks so good! ❤️
April Diaz
April Diaz 8 oy oldin
Try this for getting your curl back... it did with mine! Just use Organic Unrefined Coconut 🥥 Oil. Get some in your hands... rub ... them apply to hair 😉 let me know how it works
Anna McCleskey
Anna McCleskey 9 oy oldin
I have naturally curly hair! but damn I wish I had that volume
Alexis Del Toro
Alexis Del Toro 9 oy oldin
Shades of blue JLO vibes🙌🏼
Mee 02
Mee 02 9 oy oldin
J.Lo in the beginning Mariah Carey at the end im in love!!
Eva Padron
Eva Padron 9 oy oldin
Can you pleasssseee do a tutorial for this makeup look????
L Flowers
L Flowers 9 oy oldin
this is epic
Leah Love xoxo
Leah Love xoxo 9 oy oldin
Legit..looking like jlo!! 💋💄😊😮
UlkaM 9 oy oldin
Wow, ok, You look like Mariah Carey, seriously. Nice.
Teegan Curitz
Teegan Curitz 9 oy oldin
One eternity later hahahah
Rosario Perez
Rosario Perez 9 oy oldin
Cute curly video
Elo F.
Elo F. 9 oy oldin
I'm jealous about how amazing you look with natural makeup, without emphasizing the eyes but bold lips. You rock it!
Julissa Acosta
Julissa Acosta 9 oy oldin
THANK YOU for this !!! so buuutifull. Also, of course it is okay for you to do only the front of your hair... I think you've earned that right lol. Love you.
Luka Abadié
Luka Abadié 10 oy oldin
Try getting an Olaplex treatment, it's famous for preventing damage on bleaches and dyings but you can use it on its own and it restores the hair, your curls will definitely come back! 🤗💕
brenda 10 oy oldin
i have naturally curly hair (like 3c) and i even get some random straight ends or pieces just hanging 😂😂 and trust me its a pain in the butt to de tangle 😥
Have to do this!❤️
m 10 oy oldin
i just got the fenty stunna lip paint and it’s incredible!!!! it’s so insanely pigmented. but the shade is called uncensored, not stunna! :”)
Diane Maracle
Diane Maracle 10 oy oldin
Its gorgeous!!!
Mayela Trejo
Mayela Trejo 10 oy oldin
That's me in the morning
Carey Stevens
Carey Stevens 10 oy oldin
Love it!
ReginaaaLoveee 10 oy oldin
Watched the intro a good 5 million times lolol 😍🙈
Linda Godoy
Linda Godoy 10 oy oldin
❤️❤️❤️ I want to do this now!
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis 10 oy oldin
SERVING Mariah Carrey Emotions
Rain P
Rain P 10 oy oldin
yaaas serving marcia clark couture
Liliana Toufiles
Liliana Toufiles 10 oy oldin
Explains hair ends = perfect chicken claw🐓😂😭love this look!😍
Christiana B
Christiana B 10 oy oldin
claudia silva
claudia silva 10 oy oldin
Omgggg me too.... I hate to be 🔥
Maritina Rouselli
Maritina Rouselli 10 oy oldin
Personally, I am ok with not curling the back of your hair!!!
Shamira Ranero
Shamira Ranero 11 oy oldin
Please do a tutorial on this make up...literally, how I want to look on my wedding day. (The under clip at the nape is genius) I get married in March
Natasha Rosa
Natasha Rosa 11 oy oldin
Love your hair colour brown with blonde!
Francia Estrada
Francia Estrada 11 oy oldin
Life moto trie less lmao
Alejandra Guzman
Alejandra Guzman 11 oy oldin
Finally had time to watch. That intro was giving me young and beautiful vibes from Lana
Linay 11 oy oldin
tatiana arias
tatiana arias 11 oy oldin
Amanda Miguel vibes
Michaela Griffin
Michaela Griffin 11 oy oldin
You have to stop using heat!!!
ashley Dejesus
ashley Dejesus 11 oy oldin
Love this! Looks natural 😀
Cassie Burt
Cassie Burt 11 oy oldin
Looks like a hot 80s MILF ❤️😜
Charlotte Watson
Charlotte Watson 11 oy oldin
Abbie Canedo
Abbie Canedo 11 oy oldin
SHE COULD BE A PANTENE MODEL before she brushed it lol
Amo Eivl
Amo Eivl 11 oy oldin
Do you guys know what app did she use to edit her video ? I want to add arrows like the ones in this vid
Sarah- Quinn-
Sarah- Quinn- 11 oy oldin
my hairs way too thick to do this and long. I already have a bigger curler and it takes me over an hour at least to curl my hair.
butterfly49712 11 oy oldin
I love the curlyness! I used to curl my hair like that back in the day! My hair is naturally straight, but I have always dreamed of having curly hair as a kid.
Jessica Castanon
Jessica Castanon 11 oy oldin
Mariah Carey vibes
anneke rides
anneke rides 11 oy oldin
idk why but you remind me of J-LO in this video lol
Caitlin Tomsu
Caitlin Tomsu 11 oy oldin
So cute.
Lexi Greenway
Lexi Greenway 11 oy oldin
in love omg
Stephanie ednie
Stephanie ednie 11 oy oldin
U look like Selena in that intro
Karen Galicia
Karen Galicia 11 oy oldin
Julia Roberts hair inspired❤️👠💄💋
Kendra G
Kendra G 11 oy oldin
So beautiful
Morrighan Siren
Morrighan Siren 11 oy oldin
reminds me of early mariah carey...vision of love days
Angels Beauty
Angels Beauty 11 oy oldin
naturally curly hair girl here love this look
Tabassum Fariha
Tabassum Fariha 11 oy oldin
can you mention what products you used in your face please.