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How to: Straight To Curly Routine (Zero Damage)

Sayria Jade
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How to: Straight To Curly Routine (Zero Damage) !
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22-Mar, 2017

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Lia Hernandez
Lia Hernandez Kun oldin
She already had curly hair she just needed to add water....
River’s World
River’s World 4 kun oldin
I got a relaxer/ Texturizer at an early age so I don’t remember having natural hair. Plus I’m tender headed so..
Crown Nique
Crown Nique 6 kun oldin
I have straight hair and i wss at my hair stylist. She said im growing natural all i put on my hair is "Dont shrink gel"
hana Shewanday
hana Shewanday 6 kun oldin
I love it u hair
Amy Ben
Amy Ben 7 kun oldin
such a liar ! she originally has a curly hair ! it is purely commercial !
megly studio
megly studio 8 kun oldin
Cachos do Brasil e foda
yadira Rojas
yadira Rojas 10 kun oldin
No you not a have the same hair
Serena L
Serena L 14 kun oldin
Ur so gorgeous 💗
MultiFandom Only
MultiFandom Only 14 kun oldin
Wow youre so pretty 😍😍 im inlove 😍
Magesso Felitiano
Magesso Felitiano 17 kun oldin
but can you name one Nirvana song other than Smells Like Teen Spirit?
kanchan dass
kanchan dass 23 kun oldin
I feel like people with naturally straight hair want curly hair 👩‍🦱 And with people with naturally curly hair want straight hair
Autumn Newton
Autumn Newton 23 kun oldin
Your not alone!!!
Autumn Newton
Autumn Newton 23 kun oldin
what I meant was dont worry your not alone😇❤😁
S Peters
S Peters 23 kun oldin
Ur not alone girl
Kearra Williams
Kearra Williams 24 kun oldin
If i jus wet my hair in the shower it wont get curly is this my fault
Myla Carrasquillo
Myla Carrasquillo 27 kun oldin
I can tell that she is naked
Keira ardito
Keira ardito 28 kun oldin
this girl in my school think she got curly hair but she live by the beach (the beach makes your hair wavy/curly idk how but it does)
Natalie Vlogs
Natalie Vlogs 29 kun oldin
ur not alone and hank you this helped me so much!!!!!!!!!!
Delaney Chagolla
I want to get a wavy perm to make my hair curly but I'm scared
Jemecia Vincent
What are the names of the products u used in this video?
Elizabeth Willis
can you please do one to get straight hair bcc my hair is really poofy
Brxken_ Haley
Brxken_ Haley Oy oldin
I have the same shirt nirvana❤️
angel voices
angel voices Oy oldin
Bruh. You're just washing out the flat iron from your CURLY hair
Curry gamer 30 Dosanjh
Why r u recording naked?
sahanara rahman
shes reaaally happy
sahanara rahman
i dont feel comfortable putting cream i my hair. is it just me being picky?
Madison Viodes
I wish I had curly hair my mom has super duper curly hair and my dad has thin straight hair so I got THICK STRAIGHT HAIR why just why
Serenity Charo
Her curls are to die for!! Omg😍😍
kawaii chicken
Just relized she got in the shower with makeup?
Jamie Hernandez
I love curly hair and I tell my mom that mommy can I get my hair curly for school please mommy please and then she said okay fine you can get it curly because your 20 years old but only 1 day okay young lady and I said I am not a young girl and that is what happened today and enjoy the story that happened bye girl go to my channel and bye .
Ally Marie
Ally Marie Oy oldin
Funny how she keep makeup on face the whole time. Hate our generation
tijannadjokic •
I love her tiny voice c:
Andrea the Llama
My hair was natrualy curly but was unprofessionaly cut now it straight😭
T r a s h C h i l d
My bangs are curly Because of the shower
Be free With me
i used to have really curly hair then when i was 5 i wished my hair was straight and now it is! i want my curly hair back !!!
_kendra .1169
_kendra .1169 Oy oldin
*_everyone's trying to make their hair curly_* *_mEaNwHiLe, I'm JuSt SiTtInG hErE iN tHe CoRnEr, WiTh My NaTuRaLlY cUrLy HaIr_* Edit: I've always wanted straight hair, can you please make a video showing how to get straight hair? Tysm😊😋💜❤️♥️
DrunkmansTattoo 2 oy oldin
Bella Beauty
Bella Beauty 2 oy oldin
I love wavy hair and curls their so aesthetic also are you naked😂
Brent Luttrell
Brent Luttrell 2 oy oldin
Your hair is beautiful but that is kind of not my thing
Brent Luttrell
Brent Luttrell 2 oy oldin
That is amazing but that is not what. I'm looking for
Yvng B
Yvng B 2 oy oldin
I have thick hair and it only curls when I get it wet then when it dries it gets puffy please tell me if this works because I love curly hair
Khlood Al-dosari
Khlood Al-dosari 2 oy oldin
You hair is just like mine !!💗
ANIMAL FROM A 2 oy oldin
my hair is 0:06 but i need these 06:03
Kierra Portis
Kierra Portis 2 oy oldin
Where did you get the mostique stuff that you used and where did you get those bb creams.
Kierra Portis
Kierra Portis 2 oy oldin
?? How do you get your hair so long,??
Rena Grant
Rena Grant 2 oy oldin
good 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Rena Grant
Rena Grant 2 oy oldin
Nice I am going to do that
Iana Funtime Foxy
Your not alone
Sara Coolson
Sara Coolson 2 oy oldin
Is ur hair naturly straight bc that looks flat ironed.
Arlina Moore
Arlina Moore 2 oy oldin
OMG ur hair is sooo long mines is short
just2 Shilpa
just2 Shilpa 2 oy oldin
Alreday you have curly hair Don't put fake videos
Morgan Filip
Morgan Filip 2 oy oldin
Your a fucking hoe why are you naked in social
Morgan Filip
Morgan Filip 2 oy oldin
Are you nkaed
Anna María
Anna María 2 oy oldin
i wasnt blessed like my brothers havin curly hair. mine is like wawy but also straight since i have bleached it like 2 years ago and i straighten it a lot so its definetly damaged but i feel like my natural hair doesnt fit me so i kept straightening it xdd
Nethu 3 oy oldin
oh gosh this was a mistake i thought u meant from curly to straight cuz i stupidly cut my hair really short and my hair is curly so now i look a mix of a palm tree and a destroyed broom
Jazzy Rose
Jazzy Rose 3 oy oldin
You look like ZENDAYA mixed with Rihanna
Cher Kruger
Cher Kruger 3 oy oldin
How to: Straight To Curly Routine???? this video is misleading as your hair is already curly
May Tha
May Tha 3 oy oldin
I have a natural straight hair, I want a curly hair like you so I brought all the same products you got and my hair is still straight 😩
20kSheBall Mbelem
i think sometimes people hair has that burnt smell to it is the flat iron kind of burning your hair *I can relate*
Kyla downs
Kyla downs 3 oy oldin
you are not alone gurl
SHE'S OBSESSED 3 oy oldin
I swear my hair's curly but it never looks that good
Dede’s Universe
I always feel like I have that burnt smell
Itz Aaliyah !!!
Itz Aaliyah !!! 3 oy oldin
I use the Same shampoo and I use the conditioner in that line
Dalaa Grande
Dalaa Grande 3 oy oldin
you're beautiful
Sanjay Arthur
Sanjay Arthur 3 oy oldin
Universal truth: The ones who have curly hair want straight hair and the ones who have straight hair want curly hair...
Anna abdi
Anna abdi 3 oy oldin
cut your hair
Zaambere Edisohmnjgdn Tjituka
Is that even your scalp?
Julianne Freeman
Julianne Freeman 3 oy oldin
I wish my hair was naturally curly like that
Rose C
Rose C 3 oy oldin
Guys it’s not natural she has to do this stuff and THEN it’s curly
Anima Tirkey
Anima Tirkey 3 oy oldin
You r so beautyful
Rachel S
Rachel S 3 oy oldin
I want long hair like you im jelly lol and im upset because mine would of been that long but this girl at a barber I went to decided to try to cut off an inch of it when it was curly and no-w its really short
•「CryCry ØzzyTM」•
ᴡᴀɪᴛ, ʏᴏᴜ ʟɪᴋᴇ ɴɪʀᴠᴀɴᴀ? (ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴀɴᴅ)
liliana friedberg
oof girl i wish i had your hairrrrr AHHHH IM DYING :(
Sunitha Devi
Sunitha Devi 4 oy oldin
We can use Patanjali shikakai shampoo for curly hair
Sunitha Devi
Sunitha Devi 4 oy oldin
becky flor
becky flor 4 oy oldin
1:03 yes girl is the best shampoo a use it my whole entire life😍😍😍
chajlatinkanatuke chajlatinka
She was naket
Amanda Rodriguez
Amanda Rodriguez 4 oy oldin
omg i literally go over my hair twice too because it smells like french friesssss.... your not alone bahaha
lill loll
lill loll 4 oy oldin
Good...lol I'm French😂
Just Phia
Just Phia 4 oy oldin
I love how she is wearing makeup in the shower
Joshua Barrios
Joshua Barrios 4 oy oldin
*You cute garl; You look fire with those curls 🔥🔥🔥*
islarose 4 oy oldin
i don’t think u have makeup on, but it sure looks like you do, ur skin is so glowy and beautiful!! xx
John Cruz
John Cruz 4 oy oldin
What are the products called??
Sydney Russell
Sydney Russell 4 oy oldin
My hair is naturally curly but I have like major shrinkage
emili Marin
emili Marin 4 oy oldin
What would you recommend if you have naturally straight hair to come out like curls that. Please
It’s me Omo
It’s me Omo 4 oy oldin
Omg why dose she look like Rihanna 😏🤨
Sowmya N
Sowmya N 4 oy oldin
Is it just me who noticed those curves on arms and shoulders.gym body goals right there.
karlea lyn
karlea lyn 4 oy oldin
You don't wash it out ?
Ellie DeerStorm
Ellie DeerStorm 4 oy oldin
i hate my curly hair. its so difficult
Animalzz 4 oy oldin
That’s so lucky u have nice curls, my hair is definitely not naturally straight but it’s wavy and non of my curls are the same size of curl!! It looks like a birds nest and it’s killing me. The only way for it to look “better” is if I brush it, but then I brush all my curls out and it becomes the poofiest thing in the world. Help
Edits By Bella
Edits By Bella 4 oy oldin
I have a random hair texture ... can someone help me figure it out ? Okay so when I was born my hair was soft and my mom always blowdryed it and put it in braids ... when I turned 10 I got my hair straightened and my ends clipped after that I continued to straighten it... I’m now 13 and over the summer I decided not to put heat on it all summer and when I got it done for my birthday which was 2 weeks ago it was washed and it curled up but it’s not like that when I brush it ! So what’s wrong with my hair ... btw I’m going heartless again . And it’s not naturally curly my aunt says .. its poofy and coarse .
E m e l y J a r a m i l l o
Wavy to curly?
Your.... real..hair...are curly....right.....?...
Alissya Kaiser
Alissya Kaiser 4 oy oldin
Omgg yasss girl with all those good hair products buttttt then i saw that bb curl and i was like noooooooooo whyyyyyyy girlll😱😱😱😬😬😭😭😭😭😭😭
Our Name Jenessy Our Name
Wooww ur so pretty 😍
Leticia González
She straight her hair
Ashley 4 oy oldin
what happens when u do this routine even if ur hair isn’t naturally curly ????
icey kiddd
icey kiddd 5 oy oldin
Shes peng
Not my name
Not my name 5 oy oldin
I couldn't leave without saying anything about how wholesome-ly attractive u are. God damnnnn 😍
Nyanna vlogs
Nyanna vlogs 5 oy oldin
Omgggg ur hair is sooo pretty,if i try getting my hair natural curly....trust me........its like a big explosion.
McKenna Vlogs
McKenna Vlogs 5 oy oldin
My hair can't go curly for some reason with a curling iron Idk why
Q' O
Q' O 5 oy oldin
But what if I don't have all those products and don't want to buy them? 😕😲
Is Chuck-E-Cheese SUING Shane Dawson??
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