How To Make Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

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29-Apr, 2018

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Stranger needs a life
Am I the only triggered person here when they see the thumbnail that the edge of the cookie dough is not cut off in a perfect cylinder shape?
Chesco Fresco
Chesco Fresco Soat oldin
I tried using melted margarine instead of melted non salted butter, it turned my sugar mixed all liquidy. :-/
joseph woo
joseph woo Soat oldin
Idk what this lady is talking about. The smell of melted butter makes me want to gag
Brii_ tabare
Brii_ tabare 2 soat oldin
Drewsyfer 3 soat oldin
I made these cookies and hey are quite good but mine were a pale color instead of that classic reddish brown that normal chocolate chip cookies are. Did anyone else have this problem and how do I solve it?
Rip Kevin
Rip Kevin 5 soat oldin
Why have I watched this over 5 times..?
Sra: Swag
Sra: Swag 6 soat oldin
Si, también vine por Angie ;u
MaKiAh 8 soat oldin
i want some
BillyBoi Gaming
BillyBoi Gaming 8 soat oldin
Awwwww now I want cookie dough 😫😫
Asuncion Led Design Asunción Led Design
Quien viene de Angie Velasco?
Florencia Ferreyra
Florencia Ferreyra 11 soat oldin
xStrangerWheelerx 11 soat oldin
like si vienen por angie velascoo❤️
fatma Vohra
fatma Vohra 12 soat oldin
How much flour ? No measurement
fatma Vohra
fatma Vohra 10 soat oldin
It wasn't perfect .. it was watery even though my ingredient were perfect .. then I added a bit of flour like half or more then it was fine and looked like cookie but the taste was like cake .. I want3d to make a pizookie for my sister tomm to give her a surprise and it was a surprise to me in the end ..
A Merchant
A Merchant 14 soat oldin
Thanks for info...
Stalker 23 soat oldin
like si venis por angie velazco
Kim Kookie
Kim Kookie Kun oldin
can i use cake flour instead of bread flour because we bought cake flour instead of bread flour. pls reply asap
Elmossuper Stupid
Nice vid im was here the very beginning but never subbed😞😞😞 im guilty
Hekkle Kun oldin
Whenever I make chocolate chip cookies, I just eyeball everything.
Mariel마리 엘
Vine por Angie JDJDKSIS
Mango for kids
Mango for kids Kun oldin
roses r red violets are blue this is long so this is for u 2:50
guillermina cerquatti
Suscribite a Angie Velasco
guillermina cerquatti
Like si venis del canal de Angie Velasco
Ro Luna
Ro Luna Kun oldin
Aguante Angie Velasco
Martina Acosta
Martina Acosta Kun oldin
Estoy acá por Angie, Alguien más?
Celeste Chapartegui
Angie velasco
Primroseonfire Kun oldin
Vine acá solo por Angie velasco
Belen flores
Belen flores Kun oldin
like si viniste por angie velasco
Jessica Amillian
Don't use salted butter. Too salty unsalted all the way
Edie Rawlinson
Edie Rawlinson Kun oldin
I’ve watched this video like 10 times....help me
NadLya Kun oldin
I made these cookies like 4 times already n it does great but one thing i changed is the butter, Instead of boiling the butter, i just left it to soft over room temperature and use it as it is
NadLya Kun oldin
And instead of using 1 egg + egg yolk, i used 2 whole egg
Bobs Vagene
Bobs Vagene Kun oldin
Can you use a microwave for this?
Frookstar Kun oldin
The video starts at 2:45
Kai Kun oldin
I tried this recipe but replaced half the butter with peanut butter. It tasted amazing! But when making it, I suggest adding less chocolate than called for, spreading the dough a little bit when starting to bake and also put the temperature lower and cook longer.
DeMoonlite D
DeMoonlite D 2 kun oldin
The more I burn the cookie the more I come back to find the perfect cookie solution. However I wish you had talked about oven temperature for baking cookie? Please do.
Michael Wong
Michael Wong 2 kun oldin
These guys just have 2 much tym on their hands
Its Toxic_Light
Its Toxic_Light 2 kun oldin
I made this recipe but the dough is more like a somewhat doughy cake batter and I added more flower but it mad them weird and to flowery
Bryanna Marquez
Bryanna Marquez 2 kun oldin
Also cut the salt in half.
Bryanna Marquez
Bryanna Marquez 2 kun oldin
Guys. I figured out why some of yours maybe coming out flat. USE PARCHMENT PAPER. Not tin foil.
Bryanna Marquez
Bryanna Marquez 2 kun oldin
Made these once and they were amazing. Made them again and the batter was flat. Tips?
Emily Harvey
Emily Harvey 2 kun oldin
My junior youth group tried this recipe, and while they tasted HEAVENLY, the dough was unfortunately not thick enough and it spread beyond its cookie shapes and into one flat quarter-inch rectangle XD
Dat1 Harmie
Dat1 Harmie 2 kun oldin
Ok so I got to the store and use permade dough so I’m asking myself why am I watching this know I can’t cook tot save my life
Trover19 2 kun oldin
Please try not to drink the brown butter like milk, you weirdos
Laika Cosmos
Laika Cosmos 2 kun oldin
MMMMM, looks sooper tasty
CRL MythBuster
CRL MythBuster 2 kun oldin
I really need those perfect cookies right now
frostysaucer 420
frostysaucer 420 2 kun oldin
I'm so high rn
MNRS E.B. 2 kun oldin
Am I the only one who went out and bought 4 packages of cookies after watching this?
Dana Dss
Dana Dss 2 kun oldin
I did the re recipe and I don’t know why it burnt in 3 minutes 💔👩🏻‍🍳
samprati kulkarni
samprati kulkarni 2 kun oldin
Who and why the hell did someone dislike it??!?!???!!
Sana Raja
Sana Raja 2 kun oldin
I baked these a week ago and this is the only recipe which finally produced the cookies I wanted. I baked mine for an extra minute more as I prefer slight crunch to my cookie . All other recipes that I have tried will either produce cakey puffy or sometimes they’d come out with burnt bottoms while top still wet. I was just thinking if we can reduce the amount of sugar and still get the same results?
BIGBOI 69 2 kun oldin
Snhapped 2 kun oldin
Am I the only one who just likes the cookie and not the chocolate chip?
lynn kesh
lynn kesh 2 kun oldin
Rapture Angel
Rapture Angel 3 kun oldin
Wow! Thanks for the advice!!!!
Saoirse Dunne
Saoirse Dunne 3 kun oldin
Saoirse Dunne
Saoirse Dunne 3 kun oldin
Best cookies ever
Roza emo
Roza emo 3 kun oldin
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Daisy Cadiz
Daisy Cadiz 3 kun oldin
When you're on a diet but you see this video...
Hidup BackPackers!
Hidup BackPackers! 3 kun oldin
Flat Earther?
I wonder who could it be
who else is watching while eating chocolate chip cookies?
Avyaneesh Rai
Avyaneesh Rai 3 kun oldin
I’ll eat all of them any day
Revqn 3 kun oldin
neomt2 3 kun oldin
Way way wayyyy too much sugar! it can be reduced by 1/2 with little to no loss of taste - think diabetes and obesity Also too much chocolate in a chocolate chip cookie is gross
Unicorn_ 2
Unicorn_ 2 3 kun oldin
4:33, Michael Jackson vibes 😂😂
Rafael Madarang
Rafael Madarang 4 kun oldin
No Stop
ayat ali
ayat ali 4 kun oldin
Thanks for your hard work♡
Cherryberry AKA Super Mario Kun
This is my porn
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf 4 kun oldin
_Those are really perfect_
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf 4 kun oldin
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf 4 kun oldin
-Nice!- Great!
Brody Baker
Brody Baker 4 kun oldin
Sodium 4 kun oldin
subway cookies
Hiya Gada
Hiya Gada 4 kun oldin
Exam in 2 days and here i am.
Kitty Kitty
Kitty Kitty 4 kun oldin
Omg That bread wit butter looks sooo good
Levene Wong
Levene Wong 4 kun oldin
What exactly the size of the ice cream scoop in diameter? 5cm?
Arben Osmani
Arben Osmani 4 kun oldin
Can i only use dark chocolate?
ALU CARD 4 kun oldin
Girl if you guna be talking every time I watch one of the video let me subscribe
Daylan Foster
Daylan Foster 4 kun oldin
Did i just watch a porn video those cookies look too good.
EmeraldMC 5 kun oldin
She really needs to get her priorities straight. “When you have a really good chocolate chip cookie, iTs lIfE cHaNgiNg”
Magdalena B
Magdalena B 5 kun oldin
Pure happiness ♥️
Lucas Zwernemann
Lucas Zwernemann 5 kun oldin
I'm getting flashbacks to Shark boy and Lava girl
stargazer 5 kun oldin
Laura Jean knows the best chocolate chip cookie recipe periodt.
Manny 5 kun oldin
They’re crispy as shit
Shamiah Ledington
Shamiah Ledington 5 kun oldin
this is the scientific side of cooking
Velociraptor Pup
Velociraptor Pup 5 kun oldin
Ew dark chocolate
I got yes jams
I got yes jams 5 kun oldin
is there also how to make KOOKIES ?
Christopher 5 kun oldin
Is espresso powder just ground coffee?
100 subscribers With no videos?
Tasty makes every fucking thing so hard can there just be one recipe that isn’t so complicated
brynn h.
brynn h. 5 kun oldin
im eating this recipe rn theyre so dank
celery sticks
celery sticks 5 kun oldin
Her voice is so relaxing.
Jordan Hammond
Jordan Hammond 5 kun oldin
Good recipe, but I wish tasty would adopt the metric system. Cups, ounces, and pounds are horrible measurements. Everything is easier and more accurate in grams, liquids included.
Jack Playz
Jack Playz 5 kun oldin
Veronique 5 kun oldin
No dark chocolate!
Nima Deen
Nima Deen 5 kun oldin
I made this and I recommend using less butter and alot less salt...other than that it tasted pretty good
choco chips
choco chips 5 kun oldin
um you can use 2 1/4 cup of ap flour instead of two different also salt is a pinch not 2 tsp if you use that it will be salty including extra salt from molasses in the dark brown sugar just a helpful tip
Pandas 14
Pandas 14 5 kun oldin
This is making me hungry
Ethan Kennedy
Ethan Kennedy 6 kun oldin
Yo I made this , it is soo good. But the last time I made cookies I got mixed up and accidentally put a tbsp of salt instead of a tsp
Melissa Heath
Melissa Heath 6 kun oldin
These are DELICIOUS but wow they’re salty! I’m gonna try it again but with half the salt 😋
ayza 6 kun oldin
*i wonder how much money tasty has spent on Pyrex supplies*
Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel 6 kun oldin
Who else likes watching this video over and over?
billy bobbyjoe
billy bobbyjoe 6 kun oldin
What if you use salted butter??
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