How To Make Ramen

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Today I show you how to make authentic Japanese ramen. You won't believe it's homemade! You'll love this delicious homemade ramen. This is the exact same ramen recipe that is used on a daily basis by chefs all throughout Japan. Never made ramen before? Don't worry! Simply follow the step by step instructions. It's quick & easy! Will probably take you longer to clean up.
There are a few different types of ramen. The most popular ones are; Shio ramen, Shoyu ramen, Miso ramen & Tonkotsu ramen. This recipe video can be used to make all of these - Simply substitute some of the ingredients to your desired ramen.
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Cosmic 004
Cosmic 004 19 kun oldin
Suck dis
Hypex Fortnite Gamer
im the max comment
Chu Chu
Chu Chu Oy oldin
the 500th comment!
The guy In the back
500th comment
Chong Tan
Chong Tan Oy oldin
You fucking sicko
Sienna Lee
Sienna Lee 50 daqiqa oldin
I actually thought this was going to be a normal video due to the calmness.
Kendrick peter vlogs Kendrick peter
Shit man he wasting the ramen noodles
Llama farmar
Llama farmar 2 soat oldin
I got about 7:50 and I thought it wasnt a how to basic video but then it happened
Gabriel Legare
Gabriel Legare 2 soat oldin
so wastefull i think about all the people hungry or starving in the world. (there homeless people everywhere!)
Craig Tucker
Craig Tucker 2 soat oldin
Why? :(
Amaro Godoy
Amaro Godoy 2 soat oldin
mas te vale despues comertelo todo
Bacon Bot
Bacon Bot 3 soat oldin
Pile of noodles
Betoi Production
Betoi Production 3 soat oldin
Cosmus 3 soat oldin
a loot of noodles
MythenJäger 4 soat oldin
Best Video ever 🤣😂🤣😂
Milo Cr7jr
Milo Cr7jr 6 soat oldin
Junge anstat das zu spenden nein er läuft baarfuß da durch
TechBoy 123
TechBoy 123 6 soat oldin
Naaaanniii? But there isnot corn on Asia
Mist Me
Mist Me 7 soat oldin
I thought It was gonna be a normal video
Kelly AndFriends
Kelly AndFriends 7 soat oldin
I thought you was gonna be normal for once but when he looked at the noobles then the bowl i was like Me: No dont you dare oh my god....Welp he got far...
Kelly AndFriends
Kelly AndFriends 7 soat oldin
Noodles* i mean not Noobles 😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂 OML IM SO STUPID WHEN IT COMES TO SPELLING
Hemo SpheRe
Hemo SpheRe 8 soat oldin
All that and no seasoning cmon bro
Taki san
Taki san 9 soat oldin
Me looked cover and say That is no simple ramen
Zooa Ml
Zooa Ml 9 soat oldin
The very first time he made actual food without going insane...
DOK olo DOK olo
DOK olo DOK olo 11 soat oldin
Angelique Equus
Angelique Equus 12 soat oldin
7:50 Why you do this This costs money and is wasteful... That was unnecessary. Sorry for dislike
-Ķåwæıı Přəțżėł-
Thanks dude this helped
Sulistia Nurul Qoyyuumu
Why are you throwing that noodles. I'm so sad with the ending =(
Jake 14 soat oldin
Legit watched the video not knowing the channels name -_- , after seeing him stacking the ramen I was like " thats some how to basic shit" then looked at the channels name. FeelsWeirdMan. I just wanted to know how to make some good ramen.
çêlîa símônë
çêlîa símônë 14 soat oldin
That personne is so crazy
Luisa Krause
Luisa Krause 14 soat oldin
But that’s honestly just a waste of food
Hey ItsTazbid
Hey ItsTazbid 15 soat oldin
( ° ~ °)
Sam Lan
Sam Lan 15 soat oldin
And he was doing so well...
Michael Pan
Michael Pan 16 soat oldin
how is he still getting millions of views on each video
kenneth castillo
kenneth castillo 16 soat oldin
this is the firt time i see howtobasic not being insane
kenneth castillo
kenneth castillo 16 soat oldin
what the.... fuck
Cedric Martin
Cedric Martin 16 soat oldin
the tutorial was good but on the last part I hate what I saw, there are billions of people who doesn't eat 3 times a day and here you go wasting food!
It’s a Manturtle
It’s a Manturtle 21 soat oldin
I saw this in recommendation and iam Asian
Helios Pham
Helios Pham 21 soat oldin
Fuck you
Timothy Hasian Siregar
That was a waste of food
Hoan Lee
Hoan Lee 22 soat oldin
first "how to" make a ramen bow was so good and yummi and then . . . noodles and noodles . . not fun. don't play with foods remember all Japanese Parents have been teaching u.
Wandri Santopel4
Wandri Santopel4 23 soat oldin
My noodles ???
Just assuming that he is using expired noodles...
Im Kodoku
Im Kodoku Kun oldin
Random guy walks around corner: "hey man why you ramen-ging through the garbage"
Fusion -X
Fusion -X Kun oldin
Misguided Ghost
Misguided Ghost Kun oldin
Naruto offended by this video
Sakura KookíSu
Sakura KookíSu Kun oldin
Nelbert Louie Lopez
Lol, he putted too much ramen😂😂😂
Fusion -X
Fusion -X Kun oldin
Bro it's just RAMEN. it's not supposed to take THIS LONG XD
Bruce Li
Bruce Li Kun oldin
I Actually didn't even know I was on HowTobasic's channel until the near end of the video, and even then I still didnt KNOW wHO THE HELL IM WATCHING. I didnt read your channels name, IJUST NEEDED NOODLES MAN. XD
Lydia Huizenga
Lydia Huizenga Kun oldin
Careful kids, that's a lot of sodium.
Malgorzata Lewkowocz
Pasta! Yay!
Kondzio Kun oldin
To be serious, is it okay to prepare and eat?
oll123ize Kun oldin
good luck to clean that up
DizzyBubbles Kun oldin
Diego -kun :v
Diego -kun :v Kun oldin
Mientras tanto África niños mueren de hambre :v
Sakura KookíSu
Sakura KookíSu Kun oldin
Ste men
jean marc
jean marc Kun oldin
Fuck... , waste !
Voice of Truth
Voice of Truth Kun oldin
How did it taste tho? Considering how much soy sauce and especially sesame oil you used, i bet that you didnt taste anything but those two ingredients.
Матвей Лебедев
Тупа смэрть
Pragya Vishwas
Pragya Vishwas Kun oldin
I seriously don't get this! I meanwhat was it??? The ramen was good enough but then what just happened??!
distorted jerry
distorted jerry Kun oldin
Rakesh Beura
Rakesh Beura Kun oldin
Wasting food isn't last
Mr kim
Mr kim Kun oldin
“No Ramen noodles were harmed during this video”
WyattTheRiot 94
WyattTheRiot 94 Kun oldin
I didn't even realise I was watching HowToBasic until the end lol.
H. Varsheni
H. Varsheni Kun oldin
I felt odd in the first place when he was washing the pork bones, BUT do you think wasting food IS FUN ?
find me now or diezz
ok so I'm new here so does he usually do this kind of stuff 😂 the ramen was so pretty and I had to stop myself from having a mental breakdown when the hand started going insane
Shania Shenane
Shania Shenane Kun oldin
Oh god I just realised this is how to basic. I didn’t even see the channel name and legit just wanted to make noodles 😂
Clark Doong
Clark Doong Kun oldin
Paulo Victor Silva Ferreira
I'm worried this guy might be actually trying to make helpful tutorials but is just extremely cursed by the gods of food
popplethefalafel 2 kun oldin
Wait a minute. Where's the gun? *W H E R E ' S T H E G U N ? !*
Ren Ren
Ren Ren 2 kun oldin
ilLuniMEOWtee 23
ilLuniMEOWtee 23 2 kun oldin
Yum 💕
FeDeDarrell 2 kun oldin
shawn Sutton
shawn Sutton 2 kun oldin
I like how he does it properly then ruin it Edit:bit late to comment but tbh who really cares
cnex aterian
cnex aterian 2 kun oldin
Screw you 😂
Flappy Bonkers
Flappy Bonkers 2 kun oldin
... :(
kaden Pham
kaden Pham 2 kun oldin
He’s a light good cook
TheSilentWolf 2 kun oldin
God frickin damnit, why did I finally thought that this video was going to be any different from the other?
Arch Linux
Arch Linux 2 kun oldin
Substitute pork for chicken or beef, since pork is the number one cause for illnesses. Not only that its a disgusting animal that doesn't sweat out its toxins. Bleeeeehhhhhhhhh! Sorry, I threw up in my mouth thinking about pigs in my bowl. Nice recipe btw.
Hamsmd Hxhxh
Hamsmd Hxhxh 2 kun oldin
Rip ramen
Glazed Bee
Glazed Bee 2 kun oldin
Thanks for this recipe! It was very delicious.
Susana Duran
Susana Duran 2 kun oldin
The fuck did I just watch?
Karigan & Karigan Studios
don’t @ me but there isn’t a lot of ramen🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
šhirøku -chaň
šhirøku -chaň 2 kun oldin
Tushar Kapoor
Tushar Kapoor 2 kun oldin
How does this mess not give him a panic attack?
Manuel Gutierrez Caro
por qué ningún gringo utiliza el Pacman :v
izaak 0600
izaak 0600 2 kun oldin
Literal así comen los japoneses :V
Olav Georg Jaksholt-Nokevje
Almost feels like mrbeast
KIDDy Is Me 2 kun oldin
I could actually make ramen with this video except the part when he goes crazy
صاحب اسواء حظ في العالم
What you brablm????
VLK 2 kun oldin
Rus RED21
Francisco Leite
Francisco Leite 2 kun oldin
You shouldn’t play with food, you piece of shit.
MarklenIngyer 2 kun oldin
Is this an SCP?
bshneg 2 kun oldin
I was just looking for a good recipe and thought I recognized the name. I appreciate him actually doing a proper recipe before going nuts.
Sandvich Collector #TF2 for life
TBH HowToBasic can be a very famous chef if his career wasnt this.
ireneBearchu 2 kun oldin
Das a lot of ramen
Jonathan Lefort
Jonathan Lefort 2 kun oldin
You need some more noodles in my opinion!
Chrom4Prez 2 kun oldin
Randos: wha what how what is thi- there are starving children in Africa! Us: that was a bit tamer than usual...
Redfield 2 kun oldin
Wow, this is actually a tutor.... wait...
LPS _Gravity
LPS _Gravity 2 kun oldin
Ok hold the phone you see children in Asia STARVING and yet you decide to step in the ramen when people could be eating right now!
Peter Wilkinson
Peter Wilkinson 3 kun oldin
Dark Gacha
Dark Gacha 3 kun oldin
it was already good...
Uriel Serafica
Uriel Serafica 3 kun oldin
What the F
ffawwd 3 kun oldin
You shouldn't use that much sesame seed.
Marissa Esparza
Marissa Esparza 3 kun oldin
Am I the only one mad that the pork bones were not used🤔🤔😑
OnciptJp 3 kun oldin
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