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Huawei overtakes Apple to become number 2 smartphone vendor in Q2 2018 - www.canalys.com/newsroom/huawei-overtakes-apple-to-become-number-two-smartphone-vendor-in-q2-2018?campaignname=huaweibeatsapple
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 7 oy oldin
What's your next smartphone?
celebstadium 3 kun oldin
ollabarabolla 25 kun oldin
just got a Honor 7x for less than $200. am happy with my purchase. why the heck does anyone need a $1k phone?
iWagen 4 oy oldin
nokia 8.1 when it releases
thathoodguy76 7 oy oldin
shaggy memes are bad
LegendCrafter35 11 soat oldin
Samsung beats apple too.
Kaze Kun oldin
What if I go overseas and buy a Huawei phone and bring it back to the US? Would I get arrested for bringing in a banned phone? Would be cool to be the only guy with Huawei phone that outperforms everyone.
gfdgdf gfdgfdf
gfdgdf gfdgfdf Kun oldin
Got Huawei and Oneplus. Take that USA! xD
John Gilbert
John Gilbert 3 kun oldin
I bought my first Android phone while I was living in Cambodia in early 2017. It was just a low level cheapy ( Huawei YII6), but I liked it a lot. Now I am a convert. I have bought the Honor 6X and Honor 8. I bought a tablet I love, the Huawei Mediapad M3. And I JUST picked up the Huawei P20 ($360 USD). I'm sorry, Huawei makes excellent products and if you look, for often great prices.
Gravity Exility
Gravity Exility 3 kun oldin
Apple: I'm the second Huawei: not anymore bitch Samsung: AM I A JOKE TO YOU BITCH
halfvolley11 3 kun oldin
fuck china
Smashing Labu
Smashing Labu 4 kun oldin
I bought Huawei Nova 3i yesterday and Im impressed so much!
G Rodriguez
G Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
Frank Leal
Frank Leal 4 kun oldin
Huawei? No way!
A.Norwood 4 kun oldin
I like it when you plug the phone in and it shows green circle thingy
Jan Martin Legaspi
Jan Martin Legaspi 5 kun oldin
How’s this phone 7 mos after? Anyone? Is it still good?
Corrine Tsang
Corrine Tsang 5 kun oldin
Huawei has two 5G I-phone,the Mate X and the LG50 Thin Q that is 100 times faster than Apples 4G I-phone
APC CodexX
APC CodexX 5 kun oldin
Huawei isn't android, it's a whole nother generation of phones and this is going to change smartphones for the next years
APC CodexX
APC CodexX 5 kun oldin
I own a Huawei, actually using it right now, where my Huawei fans at😃
Joe LeSwede
Joe LeSwede 5 kun oldin
Love My Huawei Mate 20 pro and wouldn't exchange it for a Samsung or an Apple!
Bob Stokley
Bob Stokley 7 kun oldin
what the fuck is a huawei?????????????????????????? jap dogshit?????
Nigel Lagumbay
Nigel Lagumbay 8 kun oldin
Huawei is the best!!!
noob antimonitor101
noob antimonitor101 10 kun oldin
Lol this channel over rated
henry chua
henry chua 11 kun oldin
am using p20 pro (HUAWEI)
Ragdoll Johnson
Ragdoll Johnson 11 kun oldin
A country who spied on US technology and copied almost all US made technology and around the world and we are suppose to trust them with their cell phone when they can easily spy on us? You have to be pretty stupid to trust huawei. Then again there is some stupid people, go ahead buy Huawei
Patrick Travers
Patrick Travers 12 kun oldin
Buy Apple fund US wars. Buy Nike fund US wars. Buy Snap On fund US wars. Buy Ford fund US wars. Boycott all US brand goods. Your money is a weapon.
Chris Nova777
Chris Nova777 12 kun oldin
if americans are smart they would choose to support american companies;
Alex ander
Alex ander 12 kun oldin
USA: Ban the mother fk Huawei!
Stacey Hatton
Stacey Hatton 12 kun oldin
How easy is it to transfer iCalendar from Apple to huiwai please ?
Adrian Ochoa
Adrian Ochoa 12 kun oldin
The Iphone is getting worse and worse, with it's cellphones. The android has better improvement than iphone. Better battery, better performance, better apps, and better probabilities.
Belinda Carina Boco
Belinda Carina Boco 13 kun oldin
Huawei is nice
jallow 13 kun oldin
Always include the pricing of these items for more info
Francesco Abi Rached
Im gonna buy nova 3i
Jupp Soetebier
Jupp Soetebier 14 kun oldin
Fuck you. My MacBook Air is the best damn computer, desktop or laptop, I've ever owned. I just bought my wife a new one. Stop sucking Chinese cock.
Lassi Vilhomaa
Lassi Vilhomaa 14 kun oldin
In terms of competition, Samsung should be more afraid of Huawei than Apple. Afterall, Samsung and Huawei have more similar products and therefore more intense competition. Huawei has gotten a lot of it sales thanks to emerging markets, whereas Apple understandably is not as interested in pursuing those markets because they want to maintain their brand image of an iPhone being a status symbol.
Jariel GT-R
Jariel GT-R 14 kun oldin
Huawei power baby! Mate 10 pro user 😉
Shih Yang
Shih Yang 15 kun oldin
America is making a terrible mistake keeping out Huawei. US citizens could benefit from Huawei products. WTF US, trying to keep ur power by suppressing other countries. One day we will fall. We shouldn't waste money on other countries and focus on ours.
Bugatti Boss
Bugatti Boss 19 kun oldin
Huawei gives a great product at a reasonable price unlike Apple who only cares about profits for their shareholders. If Huawei ever has an IPO I'm getting some shares right away.
Bacon soldier
Bacon soldier 20 kun oldin
Oh no he cant hear us. OH GOD HE HAVE AIRPODS ON. WATCH OUT 111!!1!1!!!
sa moua
sa moua 20 kun oldin
Who the fuck will want to buy a $1,000 iPhone X
thatoriordanlad 15 kun oldin
Exactly. For that you can buy a Huawei Mate 20 Pro. A vastly superior piece of hardware.
Simba Abraham
Simba Abraham 23 kun oldin
who the hell would pay over priced, less innovated iphones
Will Mcconkey
Will Mcconkey 23 kun oldin
What phones everyone got? 😇
thatoriordanlad 15 kun oldin
Huawei P20 Pro
Santigo Stalin
Santigo Stalin 23 kun oldin
When you become greedy and start charging triple price for your logo 🍎
kennylees 24 kun oldin
I want my HUAWEI that runs IOS
thatoriordanlad 15 kun oldin
+kennylees I couldn't recommend a P20 Pro enough. The P30 is coming out soon. Might be worth a look
kennylees 15 kun oldin
I m using iPhone , but I like HUAWEI phones, their design is better . If not considering IOS issue, I’d love to try Huawei
thatoriordanlad 15 kun oldin
You want to make your phone less customisable?
YungMilkCorp YungMilkCorp
Let's get itt
YungMilkCorp YungMilkCorp
Apple sucks hhahahahahhaha
Mcwaff 24 kun oldin
0:02 how she said Huawei 😂
A person
A person 24 kun oldin
Huawei was always better than apple's shit they call phones
Christian Reyes
Christian Reyes 24 kun oldin
Watching with my Budget friendly Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 😊
I am the real G.O.A.T
and when I tell my friends the first phone im getting for my birthday the die and say hua what ApPle Is ThE bEst ThEy AiNt sUperSeEd nohiN
Lizzy allen
Lizzy allen 26 kun oldin
I used different kinds of iphones for 7 years and last month I changed to Huawei. I have to say Huawei is 10 times better.....no exaggeration
Chun fui Shiu
Chun fui Shiu 26 kun oldin
Commenting on Mate20Pro
J J 26 kun oldin
Some of the iPhone user now are not buying apple for one of the reason is iOS upgrade.
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong 27 kun oldin
If you can’t beat them, lock up their CFO. Hostage taking is on the in now. Unfortunately hostage taking isn’t going make Huawei tech go away.
Nathan Green
Nathan Green 27 kun oldin
Loving my mate 20 pro!
Magic Man
Magic Man 27 kun oldin
Huawei stole lost of apple tech...
D. Ritzer
D. Ritzer 28 kun oldin
What is Hua-Wii?
savnish gaming
savnish gaming 29 kun oldin
Nova 3
Maoshi Li
Maoshi Li 29 kun oldin
Thanks Huawei I don't need to sell my kidneys for a good smartphone like iPhone
Miljan Stanojević
Who cares about US market...rly. Huawei made a smart move dont fight where you for sure gona loose. Focus on Europe, Russia...Asia and that's a clear win vs Apple. Good job Huawei keep that 2nd place, I do cheer for you.
Apple will never end. Believe that. China product only win on price. That’s all. Copy cat product from other smart phones.
Higher Flyer
Higher Flyer Oy oldin
Where are the users of Honor8x ? The phone beats Apple
Kevin Nogiets
Kevin Nogiets Oy oldin
I’ve been a Apple user since the iPhone 3G. Switched from pc to mac and never had a computer issue ever since. But no,i’m not a “fanboy” I had my share of frustration in the company as well. I don’t alway agree with apple’s policy and kind of dictatorial behavior. But after the day is done...i still wouldn’t want to swap my macbook for a windows laptop and i sure as hell won’t trade my iPhone Xs Max for any other smartphone,no matter the brand. And i don’t see any other iPhone user (who didn’t develope a issue with Apple...cause those are protest-convertors😆) doing that. As far as the numbers go... It’s like Eminem says on his song “greatest”.... “So You sold 10 million albums,eh The only problem is,You put out 10 million albums eh”😎 Let’s talk durability maybe... there do exist people who want to use a smartphone until it dies.... iPhones do have a long lifecycle.... i’m not sure about al those cheaper phones...
yellow98gt Oy oldin
I love my Huawei P20 👍
Marco Morales
Marco Morales Oy oldin
Apple just overpriced
jimmy e
jimmy e Oy oldin
American business practices are less than honorable that's for sure, but to make it sound like the Chinese are here to save everyone is utterly ridiculous and downright scary
Randomly Ramune
Huawei is cheap and effective. I recently cracked my iPhone, and my dad recommended instead of fixing it I get a Huawei. On other notes, I feel a plastic screen would be more durable. Apple still uses glass because it cost more so they sell for more.
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Oy oldin
Every word in the title is a brand. Huawei, beats (dr Dre), and apple
Diana Gavaneanu
BS. I’ve had my 6s for two years now and I’ll admit maybe I didn’t take enough care of it as I should’ve cause the battery life is weak af. And I bought an P20. My bf had it and it worked quite well, he said. Just got it today. Biggest regret of my life. Changing from apple to huawei is very hard. Not only is the system crappier but the scroll on all the apps has major lag and hurts my eyes. It’s uncomfortable. Never buying anything other than apple again. I though that apple was overpriced and overhypes cause the cameras were really weak in comparison to huawei. But I take really nice photos w my 6s. Not worth it only for the camera. And huawei camera shakes more than mine. Unfortunately I can’t return it cause I took all the plastics off thinking this was the fricking golden phone of the century...I’ll just sell it for a tiny bit cheaper than I got it. It’s in extremely perfect shape.
DJ FX Oy oldin
When a company forces Apple to respond, you know they are not a joke.
Stephen Salvatore
iPhone X user here, I’m a big fan of Apple, everything works fine there’s no lag at all and definitely a good phone, but I gotta say Huawei Mate 20 Pro is definitely better than iPhone now in many aspects, iPhone consume way too much battery even on low power mode, iPhone can’t take picture at absolutely dark places while Mate 20 Pro could... let’s be honest here we all know Huawei is better than the Apple nowadays but a lot of us still choose iPhone, simply to show status of wealth... my next phone will definitely be Huawei
Stephen Salvatore
US: this phone will take over Apple and we’re screwed... alright let’s ban their phone from entering the US market, and kidnap their CFO as well Huawei: Wtf???
Eduard Marian
Eduard Marian Oy oldin
I just switched from the S9 to the P20 Pro and Im loving it . For me , the reason was the battery . I'm a person that sits all day on the phone making calls , watching content etc . With the s9 I had to charge my phone two times a day and it started to get annoying . With the P20 Pro I can watch over 13 hours of movies without breaking a sweat . Last a whole day of intensive use with no problem , even two , on power saving . Also the camera has an 108 score on dxo mark , making in better than the iphone x or the s9 . The UI its not perfect but I'm overall really happy with this phone.
Quinton Justus
This is true im goin with a xiaomi or huawei for my next phone
jj jj
jj jj Oy oldin
customer service of huawei is more worse than samsung. Therefore No more huawei ever.
skyeric875 Oy oldin
Just purchased my Huawei Mate 20 in the USA on amazon and is getting 4g LTE on ATT. A lot of people have been impressed by it so far
chrissmithy01 Saddington08
Just got a P 20 and it's a Great phone! Very nice in a lot of ways and the triple lieca camera takes beautiful pictures and video. Aussie chrisso 🙏😀
Nathanael Persaud
(watching on my hauwei p20 lite)
Luis Colon
Luis Colon Oy oldin
Apple USA is not is apple Chinese. if China stopped making apple cell phones Apple company will died
Luis Colon
Luis Colon Oy oldin
I was very upset when United States stop Huawei on ATT.
Buster Friendly
android vs iOS, moreover who would you rather trust with your personal data, the Chinese Communist Party or a western company? Remember the Chinese government can grab any info from any Chinese company for any reason, without just cause or oversight. Their products are cheaper because they want to control the global tech market. Do you think the Chinese are going to protect your privacy? Their internet is blocked and freedom of speech and assembly are outlawed in their country. Are you ready for what's to come with their command of AI? Do you want to hand them the keys to the kingdom?
HarperPolo Oy oldin
Does that Huawei P20 lite work with a TMobile pay as you go sim?
Austin Brown
Austin Brown Oy oldin
My Mate 20 Pro will arrive in a day or two,, and the Iphone 7plus will be demoted to the"spare".... Bye bye Apple, good riddance.
Leon Mercy
Leon Mercy Oy oldin
not a surprise, Apple has been involving themselves in some dirty business practices
Corrine Tsang
Corrine Tsang Oy oldin
Huawei and China Mobile (ZTE) is the only companies that has the 5G phone which is 100 times faster than a 4 G phone
Ng Ni Co
Ng Ni Co Oy oldin
Huawei mate 20 pro
Ng Ni Co
Ng Ni Co Oy oldin
My smartphone is huawei I hate iphone
Stephen Knight
Huawei security risk. For get with stick brands from the 5 eyes
Allen Yeong
Allen Yeong Oy oldin
The moron is jealous about Huawei against Iphone that is the main reason he propose extradition of Huawei CFO to US from Canada, period
Mukhtar Ullah Siddiqi
China is a peacful future we all now so heartly welcome, not react like USA
Bob Chen
Bob Chen Oy oldin
You just have to buy Huawei phone on Amazon. There are plenty of selections on Amazon.
J Cheng
J Cheng Oy oldin
I am just shocked by the knowledge level of the fans of this channel. Everyone is talking about super cheap phone and locking up CFO. But no one rrally cares why. See beyond what appears at the superficial surface. HUAWEI is a spying company and it's hurting the innovation of this country. Wake up, wake up.
J Cheng
J Cheng Oy oldin
Huawei is a spying company who steals American technology at no price at all. Protect IP and say no to HUAWEI!
Huawei>Apple Reason: -price -performance -storage -how many sold -quality Apple is screwed
jeff davis
jeff davis Oy oldin
You need to understand 5G. If we lose and China wins? We're in for a huge surprise that no one is going to like, 5G is evil
Denki Oy oldin
I had iPhone 6s, SE and iPhone 7 Now I’m switching to Huawei. In fact I’m getting Huawei tomorrow
E Chan
E Chan Oy oldin
If you are willing to get screwed by the communist, you will.
DutchChinese Mapping
*cough* iPhone XR is horrible *cough*
Craftiemouse Oy oldin
Huawei gang!
Robert Linton
Robert Linton Oy oldin
I'll never fly WestJet for their long UZvid commercials.
Ki Mu
Ki Mu Oy oldin
No one cares. Ask this question. Who’s still the best phone seller in America. Fuck the rest of the world.
xinling ren
xinling ren Oy oldin
Watching this video on my Huawei mate 9, my wife ask me to buy a new Huawei mate 20 pro for myself, i said: nope, its good enough for me. I mean the quality, function recharge,carmera everyting.
Norwegian733 Oy oldin
How much did Huawei pay you for this? Thats what they do - right?
thatoriordanlad 15 kun oldin
To state facts? Did they pay everybody who stated the fact that they've overtaken Apple?
tony fu
tony fu Oy oldin
It is the fear and jealousy of Huawei's success in technology. Best cell phone and leading in 5Gs. Pick on the founder's daughter???!!!! Shame,,,!!!!!,,,, Shame,,,!!!,,,,Shame,,,,,!!!!
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