Ayesha Malik
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These hair oils changed my life! Tropic Isle Living saved me from balding. I’ve been using them weekly for almost 3 years now. I am so happy to have partnered with them on this video.
Unfortunetly, the code “SPISHA” is now expired BUT, you can find those oils right here!: www.amazon.com/shop/spisha
Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, and Tea Tree Oil are also important to use. You can get them at your local grocery store or online.

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29-Yan, 2018

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Ayesha Malik
Ayesha Malik Yil oldin
code SPISHA is now expired BUT, you can find the products here! - - - - > www.amazon.com/shop/spisha
Bethany Francia
Bethany Francia 26 kun oldin
How did you get the bald spot back?
stephanie contreras
Hi ! Just wondering , I’ve read that you can’t use tea tree oil directly on skin . Is this a safe method however ?
Steven S. Hudson
Lizbeth Macias
Lizbeth Macias 2 oy oldin
Ayesha Malik hi, what is the color of your hair
Marwa Samra
Marwa Samra 3 oy oldin
I love your eyebrows do you fill them in? @Ayesha Malik
Shefali Khandelwal
Hii I'm recent subscribe your channel and I like your videos actually I don't have that much of budget so suggest me according to reasonable budget
Harshith M.y
Harshith M.y Kun oldin
product may be good but its too pricey and so many oil routine on regular basis doesnt seem to work for many...
Madiha Makhdoom
Madiha Makhdoom 3 kun oldin
You have the best hair
Chirag Patel
Chirag Patel 3 kun oldin
The oil i use has all of these ingredients: www.amazon.com/dp/B01JJQA1EU?ref=myi_title_dp
Erik H
Erik H 3 kun oldin
I'm letting my hair grow out,and I suspect it will look pretty similar to yours,except red lol. Your hair is beautiful
Brianna Johnson
Brianna Johnson 3 kun oldin
Do you still recommend this process if I’m in the military and wear my hair in a bun everyday?
Shell schutta
Shell schutta 5 kun oldin
Since you use Oils do you use hair mask too?
adumelial rothstein
I have these products saved to buy on Amazon asap. I do have coconut oil. I wonder why you use Teatree oil instead of Rosemary.as the later is known for inducing hair growth?
marcia ojeda
marcia ojeda 6 kun oldin
So after the red pimento shampoo, do you use the deva curl lowpoo ?
Manisha Divekar
Manisha Divekar 7 kun oldin
I like colour of hair. How did you get this colour
Minjinsor Ganbaatar
Should I have to use all the products?
MariaCarla Mazza
MariaCarla Mazza 8 kun oldin
Hi, I'm from Italy...and my hair are very crazy and damaged and the most important thing: I have mixed hair! So...there are oils that can only be applied on the scalp (and you use two oils together, don't you?), and others like the coconut one that is only for lenghts?
O. M. A.
O. M. A. 9 kun oldin
How would I wash my hair without shampoo after putting all those oils on my hair?
Areli Olayo
Areli Olayo 10 kun oldin
Ya ,I love oils too 😍😂😎
Fiesta Ayu
Fiesta Ayu 10 kun oldin
Why curly hair care is so fucking expensive ☹️
rhymeAlittle303 11 kun oldin
I've been deep conditioning my hair every week with oils and it has saved my hair also!!! I love them like crazy But I still haven't found any jojoba oil or avocado oil and I want to try it really bad do u no any websites that sell pure avocado and jojoba oil??? 😁😁
Salvador Rodriguez
Salvador Rodriguez 13 kun oldin
Her 4th day hair looks better than my hair will ever look. 😧
SirKnightVision 15 kun oldin
Great video. Avoid nuking the oil.
Lina Adam
Lina Adam 16 kun oldin
Don't you have to put Castro oil with a carrier oil?
Vidya Jaggernauth
Vidya Jaggernauth 18 kun oldin
your hair is very beautiful... at one point in life my hair was like yours... wavy curls and long..... lost a great deal of hair after going by tbe hairdresser..... so since last year dec.... till now have not let anyone touch my hair cause i am treating it with oils same as u have.... but i will see if i get the jamaican hair products...... so yes...my hair is get back there cause i love my natural look.... ❤❤❤
Tito Abedin
Tito Abedin 18 kun oldin
great video....
ava gunderson
ava gunderson 18 kun oldin
Will diva curl shampoo and conditioner take out the coconut oil?
Google User
Google User 18 kun oldin
Your hair is a girl's dream and you sweet and beautiful
Heather Dickens Vibing Life with Heather
I know I'm blowing you up haha.... how often do you do this?
Heather Dickens Vibing Life with Heather
I'm legit obsessed with your curls 💕❣
Heather Dickens Vibing Life with Heather
Omg I'm balding the the same spot now you did in 2015!!!@ I'm flipping out!!!! And I'm losing my volume I would not know what to do with myself if my hair went straight and thin😭
Heather Dickens Vibing Life with Heather
Ananya 19 kun oldin
veronica fratantonio
Do you put oils on dry hair?
Giu Och
Giu Och 20 kun oldin
Hello Ayesha! Which is you actual hair color?? Looks soooooo beautiful!!
Jupau 07
Jupau 07 21 kun oldin
how do you sleep with your hair
Diana O
Diana O 23 kun oldin
So wait, is this an updated routine then? Do u no longer do the Deva line? Or is this something u do periodically? If so, how often? Ur hair is gorgeous! I need ur routine for my oldest, shes 16 & has crazy tiny curls.
JcRepInAk 23 kun oldin
Are they safe to use more than just once a week? I ask because I work in a restaurant where there are many different oders, and my hair gets sweaty and sometimes smelly from said oders * that's the only word I can think of to describe it* therefore I have to wash it almost every day.
Emilie Neal
Emilie Neal 24 kun oldin
I workout alot, what do I do with my hair to keep it curly?
solitaire smith
solitaire smith 24 kun oldin
YASSSSSS! THANK YOU FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH. 6 months ago i realized that i was frying my curly hair and my hair could not take any more torture. I started watching your videos and Curly Pennys. Im 56 and ive always hated my hair. Your videos made sense. My grandmothers also told me about oils also and i also did not listen. I finally started doing better steps on taking care of my hair. Ive trimmed about 2 inches off my hair. And its actually GROWING.
parinaz Az
parinaz Az 24 kun oldin
Which brand of Argon oil would you recommend ?
mint n
mint n 25 kun oldin
omg girl where'd you get your shirt from
Nicolle Cespedes
Nicolle Cespedes 25 kun oldin
Whats your color hair in this video ?? Thanks 😊
Sarah Benz
Sarah Benz 25 kun oldin
I need your help so bad!!! My hair loves oils like yours, but I struggle so bad to wash it out! Sometimes my hair is oily! Does DC shampoo wash the oil out of your hair?? Or do you need the jbc shampoo
Farzana Firoz
Farzana Firoz 26 kun oldin
Kinda off topic..can you recommend some silicone..sulfate and paraben free shampoo n conditioner besides the devacurl? Ur Georgio's btw and ur hair !!
D.r Diablo
D.r Diablo 27 kun oldin
Her hair was falling because of the damage she made. If your hair has a genetic problem the oil will not help.
Alisa Sepe
Alisa Sepe 27 kun oldin
Your hair is gorgeous I’m curly too going to try some oils
Rat Race
Rat Race 27 kun oldin
wow your hair is amazing 😩
Bilqhees banu
Bilqhees banu 27 kun oldin
Please make a video on how to keep curly hair in night while sleeping
Aamina Shahana
Aamina Shahana 29 kun oldin
Don't micro wave boil it in water bath.N use less oil or else u have to use more shampoo that's not good.
Dulce Verwest
Dulce Verwest 29 kun oldin
Do you use all the oils at the same time ?
Animal Mania
Animal Mania Oy oldin
Castor oil has been my hair saviour for growth and condition
Sri S.
Sri S. Oy oldin
You also deepconditioned your hair with a mask or does that the coconut oil?
Travis Trevino
How do you ask them to cut your hair?? I think that this is a key step as well. To avoid the triangle look that I suffered with for so many years. That’s why I would straighten it. I just ask for long layers now but I feel like sometimes they don’t know how to cut curly hair. So I would like to know what to ask for.
pheurangtchi975 25 kun oldin
*Travis Trevino* Watch Penny Tovar's *6 haircuts for curly hair* video!
khushi kapadia
Hi Spisha...please share your updated full hair routine including your wash method, products and oils ... I have bought all the products and have been using it for 6 weeks now but my hair still looks frizzy, infact more frizzy than before,wanting to figure out how do I improve! Please help.
Justa **
Justa ** Oy oldin
Do u use any extra curl creme to style ur curls when oil ur hair?
Ida Hellron
Ida Hellron Oy oldin
I really wanted the castor oil but i am poor and live in Sweden sooo the shipping is more than the product itself.
Alyssa Watson
Alyssa Watson Oy oldin
That's crazy how some say to not put oil on your hair. Like some oils are too heavy for everyday use, but wtf they are moisturizing and healing if you have the right ones. I have been using black seed oil on my ends for a while, but I definitely want to try your method.
Gisselle Molina
do you also use the red pimento conditioner?
Karishma Sharma
Don't microwave your coconut oil ayesha .. it changes it's composition... just dip it in a pot of boiling water for 2 mins.
Karishma Sharma
I got a hair perm on the 7th jan .. washed hair on 9 th jan then immediately applied my coconut hair oil for a day then again washed my hair... now it's not dry as usual
Dęfìnítêły_nøt Jasira
YOU HAVE GODDESS HAIRRR. I hate my naps😩😩😩😂😂😂
Angélica Vassallo
Do you wash your hair everyday?
Samantha Derrick
Mina Oy oldin
DO NOT microwave oils. Heat up oils (to melt) by putting it in a bowl or some sort of container & put that bowl or container in a larger bowl that has hot water in it.
Unnecessary M
Unnecessary M Oy oldin
is it okay to use henna ?
Alisa Holverson
Gotta be careful with the coconut oil. Low porosity hair does not like heavy, high protein oils
Hanna Hedberg
Hanna Hedberg Oy oldin
Whoa, I like your personality ♥️ I have similar hair as you actually but thin & Scandinavian. I use Max Green Alchemy and it is the most wonderful Organic line that suit my hair type. But, I love oils. They are one of the best tools for healthy curls.
Microwaving kills the nutrients. Best to heat in a cup of hot water. Also, some people are sensative to tea tree oil so please, do a patch test before applying full strength.
Hiryana and Daniel
Why tea tree? Also thank u for sharing!
Ayda Longlænd
Do you think tropic isle products will work on straight scandanavian hair? Cause my hair is very fizzy and dry, but super straight 😅
M A Callahan
M A Callahan Oy oldin
Hello Aisha, I am sad that you aren’t still making videos. Your videos have helped me like no one else with my hair. I am mostly white with some American Indian and I have wavy frizzy hair that looks more like India’s hair but her routine doesn’t work for me. Your routine does, especially this oil routine! I don’t have all the oils yet but wow this works so nice! Thank you! You are so beautiful too!
Ni Ni
Ni Ni Oy oldin
yaay my hair looks like yours but it is a little bit dryer. I hope some oil and a new cut can fix it...
Mercedes Oy oldin
Scrunch out the gel cast with argan oil - just blew my mind, girl! Hahaha! I Have fine, low-porosity, curly hair that tends to get weighed down easily and also dries easily. I love argan oil but can't ever figure out when is the best time to use it. I can't wait to try this!
marwa mohammed
how often do you do this? also what about dandruff? do any of the oils may do so?
Dawn Rene
Dawn Rene Oy oldin
Using ur method, but new at it. When I’m putting the coconut oil in, globs of dry, frizzy hair comes out. Is this because it’s so dry, or do I need protein
Dark Titan
Dark Titan 20 kun oldin
And it's better if you don't microwave the coconut oil, you can heat it for example putting the bowl inside another bowl with hot water, because if you microwave it, it loses properties
moj- moj
moj- moj 23 kun oldin
I think you need more protein, you can mix coconut oil whit natural yogurt
Khadija Haddad
where have you been all my life?
M.Lee Cthulhu
M.Lee Cthulhu Oy oldin
I LOVE that red pimento oil applicator! Omf! If only all root care products came this way.
Julia los arcos
What do you do when you are not gonna wash your hair the next day, cause you dont put those 3 oils, right??? Loved your video❤
corrads Oy oldin
Would castor oil help improve hair growth and length? I cut my hair super short because it was damaged and I'm trying to grow it back out again now that it's healthier.
Ekata Tandukar
Your hair is jannat
Alivia The Great
i use petreleum jelly...
aphrodi_ van Beethoven
i use cooking fat
Kenza Ouahdi
Kenza Ouahdi Oy oldin
Gan you please tell how often u cut your hair by the way your hair is gorgeous
whatever Oy oldin
My oils arrived today 😍😍😍 I'm so excited to try them out
Donna Fabulous!
I'm wondering is just because you have fantastic hair 🤔 ??
Donna Fabulous!
Donna Fabulous! 23 kun oldin
I can't read your mind Hun I'm not a mind reader ! 😂
aphrodi_ van Beethoven
read ma mind
the shire
the shire Oy oldin
So what advice would you give to a girl with curly thin hair
Latavia Norris
You.are.gorgeous. 😍
Catherine Louise
You LITERALLY have 1000 x the amount of hair I do.
aphrodi_ van Beethoven
Broke in Georgia
You have the most gorgeous hair, absolutely beautiful!!!
Radiant Style
Radiant Style Oy oldin
YES! I recently started CGM. My hairstylist strongly suggested I do a coconut oil treatment on my hair twice a month. She said as time goes by my curls should look more and more beautiful! Also, i'm going to try the castor oil and the red pimento hair growth oil. My hairline started receding from my hair being pulled back in a tight bun for dance performances. I hope the oils work! Thanks!
Emily Lasseigne
This video is so helpful! Going to get these oils today. How often do you do this oil routine with your hair? Do you do it every time you wash it?
Steven S. Hudson
Haifa Oy oldin
thank you so much. So I use this often but I feel that oil makes my hair feel run down unless I wash it really well ( 3 times with Shampoo). which kinda defeats the purpose. I dont know if you have this problem and if yes how do you deal with it?
Ez P
Ez P Oy oldin
Beautiful and nicely done except for 2 things. The number 1 rule using essential oils is that, all oils should be diluted with carrier oils before using. Secondly, I just think putting anything for hair in a microwave is a bad idea. Who knows what happens to that coconut oil after a minute in that intense heat. It just seems like I would be exposing an all natural product to radiation... that I'll be absorbing into my scalp, nails, bloodstream and more.
Ez P
Ez P 9 kun oldin
+Christye Lynn She uses it @7:28
Christye Lynn
Christye Lynn 9 kun oldin
Ez P It’s not an essential oil...
Ez P
Ez P 29 kun oldin
This is why I must speak up. Old, young, expected mothers and more could see your views and use these oils in an unsafe way. I could be a consultant and a sales rep for Young Living (YL) by the end of the week. Simply pay for your membership and you can automatically become a Sales Rep. I could then sell these oils to people... and advise on how to use them with absolutely no knowledge or training on the product whatsoever. YL has lost thousands of customers as other companies give them the side eye because of their suggested use of not diluting. Advice should be giving not by a consultant as yourself, or by an untrained rep... but only by someone that has been certified in aromatherapy and the proper use of oils. Also, these oils ARE NOT pricey because they're so pure. They're not even organic. It is pricey because it's a multi-level marketing company... and some of the money paid goes to the sales rep to pay for its up-line for sales. There's no such thing as therapeutic grade essential oils. There's medicinal and aromatherapy grade in the U.S.... that's just a false marketing ploy that you swear by like "seed to seal"... its called marketing. ALSO, There is some controversy out there over the owner, Gary Young and his ethics and integrity. Some people choose not to use Young Living for this sole reason. Off the rip I can think of a few places just as good if not better than YL. PLANT THERAPY, AURA CACIA, and definitely EDEN BOTANICALS... if you want the best... then you want USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS. DO YOUR RESEARCH PEOPLE.
adumelial rothstein
+Ez P I defer to disagree with you most civily. I pray you are never on your death bed and refuse to use oils the way Young Living consultants do. Seed to Seal is a 5 step process which they use to manufacture the essential oils. They are therapeudic grade. No other company can make the same claims. They healed me of pneumonia. And I have been healed of so many other things. Over a 3 year period I have been using them. My daughter does also. My friends and family beg me to make a morphine bomb for them to relieve diabilitating pain. So please stop. Think. Not everyone can be right always. I am not the kind of person who can be swayed when I have proved something to myself through much study and listening to my own Young Living reps that mentor me.
Ez P
Ez P Oy oldin
+adumelial rothstein ITS NOT OPTIONAL AND SHOULD BE DILUTED essentialoils.co.za/dilutions.htm
Eesha Ghanta
Eesha Ghanta Oy oldin
What conditioner do you use?
Zaina Ghefoor
Zaina Ghefoor Oy oldin
My hair just doesn’t like to take oil in even if I heat it up...
ElineArriu Oy oldin
I tried your oil routine, but the next day my hair was very greasy. what can I do about this? do you have tips?
Maria Morales
Maria Morales Oy oldin
Thank you so much for the video. In my 20's i had hair like you, today at 52, my hair is so thin, I am going to try this. You are a beautiful spirited young lady, like my daughter Justina.
Sarah Campbell
Can you use fractionated coconut oil? From a good organic company or should you stick to the regular coconut oil like in your video. Thanks ! Xx
frh trac
frh trac Oy oldin
Loreena Ducharme
how often do you do this Ayesha Malik?
Jenny H
Jenny H Oy oldin
Ur hair is beautiful x
maureen rhysjones
Completely wrong for most people. The trouble is that you need to use so much shampoo to get the oil OUT that you defeat the purpose of using it in the first place. Your type of hair is probably going to be ok BUT for most Europeans it would be disastrous. The other thing is, the big hair care companies spend a lot of money on research to give us products to CARE for our hair. I don't mean supermarket rubbish, I mean the products you buy from your hairdresser who is trained to give you the right product for you. I could not think of anything worse that touching a girls hair to find it all oily and sticky, not to mention the pillow case and clothing that comes into contact with it. I have had a salon for years and worked in film and tv and am sick and tired of the 'OIL' story. There are better ways to fix your curls. Redken, for example, do a lovely range for curly hair of all types. OIL applications take to much time and are a big YUK! Great for Indians and Middle Easterners maybe who live in the dark ages. Oil does NOT make your hair grow!!!! Oil in hair will not protect it from the sun, it FRIES it!!!! Like we fry potatoes!!! Great video, pretty girl, bad information.
Zeeamber Oy oldin
Can you please tell me where you got that awsome black T-shirt. I can see part of it and I fell in love with it. BTW this oil routine is amazing
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