How to Rebuild the Entire Front Suspension in your Car or Truck

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Learn how to replace the ENTIRE front suspension of your car in this two episode series. First I will show you how to remove the wheel bearing, ball joints, control arms, tie rod, strut, and axle.
The ball joint and wheel bearing has to be pressed out of the knuckle and I have a bunch of tips and tricks to make that easy. The upper control arm ball joint and tie rod can get stuck in the knuckle so I show some tricks on how to easily remove that. The rest of the suspension parts are pretty simple to remove and replace.
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Tools and Products:
Mevotech Suspension Parts: amzn.to/2VKrmfr
Rust Paint: amzn.to/2Dg5yAV
Impact gun: amzn.to/2It3KIo
Torque Wrench: amzn.to/2UO2yFY
Bearing Press: amzn.to/2Gh8tv3
Ball Joint Puller: amzn.to/2P2wmcH
Slide Hammer: amzn.to/2URoqAe
Ball Joint Press: amzn.to/2UTxEvR
4lb Hammer: amzn.to/2GhZ06A
Vice: amzn.to/2IfqPyV
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12-Apr, 2019



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ChrisFix 11 kun oldin
Did you guys get notified by UZvid that the video was posted? Also when you watched the video, was there a screen that said "this video was flagged by the UZvid community and may be offensive" or something like that? Just wanted to check because I had issues last night which is why I had to postpone publishing the video. I hope it's all fixed and you guys learn a lot from the video! Stay tuned for the next video and then for a video that, well, covers a life changing event ;) Also for those asking why I am wondering, here is what happened last night when I went to publish: instagram.com/p/BwI-VOhFkt2/
Lurking Shadow
Lurking Shadow Kun oldin
Where did you find the steering and suspension kit I would to do the same for my car
Its Dudster
Its Dudster Kun oldin
Its fixed
UdaMesican 2 kun oldin
No I was not notified, glad to see it though this is going to be an upcoming project!
Kaitlin Leung
Kaitlin Leung 2 kun oldin
ChrisFix p
slapopimp 2 kun oldin
+Caleb Peach Simple... repair shops are offended when trade secrets are shared with DIYers that save loads of $$$ not going to their shops!.
Tom Tissier
Tom Tissier 14 soat oldin
Super boulot même si la barrière de la langue est un peu compliqué 👍
Alf 19 soat oldin
nice vid dude
Emilio Arredondo
Emilio Arredondo 20 soat oldin
So anyone know how to get the rest of that bearing off the hub at 16:10? Or just leave it on there and pretend it was never there?
Samuel Golden
Samuel Golden Kun oldin
This was incredibly satisfiying
Robloxian Bigtn12345
How to replace trunk???? Mine is partly ripped off
Jürgen Siefert
Jürgen Siefert Kun oldin
great tutorial, was very helpful for me and my honda 👍👍👍
Devesh Tewary
Devesh Tewary Kun oldin
8:48 the way the rust flies off is smooth...
Curious Betsy vlogs
Kind of ironic that I’m currently doing this on my skylark with 47 year old original suspension. If you think that’s bad I think half a century old original suspension is just a bit worse lol it was a challenge just to drive it normally
Doddy Cahyo Putra
Neat and great work lads! Keep it up 👏
Mayur jani
Mayur jani Kun oldin
Great Vid informative as always. Just got to say they way iv always been taught when hammering or pushing out bearing \ bushes is to clamps or secure as close as possible to what your trying to remove. allowing the force to go where you want it with risking bending anything. just thought i would put that out there. Keep up the good work, you always keep your content interesting . :)
Hazshep24 Kun oldin
out with the old ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) AND IN WITH THE NEW (ノಠ ͜ʖ ಠ) ノ
HK K Kun oldin
Very detailed and informative video. Great job!
Nero_Bacura77 Kun oldin
Also you should find a fiero to play with.
Nero_Bacura77 Kun oldin
Drift car or pro mod goo lol
Jonathan Gray
Jonathan Gray Kun oldin
I wonder if the haters can do 1/3 of what you can do Chris. A half means they will not. 3/4 means their lazy. Now all the haters can go to hell.
LIN HAO Kun oldin
Love your sawing screws to flat heads method.
FPSKoda4 Kun oldin
Does anyone wish that chrisfixes videos never end?
Fuson Yu
Fuson Yu Kun oldin
Dammmm I love your video to help me to learn those techniques. Thanks
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin Kun oldin
You have 4.8M subs, don't you think you can rent some garage space and work out of the weather?
Rodrigo C C
Rodrigo C C Kun oldin
I remember this car when it came out... loving this honda series, and your videos are awsome. Made me want to buy a used truck pick-up and make usable in daily... 🤙🏻👏🏻🙌🏻
Christopher Gamer
Chrisfix keep up the amazing good work and i can't wait to see the turbo kit install in the car.
ChrisFix Kun oldin
Thanks a lot
Keith Sanders
Keith Sanders Kun oldin
Great video! I am pumped and ready to “fix it like Chris”!
ChrisFix Kun oldin
OG Bandino
OG Bandino Kun oldin
Chris, would this tutorial still be relatively the same if my car is all wheel steering and all wheel drive? Or would there be too many differences
ChrisFix Kun oldin
Basically the same. Actually since it’s all wheel drive and all wheel steering, the rear will be just like the front too!
Xanxツ Kun oldin
remember to lubricate and penatrate properly
carter judkins
carter judkins 2 kun oldin
I really want to know if that’s actual black paint or something else cause it looks thicker than actual paint
Its Dudster
Its Dudster 2 kun oldin
Wheres the puberty at?
decoder55killer 2 kun oldin
I nutted :v
H gamer lt
H gamer lt 2 kun oldin
KDM TRAP 2 kun oldin
Who would of thought somebody with marine Biology degree would make car videos
Марк Герасимов
Just say that you like to cut rusty screws. Becuase if you are using pozidriv bit to unscrew phillips head you are effin idiot.
artdeco101010 2 kun oldin
Thanks for posting this, very helpful to see how these should be done.
GROUCHY OLD MAN 2 kun oldin
Prefer flat black in wheel well
Shepherd Wolf
Shepherd Wolf 2 kun oldin
Oh wow! I forgot about the ChrisFix decal on the valve cover! I need to go back to that video!
GROUCHY OLD MAN 2 kun oldin
Q: Doesnt spraying off the wheel well introduce water into the trans via the missing axle inlet?
GROUCHY OLD MAN 2 kun oldin
Stack your spare on top of the tire for better safety backup
Steve Huddleston
Steve Huddleston 2 kun oldin
@ChrisFix Which specific products did you use for the "silver rust paint" and the "thick black paint".
po123gsxr 3 soat oldin
i was wondering the same thing. the link in the description gives several examples but didn’t seem like it was what he used
pipefighter 2 kun oldin
Nice video mr. !
Robert Brumley
Robert Brumley 2 kun oldin
Instead of going through all that crap, why not just buy a new car? Those old cars aren't worth anything no matter how much money you put into it, you will never get what you put into it.
ChrisFix 2 kun oldin
I have less than $1k into the car including the price and it’s worth $1500. Plus they don’t make cars like this anymore and it’s a good vehicle to mess around with.
Luis Piedra
Luis Piedra 2 kun oldin
Can you give an estimate at how much it costs to replace the entire suspension with quality parts?
Luis Piedra
Luis Piedra Kun oldin
+ChrisFix well mine is a 2000 prelude which Is almost similar but just not sure which brand would be a good quality for that car that's not overpriced
ChrisFix 2 kun oldin
You need to look it up for your specific car. It varies drastically
Supremium 2 kun oldin
7:15 me beating my meat
alberto escamilla
alberto escamilla 2 kun oldin
i did not see any notification. great video, i was very excited and you make it seem soo easy
shoe112 2 kun oldin
I have a very rusted 2001 nissan maxima, the hood dosnt latch because where the latch part would usually be attached to the frame, there iz now a hole of rust, is it worth saving or should i just start saving up for a newer car
Missy Darjan Spasojevic
Beautiful video great camera angles! you've came a long way since the older vids you definitely make a great instructive vid. I feel like my autistic son could watch this n do it 👌👏✌
Oscar Cabrera
Oscar Cabrera 2 kun oldin
Awesome video! You always have great content to tackle the job. 🔥
Dexter Tang
Dexter Tang 2 kun oldin
Another reason why those "philips" head screw striped may be due to the fact that they are JIS standard screw head. Similar in design to the common philips head but it inherently is less likely to round off like normal philips does if you use the right JIS screws. Little myth is that all "philips" head screw you see in cars are actually JIS screws. This will save you a lot of headache especially when such screws are used to hold the brake rotors in place.
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez 2 kun oldin
The tire wear isn’t camber wear it’s toe wear. Camber would damage all the tire not just the one side unless your running +18 for that damage. Good video by the way!
bravo3 2 kun oldin
Great stuff, and neat tricks......Thanks.
Lao Han Tun
Lao Han Tun 2 kun oldin
You guys open the bearing seal, the nylon seal, will find that, grease is so little, I would rub in real bearing grease, then close with nylon seal. I saw many cases like that.
Jorenz Tweet
Jorenz Tweet 2 kun oldin
Hi Chris. What do you think is the problem in my front suspension when I hear a sort of dribbling sound when passing by uneven road? Sound is not that audible on potholes.
MOON SHATER 2 kun oldin
Midnights & Mornings
Hey Chris, what school did you go to get your certification?
Joseph Fiumara
Joseph Fiumara 2 kun oldin
Love your videos Chrisfix! Watching your videos I'v learned a lot and saved hundreds of dollars, My neighbors and friends think i'm a mechanic ! hahaa ! Your a great teacher !
ghost GAMING
ghost GAMING 2 kun oldin
VanossGaming is that you 11:03
BDF martin
BDF martin 2 kun oldin
Criss that is a d16 right?
bibi 2 kun oldin
Pouvez vous mettre les sous-titres en français svp
Keyboard Dancers
Keyboard Dancers 2 kun oldin
Old tech is environmentally friendly, creates jobs and prevents drug use.
Nixy Guyaban
Nixy Guyaban 2 kun oldin
7:06 ChrisFix: You're probably gonna do this a bunch of times. 🤣
Greystoke1986 2 kun oldin
Chris, I have enjoyed watching everything that you are doing to the Del Sol!!! What do you have planned for the exterior? Is it a secret or can you reveal a few hints now? Great job Chris!!!
Jesse Renn
Jesse Renn 2 kun oldin
Whoa wait when did he repaint the engine bay? Or was it always that white?
Sly John
Sly John 2 kun oldin
what part of the car are you resting on the jack stands in the beginning?
Abdulazeez Jawad
Abdulazeez Jawad 2 kun oldin
7:05 - when your parents go out for groceries and you're home alone
BooMan TheGhost
BooMan TheGhost 2 kun oldin
KEE LOE 2 kun oldin
Great vid. . . . Still dont have the balls to try it myself.
Bedlamco 2 kun oldin
What is that silver paint
JillyBean860 2 kun oldin
This brought back awful/great memories of my front suspension rebuild. I did this years ago with the help of your past UZvid videos and everything came out great. You are such an inspiration!
jamesws3 2 kun oldin
What penetrating oil have you found to work best? Reviews are all over the place.
TheRustyCracker 2 kun oldin
Has a cordless impact.... nice tools... but uses a hand saw lol.
Chad Bell
Chad Bell 2 kun oldin
They have a tie rod end remover that makes it much easier to remove the inner tie rod. I would suggest this method over the way ChrisFix does it.
Fury_LitBoy 2 kun oldin
Why are there even dislikes on this amazing video ❤❤ Love your content
Marcelo Esquivel
Marcelo Esquivel 2 kun oldin
Buy a silverado plzzzzz
Jonny DIY
Jonny DIY 2 kun oldin
May have been answered already but what kind of Paints were those at the end? Silver was? Never seen silver rust proofing paint. Black was Herculiner type paint or?
Jonny DIY
Jonny DIY 2 kun oldin
Por15? 😁
Haxmaster 2 kun oldin
7:04 Me every night before bed except dealing with another "Hub"
decco 6 soat oldin
chris is obviously a child of god. id have that hub off in 4 pumps
Rodolfo killa
Rodolfo killa 2 kun oldin
Hey Chris we would love a interior deep clean video please. Thanks
Bucking Bronco
Bucking Bronco 2 kun oldin
Now you need to show how to do it with solid axels. Like on an older pickup
Bucking Bronco
Bucking Bronco 2 kun oldin
+ChrisFix how do I message you? I cant find your email?
ChrisFix 2 kun oldin
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Message or email me your name and address for some ChrisFix swag for being the first comment!
Matthew Chan
Matthew Chan 2 kun oldin
Still can’t see the next video. Sigh
Jonny Fortin
Jonny Fortin 2 kun oldin
The 2nd part of this video says its unavailable. was it flagged for being to awesome too? keep up the good work man!
nicolas a
nicolas a 2 kun oldin
Second part????????
Jacoboss08 2 kun oldin
What happened to the new video? You said on ig it would be out today.
Merrick Galeener
Merrick Galeener 2 kun oldin
Now just do that three times more
Matt Estes
Matt Estes 2 kun oldin
Do you do a voice over your videos or do you use the microphone on your camera as your doing the work? or do you do both?
ANDREW GEORGE 3 kun oldin
Show us how to clean an engine frim old oil and smuge
alejandro vargas
alejandro vargas 3 kun oldin
David Hommel
David Hommel 3 kun oldin
Here’s a freebie. Easiest way to loosen the axle nut is to put your socket and breaker bar on before removing the tires and put your car in drive or reverse and only move the car about an inch or two. Way easier on your back.
Marco Sin
Marco Sin 3 kun oldin
Hey Chris, so when you paint the suspension areas are you using some special paint or is it just regular paint?
Kingma Jasper
Kingma Jasper 3 kun oldin
I used to be a fan But now ... I'm just an Air conditioner
Joe Lee
Joe Lee 3 kun oldin
I am very sorry
Ash Kumar
Ash Kumar 3 kun oldin
problem facing in Chevrolet captiva 2007 manual, DTC U0073, U0121 and P0500 ,,,,suddenly odometer stops working ,all needles(Temperature, rpm, speed etc.) showing 0 reading , ac stops cooling while blower keep running,reverse gear light stops working and all happen intermittently and all together. Can anybody suggest solution?
Adi Azarov
Adi Azarov 3 kun oldin
Another incredible video
Marc-Antoine 3 kun oldin
7:02 me when I see a brand new front suspension on a Honda
03 Silverado
03 Silverado 3 kun oldin
Who can help me find a website that can give me good suspension parts for a 2003 silvarado 2x4? THANKS
Polo Junior
Polo Junior 3 kun oldin
What’s the name of the paint you use
WhiteStone30 3 kun oldin
Chris: Video next Thursday Next Thursday:....
J. M.
J. M. 3 kun oldin
ChrisFix is posting garbage videos. Honda Civic is not the same as every car. But ChrisFix pretends to know everything and every car. Disgusting.
Joe Lee
Joe Lee 2 kun oldin
youtube is the world of showoff. welcome.
Yogesh More
Yogesh More 3 kun oldin
Hi Chris fix I am looking forward to drifting because I am a pro at it in racing games and I subscribed to your Chanel keep it up🤘🤘
Deivid Georgiev
Deivid Georgiev 3 kun oldin
Make a video with a new throttle body please
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 3 kun oldin
Was the paint he used Por-15?
CheckDrive 3 kun oldin
This is the reason why i subscribe your Channels LOVE YOUR VIDEOS BRO FROM INDIA!! 👍👍👍
Eldrich The roblox and Minecraft gamer
Love your videos
LEO SHOWS 3 kun oldin
You are the reason I just bought a del sol a week ago and I fcking love it ☺️👌🏻 Thanks
MIB gamer 8764
MIB gamer 8764 3 kun oldin
When are you going to install the performance intake on the Driftstang?
S.A.M. 3 kun oldin
Is already done
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