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29-Sen, 2017

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Fikrlar 231
Gracieanna 19 soat oldin
It didn’t take over night to damage you’re hair so it would take over night to fix it
Ai A
Ai A 10 kun oldin
Used to get bullied so bad about having really long/thick curly hair and after 10 years of constantly blow drying and straightening my hair my curl pattern has turned into a limp wave :( my baby hairs still curl though and I’m hoping to get it back 😩💔
CHEZZZSSS Playz 13 kun oldin
Why am I a boy watching this with natural curls but I cut my hair so I’m just waiting
Mouaoud Martina
Mouaoud Martina 13 kun oldin
Why is she so slow
zukiew 23 kun oldin
This was pointless
Karly Wind
Karly Wind 26 kun oldin
I have natural curly hair, it's almost afro hair, but since a few months my curls started to dissapear, i have tried so many things, also the things you recommend, but it's now 4 months further and my curls have still not returned. My hair is almost straight, it looks and feels awful also my scalp feels weird not when you touch it but just when my hair is moving or something like that. I miss my curls so much, straight hair doesn't fit me. The doc said that i stress too much, i have also extreme hair loss, but now that my curls won't come back i only stress more. 😔😔 ps- it is not damaged or something like that, i use vitamin B for my hair, i don't heat it, i don't put curl keeper in it.
Hi I’m Hungry
Hi I’m Hungry 29 kun oldin
What about those of us who shaved their head and now have a different hair texture 😭I had the most beautiful curls but now my hair’s nearly straight.
Veronica Peralta
I shaved my hair 2 months ago, and it’s growing really fast and haven’t since any curls yet:( my hair used to be super curly
lafayeet bee
lafayeet bee Oy oldin
but what if i have no deva curl products in my country
Taylor Piggy
Taylor Piggy Oy oldin
Is a blow dryer on coo count as heat ?
21tomboy/h2ovanoss /NAV
i highly recommend shea moisture's curl enhancing smoothie. Only 10 dollars! The 1st time i used it my curls got so defined and there was like no frizz. Touch up with some gel and ur gud. 10 outta 10
Jane Rodr
Jane Rodr Oy oldin
2 expensive 2 mush products in hair and it takes 2 long I work all day. My curls came back just by putting on moose and squinchie the hair that simple. Theirs no need 4 all this jazz. 🤠
Xenedraa Bourque
Xenedraa Bourque 2 oy oldin
I have had hair dressers constantly giving me hair cuts that reduce my curls and I hate it. What is your suggestion on where or how to find a hairdresser that will not keep cutting my body and waves out of my hair??? I use to love my long hair but not after I kept finding the wrong hairdressers. 😒
SamYeAn Gainer
SamYeAn Gainer 2 oy oldin
my curls went to straight
Strawberry Syrup
Strawberry Syrup 2 oy oldin
Those bear gummies are complete BS
maliheh asdollahi
are you giving us tips or doing tons of advertising for different product ? is the most stupid tutorial ever
miss heppi
miss heppi 3 oy oldin
Pretty sure she curled those curls with a curling iron or straightner for her vids lol
miss heppi
miss heppi 3 oy oldin
Too much work
hgh 3 oy oldin
Boring! full of advertisements!
Gabby Sunshine Channel
My mom have damaged my hair.I will cut my damaged hair.
Meleseini Kinikini
I have beautiful curly haor but always straiten it because i thought i was ugly and now I regret that because my hair is dead
Leo 3 oy oldin
You gotta be broke af to get sponsored that much
Unknown o
Unknown o 3 oy oldin
What color of hair toner do you use on your hair?
Mariposa_ 05
Mariposa_ 05 4 oy oldin
That’s way too many products
SuperHam 4 oy oldin
i’m trying to get my curls back after years of brushing it out (why did 6year old me think like that???????) and straightening it and i’m going on 2 years now and and they’re slowly (and i mean SLOWLY) coming back. i have a lot of trouble with the satin pillowcase, it keeps slipping off???? any advice???
Mehreen Simmons
Mehreen Simmons 4 oy oldin
this seems like a commercial. The sugar bears were probably the most unconvincing
Shepa Khatun Beauty
Stevie 4 oy oldin
You look like amy winehouse
Vaggelio Kaminioti
Τι βλακειες! Πόσα προϊόντα έλεος!
Kate Black
Kate Black 4 oy oldin
Microwaving has very little effect on the nutrient content of food, except for B12, which isn't in coconut oil.
Kryzha Shanne
Kryzha Shanne 4 oy oldin
patience I can't wait
Kenzie Martin
Kenzie Martin 4 oy oldin
How do you get your curls back when your hair decides to get thicker than Beyoncé and the curls go *poof*!
Kenzie Martin
Kenzie Martin 4 oy oldin
Muffin Monster thanks I’ll try that!!
Muffin Monster
Muffin Monster 4 oy oldin
Mackenzie Martin good luck !!
Muffin Monster
Muffin Monster 4 oy oldin
Mackenzie Martin well what I did was wash my hair and then put coconut oil in it, then I got my curls back, maybe you could try doing that method too :D
Kenzie Martin
Kenzie Martin 4 oy oldin
Muffin Monster I just want my curls 😭
Muffin Monster
Muffin Monster 4 oy oldin
Mackenzie Martin that happened to me too :/
Daisy’s In The Rain
I have never used a curling iron or flatting one but I used to have really tight curls and now it’s soooo losses barely even wavy and it’s sooo sad :c I think I ruined it by brushing it like it’s straight
svillalonp 5 oy oldin
Hi Gabriella, I think your hair is beautiful! I would like to know how long did you leave the protein treatment on your hair? and when you said hair becomes very hot, did you feel that on your scalp? How often do you have to do this treatment? I am very thankfull for this video, is really useful.
me 5 oy oldin
This looks like an advertisement
Sarah Sidi Said
Sarah Sidi Said 5 oy oldin
can somebody please tell me what is that song in the beggining?
elmo 5 oy oldin
I'm confused... so many other curly hair routines say to stay away from parabens and sulfates but many of the products you listed contain that. So which is it? Lol
LoreenMew 5 oy oldin
Girl you blew my mind with that olaplex chapter. I always knew it repairs bound after a bleach, i once bought a bottle thinking I was going to bleach my hair and changed my mind (thank god) but I did try the olaplex product anyway, in that period of time when I was trying to get my curls back. Never knew I was actually doing the right thing and helping my curl IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE ! Haha I feel silly 😂
Allison Anderson
Allison Anderson 6 oy oldin
UGH, WHY did I have to be born with a hair type that is so much work and so expensive to maintain?! 😥 Your hair is gorgeous, though.
g i s s e l l e
g i s s e l l e 6 oy oldin
I damage my hair with a spray to make my hair lighter. I live in florida and my hair got FRIED. i lost literally all my curls and i have wavy hair now. My mom says it’s because i’ve grown out of them. But my curls were so adorable. From like day care to elementary. My goal is to have curly hair. I use alot of keratin for my hair and the back of me head i have loose curls. It’s been like that for months, almost a year. And i don’t know what to do. I haven’t watched this yet so hopefully this can help me.
Hanin Madhaji
Hanin Madhaji 6 oy oldin
My hair used to be soooooo curly and tight but then I started straightening my hair and applying so much heat and now my hair is super wavy and on some days they’re are some curls but I want to get my curls 1000000% back I use Cantu and coconut and Amla oil to soften my hair and a mask every week I don’t know what to do anymore can someone please help
Hanin Madhaji
Hanin Madhaji 6 oy oldin
I use Cantu
Camila Tenorio
Camila Tenorio 6 oy oldin
Maui ❤️❤️❤️
Christine Merced
Christine Merced 6 oy oldin
Can you list the products for me. I started my journey a week ago and need a list of the products you are using! If at all possible!
Netflix Online
Netflix Online 6 oy oldin
Park. Jimin
Park. Jimin 6 oy oldin
Omggg thank youu so much
Joel Mendoza
Joel Mendoza 6 oy oldin
Beautiful girl gb nice video
Joel Mendoza
Joel Mendoza 6 oy oldin
u got gorgeous hair
Corban1127 Hutcherson
Olaplex doesn't actually rebuild your hair bonds. It's like a band-aid. It coats the hair and it makes it look healthy, but it doesn't really fix anything. Until the damaged hair is gone it will just be a quick fix.
Emm Emm
Emm Emm 7 oy oldin
Holy shit I’ve seen a lot of curly hair but your hair is simply AMAZING😭
Samantha Ramos
Samantha Ramos 7 oy oldin
I’m a broke girl I had curly hair as a youngster now my hair is wavy frizzy and damaged please help!!nothing works
April Findlay
April Findlay 22 kun oldin
Try the curly girl method. There are lot of Facebook and Instagram groups with lots of information on how to start.
Everything With JJ
Ana CG is there any other recipe😭
Amira Karakaya
Amira Karakaya 3 oy oldin
Samantha Ramos sameee
Lizzy _24155
Lizzy _24155 3 oy oldin
Ana CG
Ana CG 4 oy oldin
use olive oil/coconut oil + glicerine and leave it on for like 3hs it'll eliminate the frizz completely and define the curls
lewd 7 oy oldin
I would really like to know which products are sponsored etc :/
Selena 7 oy oldin
Ur so pretty girl 💕
SHERAZADE Caftan 7 oy oldin
A video full of ads. Thank you for the advices though
fiz k
fiz k 8 oy oldin
you just made me wanna take a shower
MiddleEast1990 8 oy oldin
I lost all my curls by bleaching it :(
Thug 8 oy oldin
Left the video as soon as she dropped the sugar bear hair plug
HelloYou 7 oy oldin
Thug why? I dont get it
Anna 8 oy oldin
Thanks! My hair was a mix of 2c/3a/3b (my hair in the back is always less curly, while around my face it's super curly!) but damaging my hair with chemicals, the hair in the back of my head is barely a 2a and I just don't know what to do with it anymore. I'm growing out my bleached/dyed hair and hopefully taking care of the roots now will help later.
Daniela Morillo
Daniela Morillo 8 oy oldin
do you ever use flexirods during the recovery process? do you think it would damage the transition process
Laura Gilbert
Laura Gilbert 8 oy oldin
I haven't figured out which chemicals do it, but some shampoos cause my hair to fall out and the only one that doesn't is that cheap 88¢ VO5 shampoo. Go figure. But I really miss my curls, I haven't had curly hair in so long! I hate that society tells us to straighten our curls.
Kazumi Yoshiko
Kazumi Yoshiko 8 oy oldin
bruh that isn't frizzy for a 3rd day hair 😱😱😱
mimi //
mimi // 8 oy oldin
i was about to believe what you said but then 3:39 happened
Solar Melon
Solar Melon Oy oldin
They just make your hair thick and grow faster.
Misty Halverson
Misty Halverson 2 oy oldin
mimi // what she said is all correct, just maybe not about that lol
itz ady
itz ady 9 oy oldin
So, do you still use the Shea deep conditioner or you replaced it with the Aphogee reconstructer
mel Gilbert
mel Gilbert 9 oy oldin
Love her hair . I nearly thought she was babe from dirty dancing.
Sharon NF
Sharon NF 9 oy oldin
So over acted, you look demented 🤣🤣🤣
emobitch 9 oy oldin
So I have naturally curly hair. But the top of my hair is flat because my hair is very, very thick. It makes my hair look like I curl it every day even tho I don't. Any tips?
Dana Eddins
Dana Eddins 9 oy oldin
Did anyone else have their curl pattern change after pregnancy/nursing?
Dee Luther
Dee Luther 9 oy oldin
Diana Aqra
Diana Aqra 10 oy oldin
I see you have layers in your hair. What did you tell your stylist to get it like that? I have layers, but I feel like it messed up my curl patter for the ones on the top. Thanks.
Natissue 10 oy oldin
When I was 2, 3, 4, 5 years old my hair was extremely curly. Now I’m 11 and it’s plain straight. I haven’t used any heat on my hair such as a flat iron (as I’m a child and not allowed) so I haven’t damaged it but my hair is just not curly anymore so I’m really upset. What should I do? Xx
Catherine Thomas
Catherine Thomas 7 oy oldin
Natissue i have the same problem i lost my curls around 5 and now i’m almost 14 and they aren’t back and it’s sad. i’m thing to find ways to get them back but i can’t find any
Veronica Giblin
Veronica Giblin 10 oy oldin
How do you get the coconut oil hot?
Building cristal towers
Why do you do sexual facial expressions to talk about hair products?
tink268 22 kun oldin
For real!!!
stlqt09 4 oy oldin
ikr like that is my number 1 peeve when watching hair and makeup tuts on youtube. Do they not realize mainly women are probably watching these smh please quit that bs and just get to the facts and info
Anna H
Anna H 4 oy oldin
Thank you for saying!!!
Sparkle Kiins
Sparkle Kiins 5 oy oldin
Building cristal towers Thinking the same thing. Whyyyyy do most of them do that?
Kate Ijrjdro
Kate Ijrjdro 10 oy oldin
My hair was super curly Now it’s straight\wavy and I’m really sad cause my whole fam has beautiful curly hair
alikayleblanc 10 oy oldin
“My hair is a little bit frizzy here...” - GIRL WHERE?! Your curls are GOALS!
Ida Reed
Ida Reed 9 oy oldin
alikayleblanc HONESTLY
tanya kailaysur
tanya kailaysur 10 oy oldin
This is my dream hair and guess what i made it wasnt perfect but thank fo you i made it. Thnx u
miss curlysamoyed
miss curlysamoyed 11 oy oldin
A little bit frizzy? Girl, you are lucky...
I never used heat but I did dye it often also I always had mines down and every time it fell on my Face I would run my fingers thru the front and push it back and now the front won’t curl like the back it’s practically straight except for the ends 😭😭😭😭 I’ve heard it’s my hormones but idk
Alicia Luna
Alicia Luna 11 oy oldin
My problem is that I DO NOT HAVE THAT KIND OF TIME
Amanda Loves
Amanda Loves 11 oy oldin
Please help support my video! Quick and EASY👌 CURLY HAIRSTYLE FROM A BUN. THANKYOU LOVE YOUR VIDEOS 😚 uzvid.com/video/video-XlSundfhXF4.html
Lilli Hrncir
Lilli Hrncir 11 oy oldin
My hair would be curly under my hair... The curls would be stretched on top and on the bottom it would be curly... Any tips??
Dina Rossetti
Dina Rossetti 11 oy oldin
I'll surely follow your tips! :) SUBSCRIBED!
Mamibear36 11 oy oldin
A lot of curly hair ladies say finger comb the hair but when I do this, I literally have hair in every crevice of my hand. Any recommendations? My hair has thinned out a lot since giving birth. I have tried several natural products with no results. Any suggestions?
Avery.S 11 oy oldin
Fetu'ufuka Peaua
Fetu'ufuka Peaua 11 oy oldin
Hello! I’ve just found this video and it helps heaps! I was wondering what your “hair routine schedule” would be? How often do you wash your hair? Would you use the DevaCurl nopoo followed by the ApHogee 2min, then the olaplex? Do you think it would be a good idea to set a schedule like, Monday’s a hair mask, rinse and style then Thursday’s do a more thorough wash with the nopoo, 2min and olaplex? That would only be washing my hair about 3 times a week if you consider the next morning wash after olaplex. Or would it work to do it all in about a day and a half; wash with the nopoo, use the 2min, followed by a hair mask then leave in olaplex until the next morning? Sorry if this looks so confusing lmbo!!!! Any advice would be wonderful!!!
Kfkdkd Rlelel
Kfkdkd Rlelel 11 oy oldin
I have the same type of curls that you have but only in the front of my hair and at the back and it is like loose waves what should i do and why is my hair like this? IM trying to get my curls back but i don’t know what i should do help me please
Manel Yil oldin
I have ordered the 2 minute reconstructor the second i finished watching your video! I already use the devacurl no poo and conditioner. The ultra defining gel is on its way and i am looking forward to the aphogee product! Thanks for sharing your tips!
stacie cook
stacie cook 10 oy oldin
Manel review on it
Leyla Rustamova
Leyla Rustamova Yil oldin
I haven't used heat in a year and before that I only used it for special occasion, and my curls are still lumpy in places. This is the worst part of living with harsh water. People in other cities/ countries damage their hair a lot more than I do, and yet their's healthier than mine by a mile. That's not fair
Ahmad Jihadi
Ahmad Jihadi Yil oldin
its so hard to maintain a curly hair..... look at the products :' ( bye money..
gbemim1 Yil oldin
Thanks, I have used a lot of your tips,
Zinnia RAWR
Zinnia RAWR Yil oldin
This is one big advert
Zinnia RAWR
Zinnia RAWR Yil oldin
Gabriella Gatehouse Just my opinion
Gabriella Gatehouse
Zinnia RAWR No, just 7 minutes of great tips
MoonBright Yil oldin
id like to believe you but your whole video looks like a commercial with brands that are known for sponsoring
gbemim1 Yil oldin
Great video, can you use the 2 step treatment after the olapex treatment thanks
Gabriella Gatehouse
gbemim1 Thank you!! & I wouldn’t use them straight after the other, I would say maybe wait a few days 😘
Kandiz Remel
Kandiz Remel Yil oldin
I had curly hair but after pregnancy my hairs gone straight and frizzy 😑
Kriggl Yil oldin
FYI Devacurl Products have Polyquaternium in it, which is the same as silicone but much cheaper....
Peaches Yil oldin
Love the song at the start omg haven't heard that on anything other than my Spotify lol
kissmy asss
kissmy asss Yil oldin
Yes sure 3 day old hair sure
Gabriella Gatehouse
kim chi 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Lasha Aten
Lasha Aten Yil oldin
I definitely need to try this
HaHaLooLoo Yil oldin
you have gorgeous curls but there are so many steps omg.
HaHaLooLoo 9 oy oldin
thanks beautiful :)
Gabriella Gatehouse
HaHaLooLoo ahh these are just tips to getting healthy curls 🙈 follow the ones you can 😁
Jessica Vibes
Jessica Vibes Yil oldin
Lmao definitely not sponsored
odaliz paz
odaliz paz 11 oy oldin
Jessica Vibes right
Samah Altaher
Samah Altaher Yil oldin
Hello thanks for the video it is amazing. your hair looks amazing as well. I have a question i have done a kiratin treatment to my hair and it completely destroyed the curls i am now in the 7th month and i don't know if this olaplex the solution. I read it is used only for bleached hair. so if you know please let me know. thanks
Gabriella Gatehouse
Samah Altaher no worries, I don’t think you can get your curls back after Keratin, you will probably have to grow your hair completely out ☹️ but i’m not too sure xxx
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