How To Make Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

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29-Apr, 2018

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Amara Nur Rahman
Amara Nur Rahman Soat oldin
ANY ARMYS HIDING IN THE COMMENTS? Soz, idk why I'm asking....
Valerienne Elevthria
How many cookies do these make???
A garden of Lollipops
You should’ve added smoked sea salt to the top before you put it in the oven!
flamingo trash
flamingo trash 6 soat oldin
Here is the recipe from their site: tasty.co/recipe/tasty-101-ultimate-brown-butter-chocolate-chip-cookies
Crlng 7 soat oldin
... just go to levan...
Kylee Staggers-Overly
Kylee Staggers-Overly 10 soat oldin
Who wants to be perfect it’s not normal
My name is Mud
My name is Mud 12 soat oldin
always use a combination of both
DWB DAYS 13 soat oldin
Im bout to usub beacuse how good this looks and my mom wont cookmthis so ;-;
Kevin Feng
Kevin Feng 13 soat oldin
I think i just came
Max Gomez
Max Gomez 13 soat oldin
Leticia Carneiro
Leticia Carneiro 14 soat oldin
Kieona K
Kieona K 17 soat oldin
Why would u not like this ?????
Hope Yoll
Hope Yoll 17 soat oldin
What do you mean by “fat” 0:22?? “BUTTER”
Phaserman 20 soat oldin
this is not the best recipe for chocolat cookie.Not perfect.No quality product.
Simona Starz
Simona Starz Kun oldin
*cookie monster has now joined the chat*
Semanur Özöcal
I made it and it was a dissapointment....
Kirsten Milliron
Could I roll the dough out and use cookie cutters?
yip sum ying diva
why the FUCK would you test something like coconut oil but not the classic shortening? Its required for optimal chewiness along with butters flavor
Elizabeth Psychic
Nobody cook this
Elizabeth Psychic
I was home with my 75-year-old grandmother wanted cookies I did this recipe it taste like somebody died in it N left my kitchen messy And then when it was done by Grandpa almost choked
Klaus Kun oldin
please just kill me
Savannah Ewell
Savannah Ewell Kun oldin
Roses are red Violets are blue The most satisfying part of the video is at 3:02
Jellie Kun oldin
Turn on captions at 2:23, *obvusly*
Sar Nesb
Sar Nesb Kun oldin
Don’t really recommend this recipe, very mediocre cookie and is really ugly tbh haha. I made them yesterday and they’re not the best I’ve had
Sar Nesb
Sar Nesb Kun oldin
Also, I did have issues with the batter being to runny and the cookie ending up oily
Sarah B
Sarah B Kun oldin
Leave me and my Halloween cookies from target alone
Amber Yoder
Amber Yoder Kun oldin
Now I want cookies, but I dont wanna bake cookies
Melody Brown
Melody Brown Kun oldin
Thank you
Rebecca Dvison
Rebecca Dvison Kun oldin
I’ve made these several times and they came out a bit different than the video, but they were still pretty close and awesome. However, I made them today and they came out flat and greasy :( I let the butter cool, but not enough? I’m by no means a professional baker, I just wanted some yummy homemade cookies that weren’t tollhouse recipe haha Any advise would be appreciated!
Brayden Childers
I'd just get subway cookies, instead of making them
Meera Apte
Meera Apte Kun oldin
This is amazing !!!!!!!
Antonia Lozano
Antonia Lozano 2 kun oldin
get in there my son
ronald mcinnes jr
ronald mcinnes jr 2 kun oldin
Please, cut the vocal fry at the end of every sentence.
Dank games
Dank games 2 kun oldin
JSE 2 kun oldin
It would be really helpful if Tasty provided metric measurements of the ingredients they used
BTS Chimmy
BTS Chimmy 2 kun oldin
Waoh..yummy and perfect
Natasha Hughes
Natasha Hughes 2 kun oldin
Could anyone convert these to grams 😂
sam lunoza
sam lunoza 2 kun oldin
Sooooo True brown butter elevated everything you can put in your mouth!!’
Tundra Dragon
Tundra Dragon 2 kun oldin
Try putting one table spoon of corn starch
Berty Tova
Berty Tova 2 kun oldin
Recipe: 2:45
Juan Pablo Robayo
Juan Pablo Robayo 2 kun oldin
I put this video on as background noise. It’s comforting It’s reliable Just like chocolate chip cookie-OHMYGOD
RandomSapphire 2 kun oldin
I just wanna go through the screen, go behind the counter, take the cookie tray and just be like *n o m*
Comfort Baking
Comfort Baking 2 kun oldin
I really liked these. They were soft and chewy and the dark chocolate is just amazing. I always loved the mcdonalds cookies and I think I just made them. (This is not an insult it is a compliment lol) Amazing!!!
Andrea 2 kun oldin
Too salty
•khushi• 2 kun oldin
Why do I always end up watching these videos at 3AM and when I’m so hungry smh
the cutest youtuber:Pickachu
please help me with the brown butter i'm lost and i dont know what to do. is it supose to bubble to the rim? am i suppose to use non-salted butter? help!
Gymnastics Trey
Gymnastics Trey 2 kun oldin
Recipe 2:45
Mariam Hadid
Mariam Hadid 2 kun oldin
There are disgusting asf
Mental Misery
Mental Misery 2 kun oldin
I clicked this thinking it was how to basic
William 5629
William 5629 2 kun oldin
Tasty: Just add more butter! That should be there motto
Seohye Gong
Seohye Gong 2 kun oldin
Im hungry again.... I just eat an a whole pan pizza, hamburger and coke for this night......gosh.... I need to buy the ingredients now!!!!
fSally Mendez
fSally Mendez 2 kun oldin
It's not good burn the butter
Mr. Elemental
Mr. Elemental 2 kun oldin
Everything is screaming at me to stop
Walaa El-Kholy
Walaa El-Kholy 2 kun oldin
Matti Kauppinen
Matti Kauppinen 3 kun oldin
"How to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie" > doesnt use a balance to measure ingredients > uses sub-prime chocolate chips (the dark choco looked good) > uses vanilla extract instead of real vanilla Need I go on?
David Kyle Bacierto
Cookie King:Execute him,cookie executor!!! Me:Why me?! Cookie Executor:Yes sir! Me:Run!!!(Music:Run from Awolnation)
David Kyle Bacierto
Well,who's been following my cookie story???(reply here and I'll throw a reward to those who can follow my story,I'd typed on the reply section so this message will be hidden)
Pushpavalli Annamalai
is there any substitute for bread flour
Death Wolf
Death Wolf 3 kun oldin
So I ran into the same problem as most; the batter was too runny. So I doubled the amounts of both fours and it came out fantastic!
purji anto
purji anto 3 kun oldin
Greg Silverman
Greg Silverman 3 kun oldin
from a kid baker: does the espresso powder make it taste like coffee or espresso? PLEASE ANSWER (I'm on a diet until thanksgiving so someone please answer before thanksgiving)
J R 3 kun oldin
I literally hate the smell of melted butter its like corrosive to my nose
Odhran Mullan
Odhran Mullan 3 kun oldin
Wait u gotta add some cinomin
Jahliyl Robinson
Jahliyl Robinson 3 kun oldin
Is it possible to diy IHOP pancakes lol
Verity Gaughan
Verity Gaughan 3 kun oldin
I have to say these took a lot longer in the oven about 20 minutes for me and they still weren’t brown
Jassmin Sh
Jassmin Sh 3 kun oldin
What have I done wrong mine are nothing like the video:((( I think my sugar looked way too dark maybe that’s the problem
Sifi0142 3 kun oldin
Can u guys use kilograms and grams in your recipes? >< This cup thing driving me crazy
Seema Nawathe
Seema Nawathe 4 kun oldin
youre very good, nice thanks but can i use stevia instead of sugar, plz answer
Sneha Sah
Sneha Sah 4 kun oldin
With what can I substitute bread flour? I have all purpose flour & whole wheat flour.
Cory Purdy
Cory Purdy 4 kun oldin
Colin Mills
Colin Mills 4 kun oldin
Can you freeze them and keep them frozen untill needed?
Tahmida Tasmin
Tahmida Tasmin 4 kun oldin
কি yum
Vivian Lam Di Hua
Vivian Lam Di Hua 4 kun oldin
Was Claire doing this Voice
kotowo 4 kun oldin
My cookies came out perfectly, even though I didn’t add espresso, cake flour and didn’t cool the butter, i also added about 2 thirds a cup more of flour?
Ankh D immortal
Ankh D immortal 4 kun oldin
Can you brown margarine
Act Normal
Act Normal 4 kun oldin
subway. cookies.
Boluwatife Oduyemi
Boluwatife Oduyemi 4 kun oldin
I am not sure if you use salted or unsalted
skycaptain39 2 kun oldin
Generally, assume unsalted for baked goods unless otherwise stated
Prankt 4 kun oldin
Do you pack the brown sugar
iconic Angela
iconic Angela 4 kun oldin
Prankt yep
ʀᴏsʏ 4 kun oldin
White sugar Melted butter (brown) Bread flour Egg Chopped milk almond chocolate
ʀᴏsʏ 4 kun oldin
White sugar is the best
ʀᴏsʏ 4 kun oldin
Mmmmm bitchhhhhh
Fatima Siddiqui
Fatima Siddiqui 4 kun oldin
No thanks.... m too lazy for this hardwork.... bakery... take my money....
PPizza Dogg
PPizza Dogg 4 kun oldin
w h e n y o u r l a z y // asf
PPizza Dogg
PPizza Dogg 4 kun oldin
* I can't do this I'm too lazy*
Coco Bounty
Coco Bounty 5 kun oldin
i will do it
*please remember im 9 years old*
Wine mom simulator
pigeon 16
pigeon 16 5 kun oldin
Ever tried to use almond meal instead of flour in cookies?
Maximum Salt
Maximum Salt 5 kun oldin
I have my own ways 1) buy cookie dough 2) *EAT IT* 3) repeat
Yunah Kwon
Yunah Kwon 5 kun oldin
End product didn’t end as intended... runny dough and no baking flour, didn’t get the crunchy side except for the edges of the cookies. But, thanks to the kosher salt, dough tastes amazing! Definitely better than the 5 ingredient cookie I made last time lol
Isyriel 5 kun oldin
Its roughly 280 calories per cookie. This number comes from the recipe + using google for nutritional info
n40798 5 kun oldin
I used to really like the chocolate chip cookies from the food court at Target stores
Grimm Wald
Grimm Wald 5 kun oldin
We baked, we ate - now we all have Diabetes
Sean Cowgill
Sean Cowgill 5 kun oldin
Is there an altitude adjustment anyone knows how to make for these? from Colorado Springs!
somaia xd
somaia xd 6 kun oldin
Do I light the oven from above and below or from below only?
Juana Struck
Juana Struck 6 kun oldin
The perfect recipe starts at 2:44
Ben Harvey
Ben Harvey 6 kun oldin
You led me astray. Bread flour sucks for cookies! I've tried 5 batches now.
Angelo G
Angelo G 6 kun oldin
My cookies ended up as flat as a 7th grade volleyball team
AyyLMAO3 6 kun oldin
2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42 2:42
Emperor Zuul
Emperor Zuul 6 kun oldin
When I make these after adding the flour the moisture did not want to sit up. I was almost like a liquid batter I added some more flour and it helped but what could I have done wrong? I was warm inside the kitchen could that effect it that much?
mariana lares borboa
This is why it sucks to apply this recipes if you don't live in the US, we don't have 'bread flour' or dark brown sugar we just have plain flour and sugar
firehouse8ec3 6 kun oldin
The best fat is avocado. it keeps them soft and moist.