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Huawei overtakes Apple to become number 2 smartphone vendor in Q2 2018 - www.canalys.com/newsroom/huawei-overtakes-apple-to-become-number-two-smartphone-vendor-in-q2-2018?campaignname=huaweibeatsapple
How is this thing even real??
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8-Avg, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 5 oy oldin
What's your next smartphone?
iWagen Oy oldin
nokia 8.1 when it releases
thathoodguy76 4 oy oldin
ozynn 5 oy oldin
Raj xD
Raj xD 5 oy oldin
Don't know
Anirudh Ganesh
Anirudh Ganesh 5 oy oldin
Mary Poppins
Doha Marine
Doha Marine Soat oldin
Apple built its credibility. Apple is quality not crap. Huawei is a spy to western and America and to the world China wanted to conquer the world. Wake upppppp!
Ian R
Ian R 2 soat oldin
I'm scared now. Please don't destroy Motorola 😬
Ram Mohan
Ram Mohan 2 kun oldin
Why is Louis c.k doing phone reviews
Woo's Heroes
Woo's Heroes 3 kun oldin
If the USA stopped thwarting the import of p20 and pro, by saying it's a security threat as a listening device, then we would see the real winner. Apple is a manipulative, greed infested institution. Boycott!
Suresh Pt
Suresh Pt 3 kun oldin
Once upon a time a greedy apple fell on a Chinese smart head. He started thinking !!! And he found 'Huwawei Force' !!!!!
plazmaboys 3 kun oldin
My next phone is gonna be huawei nova 3.
MateoPlays :D
MateoPlays :D 3 kun oldin
Harsh Piumal
Harsh Piumal 4 kun oldin
:/ Huawei Y6 II > Huawei P9 (currently) No money to upgrade! But it's a beast! hope to buy P10 or P20 in future
John Tan
John Tan 4 kun oldin
You can buy huawei phone on Amazon. It can be used in us. Safe big bucks and try new things.
Ishan Bansal
Ishan Bansal 4 kun oldin
Search why Samsung let's Huawei win
Mirik Kla
Mirik Kla 5 kun oldin
because apple sucks and it s expensive for nothing!
Dalena 5 kun oldin
2900 MAGA idiots are angry LMAO
Deny Cookie
Deny Cookie 5 kun oldin
Huawei is the Best!
Loufran Duncan
Loufran Duncan 5 kun oldin
I have recently purchased a Huawei p20 and it is amazing 😍💥
fff its
fff its 5 kun oldin
really? mate 20 looks like XS apple...but for loosers its OK chinese crap
Elijah Hua
Elijah Hua 6 kun oldin
So American ask Canada to arrest CFO of Huawei Shame on you American
andre canaber
andre canaber 6 kun oldin
its 2019 still I don't have a SmartPhone
Bob Mat
Bob Mat 7 kun oldin
they have private iOS mobile operating system and they think that is enough to beat any android phone but apple phones are made in china, apple cares only making more money but soon they will realize if they do not produce super high quality phones they lose more money
Carlos Guerra
Carlos Guerra 7 kun oldin
Iphone is a jewelry Huawei is tupperware
Lane Welch
Lane Welch 7 kun oldin
Well. Huawei and Samsung are supposed to be the companies to watch for 2019. They're both supposed to make big changes in the smartphone game
Quang Huy
Quang Huy 8 kun oldin
ez to say from a guy that hate apple so much
Boris Borissov
Boris Borissov 8 kun oldin
Huawei is a great phone.I have two of them and they work like charm.I never liked overpraised iPhones, and after using Samsung two years it started slowing down. Huawei has a great battery life,big screen,very fast and simple to use. And I am talking for their low cost phones,like Honor 7 and Mate SE brands.
h4x0rl33tee 8 kun oldin
I think privacy is a concern with China phones
NeonNinja 8 kun oldin
huawei has been my phone for the past year and by far it is one of if not the best phone i have ever owned its design is similar to an iphone without the lacking features and although the headphone jack is missing on newer models the overall service and technology is hands down the best i have ever experienced now im not wanting to bias your judgement but pick one up and you will see the amazing thing that is good chinese products because when they do it right they make it great this is a step up from the made in china shit you see all the time
王力 8 kun oldin
Motorola for 2019 !
pkrisnin 8 kun oldin
Thinking about Huawei Y max , I'm not going to pay ridiculous prices anymore for a HP.
deekidred1 8 kun oldin
Not surprised at all ..... Long time coming
Techology 9 kun oldin
In all honesty Apple has plenty of other revenue streams. While the iPhone may be the biggest of them Apple literally owns every other aspect of the computer world. The iMac? Virtually unscathed by Microsoft (unless we’re considering gamers) The iPad? Literally blows all other tablets away and Apple is holding it back! The iPhone only loses because it’s ridiculously overpriced in most regards. (Similar to most apple products) however no one can argue against the fact that Apple has the best tech around.
Informent 9 kun oldin
Good for you that you lost weight or maybe it is it's just a T-shirt 😏
Nug U
Nug U 9 kun oldin
Am officially an Android user for life. I tried Apple, didn't like it, and now I'm going back to Android
Coco El quatro
Coco El quatro 9 kun oldin
It will be a note
Dominus Infernus
Dominus Infernus 9 kun oldin
In using a huawei phone to watch this
true god
true god 10 kun oldin
Android is getting better and better
Jeruel Suarez
Jeruel Suarez 10 kun oldin
Developing nations are the best places to expand nowadays, China, India, Southeast Asia and Greater Africa. People there are price-conscious, mostly going for cheaper offerings by Samsung, Huawei, Oppo etc., if Apple wants to expand more in these markets they must shed that high-end image and offer cheaper alternatives to their flagship, which is of course inconceivable.
Schabomir 10 kun oldin
No it doesn't. Using Huawei is pain in the ass.
Omar Yare
Omar Yare 10 kun oldin
Apple is money hurry and no real innovation
Yong Xiao
Yong Xiao 10 kun oldin
Fuck Huawei
Leon Guo
Leon Guo 10 kun oldin
huawei spy on apple supplier chain, and destroy apple on cheap low life span memory chip on crappy spy phone, use to destroy American industry
hiu Chee Fatt
hiu Chee Fatt 10 kun oldin
I am a diehard Apple iPhone user for years. After testing using Huawei once, I am converted totally. Apple is outclassed in almost every aspect including value for money.
Mojo 10 kun oldin
A dry dog turd beats apple
No JustNo
No JustNo 10 kun oldin
Who's watching this video in a huawei device?
Green Cube
Green Cube 11 kun oldin
I just switched from apple to Huawei best move ever cheap
Basti K.
Basti K. 11 kun oldin
If one plus would bring out a phone under 6inch i would love to try that out. Dont like the huge phones. My honor 10 is imo the maximum size where a phone is still comfortable
It's Funn3h
It's Funn3h 11 kun oldin
I told my mom to buy me an iphone X for my next bday Even tho im only 10 i was saying plssss she said sure and i have the huawei nova 3i which i got last year 2018 for my bday then when i saw this vid i decided to not buy an iphone X anymore 😂
Omesh Abeysekera
Omesh Abeysekera 12 kun oldin
If Huawei comes to the United States, what'll happen to Apple? See they thought about this very carefully!
Not Your Business
Not Your Business 12 kun oldin
Huawei owned by the Chinese government and the PLA. If your are an American who buys this you are a traitor to your country, you are supporting the filth of China that slaughters Tibetans, Falun Gang etc. You are no better than the dumb asses who looked the other way with the Nazis, because they helped the German Economy. Huawei is an evil imperialistic communist company.
Empress Empress
Empress Empress 12 kun oldin
That’s what Apple deserves and gets , for been a damn bastard greedy company by deciding to have Chinese make their phones !! Chinese then stole all their secrets and ideas and created their own phones.
Warszawa 1944
Warszawa 1944 12 kun oldin
Let's look at business practices and standards. By all means Samsung is not perfect they have decent quality decent service decent business practices and standards. This new company has amazing service great customer service good business practices and great standards I can't really speak about the quality of the phones but I know they are much cheaper than Apple and Samsung. When it comes to Apple Apple has terrible customer service it has terrible business practices terrible standards an okay quality for phones. I look at Apple in a form of a huge decline for the next 10 years or so unless they can of course fix their business practices have better quality better standards and better customer service. I have an Android it's also a Samsung and it has served me quite well any phone that I've ever gone from Samsung - the screens that are very easy to be broken have been very good and serve me quite well. I hear a lot of good things about this new company and I'm looking forward to them coming to the United States when it comes to Apple I would not even get an Apple phone if I was paid to get one. In comparison a broken Samsung phone is better quality than a brand new iPhone. you can say that there is some operating system parts in apple that are decent or maybe better than Samsung but there is a lot of internal issues in a lot of things that break with anything that Apple makes or Mac in general. maybe they were decent quality back in the day I don't know I've never gotten a Mac nor have I ever bought in an Apple phone but I've heard from people countless people with numerous complaints when they buy iPhones or anything Mac. so I'm actually happy that apple is slowly falling and declining maybe now when they are potentially not even number 3 they will learn to be better on every level. Is Steve Jobs knew what was happening he would be rolling over in his grave or you would guess facepalm himself
G Cart
G Cart 13 kun oldin
Ive got the P20 Pro, great phone, no wonder they've taken over Apple.
Will O
Will O 14 kun oldin
Upvoted from a rare US p20 pro (purchased on eBay but still)
Allon Will
Allon Will 14 kun oldin
Dispointed with apple that have no innovation
Kenny Chan KY
Kenny Chan KY 14 kun oldin
I dont buy rotten APPLE
赖清德 15 kun oldin
Trump is promoting HUAWEI brand awareness globally! Before I never thought of buying Huawei phones, now I start to know more about Huawei products and definitely my next phone will be mate 20 pro. Speaking of US market, US government ban Huawei in the name of national security. What happen if China ban Apple too. That will slice Apple for sure.
Bradley mazimba
Bradley mazimba 15 kun oldin
People dont realize the business potential in emerging markets like Africa. So yes Huawei would a achieve those numbers outside the US.
Rodz Dizon
Rodz Dizon 15 kun oldin
Okay Lou which one should I buy which is better for you the P20 pro or Mate20 pro? Thanks in advance Happy new year in advance from Philippines 🇵🇭
Armstrong Chan
Armstrong Chan 16 kun oldin
If you can not beat them, ban them! Evil united snakes and its allies
Ruben Guzman
Ruben Guzman 16 kun oldin
Curious why is phone company banned in USA? I missed the news
Alan Cao
Alan Cao 16 kun oldin
Yatsen Sun
Yatsen Sun 16 kun oldin
because huawei has huge subsidy from military, and like google, they provide good product and service, but they want your data, for surveillance purpose.
liu luis
liu luis 16 kun oldin
I buy HUAWEI. Don't want to be espionaged by Apple and US government.
Peter Pham
Peter Pham 17 kun oldin
I had a pixel 2 XL and "downgraded" to a P20....
Miguel Musni
Miguel Musni 17 kun oldin
*The Great Smartphone War*
Kagami Oshiro
Kagami Oshiro 17 kun oldin
huawie is apordable price thats why
P15TON P15TON 17 kun oldin
It’s solely an Android vs iOS challenge..any competent company can design, assemble international components, refit the gui and call it a champion.
Bark Industry
Bark Industry 17 kun oldin
Anyone else watching this now at the end of Dec after Apple launched a garbage overpriced iPhone XR with LCD 828 res aka 720p res while other phones on the market have had 1080p AMOLED screens for 1/2 the price 5 years ago? LOL Right.... Apple cares.
Mike 16 kun oldin
of course they care - well not their customer that obvious - but it still failed miserably. very simple, cheap made product with overprice tag? for any person on Earth who doesnt know what Apple markup rate is, u been living under the rock
Albert Comia
Albert Comia 17 kun oldin
I'm sticking with xiaomi
Sadiq Khan
Sadiq Khan 17 kun oldin
As an American I don’t give a rat’s ass what Huawei is. Especially since China has blocked Google, Facebook and barring sales of a lot of American brands. Stop raving about Huawei shit bro and support American brands. I don’t want to own a phone with a Chinese name that I can’t even pronounce properly, waaa-veeee my ass
Mike 16 kun oldin
+Sadiq Khan lol im not surprised a smartpant like u need to reedited the comment with only one sentence
Sadiq Khan
Sadiq Khan 16 kun oldin
Mike Wong: I’m not an Indian you dumb fk but the way you’re writing incorrect English is very Chinese.
Mike 16 kun oldin
an indian's having "problem" with China, that nothing new
thatoriordanlad 16 kun oldin
He's Canadian. Why would he need to show bias towards crappy American products. I think you'll find a lot of American products, food especially, aren't allowed in a lot of places. Your food safety standards are so low that we in Europe won't accept most of your products. It ain't just China. You're 90% certain to be using a Chinese phone right now. Even your MAGA hat (I'm assuming you're a Trumpanzee) is made in China.
be like Aquino
be like Aquino 18 kun oldin
Watching this with my huawei Y6 2018
Getachew Sisay
Getachew Sisay 18 kun oldin
Huawei is producing cutting edge devices. I don't know in the US but the rest of the world is using their products. I plan on buying huawei p 30 pro, do you think it may support 5G ?
thatoriordanlad 16 kun oldin
I'd imagine the Mate 30 Pro will. It might be a stretch for the P Series to have that functionality next year.
Alamin JR
Alamin JR 18 kun oldin
Still Samsung is no 1
Cam Cardow
Cam Cardow 18 kun oldin
Apple no longer innovates like it did under Steve Jobs. Beautiful devices with incremental improvements is not innovation. It's just putting more shine on an apple (pun intended) and calling it the new improved Apple. Meanwhile, Huewai has introduced the most exciting phone since the original iPhone. It may have some rough edges, but it's a beast and if they can do that in a year, imagine what's coming next. Apple better take note. Addendum: regarding the US ban for security reasons, it's a tacit admission that 5 Eyes uses phones to track citizens. The fact is, they can't control China. As for Beijing spying on me, sure they can have my shopping list.
Andrew Castree
Andrew Castree 18 kun oldin
I just love this make, great devices for a good price. Bought my first Huawei in '15 & never regretted it. Since then I've bought them for my family as well & we're very satisfied.
Cedric Wai
Cedric Wai 18 kun oldin
Huawei makes good iPhone,better than Apple!!
moron daily
moron daily 18 kun oldin
I'm using a Huawei p smart right now
David Trinh Tu
David Trinh Tu 18 kun oldin
I have a Huawei. Like if you have a Huawei!
May Rhodora Gallardo
This is my next smartphone
Brando Cruz
Brando Cruz 18 kun oldin
P20 Pro is the reason why I left Apple...
Adam Armstrong
Adam Armstrong 18 kun oldin
Adam Armstrong
Adam Armstrong 18 kun oldin
Liu Shiwen
Liu Shiwen 18 kun oldin
You guys just wait until communism be stronger than the democratic countries ( which have 2 or more parties for their elections), to see what will come to you. Huawei is a company in a communist country. Apple is a private company.
Bonginkosi Nkewana
Bonginkosi Nkewana 18 kun oldin
Plz Do Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 it is not flagship device but it dies most things flagship devices do
Mark Plain
Mark Plain 19 kun oldin
Don't buy Huawei. Their CEO was recently arrested in Canada on suspicion of breaking UN sanctions. After the arrest the Chinese authoritarian government retaliated by kidnapping 2 Canadian citizens and an EU citizen. Please do not believe what I am saying, google it for yourself. Huawei and the Chinese government are basically one organization. For this reason China is using its government authoritarian style powers to retaliate for the arrest. The Huawei CEO is currently sitting under house arrest at home in Canada (yes the Huawei is a resident of Canada too) while the 2 abducted Canadians and 1 abducted European are in a jail cell with the lights on 24/7 and only allowed consular visits once a month. Some how the Government of China thinks the Government of Canada can intervene on a judicial process and give a blanket exoneration to the CEO. . This is the real China showing its face. . Tell me, do you really want to support Huawei?
Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin 19 kun oldin
2018 is the year of the Chinese smartphones
A M Mirza
A M Mirza 19 kun oldin
This happens when you sell phones for the price of a car in a third world country. I own a Xiaomi phone and in many aspects it's better than Samsung and Apple devices for 1/3rd of the price.
matthew blackburne
matthew blackburne 19 kun oldin
I have a honor c8 on it’s was ,I had an elephant s8 but crap camera and it keeps dying on me
TM Ma 19 kun oldin
I just love My huawei p 20 pro Best Phone ever 😀😀 Before I always had an iphone...... Not anymore :-)
kamil amana
kamil amana 19 kun oldin
Good video. I didn't know Huawei was second best selling handsets now. I have used Huawei p8 lite 2017 model- this supposed to be a budget basic handset but I was amazed how good this handset is, I have used it for one year and have just ordered another Huawei- mate 10 Pro. I don't think I will go back to Samsung or Apple anymore. Huawei devices are one third of current flagship devices- so why pay more? And definitely excellent built quality. I am happy with Huawei, also Xiaomi has entered UK... I am keeping an eye on their handsets too.
D Mitchell
D Mitchell 19 kun oldin
Apple doesn’t spy on you though. It really is the spyware of the future.
nie li
nie li 19 kun oldin
Apple deserve this... their product are all good but the price is too high... in 2019 you can't Expect people to Pay 900$ for an lcd 🤷‍♂️
silversurfergw 19 kun oldin
If can't beat them.. lock up their CFO.
Hidden Legend
Hidden Legend 19 kun oldin
Ive Been Waiting So Long For This Video!🔥
Cookiezi 19 kun oldin
Apple is too expensive Samsung is decently priced Huawei is cheap af and good
Jeff August
Jeff August 19 kun oldin
even if Huawei beats Apple, it won't be forever. some other company will come along and bury Huawei. but I am glad to see Apple losing the top spot
Kush Yadav
Kush Yadav 19 kun oldin
Apple is overrated and overpriced
Kah Wai Ho
Kah Wai Ho 19 kun oldin
Huawei, Xiaomi, Oneplus all the way in 2019.
Big Boy
Big Boy 19 kun oldin
iPhone prices are ridiculous with no innovation
Josué González
Josué González 20 kun oldin
Cheers from San Juan, PR. Huawei may do it.
Jane Solomon
Jane Solomon 20 kun oldin
From an iPhone to the mid range Y9 2019. Best choice I've made this year.
Day May
Day May 20 kun oldin
Don't buy Iphone....overpriced under specs phones. Borong phone and inconvenient.....not user friendly. Buy any phone except IPhones.
5 oy oldin
Huawei P20 Tips
8 oy oldin