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Hozier - Nina Cried Power ft. Mavis Staples

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I’m very proud to present the video for 'Nina Cried Power', directed by Jon Hozier-Byrne and Patrick Ryan.

This song was intended as a thank you note to the spirit and legacy of protest; to the artists who imbued their work with the vigour of dissent, and a reflection on the importance of that tradition in the context of the rights, and lives, we enjoy today. My hope for this video is much the same.
Ireland has undergone a socio-cultural sea change, the results of which will benefit generations to come. We are witness to a new Ireland waking to the consciousness of itself; a kinder, more inclusive nation. This video is an attempt to acknowledge just a handful of those who have fought for this new Ireland, and whose work continues to inspire me.

Thank you to Christina Noble, for showing the limitlessness of human kindness, and its ability to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Thank you to Bernadette McAliskey and Eamon McCann, who fought for the bitterly-resisted equal right to vote, and who bore witness to atrocity and would not be silenced.
Thank you to Joe Caslin, who literally coated Dublin city itself with reflections on our capacity for compassion as a people.
Thank you to Saoirse Long, whose honesty revealed not only our own failures as a people, but laid bare the true face of what barred the way of progress for women’s reproductive rights.

Thank you to Panti Bliss, who remains a leading voice advocating for inclusion, and a standard-bearer for the new Ireland we are watching unfold.

Thank you to Victoria Chimera for fighting tirelessly for equal opportunities in education.

Thank you to Anna Cosgrave, who provided real leadership to my generation, and brought new widespread visibility to the issue of reproductive rights.

Thank you to Simone George for her indelible spirit, and for fighting injustice in its many forms.

Thank you to Grace Dyas whose decisions in work and life give to us an example of bravery and conscience.

Thank you to Sinéad Burke for pushing tirelessly for inclusivity in her industry and beyond.

Thank you to Maria Walsh for using her platform to promote gender equality, and the right for everyone to love who they love.
Thank you to Colm O’Gorman, for his unwavering dedication to human rights and his fearless speaking of truth to power.
Thank you to Ellie Kisyombe for reminding us of the meaning of home.
Thank you to Stephen Rea for the work he does both for UNICEF, and for Ireland itself.

Thank you to Sam Blanckensee for their important work on gender recognition legislation.

Thank you to Florence Adebambo and Aaron Edo for reminding us of the bright future that awaits those who have joined us from afar, and how that future needs to be fought for.
Thank you to Blessings Moyo and Lucky Khambule for reminding us how much further we have to go, and how we must strive to do better.
Thank you to Mavis Staples, for giving to the world a timeless example of how worthwhile the raising of one’s voice is, in song and in protest.

Thank you to you all for your work, for joining us on set and allowing us to play you the song for the first time. You are all truly inspirational figures, and this video is for you.
Find out more about the Activists featured in the Nina Cried Power video Hozier.lnk.to/ninacriedpoweractivists




12-Sen, 2018




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Nina Joyce
Nina Joyce 11 soat oldin
My name is Nina so this kinda speaks to me - when I feel sad or weak I sing this and I makes me express my emotions and makes me feel so much better❤️❤️
Amy Ballard Rich
Fantastic. Mavis!!! She is so unforgettable. Thanks so much. I am teary-eyed.
Evan Cheng
Evan Cheng Kun oldin
God I love this collaboration!
Dylan McCormackYT
I am irish
marcel cornelius
marcel cornelius 2 kun oldin
This feels like such a victory song. Singing from the top of my lungs to this
El___ No
El___ No 2 kun oldin
Shatavia B.
Shatavia B. 3 kun oldin
What's a Irish Activist?
flickchic238 3 kun oldin
I am inspired by him and his music
giraslua 3 kun oldin
the umbrella academy ❤
Vicki Squires
Vicki Squires 3 kun oldin
Absolutely amazing proper real and powerful awesomeness cxxxxx
Gray Consingh
Gray Consingh 5 kun oldin
Love this so much!!!!!!! POWER!!!!!
lol 6 kun oldin
i dont know how his songs always just hit me right to my bloody core
Mathew Quinn
Mathew Quinn 8 kun oldin
I love him good music keep going
Glitter Girl
Glitter Girl 9 kun oldin
I’m researching Nina Simone in school and a teacher actually recommended this!
Casey Wheeler
Casey Wheeler 10 kun oldin
Mavis Staples!!! Queen!
Barry Hughes
Barry Hughes 12 kun oldin
Selective Empathy ft. Hozier
billiey giles
billiey giles 10 kun oldin
So arrogant he thinks he can read people's minds ft. Barry Hughes.
Carla.Output 13 kun oldin
So Beautiful.. thank you for this beautiful song and perfect video for it.
Ninja player249
Ninja player249 13 kun oldin
1:19 expertly rolled r
Han - nah
Han - nah 14 kun oldin
After the Take Me to Church video, I knew this would be powerful but these exceeds expectations. This is probably one of the best music videos I have ever seen. So simple and yet overwhelmingly emotional. Incredible.
Treezebees B
Treezebees B 15 kun oldin
Hozier you are from heaven or a place simulair..Divine music...thanksssssss for this gift you have
злодейский Ломбардо
what is this feminist black loving anti white song is this shit ?
Michael Dornelas
Michael Dornelas 18 kun oldin
Scxtt HD
Scxtt HD 19 kun oldin
What is everyone on about . I don’t get the lyrics I just find the song catchy lol
neon 2 kun oldin
you could read the description!
Ágnes Gyebnár
Ágnes Gyebnár 21 kun oldin
Brian J. Carnevale
Brian J. Carnevale 21 kun oldin
Great New Music! Play it again!
katarina selecka
katarina selecka 21 kun oldin
wow! I'm speachless.
Jim Nowinski
Jim Nowinski 23 kun oldin
great ! keep up the amazing work
flower girl lisa
flower girl lisa 23 kun oldin
One of the most powerful songs I’ve heard
404 not found
404 not found 23 kun oldin
parya maghsoudi
parya maghsoudi 24 kun oldin
You cant imagine how deep your voice can get through my soul and inspires it, you cant imagine how good i feel when i hear your songs , this is just amazing for me . i wish i could come to your tour:) .... Best of luck any way❤
Jafhet Miranda
Jafhet Miranda 25 kun oldin
Its beutiful¡
uzair Hannure
uzair Hannure 25 kun oldin
the video is just like the song; beautiful.
pilastitch 26 kun oldin
I love the song however the video clip reminded me of an Iranian singer who did the same a few years ago: uzvid.com/video/video--dL9258-0Bg.html I would loved to see a clip as unique as the song.
billiey giles
billiey giles 22 kun oldin
One guy listening to a song in the video you posted is nowhere near what they did with this video. This song is about activists who were instrumental in helping secure many of the rights most of us enjoy today. The people in the video are Irish activists who are hearing the song for the first time. Not the same concept at all.
Angelo Esteban
Angelo Esteban 26 kun oldin
oh boy Kylo Ren cried power
Wendy Trakes
Wendy Trakes 27 kun oldin
Another new favorite.
Paulo Braga
Paulo Braga 28 kun oldin
So underrated
Ágnes Gyebnár
Ágnes Gyebnár 28 kun oldin
Köszönöm HOZIER!
Eiliana Espinosa
Kobra Black
Kobra Black Oy oldin
One of the best songs I have ever listened to, my entire life.
Maximlian Bister
Free Derry.
Nefepants Oy oldin
"And I could cry" More like I DID cry, am I right folks??
Louiza Belgado
Who came here from Barack Obama's list?
Michael Dornelas
Hatiny Sos
Hatiny Sos Oy oldin
Who is Mavis Staples btw????
Jackie Drowley
Love them .x
Toenail of Doom
Came here from your new album announcement just felt like hearing it again
Tenth Man
Tenth Man Oy oldin
The power you have, Hozier, led me to work on my very first single learning from you, from every second of your records. Thank you, for inspiring me every single day. I will cry power with you.
Gary Hutton
Gary Hutton Oy oldin
2 Derry wans in this vid
Ágnes Gyebnár
dagnut Oy oldin
Am I only one who thinks the production is horrible?? The song is great but there's no subtlety, it's all just compressed and busy.... Irritating... I bet it will sound a million times better live or stripped back
josie betan
josie betan Oy oldin
Is this a cover of an older spanish song?????
Audie Lajeunesse
A new song written by Andrew Hozier Bryne
josie betan
josie betan Oy oldin
Hozier, good music.
Dilyana Videva
I wonder he changes the lyrics sometimes when he sings live for example "It’s not what’s in front but who’s beside you" or "It’s not the talking it’s the doing" :?
omar mughal
omar mughal Oy oldin
7 million ONLY?!?!?!? WTF???? What’s wrong with ppl... I thought this would have gone over 100million...🤔🤔🤔🤔
Kami Vids
Kami Vids Oy oldin
Yo Hozier my beloved woman is in love with you and am so jealous cause she said she love you more than me T_T But hey can you cover this song for me i want to dedicate it to her In Flames - The Quiet Place? :3
Kami Vids
Kami Vids Oy oldin
Guys help !! tell him
Riot Propaganda
Nice song yo cut your vains
jonathan l
jonathan l Oy oldin
Robert Gerard Sands cried power ..
Shady Saad
Shady Saad Oy oldin
My spirit is uplifted. Thanks Hozier.
Shady Saad
Shady Saad Oy oldin
Hozier the people in my country are awake now but still not rising. I am from Lebanon. Thanks for the song and the memories for all those who fought for peace and equality with their powerful words, thoughts & faith.
Nele-Marie Brüdgam
Can't live without this music and these emotions any more.
grace3726 Oy oldin
Hozier at 0:52, 1:22, 2:04, 2:58, 3:18 and 3: 43.
One Dee
One Dee Oy oldin
Literal chills...!!!
Logan Huntley
Logan Huntley Oy oldin
Tears man. Endless fucking tears.
Shiva's Chimera
No... you are just crying for purpose and for more rung's on that ladder. Wahhhhhh. Mommy. Pick me up.
insert random name here
I get goosebumps listening to this song. Such a *powerful* song
J- Plat-C
J- Plat-C Oy oldin
D oritos
D oritos Oy oldin
So amazing
Damn, I think I want to move to Ireland.
Stephen Zamborsky
This guy's a genius!!! In tears like those in video
J Paulson
J Paulson Oy oldin
"It's not the waking. It's the RISING." Fuck Yeah let's do this. Big 2019 with love, peace, and unity.
Kathryn McKeown
Not that long ago, Hozier was doing a gig in a bar in my town. The Spirit Store, Dundalk, Ireland. He had released Take Me To Church. It was plain to see he'd go on to bigger & better things. This man speaks from his own heart to everyones hearts. He is a shining example of how much our little country has progressed in recent times. We are proud of him and proud of Ireland, the country where it genuinely doesn't matter what colour, creed, gender, sexuality, age or social status you are, everyone here has a voice.
masonmedia 17 kun oldin
Thank-you for posting this comment, Kathryn. On a day when I needed a little bit of inspiration, you helped to provide it.
isus kist
isus kist Oy oldin
And they all cryed power :')
JohnR88 Oy oldin
There's very little comments about Mavis Staples here...that's really sad...
sonko Oy oldin
Makes me think of 'Sinnerman' by Nina Simone. I actually thought this song is a tribute to her(!).
Fluffy Garchomp
Melon and Obama brought me here. No regrets
Amateur Menace
Please read the description for this video.
dePrinced Oy oldin
This dude is crazy talented
Skillibimbam Oy oldin
Mr. Mobama brought me here. I think it's an okay song, but I prefer the much more socially aware song, Crab Rave by Noisestorm.
Behram Talpur
Behram Talpur Oy oldin
Hozier ft Tom Odell and Lord Huron collab will be masterpiece of century
Jujuchumbaby Oy oldin
Fucking hell, shows how humanity longs to change.
Alice Flynn
Alice Flynn Oy oldin
Obama brought me here. The music touched my Irish soul.
Santa Oy oldin
Someone with fucking talent his voice is mesmerising no shit talk about hoes or money a song for us Irish and our efforts (not saying I had anything to do with being an activist)
John Smith
John Smith Oy oldin
Song and video didn't do anything for me. Cue attack of the SJWs.
Shawnte Johnson
Obama has a great ear for music
maddievic2 Oy oldin
This is one of Obama’s fav songs of the year 🎶
TheShiskebob Oy oldin
Barack Obama sent me here.
Натали Т
шикарная песня ! очень ждем в Украине !
Vas Oy oldin
Anyone from Obama's favourites list?
rubina thapaliya
Mohamed A. Hussein
Tory Seade
Tory Seade Oy oldin
Thank you Obama!This is just a touching song ...wheeww who is cutting onions?
Jacob Williams
kimia yaghmayi
that was perfect
Trishia King
Trishia King Oy oldin
2018 Obama's playlist introduced me.
Mavis first appears on screen at 1:30 mark. Nina Simone cries power in her song "Sinnerman".
Journee Johnson
This is one of Obama’s favorite songs and I understand why !
Stèph Gee
Stèph Gee Oy oldin
For those that are just finding this, I'd suggest reading the description box.
HaHaUrSelf Oy oldin
Obama brought me here. 🙏🏻
Wordskies7 Oy oldin
Barack Obama brought me here
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