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Hozier - Nina Cried Power ft. Mavis Staples

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I’m very proud to present the video for 'Nina Cried Power', directed by Jon Hozier-Byrne and Patrick Ryan.

This song was intended as a thank you note to the spirit and legacy of protest; to the artists who imbued their work with the vigour of dissent, and a reflection on the importance of that tradition in the context of the rights, and lives, we enjoy today. My hope for this video is much the same.
Ireland has undergone a socio-cultural sea change, the results of which will benefit generations to come. We are witness to a new Ireland waking to the consciousness of itself; a kinder, more inclusive nation. This video is an attempt to acknowledge just a handful of those who have fought for this new Ireland, and whose work continues to inspire me.

Thank you to Christina Noble, for showing the limitlessness of human kindness, and its ability to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Thank you to Bernadette McAliskey and Eamon McCann, who fought for the bitterly-resisted equal right to vote, and who bore witness to atrocity and would not be silenced.
Thank you to Joe Caslin, who literally coated Dublin city itself with reflections on our capacity for compassion as a people.
Thank you to Saoirse Long, whose honesty revealed not only our own failures as a people, but laid bare the true face of what barred the way of progress for women’s reproductive rights.

Thank you to Panti Bliss, who remains a leading voice advocating for inclusion, and a standard-bearer for the new Ireland we are watching unfold.

Thank you to Victoria Chimera for fighting tirelessly for equal opportunities in education.

Thank you to Anna Cosgrave, who provided real leadership to my generation, and brought new widespread visibility to the issue of reproductive rights.

Thank you to Simone George for her indelible spirit, and for fighting injustice in its many forms.

Thank you to Grace Dyas whose decisions in work and life give to us an example of bravery and conscience.

Thank you to Sinéad Burke for pushing tirelessly for inclusivity in her industry and beyond.

Thank you to Maria Walsh for using her platform to promote gender equality, and the right for everyone to love who they love.
Thank you to Colm O’Gorman, for his unwavering dedication to human rights and his fearless speaking of truth to power.
Thank you to Ellie Kisyombe for reminding us of the meaning of home.
Thank you to Stephen Rea for the work he does both for UNICEF, and for Ireland itself.

Thank you to Sam Blanckensee for their important work on gender recognition legislation.

Thank you to Florence Adebambo and Aaron Edo for reminding us of the bright future that awaits those who have joined us from afar, and how that future needs to be fought for.
Thank you to Blessings Moyo and Lucky Khambule for reminding us how much further we have to go, and how we must strive to do better.
Thank you to Mavis Staples, for giving to the world a timeless example of how worthwhile the raising of one’s voice is, in song and in protest.

Thank you to you all for your work, for joining us on set and allowing us to play you the song for the first time. You are all truly inspirational figures, and this video is for you.
Find out more about the Activists featured in the Nina Cried Power video Hozier.lnk.to/ninacriedpoweractivists




12-Sen, 2018




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melinda thatcher
melinda thatcher Soat oldin
Absolutely beautiful 🙏 well done.. Hi from Austin, Texas ✌
Lindsay Ellis
Lindsay Ellis 3 soat oldin
And I cried POWER.......
Lawrence Greene
Lawrence Greene 4 soat oldin
I don't know why I have such an emotional reaction to this song.
Michael Dornelas
Michael Dornelas 4 soat oldin
Amarist34 4 soat oldin
Amazing. What a powerful voice. Gives me the chills. Beautiful
Isabela H
Isabela H 5 soat oldin
Okay, this is a beautiful song, but I deadass thought it was called ‘ninja called power’ until 30 seconds ago
TheBanditofvideos 6 soat oldin
Worst music video of the year
Kace face
Kace face 7 soat oldin
This video is awesome. I hope the people were actually reacting to the actual song
elad smada
elad smada 8 soat oldin
elad smada
elad smada 8 soat oldin
Tears fell about the same time as the listeners in the video when i listened to just the audio...HOZIER IS FREAKING HUMAN!!!!!! HIS SOUL PROBABLY TASTE LIKE CRISPED BUTTERY TOAST...OF FRESH BAKED BREAD...WITH CINNAMON SUGAR DUST...
mike20mc 8 soat oldin
He strikes again! Genius is a word often bandied about and rarely justified in today’s culture but I think most would agree that Hozier is just that! Self effacing, eloquent and socially aware. His importance as a wonderful writer, musician and storyteller should be revered. His music brings attention to things often overlooked by the general public. It’s a great time to be Irish we aren’t perfect and we have a long way to go but we are becoming the benchmark for tolerant society worldwide, shaking off the shackles of an often dark and misguided past. Here’s to a wonderful inclusive future
Hyperguy2000 8 soat oldin
PandaTV62 9 soat oldin
Power beyond words! So proud of this great Irish Artist 💛 POWER!
Magi Lena
Magi Lena 10 soat oldin
This man is the best of his era!. So much soul, spirit, love in his music and lyrics. It's overwhelming.
_ _
_ _ 10 soat oldin
Is this Stephen Rea?
_ _
_ _ 10 soat oldin
Oh yes, he is, great actor
Lucie Jones
Lucie Jones 10 soat oldin
I'm glad that hozier put himself in this video because he definetly deserves to be there
Elizka Buczynska
Elizka Buczynska 11 soat oldin
REWELACJA!!! Brakuje mi słów, piękny utwór. Wielki powrót Hozier'a.
The King Of Bananas
The King Of Bananas 11 soat oldin
The drums don’t fit in the beginning
EllieJayden 11 soat oldin
Loooooove this. Our country has come so far. Xxx
Pasha 11 soat oldin
Song is nice. Decently done.its also good to know he's capable of writing and compositing different styled of music - respect for that. But this kind of music and lyrics is not the reason I like Hozier.
Waleah Sagt
Waleah Sagt 12 soat oldin
This song is so overwhelmingly beautiful. I can't stop listening.
Fernanda Berck
Fernanda Berck 12 soat oldin
Esperei muito tempo por esse álbum ❤
Mrkrzyh 12 soat oldin
"Shark bite" George Benson
Cleiton Oliveira
Cleiton Oliveira 12 soat oldin
Eu amo um homem.
Zsuzsanna Kovacs
Zsuzsanna Kovacs 12 soat oldin
Ayla Syed
Ayla Syed 13 soat oldin
Keyshawn Tindal
Keyshawn Tindal 15 soat oldin
When faced with a moment where I may risk something of my own, while standing for whats right, this comes to mind and I feel no fear
Phelan K.C.
Phelan K.C. 16 soat oldin
so different from the songs in the first album ... but i still love it nonetheless.
Dark Boy
Dark Boy 16 soat oldin
Mississippi Goddame Hozier......what a Powerful song!
McGacks 16 soat oldin
Fucking class
Cosmic Merman
Cosmic Merman 17 soat oldin
This video brought me to hideous tears. Beautiful. #POWER
Farida Audu
Farida Audu 19 soat oldin
A song that actually teaches you. thanks Hozier!
Ruele Okeyo
Ruele Okeyo 19 soat oldin
after playing it for the first time, I didn't stop
AlexanderMccarthey87 20 soat oldin
YES!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!
Serafina Accetta
Serafina Accetta 20 soat oldin
Ah this is what I’ve been waiting for, a real anthem that makes me feel empowered
foiv1 20 soat oldin
best meaningful song of 2018
Светлана Малышева
Kamal LB
Kamal LB 21 soat oldin
The beat is a no for me😭
Natalia a
Natalia a 22 soat oldin
I missed you so much. I’m glad, you came back with such a beautiful music. Can’t wait to hear all album.
This man is going to go far
Keisha Kerrigan
Keisha Kerrigan 23 soat oldin
Laura Gutierrez-Clark
What a voice and a powerful message. Hozier Rocks!!
Magaly Contreras
Joanne Swartzberg
Hozier treats women with such respect.
Jeannette W
Jeannette W Kun oldin
Repeat 24\7.
1586brittc Kun oldin
Such a talent. So happy I've had the pleasure to meet and see him live!
Devy Kun oldin
For anyone interested the in order of mention follows: Nina Simone Billie Holliday Mavis Staples Curtis Mayfield Patti LaBelle John Lennon James Brown B.B. King Joni Mitchell Pete Seeger Marvin Gaye Millie Jackson Bob Dylan Woody Guthrie
Diаnа Мullеr
Diаnа Мullеr 8 soat oldin
Isn't Leonard mentioned once too?
Kim Dany
Kim Dany Kun oldin
seuda hónimo
seuda hónimo Kun oldin
Lleno de fuerza. Hermoso!
Oumaima Fathi
Oumaima Fathi Kun oldin
I can't stop listening to this. EP of the year y'all! #ninacriedpower
Brad Butner Music
Your voice makes my husband's nipples hard.
Holly Peterson
Holly Peterson Kun oldin
Never leave us again
Marco Cañazaca
Marco Cañazaca Kun oldin
Asisipho Magoqo
Asisipho Magoqo Kun oldin
Powerful video for a great song. thanks AHB.
AlchemistLynn Kun oldin
Damnit... I'm just going to cry...
lovemeat least
lovemeat least Kun oldin
Y E S!
yupyupbts Kun oldin
Such a powerful and moving song that makes me so proud of how far Ireland has come, even if we still have some way to go. An-mhaith, Hozier, táimid bródúil as tú 💚
Lana Ha
Lana Ha Kun oldin
Teens react
RequiemBeatz Kun oldin
He got it all wrong, everyone knows Nina cried "Big brother Ed"
Wililjam Kun oldin
Dysfunctional chills detected, the chills have now left my body and entered the fifth dimension. Holy shit.
pale blue sunshine
How in earth is he so underated?
Naomi Hassan
Naomi Hassan Kun oldin
love that you acknowledged the work of Joe Caslin, an amazing artist!! great song too!
Khara H.
Khara H. Kun oldin
I absolutely love Hozier's political or civil rights songs - Andrew's vocals and bring so much emotional power to the lyrics It's powerful and emotionally moving! Bravo to another beautiful message in song!
the_girl_next_door tgnd
Hozier coming to save to us 😍😍😍😍😍😍 his music is so powerful i am legit crying 😢
Mich C
Mich C Kun oldin
Love this song! Best song ever of 2018
DoThisJohn DoThatJohn
So these blacks are passing for Irish now? More white hating crap. Pass..
Felix Ungoliant
Felix Ungoliant 8 soat oldin
From that comment I have to assume you're one of the Americans that tries to pass as Irish.
82 Pythons
82 Pythons Kun oldin
Everything is going 80's these days!? Guess we'll finally make our way back around to Grunge again here in a few years.
Clare Apumami
Clare Apumami Kun oldin
This has always been Hozier's sound.
Feliz Kun oldin
Hozier is a rare example of a modern popular real musician. Respect!
MyProdigious Kun oldin
Mr Irish with brit school why you on the path of a skirt (maybe another listen) ? Asking to hairy half man. Every time is bloody mess your video state. Stop to find a cure to a step that no even monopoly goes...
Felix Ungoliant
Felix Ungoliant 8 soat oldin
Not one word of this was decipherable. Try google translate.
Gökyüzü Gece
Gökyüzü Gece Kun oldin
This is...so wonderfull.
wishkey princess
wow we're finally saved
Paloma Hupiu Jara
This is like the sixth time i watch this and it always brings me some tears . Beautiful job 👏👏👏
GalaHoma Kun oldin
That title and its reference to Nina Simone's "Sinnerman"... just perfect
Nina Schofield
Nina Schofield Kun oldin
Thrilled that Hozier named his new song after me... 👀👀
Olivia Schneider
I’m cry
*Welcome back, Hozier.* I missed you. 💜 🎶
TIlak Sevak
TIlak Sevak Kun oldin
I don’t know much of it so a stupid question! What does mean “Nina cried power?” I understand “Nina Cried!” But no the “Nina Cried Power”!
Marianne Elba
Marianne Elba Kun oldin
They Lyrics to Nina Simones' song " Sinnerman" are: "He was waitin', all on that day I cried, power, power (power, Lord)"
rstremcha Kun oldin
Omg this song makes me cry. I have so many emotions 🙌🔥😍
Mai Mohamed
Mai Mohamed Kun oldin
AJ Estur
AJ Estur Kun oldin
Now THIS. THIS is the song and the video that deserves a billion.
Nadia Kun oldin
Their eyes are full of stories and this made me shudder
Chloe Hegarty
Chloe Hegarty Kun oldin
gave me chills😍
Ninfa V.
Ninfa V. Kun oldin
Osvaldo Faria
Osvaldo Faria 2 kun oldin
my babe is back awwwwwww
Khan Hudair
Khan Hudair 2 kun oldin
Verse 1: Hozier] It's not the waking, it's the rising It is the grounding of a foot uncompromising It's not forgoeing of the lie It's not the opening of eyes It's not the waking, it's the rising [Verse 2: Hozier] It's not the shade, we should be past it It's the light, and it's the obstacle that casts it It's the heat that drives the light It's the fire it ignites It's not the waking, it's the rising [Verse 3: Hozier] It's not the song, it is the singing It's the hearing of a human spirit ringing It is the bringing of the line It is the baring of the rhyme It's not the waking, it's the rising [Chorus: Mavis Staples and Hozier] And I could cry power (power) Power (power) Power Nina cried power Billie cried power Mavis cried power And I could cry power Power (power) Power (power) Power Curtis cried power Patti cried power Nina cried power [Verse 2: Hozier] It's not the wall but what's behind it The fear of fellow men, his mere assignment And everything that we're denied By keeping the divide It's not the waking, it's the rising [Chorus: Hozier and Mavis Staples] And I could cry power (power) Power (power) Oh, power Nina cried power Lennon cried power James Brown cried power And I could cry power Power (power) Power (power) Power, lord B.B. cried power Joni cried power Nina cried power [Bridge: Mavis Staples] And I could cry power Power has been cried by those stronger than me Straight into the face that tells you To rattle your chains if you love being free [Chorus: Hozier and Mavis Staples] I could cry power (power) And power is my love when my love reaches to me James Brown cried power Seeger cried power Marvin cried power Yeah ah, power James cried power Lennon cried power Patti cried power Billie, power Dylan, power Woody, power Nina cried power
lol umm i'm Gia
lol umm i'm Gia 2 kun oldin
my dumb latina ass thought it said niña cried power
Maddie Bolland
Maddie Bolland 2 kun oldin
This song is indescribably beautiful. I wasn't aware of the meaning behind it but it makes me love it that much more. Another absolutely masterpiece!
richa kohli
richa kohli 2 kun oldin
Gave me goosebumps
Margöt de León
Margöt de León 2 kun oldin
It's not the wall but what's behind it, the fear of fellow men, his mere assignment and everything that we're denied by keeping the divide. It's not the waking, it's the rising
Shanna 2 kun oldin
The perfect video to accompany this song nothing else can compare 😭😍
gustavo salgado
gustavo salgado 2 kun oldin
great song. nina is proud for sure
bruna valverde
bruna valverde 2 kun oldin
ritchine chrispin
ritchine chrispin 2 kun oldin
Who hated this... Heartless people, all 926 of them
Matt Wormington
Matt Wormington 2 kun oldin
It's crazy how something so simple can move you so much
BurningHellz 2 kun oldin
i love this song so much
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan 2 kun oldin
Kapernick cried power!!
mohammed yousif
mohammed yousif 2 kun oldin
People commenting on Nina Simone’s sinnerman brought me here. I don’t see what’s special here.
Things like this are why I'm proud to be a part of this country and this culture. Thank you Ireland and thank you Hozier and Mavis Staples.
Parsleyrose 2 kun oldin
Tribute to Nina Simone?
David Shawe
David Shawe 2 kun oldin
Funny Hozier!
Yil oldin