How to style curly hair for frizz free curls

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EDIT: To watch at an at-home version of this technique - click here - uzvid.com/video/video-O1uGcCs2kx0.html
Today I'm learning a new technique to style my curls with Val of La Biosthetique in Sydney. Val is Brazilian and trained with Lorraine Massey at Devachan in New York to master curly hair styling.
Find more tips on www.hairromance.com/2015/08/how-to-style-curly-hair-for-frizz-free-curls-video-tutorial.html
Thanks for watching!
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Have fun with your hair!
Christina xx

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JulieRock 4 oy oldin
What does she accomplish from pretending the brush was a microphone? lol
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 4 oy oldin
hopefully better sound quality! (there really is a mic in the brush)
LotusFlower Flores
is the cream curly girl approved
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 4 oy oldin
I'm not sure but I'm going to guess that it isn't. I don't follow the Curly Girl method strictly. The technique is the most important part anyway, and you can use any curl cream you have :)
Debbie McDarby
Debbie McDarby 5 oy oldin
The curls look great but that seems like a lot of work! I just find a product I like and tip my head upside down over my diffuser fo a couple mins!
Deboraha Goates
Deboraha Goates 5 oy oldin
After you shampoo condition . Put just a dime size conditioner in your rub work thru ends of hair then a quick run the on scalp. Large tooth comb to distribute well.flip hair in front of head scrunch hair. Now wrap a "soft" t shirt around your head,hair still in forward position. Nowvleave it alone. Watch a movie do nails clean hoyse laundry,leave hair alone.depending on thickness this could be awhile. Couple hrs later release hair.if still damp leave it alone. When dry, dont comb or brush.just use your finger tips to shake loose.dont drag your your fingersvthru. You should have smmoth curly volume
Mary Bennett
Mary Bennett 6 oy oldin
If I was to do that to my curls it'd be huge haha. I think Im the only person I know that don't mind my curls if they wouldn't get big I hate volume. Trying to stop straighting my hair but I hate big hair. Is that only me
Ellie May
Ellie May 6 oy oldin
I swear I have the driest hair in the world. Even when it's completely wet, it's still frizzy. There's nothing that works to define my curls.
abby fletcher
abby fletcher 7 oy oldin
i do the exact same thing you do but my curls are just lifeless and frizzy all the time. :( do you think it is because of the products i use??
abby fletcher
abby fletcher 6 oy oldin
Hair Romance no i have not, but i will try the next time i wash my hair!! il get back to you. thanks so much!!!
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 6 oy oldin
maybe, have you tried seeing what your hair is like without product? just wash and style as per the video (upside down / t-shirt etc but no gels or creams) Once you know what your hair does naturally, it's easier to see which product can achieve the look you want xx
stephyclaws 9 oy oldin
Hairbrush microphone is quite bizarre to me 😨 Good tips though
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 7 oy oldin
thanks for watching! x
Ph-ShinyASMR 9 oy oldin
Diy Hairbrush microphone please!!
Arlene Portsmouth
Arlene Portsmouth 10 oy oldin
After a while her microphone started to look like a hair brush!
Ellyse Walters
Ellyse Walters 10 oy oldin
that fact that she's using a brush as a microphone has me weak
Pilar Gamboa
Pilar Gamboa 10 oy oldin
Beautiful, but to much product for one day comb!
Diala C.S
Diala C.S 10 oy oldin
What ‘s the idea of using a brush as a microphone 🤨🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 ?seriously !!!!!!!
Let's eat Grandpa
Let's eat Grandpa 11 oy oldin
Do you need that particular product to get great curls?
k w
k w 11 oy oldin
I see a lot of clips in the top of her hair when blow drying...I've been trying different products and can't seem to find the right stuff. My curls end up dry and frizzy. I just want a fast, easy morning routine. I have to be to work at 7 am, it takes 25 min to get there, I don't want to get up any earlier. :(
k w
k w 11 oy oldin
Hair Romance ... I could give it a shot. I'll try it on a weekend to see how it goes.
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 11 oy oldin
curly and fast can be tricky - it's such a pain! Could you braid your hair at night and you'd have waves in your hair for the morning? x
Val Identity
Val Identity Yil oldin
Very nice. I have curly hair but cannot use any products with fragrance:( Any suggestions?
Hair Romance
Hair Romance Yil oldin
Hi Val, check out Jessicurl. Their products are great and can be ordered without fragrance. I like Spiralicious and their deep conditioners x
Serina Obando
Serina Obando Yil oldin
Scrunching does nothing.....
Symmie & Chin
Symmie & Chin Yil oldin
Great tips!
Hair Romance
Hair Romance Yil oldin
thank you! xx
ansley Yil oldin
I have no time for all this omg
Pastel Mermaid Pool
I Todorova
I Todorova Yil oldin
Am. I the only one who prefers the before hair? It looks soft and cute, while the after version looks hard and greasy. I wish curly hair was accepted to look as it naturally does. Why there is so much pressure to have greasy gelled up defined curls?
Snoo py
Snoo py 3 oy oldin
Because healthy hair is beautiful
dianathegamer 5 oy oldin
belu irina that was deep bro
belu irina
belu irina 6 oy oldin
I actually really like the after version but what you said is quite interesting itd something i've never really thought about. Why don't we embrace the natural way of curls? I guess it's mostly because in the after version her hair looks super healthy and strong. The before version looks slightly dry but nothing worrying enough to want to stress over. It's the eternal pursuit of perfection ig
Mollie Smith
Mollie Smith Yil oldin
My hair looks like the before always no matter what I do 😭 someone help plz
e. jules
e. jules 8 oy oldin
girl you need aphogee 2 step treatment and rice water rinses (PROTEIN)!!!!!
chapman 11 oy oldin
I have curly hair and I can get a bit of the result she gets in the first few days of the wash if I dont brush my hair afterward, it doesn't last more than two days. I get these result if I condition well and let air dry. I never use a hair dryer and I wash my hair once a week. For the other days of the week when the curls are less defined I style my hair differently, I tie them in a ponytail or braid them. I never use lacquer spray. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and stop fighting nature.
Sarada uchia
Sarada uchia Yil oldin
if you are ok with spending an hour just doing your hair (and it not being dry yet, after) i might be able to help. i have really frizzy hair and i watched many youtube videos but they never helped.. i guess my hair is roo damaged😅 but i finally found a method that works but takes me an hour.. if you want i could take a few picture of how i do it and send them to you with instructions.. just send me a mail and id be happy to help! my email is zazzlz@yahoo.com
Mollie Smith
Mollie Smith Yil oldin
I will have patience. 🙏💆🏻‍♀️ Thank you! Xx
Hair Romance
Hair Romance Yil oldin
deep condition your hair! and if your hair is dry or damaged, it can take time for your curls to come back. Good luck xx
2008MrsKim Yil oldin
Wow, you would need a whole tub per wash.
Skeleton Lemonade
Did somebody say “frizz free curls” i’m interested
Local Liz
Local Liz Yil oldin
My hair is the first picture on the thumbnail 🙄😂😂
Hair Romance
Hair Romance Yil oldin
hair twins! 😉
Melanie Sinclair
hi I'm tired of my hair so looking up how to style curls so stumbled on your channel want see what I do without having my hair frizz when I style it doesn't stay way I want it
Malana Marie
Malana Marie Yil oldin
I just put leaving conditioner when I get out while it's still wet and then wait for it to dry like a little bit and when it's still damp I put mousse in it and then scrunch it and then like get on my roots and like wiggle it around so it's like all night like scratch together and then you have to wait for it to dry and then I put hairspray in it and then I put it in a bun when I go to bed and then when I wake up I put more hairspray in it and then I take it down and it looks like gorgeous
August Bisson
August Bisson Yil oldin
From the product website - - > The secret of the curl booster: a particularly elastic, activating Bounce Back Polymer combined with new kinds of ultra-light resins creates stable hydrogen bonds inside the hair keratin. This means: every single curl is given maximum strength. After they are stretched, the curls spring perfectly back into shape. In addition, Curl Activator provides a high level of weightless moisture and binds it inside the hair structure. Frizzy hair structures are bunched into beautifully defined, shiny curls and given movable hold. Other noted ingrediants are Argan Oil and Panthenol (moisturizer that coats the hair shaft).
Riri KB
Riri KB Yil oldin
lol you gave her the brush microphone xD I love it!
Hair Romance
Hair Romance Yil oldin
haha thank you! xx
pronita barua
pronita barua Yil oldin
Lady that's a hair brush, why you holding it like a microphone ?
pronita barua
pronita barua Yil oldin
Hair Romance invisible mike
Hair Romance
Hair Romance Yil oldin
the mic is in the brush 😂 xx
miss curlysamoyed
how much hair product does she use? one tube for one styling?
frenzila lorene
frenzila lorene Yil oldin
i guess crazy
ChowChow126 Yil oldin
Wait where's that place?
Adriélly Calil
Adriélly Calil 2 yil oldin
Thank you so much! Love this tutorial!
Hair Romance
Hair Romance Yil oldin
thank you! xx
Lana Summer
Lana Summer 2 yil oldin
Thanks for the tips, love this!
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 2 yil oldin
thank you! x
DENISE DEMOTT 2 yil oldin
Hi my name is Denise and I work for AMERICAN CULTURE BRANDS. I would love to offer you an opportunity to VLOG for our company !!!! How can we connect????Please email me at denise@americanculturehair.com
momma 2 yil oldin
sorry - lost me at the hairbrush microphone BAHAHAHAHAHAHAA
Tanya Portillo
Tanya Portillo 2 yil oldin
Is she using a brush as a microphone?? Lol
Sharifah Zuhrah
Sharifah Zuhrah 2 yil oldin
Where to buy the product ?
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 2 yil oldin
Hi! They are from La Biosthetique salons only :) or you can see the products I am using at the moment in this tutorial - uzvid.com/video/video-O1uGcCs2kx0.html - These are the products I used: Hairdryer - bit.ly/1OUITXH Yarok Curl Cream from Nourished Life - www.nourishedlife.com.au/hair... or Follain - bit.ly/1Vrh0xd Taft Hair Gel - bit.ly/1qYARXP Darshana Hair Oil - fave.co/1Wudp2h
Kelsey Finch
Kelsey Finch 2 yil oldin
i wish my curly hair would dru like that straight out of the shower :(
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 2 yil oldin
I wish it was that easy but once you get the right product routine, it works xx
Laura L Cochard
Laura L Cochard 2 yil oldin
WHY is she using a brush as microphone? LOL
stacie cook
stacie cook 10 oy oldin
Laura L Cochard lol
Local Liz
Local Liz Yil oldin
Laura L Cochard why not
Roseangelie Figueroa
Laura L Cochard because it IS a microphone😂😂
Marie Yil oldin
LOL i really didn't notice
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 2 yil oldin
haha got to work with what you've got ;)
madelin kenia
madelin kenia 2 yil oldin
woah 😍😍😍 do any of those products have silicone or sulfates ?
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 2 yil oldin
oh the protein sensitivity thing is big. I find your hair porosity more important than your curl type when trying to figure out your curl routine. It takes a lot of trial and error but I hope you get there soon :) xx
madelin kenia
madelin kenia 2 yil oldin
Yes, i've been wanting to try some of the products that you use! it's just that my hair tends to be very limp and my curls don't last very long😔 i don't really have alot of texture, and it's kinda harder for me to use some products because i think my hair is protein sensitive, haha
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 2 yil oldin
thank you! Hope my routine works for you too xx
madelin kenia
madelin kenia 2 yil oldin
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply !! i really love your hair and i'm so glad to have found someone closer to my hair type.😊😊
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 2 yil oldin
Hi! I'm not 100% sure with the products she used but here's a link to my normal at-home routine that I've adapted from this and all the products I use are silicone and sulfate free :) uzvid.com/video/video-O1uGcCs2kx0.html
Teresa c
Teresa c 2 yil oldin
I have a cousin with gorgeous curls, I've always wanted her hair lol. But she said she uses a diffuser & I just don't have time for that lol. I would love to but I need my sleep lol. If I did this routine at night, would my curls be as awesome as yours looks here? (no frizz, curls intact)
Teresa c
Teresa c 2 yil oldin
Thanks!! I'll try it out! :D
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 2 yil oldin
here you go! uzvid.com/video/video--0H23ZAztHY.html
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 2 yil oldin
hi Teresa, you can definitely do this routine at night. I also have a video on my night time routine to preserve my curls, I'll find the link for you xx
Cristina M
Cristina M 2 yil oldin
Did 1:05 make anyone else cringe? If i did that with my curls i'd be spending the next hour untangling one giant knot
I looks like spaghetti 😂😂😂
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 2 yil oldin
or maggi noodles?? hahaha
Lis CurlyTopMarin
Lis CurlyTopMarin 2 yil oldin
Did she say using the diffuser on high heat? That's a big No No for a curly girl, hope you don't normally practice this, it'll fry your curls. 😐
Flo Green
Flo Green 2 yil oldin
I use a leave in conditioner with keratin and Its A Ten with keratin and I put it up in a bun and let it air dry.
dida079 2 yil oldin
Wow its like I'm looking at my own hair in the before shot. I have never been able to get curls like that...i need a diffuser bad haha
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 2 yil oldin
and applying products in wet hair makes such a difference - good luck with this routine in your hair! x
B Rite
B Rite 2 yil oldin
hi, which diffuser did you use?
B Rite
B Rite 2 yil oldin
thankyou! x
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 2 yil oldin
Hi! I use the ghd diffuser as it's a custom fit for my hairdryer. For years I just had a universal diffuser on my Parlux dryer and it was great too x
Ruba Alameri
Ruba Alameri 2 yil oldin
Do they last long? Cuz when i make a bun with my curly hair for a whole day and take it off i find that my curls go and it gets a mess
Donna Dodd
Donna Dodd Yil oldin
So this isn’t a permanent or semi permanent treatment?
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 2 yil oldin
It depends on your curls Ruba, my curls will last a few days when I wear them out but once I put them up in a braid or bun, they're a bit messy x
Nayomideena Selvarathnam
im from Israel. i want to take this product. where i can get this....
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 2 yil oldin
Hi, you can contact La Biosthetique to see if they have any salons near you. Or check out my new at home curl routine here for more tips / product advice - uzvid.com/video/video-O1uGcCs2kx0.html xx
MMAGirl Rowdy
MMAGirl Rowdy 2 yil oldin
why is she using the round brush like a mic?? .. oh boy
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 2 yil oldin
It's my DIY microphone :)
Rimi Z
Rimi Z 2 yil oldin
You said you husband cuts your hair can you show a video of the technique please ??
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 2 yil oldin
Hi! Sorry for my late reply, just saw your comment. My husband isn't my hairdresser. I go to Stevie English Hair. I just get a normal curl but search for Deva Cut to find lots of curly haircut videos on youtube xx
Yazmin Espinoza
Yazmin Espinoza 2 yil oldin
I appreciate my curls. I always get compliments on it, but it's just so hard to find the right product to use on my hair. Where could purchase the products?
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 2 yil oldin
La Biosthetique is a salon brand but also check out my new video with more product suggestions - uzvid.com/video/video-O1uGcCs2kx0.html xx
Farah Million
Farah Million 2 yil oldin
OMG i want go in this saloon but im in malaysia T_____T i want this treatment hair!! my hair is curly many people ask me go straight hair but i dont want ever ever ever i love curly hair ORIGINAL!
ღBabyGirl17ღ 4 oy oldin
Same I love my curly hair
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 2 yil oldin
you can do these steps at home :) the technique is more important than the products. So glad you love your curls too :)
Hailey C
Hailey C 2 yil oldin
Ive loved my curls again because of this video! Im almost decided to get a chop! Whew! Youre a hair life saver! Thanks!
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 2 yil oldin
yay! Thank you so much! xx
xxGuItArGiRLxx89 2 yil oldin
It's all about the scrunch. #CurlyLife
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 2 yil oldin
+xxGuItArGiRLxx89 YES! That scrunch makes all the difference xx
Darcy Shawna
Darcy Shawna 3 yil oldin
I wish my brush was also a microphone :(
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 3 yil oldin
+Darcy Persad haha thanks! I made it myself ;)
Mariana Di Stasi
Mariana Di Stasi 3 yil oldin
I'm brazilian too!!
Memei Ra
Memei Ra 3 yil oldin
amazing curls !
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 3 yil oldin
+Mims Ruffradikal thank you so much :) xx
Mikaela Emily (sapphira31)
I actually thought an in-between of her before and after would look better, personally. It just looked too perfect for everyday, but I'm sure she would lose the perfect definition after a few hours. (And frizz-free is always great!) I wish my hair had the same amount of curl, by day two I'm back to wavy. Good job!
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 3 yil oldin
+sapphira31 Thanks! I loved my curls on day 2 and I was surprised how long they lasted! The gel really works in my hair to give me better definition and curls for days 2,3 & 4 xx
MING CHENG 3 yil oldin
Hey I bought this and it works!
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 3 yil oldin
+MING CHENG awesome! thanks so much and so glad it works for you too :) xx
Nehal Patel
Nehal Patel 3 yil oldin
What products did you use
Nehal Patel
Nehal Patel 3 yil oldin
+Hair Romance thank you for the reply
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 3 yil oldin
+Nehal Patel I used La Biosthetique curl cream and styling gel
hot drink
hot drink 3 yil oldin
Hello i was wondering what products have you used in this video??
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 3 yil oldin
+hot drink (hotdrink) Hi! I used La Biosthetique curl cream and styling gel
Ikay Baranda
Ikay Baranda 3 yil oldin
Awesome video! Are you joining the #BeautyBoundAsia competition for beauty creators cause you definitely should! For more info click here beautyboundasia.com :) :)
Twin Mom
Twin Mom 3 yil oldin
I think you are kind of my hair twin. Love the videos, I'm 3 months into CG method and am finally seeing good results
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 3 yil oldin
+Reagan Andrews thanks so much Reagan! It definitely takes time to get a good curl routine, and for your curls to remember what to do! xx
PeriwinkleFilms 3 yil oldin
Your hair looks so gorgeous after! And I loved how she used a hairbrush as a microphone. :)
Hair Romance
Hair Romance 3 yil oldin
+PeriwinkleFilms thank you! I made the hairbrush microphone myself with a lapel mike - it's so much fun :)
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