How to Make Cookie Monster Brownies, Cupcakes and Ice Cream Cones | Easy Dessert Ideas by So Yummy

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Transform a dull dessert into an adorable Cookie Monster themed creation! We'll show you how to make cookie monster brownies, cupcakes, and ice cream cones!! For more easy dessert ideas, join the So Yummy squad bit.ly/SoYummyChannel

About So Yummy
So Yummy brings you fun food ideas and recipes for your cooking and baking adventures. We believe that home cooking should always be fun, interesting, and easy to do! Enjoy our collection of fun and easy food tutorials! With recipes ranging from healthy dinners, to sugary sweet delights, there's a plethora of creative options to spice up your home cooking. Our easy-to-follow, wonderfully edited videos show you how to cook and bake these recipes with ease. Thanks for watching, and subscribe today by clicking the link below!
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2-Dek, 2018

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Pussy Pounder
Pussy Pounder 15 daqiqa oldin
I eat plenty of cookies
Qwerty Asdfg
Qwerty Asdfg 10 soat oldin
Griffin Mietzner
90% of people only watch these but don't make them
shariifo mahmud
shariifo mahmud 2 kun oldin
Some of this is going to give the diabetes
talib ahmad
talib ahmad 2 kun oldin
Yummy 😋😋😋😋🍰🍰
Thin and Fit
Thin and Fit 3 kun oldin
Yeah, way to promote obesity with all that sugar and carbs!
Michael Kelligan
Michael Kelligan 3 kun oldin
Great,another snack for Americas already bloated cakehole! 🍔🍟🍕🍦🍧🍨🍰
maria cecilia Almeida
Só eu que sou brasileira
Shanta Roberson
Shanta Roberson 5 kun oldin
I Love Cookie Monster He Is Daddy
Tamaki Ako
Tamaki Ako 5 kun oldin
حيدر كرار
حيدر كرار 6 kun oldin
Lpe5c Ciyu Mkjge
The Pink Strawberry GAMING
Ven Valour
Ven Valour 7 kun oldin
Doesn’t this kind of defeat the entirety of Cookie Monsters existence...?
khaled hajarat
khaled hajarat 7 kun oldin
This is the best cooking channel.
khaled hajarat
khaled hajarat 6 kun oldin
+So Yummy Your welcome!
So Yummy
So Yummy 7 kun oldin
Thank you!!
채희중 7 kun oldin
Sofia Church
Sofia Church 7 kun oldin
he just made some of not cookie momnsters...
diana. co
diana. co 8 kun oldin
criesingucci101 8 kun oldin
The last one had nothing to do with the topic..
xwalshyx 279
xwalshyx 279 8 kun oldin
Yum! I really like these recipes! Thanks, So Yummy! I really like your vids! Thanks for always making me hungry and waking up my sweet tooth all the time!
New Junky Jitts 2
New Junky Jitts 2 8 kun oldin
2:37 Cookie Monster screaming
New Junky Jitts 2
New Junky Jitts 2 8 kun oldin
How to cookie monster thanks for showing me
Rabat Rabh
Rabat Rabh 8 kun oldin
Sorry ni lake
detective Heji 2
detective Heji 2 8 kun oldin
Can u 3:25 alawys so yummy like that this letters is better 😀😀😀😀😀💕💕💕💕💕💕 PLEASE PLS K OR NOT
Nicey 92
Nicey 92 8 kun oldin
This is so Marielitai Gaming
Fiona Ryan
Fiona Ryan 8 kun oldin
Mmmm looks so good! no measurements though....
Sharika Kc
Sharika Kc 8 kun oldin
I like watching them and be like wow that's so cool and never make them idk why
Jagdish Bahargaw
Jagdish Bahargaw 8 kun oldin
Make pokemon cakes
••ViVi Aquino••
With orange peel??? No thanks
Rohaan Siddiqui
Rohaan Siddiqui 8 kun oldin
James Moreci
James Moreci 8 kun oldin
Let me save u guys time Make everything as you would but just add blue dye and then his eyes. Your welcome
Nicole Correa
Nicole Correa 9 kun oldin
amo oreo
semiLivedj FICTION
semiLivedj FICTION 9 kun oldin
semiLivedj FICTION
semiLivedj FICTION 9 kun oldin
Oh my, Do you know how poisonous this is? Every piece of that brownie is not only a yr off your life but with misery! I know, I know, We all have been raised wrong! WHY?
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Amira Nassir Awed
Amira Nassir Awed 9 kun oldin
I wish one of the people were related to me so I they can bake me delicious treats every day 😘😘😘
sargun singh
sargun singh 9 kun oldin
Who just see these but don't try making them. Like here. Because I am the one.😂😂
Evelyn Morales
Evelyn Morales 9 kun oldin
You put TEA in cakes?! 😮
Liaquat Ali
Liaquat Ali 9 kun oldin
Mmmm.... COOKIES!!!!!🍪🍪🍪😋
rara riwan
rara riwan 9 kun oldin
Jamila Jahan
Jamila Jahan 9 kun oldin
can you make a video on winter desserts
Random frog
Random frog 9 kun oldin
so basically sugar+googly eyes
Dat Leever
Dat Leever 9 kun oldin
how to is dead meme
Jorge clemente morales castro
Buen programa !!!.
Alifah Nurul Aini
Alifah Nurul Aini 9 kun oldin
What is your life??
rashell r
rashell r 10 kun oldin
Me love Coookieeeeeeeeees! 😋😋😋😋
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 10 kun oldin
Cookie Monster just wants cookies
crazy music cuba
crazy music cuba 10 kun oldin
Hi I Libe so yummy
Tasty Dessert
Tasty Dessert 10 kun oldin
I wish i could eat this through the screen 😋😋
Yummy Cakes
Yummy Cakes 10 kun oldin
It looks delicious 😋
Cake Junkie
Cake Junkie 10 kun oldin
I watching your channel because I'm always hungry
Yummy Cookies
Yummy Cookies 10 kun oldin
Awesome cake...I love how you made these cakes I could never do that 😋😋
Amazing Cookies
Amazing Cookies 10 kun oldin
I need to stop watching videos that make me hungry😂😂😂😂😂....but I can't help it
Bella Bruneth
Bella Bruneth 10 kun oldin
I think this might be my favorite UZvid video ever ❤
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 10 kun oldin
Baby;_; Baby
Baby;_; Baby 10 kun oldin
I’m jealous Should I lick my screen 99% that I could taste the food
Charu Avale
Charu Avale 9 kun oldin
😂😂1 % u will able to taste ,😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Elizabeth Aguilar
Elizabeth Aguilar 10 kun oldin
Pregunta porque todo del come galletas
Kupcake Dog
Kupcake Dog 10 kun oldin
I spilled water on my phone then I noticed it was drool
54321 12345
54321 12345 10 kun oldin
1990: I bet there will be flying cars by 2018! 2018:
Cosmic Space Goo
Cosmic Space Goo 10 kun oldin
So basically just make it blue and add big eyes
Dian Elmaya
Dian Elmaya 10 kun oldin
All Cookie Monster Sweets its Bomb Kyut 😋💙😋
Aud Palacios
Aud Palacios 10 kun oldin
do we have to use cool whip ???? 😂
Asmr Everything
Asmr Everything 10 kun oldin
Wow they look so delicious.
Mickey D's
Mickey D's 10 kun oldin
Where are the eggs!? I can't go home satisfied without the eggs! I want the eggs man! I want the eggs!
Crea junior
Crea junior 10 kun oldin
Kadey James
Kadey James 10 kun oldin
I'm only watching this because I know I don't have the stuff and that I'm lazy to make it
Tatiana Prieto
Tatiana Prieto 10 kun oldin
I love 💎💎💎💎💎💎
Vijaya Renduchintala
So yummy channel pls highlight or pin this comment if you adore your fans........
Tuğba Yarlı
Tuğba Yarlı 10 kun oldin
ben turkum ama siz izliyorum cok guzel ıngılzce biliyorum
Eleanora Palmer
Eleanora Palmer 10 kun oldin
They keep doing the same recipes in other videos
Celia MalaPeroBuena
Celia MalaPeroBuena 10 kun oldin
Who else sees this videos and thinks: I have to do this, but they never do it?
Magic Loaf
Magic Loaf 10 kun oldin
If someone tried this and failed miserably, send me a link to your social media and post about it so I can see how badly you did
715490 926
715490 926 10 kun oldin
That food coloring is disgusting
TaKidToys 10 kun oldin
So Yummy. Where can I buy it?
Aisha Al jallaf
Aisha Al jallaf 10 kun oldin
it’s cookie day ♥️🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪
Tracee Acquaah-McGee
לחם 10 kun oldin
These look awful.
CapCrunch45 10 kun oldin
clariola 10 kun oldin
The mouths look like pieces of poop.
Pista Bhalgat
Pista Bhalgat 10 kun oldin
Can you plz make something on strawberry's a full video only about strawberry's I watch so yummy everyday ❤❤
Sharmain Wee
Sharmain Wee 10 kun oldin
These stuff gonna giv u diabetes AND I LIKE IT
mr bijix erpan
mr bijix erpan 10 kun oldin
I like monster cokkei
The Gaming Cat
The Gaming Cat 10 kun oldin
Someone's gonna make the food look ugly by cooking it themselves and then make a expiration vs. reality meme.
Ubaid Xtyle
Ubaid Xtyle 10 kun oldin
Nice cake and very yumm 😗
Ruby Annas
Ruby Annas 10 kun oldin
The moment when you’re so tired that you fall asleep half way through this video...
Suman Mishra
Suman Mishra 10 kun oldin
aba so ka aga lekhina mein mar Rahi thi
Rubster760 10 kun oldin
For every like I will add a glass of milk 🥛 first one is on me.🥛
Terry 20
Terry 20 10 kun oldin
For the last step is to send it ro my address
atiq rehman
atiq rehman 10 kun oldin
cooky monster be like: cooky do you love me..................... are you riding........ say you never ever live from beside me.................. cuz i want cooky and i need cooky............. and am down for the cooky;D;D
Marmonery 10 kun oldin
This is pure diabetes
lily potter
lily potter 10 kun oldin
Wow it looks so tasty 😅😅🤩🤩
momo da Kitten
momo da Kitten 10 kun oldin
Why would I need this information
Eli Orozco
Eli Orozco 11 kun oldin
Why is this on trending??
shaylee koneferenisi
Necro Hars
Necro Hars 11 kun oldin
Alba Vazquez
Alba Vazquez 11 kun oldin
Can you do a video with unicorns things. If you like this idea like
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yekti fauziana
yekti fauziana 11 kun oldin
so yummy
Fre shavacado Gaming
I love how these videos aren’t even their own